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The 4 Point Globalist Plan to Replace AMERICA With AMERIKA

Dave Hodges
March 25th, 2015
Common Sense Show
Comments (140)

This article has been removed at the request of the author.


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Author: Dave Hodges
Date: March 25th, 2015
Website: http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2015/03/25/the-4-point-globalist-plan-to-replace-america-with-amerika/

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  1. FreeSlave says:

    That would make Obama a globalist. Obama is a Lib. A globalist.

    Who’s opposed to Obama on the world stage? Putin? Netanyahu?

    Ergo, Putin and Netanyahu are not globalists.

    • Wilson says:

      Well, Dave, thanks for the happy news. I can’t wait to read more. What you speak of makes me sick to my stomach. The things and people that will drag this country down into the cesspool.

      Ham, beans, and cornbread for supper. That’ll put a smile on my face.

      • OutWest says:

        The age of mechanized americans is here.
        Robotized, sanitized, the slates of their
        minds wiped clean.
        Package them up, skinned and processed like
        rabbits ready for market. They’re ready.

      • Paranoid says:

        Bring it on, Got nothing better to take care of this weekend. And the liberal Pusses I know cannot bother me for more than a weekend.

        • sixpack says:

          “With all the things we write about, and with all of the things that we call attention to”

          It does little good when those in our own ranks refuse to believe anything that comes from Alex Jones, RT, or any other alternative source. Case in point: Alex Jones has been trying to call the police state to our attention since before it became fashionable to do so….but even preppers try to discredit what he says.

          If there is NO source that can be believed, then what’s the point of all of this? Why try to ring alarm bells, when people refuse to believe what they’re being told? People won’t even lift a finger to investigate anything. Instead, they just shoot the messenger.

          We’re running out of messengers, really fast.

          • Richard Head says:


            I just cant take AJ seriously most times. Sure he does give good info along with the bad. But just something in my gut tells me this guy is at the least controlled opposition. Along with the fact that he seems to always act like a total buffoon anytime he gets in the wider public eye. The best way to control the opposition is to lead the opposition. I don’t watch a lot of internet stuff, but am I correct in believing that RT is just Russian propaganda tv. I don’t know how much I can trust hot Russians with perfect English, telling me how bad my country is. Too much Tokyo Rose for me. Personally, I just try to stay informed with current events, sort through all the BS and propaganda, filter out all the special interests of different sources, and mostly just listen to my gut and keep a lil Faith. I’ve found if I do that, I usually am able to get closer to the truth. Because it just seems these days, any program with a lot of money behind comes with much less truth

      • Braveheart says:

        It’s scary, but this is another Hodges article I cannot dispute. Now I have to worry about him. [SARCASM]

      • Richard Head says:

        for those who are like me and just skim or pass over Hodges aricles, I will sum the point of the article and the state of our country up for you in just 4 letters


    • FuckingPissed says:

      Fuck them, they’ll get a fight.

    • Acid Etch says:

      $3 billion of our taxes every year goes to fund giveaways of our deadliest arms to the most brutal dictators and guerillas on the face of the Earth, who then turn those weapons against us.

      Baby boomers: Does it HURT to be that fucking stupid?

      How much better off would we be under anarchy than under our “leaders”?

      “We need an authority figure.”

      No, we don’t.

    • Acid Etch says:

      Why do I need a fucking government permit to build onto my own fucking house? How can I build a mini gasoline terminal, a water tower, a bunker, and a sex dungeon onto my farmhouse without anyone noticing?

    • Acid Etch says:

      A female president? That shit is even fucking worse. Never work for a female boss. Equal pay for equal work? My ass.

      Women are atrocious at any position of leadership. Working for a woman is a living hell. Ask anyone who has ever worked for one.

      • Jim in Va. says:

        I’ve worked for a couple Acid and excellent ones at that. They’d kick your ass like a field goal.

      • sixpack says:

        “Working for a woman is a living hell.”

        It sure was if you were working for me. I’d get those young, fit labor ready guys fresh out of the temp services, and have them crying for their mommies by lunch.

        It seems they couldn’t keep up with me, hauling iron or slinging mud. Whimper, whine, whimper whine.

        Like I always told them, if you can’t keep up with the girls, pack your shit and get off my job site.

        I suspect you wouldn’t have lasted a day either, etch-a-sketch, judging by the way you habitually whine, piss and moan…

    • Never back down from anyone!

  2. envythedead says:

    recent interview-
    Paul Craig Roberts: The US economy is hollowed out. There has been no real median family income growth for decades. Alan Greenspan as Fed Chairman used an expansion of consumer credit to take the place of the missing growth in consumer income, but the population is now too indebted to take on more. So there is nothing to drive the economy. So many manufacturing and tradable professional service jobs such as software engineering have been moved offshore that the middle class has shrunk. University graduates cannot get jobs that support an independent existence. So they can’t form households, buy houses, appliances and home furnishings. The government produces low inflation measures by not measuring inflation and low unemployment rates by not measuring unemployment. The financial markets are rigged, and gold is driven down despite rising demand by selling uncovered shorts in the futures market. It is a house of cards that has stood longer than I thought possible. Apparently, the house of cards can stand until the rest of the world ceases to hold the US dollar as reserves.

    Possibly the empire has put too much stress on Europe by involving Europe in a conflict with Russia. If Germany, for example, were to pull out of NATO, the empire would collapse, or if Russia can find the wits to finance Greece, Italy, and Spain in exchange for them leaving the Euro and EU, the empire would suffer a fatal blow.

    Alternatively, Russia might tell Europe that Russia has no alternative but to target European capitals with nuclear weapons now that Europe has joined the US in conducting war against Russia.

  3. slingshot says:

    We are fat dumb and happy and up to our ass in alligators.

    Deal with it.

  4. Sgt. Dale says:

    My hope is that the true Patriots in the USA will stand and fight and restore our Republic.
    If this is to become our future let it be known by your Kid and Grandkids that you stood and fought to restore our Republic!
    I know that I will stand and fight and that is not just talk. I more than likely won’t last long but I will do my best and put my faith in God to get the job done.
    Stand and fight or die on your knees. Your choice.

    • Anonymous Patriot says:

      Wow! When I read things like this I find myself in labored breathing, grinding my teeth and clenching my fists.

      Does it affect anyone else this way?

    • Dunjin says:

      I’m with you. Just kills me waiting for someone to say “go”. I’ll be out the door with my kit. Wife and kid are set up pretty good. Would gladly lay my life down so my daughter may have a free life.

      • Acid Etch says:


        I would gladly lay your daughter down to give you another free life.

        Sperm counts down 50% since WW2 but I’ve been eating all organic.

        • Braveheart says:

          Acid, you try to get near my daughter and I’ll blow your ass away.

        • Hunter says:



          “..Sperm counts down 50% since WW2, but I’ve been eating all organic.”


          Damn, Acid…the mental picture of you w/ a calculator, pen / paper..and peering thru a microscope..whilst counting wiggling thingies…under a slide is..well…revolting!!!

          ..and please spare us from your “deep-throat” dietary endeavors, per devouring the samples!

          ..after all, this is a family orientated website.


          ..just for the record, you’re a “sick one” sonny!!!!

        • Jim in Va. says:

          Acid; you are living on borrowed time. Your spewing like this makes you a pariah and will get no backup from anyone Keep yapping….its like cigarettes,bad for your health.

        • Texas sweet tea says:

          Your first post was ignorant, this post is disgusting.

        • Dunjin says:

          You’re damn lucky you’re behind a computer screen ya little puss. Sit there and cry ” why does everyone think fags molest children?” Because you do. You just proved it. My daughter isn’t even two years old you sick fuck. You have an eternity of flame to look forward to and I take satisfaction in that fact.

    • Justice says:

      Sgt. Dale, everyone must be very clear regarding what line they will not cross. Now is the time to fix your mind and ready your spirit.

      I must continue to prepare myself to accept the consequences that will result from drawing that line. In my opinion, death is NOT the worse thing that can happen to someone. There are worse fates than death!

      If I cannot defend myself (i.e. protect my life) then my life is not my own. If I cannot protect I thing then it does not belong to me, because anyone can take it from me whenever they wish.

    • Braveheart says:

      Sarge, Braveheart will be on the front line also and has your six. ASMS Braveheart

    • 10mm says:

      If there were any Patriots, they should of been taking care of what needs to be taken care of by now.

      • Richard Head says:


        I agree we should’ve been taking care of it along time ago. The problem is not a lack of patriots. There are still many patriots, but most of us are just good God fearing, law abiding people, who just want to work, play, and take care of our dogs and family. Nobody wants to go out and become a murderer by taking the traitors out. And then you have so many other aspects including how much the world has changed just in the last 15 years with all the smart phones and internet. Which ironically instead of bringing us closer has actually served to separate us further. And don’t even get me started on the millenials. The one and only bright spot to me, is the fact that sooooo many people have woken up. I’ve seen this shit coming for years and have always said so. But so many of my family and friends that use to think I was crazy and just cared too much, have now come around and started seeing the fragility of our world and the danger that could be coming. There is a tension in the air, there is something coming down the tracks and a lot of us can feel it. It gets so frustrating, not knowing what to do. But I think (or hope) that if we just keep living right, keep our ear to the tracks, and we’ll know when to move. I feel a lot of this is a lot bigger than us. We may be living in a very historic generation (whether good or bad) I read a quote from I forget who but it was something like:

        America is in that awkward stage where it’s too late to fix it within the system, and too early to shoot the bastards.

  5. hammerhead says:

    Hodges has SOME of it right.
    Forget the NWO , it is the end result of America going socialist .
    Lets get it straight , SOCIALISM is the goal here .
    And every thing else like global government falls in place.
    I doubt we see any real martial law , why ? If the economy collapses everyone will starve sitting by the mailbox waiting for their food stamps . (or EBT to be filled).
    Aint one damn person gonna care .
    Maybe we get a benevolent strongman to rule the masses.

    America will slip into the water slowly and sink away slowly into the deep .
    Not a whimper.
    Sad , but thats the way i see it.

    • FreeSlave says:

      “Forget the NWO, it is the end result of America going socialist.”

      You got that right, Hammerhead. America got DEMmed by turning Lib Socialist which is going away from its historic Constitutional roots, roots which are centered on God.

      • hammerhead says:

        “roots which are centered on God.”

        Rights that are given by god .
        Laws and morality centered on god .
        lest we forget that these asshats in DC aint got the authourity to take a damn thing i/you got .

        Who was the Russian dude that said America would fall without a gunshot ?
        He knew what he was talkin about .

    • sixpack says:

      Hammerhead, I would argue that ‘socialism’ is but one small step, a means to an end…and that end is NWO slavery.

      • sixpack says:

        Remember that the poor are considered “useless eaters” by the NWO and therefor disposable. They don’t intend to take care of anyone, much less spend any money to keep the poor alive.

        There will be little or no ‘socialism’ in the NWO. Just the royal class and their subjects.

  6. Managed Apocalypse? says:

    People always seem to think what is coming can be something they can handle with prepper goods and weapons.

    The goal of the evil ones is to get you out of your house by fear, force, no water, food or worse.

    The republic was lost year ago and people still think there is time to take it back? Really? Most people still think we are having a boom economy and happy days are here again. Sounds like 2008 all over again!

  7. digs says:

    hey whats the ‘legal’ length of a sawed off double-barrel shotgun?

    anyone know?


  8. durangokidd says:

    1. The PTB are the globalists. Globalists thrive on the idea of “private” property”, and want to privatize all government property held in trust for the American People and profit from it, through their corporations; which are perpetual.

    2. The globalists have stolen the American means of production and shipped it offshore, impoverishing the American Middle Class, and leaving them politically weak; as cash is the grease that lubricates the wheels of politics and commerce.

    3. Martial law will be initiated, only after the American People repudiate the existing political status quo and take up arms against a Rogue Government, which has unilaterally abrogated American Rights and attempted to confiscate American firearms under UN authority, by Treaty.

    4. The entire WORLD will be against the USA (read UN) as prophecised by Washington’s Vision, and the WORLD will attempt to subjugate America by confiscating the firearms of its citizens. (This is many years yet distant.)

    Prior to this, additional wars will be fought in the Middle East, Europe and other “hot spots” backed by the NWO MIC, until Earth Changes (God’s Judgement) devastate North America and the US must turn inward to deal with these physical changes and the resulting internal strife, withdrawing from its preeminence on the world stage.

    This change in the existing world order marks the end of the “Age of the Gentiles” and the ascension of Israel to a more independent status concluding with its destruction of Iran. This destruction of Iran’s military capacity by Israeli nuclear weapons will bring the entire WORLD to the walls of Jerusalem.

    World War III will NOT culminate in the destruction of America. Mutual Assured destruction is still a viable if abhorrent deterrence.

    Dave is off his medication again. 🙁

    • hammerhead says:

      ” confiscate American firearms under UN authority, by Treaty.”

      Lets not forget.
      That treaty as well as the Agenda21 treaty HAVE NOT been ratified by the senate .
      For what its worth at this point.
      We have nearly lost rule of law IMHO .

      • durangokidd says:

        HH: The goals of these groups of people are perpetual because their organizations are perpetual. They push as hard as the can to realize their goals when they are in power; and resist the rollback of the agenda when they are out of power, leaving it to the next generation of supporters to move that agenda forward as the opportunities present themselves in future.

        So Obola will sign the UN Small Arms Treaty and it will will lay fallow and impotent for another day, when it can be resurrected and ratified by a treasonous Senate before the American People can be mobilized against it.

        This is how both Communism and Fascism advances in the United States against the American Way. 🙁

      • secret squirrel says:

        I swear i read something yesterday that said the senate passed a bill to nullify the UN S.A. treaty… i know , i know, at this point that means little to nothin….

        • durangokidd says:

          Obola might sign the Treaty prior to leaving office. It will not be law until it is ratified by the Senate.

          Some day, a NWO Gestapo/Socialist/Communist thug in the Oval Office with control of the Senate will submit the treaty for ratification, and it will become the Law of the Land.

          Death to the New World Order. 🙁

      • Kulafarmer says:

        Not ratified but was signed by Kerry stein wasnt it?

      • Braveheart says:

        Hammerhead, rumor has it that the african virus will sign an EO putting these treaties into effect. If/when it happens, it’s GAME ON. I’m not giving up shit.

    • durangokidd says:

      The New World Order is an amalgamation of competing interest groups, all of whom want their particular philosophy and organization to hold global power.

      What these groups have in common is their desire for global governance and their exploitation of the masses for both wealth and power as these terms are, in the main, interchangeable under Crony Capitalism.

      Death to the New World Order and the Traitors who populate these groups. Its totally Constitutional. 🙂

      • hammerhead says:

        “The New World Order is an amalgamation of competing interest groups, ”
        They ALL , require totalitarian rule .
        Socialism is but a stepping stone .
        And , brother, we are racing towards this goal .
        I am afraid that our constitution is just an inconvenience.
        We need more folks to realise that there is a coup in progress , it aint gonna be pretty.

        Wishin i was younger about now .

    • envythedead says:

      During the Cuban Missile Crisis all the military men and advisers wanted to launch a pre-emptive attack on Russia–John and Robert Kennedy were opposed to that. One general said that he estimated 40 million Americans would die but over 150 million Russians would die which made it a favorable outcome. The myth that the U.S. is some idealistic country is caca. It stems from the fact American troops in WWII were relatively benign occupiers of Europe compared to everyone else. The military guys never forgave the Kennedy brothers–both were dead within six years.

      • passinwiththewind says:

        Also, JFK was not in on the Industrialized Jooster War Machine like they/TPTB wanted. They wanted to proliferate the VietNam War, but Kennedy said it was futile and he was going to pull troops out and bring it to an end.

        The War Machine/banksters said, “Not NO, but, Hell No!”

        GHWB and his CIA cronies set the plan in motion and the fatal shot was fired from beyond the grassy knoll at the fence.
        The rest is history, friends.

      • Rellik says:

        They didn’t do it because most the American fatalities would have been Democrats. They didn’t want to lose all thier voters. Only a real idiot nukes flyover country because that is where most the American food is grown. Why do you think most SAC bases were located in middle America and not all in Alaska or Maine.

  9. Alphonse says:

    Hodges is a carnival barker for doomsday porn, nothing more.

  10. digs says:

    english only American Patriots storm commie cali congressman Gutierrez spanish speaking only town hall meeting.

    And made him cry…


    • Pissed Off Granny says:


      What happened to these two? What has happened to our nation?

      When I watched this I could think about was the insurance commercial running on TV with “flo” where in every scene they play, someone says “KILL HER”.

      That thought was all I have for these two. They are a waste of space……

    • durangokidd says:

      Engage your employees, or be marginalized by them 30 million ILLEGALS at a time.

      Death to the New World Order. Its totally Constitutional!!! 🙂

    • Rellik says:

      I would have been happier if they had done the “knock out” game on him and left him lying in the street having seizures. He is white, correct?

    • Braveheart says:

      Digs, thanks for that interesting video.

    • Richard Head says:

      Now yall know what the Native Americans felt and feel like. Karma’s a bitch. Nothing like having 30 to 50 million parasites to walk over and rape and destroy over 200 years of American tradition and culture….oh wait, I’m sorry there are only 10 million here, sorry I forgot. It’s amazing though, If there are only 10 million, every last one of them must shop at my local wal mart. All the more reason not to go to wal mart anymore. Either we are to become so castrated and pacified as to accept submission or a culture war may be inevitable. And I assure everyone, I am not talking about immigrants who have moved here to assimilate into our culture and the idea of America (is that so much to ask?) But these parasites that come over here and don’t give 2 craps about this country’s ideas even enough to learn the language. Those are very dangerous, and look at the rate of breeding in the illegal community, pair that with anchor babies and amnesty, and picture America in 20 years. We’re FUKT people….

  11. pavan says:

    The state sponsored snitch is already here. We also call them liberals. I’m sure you already suspect that some of your neighbors would turn you in. Make sure you only discuss innocuous things with them, like the weather. Start now.

  12. digs says:

    this is very scary…

    just how well do you know your kids baby sitter?

    18+ adult / parents only video, if you are under 18 ‘bugger off’ an go watch sesame street.


    • the java junkie says:

      digs,The firing squad is what comes to mind!!!

      • Pissed Off Granny says:

        Just pulled Huff Post’s article on this. Can’t stand Huff Post but the comments section is “priceless”.

      • digs says:

        killing them is to merciful for what they done.

        hurting them just justifies to them what they did to others.

        they should be locked away naked in solitaire confinement, no human contact, no media, no music, no books, no decent food, just water, bread, rice and a few beans , a bucket for a toilet , a blanket and nothing else but dark silence for the rest of their lives.

        that should give them plenty of time to realize what they did was evil an wrong.

    • PO'd Patriot says:

      This is just one of the types of degredation of morals I refered to the other day. If found guilty of their offences they should be strapped to a couple of oak trees, disemboweled and have dogs turned loose on them to clean up the mess while their still alive. Every TV station should be required to televise it. Fucking pervs…..

    • Dunjin says:

      Look, its ass bitch and his boyfriend!

  13. Someone else says:

    Off topic– Augason Farms has a huge sale going on. 40 lbs buckets of hard red and hard white wheat for $28. Great time to stock up!!!

  14. GrandpaSpeaks says:

    Because we cannot shake our apathy we find ourselves in a position of being overwhelmingly outmaneuvered. It would have been easier to police and enforce the Constitution in real time from the nibbling attacks over the past century and more. Warnings are a forecast of hindsight and seemingly like a Fresnel lens, only seen from behind and never ahead. The unheeded loss of knowledge is the worst thing. It was forecast. Our bad. We must make good in haste now. The sky darkens with our help and we must stop this march to war. It is imperative. Time has come again.

  15. White Fox says:

    Slowly but surely they’re turning up the heat on the frog and closing down an open society. Don’t do anything stupid. When the time comes is the time to disappear and not be found, ascertain the situation, coordinate and act accordingly.

    Some massive false flag could get everything started and when you see ‘the event’, whatever it is, you’ll know it’s time. And after a world war comes the reorganization of the global order into the new world order global governance everyone’s been looking for, to ensure something so terrible would never have to happen again. At least that’s what I expect to happen.

  16. Copperhead says:

    JADE HELM 15: Please keep in mind that Congress will start their Summer Recess on Aug.10- Sept.4 right in the middle of the DRILL(?). IMHO during that time frame something big will happen connected to the Drill. Finish your home defense’s and be on very high alert, folks it just could start then.

    • Night Breaker says:

      3/27/15 06:30 FRAGO WARNO
      Country about to explode , real name of exercise is PRESIDIO. Take necessary actions to preserve life and liberty .

      You have been warned

      Night breaker out

  17. slingshot says:

    It is for each State of this Union to decide.

    Each State has a Governor. He has a National Guard.
    In my State of Florida we have Sheriff’s in every County. If our Governor and Sheriff’s are Pro 2nd Amendment they could deputized the many as needed to also support the States Constitution. Show up at the Court house and be counted to repel invaders. Legalize hostilities.

    Florida has a bill in Tallahassee that will allow people to carry concealed weapons during evacuations without CCW permit for two days. Why not ALL THE TIME.

  18. Kevin G says:

    Their B.S isn’t going to go on much longer! However, they may go out (And Down) with some fireworks!

  19. Pissed Off Granny says:

    Wonder what is behind Mr. Michelle Obama shaving his head?

    The ability of that ‘nasty’ couple to come up with ways to degrade that office and America knows no bounds.

  20. Texas Todd says:

    I had to laugh when Dave Hughes included Mara Salvatrucha as a column to the crumbling of the country. A loose affiliated gang he expects to be coordinated and to do have “anti-tank weapons, automatic weapons and WMD’s courtesy of last year’s immigration crisis.” Good God man. Now, what’s he selling to help everyone out?????

  21. Satori says:

    Saudi Arabia has just started bombing “rebel” positions
    inside Yemen
    Saudi troops and tanks massed on border

    • Justice says:

      Satori, the world is being shaped into something new. Competing forces are fighting for bigger pieces of the NWO pie.

      It’s amazing that Europeans seems know exactly how this economic crises ends… WWIII!

    • PO'd Patriot says:

      Well when them sand fleas are not out bombing Americans, the French or some lavish hotel, you can always count on them having at each other. That’s the religion of Peace for ya.

  22. Ass hat says:

    Town hall meeting in Spanish but you can listen on a head set in English. That is so fucked up wow what the hell is that about. Sounds like the illegals some how are getting a advocate in congress. I hate illegals fucking undermining wages. That’s what gov wants that’s their view of equality making everyone poor. Someone make English the official language of America. I did a search on white priveledge wow man my head was spinning I didn’t know that white guy begging for change was so priveleged. Most of the info was study findings by women and minority groups. All of the negative things said about white men like myself. Fuck all of these sore losers it’s not my fault your down. Get off your pity partying ass and do something for yourselves. Quit blaming the white man. My wife was in line in a kmart my wife is blond blue eyed. A black woman was in Line behind her ok nothing racist about this right. Well a store cashier opened the next register and said to my wife I can help you over here. So she went there to checkout well the black lady did not like this and said why does she get to go first because she’s white. The cashier said she was next. This black lady brought up the race issue. My wife came home and told me about this I laughed. This black woman discriminated my wife because of her white aryan race. My wife is friendly toward anyone really I’m not. If I had been there I would have called this hater a racist. But you know It would have been turned around and I’d have been the hater just because of being white. I fucking hate these ignorant people. I’m proud of my white wife and children if they want to make me out to be a racist fine. I don’t care I’m white and proud. I’m teaching my kids that multiculturalism is wrong and that they should keep their blood line pure.

  23. Ass hat says:

    Hey someone else have you tried the morning moo from auguson farm is it any good I want to get some milk but not if it tastes like shit. People say it’s good if it’s chilled overnite.

  24. Kevin2 says:

    If the US collapses TPTB loose their bully boy the US Military. If they desire to cull the herd a plague of sorts that the chosen are inoculated from works wonders; its selective. Breaking things on a huge scale and killing cutting edge medical and technical people in the process is illogical.

    From a strategic perspective it makes no sense.

    • sixpack says:

      TPTB won’t need a U.S. military, if the UN goon squad expands much more. I think that’s the end game anyway, to destroy the American military and convert over to the UN “peacekeepers” for global domination. They just have to shore up the UN and tear down the U.S.

  25. Shinmen Takezo says:

    I have very high regard for SHTFplan… but when TPTB here start to post material from the black-helicopter jockey, nut-wads like Dave Hodges–they do great harm to the prepper/liberty movement. Actually Dave Hodges with his 1/4 truth, 3/4 exaggeration/malarkey/concoction articles does very great harm to the liberty movement.

    If you wonder what I am talking about, please click onto his homepage and read some of his past articles.

    Dave Hodges is an alarmist liar at best.

  26. Frank Thoughts says:

    Various beta tests have been run in the last decade around the world that give clues to the approach and methodologies of the state.

    1) Katrina: total state breakdown and mass evacuation: introduction of hostile occupying force and extra-judicial killing on US soil.
    2) London 2011 riots: police back-off and let the mob run wild for four days. Police test how much stress the civilian population can take and how long it takes until civilians start to take matters into their own hands. By the fifth day, adhoc groups of vigilantes were getting ready to make short work of the mostly black youths doing the rioting.
    3) 2007/2008 total economic collapse: a stopping start to the global economy and the US in particular tested how the civilian population would respond. It found Americans were very easy to control; same goes with the British, who sniveled and f#gotted their way through the crisis. Easily bought off with welfare and funding for home buying. Europeans less so, as riots broke out across the Continent.
    4)Endless wars and horrific abuse of foreigners. Most people seem cool with this as long as it does not turn up on the evening news or on You Tube. Most people more concerned with porn and swearing as the major issues of our time. Finding?: people are cool about violence and butchery as long as they do not see it and can be distracted with silly, marginal stuff. Bring out Kim’s ass!!
    5) Open borders and mass illegal migration: this has been spread across the Western world and has been successful in flooding areas with people from the third world, over-whelming public services and undermining welfare provision. Finding?: The upper middle classes have been oblivious to this trend and easily bought off and distracted.
    6) Ubiquitous electronic surveillance and control of the population through databases and profiling. This has worked better than expected, as most people have not shown any concern about this. Finding?: Go to next level of social engineering and remove from the population any and all resistance.

    Most people would find all this alarming if they reflected on what has happened in the past 10 years. Sadly, most people live for now and have no ability to look back or forward.

  27. Mr Smith says:

    If the US who owns and cotrols NATO keeps pushing for war with Russia then no one is going to fighting over land thst glows green in the dark.

    Sorry people but all you 401k are gone and the international bankers need you all dead before you turn up asking for the money.

    Germans too sat around doing nothing as Hitler took power and what the US has just now is much worse than anything the Germans had to endure so its time to be counted or face the same fate as 1940’s Germany.

  28. Michael says:

    It seems that some people here don’t take this seriously enough. I don’t think that you have to be a rocket scientist to connect the dots. You come here because you know this or something like is going to happen. It is not a question of if, but when. As our dictator in the white house acts more like a king, it seemsmore plausible. With the army maneuvers in state like Texas and Utah and others in a couple of months. Can anyone sit here and deny that they are training to conquer us, not some foreign land. We are going to have a civil war. PERIOD, end of discussion. What you need to decide, is what you are going to do. Me, I have studied war and history. To be effective, you will have to strike relentless fear in your enemy. Nothing short of being a old Turkish war lord. Heads and bodies on pikes on the side of roads, . Everything that we consider gruesome and immoral must be consider to strike the utmost fear. No prisoners, as you will not be able to feed them. You will think i am crazy, but sit and think before you question my reasoning. FEAR— is the answer to a war, not posturing, good deeds or such. The government will not think for a second when they come and get you, you will end up dead and your wife and children will be raped and sold off to a slave labor camp. Seems far fetched? Once a state of martial law is declared, you will either be (A) prepared or (B) helpless slave. Which one will you be?

  29. Donald Wilson says:

    Interesting article, only one small minor flaw innregsrds to Mr. Hodges assumption that only the US will be the only country destroyed when the nukes start flying. Served over 20 years USAF (1976 to 1997) served most of my career in SAC, Strategic Air Command. When the missiles start flying we can all pretty much kiss planet Earth and the human race good by. After the nukes have stopped flying there will be enough dirt, debris and radiation in the atmosphere the planet will enter what has been termed a “nuclear winter.” After about 12 or so months a large percentage of the plant and animal life will die off followed shortly by mankind. The luck ones will have died in the blast, the unlucky ones who escaped to the bunkers will envetually die off due to lack of water, food and disease. The land, water, plant and animal life will be unusable, leading to billions of deaths. Even many of the elitist scumbags will have died off. In the end there are no real winners in a nuclear confrontation everyone comes out a loser. The End….

  30. Patricia says:

    I am watching the fall of the greatest nation on earth. Would someone in Washington tell to wake up. The Press should retire. The last generation was the Great Generation. They fought for this? What a joke!
    We are being laughed at.
    People want to come here for the American dream. If people don’t like it here tell them to leave!