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    Swedish Police “Cannot Cope” With Huge Numbers of Rapes Since Migrants Arrived

    Paul Joseph Watson
    September 12th, 2017
    Comments (69)
    Read by 5,140 people

    This report was originally published by Paul Joseph Watson at


    A journalist investigating the rape of a 12-year-old girl in Sweden was told that police have not even interviewed the prime suspect two months later because authorities “cannot cope” with the sheer volume of cases since Sweden opened its borders to mass immigration two years ago.

    Back in July, the 12-year-old girl was dragged into a restroom by an older man in the center of Stenungsund before being beaten, raped and threatened with death.

    Knowing the identity of the culprit, the girl’s mother immediately reported him to police, but authorities have yet to even interrogate the suspect two months later despite knowing his name and address.

    According to journalist Joakim Lamotte, the girl is still being confronted and taunted by the rapist on the streets of Stenungsund.

    When Lamotte contacted authorities, he was told that the case hasn’t been acted on because police “cannot cope with the workload” of having so many rape cases to investigate.

    “Do you know how many rapes we have?” Lamotte was told by the police officer in a conversation he recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

    “No, I don’t. But I’ve talked to the mother and her daughter feels very bad because of this, and I know who this man is, I have his name, address, social security number and everything, and, I mean, you haven’t even interrogated him yet, isn’t that remarkable?” asked Lamotte.

    “Well, you might think so, but we have so many similar issues and so few people available we cannot cope with the workload,” responded the police officer.

    “That sounds unbelievable. A 12-year-old girl who is raped, it’s just a child,” said Lamotte.

    “We have 3-year-old children that get raped,” responded the police officer, sounding clearly exasperated.

    When asked if they were not able to prosecute rapists who molest 3-year-old children, the female officer responded, “Yes….these are the realities and it’s terribly regrettable. That’s all I can say about it.”

    Rapes have skyrocketed in Sweden over recent years. Authorities have claimed that this is due to the definition of rape being changed, but the spike occurred long after the change was made. Sex crimes in the country have doubled since 2012. The most recently available statistics showed that immigrants were 5.5 times more likely to carry out sexual assaults.

    Sex attacks as music festivals throughout Sweden are also soaring, with over 150 cases of assaults and 20 rapes being reported this summer.

    Earlier this year, Peter Springare, veteran police investigator and former deputy head of the division for serious crimes at the police in Örebro, made headlines after he wrote a Facebook post in which he detailed how the country was in “chaos” due to a never ending epidemic of serious crimes being committed by Muslim migrants.

    We previously highlighted Joakim Lamotte’s work back in February when he investigated the brutal gang rape of a Swedish woman who was racially abused by a group of men in Gothenburg who live streamed the assault to Facebook.

    When Lamotte attempted to get an update on the case from police in Gothenburg, he was told it was being treated as “aggravated rape” but that “no one even has begun working with the case yet”.

    According to a concerned mother who first brought the video to the attention of police in Gothenburg, she was shocked to see that they were disinterested and “sat and ate cheetos” while being seemingly more bothered by her for reporting the incident.

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    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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    Author: Paul Joseph Watson
    Views: Read by 5,140 people
    Date: September 12th, 2017

    Copyright Information: This content has been contributed to SHTFplan by a third-party or has been republished with permission from the author. Please contact the author directly for republishing information.


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    1. Rorinon says:

      It is long past time for some Viking descendants to remember their heritage and act accordingly, instead of submitting to the modern politically correct dogma that has corrupted their thinking.

      • gandhi says:

        good, those girls are hot. but the blond hair and blue eyes will just be replaced by brown bearded scum is all.

      • durangokidd says:


        • It already has dissapeared if you look at their true history and lineage. Apparently all the men have been completely neutered by PC and mind fucked by their gov just as is happening here in USA today for the last few decades. How many blacks , latinos or anybody of color get away with crimes here in USA because of their race or simply being of color ? For that matter even gays and lesbians get a double standard when it comes to sex crimes. Not much of any difference when you consider illegal aliens have killed or raped 10s of thousands of legal white citizens since the Reagan amnesty of 1987. We are no different maybe worse in some ways. It is all just covered up so most will not recognize it for what it is. Americans are very slow to grasp many realities.

      • CrackSummSkulls says:

        Instant castration if you are even a suspect. Watch Rape decrease 90%. Arm women with 000 Buck 12g Ball smasher shotguns and ammo.

        My 1st wife was All Swedish. Great people. These Muslims are savages. Kill them all.

    2. babycatcher says:

      Somebody’s gonna get tired of this crap and take matters into their own hands. To do nothing is not acceptable.

    3. SLEDMAN says:



        No different here in USA today to include rape and molestation’s. When was the last time you saw anybody take any action as many of you here are suggesting ? Most Americans are full of crap and talk all manner of junk and sit by and watch ! This is no different at all. See my comment above with the links if you want to actually do something about any of it ! Otherwise simply realize you are talking crap ! Truth is we should have marched on DC and every state capital with millions of people 6 or 7 years ago and demanded accountability.So in that sense we get exactly what we deserve for a lack of action.

        • buttcrackofdoom says:

          i got a late start riding my bike tonight, and was pedaling home in the dark…off to my left, out of the roadway, is a female walking in the dark with a smartphone held up 6 inches from her face….i REALLY wanted to turn around and tell her she better PAY ATTENTION to what’s around you, instead of that weapon of mass distraction in your hands….but i figgered it was more trouble than it was worth….and pedaled on…..and i started to wonder….how many babies have been brought into this world from rapes of girls glued to those “dumbphones”?

    4. Sgt. Dale says:

      If the Cops can’t handle it let the families of the rape victims handle. Short Rope Tall Tree!!!! Just that simple!!!!!!


      • John WV says:

        Hey Sgt.
        Short rope-tall tree its over to quick.
        I was thinking, Very Sharp Knife and Remove the problem.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

        Sarge, spot on. I have 9mm 124-gr. and 12-ga. 00 buckshot stockpiled for that and other issues.

      • “If the Cops can’t handle it let the families of the rape victims handle.”

        I have been proposing this theme for years now for any crime where their is a physical victim. The family should always be the ones to choose any punishment and carry it out according to the severity of the crime committed. As an example, the rape of a daughter or other family member should be 100% whatever the family decides should be done . The state should have no say at all. Even if the family says let the person go. Or if the family says we will take care of this ourselves and the person is turned over to them to do as they wish. This would actually be justice and guess what ? It would all stop in very short order.

        It should be obvious the various governments are the problem of nearly every matter and event we see before us ! Here in USA today we are coerced to think we are not allowed to defend ourselves or our families. But the laws say something very different. Where I live in Oregon, one of the worse states in the union, it is completely legal to perform a citizens arrest on anybody committing any crime and legal to use deadly force in many crimes to stop the perpetrator. Of course TPTB do not want people to know these laws are on the books, but they are. And every state is a bit different. Some are very vague and some are crystal clear that give specific rights and actions that can be taken by any legal citizen ! So I would urge everyone to know their state laws because it is very likely most will be confronted with such a scenario one day.

        As always the problem is the people and most will do nothing no matter what, except talk shit on the net! To do this a person does need to be very fit, strong and well trained out and capable, that should be obvious and we know about 80% of the populace are not any of that from the get go ! And yes I have already done this more than once successfully and got paid as well one time by an insurance company. Another time I got a lifetime get out of jail free card from a local police chief for apprehending and holding/detaining/restraining an illegal alien during a crime until police arrived and removed the perp to the jail.

        The Oregon laws are on the links on this page

    5. Anonymous says:

      sorry but logic says whatever group is doing this, then BAN THEM coming in (arabic speaking people) & deport all suspected * convicted criminals if foreign. problem solved.
      No appeals just say if commit crime then OUT YOU GO BY FORCE if needed

    6. tazweiss says:

      When the police and authorities cannot or will not do their job, it falls to the citizens to do the job for them.

    7. TPSnodgrass says:

      The Swedish people have been culturally conditioned after years of being “neutral” and “socially enlightened”, to have morphed into a nation of little “kittens “.
      There is no way, this country will EVER take matters into their own hands, when it comes to the rape, sodomy and molestation of their own children. They are far too enlightened for their own good.
      Sharia unfortunately, is here to stay in Sweden as their males are now gelded because of their “cultural sensitivities”.
      It is disgusting that Sweden puts more value on the “feelings” of thier Muslim trash, than thier innocents. The Swedish children will continue to be emotionally raped by their own government for decades to come.

      • DeplorableBitterClinger says:

        Native Swedish men are an endangered species. When Swedish females are impregnated, the ones who don’t abort will end up, by and large, raising the offspring muslime. The women will be completely helpless. Swedish men will be killed outright.

        Sweden has already crossed the rubicon.

    8. When you import millions of young third world men, you’re gonna have a rape crisis. We’re doomed!

      • CrackSummSkulls says:

        This is all about the 3ews Nation destroying because they are jealous of the white Euro Superior Race.

        Import into Israhell all these millions of savages as poetic justice. Here Commiees Now Integrate.

    9. Jack Crabb says:

      I guess Swedish society is now ball-less.

      How fucking enlightened. /sarc

    10. There is a time for peace and a time for war.

      Obviously the police have neither the ability nor the inclination to deal with this matter.

      Rape is so personal. Tell no one. Kill the bastard.


      • Michigan Wolverine says:

        If my Wife , Daughter, or Mother came to me with the report of such an act upon them
        On purpose , I would not be calling the police..because I’d be telling on my self as to what would occur soon afterwards

      • Agree. But once the perp is in custody it is too late until they are released and then you would be a suspect most likely. Remember a shotgun leaves not traces, just a body and any shell works up close you do not need buck as many seem to think. I am not advocating killing anybody for no reason, I am advocating actual justice. Most Americans cannot wrap their head around the simple fact that some people deserve to die for their actions to others. As well many in prison are there wrongly or unfairly while the real criminals in DC and many state capitals walk freely and commit many more crimes daily with protection !

        One would think American’s would wake the fuck up one day and get their shit together and demand accountability from the few that rule us lawlessly with double standards ? Until we see some prosecutions of the known criminals within our own government, we have no legitimate government, just cronies and criminals. That is what the deep state apparatus is all about, a giant control mechanism to control YOU and force you to pay for it as well !

        So the only valid question now is when will you say no more, fuck you !

    11. Jim in Va. says:

      Put the fear of God in these people. Kill a few for these crimes and they will cease. If not kill them till they do. You know that wouldn’t happen here. They would disappear.

    12. Jim in Va. says:

      time to change the local and national government in Sweden. GROW A PAIR!

    13. X7734-0845 says:

      What about in the U.S. of A?

      Sanctuary cities comes to mind (thanks, O butt-hole)

    14. Wait, I thought Islam was the religion of “peace”. I guess raping someone is considered a peaceful and acceptable practice…. Shame. I know what I would do to someone who raped my daughter or wife; ventilation

    15. Wake-up-people says:

      How can these various Governments is Europe really believe you can take these savage ape monkeys from third world gutters and then allow them to roam the streets of decent civil society? WTF is going on? Your Gov’t is failing you and doing it miserably. Stand up folks, you are your only line on true defense. Guess you all wish you had never turned in all of your weapons and guns, etc…good Lord people.

    16. Brian says:

      Under Sharia law, a woman’s testimony only counts half of a man’s testimony (at least in some countries. His word against hers means he is found not-guilty unless there is other evidence. Practically an invitation to commit rape. In some third-world countries(muslim and non-muslim) a raped woman can find herself being prosecuted for being “promiscuous”.

    17. Mrs. Smith says:

      When the government stops representing the people, is it really a government deserving of the peoples obedience? NO> It is not.

    18. Where are the men in these peoples lives.? If my sister, aunt, cousin, mother, was raped by a savage, he would be beaten to 1 inch short of death, unable to eat or drink or walk without help for the rest of his worthless life. And guess what? Its only aggravated assault if you don’t kill him. Problem is, the system is so perverted that you would likely be charged with a hate crime because he was a moooooslim. And that doubles the sentence. The real problem is that there are very few real men left in these countries. They have all been mentally castrated by political correctness and years of liberal social engineering; most are metro-sexual morons or fags. And so I do not feel sorry for them. The barbarians will take over their countries, just has happened thruout history.!!!!!!

    19. helmuth faulkner says:

      Migrants arrive and giggle thinking to themselves festival. It is an organized planned event to break the pride of the white race. It is natural instinct to protect ones family but it they can break that to where white people accept rape as normal then they have mental dominance over white people. the police all over Europe have been neutered and are worthless as protection for white people. That is just the way it is. In the US I have had access to top secret police only files and it is policy to lie to the media about real crime figures to keep the public happy and passive. Passive is the key word. They are scared to death that if the public knew the real crime figures on such things as rape and murder of women and kids that the public would react violently. Beating down the white race and keeping them passive is the official policy mean while back on the real streets of America the crime goes on and on for decades. I sincerely wish I had copied the files to prove this

    20. Anonymous says:

      Just let their women carry concealed guns and knives.

      That would probably be a much greater deterrent to Islamorapists than their police and legal system will ever be.

    21. Sam W. says:

      Maybe it is time for early release of prisoners tell them while they have been in prison the Muslims have invaded and are raping their families. See how long the Muslims last!

    22. southside says:

      Here’s a newsflash for you folks. IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED HERE. In Idaho. A girl raped by two ragheads,no allowed in court when the rapists FINALLY were brought in
      Guess what? They are both free as I text,on probation! So I ask, WHERE ARE THE MEN HERE? You all talk big,and thats about it.

    23. Funkengrooven says:

      Sweden has some very strict gun laws. Too bad. They’ll just have to use a mace and a poleaxe and deal with the Muslims that way. Where is the little girl’s daddy? I might break into the bastard’s house and set him on fire if it was my daughter or granddaughter.

    24. Two words: Vilgilante justice. It’s very simple, folks.

    25. rednek101 says:

      “According to journalist Joakim Lamotte, the girl is still being confronted and taunted by the rapist on the streets of Stenungsund.”
      So not only is this person a pedophile, which solely based on that should be put 6′ under, this creature also harasses his victim? Louiville Slugger, lead pipe, BIG shotgun…I could go on and on. These are the answer to the problems. If the government cannot or will not take care of or protect the citizens it loses its legitimacy. By not taking care of the citizens, YOYO (your on your own) becomes the new rule of law. Not a place pedophiles would want to be I would think.

    26. Not So Free says:

      Just what we need; more savages being let in to the country.
      At least here we can protect ourselves, unlike those in Sweden and the rest of the EU.

    27. I am sorry to say this but it is true …You reap what you sow and Sweden believes that they owe the 3rd World people everything because they have a blessed quality of life.

      Well, now you don’t and it’s your own damn fault so do something about it or suffer the consequences.

    28. Traitor Hator says:

      Remember Barbera Lerner Specter told us who is responsible for this. They are the ones who should be deported first.?

    29. Asshat says:

      12 yr old girl is more than rape its statutory rape. What has happened to people this shit is unacceptable. If one of these Muslim savages did this to my daughter they would be entombed in a cement block alive and dumped in the sea to settle in the deepest abyss. I know there would be not justice unless I got it myself. The court would let this monster out to do this to other girls. When the child raping pedofiles start vanishing and no one knows where they go justice is served.

    30. Traitor Hator says:

      I wonder if the average Muslim realizes The average American soldier joins the military for a paycheck? The average American male is a hole different animal? And can’t wait for some payback.? The Swedish police are overwhelmed with rape cases? The American police will be overwhelmed with shooting cases? And unable to respond? Or investigate?

    31. Old Guy says:

      I don’t like the
      way that the UN with the help of the USA military and CIA destabilizes countries and creates refugees. Then the UN demands member countries accept those refugees. And instead of importing a cross section of folks. They send breeding age males. And those males think with their dicks. They crave pussy. And no muslin women are available. So they take pussy from the females that are available. Its done on purpose. Its a underhanded covert war on the white race. Its a sick plan orchestrated by the NWO Agenda 21 jxx’s. That is why I pray that NIBIRU is real. I would consider NIBIRU Divine Intervention. It would effect every person & goverment on the planet equally. Only the fittest would survive. It would for a time be a stone age existence.

    32. Reader1 says:

      Gentlemen, Gentlemen, NO, No, no. You’re taking the absolutely wrong tack on this crisis. Sweden is lost. They collectively voted for this. What you and I need to do is open our nation and, more importantly, our homes to those poor, oppressed, victimized Swedish 20-something women as refuges from rapefugees. And when you welcome your own Swedish coed into your home, know that you’re doing your part for humanity. I’m so generous, I’ll take two, maybe three….

    33. Old Guy says:

      My great Grandfather came from Sweden in the 1800’s. To work on the transcontinental railroad. He never wanted to go back to Sweden. He thought the Dakotas where gods country. I certainly don’t want or need any more women . Ive been bitched and railed at enough already. a wife is a critter I only want to own one of. And My wife aint near as bad as most females ive seen.

    34. jakethepup says:

      WELL THEN,BY ALL MEANS, Lets bring them all over here… Open those borders and let them come and go as they please.

    35. Scull says:

      No mention of the races or religions of the perp or of the victim, but I’d be willing to bet the perp is foreign muslim and the victim a little white girl. I’d like to see these filthy muslims try these acts in my pat of the world!

    36. 41MagMan says:

      “Swedish Police “Cannot Cope” With Huge Numbers of Rapes Since Migrants Arrived”

      Won’t be a problem once the ladies are all fitted with the new razor blade containing diaphragm. (insert evil grin here)


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