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The Simple Reason Why a Second American Civil War May Be Inevitable

Daniel Lang
April 21st, 2017
Comments (187)


America has always had its divisions, and Americans have never really been a monolith. We’ve always been a nation of many nations. The culture of New England is different from the culture of the Deep South, which is different from the cultures in the West Coast or the Midwest. People living in the cities have different beliefs than people who live in the countryside. Within those areas, there are ethnic, linguistic, and religious enclaves. It’s always kind of been like that (probably to a lesser degree in the past), and somehow we’ve been able to find enough common ground to keep this country together for more than a century.

However, something has changed. You can feel it in the air. Our nation has clearly never been this divided since the Civil War. A lot of people noticed it after the last election, but the truth is that these divisions have been deepening for decades, and they’re just now reaching a very noticeable breaking point. That’s obvious enough when you look at how the left and the right have been going at each other. It used to be a war of words, but it’s turning into something very dark.

Consider what happened last week in Berkeley after Trump supporters and counter protesters clashed for the third time. 21 people were arrested and 11 were injured (that we know of), six of who had to be taken to the hospital. At least one person was stabbed. The police confiscated confiscated knives, stun guns, and poles. One Trump supporter admitted to being surrounded, pepper sprayed, and beaten with sticks by a mob of “protesters.”

But wait, that’s not the dark part. After these groups clashed, the leftist protesters took to Reddit and admitted that they lost this particular battle (I can’t believe I’m using the word “battle” to describe it), and that it was time for them to attain more combat training and better weapons, including firearms.

Do you see what’s going on here? Conservative demonstrations, which used to be placid affairs (remember the Tea Party protests?) are now turning violent as conservatives grow tired of restraining themselves, and are no longer afraid to hit back. Liberal demonstrators are responding by ratcheting up the level of force that they’re going to bring to the next street battle. It’s a tit for tat that keeps escalating, and I shudder to think of where it’s going to end up.

Honestly, I think we’re in the early stages of a second civil war. I can’t say what it’ll look like precisely, but I can tell you that our nation is on this path, and it’s not clear how we can get off of it. In fact, I fear that it may be inevitable, and there’s a very simple reason why.

It’s because Americans have been self-sorting themselves along geographic and political lines for a long time. A book titled “The Big Sort” made light of this trend back in 2008.

Basically what’s going on, is that Americans are moving to communities that align more with their politics. Liberals are moving to liberal areas, and conservatives are moving to conservative communities. It’s been going on for decades. When Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976, 26.8% of Americans lived in landslide counties; that is counties where the president won or lost by 20% of the vote.

By 2004, 48.3% of the population lived in these counties. This trend continues to worsen. As Americans move to their preferred geographic bubbles, they face less exposure to opposing viewpoints, and their own opinions become more extreme. This trend is at the heart of why politics have become so polarizing in America.

We’re also seeing the same trend emerge online with social media. Despite the fact that the internet allows us to be exposed to more opinions that ever before, people choose to follow online voices that they already agree with. They’re slipping into digital bubbles that are comparable to their geographic bubbles.

This trend is irreversible as far as I can tell. That’s because it’s tied to innovation. As our country became more interconnected with roads and Americans gained more mobility, we chose to move to like-minded places. We’re given the internet, the greatest source of information in human history, and we use it to seek out only the information that reinforces our current beliefs.

We’re self-sorting at every level. Because of this, Americans are only going to grow more extreme in their beliefs, and see people on the other side of the political spectrum as more alien.

You can see how this is creating the perfect breeding ground for a real, physical war. The polarization makes it easier to dehumanize the other side. The self-sorting creates definable geographic boundaries that are necessary for a war. It spawns two sides with beliefs that are so divergent, that they cannot coexist.

We’re becoming two distinct nations with two competing visions for what the country should be. Two visions that are diametrically opposed. We used to be a nation of many nations that was held together, because there was still some common ground on what it means to be an American above all else. Now we can’t even agree on that.

Once the last shreds of common ground and understanding dissipate, a moment that is rapidly approaching, another civil war will be impossible to avoid. I wish I knew what the solution is, but I don’t. All I can say is, unless Americans go out of their way to listen to people on other side, whatever that side may be, there’s going to be a lot of blood in the streets.

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Author: Daniel Lang
Date: April 21st, 2017
Website: https://www.shtfplan.com

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  1. As Americans move to their preferred geographic bubbles, they face less exposure to opposing viewpoints, and their own opinions become more extreme.

    Not true. The opposition is reason v.s. feelz.

    Watch the women’s P***yhat march and listen to the “filthy nasty women”. Blow up the Whitehouse? Try finding an argument anywhere. One side wishes to talk, the other screeches, calls you deplorable, racist, sexist, then goes to pepper spray, then bike lock flails. The side of reason has concluded reason and playing by the rules doesn’t work.

    The right waited through Obama. The left wanted electors to change, now want to impeach.

    • JustMe says:

      A few things the article’s author either does not comprhend, or refuses to face are these:

      1) The destruction of Western Civilization is the driving force of this country’s division. The parasites and their marxist lackies have spent a century working to destroy and poison from within. Democracy is being used to destroy itself, and freedom.

      2) The people who are driving this have 2 overall goals: A) Global Communism, and B) White Genocide. In the US, “Cloward-Piven” is the model, in Europe, it is the “Kalergi Plan”.

      3) The people who are driving this are not “liberals”. Stop calling them that. They are leftists, who are directed by marxists, who are controlled by the parasites who want global communism.

      If you have not read it, read “Civil War 2” by Thomas Chittum, free on PDF now. He is very close on his predictions so far.

      If you have not done so, purchase Selco’s SHTF School. He lived through the Balkan civil war, has relevant knowledge, his courses are modestly priced, and worth every penny.

      White people had better wake up, those who want you dead certainly are…

      • Tucker says:

        “All I can say is, unless Americans go out of their way to listen to people on other side, whatever that side may be, there’s going to be a lot of blood in the streets.”

        WTF? Americans need to ‘go out of their way’ to listen to the filthy, stinking, White race hating, White genocide lusting, Western Civilization hating, self-loathing white libshits and their armies of dark skinned, indigestible and resentful, parasitic turd world leeches who they’ve imported as part of their diabolically evil scheme to reduce Whites to a minority inside their own nation and to create a permanent and tyrannical one party Communist-DemoNRAT dictatorship?

        News Flash: I am not interested in listening to ANYTHING these evil, hate filled, White race hating sonsabitches have to say – unless, of course, it is the bleating sounds they will be making when they are begging for their miserable stinking lives on the day CW2 does finally arrive and they are on the verge of being sent to Hell where they all belong.

        These cockroaches deserve to be exterminated, not ‘listened to’, Mr. Lang. And, I cannot wait for the arrival of the day when those exterminations can be kicked off from coast to shining coast.

      • Tucker says:

        JustMe threaded the needle with his comment, particularly with these truth missiles:

        “1) The destruction of Western Civilization is the driving force of this country’s division. The parasites and their marxist lackies have spent a century working to destroy and poison from within. Democracy is being used to destroy itself, and freedom.

        2) The people who are driving this have 2 overall goals: A) Global Communism, and B) White Genocide. In the US, “Cloward-Piven” is the model, in Europe, it is the “Kalergi Plan”.”

        There is one and ONLY ONE proper and reasonable response to an enemy who is seeking to genocide your race of humans from the face of the planet. You turn the tables on them and you exterminate that enemy. You wipe them out completely. Failing to do so, or cucking out and not having the determination or proper degree of ruthlessness to do so – will result in the White race being genocided, because this enemy does not lack the ruthlessness or determination to achieve their objectives.

        Let’s get this task moving as soon as possible.

      • Hermes says:

        MORE FAKE ARTICLE NEWS. As if this article was designed and written by the CIA themselves, to instill more fear that Americans just somehow Hate Each other. Wrong Moron!!


        And the more they can divide the American people the more power they can consolidate their power over us. The next American Civil War is the Americans People taking our country and government back and hanging all these treasonous bastards destroying our great land and culture.

        Berkley protests are proxy hired and trained militants of George Soros Gangs creating chaos for the Fake TV New Networks to film for their CIA propaganda feeds to brainwash the American People. Its all a DOG AND PONY SHOW of PROPAGANDA. Once the George SOROS and his 150 NGO Hate groups are destroyed we will start to see calm again in the streets of America. Just ask WHO BENEFITS FROM THIS? The Berkley conflicts are no different than the US WEST and NATO supporting ISIS Terrorist groups, to over throw Other Nations and Governments so the West can control their assets, like oil and pipeline expansions.

        If you and I want to end all of this Hate and so called Division, Fully Defund and Disband the CIA and Hang and dispose of their Americans Hating Operatives like George Soros.

        Can you handle the truth? or believe this article babble of BS?

        • Hermes says:

          Remember Everybody, If the Government is ever successful in taking away our Guns, we will be “Instant Slaves” for life. GUNS= FREEDOM. Fight to the last bullet, then affix bayonets and keep on fighting, and or use your rifle as a club. Got it? Spread the word!!

          • Arrow says:

            The comment about their being “successful in taking away our Guns” reminds me of a conversation that I was party to about that same topic. The question arose, “Are you willing to die for the right to bear arms?” The answer was, “No, but I am ready to kill to protect my birthright to protect myself and my family, however I choose. No document, and no government gives me rights, thus has no authority to take them away.”

            Let’s get it on.

        • Nobody says:

          Yes, at least one other person is totally awake.

          Grand juries need to indict the war criminals in ALL branches, juries need to convict them and sentence them to death. I will volunteer time and materials to build the gallows.

      • Brian says:

        Fascinating. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your post. I researched you Kalergi Plan here:


        It really does explain….everything! Thank you again.

      • Squeezer says:

        So true Just Me, the Liberals have no reasonable arguments
        for their beliefs. They are out of ammunition and resort to the only thing left……….violence. They use any “card” that gets a strong reaction(from the user and/or the listener)that quickly turns to chaos/rioting. They are never willing to discuss anything, they just want their way or else!!!!!!!!!!

  2. And I Quote says:

    “We must indeed all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”
    ~ Benjamin Franklin

  3. navyguy says:

    Gonna be an interesting summer… maybe if the DOJ can get rid of the funding from the Soros backed groups it will dry up… probably not.

  4. Shooterbob says:

    What is the solution, the philosophy of the left must die off. The heart of the left wing is hatred, murder and theft nothing more or less look at what the democratic platform is. Abortion and more taxes. You have to truly hate a baby to be for abortion and hate someone to steal from them, aka taxes. Liberalism, progressivism, democratic bs must be purged if the good in our county is to continue, look at most of the conflicts we have fought in from 1900, they were led by a dem president. Has not the Democratic party brought nothing but death since the founding of this country? The party of slavery, Jim crow, war, death, and theft and sit down and shut up and do as we say.

    • rabbitone says:

      The liberal game plan has always been to divide Americans into as many sub-groups as possible, and then claim to be the champion of each one. We know that all people have the same wants and needs, so pitting groups of us against each other is ill-fated. Divisive issues seem to be changing the United States of America (USA) into the Subjugated States of America (SSA). Their divide and conquer strategy is backfiring as liberal bastions are daily on th verge of bankruptcy.

      This is all happening at a time when the U.S. is totally over-stretched both here and around the world in every way and rapidly declining, suffering vast paper-inflation booms and busts, and declining economically, losing financial power as the world flees the unreliable dollar, even running up trillions in foregone infrastructure repairs from education to cyber-systems to roads and bridges. Trump had the right idea. However, I see him only as a stop gap measure.

      But a real danger is hardly discussed. There are vastly more massive private armaments in the U.S. and many millions of highly trained vets like me who are “mad as hell” about what is happening in the U.S. When the U.S. Bubbles finally implode for the final count-down and the Fed et al. cannot pump them back up after Lehman’s implosion caused an implosion of the whole top of the U.S. financial system, the U.S. will implode financially and social-political implosion, including some kind of a second U.S. Civil War, that is very possible.

      They will not listen to David Stockman, Paul Craig Roberts, Ron Paul and many other former financial political officials even now. I believe, unfortunately, that “REFORMS!” of the immense magnitude that would be required very quickly are impossible. Though I solemnly hope I am wrong when the historical record on the final days of the U.S. are written, my grim view is that the U.S. will follow the ancient rut of empires to self-ruination. I do not predict when, which I think is impossible, but I fear it will be soon. So serious preparations (preps) for the worst case are the most reasonable path to follow at this time.

      • Babycatcher says:

        Hear, hear! I could not have said it better. Also, what shooter bob said. Tighten your seat belts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        Rabbitone, I totally agree. Until Waco, I never thought a 2nd civil war was possible. The atrocity at Mt. Carmel opened my eyes to that possibility. Since the shoeshine boy was first elected in 2008, I realize more than ever it’s possible. Don’t anyone be surprised if it breaks out this summer. I haven’t seen the left so dangerous since the Vietnam era. My prepping never stopped and won’t stop. Good post.

        • JustMe says:

          I once had the misfortune to have one of Bill Ayers’ “Weathermen” buddies as a college professor many years ago. That was a real eye-opener. They have not changed, nor will they ever. They are dedicated marxists. They have had a long time to prepare, while most people live in a daze…

    • buttcrackofdoom says:

      what’s the solution? trump has it right when he says the lying media….break them up. prosecute the ones spreading the fake news.libel USED to be a punishable offense. break up all these monopolies of “news” porn. and start prosecuting stars and politicians that threaten our president, and others. but you can do SOMEthing on a personal level. argue!…stop letting these dipshits win an arguement just because it’s “hard” to talk back at their foolishness. it’s WAY PAST time to engage the “enemy”, and make no mistake, they ARE enemies. have your facts in order…..oh, and GET YOUR KIDS OUT! of the universities who’s diplomas will soon be worthless….i mean really, who would hire a person with a degree from berkely?

    • moxiemainer says:

      Amen Shooterbob, well said.

  5. RECON 826 says:

    I pray we never have a another civil war.
    But I fear that it will not be a stand up fight if it does happens.

    It will be guerrilla warfare which would last a long time.

    And if the Government tries to do a gun grab look out.
    I fear that the population will turn their guns on them with extreme prejudice.

    I am holding my breath, and hoping for peace……….

    Because our enemies would love this to happen.

    Then its GAME OVER for this country.

  6. Americans were all Caucasian. There were small numbers of Natives but they were on reservations. The desendents of black slaves were in their own communities in the South. It was possible to live in the North and in other mid States without so much as ever meeting a black.

    The differences between whites in one part of the Country compared to another was minuscule compared to the natural affinity Caucasians have as a race. The differences that separated the various white Nationalities such as language had melted away as they all learned to speak English and became Americans first. Intermarriage between European whites became the norm. So, yes, a few differences existed, but not anything to write home about.

    What is happening in this Country can be attributed to the massive influx of people, “poor refuse” from around the globe, disturbing the natural tranquility of the people; because of the 1965 Immigration Act. In order to bring back peace and sanity we must abolish this very destructive piece of legislative treason.

    There are other measures which will help to stabilize society, but let’s stop importing people who hate us. We can then begin to heal the rifts between us.


    • Frank Thoughts says:

      Really good points! We see this also in Europe and Canada. The same dischord and crime and economic failure. The ‘secret sauce’ that made Western prosperity and peace is being tainted by cultures that have no history of any substantial success nor of peace.

      There is little substantial inter-marrigage going either, certainly not the successful dynastic marriage that is the bedrock of progress and wealth. Yes, there are some white women who get knocked up by a black guy and have his kids, but these women live on welfare and the ‘baby father’ is long gone. You never see Asian women getting into that situation and you rarely see European migrant women making this mistake either.

      To conclude, all the things that made the prosperity is being undermined and eroded. It is all being papered over with debt and phony wealth creation.

      • Faux liberté says:

        Frank. I came from a small farm in the north west. Essentially, I was raised “color blind”. I didn’t learn about racism until joining the service, (and it wasn’t from white people, either).

        On the other hand. One of the smartest, kindest men I ever worked for was black. It wasn’t his race, it was in his raising.

        Race is just another wedge of the stupid to split the logs of unity.

    • Nailbanger says:

      Too late guys,,, it will never happen, biggest reason is that common sense and analytical thinking are a thing of the past,,,

    • B from CA,
      You’re right. The media and the libtards are pushing the “diversity” mantra, at the same time they’re making sure tens of millions of illegal aliens come across our southern border, and they’re telling white people we’re racist because we don’t want blacks running our cities and states, because they’re incapable, incompetent, and corrupt. So we’re being told that hispanics and blacks should be allowed to infest our neighborhoods and cities. Eventually our grand children will all inter-breed with them, which will lower the IQ of the average citizen. Our children’s children will all be a mulato (brownish color), with low IQ’s, who will allow the elite/libtards to do whatever they want to do. In addition, they’re stomping out Christianity and embracing Islam, which will eventually result in our grandchildren being “ChrIslam”. In they’re sick, twisted minds the elimination of “race” and “religion” will all make us want to sit around the campfire and sing “Kum By Yah”.

  7. It’s because Americans have been self-sorting themselves along geographic and political lines for a long time.

    I would say that race is a bigger divider.

    • Frank Thoughts says:

      Agree: race has become the biggest source of unrest and dischord. Blacks want to only live with other blacks and go to black schools. And why not? Let them do that. Create homelands for them and stop trying to force people together.

      • BlackMoe says:

        Blacks also want whites to pay for their schools, food, phones, etc. They feel “entitled”, yet have no desire to actually contribute anything to society but chaos and crime.

      • Kochman says:

        Race has become such a dividing issue because of the Traitor Obama. He is directly responsible for the state of this country. Him and Holden’s and Rice and the lot. Communist Traitors to the end.

        • Tucker says:

          Bullshit. Obama did not create the racial tension that today dominates America. What Obama did do was to serve as an electric cattle-prod shock to millions of racially clueless White idiots who had stupidly allowed the jewish owned and controlled mainstream media – Hollywood, TV, etc. – to brainwash them into foolishly believing that they should unilaterally disarm themselves on any and all matters relating to race and adopt a suicidal ‘color blind’ view of the world around them.

          Meanwhile, that same jewish owned and controlled mainstream media were working overtime, 24/7, 365 for the last 60 years to encourage blacks and other non-whites to always view the world through the prism of race and to act, vote, and behave in a tribal fashion. And, most importantly – to brainwash every non-White race into believing that their #1 enemy was the White race, even if they had personally never experienced any negative treatment from anyone who was White.

          Racial tensions have always existed in America. The effort to create some stability to these racial tensions visi vi segregation – worked fairly well for a decent amount of time, since separation serves to reduce conflict and proximity always increases conflict. But, the jewish shit stirring ‘Civil Rights’ activists of the 1950s and 19060s (Abby Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Stanley Levison, etc.) saw an opportunity to use blacks as a battering ram against the entrenched WASP ruling establishment, who they sought to unseat in order to facilitate the jewish takeover of America – so they decided to destroy the segregation policies that had previously helped to keep White communities and White public schools safe from black crime and black dysfunctionality.

          Fast forward to 2017 – and now, integrated public schools with large black or mestizo populations have to have metal detectors on all entrances to check for weapons, full time armed cops on duty, drug sniffing dogs patrolling the hallways, and maternity clinics staffed with nurses to deal with the hordes of pregnant minority 15 and 16 year old sluts.

          So, no, Obama didn’t create the racial tension that has now reached a all-time fevered pitch. But, he certainly helped to wake up millions of stupid, deracinated, racially blind White Americans to the harsh reality of what life is like for White humans when they put a racial enemy who hates them into the most powerful political position in their country.

    • boyo says:

      Suggested correction: Race has been USED as a bigger divider.

      How can people be played so easily?
      Easily answered. (Stand up because words ruin this answer)
      The vast majority of individuals are run by three things, and three things only. Point at your mouth (three times for effect), point at your crotch (three times), point at your butt (three times). Question answered. Mic dropped. I’m outta here.

      • awed bawl says:

        Then how was magnificent Western Civilization created?

        • boyo says:

          Enslavement or Leadership. Carrot or stick.

          Work hard, earn your way and then work on (point to mouth, point to crotch, point to butt) self gratification.

          It’s the exploitation of self gratification ( don’t hurt my feelings, gimme my EBT ) that has created our mess IMHO.

    • Nailbanger says:

      Yea, i cant decide if i like drag racing better or Nascar, tough choice, on the one hand theres raw horsepower and sprint speed,, on the other theres flat out speed and endurance,, but what side to be on?

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      BeulahMan, welcome back and you’re right about race.

  8. There are many truths in this article, but, the core of the problem is never mentioned.

    In the past there was an attitude of, “Well, I don’t approve of your ______ but you have a right to it.” Insert everything from abortion to pot smoking to transgender antics. Now, however, (mostly the left) is demanding that everyone else approve. If you don’t approve, well then by golly, we’ll beat the shit out of you. Then, we’ll take and use government to FORCE YOU to accept and approve our stuff.

    …and, as that has been more and more possible they set the bar higher and higher with more and more stuff that does not meet with the approval of the rest of society.

    The article makes it sound like there are large factions pushing these agendas. The fact is, the left is very small but they get a few sheep to follow them and they lobby and position themselves into powerful positions so they can push their views off on to other people.

    Two libertarians can co-exist. They may not agree on where to pee or if you can have an abortion but they respect each other’s rights to pee, abort, smoke or carry guns or whatever. Modern liberals do not. Modern conservatives to not. This is why the “both parties are the same” talk has emerged.

    The fact is, America has become much less libertarian. That is the problem. You can lean left or you can lean right, I don’t care. Just leave me alone. Today, however, the establishment sides with the enslavers and wants to control everything. (I almost said “regulate” but that is an abuse of that word that the controllers use all the time.)

    LEAVE US ALONE! If we’re not hurting YOU what difference does it make? This is NOT how Americans think today. Its why I’ve bought 40 acres of buffer around me. The country is going to hell in a handbasket but I have some shielding.

  9. Drastik says:

    Tough to find middle ground when one side says obey the law and let eveyone speak, and the other side says die die die.

  10. Neal Jensen says:

    Here is why a 2nd American revolution MUST happen.

    Anti-American TRAITORS have embedded themselves into every facet of Education and Government and have LOYAL supporters/voters

    PRO-American voters deserve better and LOVE their country and a FAIR JUSTICE SYTEM and LAWS and CIVIL Society, and are being ATTACKED for wanting what makes sense.

    America MUST BE PURGED of those who HATE it.

    • Enemy of the State says:

      amen NJ

      Ive seen you comment before on Sipsey Street Irregulars site
      good to have you here

      • Neal jensen says:

        Hat tip. Thanks. Not everything I post will find favor with this crowd. I prefer unvarnished brutal truth. You can’t realistically succeed in surviving what is coming if you are afraid to acknowledge truths that most nonveterans cannot understand. A basic understanding is the best weapon to employ before you resort to the ones in your hands.

  11. Charles king says:

    It’s all in your minds and your minds are controlled. It’s media produced psyops. These events are exaggerated. Sometimes they are made up. It’s left right bs of divide and conquer. Don’t believe anything presented by the media and that includes conspiracy forums.

  12. Will says:

    The basic premise of the article is flawed. Go read Days of Rage which chronicles the upheaval of the 1960’s. In 18 months between 1971 and 1972 the FBI investigated over 2500 BOMBINGS in the United States…..that’s FIVE PER DAY.

    Can you even friggen imagine what our 24 hour news cycle would do with a similar situation now? We ain’t even close to as divided as we were in the 60’s or at least, we haven’t gotten serious about it yet.

  13. Tricky9 says:

    The article starts out by suggesting that the Trump supports came armed for battle just as the lefty wacko’s did. I call bs on that. The left/Soro/democraps are the ones starting all the ruff stuff, not the righties.

  14. Orion says:

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ZZZzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz ZZZZzZZZZzzZzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ZzZZZZZzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzz

  15. Anonymous says:

    The leftists are united behind each other, and support each other without question or judgment. They spend their time and effort energetically attacking the Right on every front.

    The Right is divided within itself, doesn’t even know who is on the same side against the Leftists and who is not, and spends most of its time and energy attacking each other instead of the Leftists. They prefer to wear themselves out fighting with each other instead of going after the Left as a unified single force.

    Who you think gonna win if this doesn’t change drastically and soon?

    Who would’ve won WWII if the allied forces had been engaging each other as well as the Axis powers?

  16. Chunk says:

    The next Civil War would actually be America’s third. The first was the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), which was a civil war between the English and their colonists in North America; the second was what we call the American Civil War (1861-1865), or what is called by some the War of Northern Aggression. So far our Civil War of 1861-1865 has been America’s bloodiest. Time will tell…

    • Anonymous says:

      A revolution is generally an attempt to overthrow a government and establish a new one or break away from a nation and establish a new one independent of the original, a civil war an attempt by one faction or another to gain control of an existing government and leave it in place with them in exclusive and unchallenged control of it.

      • Enemy of the State says:

        Rather have a Revolution..JM2C

      • anonymous5 says:

        “A revolution is generally an attempt to overthrow a government and establish a new one or break away from a nation and establish a new one independent of the original, a civil war an attempt by one faction or another to gain control of an existing government and leave it in place with them in exclusive and unchallenged control of it.”

        A distinction without a difference actually.

        Our revolutionary war was very much a civil war, particularly in the southern colonies where loyalty to the Crown was much higher than it was in New England. The Tories very much wanted to maintain the status quo and many of them were held positions of power within the British government. When the colonists succeeded in defeating the British, many of the loyalists were forced to leave the country. …some going back to England…others to other colonies of the Crown throughout the world.

        Our revolution was in every way a civil war.

  17. TEST says:

    The very truth is that these leftists are simply ***brownshirts**, nothing more. The National SOCIALISTS (Nazis) used them as street thugs then, and Geo Soros, admitted Nazi collaborator, is doing the same now.

    We truly are in a second battle with national socialism – against the same ignorance, the same arrogance, the same fanaticism.

    And the real hoot about it is that these Einsteins call others “Nazis,” being too utterly and completely stupid to even know what the dictionary definition is.

    • Charles king says:

      Each ism is pulled out and then put back in storage until it is needed again. The same magicians control all of it. All this bs is scripted media productions and only gets totally crazy when the Disinfo agents fool enough fools.

    • JustMe says:

      You are not in a battle with “national socialism”. You are up against hardened marxists. Shed you pc, and face the truth.

      • anonymous5 says:


        Give me an example of the practical differences between Marxism and Nazism when it comes to the effect they have on the average person’s daily life.

        I maintain that there is none. Both are totalitarianism with the state as ultimate authority in all matters. Both are in effect oligarchies with a privileged elite at the top and virtual peasants beneath. Their differences are so subtle as to be non-existent.

        • JustMe says:

          You are correct about average “practical differences”, given that “the state” determines one’s future to a large degree, with regard to general policy. That is where differences end.

          “National Socialism” is about the survival, and self-determination of a distinct people. This is why marxists hate national socialists. This why they call any White people who defy them “Nazi”, when if fact, they don’t have a clue what national socialism is.

          “Marxism” is about the allure of the concept of collective equality, as a result of the elimination of private property, in Marx’s own words. Marxism can only thrive when the best is reduced to the level of the worst, it will never be the other way around.

          “Oligarchy”, properly defined is rule by the wealthy, or what Benito Mussolini defined as “Fascism”, the merger of state and corporate entities. This is what has taken over, and is destroying Western Civilization, albeit with a marxist flare.

          Current “Leftists” are driven by marxism, while pushing anything and everything that will destroy Western Civilization, and genocide the White race of peoples from the Earth. This, in itself is the primary reason that one cannot call the driving forces of destruction “national socialists.

  18. waiting says:

    It all comes down to mutual respect. Respect the right of a person to have their own thoughts and ideas, then respect the right of that person to express those thoughts and ideas. And offer that respect without malice.

    • JustMe says:

      Your enemies have zero respect for your personal thoughts, and they despise you for having them. You will never get any mutual respect from them, their ideology does not allow for it.

  19. Nomadic says:

    By definition a single dimension civil war in the U.S. is an impossibility ….as seen here. -> ht tps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JFpanWNgfQY

    civil war
    1. A war between factions or regions of the same country.

  20. Charles king says:

    It’s all in your mind controlled mind. These are bs media psyops that are greatly exaggerated. The cure is put a stop to the bs psyop manipulation and stop being manipulated.

  21. charlie says:

    a second civil war will happen because of the fing filth and scum that our so called leaders have let into this country with the crime, filth and disease, we already have enough so called americans that have become nothing but filth and scum, we didnt need more, in the near future americans will be fighting for their lives while their leaders are safe and taken care of in some bunkers, while you are left to die in the street by the filth they have let into the country, but you voted for the shit didnt you?

    • Charlie,
      When you find their bunker, you camp out on top of it and use their airholes/ventilation system as your own personal shitter! A few days of that will stop it up and when they come out . . . well, you can figure out what to do.

  22. Mike says:

    Hey, I ve been preparing for the last 15 years, getting my family’s shooting skills up. Prepping, learning to graspend the old ways. I don’t think you are ever ready, but all I can say is , let the game began. I want a free country for my kids and grandchildren. So, if war is the way, then let’s do this. Let’s quick talking about it and start the shooting. All you people out there who believe in freedom need to cut off the idiot box and football, basketball and so on. Talk to your wife, walk, get in shape, learn to do without the tv on 24/7. Read, reserach, learn. Only way you will survive.

    • Mainah says:

      Good reply Mike. Best way to be,quietly prepare and just wait.

      I’m too old to worry much about my future,but would want my kids and grandkids to know the freedoms I’ve had. Not letting America go without a fight. Best of luckto you and yours Mike.

  23. crappenstix says:

    The first civil war proved one thing. Americans will kill other Americans.

  24. Anonymous5 says:

    I’ve been saying that a civil war was coming for quite some time.

    While there may be many different factors contributing to it, it is essentially an ideological war between the extreme left and the extreme right…..the left being those who believe the state is the ultimate arbiter of all issues of life, and the right being those who cherish freedom of the individual and the state being subservient.

    The two cannot co-exist. And compromise is not possible.

    Ayn Rand said, “In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit.”

    I prefer to simply be left alone. As long as that is the situation, everything will be fine. Don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’. But I WILL NOT live under tyranny. And anyone who attempts to deprive me of my freedom will have a very, very bad day.

  25. TakenItEasy says:

    It’s easy to tell the bad guys in these riots….they cover their face and they ain’t the lone ranger.

    Let the gun toting begin and the civil disobedience and generally bad behavior of the left Will stop quickly !!

  26. Smokey says:

    The ‘civil war’, if there is one, is going to be started by the crazed leftists and waged against decent people who just want to get on with their lives.

    It’s going to be an insurrection, and short-lived, if the powers that be allow the laws to be enforced.

  27. captain crunch says:

    Let her rip

    f u c k this planet we’re all done

  28. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    I wont be commenting much these days, just lurking. I am not putting any effort into informing anyone. Just heard that North Korea just approached mexico to get support to bring in military to take down Texas, and all southern states, once the US collapses from war.. I talked to someone yesterday that told me that he has done all that he can do for now, that he is just waiting for the war to start. I don’t think that the globalist understand how pissed off the average American really is. These guys are carrying around rifles in their trucks and cars, so that if something happens, and they are separated from the wife and kids that they are going to fight the way out from work and go get the wife and kids..These guys are going to literally kill and i can tell from what i have seen and heard that they are not bluffing, and they no longer support Trump..Everyone of them told me that they now know for a fact that Trump is a globalist. Alternative media sources said to the fact of something that Trump was the ultimate delay tactic, the keep the veterans and patriots relaxed and at ease, and remember he had them arrested at Keystone. It’s obvious that they needed to get more time to prepare, to delay the revolutionary war, to get better positioning, they can take out everyone, and to better prepare, so that when the uprising takes place, and now Paul martin told David hodges that more UN vehicles just arrived in Colorado. 350,000 chi-com soldiers now in the US,a base given to them in california, more being brought into El Paso.. The president has not made this public. Instead he said that he likes Zi, and met with Zi..Zi is the one responsible for murdering 200 chinese less than 2 years ago with .50 cal machine gun fire. Trump is not bothered by this fact.. He has not removed the equipment, because i believe that he is the one that’s bringing in the military state..They are really coming to kill us..He is a with the establishment, this is a fact of life people..

    Economist V, and the 4 star general.. This i believe will still commense, and its been years in planning.


    Good job Donald. Your son in law has a loan of 365,000,000,000 with george soros. Family is family, and family comes first,

    • Anonymous says:

      I hear almost half of Texas has already fallen to them during intense fighting that is being ignored by the MSM.

      • rrrr says:

        I am typing as fast as I can to help beat the enemy.

      • Arrow says:

        You’ve got to be shitting. I’m north of there, have friends and relatives all over Tejas and my stepson in San Antonio just streamed bowling night. Not sure where who you’ve been talking to but would suggest that you call bs on this claim. On the other hand, if you are referring to border skirmishes, that is another thing. Word is the border area has gotten nasty.

    • Old Guy says:

      North Korea aint in any position to help themselves let alone help mexico invade texas. Mexico doesn’t want Texas. They like that the Texas money is carried back to their 3rd world country. If texas became part of Mexico again It would become just as poor as Mexico over nite. The fact is Russia and china are poised on the North Korea borders to divide up Korea after the USA bombs the shit out of it. No nukes just MOABS and Neutron Bombs. Just think about it The USA takes nothing. The USA plays Jessie James bombs the perceived bad guys and lets other folks have the loot. That ought to make that fat Korean despot shit his pants .

  29. OneDayAttaTime says:

    The problem lies with “RESPECT”…Those who don’t have any for…Others, Laws, Themselves, or GOD! are winning out as the once majority stands s i l e n t. To hell with morals, ethics, professionalism, discipline, and personal accountability. Like the song goes, “You got to stand for something or, you’ll fall for anything”.

    I’m amazed how many people live their life like all the world is THEIR stage and THEY are the only one on it (just drive down the road once)! NO RESPECT and NO CONSIDERATION…and if you don’t like it, I’ll get a lawyer and sue you!

    This country blew it when parents wanted to GIVE their kids “a better life” instead of TEACHING them about making their life better!!!!

  30. Howard Dean, the former head of the democratic party, says that “Hate Speech” is not protected by the 1st Amendment. What is hate speech? Anything that disagrees with the radical leftist agenda is hate speech. Soon, there will be a law against opposition speech (hate speech). Think not? Never give up your guns. Never be afraid to use them in defense of your right to self determination.

    • WILLY says:

      You know what’s crazy?
      Dr. Howard Dean, MD., was governor of Vermont… While governor, he was one of the gun owner’s best friends. Saw him at many gun shows, actually watched him tell CBS news that he’d never seen a gun law that worked…. while standing at my table, with an M2 on a tripod and an M60 laying under it. NRA++. A cardiologist, liked by almost everyone.

      Then, he went to DC.

      Same body, different person.

  31. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    I am also working on fereday caging my engine computer with the help of my scientist friend.. taking no chances because i know its coming, and they tried with North Korea last july 2016, and they almost got us. We wont have that luck this time.


    • Anonymous5 says:


      Protecting your computer isn’t going to do you a heck of a whole lot of good if an EMP takes down the powergrid.

      Just sayin’……..

    • Anonymous says:

      If you’re talking about the computer in your vehicle, it’s electronics are already protected by virtue of being in a sealed grounded metal case.

      The only thing you need do is keep all the wiring disconnected from it so electric currents cannot form in them and travel to the inner computer parts the way, say, a pulsed static discharge would through a USB port when you use a computer killer on one.

      After the attack is over you can reconnect it and drive it again.

      If you can find any gas, from still operable stations, which may not be available.

  32. There is no reasoning or common ground to be found w/ the left (communist/socialist)….they are the enemy. They are upside down, unreasonable, psychotic, brainwashed, takers, racist, immoral, liars and now….violent. They must be dealt with in a harsh way. They must be stopped , or we will lose this country to them, or see the rise of a far-right dictatorship that stops them with internment camps and tyranny. Neither is a good outcome. Due to their fallen nature, they can easily be defeated easily. I think that soon they will get their Asses handed to them. The Trump election was real Americans standing up and saying, “we’ve had enough”. The descent, law-abiding, and God fearing people are going to stand up in droves when the SHTF, and the blood spilled will be mostly RED (communist). Mark my words.!!!!!

    • Arrow says:

      I would advocate that when the SHTF, you focus first on those that caused it. Most would agree that DT was elected for the very reason you stated. His actions speak louder than words, and he is only the CEO of the U$ corporation. Since the “Board” of the corporation is the entity causing the problems, watch him closely. The foreign Marxists are lower on the list of concerns than what is living among us. The members of con-gress are complicit and are primarily focused on padding their own pockets which includes begin re-elected so they can get deeper into your pocket. They have forsaken the public trust, which is the only claim they have to authority to act for you… your consent. They have betrayed their constituencies and must be held accountable.

  33. Canookian says:

    One thing you should all remember during this – it is much easier for an invading army of, oh I don’t know…say, fundamental Islamists to further overrun a nation when its citizens are preoccupied with fighting each other.

    Look at how easily they move in and take over certain European nations that are not at war with themselves within their own borders. What do you think will happen when an opportunity such as a ‘civil war of ideology’ presents itself to them? It will be a temptation too great not to jump at to help further their desire to topple western society & culture.

    A house divided falls easily to an enemy united in its intent & determination.

  34. captain crunch says:

    San Fran is without power as of right now.
    Got the kids and wife home already and the popcorn is on the stove popping now

  35. Enemy of the State says:

    Ready here in US’s hell hole

    It’s criminal
    There ought to be a law
    There ought to be a whole lot more
    You get nothin’ for nothin’
    Tell me who can you trust
    We got what you want
    And you got the lust
    If you want blood, you got it
    If you want blood, you got it
    Blood on the streets
    Blood on the rocks
    Blood in the gutter
    Every last drop
    You want blood
    You got it
    Yes you have

    It’s animal
    Livin’ in the human zoo
    The shit that they toss to you
    Feelin’ like a christian
    Locked in a cage
    Thrown to the lions
    On the second page
    If you want blood, you got it
    If you want blood, you got it
    Blood on the street
    Blood on the rocks
    Blood in the gutter
    Every last drop
    You want blood
    You got it
    O positive

    Blood on the rocks
    Blood on the streets
    Blood in the sky
    Blood on the sheets
    If you want blood
    You got it

    I want you to bleed for me

    If you want blood, you got it
    If you want blood, you got it
    If you want blood, you got it
    If you want blood, you got it

  36. gipperdog says:

    The left has always been the more divisive, hate-filled, prejudiced, atheist, fascist, God anti-morality group of people ever. Tolerance to them is my way or I’ll kill you. They haven’t noticed that since 9/11, the “Right” has been “prepping” and buying ammo by the billions of rounds. A civil war is not desired by the Right but come time to defend one’s home and family, the Left will suffer one of the greatest defeats of all time. More than 90% of all guns and ammo are owned by the Right and those for the most part are well trained persons. This isn’t the movie “Deliverance” with a bunch of redneck hillbillies armed with bows and shotguns. The Right is a sophisticated thinking conservative group that believes in the Constitution of this country. The left is trying to destroy that. You won’t win.

  37. TEST says:

    “The fundamental source of all your errors, sophisms and false reasonings is a total ignorance of the natural rights of mankind. Were you once to become acquainted with these, you could never entertain a thought, that all men are not, by nature, entitled to a parity of privileges.” —Alexander Hamilton (1775)

    Turns out Hamilton was almost as Jeffersonian as Jefferson. Don’t show any of the elite this quote!

  38. Old Guy says:

    Civil War is the wrong term. Where we are headed is toward a culling. This nation has far too many Taking Parasite Culls. And they are of every race nationality and gender. The productive are sick and tired of the government enableing taking parasite culls. Thats what the left is so worried about. Their afraid that they will be forced to provide for themselves. They want the free ride to continue and become more extragravant. It about them having to face reality and grow up. There will not be a civil war with defined armys and defined grevances. Nope it will be chaios because the productive shun the culls.When the productive no longer produce beyond their own needs and pay no taxes. Then it will unravel. The culls go looking for trouble. For the most part the better quality folks mind their own business. Throw the UN and NWO and agenda 21 into the mix and it will be ethnic cleansing , race war, martial law, and widespread vandalism & looting. There isn’t any viable short term solution.

    • awed bawl says:

      Good can occur ONLY when White producers eschew the (((chew)))- that is REFUSE TO USE THE (((EXISTING MONETARY UNIT))).

      EZ to do when it’s like 1923 Germany- but who will walk away from this nothing (no-thing) money? Can’t live with it, can”t live without it.

      “. . .Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the capitalist system was to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and, while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some. The sight of this arbitrary rearrangement of riches strikes not only at security but [also] at confidence in the equity of the existing distribution of wealth.

      Those to whom the system brings windfalls, beyond their deserts and even beyond their expectations or desires, become “profiteers,” who are the object of the hatred of the bourgeoisie, whom the inflationism has impoverished, not less than of the proletariat. As the inflation proceeds and the real value of the currency fluctuates wildly from month to month, all permanent relations between debtors and creditors, which form the ultimate foundation of capitalism, become so utterly disordered as to be almost meaningless; and the process of wealth-getting degenerates into a gamble and a lottery.

      Lenin was certainly right. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose. . .”

      John Keynes

      • JustMe says:

        “In war, boots; in flight, a place in a boat or a seat on a lorry may be the most vital thing in the world, more desirable than untold millions. In hyperinflation, a kilo of potatoes was worth, to some, more than the family silver; a side of pork more than the grand piano. A prostitute in the family was better than an infant corpse; theft was preferable to starvation; warmth was finer than honour, clothing more essential than democracy, food more needed than freedom.” from When Money Dies, the inflationary period of the Weimar Republic

        Won’t be much different here…

  39. Beaumont says:

    Culture is built upon providing for the needs of the people, locally and independently, most of whom will consciously refuse to take care of themselves, at this time. Civil war would result from an overextended state and subsequent, Malthusian check — not from differences between inept people, who have no more culture or objective morality.

    I think, that the body of state is somewhat comparable to the human body, which easily repels petty annoyances, when not under stress. Some small gnat, fluttering around a gopher’s snout, or microbe, moldering under an old leaf, becomes a leprosy and a plague, under exhaustion. This is how I think of the agitators.

  40. I beg to differ, but the next American Civil War will be the third civil war. The first civil war took place during the American Revolutionary War, where Patriots fought against the Loyalists. The second civil war pitted the Union against Confederates. The third civil war will undoubtedly be fought, once again, between Patriots versus Loyalists a.k.a. Progressive Liberals.

  41. TheGuy says:

    All I can say is, unless Americans go out of their way to listen to people on other side, whatever that side may be, there’s going to be a lot of blood in the streets.

    All I can say is nope.

    The “other side” are baby murderers and infinite free shit “gimmes”. What’s to listen to other than self deluded incessant whining?

  42. Just read an article claiming that massive immigration doesn’t adversely affect American pay or job opportunities. And then I noticed that the comment section was closed for that article. I would like to strangle the SOB that wrote the article. In the old days, if you got laid off, you could always get a job as a laborer, usually for cash. Not any more. All of those jobs are gone to immigrants. Many low skill construction jobs are gone to immigrants. Roofing and the like. I did roofing and concrete labor, when laid off. Since most of the immigrants are from the third world, they are eligible for the affirmative action programs that deny opportunities to white workers. Including highway construction and other government projects. No questions asked. This is also the reason a lot of black teens can’t get jobs in the summer. Those jobs are given to immigrants now. When you increase the supply of labor without a corresponding increase in the demand for labor, the pay goes down.

  43. KY Mom says:

    Massive power outage hits San Francisco
    Traffic ‘Free-For-All’.
    Shuts Businesses, Train Station.
    Residents Trapped in Elevators.
    Fire at Substation Caused?

    ht tp://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Massive-power-outage-hits-San-Francisco-shuts-11089574.php

  44. NewVegasBadger says:

    To give credit to Michael Savage, a nation is defined, by its borders, language and culture. Our borders for many years have been wide open. We don’t have an official standard language. “press one for English, press two for Spanish. To expect people who come to live here is deemed as “racist”. We really do not have a common/shared culture. Diversity is the be all and end all. So given all the other issues we need to deal with as a unified people but are not, we are totally screwed. There will be blood. Not if, but soon. When the internal war does come, it will be 100% of the Lefts fault. Because they will not compromise, they will never back down, they refuse to leave other people alone. And given their history they are willing to use mass murder to impose their world view on every one else. To be a Leftie is to be evil.

  45. 2isone says:

    I watched part of that Berkley showdown the other day where one of the punks beats on someone with his skateboard. This just about sums it up for me. Reality is going to bite badly when someone brings a skateboard to a gun party.

  46. Bill says:

    There are definitely different cultures, traditions, and values in the USA, we even celebrate many different holidays. I don’t want to see violence on a large scale, but I am not opposed to seeing the country as it is busted up into four or five new countries. We could all still use a common currency and have agreeable rules of commerce, passports issued from the new countries should be recognized by each of the new nations so travel can continue, and the new countries could sign a defense pact for common security. Other than that each country should have its own borders, culture, laws, and even constitution, etc. I for one would stay in the South. Many if not most of my friends feel the same way.

    • cranerigger says:

      Great points, Bill. The Constitutional Convention was filled with many founding fathers that feared an over-reaching federal government that DID NOT respect states’ rights. The original Constitution was written to LIMIT the size and scope of the federal government. The “Blob” (Like the old Steve McQueen movie) we call today’s federal government has failed to limit itself to the very narrow role it was given in the Constitution. Your solution might be the one chosen by the survivors of the coming chaos.

  47. MommaD says:

    The red area know some how to feed themselves, cut off them supply chains.

  48. Sgt. Dale says:

    My question is . Who long did the Libtards think we would hold back? We turned the cheer and we only have two. After you hit me the second time I’m to kick the shit out of you, and what I mean as I’m I mean the Plane Jane American Patriot. We will only take so much, and Like the song said. We’ll Put A Boot In Your Ass , it’s the American Way.

    So keep pushing and you will find you pissed the wrong folks off.

  49. Warchild Dammit! says:

    The reason why it would be the first”Civil War” in this country,the other war folks refer to was one of succession/leave us the hell alone/ect.A civil war means you want to take over the present govt./ country,actually if it has to happen prefer a war of succession,hate to say it but perhaps the best thing is split this country up.

  50. Mark says:

    There is a book on Amazon “Viable” by Race Cafe. Perhaps there is an alternative. We just need to entirely change the playing field.

  51. inthemix16 says:

    save you all the trouble Daniele.. you have one word for the need for a civil war. KIKES

  52. Traitor Hator says:

    Seems the last civil war used the Irish imigrants from the potato famine . This time who do you think they will be putting federal uniforms on.? With the GPS coordinates taken during the last census they won’t need to read or write to get to the door of those CCW holders, gun owners in general, people making anti government posts, or making anti government comments over the phone.NSA has it all recorded. With a fake EMP it will all be over in 7 weeks? Then the mop up of the hold outs , canibles, they will burn most of the no go iner city low income areas.? All that vacant land to buy up cheap. And all the cheap labor from the survivors. Hell we will probably get them to work all day for a cup of flour.

  53. Old Guy says:

    Naw hem the libturd leftie parasites up in the big citys and MOAB them. Heck at this very moment some of those tagret citys already have the lights turned out. Good time to MOAB them to smithereens! The wont even see it coming!

  54. Denver says:

    2nd civil war?

    I’d rather California secede. In fact, I’d pay to see California to secede.

  55. Bill says:

    It’s called Balkinization. And it will tear us apart and throw us into a civil war.

  56. Rusty Shacklefors says:

    The solution to 1984 is 1973!

  57. This will all work out. No civil war; no tearing asunder.


  58. Brian says:

    where did all this craziness come from? One problem is the differentiation of “free” and “tax-supported”. If you are not paying income tax, there is no difference! If you pay no income tax, why not support government-provided benefits? If the people who pay no income tax could be affected by wasteful government spending programs, then Americans would move closer together. The question is how?

  59. Chris C says:

    The thread of comments prove the author is correct. I hate what has happened to our country.

    • JustMe says:

      It was always there, being put into place for a century now, right under everyone’s noses. Only rank diversions served to hide it in the background.

      The people who are behind the United States’, and Western Civilization’s demise never made any secret of their desires, their end goals. It has been your Freedom to ignore them up to this point, that leads you to believe that this is some new phenomenon.

      It is always far easier to buy into comfortable lies, than face the blunt truth. To face the truth, means you have to look yourself in the eye, and make uncomfortable decisions…

  60. Henry says:

    “We used to be a nation of many nations that was held together, because there was still some common ground on what it means to be an American above all else. Now we can’t even agree on that.”

    Fallacy. We used to be a nation where people wanting to enter had to understand our culture, take citizenship courses, and assimilate. Now immigrants are just warm bodies who can vote for leftist tyrants. The fallacy is thinking that the “we” or long ago have any relationship to the “we” of today.

  61. Much of this could be short-circuited if the current administration would start to seriously investigate and prosecute the individuals and groups responsible for this leftist violence. Put a few hundred of their leaders in maximum security prisons and the rest will start to reconsider their actions. These people will respond to a real threat of imprisonment if they think they will be next. Put the fear of God into them and watch them scatter.

  62. Nobody says:

    Does anyone else notice how everyone fighting is fighting the wrong people?

    Right fights left , left fights right. Why??? Because they are ALL completely brainwashed and most importantly they are ALL totally LAWLESS. Both ‘sides’ want to control politics so they can control the implementation and enforcement of what they claim (falsely) is law. The application of statutes to the People is tyranny. Under the proper application of real law Statutes have no application to anyone outside the capacity of Government employment. In short, if you don’t voluntarily enter into an entity’s capacity then that entity’s rules have exactly ZERO application to you. If this proper application of law were upheld then there would be no reason for political disputes. The bad guys are those who want to apply rules for an entity to everyone. Do you want immigration enforcement? You are the bad guy. Do you want more taxes for wealth redistribution? You are the bad guy.

    The good news is that the civil war will be between the right bad guys and left bad guys. The sovereigns will be the winner for it is they who seek and will obtain divine providence because they are the ones who seek proper application of law without conflict.

  63. Richard says:

    I do agree with one thing…conservatives have been turning the other cheek, being nice and docile at any events where the leftists have shown up…and yes, we’re getting fricking tired of it. Like happens on the schoolyard, the bully hits and keeps on hitting until you stand up and stomp his butt. The same thing here. These people have lived in mommies basement for so long and woofed big crap to each other for so long, they believe they get to set the tone for the country. They’re gonna have a very rude awakening one day and I really hope the govt stays the hell out of it. We don’t need the Feds to step in because the first thing will be killing the 1st Amendment while at the same time killing the 2nd Amendment. Without those 2, the country falls to the progressives/liberals/commies/socialists/what-have-you. I’m not as young and mobile as I used to be so I probably won’t be standing in any battle line unless it crosses by me but I’ll damn sure defend my family and what is mine.

  64. hate obama says:

    I am not mad I am not angry.I am tired of seeing my country become a commie S-hole. I am 58 and still in fighting shape and willing to sacrifice my good life to save my children’s future.but it needs to kick off soon I am not getting any younger.

  65. Dave says:

    On the contrary friend, when the proletariat rise up and demand what has been stolen from them over the past 50 plus years, the collaborators will be beheaded, just as in France. /s No point in letting it come to this though. The 2nd great depression has happened thanks to runaway capitalism, why not another civil war? ANSWER THIS: Was F.D.R. a Communist? History is a push and pull. Communism is STATE CAPITALISM. The state controls the corporations.This current breed of capitalism has the state ruled by the corporations. You are being ruled by different masters but still have a MASTER. During the period of 1940 to St. Reagan the standard of living was the best for the average American worker it ever has been. Communism and Capitalism both have to exist and constantly fight each other, because capitalism needs COMPETITION, otherwise…..