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Sincere Hurricane Harvey Volunteers Stopped From Helping Victims By Police

Mac Slavo
September 5th, 2017
Comments (60)


Two Illinois men were stopped from handing out supplies to victims of Hurricane Harvey’s wrath. While in massive buggies, law enforcement officials in Vidor, Texas told Jared Kirkendoll and Scott Green, who had driven 16 hours to Texas to help those devastated by Harvey’s destruction, that those affected had enough help already.

Taking the decision of whether or not they needed help away from the victims of the hurricane, the police stopped the buggy driven by Kirkendoll and Green and demanded that the men cease helping. The cop can be heard telling them to leave.

When the officer asks Kirkendoll to get down off the buggy, the reasoning is because “I said so.” According to the Daily Mail, the two men were handing out water and supplies and taking victims to higher and dryer ground when they were stopped by police.

A video posted on Facebook and YouTube shows a two-minute exchange between Kirkendoll and the officer when they were ordered to leave.

Kirdendoll can be heard telling the cop that he doesn’t need to be “so grouchy.”

The buggy Kirkendoll was driving when the police stopped him.

The buggy Kirkendoll was driving when the police stopped him.

The two men spoke for less than a minute before shaking hands. As Kirkendoll climbed back onto the buggy, he said, “Next time don’t yell, we’re just trying to help. We’re out a s**t load of money.” The officer said, “My house is flooded too, but I’ve got to be out here helping people. We appreciate that you’re here, but we’ve got enough.”

The video has gone viral on Facebook and has been viewed four and a half million times. The Vidor Police Department said on Facebook that it was not one of their officers and that they are thankful to the volunteers.

The Daily Mail also reported that James Hartwell posted the video of the encounter on Facebook and captioned it: “So this just happened. Jared Kirkendoll and Scott Green was just told that they have to leave vidor because they are not needed here.. but yet they are doing more than any off the law enforcement is doing here. This is the biggest crock of b******t ive ever heard. F***** power trip. Helping people and get treated like that. Oh and as you can see he was a total a*****e.”

As tensions run high in areas devastated by the hurricane, it doesn’t seem to be up to those affected by the damages and flooding, but it is left up to the police to decide when they “have enough help.” Surely victims could use all the help that is offered.

Kirkendoll and Green spent four days in Texas bringing aid to victims of the Harvey flooding using their massive buggies before they were told to stop.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: September 5th, 2017
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Waya says:

    That is madness if he got that equipment then why not?? I can see people going down there with no type of equipment test tell them to go home. But if people got the equipment and can help damn it let them help. This is madness.

  2. Yohan Smythe III says:

    Stupidity at it’s finest. We’ve seen this before, where they also throw away donated food. So with the Katrina crap and this, I’d have to think of what to do ahead of time (as you always should do) on what you would do if this happens.

    So at this point, I’d have to pull out the AR15s and do my 3 S’s.

    • speaking of guns and hurricanes… did you see the sh!t being pulled down in the US Virgin Islands ahead of Irene..? Gun and ammo confiscation! In a US territory!
      This is utter BS!
      h t t p ://dailycaller.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/NATL-GUARD.pdf

      remove the spaces.

      • Plan twice, prep once says:

        Another link on the Virgin Islands: http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2015/09/johannes-paulsen/draft-review-trouble-virgin-islands/

        This article talks about the violent open gang warfare in the Virgin Islands. The local Nazi government thinks confiscating legal gun will remove the illegal weapons.

        I was in the Virgin Islands and watched how the local imported Muslim population was running a protection operation on the local tour ship business in plain sight of the Islands main police station. These Muslim men of fighting age are there in numbers, they are organized and likely armed. Mess with them and your house burns down with your family in it.

        Disarming citizens is as good as surrendering the islands to the ongoing insurgency. This is a CIA op. Of course the globalist governor, will confiscate the Islands legal guns, thanks to a 100% registration program they know where all the legal guns are. The bad guys have full military weapons, they aren’t and never were by any stretch legal weapons.

  3. watching and waiting says:

    That officer, should have directed these men to the emergency operations center where they could be deployed best if they have everything they need.

    Looking at the equipment they brought, somebody needs that type of assistance probably right now.

    During the flood in Louisiana, one ministries was prohibited from giving out food because the red cross wasn’t involved or marked with the red Cross, something like that. Heard that on TV from the ministry involved. They went to the site.

    Shoot, tell the people to come to the church.

    • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

      I wouldn’t even follow whatever the stupid cop says. The federal and state supreme courts have said repeatedly that law enforcement have no obligations to protect and/or help any members of the general public whatsoever. So as far as I’m concerned the public has no obligations to law enforcement. Cops don’t care about the public anyway, even when things are ‘normal’. The red cross can go f#$% themselves. Not one penny of their donations reaches any
      one who needs them and they can never account for the donations.

      • DeplorableBitterClinger says:

        I would have pretended to not hear, and just keep going.

      • COMMUTATUS says:

        You are so right!! Our Christian morals and doctrines keep the believers “in line”. Cops are for the pagans and savages and too many cops have LMS (Little Man Syndrome). Having a gun, badge and authority is more than the character of many of these bullies can withstand. I don’t believe that most of the U.S. would go to He77 without them. There are millions of good Christian hearted people who will do what is right and screw the “legalities”. The reason that we are not organized like ANTIFA and other Marxist slime is that we have jobs/careers and families and commitments so we don’t have all the leisure time to pursue ideology in the street. But make no mistake, we better make time. Cause the BEAST is out there and he hungry.

  4. Warchild Dammit! says:

    Seems with hurricane Irma things could get real fun in Fl.That said,another hurricane Jose is behind Irma,perhaps double the fun?!

    Look,get we can do nothing about Irma,but Jose,come on,sounds like a freaking illegal to me!

  5. Kevin2 says:

    One more example of out of control law enforcement with is why civilian review boards are vitally needed. If the officers killed the guys claiming that they were in fear for their life people would be upset but not shocked as we have become anesthetized to such behavior.

  6. Upstate New Yorker says:

    Don’t give any money to the Red Cross. I used to work for them, and the donated money for victims of any circumstance does not reach them. The Red Cross cannot even account where the money donations go.

  7. This Texan Has Had Enough says:

    I hope they left the stupid cop in Vidor in the dust and went somewhere else to help. Goodness knows there are many who need help. Hope the cop gets fired!

  8. Wake-up-people says:

    That cop is a real fucking dickhead. Piece of thick rope ready for his ass…

  9. Mr. A says:

    There may be another side to this story. I heard that they were just playing in rhe water and hindering cleanup operations based on some comments on aother site.

    • PJ London says:

      And then again, there may not be. Maybe it is just another ‘Bully” who has graduated from the schoolyard to the police force.
      Did you hear the way he addressed them?
      Did you hear “because I said so?”
      I have yet to see a ‘good’ police man.

      • buttcrackofdoom says:

        if there were GOOD cops, there couldn’t be BAD cops. glad i don’t have to send any more donations down there. just glad they don’t need help any more. now it’s on to florida for anything more I SEND.

  10. Archivist says:

    The 8PM report has Irma still at 185mph winds, and the pressure has dropped to 916mb.

  11. Plan twice, prep once says:

    Moral of the story, be prepared to save yourself and family. The Government will kill you to save you.

  12. WParker says:

    Undoubtedly this Policeman has completely no common sense! It is understandable all are going thru tumultuous times but to refuse more help is someone voicing for hundreds of thousands of people who were given no voice at all. Wow! Where is his critical thinking? His head must have been waterlogged from the flood waters!!! What is the possibility of trying to ask these men to please come back and reassign this cop to janitorial duties. I am so sorry this happened to them.. This is not typical to all Texans.

    • LowCountry Buckeye says:

      Vidor says it wasn’t one of their cops. Fake cop? That’s what concerns me in these disasters. You can tell that dude had a chip on his shoulder and was looking for resistance.

      Keep calm and move along…

  13. Jim in Va. says:

    Imagine turning away free help and supplies! You have got to be kidding,these people are going to need help for months,maybe years.

  14. Storm says:

    Texas as a whole is friendly,big hear-ted.There is something about Vidor,Texas tho, not at all friendly or hospitable.I would not want to travel through Vidor.

  15. rellik says:

    You really don’t want me as a neighbor.
    As an adult every place I’ve ever lived
    has been declared a natural disaster area, at least once.
    One thing I learned, is that people pull together,
    unless it is a black community, then all bets are off.
    This is an anecdotal observation.
    In three feet of water, snow, ash, or mobile home leftovers
    you do what is right.
    Cops are really an afterthought. They are not first responders, they are the first recorders, and cleaners of the mess the world
    has made.
    Cops are A$$holes. A necessary evil, a very deep evil.
    My neighbors will save my butt, because my life has a
    small benefit to them.
    I’d never call a cop for anything. Their job is to intimidate,
    not to serve.
    I take that back I did call a cop once. There was some kids
    trying to hot Burgle my home, I did not kill them. I held them
    at gun point. I let the cop explain to them how close they came to dying, and the fact I was well within my rights to destroy them.
    He took 20 minutes to show up from the 911 call.

    • Plan twice, prep once says:

      I’ve hardened my house and always keep it locked, to the point I’ve made the wife a bit paranoid. I like those electronic combination locks for doors that auto lock after 30 seconds, and I use the auto lock even if it’s a bit annoying. The house is always locked.

      Because my house is not easily broken into by design, should someone who does not belong inside be discovered, I will assume they are extremely serious and dangerous. Enough said.

      Hot tip for hurricane targeted people. One of the primary reasons the roof blows off houses is a door fails in the face of high winds. The door blows in, and the internal pressure generated lifts the roof clean off in moments.

      When the big storm hit me, I was looking for ways to barricade my doors, because I understood this mode of failure for framed homes. My house faced the storm, so I thought it very important. I found my laundry room door to the outside was perfect, a 2×4 across an inner laundry room door frame, and my step ladder fit perfectly between that 2×4 and the door to act as a barricade. My front door was less of a problem, my extension ladder could be adjusted to barricade that door going from the opposite wall sill plate to the door at a low angle so it was absolutely solid. I installed 2×6 braces on garage doors mounted floor to top frame, attached to door hinge bolts with a standard construction bracket.

      Also have some plywood for boarding up “blown out” windows etc I had the supplies, but never the need.

      Had this storm hit twenty miles to the north it would have been a direct hit. I did fine. At the height of the storm I checked my efforts and saw it was all solid. I waited a couple more hours and slept like a baby.

  16. Ray m says:

    They turned away our caravans of supplies purchased for the people of Joplin after the tornado. We (our group) collected donations from all over and used any and all of every dollar for supplies. No red Cross “most for us none for you” type of stuff. Needless to say, there were many smaller towns and areas of homes more remote that had zero help from anyone. So that is where supplies were handed out.

  17. Angel says:

    I live 45 minutes from Vidor. This is a ‘good old boy’ town. The expression for those of you who don’t know means a small town where if you live there they will do anything for you but if you are an outsider good luck. I’m not saying that’s the way to be only explaining the mindset of a lot of the residents of Vidor. This guy was trying to help and I’m sure the people he was rescuing appreciated that very much. The cop however doesn’t. The cop runs the town and feels his opinion is the law of the land. I told you guys in one of my one of my previous posts that the police were threatening to arrest anyone who launched their boat at night to rescue downing people. This is the kind of shit that gives good Texans a bad name. Not all of us are like that cop. Many people launched their boats and rescued people anyway because they are truly good people trying to save their neighbors. The cop has put out a statement on my local news saying the driver of the truck was not helping but splashing flood waters into the homes as he drove by making things worse. He said he had warned him multiple times to get out of the area because his truck was flooding homes. He said he has had to delete his fb because of death threats. At the end of his statement he also makes sure to say that his department supports him 100% and that he will not lose his job over this. I’ll go see if I can get the link for you guys to read it. I ask that you not judge everyone in Southeast Texas by the actions of this cop because the people here are good hard working people that appreciate the help that has been sent to Texas

  18. Angel says:

    OK here’s an update to this story. The police officer in the video’s. name is Chris. He is a police officer from Orange Texas not Vidor. His statement is on Facebook so it will not let me post a link. But you can go to Facebook and look up 12newsnow. Under the visitors posts you can read the cop’s statement if you care to read it. Alot of people have commented that the guy in the truck was helping victims not flooding homes like the officer accused him of doing

  19. RMS1911 says:

    Those guys were guilty of taking the glory from the self proclaimed heroes and helping people which is against the law.if people start doing for themselves without so much government why have so many government employees?

    • Plan twice, prep once says:

      Twenty years ago American churches handled aid outpourings. By adding federal dollars to those efforts, even just a tiny percent, churches could be blocked from providing aid.

      The government hates competition.

  20. Plan twice, prep once says:

    My town placed a semi trailer behind Town Hall to collect supplies for hurricane ravaged Dallas. Mine was the fourth box placed on that truck. Everything already donated would have fit in my box with room to spare. This trailer is going half empty at least I’ll bet. When it gets there I’ll also double my bet that the the Red Cross makes sure it all goes right in the trash, or onto their trucks.

    I have little hope my efforts will help anyone.

    Lesson learned, if I want to help a disaster again, I’ll find a functioning Christian church group in the area that has needs, and ship at my expense direct to them.

    • Babycatcher says:

      Southern Baptist Churches have a group called Disaster Relief Teams that are sent out ( in this case) from Nashville. Is a section of the North American Missions Board. Most of our churches in our area are pooling our donations to send down with them. We are also doing Samaritan’ Purse.

      • grandee says:

        United Methodist Churches have UMCOR.

        100% of your donation to a need goes to that need.

        Was a Church Treasurer for 8yrs.

        Now where I’m at we have C.A.M. (Christian Aid Ministries) and we work through their Rapid Response Teams.

        It truly is a chance for Christ’s Church to rise to the needs of the people. May God receive the glory.

    • Angel says:

      Sadly you are probably right. I made a post on another article that once Red Cross got here to Texas things got worse for victims not better. The Red Cross arrived at church shelters in my area and took over. They took thousands of dollars of food paid for and prepared by the churches and thew the food away. They said the food at the church was not ‘on The Red Cross Menu”. The Red Cross also turned trucks around that had donations from people in other states, refusing the badly needed supplies from reaching the flooded areas. The Red Cross showed up in Bridgecity, Texas where the community had used it’s own money to buy the supplies and food they were giving to the citizens and took over. They took those supplies and instead of giving them to the people sent them to a warehouse Red Cross was using in Beaumont Texas. They actually stole the supplies and food purchased by the community! The Red Cross is a horrible organization. Thank you for the donations you made. The people of Texas truly appreciate the help. I am doing my best to get the word out about the Red Cross. They make money from people’s suffering.

  21. I must say, I hardly ever see any good cops in clips from US these days? How come they made such decision to hire people like this? For ex: When he first address the man on the Buggy he instantly start the conversation ALL WRONG. He second address is ALL WRONG!

    Sad to see..

  22. Old Guy says:

    Im sorry I simply don’t like do gooders no matter who they happen to be. We has a house burn. Right away a bunch of do gooders showed up. I ran them off told them I wasn’t anyones charity case. We simply bought a $1500 house trailer. And attended a couple of Estate auction sales and bought what we needed. The very most important prep is being self reliant. Its funny I was told to my face you burnt it for the insurance. I replied it was paid for we didn’t have any insurance. The reply was you dumbass you should of had insurance. The fact is the money we would of spent on insurance would of been more than it cost to buy the used trailer and household furnishings. If folks are constantly being helped and enabled they start depending on it. They will never learn self reliance. The war on poverty is a good example. Sometimes the best way to help someone is to leave them the way you find them. And most cops are horse patoot parasite revenue generator’s.

    • grandee says:

      Not everybody has the resources to pull themselves back up by a boot strap.

      Some don’t even have a boot strap.

      The old, sick…

      Some do need the help of “do gooders”.

      Personally, I prefer to be the “do gooder” vrs the “do badder” and Charity (Biblical term for love) is the best way to do good. Love your neighbor.

    • Beaumont says:

      It’s basic streetsmarts, that “do-gooders” are typically looking for some marooned servant, to adopt.

      Someone sees the house of an elderly person, burning, and their first instinct is to paint you into a verbal corner. You were being obliged.

  23. Charlie says:

    The Officers are trying to stop looters. Having worked in disaster areas I can tell you that looters will infiltrate a disaster zone on the pretense of “helping people.” The authorities have set up a system down there to vet legitimate aid and those guys need to work within the system rather than just randomly showing up wherever they want to. Sometimes too many good Samaritans make things more chaotic. Were the cops grumpy? Yeah, so what. They’re tired, overworked and worried about their families and property too. I’m sure the keyboard warriors and conspiracy people here will see something else but really that’s all there is to it. Calm down.

  24. Reader1 says:

    This is not a surprise. Doesn’t anyone remember in Katrina when FEMA actively clipped commo wire laid by charity groups and churches attempting to provide aid were told to get out? The govt actively shooed away private charity groups and even turned away international offers of assistance, such as patrol boats from… I forget, the Philippines, or something.

  25. Eldorado says:

    If the Vidor police dept said they weren’t their officers (as they really were nice uniforms) they should round these guys up and throw them in prison for impersonating a police officer!
    A little prison education time is needed and videoed me thinks!

    • Yahooie says:

      I read in an online article that there were people impersonating police officers extremely well and doing bad stuff. Wonder if this was an impersonator and, rather than being caught out, demanded the do-gooder depart the area which then left the impersonator to do as they wished with no interference.

      It seems like redirecting volunteers to a main control point would better serve the populace than just shooing them away. That might be easier said than done in an emergency such as this.

  26. Old Guy says:

    Love your neighbor? haw haw. Wait until its a real root hawg or die SHTF WROL and see your neighbors true colors. I on purpose left a tractor full of gas and some tools on it away from the house. I had placed two hidden cameras to see who would mess with it. One came by and stole the wrenches. three more came by and stole the gas and battery. one of those three put horse manure in the gas tank-shot one rear tire with a 22 and shot the radiator. I had reciently moved in the area. I didn’t do nuthin . never called the law. Howerver I gained info on who to be wary of. And the three all go to church every sunday. And they let you know what great Christians the are.

  27. Sierra Dave says:

    Should play the video in the Church. Or sent copies to everyone important.

  28. Beaumont says:

    The statists are only interested in their monopolies:
    — the use of force
    — nationalized goods and services

    Yes, they do have feelings of loyalty and camaraderie — to their own caste, union, or guild. The general public does not belong to their in-group.

    They don’t want to know about your resilience or your philosophy, somewhat along the lines of enemy propaganda.

    There is a cult dynamic, in play, and innocent, normal people, participating in good faith, have yet to wrap their heads around that.

  29. Can’t read this cop’s mind.
    Was he just stressed out? Was he instructed to look for looters posing as outside help? Guys who were thieves were picking up people and robbing them. What if it turned out that the Good Samaritan was actually a thief, would the public be just as outraged? Why did the cop allow the volunteer to drop off the people he had just rescued?

    People should continue to take an active role in helping one another. If globalists don’t want active engaged self starters with community awareness and a deep sense of duty; I’ld say these people are on the right track. Globalists hate competition. So give them all the competition you got. I’m so proud of these guys!!☺️