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The UN Has Anticipated EU Refugee Crisis For 17 Years: “Only International Migration Could Be Instrumental In Addressing Population Decline”

Mac Slavo
July 24th, 2017
Comments (49)


When thousands of migrants began pouring into EU nations two years ago, it seemed totally unexpected. Though Europe had been open to accepting immigrants from third world countries for several generations, the flood of over 1 million migrants from the Middle East and North Africa was unprecedented. It has also left an indelible mark on the continent that could have serious ramifications, ranging from the full blown displacement of aging Europeans, to the disintegration of the EU.

However, the Refugee crisis only came as a surprise to the average person. It turns out that in the year 2000, the UN published a document that essentially predicted a future refugee crisis, and promoted the idea that developed nations should open their borders to millions of migrants.

The document – “Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to Declining and Aging Populations?” – details the plunging birthrates across Europe and identifies a solution: mass immigration.

The 17-year-old document contended mass immigration was necessary to replace the aging populations of developed countries. Without the migration of populations from the developing world, it reasons, economies will suffer because of labor shortages and falling tax revenues.

“Therefore, among the demographic variables, only international migration could be instrumental in addressing population decline and population aging in the short to medium term,” the report concludes.

The report specifically targets the U.S., Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea and Russia as prime candidates for replacement migration. It is not an obscure study, written and then ignored, but a founding piece of the pro-migration agenda pushed by the United Nations, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and open-borders advocates.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, because replacing aging populations in the West isn’t the only goal of unfettered immigration. The globalists have long sought to destroy Western civilization, and what better way to do it than by simply replacing people with Western values, rather than urging immigrants to assimilate?

Veteran political commentator and former White House adviser Patrick Buchanan told WND the fact that the U.N. “signed on to a mass migration of Third World peoples to Europe and America, to replace the native populations, is consistent with its anti-Western ideology and comes as no surprise.”

“Not long after its birth, the U.N. came to be dominated by delegates, diplomats and staff among whose operative principles was that the West was guilty of historic crimes against humanity, and that justice demanded the endless transfer of the West’s illicitly acquired wealth to a Third World it had oppressed,” said Buchanan, a senior adviser to U.S. Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan and a former presidential candidate.

“Resentment, envy and hatred of the West among intellectual circles at Turtle Bay (the U.N.) – often echoed within the West itself – needs to be resisted like a disease, if the West is to remain the Great Civilization it has been,” he told WND.

Obviously this state of affairs can’t go on indefinitely. So long as Europe is run by globalists who loath the culture they were born into, the West is on the path to annihilation. That’s because this won’t be the last refugee crisis.

Africa is expected to add an additional 1 billion people by the year 2050, and once the Middle East runs out of oil (or simply runs out of oil money) the economies in that region are going to utterly collapse. If you think the Middle East is a powder keg now, wait until all of the oil rich nations in that region are bankrupt. We could see tens or hundreds of millions of people try to make their way into the West over the next century.

But the West can’t save the world in this manner, no more than you could solve poverty by letting every homeless person into your home. It’s unreasonable to expect any nation to take on this burden. If the globalists and their no-borders agenda aren’t stopped now, then there will be nothing left of Western civilization by the end of this century.


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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: July 24th, 2017
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. laeagle says:

    Those who plan such things could ‘care-less’!

    Louisiana Eagle

    • PO'd Patriot says:

      LOL, those in the picture above sitting atop of the fence, remind me of the crows I used to pick off with my .22 when I was a lad. Only now if I had the chance the caliber would have a lot more bite. What great fun it was though.

    • JustMe says:

      No, they care about initiating White Genocide, via the Kalergi Plan in Europe, and Cloward-Piven in the U.S. They want a thrid-world slave population, while they live in their gated communities.

      • laura ann says:

        Just me: White genocide is the plan alright, and Euro folks are cowards for not standing up against it. Soon the women will be sex slaves and men executed and kids sold into slavery like Muslim history shows when they take over a country. Euro folks are dumb as bricks and ignorant losers for sure. We must fight back here as they plan on world control under an extreme form of sharia law. This gov. is doing the same thing but will take longer. No future for the younger generations because they are self indulgent lazy slackers anyway.

    • CrackSummSkulls says:

      “When refugees poured in to Europe totally unexpected.” Are you friggin kidding me? It was a plan by design. When Hillary bombed the crap out of Libya, Libya could no longer contain their borders and refugees poured out on ships crossing over to countries like Greece and filled their streets with brown human animals. It was be design. Same with Bombing the crap out of Syria to over throw that Government to save the Petro Dollar, Again all by design to push all of these millions of Syrian refugees into all of Europe.

      How many Syrians went to Israehell? ZERO. When the hand is waving over here, the real predators are causing this. We know who the (((enemy))) is on this planet. It’s all by design to create Europe as the biggest welfare state, like they are trying to do to the USA. First they disarm the population then flood the streets with Black and brown refugees all to dilute the European White Populations and rape and pillage the country. No surprise. Its a friggin conspiracy by NWO, Globalists, UN and western allies like the parasites of Israehell. So this is no surprise. Wake up dolts, they are out to destroy us all with this PC politically correct crap. Assimilations of opposite cultures is to divide and conquer. That the Game Plan.

      • Enuf! says:

        I find it very interesting that the UN with all those politicians & beurocrats & money could only come up with the answer to population decline was mass immigration. What about just stop aborting babies & allow people who can’t have kids easier access to adoption? That’s what Hungary is doing! That’s what Australia did with a baby bonus of thousands of $ to help replace our population. It’s a very clear UN agenda if it couldn’t even conceive of the most obvious solution that even a dumbass like me can come up with. But what do I know? Im not all wise like the all powerful & knowing Wizards of Oz & the UN.

  2. TEST says:

    Of topic, but very encouraging: Remember Darryl Strawberry of the Mets, and all the troubles he had in a dark journey through life, including two divorces, prison and more? Well, it’s all changed. This was a really cool, uplifting interview of where he is now. https://player.fm/series/dr-james-dobsons-family-talk-on-oneplacecom-oneplacecom/a-big-league-journey-to-christ-the-darryl-strawberry-story

  3. “the UN published a document that essentially predicted a future refugee crisis, and promoted the idea that developed nations should open their borders to millions of migrants.”

    I highly doubt that the UN predicted a refugee crisis.
    They knew well in advance … of what the Globalist intentions were to be.

    Flooding Sovereign Nations with massive immigration will eventually tear apart any identity a country may of had.

    One World Governance is still their Plan – sorry … but FTW and others are not on board with this type of agenda.

  4. Kevin2 says:


    This interactive map of Chromium 6 is shocking. I found a town that a friend lives in in NJ that has Chromium 6 at 48 x the permissible California standard.

    h ttp://www.ewg.org/interactive-maps/2016-chromium6-lower-48.php#.WXZnha2ZPVr

  5. Harvey Wallbanger says:

    The UN could predict the immigration crisis because they
    helped to create it. The chemtrail program cost 10 billion
    per year to implement. The “war on terror” has cost 14
    trillion since 1990. Both are genocidal wastes of money.
    Even a small fraction of that money would have purchased
    a lot of IUD’s for 3rd world women, and made the planet
    better. There is nothing benevolent about immigration. It
    is the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan that promotes the genocide
    of the white race.

  6. Brian says:

    The Europeans showed great restraint in the number of children they had, largely in response to claims of world overpopulation. The third world could not or would not show the same restraint. The result was that their populations created economic hardship and wars. They want to ship their excess population onto the west and with it their problems.

  7. One million white South Africans cry for help. Save us. Get us out of here before the blacks murder us.

    750,000 people murdered in 22 years, most white.

    Where is the outrage! Why no news coverage?


    • White people are being tortured to death.

      Rape with sharp objects.

      Fathers and brothers forced to watch.

      Children boiled to death in hot water as parents forced to watch.

      Prodded with electricity. Pulled apart over days.
      One lady in her eighties took three days to die as she was literally pulled apart.

      Men have their eyelids cut off so they can’t close their eyes.


      Those who do nothing are helping the criminals.
      Our news people refuse to cover this ongoing genocide.

      All we ever hear are lies about white people.


  8. buttcrackofdoom says:

    “nothing left of Western civilization by the end of this century.”…PFFT,SOMEbody is MIGHTY optimistic! it will be a LOT sooner than YOU expect.

  9. GETTING REAL says:

    It’s about to get real here with the decline in americans getting married, and or having children only the single WELFARE moms with children from different fathers.

    Then its ohh!!! let’s bring in the immigrants so we can build the population up.

    Let’s give them social security, free schooling, and medical on the taxpayers dime, break the system.

    You see where this is going boys, and girls?

    But for you nitwits who are on your ipods sending texts it’s called taking over the U.S. without firing a shot.

    Just like the commies tried to do during the cold war.

    Bye – Bye U.S. just like the E.U.

    oh !!!! the phone is ringing it’s the D.C. number of the FBI.

    Well let me get the phone, and head for the bathroom.

    HELL-O HELL-O No one is there.

    Thank goodness I am in the last part of my life.

  10. oops says:

    The push back has started but its hard to find in the news over here.

  11. aljamo says:

    “The west was guilty of historic crimes against humanity”, you mean the US government warpigs bombed into oblivion and murdered millions to obtain their obscene wealth and continues to do so to this day. The tyranny is so advanced that any of the American peoples objection is completely ignored and managed to fall flat as if invisible.

  12. Hitler Finds out about Illegal Immigrants entering Europe



  13. aljamo says:

    Off topic…The US government is controlled by a system of bribery and kickbacks to prevent any change whatsoever forthcoming. Most certainly in the medical establishment. I read “The Origin of the 42 year Stonewall of Vitamin C” by Robert Landwehr. This person found a cure for polio that was ignored and silenced in the same manner as natural healing is today. Guinea pigs are what we are to the existing medical establishment. It’s on the net.

  14. Bill says:

    I am not a racist or a bigot, but I objectively study facts, (sometimes one has to study intently enough to really see what is occurring) and occasionally one sees an ugly picture. The real goal is to render the West; including Europe, the English speaking world, and the Christian world impotent – forever. I don’t of course know their strategy how they plan to accomplish this but one can see elements of it like: dumbing down the populace and using propaganda on the dumbed down masses, changing national cultures on these dumbed down propagandized popapations with movements like feminism, denigration of the Constitution, destruction of morality, creating a new belief system with diversity at its core, keeping populations polarized so that no united front can challenge TPTB, and cleansing societies of patriotism and nationalism to name a few. Our own governments are complicit, but ultimately there must an entity that oversees it. The question is – who comprises that entity and why?
    We don’t see any of the same organized effort to alter Asian societies, cultures, or nations. Nor in South America or in Africa. Only those that are mainly Christian or have majority populations of European descent. Meanwhile, all forms of birth control are heavily promoted in the West. The standard of living is declining to the point where family formation is becoming economically prohibitive. And even the sperm count in most healthy males has dropped dramatically in the last few decades, no one seems concerned about it.
    Mass migration movements and refugee relocations are propagated by wealthy individuals and NGO’s to help provide the veneer there is no organized effort behind it. Bread and circuses keep the masses asleep. There is an unimaginable world coming, even those of us with their eyes open cannot comprehend the consequences. It must be stopped somehow.

    • Concerned-Citizen! says:

      Bill: I agree with you. There is no doubt a “System” out there to ruin the whites, the christins, The White Europeans, values, traditions, memories…all of it is being completely destroyed and our Gov’t is definitely responsible for a good part of it. WTF is going on people? I know you all are not stupid – so what in the hell is going on? WTF are we going to do about it? I am beyond concerned. SO, so glad I do NOT have any children and never will bring another human into this god awful, hole we call life.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The file clerk found it.

  16. Not Interested says:

    While Third World immigrants may provide labor, they have so many children that they burden whites whose property taxes pay for the public schools that wild immigrant children then turn into no-go zones for the children of those very same taxpayers. With expensive private schools the only other option, many whites simply give up on having children. Coincidence?

    • Concerned-Citizen! says:

      Those blacks rats and Muslims are an out of control Cancer, they are in fact the modern day PLAGUE!! They ruin everything they touch and I mean everything, including their own property, their own neighborhoods, their own people, their own school, their own stores, and on and on. Ruination period.

  17. Kevin2 says:

    The goal is to homogenize the world in all respects. The biological component is to be done through breeding. We’re being turned into an insect colony.

  18. watching and waiting says:

    Abortion has an impact to do with the population decline other than people just not making babies
    because it interferes with their careers/lives, as well as an aging population.

    Also, need to relocate white people from Africa although I read a very interesting comment that some Europeans may have to relocate to Africa to escape the forthcoming mini ice age that will effect northern Europe in the next few years. How about that.

  19. Traitor Hator says:

    The goal might be to get rid of the pesky middle class . They are too difficult to control. And they can afford guns. Lowering wages increases profits . And solves the gun problem too. If they can’t shoot us they can’t stop us. .?

  20. Bert says:

    Population decline ought to bring great joy to Al Gore as deflation via deindustrializtion will ‘save the planet.’ And the billionaires should also be happy for decline in population and deindustrialization as their billions will have even greater buying power in deflation!!! The banksters are against such things as they make their money off the interest in an ever growing debt pile, and if the debt stops growing, their future growth fails, and the value of their debt on the book falls along with the deflation. So the banksters DEMAND ENDLESS immigration, got to put the new jobless unwanted bozos on endless entitlements which cause trillions more in new debt, put the new bozos in the credit system so each immigrant can max out their credit asap… THAT IS HOW EUROPE AND WALL STREET IS GETTING THEIR 1% GROWTH, by the expanding welfare state.

    • Frank Thoughts says:

      You are 100% correct: it is the byproduct of the infinite debt creation machine/monster. It needs more mouths and anuses to feed and get into debt or the machine dies. Whites aren’t enough so it now needs brown and black people. Lots of opportunity to sell fried chicken, burgers, digital trinkets, etc.

      As for the UN, this report says it all: not a penny should go to its development programmes in the third world because it clearly does not believe in developing these places anyway: they just want to transfer those populations to the west. The UN should take its development money and its goals and just buy air tickets for all the people in the third world.

      As for what is really best for the planet and humanity, that is actually fewer people and a better quality of life. This will not come about, however, with the infinite debt creation machine because it is all about ballooning the world population and draining every last resource on the planet while some Wall Street moron snorts coke off the thighs of a prostitute.

  21. vocalpatriot says:

    Yet another ignorant story designed to tug on the touchy feely heartstrings and piss everyone off. Trying to start a war, slavo?

  22. The migrant crisis is intentional. Displacing the White population was the intent. It is both Globalist and Marxist. Back in 1930 the communists in Europe invented the word “Racist”. They stated the purpose of the word was to intimidate White people out of the political debate so that the Communists could destroy the West by changing the demographics. You see, Western Civilization is White, Christian civilization. Change it to non-White and non-Christian and you win. They did, they win. Isn’t the use of deadly force to prevent genocide, an affirmative defense in court?

    • Frank Thoughts says:

      The most beautiful women in the world reside in just two places: white-majority countries (including Latin America) and Asia. Take that away, and you will lose the thing that makes a man get up in the morning, that puts extra stride in his stretch, that drags him away from the TV to the bar in vainful hope of getting laid.

      But, why are they top of the beauty league tables? Evolution and wealth. Those two things meant beautiful women were prized and would, just by dint of birth, snag the best men, get the best jobs, the best life breaks. And with that comes the best housing, nutrition, healthcare – all the things that make sure a beautiful women is not scared from diseases, disabled, mentally retarded, etc. Travel across Europe and marvel at the beauty of the women there; the variety, in looks, body types, eye colors, hair colors, lip proportions, breast sizes, etc. None of that came easy: blood was spilt in an epic contest of evolution and striving. That tall blonde, with the ice-blue eyes, the heavy breasts, the firm butt and long legs and a PhD: you don’t get that by accident. That’s evolution.

      What we are seeing is a campaign to damage that and eventually to take it away. Beautiful blonde women will, in 50 years time, just be something you can look up in a library archive somewhere.

      What will replace them? Obese women, hefty women who do menial jobs, dumb women, sorta not really women women, diseased women, genetically damaged women. Just go to any ghetto and see what you find there, or any third world slum.

  23. Just posted on Drudge Report, sperm counts in Western men have dropped 50% over the last 40 years. Since it’s only in the West, it is suspected to be related to chemicals in everyday items, including the food supply. To make matters worse, White couples are only averaging 1 White child per couple. That is an extinction event that will take place over the next 100 years. After that, no more White people. Not a theory. Mathematical certainty. Unless White people forget about material things and breed. The future belongs to those that show up for it.

  24. TheGuy says:

    Then how are you a nation anymore?

    It makes about as much sense to simply transplant your leadership INTO a 3rd world country by means of military force, doesn’t it? I mean if it’s all about the friggin tax base, there’s a lot of work to be done in those places to get them to be anything other than dirt holes in the ground, isn’t there? Imagine all the taxable income you’d get by renovating locally.

    “The 17-year-old document contended mass immigration was necessary to replace the aging populations of developed countries. Without the migration of populations from the developing world, it reasons, economies will suffer because of labor shortages and falling tax revenues.”

    It’s more likely your economic model is a piece of shit, isn’t it? Ponzi schemes Ponzi schemes, where would we be without them…

  25. TheGuy says:

    “Therefore, among the demographic variables, only international migration could be instrumental in addressing population decline and population aging in the short to medium term,” the report concludes.

    Mumble ONLY???


    Study the Soviet Union… how they vilified conception of children for years and then did this massive abrupt 180 on that shit.

    Among some of the OTHER “only” ways to solve this problem are:

    1. Outlaw abortion
    2. Massive tax incentives for families with children that stay together
    3. Eliminate no fault (aka no reason) divorce
    4. Bring back internships and training guilds… how the fuck else do you expect a 20 year old to care for a family? Working at fucking Taco Bell?

    There are solutions. You just don’t LIKE them that’s all. Well tough titty said the kitty, we haven’t been liking this shit for 30 years plus now. Time for you to step out of your comfort zone isn’t it?

    Either that or gas up the tanks, Thurston, we’re transplanting our mansion to Chile…

  26. Anonymous says:

    “If the globalists and their no-borders agenda aren’t stopped now, then there will be nothing left of Western civilization by the end of this century”.
    There will be nothing of Western civilization by the end of this century, anyhow! We are all f—! The fossil fuel industry has put profits above the survival of our species.

    Around the middle of the century or before, it will all come to an end. (That’s when the oceans stop being a sink for CO2 (they become saturated with CO2 and simply can’t take any more in). And then start EMITTING CO2. Game over.)

  27. Anonymous says:

    (It will be hot as hell– simply no way to survive!)

  28. Anonymous says:

    Dumb a– white skinned, blue eyed Europeans– come here and take over our land, screw up the planet with all their pollution and then whine because immigrants coming to THEIR country!

  29. Anonymous says:

    “come here and take over our land”– as in the Indians’ land.

  30. We could just stop aborting babies, wouldn’t be in this situation if the 60 million+babies in America were left to live