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Russia Is Doing It – Russia Is Actually Abandoning The Dollar: “This Is Huge”

Michael Snyder
June 11th, 2014
Economic Collapse Blog
Comments (185)

This analysis has been generously contributed by Michael Snyder. You can follow his regular writings, research and analysis at The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. Read his recent book The Beginning of the End to get an idea of what America may look like in the very near future.

Vladimir-Putin-300x300The Russians are actually making a move against the petrodollar.  It appears that they are quite serious about their de-dollarization strategy.  The largest natural gas producer on the planet, Gazprom, has signed agreements with some of their biggest customers to switch payments for natural gas from U.S. dollars to euros.  And Gazprom would have never done this without the full approval of the Russian government, because the Russian government holds a majority stake in Gazprom.  There hasn’t been a word about this from the big mainstream news networks in the United States, but this is huge.  When you are talking about Gazprom, you are talking about a company that is absolutely massive.  It is one of the largest companies in the entire world and it makes up 8 percent of Russian GDP all by itself.  It holds 18 percent of the natural gas reserves of the entire planet, and it is also a very large oil producer.  So for Gazprom to make a move like this is extremely significant.

When Barack Obama decided to slap some meaningless economic sanctions on Russia a while back, he probably figured that the world would forget about them after a few news cycles.

But the Russians do not forget, and they certainly do not forgive.

At this point the Russians are turning their back on the United States, and that includes the U.S. dollar.

What you are about to read is absolutely stunning, and yet you have not heard about it from any major U.S. news source.  But what Gazprom is now doing has the potential to really shake up the global financial landscape.  The following is an excerpt from a news report by the ITAR-TASS news agency

Gazprom Neft had signed additional agreements with consumers on a possible switch from dollars to euros for payments under contracts, the oil company’s head Alexander Dyukov told a press conference.

Additional agreements of Gazprom Neft on the possibility to switch contracts from dollars to euros are signed. With Belarus, payments in roubles are agreed on,” he said.

Dyukov said nine of ten consumers had agreed to switch to euros.

And Gazprom is not the only big company in Russia that is moving away from the U.S. dollar.

According to RT, other large Russian corporations are moving to other currencies as well…

Russia will start settling more contracts in Asian currencies, especially the yuan, in order to lessen its dependence on the dollar market, and because of Western-led sanctions that could freeze funds at any moment.

Over the last few weeks there has been a significant interest in the market from large Russian corporations to start using various products in renminbi and other Asian currencies, and to set up accounts in Asian locations,” Pavel Teplukhin, head of Deutsche Bank in Russia, told the Financial Times, which was published in an article on Sunday.

Diversifying trade accounts from dollars to the Chinese yuan and other Asian currencies such as the Hong Kong dollar and Singapore dollar has been a part of Russia’s pivot towards Asian as tension with Europe and the US remain strained over Russia’s action in Ukraine.

And according to Zero Hedge, “expanding the use of non-dollar currencies” is one of the main things that major Russian banks are working on right now…

Andrei Kostin, chief executive of state bank VTB, said that expanding the use of non-dollar currencies was one of the bank’s “main tasks”. “Given the extent of our bilateral trade with China, developing the use of settlements in roubles and yuan [renminbi] is a priority on the agenda, and so we are working on it now,” he told Russia’s President Vladimir Putin during a briefing. “Since May, we have been carrying out this work.”

“There is nothing wrong with Russia trying to reduce its dependency on the dollar, actually it is an entirely reasonable thing to do,” said the Russia head of another large European bank. He added that Russia’s large exposure to the dollar subjects it to more market volatility in times of crisis. “There is no reason why you have to settle trade you do with Japan in dollars,” he said.

The entire country is undergoing a major financial conversion.

This is just staggering.

Meanwhile, Russians have been pulling money out of U.S. banks at an unprecedented pace

So in March, without waiting for the sanction spiral to kick in, Russians yanked their moolah out of US banks. Deposits by Russians in US banks suddenly plunged from $21.6 billion to $8.4 billion. They yanked out 61% of their deposits in just one month! They’d learned their lesson in Cyprus the hard way: get your money out while you still can before it gets confiscated.

For those that don’t think that all of this could hurt the U.S. economy or the U.S. financial system, you really need to go back and read my previous article entitled “De-Dollarization: Russia Is On The Verge Of Dealing A Massive Blow To The Petrodollar“.  The truth is that the U.S. economic system is extremely dependent on the financial behavior of the rest of the globe.

Because nearly everyone else around the rest of the planet uses our currency to trade with one another, that keeps the value of the U.S. dollar artificially high and it keeps our borrowing costs artificially low.

As Russia abandons the U.S. dollar that will hurt, but if other nations start following suit that could eventually cause a financial avalanche.

What we are witnessing right now is just a turning point.

The effects won’t be felt right away.  So don’t expect this to cause financial disaster next week or next month.

But this is definitely another element in the “perfect storm” that is starting to brew for the U.S. economy.

Yes, we have been living in a temporary bubble of false stability for a few years.  However, the long-term outlook has not gotten any better.  In fact, the long-term trends that are destroying our economic and financial foundations just continue to get even worse.

So enjoy the “good times” while you still can.

They certainly will not last too much longer.

Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.

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Author: Michael Snyder
Date: June 11th, 2014
Website: http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/

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  1. Confederate says:

    It was only a matter of time, the dollars isn’t worth anything anyway.

    • KY Mom says:

      The “de-dollarization” escalates…

      It is not just Russia, China is also moving away from the dollar.

      China Halts US Dollar Transactions With Afghan Banks

      Chinese central banker: “Renminbi will become reserve currency
      “…how quickly this version of our monetary system is being reset.”

      “Out of Beijing, Chinese financial magazine Caijing has reported that the vice president of China’s central bank Pan Gongsheng made some rather candid remarks about the dollar and renminbi at a recent monetary seminar.

      Over the past several years, the dollar has lost significant ground to other currencies, in its share of international trade transactions and national reserves settlement.

      This means that, more and more, people around the world are dealing in currencies other than US dollars when they trade with one another.”

      “Think about it– most of the world’s population, its productive capacity, its savings, and much of its natural resources, are in developing markets, especially in Asia.

      The West has just a small percentage of global population… and nearly all of its DEBT.”

      • yourmotherwaswrong says:

        the durango kidd says:

        “The government nationalized the losses of the banks and continues to do so under QE.”

        That folks is Fascism 101!

        “The government made the banks whole and continues to do so.”

        That folks is Fascism 101!

        How many lessons in Fascism does DK need to provide you before you realize the durango kidd is an Establishment Fascist trolling SHTFplan?

        Hey DK, do you support New World Order Central Banking?

        Call me a “faggot,” move on, and answer my question.

        Q: Do you support New World Order Central Banking?

        • durango kidd says:

          YMWW: Yes, I made both statements and yes, both statements reflect the Fascist nature of the New World Order Central Banking system.

          So no, I do not support “New World Order Central Banking”. But NWO Central Banking is not the same as an “American Central Banking System” to coin a phrase.

          A sophisticated society like the American Civilization as established by OUR Founding Fathers, requires a sophisticated banking system capable of interacting in a global environment to facilitate commerce for the benefit of the American People. The mechanisms of the FED are essential to facilitating that national and global commerce.

          The INTENT of the FED is UN-AMERICAN as the intent of the FED is clearly to benefit its member banks and their stockholders.

          The Federal Reserve is a private banking cabal masquerading as a American Government Institution. It is not. It is a system designed for, used by, and enriches the Gangster Banksters. The NWO Federal Reserve serves the Uber Rich, not the American Republic; not even the one percent, except as a co-incidence.

          This was evident when the NWO Government (which has been bought and paid for by the NWO Uber Rich Elite) allowed the FED to use the banking system to prop up failing private banks with taxpayer dollars.

          The NWO government NATIONALIZED the debt of the banks but it did not nationalize equity. This allowed the Uber Rich and GB’s to maintain private ownership control of the banks and replaced ALL of their losses and continues to do so. An american government would have seized the banks, dissolved the insolvent equity ownership position, guaranteed all deposits and sought new equity capital and private ownership of these institution.

          As an anarchist you oppose any government authority even one of, by, and for the people; or any community whatsoever. This psychology is the antithesis of a sophisticated society in which most of US find ourselves, by choice.

          Faggot! 🙂

          • yourmotherwaswrong says:

            The durango kidd says:

            “So no, I do not support “New World Order Central Banking”. But NWO Central Banking is not the same as an “American Central Banking System” to coin a phrase.”

            Say what??? It’s the same f**king thing, and you know it! How can you make such a statement with a straight face? Oh, I know. We can’t see your face.

            “The mechanisms of the FED are essential to facilitating that national and global commerce.”

            You support private individuals controlling the currency of the nation through “legal tender” laws? That’s FASCISM!

            “The INTENT of the FED is UN-AMERICAN as the intent of the FED is clearly to benefit its member banks and their stockholders.”

            And yet YOU support an “UN-AMERICAN“ “American Central Banking System.” No contradiction there.

            “As an anarchist you oppose any government authority.”

            n. pl.an·ar·chies
            1. Absence of any cohesive principle, such as a common standard or purpose.
            From Medieval Latin anarchia, from Greek anarkhia, from anarkhos “without a ruler.”

            A “Ruler?” I don’t need no stinking “Ruler!” Sheep, and people like you apparently do!!!

            Some on this site are taken in by your agitprop, but I know exactly who you are and what you represent. It’s called Fascism.

        • Man on the inside says:

          I have an acount with Chinas national bank in Canada. I am now putting 15% of my income in it. Direct deposit. As things unfold I will move that figure up. The bible is clear about the end times and China… PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

      • Nimrod Hunter says:

        Bank of France Governor Christian Noyer said the U.S. investigation into BNP Paribas SA (BNP)’s dealings with sanctioned nations may encourage companies to stop using dollars in international transactions.

        “We could say that companies would have maximum interest to do the most possible transactions in other currencies,” Noyer, who is also a member of the European Central Bank’s Governing Council, said yesterday on BFM television. “Trade between China and Europe — do it in euros, do it in renminbi, stop doing it in dollars. This is an affair that will leave marks.”

    • Unreconstructed Southron says:

      But my rebel money is.

      • Gods Creation says:

        The US Government, if it were legitimate, would turn over the banksters to the people and repudiate all foreign debt to be satisfied by taking the FAMILY OWNED property (not that of the people) of the stockholders of the Federal Reserve.

        It is, after all, their debts and not those of the People of the American States.


        • Defiant says:

          On the global chessboard, Obama picked off
          a couple of Russian pawns while Putin just
          put America’s king in check.

          Our bully gov strong armed small countries
          like Libya and Iraq for trying to leave the
          sanctimonious dollar, but have now come up
          against countries with a much bigger stick.

        • Enki says:

          At the end of the day
          He who has GOLD will rule.

      • Be informed says:

        “Don’t expect something right away with the economy”. I would say expect a nice BO false flag because the U.S. economy is held up ONLY by the petro dollar. No one in their right mind is going to loan out money to anyone without good collateral. The petro dollar and some agriculture is really the ONLY trusted collateral that the U.S. has to keep the debt barely floating along. The U.S. is going to be faced with higher interest rates and more money to pay out each collection period on those loans.

        Countries have done this before. When the economy is dying they fall back on the military. Wonder what they will use this time to start a war and take the attention away from the economy? Iran, Syria, the Baltic States, Ukraine, Taiwan, North Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, or a “nice” mass domestic attack blamed on some terrorist group? It is coming isn’t it? We are actually going to go through World War 3. Preppers/Survivalists really need to learn as much as possible about fallout and radiation.

        • Jeff says:

          War is coming. This NOT going to end well. Just hope I can stay out of the way, and keep a very low profile.

          • Howdy-Doody says:

            So many people have the same strategy in mind. But this time, I don’t think it will be that easy. The scum that are in control, need to get rid of a few million people. This does not bode well for anyone who wants no part of what’s coming. We are all part of it whether we like it or not.

          • Anonymous says:

            Its really hard, Jeff, but I agree– I meditate and try to retain my calm and cool… but its really difficult sometimes– there is this enormous storm brewing and it will wipe out most humans on the globe– a storm outside in the world and a storm amongst the people– hard to stay focused!

          • Kulafarmer says:

            Im with you on that one,,,
            Pay no attention to the man pulling weeds, hes just a crazy vegg head

        • Anonymous says:

          About fall out and radiation– Paul Craig Roberts has a piece which talks of this– actually, its a reference to another article, but its about nuclear war. Accoding to this expert, there is no way to survive nuclear war. Please read… I will post website.

          • Anonymous says:

            The article is called, “Are You Ready for Nuclear War?” at Paul Craig Roberts’ website. If you click on the line in the article, it will take you to, “the Lethality of Nuclear Weapons” by Steven Starr.

            • Be informed says:

              @ Anonymous. People will survive nuclear war, it will just be a lot more difficult to. There will be hot spots that won’t be survivable, and there will be areas that don’t receive much radiation at all. This is the way weather patterns work. It is survivable as someone that I once knew at extremely high level of training in knowing where to go and what to do after a nuclear war. The doomsday type of the hollywood movies is not accurate. Even with a high level of nukes being detonated, the planet and humankind will recover. There will be many areas that will be death zones, and some perfectly safe, and still others where people will need to know about radiation to survive and not become ill from it. Humans are not nearly that powerful that they can extinguish life on the planet at the present time, thankfully.

              • ReadyRNot says:

                I think an EMP from a bomb explosion would be more likely than nuclear war. It would effectively cripple us for years, if centered in Nebraska or smaller bombs on both coasts. It just needs to damage the grid irreparably enough that it all needs to be re-built which would take years.

                In the event of an EMP, (which IMHO would be a lot easier to produce than nuclear war) trade goods and skills would be of highest value in the barter system that would be needed should all our electronic gadgets be rendered useless.

              • Hard Justice says:

                Watch “Threads” and “The day after”, nuclear winter would last for years. Bee’s die, crops die, we die. 🙁

            • PO'd Patriot says:

              If this is the case then I can smell the winds of war and envision nukes being tossed back and forth. Folks, these are some of the most vilest folks running the US. They have control of some of the finest and sophisticated weapons that were ever devised by man. This does not bode well and is another lynch pin being loosed by those who are in control of different parts of the world. But who knows, this could speed up things or slow them down according to the puppet masters. It might cause them to ramp up, slow down or switch gears. Stand steady and do the best of your ability. As ‘ol Hank Sr. sang…..”You’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive”. As always, my best to you.

        • DMONIC says:

          Russia just flew 4 Bears within 50 miles of Kalifornia.

    • DumbDude says:

      Please contact me I would like to have your worthless dollars.

      See I find a bunch of people around me who will give me food, shelter, ammo, guns, etc., etc., etc. for dollars. When I suggest I pay them in silver or yuan, or anything else they don’t agree.

      Really I get sick of all of you stating a complete lie again and again until it becomes accepted. You are as bad as the main stream press.

      Confederate, I’m guessing you give your time and effort at some sort of job? Do they pay you in greenbacks? Why do you slave your life away for something worthless?

      I’m guessing the only answer you have is that indeed they are not worthless, that all of us here repeat that untruth again and again because… why? It makes us feel better?

      I like truth, I’m not a big fan of conforming to often repeated lies- no matter who espouses them.

      • Archivist says:

        No one is saying dollars are absolutely worthless right this minute. They will be soon. And they are relatively worthless now compared to what they were worth years ago. In the 1960s you could buy a loaf of bread or a Pepsi for 10 cents. You could buy a pack of cigarettes for 25 cents. There was penny candy, and candy bars were only 5 cents. A dollar could buy 20 candy bars. Now it pays for part of a candy bar.

        On top of that, wages haven’t kept up at all. In 1970, you could buy over 30 candy bars with one hour of minimum wage pay ($1.65). Now you can only get about 5.

        • DumbDude says:

          No? I think everyone is saying they are worthless. Check the top commentt here. If people said “I think there is a good chance the dollar would be greatly devalued in the coming years.” I wouldn’t complain. But what I read is persone after person saying they are worthless. I’m pretty sure there isn’t another medium of exchange that is more widely recognized and accepted in the entire freaking world and everyone here says “dollars are worthless” well then send them to me.

      • Walt Kowalski says:


        Yours is a perfect example of “stage one thinking” and normalcy bias.

        You think…because it hasn’t happened, it can’t happen.

        There’s another term that will describe folks like you in the future……”victim”.

        • DumbDude says:

          Nope. My thinking is because it hasn’t happened it hasen’t happened. Other thinking is because I can imagine it happening in the future it has happened.

          • PO'd Patriot says:

            You’re definitely one dumb dude.

            • DumbDude says:

              Let me try that once more with more punctuation (hate “smart” phones).

              The way I see it is:
              because “it hasn’t happened” I say. “It hasn’t happened”
              For Confederate at the top – he can imagine it happening in the future so he says “it has already happened.”

              If that is the mark of moving beyond “stage one thinking” I guess I’m happy here at stage one.

    • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

      The Petro-Dollar is just one big Racketeering Con-Game. Extortion, Murder, kidnapping, Genocide, Theft, Fraud, etc. The rest of the world is tired of playing this game. Spend all this U.S. Monopoly money on your Preps folks. I would invest mostly in ammo right now. As much as your Phony Money can buy. Rack up your credit card debt too at today’s prices. As inflation increases and the dollar value decreases your interest on your credit will be nothing, over the dollar being devalued. Lock in at today’s prices. Just saying.

      • Archivist says:

        I believe maxing out your credit cards would be a big mistake. No matter how low your interest is now, they can always jack it up to an impossible amount.

        • passinwiththewind says:

          get out of debt, period.

          Maxing out credit cards with debt for preps is really a bad idea unless:

          You have that grand crystal ball whereby you can see into the future and know that the dollar implodes this date and Christ returns 5 or 6 mths. later. Then I’d say run ’em thru the roof and stock up. Otherwise, a boat load of debt or just a few hundred bucks that you just can’t pay for; could come back to haunt a person when shtf.

          If you are on a PTB hit list and they want you, debt to an institution will possibly be the way they get to you.

          If a person is underwater on a mortgage and can’t sell, just ride it out for as long as one can and have a Bug out plan. Relatives, friends or a tent in the woods with others may be the best one can do.

        • JayJay says:

          Credit cards CAN NOT raise interest on prior purchases; only future purchases; and if you don’t like the interest hike, don’t purchase.
          Always have a second low-interest credit card for that scenario. 🙂

          • Archivist says:

            They raised the interest on a card I used to have. A payment didn’t post in time and they jacked it up to 24%. And it was on the complete balance, which was all prior purchases. So I paid it off and cancelled the card.

            Every cardholder agreement I’ve ever read says that they can change the terms whenever they wish.

        • Sierra Dave says:

          IMHO, buy up to $1k in preps and have a managable monthly payment. If TSHTF. WIN!!! If not, you eat from your preps and FIFO.

          The debt you should pay off is your mortgage. THAT they can take posession of. Maybe your vehicle too. But a collapsed society means there may not be fuel for months or years and your SUV justs sits and rusts.

          I cringe when people suggest you slowly add to your preps. You should NOT drag it out for months. GET FOOD NOW!!!

          Nothing will be worse sitting there starving and hating yourself for not buying when you could have.

          The flip side is you pay some interest on your emergency preps. Big deal.

    • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

      Mac – Take a look at these 2 videos. This explains a lot about the comments I have been making lately, RE: Russia, collapse, etc.

      When I watched this first video- It immediately connected a lot of the dots I have out there for info, and also filled in the blanks. Putin is against the NWO and why the media has been demonizing him since 95% of the Media is owned by 5 corporations-aka: Jews. The US Govn’t has been Hijacked by the NWO, Illuminati, Jews etc. Which also explains the US foreign policy. We as Americans are being duped and conned as well to our own demise as a country. Pres Putin has kicked all the Jews out of any high Government positions over the yrs, and strengthened the Christian Church, which the Jews can’t stand. Which also explains the Ukraine conflict as a Proxi war set up by the UN- NWO. Wake up people to the NWO SCAM set to destroy America. Obama is a NWO Puppet.

      Watch “Vladimir Putin Traitor to the New World Order.” on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4W85OnL4xtY&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    • Libertarianmajority says:

      Their acceptance of and trade in U.S. (fake, paper, fiat) “dollars” is all that makes those “dollars” anything resembling actual money. Their non-acceptance of those “dollars” will create a glut of petrodollars that will make all “dollars” much, much more worthless than they already are intrinsically. Here comes your SHTF!

  2. hammerhead says:

    Dont think that this is not a planned event.
    I can see Obama colluding with Putin on this .
    Those “sanctions” were just for show.

    • femaregion1 says:

      I agree with you hammerhead. Its all a dog and pony show and we all get swindled in the end. We know its just a matter of time for marital law to happen, but I can see Russia will have a hand in it. Russia troops on US land to help the country “adjust” to a new form of government?

      • the renegade braveheart says:

        Hammerhead and Femaregion1, I agree. Sounds like SHTF between now and the midterm elections and we still have a long, hot summer to get through. everyone keep prepping. Get everything you can now while there’s still time to do so. If you’re not prepping, you’re committing suicide.

      • Agreed!

        We know that the current administration is not working for a prosperous America, in fact collectively as a country our leaders are more and more morally bankrupt, it’s beyond the pale anymore.

        The question is, who benefits from a weakened America? The answer is plainly those who want power and control over us and a systematic collapse is the road they’ve chosen.

        • Indy Colts says:

          Come on…. Putin doesn’t like Barry O jangles… He’s in this fight for his country and their well being.

          Last week I watched Putin’s interview with the French president on RT. And Putin is one cool customer. They asked him very tough questions and he never missed a beat.

          Some of the stuff he was asked would have pissed me off but he handled it with elegance. He also made sure to put it out their that his country has the newest nuclear technology and that we haven’t updated anything in almost 30 years.

          The French pointed out how much money he has been spending on his military and he pointed out the US spents more than every other counrty in the world combined.

          Not everything is a conspiracy. Putin is the most powerful man in the world and people are starting to take notice. If he says bye bye to the dollar then the dollar will go byebye.

          No I don’t love the Ruskies but I respect how Putin defended the morals and values of their society. He also stated one only needs to look at the teenagers in western society to see how messed up we have becomes (paraphasing) He defended their anti gay laws and pointed out pushing this lifestyle on children is the same as child melsters abusing kids.

          Hard for me not to like his message but some will always see them as the soviet commies that want to destroy everything. Russia has changed my friends.

          • Indy
            I won’t disagree with you, I’m not much into conspiracy theories but I’ve arrived at the conclusion that all the politicians are nothing but bad actors on the world stage, even if we take them at face value they’re all still just lairs.

          • hammerhead says:

            Indy , Putin is still a communist dictator , dont be fooled by his smooth talk.
            This IS an ex- KBGchief after all .

            And he certainly does not aprove of Obama , but Putin see’s a way to get what he wants , he would work with Barry to achieve his goals , dont kid yerself.
            Obamas goal of destruction of the US are not that much different from Vlads vision .

            • Indeed. And a common stupidity of many Westerners who keep praising this KGB pedophile thug is a great help on Russia’s way towards world domination or at least turning life into s*%t worldwide. Ruskies just do what they did before and throw some cheap BS – that’s enough to keep pea-brain admirers of neo-soviet Russia in ecstasy.
              Apparently, History and common sense means nothing to them. Putin’s traditionalism and russian morality are the same as “USSR peace intentions” and “socialist paradise”.

            • Indeed. And a common stupidity of many Westerners who keep praising this KGB pedophile thug is a great help on Russia’s way towards world domination or at least turning life into s*%t worldwide. Ruskies just do what they did before and throw some cheap BS – that’s enough to keep pea-brain admirers of neo-soviet Russia in ecstasy.
              Apparently, History and common sense means nothing to them. Putin’s “traditionalism” and “russian morality” are the same things as “USSR peace intentions” and “socialist paradise”.

        • Barn Cat says:

          The people who want a one world government are those who benefit from the destruction of America.

    • aljamo says:

      I agree 100 percent. Nothing happens by chance. It’s all part of the globalist plans. And just what is a conspiracy theory? That is a government and controlled media slur against truth tellers. What so called conspiracy theory was ever proved false?

  3. PWYPreach says:

    I wish America currently had a leader as admired as I/we admire Putin right at this moment. The man has chutzpah!

    Instead, we have the MOST UN-admired, UN-American, pansy-assed, effeminate, you could say pretty much almost “hated” (from what I am reading) president instead — yin and yang.

    Gotta say I truly never thought that the American public would hate a president more than they hated Bush…life is full of surprises.

  4. Hammerun says:

    What could you expect? Vlad is a committed professional at what he does and knows what he’s doing.
    Obama on the other hand is a rank armature at “anything” he does and hasn’t ever had so much as a clue at what he does. This dudes an idiot!
    It’s tuff to be in the sand box when there’s a big boy about to kick the living piss out of you!
    Fundamental transformation you prick!
    Attention; President Putin,
    Please remember who’s running this thing.

  5. Satori says:

    keep an eye on the sun

    several small X flares fired off recently
    more to come


    • Be informed says:

      @ Satori. Those two X flares should mean that those sunspots still have more energy to belch out. Those sunspots will be Earth directed in about 3-4 days and 3-4 days after that. Just takes one super flare like the Carrington Event to make life turn more towards the 19th century for the planet.

      • Satori says:

        if we’re”lucky” it will only be a Carrington event

        if we’re not
        it might be one of these

        Researcher points to Sun as likely source of eighth-century ‘Charlemagne event’


        Mother Nature can swat us like a bug
        anytime she chooses

        • Archivist says:

          I liked one of the comments which said that the solar EMP would only affect the power lines, and that after it was over, all the computers would power up like nothing happened. Wrong. Anything plugged in would fry.

          Many years ago, in the days of dial-up and CompuServe, I heard very distant thunder. I immediately started shutting down my computer. Before I could get it off and unplugged, lightning struck the phone lines many miles away, and the surge killed my computer. And not just the computer itself. It killed the keyboard, the mouse, and all the drives. The only thing saved was the CRT monitor.

          Now I unplug the DSL line whenever weather radar shows yellow or red anywhere in my part of the state.

  6. Educated Sinner says:

    The “meaningless sanctions” Barry put into place has all but put the Russian Economy into a recession. Russia has also lost 50% of investments from outside Russia as well.

    The Chicoms have stepped in and are re-capitalizing Russian banks, while we all know about Gazprom’s deal with them as well.

    What I don’t understand is the air of excitement/glee about this from some in the Libertarian Left. Almost as if they want OUR economy to crash!

    In my humble opinion, inspite of Barry and His Commie Buddies, we U.S. citizens are still the “Good Guys” and the Russians/Chinese are still the “Bad Guys”.

    If you don’t believe me, just ask all of U.S. Soldiers killed by them, and their weapons, over the past 70 years.

    You’re either a Patriot, or you’re a scud!

    • Educated Sinner says:

      Hey, America is not perfect, and we dealt with some “groups” in a bad way, but we never murdered 100 million of our own simply for their political opinions like the Russians and Chinese.

      Lots of folks have bought into the urban legend about FEMA, while the real “Camps” are run out of Peking and Moscow!

      I was born a Free American and I’m dam proud of it!!!

      • PWYPreach says:

        I don’t think we have reached the “end” of our American history book yet …give ém time.

      • Aurelius says:

        Educated Sinner; I’m somehow sure that you don’t know this but the Americans were never U.S citizens before the 14th amendment was passed, never properly ratified, but passed nevertheless! Americans before, were State Citizens and by virtue of that fact, were free born Americans!! The 14th amendment was essentially a transfer of ownership of the freed slaves from the Plantation owners to the Federal Government. Yes, that’s right, ownership of the recently “freed” slaves! The Federal Government would make everything right as far as EQUALITY was concerned! In the thirties, this status was extended to the dumbass White population in the signatures on social security forms, drivers license and other federal forms that defined us all as 14th amendment citizens. Not free born American Citizens, but 14th amendment “citizens”. Lament the fact that you are not a free born American but are, because of your status as a U.S. “c”itizen, a property, owned by the U.S. Government and disposable whenever it desires!

      • Archivist says:

        The U.S. killed about 75,000 southern soldiers during the War of Northern Aggression. I lost a number of relatives in that war, including a great-great-great-grandfather and a great-great-uncle whose head was taken off by a Yankee cannonball at the Battle of Bentonville. There were civilians killed also. And a lot of the northern soldiers died from the stupidity of their commanders.

        The numbers killed here by America may not be in the millions, but it’s because we’re armed, and the people in other countries weren’t.

    • Wink says:

      Naaahhh, Times have changed Sinner.
      Guess I’m a Patriotic scud.

    • Wink says:

      Naaahhh, Times have changed Sinner.
      Guess I’m a Patriotic scud.

  7. greywolf says:

    Save all your dollar bills!
    You can use them as toilet paper after the SHTF.

  8. Bill G says:

    lets bring it on! i’m tired of waiting for the collapse. its showtime!

    Keep stacking those ASE’s.

    • Indy Colts says:

      Hey Bill G, The (COLLAPSE) isn’t going to happen anytime soon. They will ride this puppy out till the end and bleed everything dry.

      NWO still has a lot of work to do before they inplode this thing. No one better go maxing out the cards and waiting for SHTF or you’ll be homeless and bitter before you know it.

      The libs are ok with waiting out the freedom loving people and focusing on the next generation to move the agenda. Death by a 1000 pricks is the strategy.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This development may affect us eventually, but the invasion taking place on our southern border WILL affect us directly within weeks, if not days, as these destitute and predatory illegals begin filtering into our communities across the country.

    Just wait until school starts in August.

    And then watch the mortgage payments and rent payments go atmospheric when the property tax increases kick in to pay for the avalanche of additional resources needed in the public schools to deal with them.

    THIS may be the beginning of it finally hitting the fan.

    • Anonymous says:

      But before August, watch the crime rate quadruple immediately. Read the U.S. Border Patrol agent’s letter to Infowars.

      Get good locks on your doors and use them.

      Keep your car doors locked at all times.

      Keep valuables out of sight while in your vehicle.

      Begin exercising extra caution while shopping.

      Exercise even higher caution while out at night, such as at restaurants and movie theaters and bars after dark.

      Again, READ the U.S. Border Patrol agent’s letter on Infowars.

      These supposedly harmless, pitiful children coming in are just convenient decoys for the truly dangerous ones, many times as many, getting across while the border patrol has its hands full with the supposed minors.

      Be an American: Start noticing and speaking up if you see suspicious people around power substations, water plants, major shopping centers, major commuter transportation hubs, airport parking lots, etc.

      Be aware that there are major bad guys/bad girls pouring into this country right now and they aren’t coming to join the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. They are coming to prey upon us and they are ruthless, hardened, determined, street people who will quickly become armed — if they aren’t already.

      Heads up, America. Things are probably going to get real dangerous real quickly.

      • Sierra Dave says:

        Maybe the crime wave from the Hispanic Tidal wave will be the trigger for martial law.

        • Wink says:

          Sierra Dave
          More likely a gold star, food stamps, free health care, a Goobie pension, free housing stipend, a firearm, a Cadillac and for the women, Viagra for their children’s fathers and boyfriends.

        • Anonymous says:

          It may have already started…..

          A headline on Drudge this morning is of a Catholic priest shot and killed and another Catholic priest critically wounded in Phoenix during an attempted robbery of the church.

          Another headline was of a homemade bomb that went off at an electrical substation in Nogales, AZ, causing damage to a fuel storage tank. FBI is investigating.

          Be vigilant, people. Take precautions when you go out in public. Avoid areas and situations of risk.

          These illegal aliens already are law-breakers by virtue of being here illegally. Our rule of law is meaningless and irrelevant to them. To them, it’s literally survival of the fittest and every man for himself. They are sneaky, cunning, deceptive and ruthless.

          Watch yourselves and your loved ones.

    • Barn Cat says:

      The globalists want the Mexicans here because they plan to implement Soviet-style collective farms. The Mexicans will be the ones doing the work.

  10. prep49er says:

    Abandoning the dollar? Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi send their regards.

    • No doubt – Russia is a bit different though and should we attempt similar action against them Vladimir Putin will send his regards via an inter-continental ballistic missile.

      Even though Russia is making these moves (along with China), I am 100% sure the Western central bankers won’t take it lying down.

      This is far from over…

      • Unreconstructed Southron says:

        It’s already over. Most just don’t realize it yet.

      • Anonymous says:

        Mac, I respect your comment but if I may add the assumption is Putin and company not be part of the worldwide criminal banking cartels. I hope not but I simply can’t be 100% sure if this entire scenario is not controlled by the banksters. We’ll see and i hope is not too late.

        • Sierra Dave says:

          The ChiComms and Putin/Russia are their own banking mafia system. Neiether ours nor theirs should be able to continue.

          Fat chance on an honest banking system. The best we can hope for is they all collapse.

      • Truth avenger says:

        The western central bankers have bluffed THEIR way into a blind alley/dead end. THEY have NO CLOUT or ANYWAY OUT at this point.

        That said, WAR always seems to be the next scenario in historical situations of this EXTREME “dead end”. And WAR it shall be! Preceded, or followed by the death of the “petro dollar”.

        AMERICA, the writing is on ALL WALLS. We are about to be FU*KED like never before. Have a nice day. ;)!

      • durango kidd says:

        “This is far from over…” Yes, its just the beginning; but it is NOT TEOTWAWKI either. War is coming and the world will run to the USA and its dollar for safety. Israel will no doubt strike Iran this year and sooner rather than later. Europe will bear the brunt of the destruction.

        O’bummer has deliberately soured OUR relations with other nations around the world, and OUR traditional friends in particular, in pursuit of a “Muslim Brotherhood Foreign Policy”: of which, he is a founding member along with his half brother in Pakistan, under CIA auspices.

        Thus, his purloined social security number, fake birth certificate. and alias. His intent is to deliberately destroy the USA, which as a Marxist like his fathers before him, he secretly hates. Illegal Immigration is another strategy to accomplish his goal. WE must resist him and Holder at every turn.

        This action will strengthen the Euro and Europe according to Bible Prophecy. Some of you may remember that many here predicted the demise of Europe just a few years ago (just as they do the dollar now), and I pointed out that Europe must grow stronger and the US decline if Bible prophecy is to be accurate. Here WE are on the threshold of that process.

        It’s in the archives. 🙂

        A stronger Euro is a stronger Europe; which is a good thing because it was about to self destruct and fragment. That would not be good for US either. Still, the Bible states that three countries will exit the EU. I suspect the UK will more closely align with the “colonies” and retain the Pound; Portugal, which will link with Brazil; and Spain which will link to the Spanish speaking Caribbean and Central America.

        Under the TPP and NAFTA, the dollar will dominate the western hemisphere; the Euro, Europe and the Mideast, and the Yuan, Asia, while the Trilateralists plunder Africa. Eventually a basket of currencies to support a global digital money backed by metal, once quantum computing is ubiquitous. This is still a few years away, but coming.

        Let Europe take a turn pulling the wagon for a change and spend its wealth and blood in support of its civilization, while America renews itself in its Founding Principles and minds its own business. Its time for Europe to shoulder its fair share. the dollar was not always the WRC and it would not be the end of the world if it wasn’t; but those who survive because it is, will populate the FEMA Camps when it is not.

        A decline in the value of the dollar will make the US “more competitive” with labor around the world and this is the natural development of Globalization and Free Trade, which has proceeded too far to be reversed, except by war.

        This process spells continued poverty for those who do not own the means of production, cannot generate income (more dollars to mitigate loss of purchasing power) through their personal efforts, and who rely upon the government for their survival.

        Changes are coming. 2015 is just around the corner. 🙁

        • JayJay says:

          ”Thus, his purloined social security number, fake birth certificate. and alias. His intent is to deliberately destroy the USA, which as a Marxist like his fathers before him, he secretly hates. Illegal Immigration is another strategy to accomplish his goal. WE must resist him and Holder at every turn.”

          Amen, and if only the nation of sheeple could read AND accept this; but would they get it?
          Doubt it.

  11. ReadyRNot says:

    The Russians will pull out their money from U.S. banks, the Chinese will follow suit, other energy-producing countries will begin to use Asian or European currency rather than the U.S. dollar as well….then you will see such hyperinflation like we’ve never known before; your money will be worth pennies on the dollar. Stocks will crash, investors will move their money to foreign markets and the U.S. will finally face its century-long greed-driven ugly truth – WE’RE BROKE! The web of lies that’s been fed to the public for years will finally be ripped to shreds, along with what passess for law and order in society and only the strong will survive….be ready, preppers!

    One-world currency, one-world government will be in place to make its move. All of this is coming down very soon…maybe a year or two, is my uneducated prediction.

    No time to slack off, people….better get your OPSEC in place while you can….the storm’s a-comin’!

  12. Socrates says:

    Several other countries are dumping the dollar as well, was only a matter of time…and the cue from the global monetary controllers. Everything up to this point has been deliberate, planned and executed by the numbers.

    TPTB do NOT want an armed, free and self-sustainable America. They want to see us crushed, down-trodden, dependent on all the gov. handouts to keep us barely alive, until the final curtain drops.

    With all the re-hypothecated Gold, copper and other metals coming to light, the ramp up to economic ruin is certain, only the exact time that it hits YOU…is not.

    Prepare like their is no tomorrow….because it could be today!

  13. FreeIllinois says:

    I don’t know if this is a planned event or not. I have heard arguments to support different views.

    In my opinion the end game appears to be the same, “We the People of the USA are about to get Screwed”.

    Our paper may soon only be worth the value of the paper its printed on. So in the end whether it’s a planned event or a miscalculation it doesn’t matter.

    We have to prepare for the worst, a total social and economic collapse.

  14. Sgt. Dale says:

    Dollars as T.P. Great now what will I do with all the T.P I have stored up?
    Just kidding.
    Now would be a good time to buy silver and gold. Brass Lead.
    There is going to be time for us to get ready. Just watch China. When they go its going to get bad here.
    We know its coming that is why we are prepping.
    Hang in there folks its going to be a bumpy ride.

    • Educated Sinner says:

      Sgt. Dale
      Liked your funny about the Dollar and TP!

      We watch a show called “Falling Skies”. In one scene the hero finds a big bag of $100 bills, which he keeps and later uses to builds a fire with. Maybe our future?

    • Archivist says:

      Dollars aren’t large enough for me. Maybe they’re big enough for Sheryl Crow. She was the one who said we should only use one square of TP to wipe with. She could buy one package at Sam’s and have a lifetime supply.

  15. Warchild Dammit says:

    I agree the US economy will crash as we know it but at that point so will other major economies,what happens afterwards is a large cluster of possibilities,spend dollars on goods you need now.

  16. Jim in Va. says:

    a lot of interesting things going on in the last few weeks. Everything seems to be accelerating towards some near event. Get everything you need now. I think something will happen before the elections. Between events on the southern border,the dollar and politics its coming soon.

  17. Satori says:

    A Second American Revolution Is Now Inevitable


    be sure and pay special attention to Operation Gladio
    and while your at it
    do a little research on Operation Northwoods
    if you want to see your government is capable of

  18. king krazy says:

    My short term strategy is to live it up. My long is to go down fighting.

  19. Ahab says:

    We should welcome Putin’s moves against the dollar, just as someone with a malignant tumor welcomes the arrival of the surgeon’s scalpel. This is especially true since every dollar that is printed becomes instant “debt” owed by US taxpayers to the banksters of the Federal Reserve.

    The total defeat of the “US Financial System” (read: the nation-wrecking bankster oligarchy) will be a victory and a deliverance for the historic American nation, just as the shooting of a rapist is a victory and deliverance for the raped.

    If things go on as they are, we are all doomed to live in a technologically omnipotent globalist tyranny, in which all peoples will be enslaved, humankind degraded and dumbed-down to the level of cattle, distinct cultures eliminated along with national borders, and the historic nations of the Western World in particular blended out of existence in a tidal wave of bankster-managed population transfers (referred to moralistically as “immigration”).

    The continuation of the “American Financial System” ultimately leads to Pygmies dancing on the ruins of the Roman Forum and real Americans and their European cousins being hunted down like wild game in the stinking replicas of Mexico, Bangladesh and Nigeria that all the former western nations will have become.

    The bankster elite wants us to forget the basic truth that our most profound “foundations” are NOT economic and financial, and that nations do not exist to support “the economy,” but the economy exists to serve the nation. Putin knows this very well, which is why he cannot be bought (unlike almost all western “leaders”), and why Russia is still experiencing REAL growth, enjoying capital investment in infrastructure, and developing real internal social capital. In contrast, the only “growth” in Amerika, with its hordes of parasitic, stupid and hostile third world border crossers, its 90 million unemployed, and its crumbling roads, bridges and power grids, is on the Ponzi Stock-Exchange tickers.

    To weather the storm that will ensue with the end of the globalist-bankster paradigm, we must end the carefully cultivated (and ultimately destructive) USan preoccupation with that which is short-term and material, and replace it with a long-range view that recognizes the spiritual and cultural. Again, Putin has done this.

    Putin, hated by the banksters because he stopped them from dismantling his country and handing it over to dual-citizen grifters, sodomites and Pussy Rioters, has also crossed the banksters by warning the West (repeatedly) that it is undoing itself with bankster-inspired multiculturalism and social decomposition (i.e., state-sponsored faggotry, which entails the culling of their own populations to make room for those fecund and fertile new arrivals from south of the border).

    Putin evidently feels a real responsibility to be a good steward and protector of his patrimony, unlike Obama, who utterly loathes the nation he pretends to rule.

    Please, break the bank, Russia. Hit ’em where it hurts. Hit ’em good.

    • anon says:

      Well said, Ahab. Excellent comment!

    • Marvin says:

      Vladimir Putin, now in full control of Russia as Prime Minister, wishes to build a strong Christian nation. In a televised Christmas message on January 7, 2008 Putin said:

      “Out Of Chaos: Comes Dead Conspirators!”


      WHEN PUTIN WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT of Russia in 2000, Russia was bankrupt. The nation owed $16.6 billion to the Rothschild-run International Monetary Fund while its foreign debt to the Rothschild-controlled Paris & London Club Of Creditors was over 36 billion dollars.

      But Putin took advantage of the current boom in world oil prices by redirecting a portion of the profits of Russia’s largest oil producer Gazprom so as to pay off the country’s debt. The continual surge in oil prices greatly accelerated Russia’s capacity to restore financial sovereignty.

      By 2006 Putin had paid off Russia’s debt to the Rothschilds. Russia’s financial dependence on the Mafia financiers was now over. Putin could then establish what became his Russian Unity Party’s campaign slogan: Putin’s Plan Means Victory For Russia!

      This slogan continues to make the New World Order Bankers very nervous…


      “Any fourth grade history student knows socialism has failed in every country, at every time in history. President Obama and his Democrats are either idiots or deliberately trying to destroy their own economy.”

      —Vladimir Putin


      “If minorities prefer Sharia Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law. Russia does not need Minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination”.”

      —Vladimir Putin

  20. Satori says:

    THREE Charts That Prove We’re in a Depression and That the Federal Reserve and Washington Are Wasting Money


    key part of this article ?

    “Indeed, when you account for population growth and the drop in average hours worked per week, the US has created net ZERO jobs in the last five years. Put another way, there has been literally ZERO job growth since the recession “ended.”

    what was that again ?


    “Again, what’s happening in the US is NOT a garden-variety cyclical recession. It is a STRUCTURAL SECULAR DEPRESSION.”

    structural secular depression=paradigm change

    get used to it
    it’s only gonna get worse

  21. Grafique says:

    For those who say “You can’t eat gold”, consider this –

    What if the dollar becomes absolutely worthless, yet economies in Europe and elsewhere remain relatively stable? What if you pull up to the pump and see “134.099” as the price of regular? What if you go into the grocery store and a can of green beans is $59.99?
    The prices of gold and other metals would skyrocket.

    And you’d be left on the sidelines, forced to eat up your stockpiles, because you rejected the idea of gold/silver as a viable prep. And what would you do when your prep stockpiles were gone?

    At “USA Watchdog.com”, Greg Hunter interviews two financial experts per week and posts the interviews. Many of his guests are gold traders. EVERY ONE of them says that it is becoming VITAL for the average American to buy metals.
    These are people who are expert, professional gold/silver traders. They know the metals industry inside and out.

    Right now gold and silver are “on sale”, because once the SHTF, it’ll be too late to get them. The time to get metals is now. There’s even an ad on this website; all you have to do is click it (JM Bullion).

    • Grafique says:

      If a gallon of gas cost $134.099, then an ounce of gold would be worth $48125, assuming the prices inflated at the same rate.

      Gold is REAL money. The only situation I can imagine in which gold would become worthless is in a back-to-the-stone age scenario. In every other situation or combination of situations, gold/silver are essential as REAL money.

      • DumbDude says:

        Who the hell says there will be a gas pump or a grocery store for you to go to? When I am at home with all the food I need, and a loaded gun and 1000s of rounds in each caliber – and you are trying to trade me your gold for my food, I will once again remind you – you can’t eat gold! And, I STILL don’t think it has much intrinsic value. (I won’t be plating any high value electronics or making any fancy watches or jewelry – so I don’t need and will have no use for any freakin’ gold)

        • Archivist says:

          Injections of gold salts are used to treat arthritis.

          Gold is the best material for tooth fillings.

          Gold, throughout history, has been useful for greasing palms.

          If you have a lot of money, gold is useful as a store of wealth until times improve. Why do you think banks and foreign countries are buying as much gold as they can and manipulating the prices down so they can buy even more?

          There are more uses, but being “DumbDude,” you might not understand.

          I guess you’re jealous because you didn’t think to buy gold in the 1970s when it was cheap, and didn’t save any silver back when you could get it from pocket change at face value. Back then, I worked in a store. Every time I heard the telltale ring of a silver coin on the counter, I would swap it out of the register when no one was looking.

          I would rather have a little silver and gold and not need to use it, than to need it and not have it.

          And remember, unless everyone in the world dies, there will be an economy and traders in the future.

          • Feisty Old Broad says:

            My Pop had severe RA…they gave him the gold shots which caused him to have 3 heart attacks in the late 70’s….I personally believe that gold should NOT be injected into the human body.

          • DumbDude says:

            Or maybe I’m bitter because I bought gold at 1900 in 2011 when jim sinclair told me it was goin to 12500? Or maybe I bought in 1980 and waited decades to break even. Or maybe I’m just a guy who realizes I have never needed or used gold for anything in my life – ever. Not once. Nor has my father or any of my friends. I need and use lots of things – many every day. Some I couldn’t live without. Gold ain’t one of ’em.

          • Them Guys says:

            Graf-Alinsky: must have missed it in all his bible thumperings that the bible says about end times days “Their GOLD will be TAKEN from them, and their SILVER they will Throw into the Streets as it too shall NOT help them when that awful day of Wrath comes upon them”….Its even in the favorite and ONLY bible parts graf alinksy seems to read,,,the Old testement books.

            I guess graf-alinsky just preaches the prarts he agrees on or likes better eh.

        • Grafique says:

          I’m sorry dumb dude. Apparently you know better than Jim Sinclair and the other gold experts out there. You just keep right on with your plans and ignore anyone who has the gall to offer any suggestions on how to better survive an economic collapse.

  22. Satori says:

    and more BAD news from the energy sector

    The inevitable demise of the fossil fuel empire


    don’t read the part about shale gas
    unless you really want to ruin your day

  23. Barn Cat says:

    Obama is deliberately pushing Russia and China to dump the dollar. Obama and the globalists who control him want to make sure that the America we know and love will be gone for good. That’s why they’re running the economy into the ground and destroying the dollar.

    Jim Willie reports that Saudi Arabia is about to announce that they’ll sell oil in any currency.

    • Satori says:

      if Saudi does make that announcement it will indeed be
      earth shattering

      the US has been keeping the CORRUPT Saud family in power
      for decades now

      that announcement,if it happens, will be a MAJOR break
      in US/Saudi relations

  24. WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

    Sadly, Putin won’t need to do anything, as long as Obama keeps busy embarrassing himself. Putin is quite fond of the entertainment funny man actually, as it creates quite a conversation propaganda tool in Russia. Russia does not need the Petro Dollar either, and is taking care of Biz behind closed doors. Putin has no problem kicking MC and Visa out of the country also, and will create his own credit card system as he claimed, if the financial threats continue. And this is what we get for electing a community organizer for minorities.

  25. O/T
    war on women started by Hillary

    In Hitlery’s new book it proves she was the first to fire a shot on the war on women

    She describes in her own words how the Obama campaign asked her (billery) to attack Palin so Obama wouldnt take the fall for the attacks
    thus we have the first shot fired by the libs on their war on women right from a “woman” ( i know debatable)

    so hillary is out to screw each and every one of you women..yes even those willing to be stupid enough to vote for her, thats exactly what she is expecting.. that women would be too stupid to see or even understand what she did…hopefully she’s mistaken ?? time will tell

  26. Mr. Wolf says:


    I propose “We” all here designate a few regional rally points for Preppers and Patriots to rally to if their area of the country is False Flag Attacked with Bio-Weapons/Nuclear-Weapons or over run by U.N. foreign troops and martial law.

    I like to suggest Grand Tetons/ Yellowstone National Parks, WY as the first one. It’s perfect shielded and safe. Large horse and Elk herds, plenty of water.

    Not a very big military or law enforcement presence.

    Any suggestions?

  27. eppe says:

    Old, but relevant….

    A little boy goes to his dad and asks, “What is Politics?”

    Dad says, “Well son, let me try to explain it this way:

    I am the head of the family, so call me The President.

    Your mother is the administrator of the money, so we call her the


    We are here to take care of your needs, so we will call you the People.

    The nanny, we will consider her the Working Class.

    And your baby brother, we will call him the Future.

    Now think about that and see if it makes sense.”

    So the little boy goes off to bed thinking about what Dad has said.

    Later that night,! he hears his baby brother crying, so he gets up to check on him.

    He finds that the baby has severely soiled his diaper.

    So the little boy goes to his parent’s room and finds his mother asleep.
    Not wanting to wake her, he goes to the nanny’s room. Finding the door locked, he peeks in the keyhole and sees his father in bed with the nanny. He gives up and goes back to bed.

    The next morning, the little boy say’s to his father, “Dad, I think I understand the concept of politics now. ”

    The father says, “Good, son, tell me in your own words what you think politics is all about.”

    The little boy replies, “The President is screwing the Working Class while the Government is sound asleep. The People are being ignored and the Future is in deep shit.”

  28. Satori says:

    now this is interesting

    With Cantor Down, Which Other Politicians Has Goldman Invested In?


    Cantor was first elected with the help of the Tea Party
    apparently that didn’t bother vampire squid Goldman Sucks
    too terribly much
    as they bought his vote

    wonder how they feel on their return on investment ???

    they’ll just have to buy another politician

  29. Vladimir Putin says:

    I’ve done nothing wrong.
    Washington D.C. and the likes of the
    Federal Reserve has forced me into this position.
    No need to blame Russia or China for the
    United States economical downfall.
    All fingers need to be pointed directly at all of your
    corrupted political leaders.

  30. Scavenger says:

    Before you commit to the idea that O’blamer and Putin are in separate camps on this issue of “de-dollarization”…ask yourself who are the 2 most powerful leaders in the world that would WANT to see the U.S. in financial decline? And don’t forget…

    “I’ll have a lot more flexibility after the election.”

  31. swinging richard says:

    Seems like we had Russia on their knees during the Reagan administration. We let them off the hook and now we will pay for it. Our leaders never learn.

  32. Gonetoolong says:

    Everyone says Obama is a moron, doesn’t know what he is doing. I beg to differ. I think he knows exactly what he is doing. Destroy the US slowly, but surely with a big, fat grin on his face.

  33. Ted Kennedy says:

    I’d sure hate to miss the dance.

    Puk’in better be careful, our semi pro golfer has a pen/phone.

  34. the renegade braveheart says:

    Eppe. I just choked on a snack I was having. The best description of government I’ve ever seen anywhere. You are the best. Keep them coming!

  35. David says:

    Yawn. Call me when there’s a de-dollarization in the US. Now that would be news.

  36. Mr. Wolf says:

    Las Vegas False Flag Shooting: RAW Walmart Video Footage


  37. Mr. Wolf says:

    Start now learning Spanish as Amerika is gone in a few more generations.

    Children’s surge of illegal aliens is overwhelming the southwest border

    Obama’s dreamy promise lures thousands to the border

    This is a mass movement of child immigrants that threatens to transform the nation.

    Children are walking hundreds of miles across a hostile environment with little more than the clothes on their backs, accompanied by neither a parent nor other responsible adult. The numbers of these children making the treacherous journey are much higher than the Obama administration has acknowledged, according to reporting by our Stephen Dinan. The deputy Border Patrol chief, Ronald Vitiello, said in an internal memo on May 30 that border agents caught 40,000 unaccompanied children last year. They expect to apprehend 90,000 children this year, and 142,000 in 2015.

  38. Satori says:

    and a little more on that douche bag Indiana sheriff
    who apparently finds a terrorist every time he lifts
    up his toilet seat

    Indiana sheriff wants military vehicles because “the USA has become a war zone”


    his county has a population of a whole 13,000 and he’s
    taken 5 million dollars of equipment from taxpayers ???

    WTF ???

    the guy is a parasite
    and a paranoid one at that

  39. Derrick says:

    Be ready for food prices to go even HIGHER!

    Your dollar bills are steadily devaluing.

    You are about see the price of food and other goods go SKY-HIGH!

    You are in the ECONOMIC COLLAPSE.

    The full-collapse is coming fast!

    Better stock-up on FOOD & NECESSITIES now!

  40. KY Mom says:


    “We are not gullible enough to believe thousands came without aid and assistance.”

    “An organization of former Border Patrol agents Wednesday charged that the federal government, under the administration of President Obama, is deliberately arranging for a flood of immigrant children to arrive in America for political purposes.

    “This is not a humanitarian crisis. It is a predictable, orchestrated and contrived assault on the compassionate side of Americans by her political leaders that knowingly puts minor illegal alien children at risk for purely political purposes,” said the statement released by officials with the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers.”

    wnd dot com

  41. PO'd Patriot says:


    Frig the oil….best see to it that you can heat your home this winter with wood and store enough for your vehicles.

    • Mr. Wolf says:

      this makes no sense . there are oil tankers stacked up on east coast just sitting there at anchor . and abiotic oil wells replenish themselves when left dormant for a few years . this is a false scarcity .


      Abiotic Oil

      Addressing the theory in circulation that oil is not solely of organic origin, but that there may be another mode of origin as well from deeper in the crust, involving magma.

      Sterling’s Preface:
      There is a substantial body of evidence to support this theory. That does not negate, however, the quest for getting away from dependence on fossil fuels. The greenhouse gasses produced by the burning of such will continue to be a pressing matter that must be addressed.

      Now that the world has achieved a consciousness about how we treat our planet, this news that we are not so far from depleting our oil reserves is a welcome breath of fresh air, removing some of the panic effect that can foster unrest.

      Supporting Evidence, Briefly

      Oil being discovered at 30,000 feet, far below the 18,000 feet where organic matter is no longer found.

      Wells pumped dry later replenished.

      Volume of oil pumped thus far not accountable from organic material alone according to present models.

      In Situ production of methane under the conditions that exist in the Earth’s upper mantle. (PhysicsWeb; Sept. 14, 2004)

  42. River Rat says:

    Be very watchful in the next 30 to 45 days. You will see an all-out assault on guns; it’s going to get very ugly on gun owners. I fear a stray shot will be fired that just may start it all, look they are not ready yet for that to happen, and we are not either. Forget about the dollar, worry about WATER, FOOD, and PROTECTION! The fuse is starting to smoke, and soon it will start to burn. Just be watchful. From the bank of the river.

    River Rat at the ready!!! ENOUGH, but be WATCHFUL!

  43. River Rat says:

    AZ. and TX. should load them all (children) on buses and let them off in DC. Enough said.

    River Rat at the ready!!!

  44. Mr. Wolf says:

    wtf… it gets worse…

    The New Dumping Grounds
    The administration quietly redistributes illegal aliens through military bases.

    A source tipped me off last week to a curious occurrence: It seems that two planeloads of illegal aliens were recently shipped to Massachusetts. The first reportedly landed at Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford. According to my tipster, approximately 160 illegal immigrants arrived on that flight and stayed nearly a week before being transferred to a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) site and then released.

  45. The FRN is created from nothing and will go back to nothing. Debt based banking makes slaves of the common man…

    “Banking was conceived in inequity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them with the ability to create money and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the costs of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.”

    Sir Josiah Stamp
    Director of the BOE in 1928…thought to be the wealthiest man in England at the time.

  46. Gonetoolong says:

    OFF TOPIC here, but I am about to invest in some precious metals again. What do you guys think of the DPMS LR-308 rifles? I am looking at an 18 inch heavy barrel.

    • ShootShovelShutup says:

      The trigger on one I shot “stacked” badly (trigger effort increased as trigger was pulled.) A replacement two-stage trigger from Brownell’s ($100) greatly increased accuracy and “shootability.” The LR-308 seems to have good quality workmanship, and seems to be dependable, in my limited experience with it.

  47. Vicky says:

    Oh, great! A stand-off between a dedicated, competent leader and Obama. Guess who is going to win? I just hope he takes it easy on us while burying Obama and Washington DC as deeply as possible. Also making a special hole for the Piglosi.

  48. DiegoSchmidtnaheVeraCruz says:

    Good for the Russians.

    A nation declares economic war with you. You have the option of settling your international trades in any of several currencies. Do you continue to use the currency of your adversary, to their advantage and your disadvantage. Do you continue to leave your assets where your adversary can steal them? If you are rational, you don’t.

    I see the Russian move as eventually good for us. Federal Reserve Notes are debt instruments backed by hot air. They are a device by which the power elite controls us.

    For example, inflation isn’t magic nor is it a force or nature. It is simply the government, through a privileged private bank, stealing from all of us. The Fed rewards its cronies with early access to created from thin air money, which penalizes the rest of us.

    It isn’t like regulars here haven’t had a good year + to get out of financial institutions and put your assets into things that are real. The sooner the Federal Reserve is decapitated the freer we 99 percent are going to be.

    Fractional reserve banking is the local expression of Rothschild’s “I don’t care who writes the laws so long as I control the money.”

    There is no necessary reason why free men and women have to submit to a government monopoly on legal tender. Why needs there be a legal tender law in the first place? Why can’t two competent, consenting adults trade via any medium they both recognize as valuable?

    If they control how your wealth is defined, and how you can trade, they control you.

    So good for the Russians.

  49. TheGuy says:

    Welp, we’re f**ked…

  50. KANIKA says:






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