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The System Will Cycle: “Who and What Will Survive the Re-Set”?

Charles Hugh Smith
February 6th, 2017
Of Two Minds
Comments (156)
Read by 10,896 people


This article was written by Charles Hugh Smith and originally published at his Of Two Minds blog.

Editor’s Comment: Prepping for a big change in the system, a huge catastrophe or a precipitous decline in the American standard of living isn’t about stocking food, water, guns, ammo, supplies and the like. It also means a very strategic assessment or your personal debts and liabilities, and what kinds of possessions and assets will benefit you after a collapse (if it comes in our time).

If you own yours own property, and have an entire survival system in place, it won’t do you any good if the debt is too high to repay, and the deed remains with the bank. The consequences of repossession, bankruptcy, asset forfeiture and other mechanisms for stripping away what is rightfully yours, and making impossible your survival can’t be ignored, and may be as important after the collapse as door-t0-door SWAT or army patrols. Seizure of stockpiles of resources of any kind can also be “legally” taken by the federal government if responding to an emergency, as per numerous executive orders that remain in place. On the other hand, if you play your investments just right, and also stock up on useful real-world skills that can help you and others thrive and survive, there may be capital to hold and wisely manage in a post-apocalyptic world, or merely one in which most people are much poorer.

Being truly prepared for what is coming means living up to a challenge that is multi-faceted. Subtle threats may be just as deadly.

Which Assets Are Most Likely to Survive the Inevitable “System Re-Set”?

by Charles Hugh Smith

Your skills, knowledge and social capital will emerge unscathed on the other side of the re-set wormhole. Your financial assets held in centrally controlled institutions will not.

Longtime correspondent C.A. recently asked a question every American household should be asking: which assets are most likely to survive the “system re-set” that is now inevitable? It’s a question of great import because not all assets are equal in terms of survivability in crisis, when the rules change without advance notice.

If you doubt the inevitability of a system implosion/re-set, please read Is America In A Bubble (And Can It Ever Return To “Normal”)? This brief essay presents charts that reveal a sobering economic reality: America is now dependent on multiple asset bubbles never popping–something history suggests is not possible.

It isn’t just a financial re-set that’s inevitable–it’s a political and social re-set as well. For more on why this is so, please consult my short book Why Our Status Quo Failed and Is Beyond Reform.

The charts below describe the key dynamics driving a system re-set. Earned income (wages) as a share of GDP has been falling for decades: this means labor is receiving a diminishing share of economic growth. Since costs and debt continue rising while incomes are declining or stagnating, this asymmetry eventually leads to insolvency.

The “fix” for insolvency has been higher debt and debt-based spending–in essence, borrowing from future income to fund more consumption today. But each unit of new debt is generating less economic activity/growth. This is called diminishing returns: eventually the costs of servicing the additional debt exceed the increasingly trivial gains.

What happens when the bubbles pop, despite massive central bank/state interventions? The entire socio-political/financial system goes through a “system re-set” in which all the fantasy-based valuations, political denials, false promises and fraudulent claims collapse in a heap.

In a crisis, the privileged Elites will change the rules in a desperate attempt to expropriate the income and wealth of the bottom 99.5% to preserve their own power.
The trick is to do so in ways that won’t spark an immediate political insurrection.

We can better understand their policy choices by asking: What’s easy to expropriate, what’s difficult to expropriate?

Those assets that are easy to expropriate will be expropriated first. Those that are difficult to expropriate are far less likely to be grabbed, due to the high costs of expropriation and the high risks of sparking a political insurrection.

History suggests the privileged Elites will pursue two basic strategies to expropriate the income and wealth of non-elites:

1. They will expropriate what is easy to expropriate: financial assets in centralized institutions the state controls: banks, brokerage accounts, insurance policies, etc.
2. They will use the time-honored “stealth expropriation” methods: inflation and taxes.

Any “money” held in a centrally controlled institution can be expropriated overnight. The rules will change without warning, so there will be no opportunity to escape the system.
Direct expropriation takes many forms. Your funds could be “bailed-in” (transferred to the bank). Large currency bills could be declared worthless. IRA and 401K accounts could be transferred into government bonds, to “protect the account owners from risky investments.” (Naturally, any expropriation will be presented as “for your own good.”)

Or a new currency could be issued that strips away 90% of the purchasing power of the old currency. It could be a New Dollar, an SDR global currency, or a state-issued cryptocurrency. The point is to strip away 90% of the wealth held in the old currency.

Indirect “stealth” expropriation has several forms: slow currency devaluation, also known as inflation, or higher taxes and junk fees (not called taxes, but you receive no additional value for the higher fees).

The end result of these policies is you may receive the $2,000 monthly pension you were promised, but after inflation, currency devaluation and taxes, your real purchasing power is $100 in today’s currency.
So what’s difficult to expropriate? I present some answers in my books An Unconventional Guide to Investing in Troubled Times and Get a Job, Build a Real Career and Defy a Bewildering Economy.
It’s impossible to expropriate one’s skills, experience and social capital. These are intangible forms of capital and so they cannot be confiscated like gold, currency, land, etc.

Land and homes are difficult to expropriate for two reasons: private property is the backbone of capitalism and democracy, and the state confiscating private property would very likely spark a political insurrection that would diminish or threaten the power and wealth of the privileged Elites.

Secondly, it’s very costly for the state to maintain the productive output of real property it has confiscated. Guards must be posted, sabotage repaired, and the immense difficulties of coercing a rebellious populace to continue working what they once owned for the benefit of the state and its privileged Elites must be solved and paid for.

The state can expropriate farms, orchards and workshops for back taxes (or some similar extra-legal methodology), but how do you force people to work these properties productively?

As a general rule, whatever the super-wealthy own will be protected from expropriation. Private real property is the foundation of the Elites’ wealth, and while the land of debt-serfs may well be confiscated for back taxes (the wealthy will buy exemptions from rising taxes), those who own land and buildings free and clear constitute a political force to be reckoned with.

As I discuss in my book Resistance, Revolution, Liberation: A Model for Positive Change, there’s one other asset the state and its ruling Elites cannot expropriate: community.

The state will also have difficulty confiscating assets that are outside its reach. This explains the popularity of owning assets in other nations, and the debate over cryptocurrencies: will states be able to confiscate all cryptocurrencies at will, or is that technically unfeasible?

The main takeaway is this: your skills, knowledge and social capital will emerge unscathed on the other side of the re-set wormhole. Land and real property you own free and clear (no debt) is likely to remain in your possession, as long as you can pay soaring taxes/junk fees during the crisis phase. Your financial assets held in centrally controlled institutions will not make it through unscathed; they are simply too easy for central authorities to expropriate.

This article was written by Charles Hugh Smith and originally published at his Of Two Minds blog.

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Author: Charles Hugh Smith
Views: Read by 10,896 people
Date: February 6th, 2017

Copyright Information: This content has been contributed to SHTFplan by a third-party or has been republished with permission from the author. Please contact the author directly for republishing information.


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  1. PO'd Patriot says:

    The last one standing most likely. Gonna be lonely I fear but I guess I’ll have to get used to it…….

    • buttcrackofdoom says:

      they can take my FOOD, but they gotta take my AMMO first….one round at a time.

      • Zeus says:

        “those who own land and buildings free and clear constitute a political force to be reckoned with.”

        **Damn Strait, Come to try and take it. Many will die trying.

        “The main takeaway is this: your skills, knowledge and social capital will emerge unscathed on the other side of the re-set wormhole. Land and real property you own free and clear (no debt) is likely to remain in your possession, as long as you can pay soaring taxes/junk fees during the crisis phase.”

        **This is why after learning all about Prepping back in 2010, I evaluated everything I was doing, 2 year ago I sold my house with high taxes and Insurance in the city, and bought fully paid for land and buildings in the country off the grid. Annual Property Taxes only $110 per acre. I have no utility bills therefore no utility taxes. No Insurance, self insured since I own it all. Only threat I see is maybe a hurricane. Been here 25 years in FL and never filed a single claim for homeowners or hazard or flood Insurance for any storm period. Its a big waste of money.

        Hey, in life you need to draw the line and say No Mas, No More of the Society fleecing scam. The Rat Race is a Cycle of Debt and playing on peoples fears, rules and regs. Out here in the Boonies, there are no stinking rules. Just mutual respect for neighbors. We don’t call 911 out here. Wake up to the sun and enjoy the day. Go watch some nature and get another prep task finished. All paid for free and clear. If you are not on this plan yet to know, you need to get on this plan. Or keep playing the Rat Race Fleecing Game. The choice is yours.

        • eagle1 says:

          With the cash crack down currently effective limiting withdraw amounts; what is the best method for removing it?

          IRA’s take the loss and remove? Hold the cash for the penalty?

        • eagle1 says:

          I have no debt and well stocked up. Should I pay all basic bills, auto insurance, etc… ahead one year?

          Read article on Zero Hedge that says we will be taxed and billed anyway?
          If things go down I doubt institutions will stand??? All but tax man.
          Nay ideas how this may look on the other side. I predict, simple HELL!

    • durangokidd says:

      “The main takeaway is this: your skills, knowledge and social capital will emerge unscathed on the other side of the re-set wormhole.”

      The KEY here is “social capital”.

      In a complete reset, you must protect yourself in group(S) as I have mentioned here many times: First your family, friends, and fire team. You must be organized.

      Second, you must be connected POLITICALLY, to a locally organized and politically group, like your neighborhood Tea Party.

      Reset will require activism or you and yours will be cut out of the “pie” when scarce resources are re-allocated by the ruling class. Whoever is part of that ruling class and its supporters will get the lion’s share.

      That is human nature, for well and ill.

      Concentrate your power in an organization. Magnify your voice in a group. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. That wheel must have many “spokes”.

      One final thought.

      When food rationing FINALLY comes after the CHANGES, be sure to stand in line for your allocation. Otherwise, your absence will be noticed and you will be identified as a “have” rather than a “have not”.

      Comprende ??? 🙂

      • Genius says:

        Uhhh no habla senior…..

      • durangokidd says:

        Prior to TRUMP running for office I encouraged the Patriots of this community to ENGAGE the NWO PTB by organizing politically at the local level even infiltrating the Retards and voting in the Retard Primary.

        Some scoffed at the prospects of booting the NWO out of power. More than a few lamented that voting doesn’t work and doesn’t matter because (their reasoning went) if we really could make a difference, the PTB wouldn’t let US vote.

        These asshats with sfb had the same mindset of Atlanta Falcon fans at halftime yesterday. True believers knew better. A football game is 60 minutes and players must play the whole game to the end with a positive attitude and a take no prisoners mentality.

        Elections are like that too. Winners know the difference and can dig down deep inside of themselves when their back is against the WALL and summon that little something extra that separates the men from the boys,

        Life is plastic. Put your stamp on it. 🙂

      • Nuke em Duke says:

        DK……not challenging, but with respect:
        “Be sure to stand in line for your allocation” of food.
        Is that what Jesus would have done?
        As you point out, human nature……for well and ill.
        Perhaps that is why humans are stuck here on Earth forever: they believe they cannot share, so why should they share in the joys of the Upper Realms?
        Take care mate…..still on your side, and hope all is well with you and continues that way.

        Nuke em Duke
        Eating a DEVINE home cooked Thai curry.
        East Coast, Australia.

        • durangokidd says:

          “Be sure to stand in line for your allocation” of food.
          Is that what Jesus would have done?”

          Yes I think so. 🙂

          Remember how he fed the 4,000 ??? Then the 5,000 after all day in the wilderness ??? The masses were hungry after spending the day in the wilderness with Him. They sat quietly as the baskets of fish and bread were passed up and down the rows.

          Anyone declining the food offered would have been asked, “How have you eaten today?” or “Where have you eaten today?” or “Why are you not hungry?”.

          I promise you, the day is coming in America, (eventually) when food will be rationed by the authorities. Anyone NOT standing in line for those rations will be identified as someone who has stored food to eat.

          And they will be targeted. Something to consider. 🙁

    • What’s going to be bad is the influx of people flooding us from the cities!! Unprepared and desperate…..

  2. Knowing how to stay healthy.
    Knowing how to produce healthy children with high IQ.
    1. Choose your partner based on genes, and brains.
    2. Get adequate amounts of nutrients especially folic acid and iodine.
    3. Avoid sick people, foreigners, crowded spaces.
    4. Get sunshine and exercise.


    • buttcrackofdoom says:

      i got a note to my children(13 and 15 y/o boys) on the bathroom mirror.
      “if you pick a good woman, she will be the best thing that EVER happened to you. if you pick a BAD woman, it will be the WORST thing that ever happened to you”…….and i picked up that gem from right here in shtfplan comments….who WAS that, anyway?

    • Padoo says:

      Might I add bust your ass , grow your own & preserve your own! Nothing beats the taste of July in February! Heavenly taste & far less costly than a grocery store. I hail all to the sprouting seeds that I plant in early March 🙂 Life is tasty, healthy & good! Farts on the corporations. I expand little upon little each year with like-minded neighbours & just made chili with last year’s tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic & spices! Feels fantastic to be thrifty & healthy! I love being a culinary rebel!!!

  3. buttcrackofdoom says:

    you’ll be fine, as long as you got all this shit.
    get ready for ANYTHING, and you’ll be ready for EVERYTHING!

    pain reliever
    First aid and book
    digging bar
    Firearms – This is where feathers get ruffled and wounds opened. Everyone has their own idea of what the “perfect” survival firearm is or should be.
    I am not going to get into all the choices here, which would be an article in and of itself.
    military 4 part sleep system…protects to minus 30 degrees if you know what to do with it…and at LEAST have the bivy bag part of it in your car in case you get stranded….if you are dressed for the climate you’re in, it might only take that bivy to save yer life. randy
    Shelter – Rain poncho and tarp or compact tent, stick with natural colors that blend with the surrounding area.
    Cooking – I have a Stainless Steel 5-Piece Mess Kit, that I ordered from but any lightweight kit will do.
    First Aid – It’s best to assemble your own kit, tailored to your needs, or if you are lazy you can buy a ready-made kit. Don’t forget to add personal medications.
    Light – I have a 2-AA Cell Mini LED Flashlight Mini LED Flashlight and a 9-Hour Candle.
    Tools – A folding saw, Swiss Army pocket knife, and fixed blade knife. A light weight shovel and Machete are nice, but add extra weight.
    Clothing – At least one extra pair of socks and underwear add other items if you feel the need and have the space.
    The Pack – I have a LC-1 “Alice” pack but any quality pack with enough capacity will do. Stick with camouflage, dark green or other atural colors that blend with the terrain.
    Water – A canteen with cup and cover for your belt, water bottle and a good filter.
    Fire – Waterproof matches, a magnesium fire starter and tinder.
    Food – Pack enough to last 5-7 days. Rice, oat meal, beef jerky, energy bars etc. Another option is MRE’s and the freeze-dried foods. choose foods that are light weight and a suitable shelf life.
    Lightweight hatchet
    army survival manualor others
    2 pairs of socks. One pair of our socks is a thermal type(wool is best) that will keep your feet warm in up to zero degree weather. It all depends on where you live and where you will be traveling. Cotton socks tend to hold moisture so you might not want cotton.
    good pair of warm gloves/work gloves. Mine are a combination of both.
    A pair of good boots or hiking shoes
    A pair of long pants. I prefer not to have jeans. They are heaver and if they get wet, they stay wet for a long time.
    One pair thermal underwear/pants and shirt, at LEAST for everyone in family.
    dogs and dog food …small dogs hear EVERYTHING, and eat less!
    deck of cards
    food…pepperoni granola bars…..
    first aid book… where there is no doctor book
    aluminum foil
    butane stove or some other way to cook
    box of bolts/nuts/hose clamps
    peanut butter and crackers makes a great shtf meal
    vise grips
    fix a flat/air compressor
    Tarp (2) and 550 para-cord (shelter) You want two tarps, one for shelter above the head and one for the ground under your head
    Ponchos to protect from rain
    A folding saw and shovel.
    4×6, or 6×8’s for crossing obstacles(3 feet long)
    water and purification stuff
    dutch oven
    coffee/water filters
    Gun Cleaning Kit & Supplies
    Wire and Wire Cutters
    Fire Extinguisher
    hacksaw………GOOD pair of wire cutters….butt connector pliers and wire connectors ….11-1 screwdrivers-not some cheap-o
    Gold And Silver Coins For Bartering
    citizens band radio
    battery chargers and phone chargers
    An LED Headlamp
    Calcium Hypochlorite
    Maps Of Your Area
    Extra Gasoline (But Be Very Careful How You Store It)
    A Sewing Kit
    Self-Defense Equipment
    A Compass
    Hiking Backpacks
    Extra Batteries
    antibiotics from the vet supply store ampicillin, amoxacillin, penicilin, and others
    a hat for sleeping in
    Storable Food
    An Axe
    Lighters Or Matches
    Hiking Boots Or Comfortable Shoes
    A Flashlight And/Or Lantern
    CASH. GAS!!!!!!!!!!!
    water….sugar….flour….powdered milk……….t/p………………top ramen….pancake mix….candy, rock…..DOG FOOD…VEG OIL…rice…..beans…………macaroni…………bleach…………benadryl…..wipies….garbage bags…….plastic cups,forks,spoon,knives
    “Gerber multitool……….“lock pick” set, but be aware of state laws on this item. Bolt cutters will open gates
    A tire repair kit. A kit that can fix multiple punctures could be a God send!
    Work gloves
    Survival Knife
    rescue tape or silicone tape
    JB Weld
    a list of phone numbers, in case your cel is lost or quits on you
    board games & card games.
    Fire extinguishers.

    • PO'd Patriot says:

      Small dogs will also make a fine meal.

      • buttcrackofdoom says:

        i will NEVER eat my dog. if that early-warning system dies, you WILL follow shortly.

        • Genius says:

          Horse meat…. It’s whats for dinner 😛 Lots of wild horses here! Probably a lot more healthy than mass produced cattle or especially pigs! I bet a horse could feed you for a looonnng time too! I ain’t eatin’ the mutt, it eats dog food (god knows what that shit is).

          • Nailbanger says:

            Ill take a big fat steer from a feedlot over a freakin wild horse any day,,,

            • buttcrackofdoom says:

              i’m with you!… long as it LASTS.

              • grandee says:

                food…pepperoni granola bars….. ???


                • buttcrackofdoom says:

                  what’s in YOUR pantry?…’s SOME of what’s in MINE
                  canned fruit like peaches, fruit cocktail, pears, apricots
                  peanut butter
                  tomatoes and tomatoe sauce
                  sugar, brown sugar
                  tabasco sauce
                  BBQ sauce
                  popcorn and seasoning
                  olives, black
                  canned chilli
                  canned soups…my favorite, cream of mushroom
                  milk, dried, evaporated, and condensed
                  cake mix, 7up or sprite, and canned fruit…to make cobbler, apple or cherry is MY faves(google that)
                  canned veggies
                  shortening/corn oil
                  soy sauce…teriyake
                  beef/chicken bullion
                  baking soda, baking powder, yeast
                  pepper, garlic salt, chilli powder, italian seasoning, cinnamon, ketchup, mustard mayo.
                  instant coffee, tea..creamer
                  hard candy, chocolate
                  tuna, spam(don’t stack it very high)

          • Genius says:

            Wanna hear sumthin funny? We recorded the stuperbowl and then fast forwarded through the game to watch the commercials. Checking out the subliminal shit and mind control stuff. DAMN the whole fist half was immigration shit! Incredible crap, the most blatant I have ever seen! The NFL should stand for NOT FOR LONG! Just a repeat of ancient Rome and the collosium crap. Bread and circuses and all that geeeez.

    • PO'd Patriot says:

      Holy shit BCOD! You got a convoy to carry all that truck, or you talkin’ ’bout at the BOL?

      • That’s a big bug-out bag dude, does it come with a dolly handle and wheels too? ツ

        • buttcrackofdoom says:

          i aint goin’ ANYwhere….but if i HAVE to leave…….nuclear contamination, no electric grid to get water with here in the desert, and i bet there’s one i can’t IMAGINE yet(earthquake, so no more gas, food, water for months/years), then i got some serious assets to choose from to get me to the next place. my tundra IS my bugout bag, and i got a military deployer bag filled to the brim with stuff to pick from to help me survive if i got to leave it behind. i carry two assault packs to haul it in. and if i was smart, i would carry my joggin’ stroller in the back. it will carry 100 pounds easily. i’m confident i could cover 10 miles a day with that, but i couldn’t do 2 miles with that 100 pounds on my back. funny, i just saw a homeless guy with a joggin’ stroller 2 nites ago. my truck is my get-home bag. i was 400 miles away from home a few months ago, and i decided at the spur of the moment to spend the night in a grand canyon campground as we were going by. it was free to get in, so i figgered “why not”. we did our hiking and had the military grade binocs with us, so we got great views. went to sleep under a tarp suspended over a piece of 550 cord, in my hammock. i always carry a bag full of cold-weather gear, and a military sleep system for each member of the family. i was toasty warm, even though it rained in the night while i was sleeping. you’ve GOT to test yourself and your equipment occasionally. you THINK you got all the bases covered, but it takes a TEST to find out for sure. get into scouting, make checklists, drill with family and friends….it’s the only way you’ll KNOW you got the bases covered.

      • PO'd Patriot says:

        Magnifier glass for fire starter. Get the one made by Galco leather or take apart an old worthless set of binoculars and keep the glass from it, wrap both of them in soft rags and place them in Altoid tins. Make “Ranger Bands”, take old bicycle/motorcycle inner tubes and cut them to make heavy duty rubber bands.

        • Cajun Joe says:

          Better to use the lenzes from projection tv, why ruin good binoculars.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

            PO’d Patriot, I’ve got a few sets of binoculars myself. One pair I have in particular is VERY SENTIMENTAL to me because I received them from a WW2 vet in my family. They’re an old Japanese brand called NIKKO, in a metal case like all optics used to be. He took them from a dead Jap army officer in guerrilla warfare in the Phillipines in 1943. They still work as good as ever. After WW2, NIKKO became NIKON. I swear by Nikon optics. Can’t go wrong with them.

            • Smokey says:

              NIKKO is the parent Japanese firm for NIKON. NIKON for exports, NIKKOR for Japan. NIKKO owns it all. Niko imported Zeiss lens grinding and lapping machinery, and is the best glass you can get in Asia.

              I’ve got some Zeiss binos from WWII Germany, a naval set, 10x lenses, and the clearest optics you can find.

              • Plan twice, prep once says:

                Pre WW2 the Germans were the best lens makers in the world and had the best cameras, binoculars and telescopes. When they allied with Japan against the US, Germany shared their technology with Japan. Since WW2 the Japanese have made some really good optics.

                Allas today the Chinese are king of mass produced optics. They aren’t as good as the top of the line German and Japanese optics, but they sure are cheap.

          • buttcrackofdoom says:

            google fresnel lens if you don’t know what joe’s talkin about…that front screen from a tv will blow your mind, if you’ve never seen/used one….boils a pot of water in under a minute…..should be in every preppers shed.

        • buttcrackofdoom says:

          get a cheap harbor freight magnifying glass…one of those giant ones. not only does it make a GREAT firestarter, but you may need it to see something close-up in great detail…like removing a sliver, or reading too-fine print….btw, i use it to look at old photographs. i collect store interior photos with gambling items/slot machines in them, and if you hold that glass just right, it’s like you’re standing in the store. oh, SOME people can start a fire with a bottle of water. i think you need a certain TYPE of bottle, but you use it the same way you use a magnifying glass. thanks for bein’ a great contributor, pissy.

        • Zeus says:

          take old bicycle/motorcycle inner tubes and cut them to make heavy duty rubber bands. ***They are called Ranger Bands.

          Also you can use a bicycle tire inner tube as a Tourniquet. I keep them scattered all over my place. Vehicle Dashboard pocket, First Aid Kit, BOB, and Blow out kit for your Minute Man deployment gear along with your battle rifle.

        • says:

          My inlaws had and old 60″ rear projection TV. I disassembled it and got several 3″ magnifying glasses from the lenses and the large 60″ magnifying sheet. I forget the technical name for it. I’m going to make solar oven out of it.

          Keep your head on a swivel people.

    • Cajun Joe says:

      Everyone misses cut/ fillet gloves, or hockey cut resistant clothing, in case it gets real rough out there, close hand to hand combat.

    • Zeus says:

      I got most all of that on your list.

      I’d say forget all that Military Gear BS in your preps. Just pick up a few sets of Camo, and Battle Guns. The rest of military crap is a waste of money. You are not going to be trench fighting on your property. If you think you are, you need to get the hell out of that area to a safer area. Which everybody needs to do now. Although I do have sand bad placements just in case. And I just ordered another 100 Sand Bags. I would also recommend that you get at least 5 good sets of leather gloves. You will be using your hands a lot, and moving wood, working with hand tools and burning hold in these gloves. 5 Good heavy duty pair of leather gloves a Must. Shoe Goo is another Must.

      If you live in the city yet, sure go buy a MRAD Armored Personnel carrier for bugging out and bullet proof vests. Otherwise buy Hiking and Camping Gear. Most Military gear is heavy gear. Trail Hikers gear is lightweight and more efficient. Ounces add up to pounds,.. Just saying.

      Unless we have a full press society collapse apocalyptic break down, like All out Grid down for a few years, the worst will be within the first 6 months until the unprepared and thieves are dealt with and killed, and society settles down and deals with it. I could stay put for a few years on my property if needed. I guess I could live with out fresh coffee creamer. lol You can buy powdered creamer that will last a while. Also get a good Wheel Barrel and a 2 wheel dolly with solid tire wheels, to move wood you just cut with your chain saws for your camp fire. I am speaking of your BOL destination, not to stuff in your BOB. Like a Hammer and Nails one clown tried to claim as a 12 essential gear items in a BOB. lol Armchair Military preppers need to STFU. bwhahahaaa

    • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

      BCOD, have you ben looking in my shed? [JUST KIDDING] I already have most of that list. On the boots, let me add for WINTER wear, you should have some INSULATED boots with Thinsulate. All sporting goods stores carry those. keeping you feet warm in cold climates is essential.

      • buttcrackofdoom says:

        i got into military gear and got so much of it that i sell it now. i been selling at the gunshow for 7 years now, so i got a lot of it, and i test it myself in freezing weather. i LOVE the military longjohns, gotetex parka(raincoat), boots, both winter and summer. the winter boots have very thick removable inserts in them for arctic type wear, and the vibram soles STILL rule the trails. i also love my fleece jackets, fleece caps, balaclaves, sleep systems, backpacks, bulletproof vests….this shit is made for battle, so it’s VERY durable and it does what it’s supposed to do. 550 cord,
        survival knives. multi-tool. e-tool…they all work well. tuff box, surefire flashlights, first aid kits with tourniquets work well too…check into this stuff, it works well, and it’s cheap if you live near a military base…buy it on bookoo.

        • durangokidd says:

          Muck Luks are essential. Order online, most stores do not carry the one you need. Warm as toast. Dry as a bone. Nothing compares. 🙂

          • buttcrackofdoom says:

            the black “winter boots” with heavy inserts in them work well in cold….i got a pair of mukluks but don’t see myself ever using them, unless the ice-age arrives.

        • Zeus says:

          I bought some military gear just for the Camo Patterns to blend in with the surroundings and be stealthy. However, Camo Makers like “Real Tree” offer great gear, and it is the common dress here where I live, in the boonies for hunters. Mossy Oak leaves on tree branches is less intimidating in public than walking around in full digital Military Camo fatigues. However, My fav Military Camo pattern is “Digital Marine Marpat Woodland Camo”, which blends in nicely where I live. Its dead on blend.

          If you are bugging out and need to camp stealthy in the woods, you don’t want a Yellow or Blaze Orange backpack to give your position away a mile away. You want to be stealthy with a small footprint. And why I also camo spray paint my BOL with the 4 common camo colors, like OD Green, browns, tans and black. Learn how to spray paint camo. Start with the lightest color first then the next darker color on top, then Black lines to create shadow patterns. Go onto Google Maps, and look at your Property from the Satellite Sky View to see what your human footprint looks like. I did, and found my flaws, and then camo’ed the tops of the shiny aluminum trash cans and the frames of my Solar Panels which stuck out like sore thumbs. You want to see your property with a small human existence footprint. Much of my buildings and trailers etc are under trees. My roofs to my building are Green, much better than some KFC Red Roof moron color. I also have several 35 Ft parachutes that I can throw over vehicles or buildings or just a shady canopy to hide from over head views. Its getting harder to find parachutes. I layed my chutes out in the yard and spray painted them further for the mossy oak look. I took before and after photos and its amazing how they hide entire structures from view.

          Prepper Rescue Tip- Keep in mind, if you want to be rescued, pack a bright Yellow or Orange material you can stuff hidden in your back pack. Also to increase your rescue visibility say with a 4×4 bright cloth. Tie a small rock to one corner of the cloth, hold onto the cloth from the opposite corner, and twirl in a circle motion above your head. The spinning of the 4×4 cloth will create a 8 ft circle when in motion, doubling the size of your rescue cloth visibility for the rescue aircraft above, to see you. You can also buy a flare gun or use 12 gauge flare Tracer Ammo.

    • runnamuck says:

      wow how do you fit all that in a back pack

    • Sarge says:

      Glad to see you listed Clorox – for disinfecting after the zombies or other dead demoncrap voters contaminate your property.

      Hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and colloidal silver for personal use.

    • anonymous5 says:

      I think small dogs for the most part are just about useless.

      Case in point……my neighbor’s dogs. A couple of rat terriers. If these dogs are outside they are barking. They bark at any other small animal they happen to see. They bark at cars. They bark a leaves. They bark at the moon. They bark at………nothing. They are like the proverbial boy crying “Wolf! Wolf!” What good is a dog like that as some kind of early warning system? Useless.

      If you are going to have a dog, have one that has enough sense to be able to discern a LEGITIMATE threat. Smart dogs can do this. Stupid little ankle-biter rat dogs can’t.

      I can tell you this….when SHTF and we are without rule of law… neighbors dogs will be history.

    • Padoo says:

      Bring it on & you just might find a happy woman with a truck load of her own provisions. Not every female is sitting here waiting for “a provider”. Some of us sit here locked & loaded 😉 It’s a happy place. Ramen noodles my ass…..If you’ve got ruffled feathers you’d bettter be a bird….I was & have been a Girl Guide all my life. I guess that’s your equal of a Girl Scout. Learned from my father, cookies mean squat. Bring to the table what matters. Never regretted a minute outdoors & always laughed when my mother couldn’t find me!

  4. joeybagofdonutsandbagels says:


    Dang, dude!!!
    I bet you pack a lunch like Jethro Bodine.
    You would need 7 pack mules to haul all that if an EMP did us in.

  5. homericninjas says:

    I was done at “re-set wormhole”.

  6. anon says:

    Who or what will survive the reset?

    The person who has the skills, the right tools
    and is capable of using them.

    The question should be, How are you going to live and survive with your dumbass neighbors who have done nothing to prepare for ANYTHING.

    • Zeus says:

      Once your dumbass neighbors run out of food they will become refugees going out to look for food, You may ever see them again in your neighborhood, as most will go leach off of other family, who is most likely not prepared either.

      You just tell your dumb neighbors they are giving free food out at the local FEAM Camp in the next County and wish them well, as your neighbors most likely will not walk all the way back to their house. Because there is no food there.

      People will migrate to any food sources. So keep your Yaps shut you got a few years of food. And NEVER start giving food out, cause you feel sorry for them. They will then go look elsewhere. Once you start helping one, then 2 and 5 more will show up looking for food and help, then dozens and hundreds will show up to loot you. So shut your friggin YAPs. OPSEC!!

      • anon says:


        How do people behave when there are shortages of food?

        Three scenarios.

        War like in a country like Syria.
        Europe, Refugee migration.
        Venezuela. Government Tyranny.
        Financial Breakdown in the USA.

        In war people flee the combat areas and of course life is a living hell. In Europe the migration of people are like an invading army and they forage and pillage the land. Exert a strain on the food supply. We see government assistance in that case.

        Venezuela is another horse. The people stay home because they have nowhere to go. They live on a very hard subsistence level. Hunger abounds but the people can do very little to help themselves.

        Is this what we will see in America? Even with all the guns will most people sit on their ass and starve.
        So with people without an income and their savings destroyed. Compounded by the rise in the cost of food or the scarcity of food. How does that play out in thirty, sixty or ninety days? How tough are we as a nation?

    • rellik says:

      “The question should be, How are you going to live and survive with your dumbass neighbors who have done nothing to prepare for ANYTHING.”


      • Genius says:

        I will make them my slaves if they stick around. Or shoot them… hmmmm what to do lol.

        • buttcrackofdoom says:

          yup….gotta THINK about what you’ll do….think NOW, and you’ll KNOW when the time comes.

          • Genius says:

            Ya your right. I will shoot them. They are fat and stupid and lazy. Good riddance I say!

          • Zeus says:

            Good example. When I first moved to my property the poor neighbors next door started asking me for money. Like WTF? With some sappy story Grandma needs her medicine. OK $40 there, and it took me weeks to get paid back and I finally just called it even. Then the Mom comes over and wants to borrow money. I said just go to an ATM, I am not a Bank. Then I had to finally put up the 6 Ft tall barbed write fence and gate to stop them from trespassing. They were buying drugs.

            Well a year goes by, and My other neighbor is always giving them stuff. I also started being nicer to them again with just conversation, and sure enough the dope was back at my gate again asking me for Gas. I told him point blank, we are not getting back into this borrowing habit again, because I never get it back and it leaves me short. And we chatted through my barbed wire gate. Never opening it sending a clear message. I told my other neighbor you need to stop giving them food, or anything, because when they get desperate and you finally say “No” to them, they will kill you or rob you, cause you disappointed them. Understand the psychology of giving people a safety net. I also regularly shoot my guns back here and they know damn well I also carry. And my No Trespassing signs with VIDEO on the signs are a deterrent.

            Bottom line, If you want start being charitable, prepare to be invaded and looted. Becaue that is exactly what will happen. Too bad it is that way, but you need to draw the line early and often so they get the message clear and loud, get the F* off my property unless you want to be shot. The poor unprepared schleps next door fear me now to a certain degree, and I come and go with no time pattern, and you can’t see my vehicles on my property from the outside so they have no idea if I am at home or not. If I am not at home the Video cameras will catch ya and they know it. I also have motion detectors set up also. And I don’t leave tools and stuff sitting out, everything is locked up tight in sheds daily with multiple Pins in the door jams for added security and large chains with big eye bolts on the doors with a heavy duty lock. You would have to take a chainsaw on the door to get through it. Make them work for it. “Nothing back here worth dying for.” I hide 6x 5 gallon Jerry Cans full of gas remotely on my property in a camo’ed pool storage bin covered with palm frawns and other branches. You can’t see it unless you look close. They can’t steal what they can’t see. Out of sight out of mind. Learn it, live it.

      • anon says:


        Or make you neighbors want to move away.

        • Genius says:

          Go to the website ad on the right (repel invaders) and try and order a bumpski stock lol. In fact try and order 95% of the shit they sell. 95% is out of stock. Bumpski is in stock. Let me know how it turns out!

  7. Frank Thoughts says:

    I think we need a society clear out. Ask doctors about the physical state of the population. And pretty well all of the mental and physical ill health is due to lifestyle choices. Few past the age of 40 exercise, few eat healthily, so many abuse drugs, illegal and prescription, so many expect the government to bail them out and run their lives.

    Then you have the garbage from the turd world rocking up in the West, also expecting the government to pay for everything. Nigerians flying to London to give birth for free; AIDS patients from Africa looking for free healthcare.

    The system will not hold and will give out: there is just no real money left to pay for it all. Most Western countries are just printing the money to pay for everything; there is so much debt they can never pay it off.

    • buttcrackofdoom says:

      here yuh go, frank….i got ALL the answers ……for TODAY. a reprint from a couple years ago

      how on earth did this happen?…here’s a reprint from a few months ago….it’s because they are STUPID. …that’s our nation’s problem. we got too many stupid people. they are everywhere, and i’ve been thinking for a few weeks now on WHY there are so many stupid people infecting our society. i’m 58 now and i can’t remember this many stupid people around when i was a younger man. they are EVERYWHERE. the problem is that we have sooo many laws now to protect the STUPID from themselves, and they breed MORE stupid people. we have laws to make sure stupid people can get a job for example….i REALLY believe that a lot of stupid people get hired into government jobs because the human recources hirers know we would be paying for their welfare payments if they weren’t given these gubmint jobs. they have been instructed by their superiors to hire the handicapped(stupid) to keep the welfare roles lower. think about it, we protect the stupid from being cleansed from the genepool by making laws like:
      wear a lifejacket in a boat
      wear a helmet riding a bike
      don’t put your hand in the tigers cage at the zoo
      label on cigarettes to say they’ll kill you
      can’t take a glass bottle to a sporting event…gotta be plastic so nobody gets cut
      can’t walk down the street in public with a beer
      no jaywalking
      gotta have seat belts to drive a car
      sign saying “no diving” on a 200 foot high bridge
      mcdonalds coffee MIGHT be hot
      ladder sign saying it MIGHT be dangerous to stand on top
      don’t put your fingers in the fan blades
      these lawmakers got it so VERY few stupid people can get killed any more. back in the day people DIED for doing stupid things, now they just keep breeding more stupid. i tell yuh, the genepool needs more chlorine…..get RID of some of these laws. just too many stupid people for our country to not have a serious breakdown SOON! and now killary wants to let in MORE of them!(it’s simply to try and raise the average IQ of the american public, stupid)…once it DOES all blow up, will it take a few generations to get back into balance? or will mostly stupid people die off? hmmmm… for thought……STOP TALKING TO CLINTON SUPPORTERS!

    • rellik says:

      “Most Western countries are just printing the money to pay for everything; there is so much debt they can never pay it off.”

      One has to ask if that is the case, why is everything screaming along? You assume there is a single day when the balloon payment comes due. That is not the way the fake money system works. There is no balloon payment. My retirement is being paid by Corporate and federal Government bonds interest payments. There is no balloon payments. As long as there is commerce and taxpayers, I’ll get money. Soon I’ll get Social security, as long as people work, I’ll get some money. Agreed the obligations may exceed the available income, but that why we prep, plan, and dream. Nobody gets out of here alive.

      • Kevin2 says:


        If the debt was paid off all money would disappear. The great problem is the disconnect between money and value when money that is created when currency / credits are created in masse out of thin air. This is having a profound effect upon the stock market fueling its instability. Certainly a misallocation of resources occurs as there is no risk when the Federal Reserve backs up the losers.

        • Kevin2 says:

          In effect its a planned economy differing little in structure from communism.

        • rellik says:

          Many years ago I was a business Major for a while till I figured out it was a dead end. One thing I did learn is that money is not wealth, it is a means to transfer wealth, so physical money is essentially worthless, even if it is gold or silver. If you have something of value and somebody halfway around the world wants your “stuff” how do you trade? We created money. A gold coin means nothing to me, I want your wine, you want my cow, and the delivery guy wants to buys his family some food.
          Bankers have blown this into a “science” that is taught in schools, but it is really smoke and mirrors.
          Money is not “real”, my cattle are, as is your vineyard.

          • Kevin2 says:

            Its difficult to trade cattle for a heart bypass. Non fiat currency HELD to a standard has a limited ability for expansion and contraction of its worth. Fiat currency in the model of Keynes has unlimited capacity that is inherently destabilizing.

            That gold coin might mean nothing to you but one of them bought a very fine suit in 1900 and still does today. 30 gold coins bought a new car in 1925 and so it does today. Granted technology and hence productivity has made that car today a whole lot better. That gold coin talked long and clear in aching Rome, Colonial America and still does today.

            • Kevin2 says:

              long and clear in aching Rome

              Loud and Clear in Ancient Rome

              Damn have to proof read…….

            • rellik says:

              Hey K2,
              You are very incisive!
              Will mens warehouse sell you a suit if
              you send them some 1/10 oz gold coins?
              Will the Ford dealer accept 35 maple
              leafs for a crew cab 4WD diesel pickup?
              Where I live I probably can trade
              some cows for the truck. Nobody here
              wears suits.
              Actually Pot will get you more wealth than
              a gold coin. I don’t deal with drugs at ALL!
              but I could grow lots of it.
              Can you grow gold?

              Aloha. Come here, spend money,
              and then leave.
              That is a Hawaiian song they
              sing at Luau’s.

          • Zeus says:

            I guess you are not in business relik? Wealth is what you have and can hold in your hand. Gold and Silver is wealth in physical form. If you don’t have any ambition, most likely you will not be successful in Business. “Persistence Pays.” Laziness guarantees you the same thing daily. Nothing.

  8. anon says:

    If you’re gonna be Stupid. You gotta be Tough.

  9. Billy says:

    So he basically said it won’t do any good to hoard cash outside of a bank to prevent confiscation. If TPTB can’t get their hands on it they’ll issue a new and dramatically devalued currency so that we cannot use our own resources. One can conclude two things from this; first, they assume they have more of a right to others property than the owners, and two, it’s not enough they have it all, they also don’t want us to have anything. These conclusions show therefore its not just unbridled lust for wealth and power, but a visceral hatred of the people. There is no doubt then if TPTB find it difficult to get what they want they’ll just start rounding up and eliminating people.
    Wealth is power. The vast majority of people don’t have much wealth, but we have numbers. If the majority of people would just stop settling for bread and circuses and find one or two items to unite under we would be invincible. That’s why public education has been developed into a process to destroy critical thinking, to be successfully propagandized, to be inculcated to never question authority, to learn only enough to function in a way to best serve TPTB without ever being a threat, and yes, destroy masculinity.
    They want us to shear us, as sheep to be easily controlled. To only be a managed resource to use as they see fit. And when they are finished to dispose of us.

    • awed bawl says:

      That’s why public education has been developed into a process to destroy critical thinking, to be successfully propagandized, to be inculcated to never question authority, to learn only enough to function in a way to best serve TPTB without ever being a threat, and yes, destroy masculinity. They want us to shear us, as sheep to be easily controlled. To only be a managed resource to use as they see fit. And when they are finished to dispose of us.

      Most admirably exact. Best comment in years- as good as something I might write.

      It is a mystery as to why “public schools” were ever tolerated.
      Isn’t the capacity of this institution for manipulation rather obvious? IT IS THE PRIMARY METHOD OF ENSLAVEMENT.

      BTW- The head of the US Department of Education [1914] said: “Now the question is raised- do the schools exist for the students, or do the students exist for the schools? The answer is the latter.

      Pure slavery. The average sheeple ain’t very bright.

  10. Fedup In Texas says:

    We don’t truly own real estate, we just rent it from the Government. Don’t believe me, try not paying your property taxes and see how long you keep it.

    • Menzoberranzan says:

      There will come a day when we will have to either let the “landlords” run us off OUR land, or blow their fucking brains out. I choose #2

      • rellik says:

        I like your philosophy.

      • Old Guy says:

        If you or we have a land lord its not OUR or Your Land. You sound like the Stupid Indians. Stupid Red Skins its their fault for being on my land before My ancestors got here. And When my ancestors arrived they kicked butt and booted them off .

        • Menzoberranzan says:

          If you can take my land old ass it’s yours. More than likely though you would die. Right now at this point in time, it’s mine.

          • Old Guy says:

            If you get behind on your payments the bank can get you removed. They send you a eviction notice. And the Sheriff post a eviction notice on the place. If you don’t willingly leave you become a trespasser. When the Leos arrive you brandish a weapon you are very soon subdued if not killed. Don’t pay the Property Tax and your place is sold at a tax forfeiture auction. same thing happens. Only If I buy your place a tax auction I have the utilitys turned off. In Arkansas after one year delequient tax land is turned over to the Commissioner of state lands. And within two years the commissioner auctions it off at public sale. You then have 9 days to redeem the land. After that a limited Warranty deed is issued to the new owner. and I have bought lots of tax land. And so far no one has been successful in keeping me from taking possession. I even bought a place that the bank owned. And they lost possession of it. I once drove a wrecker and reposed cars. Folks would lament My car!! When it wasn’t theirs thay failed to pay for it. I would knock on the door and ask them for the keys. And was successful many times. If they where angry or belligerent I simply left. I would case the place and when they went shopping at wal mart or some public place. I have repossessed vehicles at the court house parking lot. The deadbeats where their for court. I would hook the car to the wrecker. Wait until they came out. And if they let me have the keys I would let them have any personal items in the vehicle. If not off to the impound. The personal items removed catalogued and put in storage. They had to pay the storage to recover the personal items.

          • Old Guy says:

            I don’t need to take land or anything from someone else. I can obtain whatever I want without taking from anyone.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

        Menzo, at the BOL, the family and I already chose #2 way back when. BTW, their properties are all paid for. No mortgages to worry about.

      • Nailbanger says:

        ditto,,, tired of politicians and their hired thugs,,,

      • nuckinfuts says:

        Landlords they are Check your deed of trust, they call you the tenant

    • Zeus says:

      Fedup in TX. Every look at the List of Prop Tax delinquents in news papers. I have seen them 2 and 4 inches thick. If you are behind on Property Taxes, you are most likely behind on your house payment as well. The Bank will most likely come for your house before the County Tax Man. And if the Bank takes it back, then they need to catch up on the taxes. Otherwise you could probably live in your house a few years if you are just behind in Prop Taxes. That’s what I am guessing. If taxes are a concern then you need to move someplace where Prop Taxes are dirt cheap. $110 an acre where I live. If I can’t pay that measly amount, I am a fool.

    • Anonymous says:

      People need shelter. A home is a necessity. And a home and property are worth something and some way more valuable than others. Of course, there is some kind of loophole to STEAL what doesn’t belong to them. You are right.

      • Old Guy says:

        Pepole make excuses. But that doesn’t change the fact if you buy on credit it don’t belong to you if you don’t make all of the payments. So far we have only bought one parcel of land on payments. paid cash for all the rest including the place where we now live.

  11. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:




    I told you all about those damn spetsnatz. That’s why the bastards are in Houston, now its all making sense.

    Sarge, Brave, others you all need to listen to this now. Cali Exit people along with other globalist talking about what they plan to do. This is real, now I know what the cops were trying to tell me 2 years ago.

    Chinese soldiers are in Mexico and this is why, and its obvious what’s going to happen next. Mac, you need to listen to this one and possible start a thread. Sorry trolls your too late, I have already posted this link and the people on this site are going to hear you plans of attack.



    • Zeus says:

      So Russia has an Embassy in Russia? Brilliant Hcks.

      I think you have fallen off your wagon again. The snow flakes can whimper all the want about leaving America and taking California with them. Maybe they can stuff California in the Bug out bags with their participation trophies, and move it to the Russian Embassy in Russia. That gives you something more to think about Hcks. How big of a BOB do they need for that? bwbhahahahahahahaha

      • Plan twice, prep once says:

        What HCKS meant to say is the California secession movement has already arranged for a foreign embassy in Russia. RT news is reporting and confirming it.

        Obama and many of his former White House inner circle are in on it. I’m not sure it’s a real effort though they do seem to have a lot of suckers on board making it look real.

        My guess is it’s a big thumb in President Trumps eye, to make him waste political capital dealing with the CalExit mess. The globalists are desperate to save their dying movement.

        Some of the recent heavy weapons smuggling efforts into California are deeply disturbing.

    • Old Guy says:

      There aint any Chinese soldiers in mexico.

      • Kevin2 says:

        Old Guy

        I tried to explain just the logistics of maintaining a million soldiers let alone transporting them into Mexico (according to HCKS one million of them) plus the equipment and munitions. Substance mode minus water is 5000 tons a day or 2000 2.5 (duce and a half) trucks. In war the requirement is at least 5 x that plus fuel. Then water, tanks, APCs.

        I’m sure thats easy to hide in a satellite world in your own backyard.


        • Nailbanger says:

          Wonder if HK is related to the common nonsense guy,,,
          I can buy some conspiracy stuff, but wow, just wow, not even if i wore beer goggles and snorted ice could i buy some of that shit, sorry

    • Sgt. Dale says:

      I found out about a 4/5 days ago that Cal-Exit has an embassy in Russia. I heard it on Alex Jones, and read it somewhere I think it was on Quayles sight. You do know that the northern half of Commifornia wants to stay and call themselves the State of Jefferson.
      Thanks for the warning. I’m ready if something does happen.


  12. Old Guy says:

    If your deeds with the bank you do not own anything. When you borrow or purchase on credit until the very last payment is made its not yours. If you owe money on your home you are nothing but a glorified renter.

    • rellik says:

      I’ve owned several homes and properties, free and clear.
      That ownership is documented by local governments. I’ve never
      had a paper “Deed”. I’m recorded as the owner of my property and improvements, but other than title insurance there is no
      piece of paper in my safe that says I’m the owner of this place.
      If there are no liens against the recorded property, then it is
      presumed to be mine free and clear.
      I supposed that prevents a drunk gambler signing over his
      home in a fit of desperation. Every place I’ve every been it is
      notoriously horrible to transfer ownership of land.
      So in some sense we really don’t own our places as all the
      legal proof of that ownership exists in the office of records.
      I can get a copy of my DD214, Marriage license, parents death certificates, birth certificate, but I cannot get a copy of the deed to my property.

      • Worley says:

        Yes, you can. The deed is on file at the county recorder’s office. Available online, you can print out a copy. Or go in person and have a clerk print out a copy for a small fee if you want it “certified”.

      • Genius says:

        Try and get an alloidial title. Only then do you own it. Look it up.

      • TnAndy says:

        Interesting….because here in Tennessee, you get signed deed from the previous owner every time at closing…then it has to be taken to the county deed office to be recorded as a transfer of sale, and they mail you back the original copy.

        And for Zeus….$110/acre for unimproved property sounds outrageous…it’s less than 5 bucks/ac here. I have a 70ac place, very nice home, shop, barns/etc, sawmill, and mine only runs 1200/yr.

      • Zeus says:

        Hawaii is one of those places where you can’t always own the land, just a lease to occupy it. Look up Simple Fee Vs. Lease Hold. Very important when purchasing property.

        Most people only know of one type of real estate ownership; fee simple, also known as freehold. Hawaii and a few other states have another form of ownership known as leasehold. The difference in these two types of land tenure is very different and affects the value of the real estate. It is important to know the difference, especially if you’re buying real estate in a leasehold state.

        FEE SIMPLE: Fee simple ownership is probably the most familiar form of ownership to buyers of residential real estate. A fee simple buyer is given title to the property, which includes the land and any improvements to the land in perpetuity. In the case of a condominium the purchaser would own a pro-rata share of the land. Aside from a few exceptions, no one can legally take that real estate from an owner with fee simple title. The fee simple owner has the right to possess, use the land and dispose of the land as he wishes–sell it, give it away, trade it for other things, lease it to others, or pass it to others upon death.

        LEASEHOLD: A leasehold interest is created when a fee simple land-owner (Lessor) enters into an agreement or contract called a ground lease with a person or entity (Lessee). A Lessee rents the land from the Lessor for the rights of use and enjoyment of the land much as one buys fee simple rights; however, the leasehold interest differs from the fee simple interest in several important respects. First, the buyer of leasehold real estate does not own the land; they only have a right to use the land for a pre-determined amount of time. Second, if leasehold real estate is transferred to a new owner, use of the land is limited to the remaining years covered by the original lease. At the end of the pre-determined period, the land may legally revert back to the Lessor, and is called reversion. At the end of the lease term many lessors and lessees have agreed on either a new lease or the Lessor may agree to sell the land to the Lessee. In the case of a condominium depending on the provisions of any surrender clause in the lease, the buildings and other improvements on the land may also revert to the lessor. Finally, the use, maintenance, and alteration of the leased premises are subject to any restrictions contained in the lease.

      • Old Guy says:

        The native americans did not have anyliens or deeds. And they found out their claim wasn’t valid. a recorded deed is essential to prove ownership. If you have no deed anyone could sell someone else your land and give a quit claim deed. The recipient of that Quitclaim deed could pay the property taxes for the prescribed adverse possession period (usually 7 years) and receive full title to your land. A wise person obtains a good valid warranty deed and has it recorded. Before you spend a dollar you get a title search and buy title insurance. Ive bought and sold a couple of dozen parcels and every time I made certain there was a valid deed without any encumberances.

  13. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:


    Navy seals launch strike into Mexico south of the border recently. You all need to listen to this.

    The war has already started. Trump teaching the cartels a lesson about border incursion. Guys you all need to listen to this, this is real. Cal exit my ass, lets see about that.

    chi-coms, your now on notice with your jihadist buddies.


    • Kevin2 says:

      The “Too Big To Fail” banks launder the dopers money. Without the collusion of the banking establishment the cartels don’t exist. Wachovia has laundered 387 BILLION (yes with a B) and no one was criminally charged. The corporate fine was $160 million.

      h ttps://

      There Is No War On Drugs. Period. Its a fabrication, a stage show, a movie.

  14. Old Guy says:

    Reset? Reset to What? Its going to become a stone age existence. You know the statement WWIIII will be fought with sticks & stones. On a positive note. A woman We know who voted for hellery. Today told us she likes what President Trump is doing. She stated she don’t like hellery any more.

  15. watching and waiting says:

    If one can keep their mind.

  16. aljamo says:

    Zeus.. in the boonies huh. That must be north or south florida, both are more likely to get hit by a hurricane than central Florida. Hurricanes are rare in the Tampa bay area.

    • Zeus says:

      Yeah, I am an hour or so N of Tampa on the Gulf side and up to 45-47 Ft elevation. So pretty safe. Better than the FL Keys or South FL Been there too. I lived a block from the bay in Tampa and we had to worry about storm surges, and high tide levels up 8 ft Plus. My house was only 8 ft above seal level. And why I moved to higher ground to avoid paying flood ins.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Private information on law abiding citizens has long been compiled, profiled and filed away. All they need is locked away. Any further everyday spying and invasion of privacy is just icing on the cake. These psychopathic privacy and freedom invaders should have been stopped decades ago. But no one did.

  18. Smokey says:

    The only skill you’re going to need in a reset is the ability to schedule a security watch and keep awake during your shift.

    There will be so many crazies wandering the landscape it won’t matter if you can create a steam-powered whatsis out of an old pop bottle and a busted baby buggy, you’re going to get killed unless you can keep your collective heads on swivels.

    • Genius says:

      2 words… Night Vision!

      • Genius says:

        First scan with thermal, if detect something then hit it with IR vision (illuminator off) to see if they are using IR. Use thermal to get in a good position then shoot with IR rifle setup.

        • Zeus says:

          Smokey, you need to add some force multipliers, like motion detectors, and IR Cameras, that you can watch all the angles from a monitor in your building. Then deploy with your battle rifle for further investigation if needed. Just a thought. I am Solo here so that is what I do. I sleep very well.

          • Smokey says:

            Force multiplier is the order of the day, every day.

            Think squad, not solo.

            Fifty men can hole up and defend fifty homes, and die one by one. Those same fifty men can deploy properly and defend hundreds of homes.

  19. Kunta Kintay says:

    The system will cycle ? What system ? Bankruptcy up 5.4%
    Stock market is a tool to convince you all is well.
    Meanwhile its all rotting. Central Banks hiding it.

    How many years will you be unemployed after
    you are laid off ? There are NO jobs. No interviews.

    If your lucky the only cycle you will see is a Huffy or a Schwinn.

    Enjoy your lemon ices.

  20. aljamo says:

    I notice that certain websites censor parts of info. What really happened and blacklisted news come up webpage not available in areas. Obviously censorship.

  21. There is a lot of discussion about firearms, but not much about knives. A really good hunting knife is probably going to be used more than any other prep.

    If you have or can make traps, butchering your catch requires a knife. Making your own, is a useful skill to have. A sharp rock will work.

    Put some thought and money into several quality knives for hunting and bartering. Knives are economical space wise. If you find a great knife, buy multiple wholesale. Then sell them at flea markets if you get strapped for cash. Or hold on to them in the event TSHTF, they will be great for barter.



    • anon says:

      B from CA

      Edged Weapons.

      I have a few of those to include cavalry swords and combat swords. Argentine Model 1909 is a solid weapon in your hand. Military Fighting Knives is another world unto itself and always wanted a WW1 Saw Back. You can feel the strength and workmanship in the metal when you pick them up. Not like the crap of today. I have a skinning knife made of German steel is over 50 years old and used it on wild hogs. Holds an edge better than any new knife I have used. If you ever skinned a hog you will know what I mean.

      Another point is to know how to sharpen your knives and NEVER let ANOTHER PERSON sharpen them.

      I had a friend who meant well, sharpen a knife for me while I was dressing out a deer and he used a stone that was worse than a coarse grinding wheel.

  22. Sandra Jones says:

    I am 73 years of age now. My father , upon leaving my mom pregnant with me and 2 older kids to march off to war …
    thought to build a false floor over a wood box under the bathroom closet floor. There they hid canned food for when times got rough . He also, figuring they would come to confiscate canned food , hid some cans in attic ( 1st place they looked ) they found them and left without searching further .. SMART DADDY !!! ( you be smart too . SEEDS)

  23. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    Sarge, your correct, its the State of Jefferson that’s scaring the crap out them because Jefferson is who controls the natural resources that the chi coms are trying to take over so that cali can have access to commodities to sell to china, after the take over. Kevin2 does not get what’s really going on and keeps questioning me about crap on military logistics. he has not clue what’s going on in the country. Kevin2, you need to listen to that link and wake the phuck up.


  24. Roscoe Rules' says:

    There is much dialog about “legal” proceedings, etc., etc. IF things go this far south, who is going to be around to go thru the legal process, courts, Sheriffs putting your shit on the curb?No one. Here in SC, and having been a cop, they are taking their shit and families and booking/defending. The courthouses will be shuttered, along w/the banks, Only the strong, prepared w/survive. Oh, and once the bankers are found, what going to left of them? Food for thought.

  25. Beaumont says:

    I find it self-contradicting, to posit that a gift economy is supposed to outlast societal collapse.


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