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Six Teens Stabbed During ‘Night Of Violence’ In Gun-Free London: Mayor Demands More Knife Control

Mac Slavo
April 9th, 2018
Comments (54)

London’s violence continues to soar out of control after six teenagers were stabbed in 90 minutes during what’s being dubbed the “night of violence” in Great Britain’s gun-free capital. As the United Kingdom continues to punish self-defense, the criminals are free to wreak havoc on the city.

Most mainstream media outlets continue to fail to mention that much of United Kingdom is disarmed, and there have been some pretty stringent “knife-control” measures enacted as well to attempt to stop the surge in stabbings.  But none of their laws are helping, as criminals have figured out they are the only ones armed and those who even make an effort to defend their own lives or property will be prosecuted.

These six stabbing incidents come mere days after London’s murder rate surpassed New York City’s for the first time. At least 55 people have been killed in London in 2018, with over 30 of them dying in stabbing attacks. And with murder still banned, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, insists on more knife control.

“There is never a reason to carry a knife,” said Khan. Except for self-defense, a basic human right, since the law disarmed those who obey it.

A 78-year-old homeowner in London has been arrested for “murdering” an armed burglar who attempted to steal from the older man.  The burglar was stabbed in the homeowner’s kitchen as a second thief fled, and later died at the hospital.

As violence surges across the pond in London, homeowners have had to take the defense of their lives and property into their own hands – but the UK government is punishing them for it. According to The Daily Mail, a 78-year-old homeowner has been arrested by murder detectives after clashing with a suspected burglar who later died from a stab wound.

Someone should tell those in the governments violating basic fundamental human rights that self-defense is one of those basic human rights. -SHTFPlan

Cressida Dick, the commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police Service, vowed to use “Al Capone” tactics to try and halt the violence, which isn’t a surprise coming from any government since they want the monopoly on violence.  But the Mayor continues to focus on punishing those who try to defend themselves while making it harder for them to legally do so.

The mayor plans to “boost police power” and give “knife wands” to schools to “keep kids safe.” Knife wands are nothing more than hand-held metal-detecting wands.  While they may stop a knife from getting in the school, they are useless for anyone to use in a self-defense situation.  The only idea government can ever come up with, is more government.  London is quickly on its way to becoming East Berlin of the early 1940s.

In the last 2000 years of civilization, governments have yet to figure out what the rest of us already know: making it harder for the good people to defend themselves during a massacre (of any kind) won’t stop the evil from committing horrific acts of violence against the innocent.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: April 9th, 2018
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. PLANET X says:


  2. I say, governor, give them a good bash! Cricket bat control. Umbrella control. Golf club control. Skillet control. Automobile control. Why stop with knife control, old chap!

    • Aurelius says:

      Brian, with the frightful rise of rapes in Europe, we must add to your list, PENIS CONTROL!! Of course, the overwhelming majority of men are innocent of this heinous crime but the potential is there so…,whip them out, whack them off and turn them in to your governments. It just seems so right!!!

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        It is a bunch of black African savage apes running around stabbing, attacking, beating, forcing rape, etc – ALL scum. HANG them ALL!!! I am so sick of it all. Just past time to man up and stop being so soft and liberal and WEAK.

  3. watching and waiting says:

    See how this escalates. If weapons were confiscated in this country, it would then go from gun control issues to knife control issues, then fork issues, then ice pick issues and so on.

    Classic example of not again facing the real problem which is the evil heart/intentions of the person.

    And political correctness.

    All these European Countries whose crime rate, especially against women has tripled, are getting their due to Political Correctness.

    These people are stupid.

    Our country is under a dual attack on both the freedom of speech and the right to bear arms.

    What is happening in Europe is part of what the founding fathers wanted to avoid in this country.

    Not only are the citizens at the mercy of The Government, they are also at the mercy of the criminal in not being able to defend themselves.

    just my opinion

  4. Anonymous says:

    So they want to get rid of knives. How about getting rid of the stabbers?

    • Heartless says:

      Easy to answer that one – the Mayor of London is a goat-rump stabber Muzzie. And this entire ‘no knife’ legislating/policing will not deter one single one of his camel-humping family. Nor will they prosecute or incarcerate any either. If England is to have any chance, they need to put this Sadiq Khan’s head on a pike outside St. Paul’s. And don’t use a knife to cut it off, just rip the worthless unused cranium from his neck.

    • Colorado Knightowl says:

      Common sense is NOT common…I believe that in the UK and most of Europe that it is very rare indeed.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Anon: Oh no, we could not do that to the poor, underprivileged chaps. HANG every last 1 of the scum!!!!

  5. NEC_Wrangler says:

    they know, its just counter to what they want.

  6. anonymous5 says:

    Never take a “knife wand” to a knife fight.

    Seriously…….how stupid are the Brits?

    The utter lack of logic in their approach to crime is simply stunning.

    I’m reminded of the quote, “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.”

    The PTB in Britain are clearly insane……..and we’ve got a bunch just like them over here.

  7. So they want to get rid of knives. How about getting rid of the stabbers?

  8. redyellowblackdog says:

    “Governments have yet to figure out what the rest of us already know: making it harder for the good people to defend themselves during a massacre (of any kind) won’t stop the evil from committing horrific acts of violence.”

    Even worse, governments have yet to figure out their efforts at making it harder for people to defend themselves increases the violence as criminals realize there is no immediate consequence for their violence. However, we must not rule out the possibility that the mayor of London knows full well what his efforts will wrought.

  9. The mayor of London is not stupid. He knows very well that he is a mortal enemy of the United Kingdom. His actions prove this.

  10. Kevin2 says:

    They can’t control knives in prison. Prison has a high percentage of criminals. Criminals break the law. This is not difficult logic to follow.

  11. cranerigger says:

    This is the result of years of governance by libtards with little-or-no respect for individual rights. The Mayor is a fool; soon you will have no knives, cars, components of bombs, ropes, pencils, or anything else that could hurt someone. But how to get rid of high places. Mac Slavo got it right, no government should punish self defense.

  12. Roger D says:

    Brits gave up their guns. Sorry, but I’m out of empathy for those who allow themselves to be disarmed.

    • Zona Ware says:

      Roger D

      Not all of us did, I’ve said it before but I’ll reiterate. The gun control laws in the UK started decades before I was born and finished before I was an adult. But most people in the UK are brainwashed to be anti-gun, so THEY would probability do it again. I despair of my fellow Brits.

  13. jakartaman says:

    A bloody brillant I dea to control knifes.
    Only plastic tableware will be allowed in London.


  14. jakartaman says:

    A bloody brillant I dea to control knifes.
    Only plastic tableware will be allowed in London.


    • skittle shittin unicorn says:


      sorry wrong O mate the brits went full on crazy in 2015

      2 or 3 years ago London placed a ban on ALL plastic knives including those sold in picnic sets

      in 2015 london

      the artical even has a cute little pic of a sign that says NO I D NO Purchase

      The British police have recently joined forces with liberal grassroots activists in the UK, launching the “Save a Life–Surrender Your Knife” program. Knife crime has been climbing recently in major UK cities like London.

      The program involved several weeks of “amnesty” for “pointed knives.” Civilians can turn in these apparently dangerous weapons at their local police station in exchange for “amnesty,” apparently, even though knives (rounded or pointed) aren’t illegal in the United Kingdom.

      There is, however, a ban on people under 18 buying knives – going so far on the absurdity scale as to ban underage purchases of plastic knives! No joke. One woman in her 20s was even barred from buying spoons without proper ID: (see pic above)

      Since knives are used for food preparation and many other basic and essential activities, and virtually any crude material can be transformed into a knife, even police admit the “amnesty” for turning in knives will do nothing to stop knife crimes (but it will do a great deal for instilling a mentality of helplessness while heaping on more and more rules).

      Because the problem with knife crime, however, is that it’s pretty much impossible to stop just by banning knives itself. Virtually every person in the United Kingdom owns a knife–and, as long as food needs cutting, that’s not going to change.

      […] the problem is that “many assaults are committed impulsively, prompted by alcohol and drugs, and a kitchen knife often makes an all too available weapon.”

      Despite the attempt to paint knife crimes as an impulsive issue of short tempers and petty disputes, carjackings, robberies and premeditated murders are frequently committed with knives in the UK… and the system is trying to make sure victims remain defenseless.

      what the stupid brits have never figured out is when you take 80% of your population and you cram them into hell hole apts mix in a culture of drinking like fish and fighting and also a high criminal element and you get the picture

      one London bobby that lives not far from me here in the states has told me that most of the bad criminal element fancy’s them self’s some bowery st bad ass
      ( or what ever shit hole st you want )

      most are minor petty actors but they know how to fight and fri and sat night they kick the crap out of the little women or what ever chippie they are with.

      KHAN was elected by a huge margin i think by the mooselimb groups this idiot thinks the Knife ban makes perfect sense since it disarms all the poor white Brits and gives the Pakistan and other sand idiots all the power. ( khan is a paki by birth )

      and being a typical labour party idiot

      he is a clone of the idiot liberals from the U S and has been a fan of all the worthless causes for immigrants

  15. I wonder how well those “knife wands” work at detecting ceramic knives? https://amzn.to/2IEKcgU

  16. ILikesPeanutButter says:

    Completely predictable. I called this years ago. Soon, there will be no reason to carry a club or cane. If one is unable to walk without assistance, they will be required to use a wheel chair.

  17. Moses Strongbear says:

    Same old story for hundreds of years and many countries, Gun control. sword control knife control what ever. its all tyranny and oppression so those in power stay in power. Old japan created sword control saying they would be beaten into plows for the land. They were not the Samurai class kept the swords, Old China the nobles feared the peasants so they had knife control saying the peasants could eat with sticks. Germany has knife control or did who knows now. If they take guns here next will be knives and controls on kitchen knife lengths. No more craving the turkey you can hack at it with a fork. Then it will be club control or cane control. bicycle chains with a lock, screw drivers and hammers etc etc erc without end.

  18. Jim on Jerz says:

    It seems the war has started…and only one side is fighting

  19. Americans are truly dumb says:

    Why do stupid Americans get their panties all twisted up in the crack of their ass regarding events happening 3, 4 thousand plus miles away?

    All these scare stories are merely to distract you from the reality that America is bust and you old people, who have an instant expert opinion on everything, contributed to the decline of a once great nation. You greedily took everything and put nothing back.

    FFS..two out of America’s last three presidents were draft dodgers! They’re your age for crying out loud.
    The same guys who willingly sent your children/grandchildren into harms way made sure they were safe when the guns were firing!

    Stop picking fights with weaker nations. It just reinforces America’s status as the world’s premier bully.

    Stop thinking that you can rule by sheer might and, let’s face it, terror (it doesn’t work for long).

    Stop thinking that you’re the best and everywhere else is a dung heap (that’s no way to treat your neighbors, one day, that neighbor could help you out).

    When a nation wages continual war against the rest of mankind it’s really on the skids. Bye, bye Mister American Pie. From an historical viewpoint watching the death throes of a noble concept is rather sad.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      dumb-dumb: Do the world a huge favor and catch AIDs and rectal cancer and enjoy your life you waste you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Concerned(?) Citizen – thank you! Your comment truly justifies my handle. Yours is a typical dumb response from a retard, a conditioned reflex from one who follows his masters voice without thinking…”I was only following orders” would be your standard defense as they lead you to the gallows.

        Try critical thinking….I know it must be difficult with you demonstrating your low IQ (which would appear to be in the mid 70’s) but at least it would show that your brain is receiving enough oxygen to function almost like a human, instead of the underdeloped primate that you come across as.

        You’re no more a citizen (let alone one who is concerned) than a big mac is! A mindless protoplasmic lump of idiocy.

    • Fritz says:

      Americans are truly dumb: Does your name mean that you’re not an American; in which case, why do you care about events happening here on this little old website 3,4 thousand plus miles away. If you are an American, then are you also truly dumb or are you the only smart one in the land who is here to enlighten us pathetic, ignorant souls that you perceive us to be?
      You took a nice, free swing at old people from the safety behind your keyboard. It’s not very egalitarian of you to make broad-sweeping generalizations about an entire class of people. Personally, I’m offended. I’m old but I know in my heart that I put a lot back and I will continue to do so in some fashion as long as I’m able. Have I made mistakes? You betcha buckaroo and so does everyone else and so will you. You know though, way back in the middle of the last century when I was young, we also felt that the previous generation had ruined the world. Oddly enough, that generation felt the same about their predecessors, and so on and so forth all the way back to when Christ was a corporal. It’s the way of the world to want to make it a better place. It should be that way if you ask me. My time is getting short. You speak young. It will be your turn soon. So, I ask you, what will you do to make the world a better place? What do you bring to the table besides negativity, fatalism and harshness? What will you do to save the noble concept?
      I think if you hang out around here for awhile and sift through the lively rhetoric that you will find a lot of folks generally share the non-interventionist foreign policy ideas that you wrote about. You can find common ground on something with almost anyone. This is a prepping website. I’ve learned a lot just by hanging around and listening. We are surrounded by conflict in this world. Someday the dust is going to settle. When it does there will be a lot of survivors of all stripes and persuasions standing around wondering what caused it all in the first place. That’s the way that confrontation and hostility always end. Then, in my opinion, the greatest asset to have won’t be guns, gold and food (though all good things to have). It will be the ability to communicate and cooperate with others who are willing to do so with you.

      • Zona Ware says:


        I have reason to believe that Americans are truly dumb IS an American troll, first s/he did’n get the UK/USA spelling differance the other day, now s/he uses ass instead of arse.

        • Zona Ware says:

          sorry difference, it’s been a long day.

          • Fritz says:

            A long day perhaps but hopefully a very bright one.

          • Americans are truly dumb says:

            Well there you go! Zola Budd doing a little bit of (misguided) defective work and coming to an entirely wrong conclusion.

            Nope, I’m not American (thank goodness for that). And I’m not from the UK (although my wife is). My spelling was of of the Merriam Webster variety because I know how easily it is for Americans to get confused by simple things, another reason for my handle.

            What does get up my nose is the American penchant to denigrate other countries yet they cry like babies when they are justifiably retaliated against. I only make comments when dumb Americans attack other countries they know nothing about.

            Personally I couldn’t give a rat’s arse/ass (take your pick, I’m multilingual) about America. Just leave me and mine alone and I’ll reciprocate.

            You can’t throw faeces into the wind without expecting some of the same stuff to land in your face. Criticise by all means, but mindless, stupid criticism just shows a lack of wit and intelligence.

            So Zola, are you going to show the world more of your deduction skills?

      • Americans are truly dumb says:

        Fritz – this is an open forum on the world wide web. That means anyone, anywhere can make a comment. If it was called “only white Americans can post here”, complete with password for access, then, I’d comply.

        The more comments made here the more potential advertising revenue generated for Mr Slavo.

        You ask what have I done? I’m not proud or bragging but I trained as a trauma medic. After qualifying I served for three years in several “shit hole” countries, as your president so inelegantly put it. It’s something I wanted to do from boyhood. So I come here for light relief.

        You’re quite right. This is a preppers site. Unfortunately, it’s now turning into a pale copy of the National Inquirer/The Stormer with raw naked hatred of anyone who does not comply with whichever of the current isms currently are fashionable. When there’s room for only one mindset in any society, that society is in trouble.

        Just a thought…there are only three countries in the world without a central bank, and yes, America wants war with all three. Yet here we are, ordinary people picking needless and meaningless fights with one another about nothing. Rather like children squabbling in the playground!

        The big guys know how to control us! And NO I’m not American!

  20. Anonymous says:

    The Brits are a dangerously rough lot, they can’s be trusted with sharp pointy things.

  21. Dave says:

    They need a “march for their lives”! They simply can not continue to allow the average citizen in the UK to have knives. Only government and police should be allowed to have knives.

    And they need to boycott the UK-NKA (United Kingdom – National Knife Association). They are the real problem. The UK-NKA has blood on their hands!

    And! No knives longer than 2 inches! I mean seriously, who needs a knife longer than 2 inches. Ban all knives longer than two inches, and all scary looking black knives that are only useful on the battlefield!

    • Dave says:

      This is the sillyness of the anti-gun crowd taken to the anti-knife crowd.

      Unarmed people are very easy to control, just ask hitler, stalin, mao, pol pot, lil kim, chavez, castro, etc, etc.

  22. Concerned Citizen says:

    If all of these anti-gunning fools keep up with all of this garbage, this is exactly what will take place within the U.S. This crazy, insane, anti-gun bunch are the truly dangerous ones, that are seriously damaged in their brains. The Constitution is the law of the land and the 2nd Amendment is extremely vital and important to our safety and our damn liberty. Wake up folks – do NOT sit around and do nothing!!

  23. Elkhound says:

    Banning firearms and knives is only making a criminal’s job that much easier and safer,simply because the criminal is being met by virtually Zero resistance from the Unarmed public..

  24. Recycle. It’s good for the environment.


  25. Anonymous says:

    Criminals wreak havoc. Like Jimmy Savile did for decades. Savile was a prolific child abusing freak with lots of connections and got away with it.

  26. Mutt says:

    Cressida Dick, the commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police Service, vowed to use “Al Capone” tactics to try and halt the violence, which isn’t a surprise coming from any government since they want the monopoly on violence

    A queer, woman, running the police department. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!! Self government is the only true goverment. We don’t need no stinkin’ cops. Didn’t have them before 1838 and sure don’t need them now…………..

  27. Mutt says:

    Cressida Dick, the commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police Service, vowed to use “Al Capone” tactics to try and halt the violence, which isn’t a surprise coming from any government since they want the monopoly on violence

    A f a g, woman, running the police department. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!! Self government is the only true goverment. We don’t need no stinkin’ cops. Didn’t have them before 1838 and sure don’t need them now…………..