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The Self-Reliance Manifesto: More Than 300 Resources to Guide You on the Path to Radical Freedom

Daisy Luther
March 8th, 2016
The Organic Prepper
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This resource was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper



Self-Reliance. It’s a revolutionary word these days and I thought it deserved a manifesto.

Manifesto: noun man·i·fes·to \ˌma-nə-ˈfes-(ˌ)tō\

A declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer.


Have you happened to notice that our society is out of balance?

The consumers outnumber the producers at such a rapid clip that we can’t possibly continue like this. But who has time to produce when they are indebted and working overtime to finance their current lifestyles in the hopes that they will finally be able to buy “enough” to be happy, fulfilled, and loved?

We live in a society made up mostly of rabid consumers.  As soon as the advertising pros on Madison Avenue point them in a given direction, people flock to it like the zombies on The Walking Dead lurch toward a fresh human, completely oblivious to everything else.  They yearn for these things that are produced across the world and then delivered at a cheap price.  They fill up on cheap food that has been government subsidized, making it unrealistically inexpensive.  They are enslaved as they work to pay for it, or in some cases, accept a handout to pay for it. More people are deeply in debt than ever, living a fancy First World Lifestyle that would crumble with one missed paycheck. They are slaves and they don’t even know it.

They don’t care that the newest clothing and gadgets were produced in sweatshops across the world. They don’t care that some items are produced by slave labor. They don’t care about the processed offerings at the grocery store., the pesticide-laden produce raised by corporations instead of farmers, or even the feedlots that are the scenes of the worst animal abuse in the country, completely free from prosecution. They don’t care that subsidized corporate agriculture puts real farmers out of business while it destroys our health and our environment.

They just care about their illusions of prosperity. They care that the products are cheap and make them feel good for a moment.

And “illusion” is the perfect word for it because we live in a society where many people consume but very few people produce. A society like that could not stand on its own if isolated from the rest of the world or if the corporate food companies and manufacturing plants shut down. The majority of the country has become completely dependent on things that are produced in factories.

Simple math tells us that this system can’t last forever. We can’t all be consumers if there are no producers.

These days, self-reliance is actually a revolutionary act.

That quality is the difference between someone who merely accepts what is doled out to meet the needs of their family and someone with the power to fulfill those needs themselves.

Regardless of where you live, whether it is at the top of the highest high-rise, in the suburbs, in the desert, or on a few acres in the lush countryside, you can still be more self-sufficient. You can learn to meet your own needs by acquiring the skills to produce. Every single thing that you can produce on your  own is a personal declaration of your own independence, whether it is food, clothing, shelter, or something else to meet the needs of your family. In today’s society, freedom like that is a radical thing, completely against the grain, and it’s much more gratifying than anything you could ever purchase.

This list is full of insurrections, both small and large. No matter who you are or where you live, you can pick something from the list and learn to do it. That brings you one step closer to the real freedom of self-sufficiency. If you live in an urban environment or one not conducive to 30 chickens and a flock of goats, you can learn to preserve food in delicious ways or make your own clothing, or cook from scratch. You can grow some veggies or herbs in your windowsill. You can go on a foraging hike nearby.

You can do something.  You are a free human being and you deserve better than to simply line up at the store and exchange dollars you spent many hours earning for rations of processed, food-like substances and electronic gadgets. You deserve the feeling that comes from creating and producing. There is absolutely nothing like it on this earth.

This is a collection of more than 300 resources to inspire you and teach you to be more self-reliant.You’ll see that there are numerous articles on some topics, and that is because they are all written from a different perspective. Some bloggers and authors live in the ‘burbs, some live in big cities, and some live off-grid in the boondocks, but they all have lessons to teach you.  I hope that you will discover some new experts and mentors along the way.

So, no excuses. I’m not an expert. I wasn’t brought up in an agrarian lifestyle. I’m learning, just like you are, and after a lot of trial and error, I’m just now starting to put meat on the table that I raised myself.  I’m a former city girl, a single mom, and a newbie at a lot of this stuff, and if I can become more self-reliant, so can you!  Every day, I learn something new that puts me one step closer to the personal liberty I crave. I have personally read the work of every single author and blogger on this list, and I am positive that every person who reads this post can findsomething to learn that will put them on the path toward real freedom.

Getting Started

General Homesteading Information


Ducks, Geese, Quail, and Turkeys







Soil Building and Composting



Old-Fashioned Skills

Off-Grid Living

Scratch Cooking

Off-Grid Kitchen

Food Preservation


Passing on Self-Reliance Lessons to Kids

Create. Produce. Rebel.

The biggest insurrection in our society is to be self-sufficient.  Make the way you live your life a revolutionary act by producing some of the things that you need.

Let me know in the comments how you will rebel against the status quo. What skills and projects you will undertake this year? I want to hear about your self-reliance goals!

Shout-out to the incredible community at the Homestead Bloggers Network!

I asked and you came through to help me create this guide.

The Pantry Primer

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Author: Daisy Luther
Date: March 8th, 2016
Website: http://www.theorganicprepper.ca

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  1. WhoWTFKnows... says:

    Thanks, But instead of the Hyperlink how about the actual website link so we can cut and past it into a word doc.


  2. Genius says:

    Holy Cow! Bookmarked it! Thanks…

  3. Slingshot says:

    This is going to take time to digest all this stuff.

    Good topics.

  4. angry beaver says:

    Definitely a good list of resourses ; in combination with free pdf files on military manuals no excuses now.
    Things are getting real in Alberta crime up unemployment up
    Food banks stretched thin
    Gas $3.00 gallon
    Fresh food not too overly priced
    Rents are coming down I just got a $150 reduction in my rent , told landlord take $650 or take nothing I’m moving with everyone going home lots if vacancys. Things problem now is everyone that stayed is now on unemployment insurance (not a handout) comes off your paycheck as ui insurance you pay in you can apply lots of hoops to get it.
    anyway now everyone has that in.place and no one wants to work lol. I found a place to work slow shop hours but I hung in there and we just picked up a longer term contract I was put at the top of the drivers list for the daily run. We tried to hire no one wanted to give up steady benefits for spotty work leaving more for guys like me. Who are willing to work away from home.
    If you are buying you have more power to negotiate that I’ve noticed
    Private hotels
    Private sales
    Services for sure
    Rental agreements
    Vehicle repairs
    All price negotiable
    Yes we are in a true economic collapse here in Alberta however I seem to be doing not as good as I once was but definitely not near as bad as many.
    That last artical was a bit embellished but true.
    Well gotta get ready for work
    ( think I hear running water)
    Beaver out

  5. Archivist says:

    The “Ten Acres Enough” link is to Amazon where you can purchase a book. The book is public domain, so instead of buying it, you can download the original book for free from:

    ht tps://ia801400.us.archive.org/23/items/tenacresenoughpr00morriala/tenacresenoughpr00morriala.pdf

    There are countless prepping books on Archive that are free for the downloading. I have spent many days downloading books, trying various keywords to find the ones I need.

    I also prefer the original scans of old books over new printed editions because the new editions are sometimes edited or even abridged.

    • Archivist says:

      I like this quote from the preface to “Ten Acres Enough”:

      “Many such are constantly looking round in this direction for something which, with less mental toil and anxiety, will provide a maintenance for a growing family, and afford a refuge for advancing age some safe and quiet harbor, sheltered from the constantly recurring monetary and political convulsions which in this country so suddenly reduce men to poverty.”

      This book was published during the Civil War, so the author was witness to the monetary and political convulsions.

      • Philosopher says:

        Archivist I like “free.” Free is always best!

        I did an organic farm internship with a gal that had two acres under production. Two acres. She produced enough to supply fancy greens to all of the restaurants and bakeries in town (about 4 as I recall) along with a weekly CSA (community supported agriculture) plan that gave people who enrolled between one to two brown bags of produce, per week, depending on the time of year. She had 16 families enrolled. I am sorry, I don’t remember how much she charge for subscriptions. She also sold at the weekly farmer’s market and had a little cart and stand. I worked at the stand and we usually sold out of everything within a few hours. This was a small island that had a weekly farmer’s market on Saturday.

        The work was hard as hell! Dragging hoses. Shading lettuce and greens. Thinning carrots and beets (50 foot, rows, on your hands and knees). Picking bush beans was one thing I hated at the end. Four 50 foot rows. Picking on my hands and knees.

        The one mistake that gal made was she bought land without water. She built cisterns on her property but because there wasn’t running water she leased two acres that had access to water, electricity (for refrigeration after washing and cleaning all of the produce, my hands have never been so fricken cold). Vegetables use a lot of water. Most people have no idea how much water it takes.

  6. Philosopher says:

    Added this to my home screen. This is going to take some time to go through and read. Awesome article and the links look useful and relevant. One of my favorite small books (it is an essay, really) is “Self Reliance” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

    Here is a link: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-Reliance

    Emerson was a mentor to Henry David Thoreau. I was inspired to live near a pond, in a 9 foot by 9 foot converted hippie-style chicken coop (in the summer of 1997) in order to experience my own version of “On Walden Pond.” I did an organic farm internship on Lopez Island. It was the best summer of my life. I will never forget it.

  7. Warchild Dammit! says:

    A excellent article with a lot of good info to delve thru,Mac,keep up with articles like this,this is the info folks need!

    I was thinking the articles here so gloomy they result in many sad posts,wanted to be more positive posting with at least one uplifting post a night,and,lo and behold,this article a perfect start,so here goes what may be the beginning of a Warchild tradition,the power of a positive post!

    Warchild says”You can do anything you want/set your mind to in this world.Seriously,some one believes in you,it just ain’t fucking me!”

  8. john stiner says:

    Just benefited from this article. I ordered the automatic chicken water valves recommended from one of the web sites.

    I had been looking for an alternative to the water system I already have so i am excited to see this new device.

    Thanks for this article.

  9. john stiner says:

    Aquaponics totally blows. Don’t waste your time.

    I tried it for a year. The tomatoes totally sucked. Any little hick-up in the system killed the fish.

    I wasted more money than I could have ever recovered with a functioning system.

  10. Warchild Dammit! says:

    John,you looked into the vertical pvc hydro systems,,can grow a lot in small space(apt. dwellers with sun/deck)put on wheels to bring in on frost nights/exchange plant locations for better growth,a lot on utube on this,have not tried yet but with a solar charged water pump see a lot of promise there.

  11. WhoWTFKnows... says:

    Just a note to all Preppers, Remember to Back up all your computer files/ photos, and data regularly on a USB 32GB memory sticks, and save the stick in a save place. You will be so happy you did, if the grid goes down, or an EMP or power surges that could blow up all your electronics. You will have your data saved for easy access on any other working Computer.

    I also read some info lately on using a Laptop Battery for a backup energy source that you can charge up cell phones etc; with the USB connection. Of course you do that with an old laptop that is no longer functioning, even though the battery may still be good. Pull the battery out and save it. Just google it for a link and details.


    • Genius says:

      I have also seen a body detox thing where you take a 5 gallon bucket and wrap it with insulated wire all the way up then attach it to a laptop battery or charger. Fill the bucket with vinegar and water or salt etc. Stick yer feet in it and it draws out toxins. Like a big electromagnetic charged liquid deal. Check it out with a search, it made sense to me 🙂

      • The Cookin' Mom says:

        Or….you could buy an ionic foot bath. Dramatic results if you need the detox, none if you don’t. I’ve got one…..love it.
        …..research! Take a little extra potassium and drink plenty of fluids. Drains the lymph system.

  12. Asshat says:

    Self reliance is considered radical freedom hmmmm. This list is the best I’ve seen yet .

  13. BadAmerican says:

    Evening to all.

    Thanks Daisy for all the info and links in one place.

    Be safe neighbor.


  14. eppe says:

    Memory stick prices have dropped nicely.
    I recently got a rubberized shock and weatherproffed 64 gig for 18$.
    Everyone needs to scan important documents and load it up.
    I transfered off a 1 gig that I had for years at the same 18$.
    See how the prices have changed.
    As wwti said, you will be glad you did.
    Be well all

    • Genius says:

      eppe, thanks for reminding me I need to get another metal trash can to put my spare inverter and controller and radio gear in at the retreat. Hate to bugout only to find all my spare stuff fried! Yer a lifesaver my man 🙂

      • Genius says:

        For a preloaded memory stick that is emp proof and has a TON of the good old info on it (Anerkist kookbook, puur mans jammes bond, etc.) go to freedomslipsdotcom and click on the bulletdrive ad!

        • eppe says:

          Ah, the cookbook, one of my favorites to pull recipes from….

          A 70’s classic…

        • Philosopher says:

          Genius: TYTY! I was always too afraid to buy that book in the past. Now? WTF! I am going for it! ~ hugs ~

          • Archivist says:

            You don’t have to buy it. Download it.

            ht tps://uniteyouthdublin.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/anarchist-cookbook-william-powell.pdf

            • Genius says:

              Archivist, it has a LOT more than just that book. It has all 3 puur mennns jammes bond buuks and a total of over 900 survival documents. Evidently you didn’t bother looking lol.

              • Archivist says:

                How can you tell what I looked at? Philosopher was talking about buying the book, and I stated where it could be downloaded for free. The site’s other content was irrelevant to the point.

                I assume everyone here knows how the internet works and knows that when you find something interesting on a site, there is probably other interesting content. I have also stated in the past that I download entire sites as backups when they have good content. I have been downloading and archiving internet content since about 1993, when I downloaded all available issues of Phrack. In the case of this particular site, I already have the books in my archives. That’s why I’m the Archivist.

                • passinwiththewind says:

                  I can always count on you to have the goods, Archivist.
                  Maybe, we can hook up sometime when i come down out of these hills to fish at the Banks?

                • passinwiththewind says:

                  Spent a little time in little Wash, with a dear friend of mine from Morehead, that i use to shoot sporting clays with.
                  He past a few years back from cancer, and i miss him a lot.

                  He was a chef/cook, that had recipies from all over the world where he had traveled. Many were given to him directly from chefs at the better restaurants that he ate at. That was one archive I would have loved to own, but his dumbass wife just trashed them all.

                • Archivist says:

                  I’ve never tried surf fishing. I’m not good at fishing off a pier. I’m best with a cane pole and some white bread on a creek. I haven’t been in years.

                  I can tell you the good places to eat. El’s Drive-In in Morehead City, Henry’s Restaurant in Kitty Hawk, Frog Island Seafood in Barco, Basnight’s Lone Cedar Cafe in Nags Head, and Quality Seafood in Elizabeth City are all good, and you can find them on the internet.

                  The Lone Cedar is expensive, but the servings are huge. My wife and I have eaten there. She got flounder. It was on a platter large enough for a turkey and was hanging over the edges. I had shrimp and oysters, and I could hardly finish it all. They have permanent osprey nests on poles outside, so you can watch the birds while you eat.

                  Quality Seafood is a market and restaurant. I buy oysters to cook at home. The restaurant is plain, but the food is really good.

  15. 2isone says:

    This is a great post. I could stay here on these links for hours.

  16. Warchild Dammit! says:

    Guys ,for those who love to cook,check out USCrow,plenty of recipes,hell,some even Warchild wouldn’t attempt,dammit!