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Humor: Montana Releases Map Of All Gun Owners

Mac Slavo
November 11th, 2013
Comments (185)
Read by 57,721 people

The State of Montana, inspired by the recent release of home addresses of gun owners in New York, has followed suit.

Locations of firearms throughout the state are marked in red:




Rumors suggest that mounting pressure in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Oklahoma and Texas will soon lead to those states releasing gun ownership maps of their own…

Editor’s Note: Sometimes we like to be funny and playful here at SHTFplan. Hopefully you found this as humorous as we did. Hattip Red Leader.


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Author: Mac Slavo
Views: Read by 57,721 people
Date: November 11th, 2013

Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.


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  1. TXGranny says:

    I’ve had a copy of the Texas map saved on my computer for almost a year! Could even pick out my location…not!!! lol

    • John Q. Public says:


      The levity is most welcome.

      • Facebook Page says:

        I was able to do some volunteering (visit the old guys) at the soldiers home today.

        • OutWest says:

          Mac’s parody has a bite to it’s humor…..

          A much improved reason for calling them

          a “red state” instead of useless voting!

          Freedom is not free.

          • I live in a red state. Wyoming.
            I grew up here then went off to work then returned when I retired. The people here are not the same people they used to be. They Call themselves conservatives and republicians, however the political agenda is completely about control and what they can get for themselves and friends. No one else seems to matter. They don’t even listen to the people because the people wont vote for more taxes so they just get the money from the feds. Any candidate must be vetted by the republican party and they just put forth their own cronies and followers.
            It used to be they welcomed business of any type. Today they welcome only big business that generate sales taxes. They aren’t really interested in anyone else.

            • snake eater says:

              sounds like all the states to me


            • Gods Creation says:

              The problem the banksters face is that EVERY state has gun owners throughout. Even those with “gun laws” that would suggest otherwise.

              A freedom loving gun owner will not register their guns or follow those “laws”. They will remain hidden until needed.

              Those who do follow the “gun laws” of the corp will be of no use to those wanting their freedom from it.

              • JayJay says:

                Little info about Kentucky, 🙂

                This is an interesting chart of background checks by state and month:

                We’re third in NICS checks.

                And this from the Brady site:
                KENTUCKY STATE LAWS — Click On Law Below For Details

                Assault Weapons
                Are there limitations on assault weapons? No

                Ballistic Fingerprinting
                Must handguns be ballistic fingerprinted prior to sale? No

                Child Access Prevention – CAP
                Are gun owners held accountable for leaving guns accessible to kids? No

                Child-Safety Locks
                Must locking devices be sold with guns? No

                Childproof Handguns
                Are only authorized users able to operate handguns? No

                Gun Dealer Regulations
                Must gun dealers adhere to state licensing and/or oversight systems? No

                Gun Manufacturer Accountability
                Do cities have authority to hold gun makers legally liable? No

                Gun Show Loophole
                Are background checks required at gun shows? No

                Guns at Work
                Are businesses forced to allow guns in the workplace? Yes

                Guns on College Campuses
                Are colleges/universities forced to allow guns on campus? No

                Juvenile Sale
                Is it illegal to sell handguns to anyone under 21 years of age? No

                Large Capacity Ammunition Magazines
                Are there limitations on large capacity ammunition magazines? No

                License or Permit to Purchase
                Is a license/permit required to buy handguns? No

                Limit Bulk Purchases
                Is there a one-handgun-per-month limit on sales? No

                Limits on Concealed Handgun Permits
                May police limit carrying concealed handguns? No

                Must new semi-automatic handguns be sold with microstamping technology? No

                Preemption – Local Gun Laws
                May municipalities enact law stronger than the state’s? No

                Record Keeping
                May police maintain gun sale records? No

                Are all guns registered with law enforcement? No

                Report Lost/Stolen Guns
                Are firearm owners required to report all lost or stolen guns to law enforcement? No

                Safety Standards
                Are there consumer safety standards on guns? No

                Saturday Night Specials
                Are there limitations on ‘junk’ handguns? No

                Shoot First
                Is deadly force allowed to be a first resort in public? Yes

                Universal Background Checks
                Are background checks required on all gun sales? No

                Waiting Period
                Is there a waiting period on gun sales? No

                Why I like it here. 🙂

            • Anonymous says:

              Typical of the consequences of there being more people than there are jobs, as economic desperation sets in.

          • Paranoid says:

            Actually the land Ted Turner owns should be in yellow

        • Mike says:

          Then you deserve a heart felt thank you

      • Old Gringo says:

        If I didn’t live in California, I’d be laughing too.

      • coloradofarmer says:

        I suppose all we can do is laugh now since they have already won by taking the lead.

    • BigB says:

      You very funny man Mac.


      • Anonymous says:

        To quote Larry the cable guy:
        That there is funny, I don’t care what anyone says!

      • Ghostrighter says:

        To quote Larry the cable guy:
        That there is funny, I don’t care what anyone says!

      • Be informed says:

        That worthless BO and the rest of the miserable anti-gunners BETTER take this humor REAL seriously if these MF’S EVER try to destroy the 2nd Amendment. Looking down the barrel of some true patriots and defenders of the Constitution. Truly the STRONG HOLDS of freedom left in a country being poisoned by the european slime of those taking away people’s right to self defense.

        Long live Montana, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Texas. Don’t tread on any of these states medusa feinsteinless, frankenstein kerry, BO or any other scum walkers that want to piss on all the freedoms guaranteed to all Americans, DON’T even think about it.

      • The VOICE from the Outer World says:


        Howdy B!

        Wassup Bro? Indeed, JOG say, “Hmmmm….HUMOR…GOOOOD!!”

        as always, done as Boris Karloff in ‘Frankenstein’…


        • Be informed says:

          @ JustOneGuy. At first I laughed at this, then I really became extremely upset that this should ever be a problem that any of us should ever even joke about the shear importance of the 2nd Amendment. When I think of some good honest person that lives their life without bothering anyone, harming no one, having to worry about the f’en POS anti-gunners making them a target for simply owning a firearm to protect themselves and their families it set me off.

          It is these asshats that get into the faces of everyone and suffocate them like a boa constrictor wrappped around them with laws ONLY meant to control and enslave. Then these buttheads bitch about their freedoms being infridged on. Yet it is perfectly OK to take away people’s rights to defend themselves by restricting all sorts of firearms, taxing ammo, banning non lethal stun devices, putting limits even on the concentration of pepper spray and how much. I like humor, but it is not funny the absolute tyranny that the government is planning and has been laying the foundation to do to all of us.

          I really enjoyed the cleverness of this, then it hit me like a sand bag what the rape of our most cherished freedoms is going to be attempted soon by these slime and sadly it was not funny anymore. All I could think of is how totally GRATEFUL I am that there are still these FREE ZONES such as Montana, that preserve our rights not only as Americans but human beings.

          • OutWest says:

            Be informed

            It really is a ‘coming of age’ experience

            when we all become acutely aware enough to

            discern the irony in a humorous situation.

          • braveheart says:

            BI, good morning and I have to agree. I am no less alarmed about the map than you are. I know Mac means the best in the world and this was only meant as satire, but Mac, I cannot in good conscience laugh at this. These are the lives of good people that are being discussed here. this is something that can get people killed for no good reason. If someone were to come up with a map of where ALL THE GUN GRABBERS LIVE, you can just imagine the outrage from the MSM and gun control lobby. On the other hand, what do the gun grabbers expect when they always state what evil intentions they have toward us? Do they not believe, “what goes around comes around”? I’m sure they have families just like we do. Let one, just one antigun family suffer a home invasion with the usual atrocities that take place. If they survive it, let’s see what kind of song they would be singing then. Maps do work more than one way. braveheart

          • Outlaw says:

            Despite the humor, it pisses me of likewise, that we are to the point of satire like this.

        • Anonymous says:

          Sounds more like the Cookie Monster, JOG…

    • Snapdragon says:

      Oh!!! That was soooo good Mac!!! Thanks for the chuckle!

    • possee says:


      Try living where the “shot heard round the world” is.

      Total licensed FID/LTC combined . 280,00O
      (source GAO..2012)

      Total population 2012… 6,600,000

      bluer than blue
      sadder than sad


      • braveheart says:

        Good morning, Possee. You have my deepest sympathy living in Communist Massachusetts. braveheart

      • TXGranny says:

        possee – you’re welcome to join us in TX anytime!! I’d welcome you to my neck of the woods, for sure!!

        My son finally found the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and got married in Sept. I heartily approved of his choice – she’s a jewel…and her dad owns the best local gun shop in town!!!!!!! Folks after my own heart!!! 😉

      • The Old Coach says:

        My sympathies also. And I was born in Boston. Family tree goes all the way back to the Pilgrims. But after WW2 the state of MA was inundated with outsiders, attracted by the higher education concentration, and they changed everything. No appreciation at all for what our history meant. Only out for themselves.

        Left MA in 1977. Lived in RI for a while, but fled the Northeast entirely for the last time in 1993.

        I knew some Iron Curtain escapees when I was young. (Hungarian revolt in ’56). Now I know how they must have felt, with no possibility of returning to their home.

    • JayJay says:

      {{{Rumors suggest that mounting pressure in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Oklahoma and Texas will soon lead to those states releasing gun ownership maps of their own}}}

      Texas released theirs last was solid red too!! 😉

    • Plumbum, the new gold says:

      That definitely appeals to my dark sense of humor…I am somewhat saddened, though, that my home state is not listed…Alaska. It would seem, from my experience, that folks here are judged not by the number of firearms that they have, but rather the number of safes required to hold them all. We may not have a huge population, but heaven help any anti-gun types that attempt to even start talking smack up here. We’re the most likely to be cut off from civilization due to any number of disasters, all of which have happened in recent memory, from the ’64 earthquake to volcanoes and tsunamis, to loss of power, etc. You have to be ready ALL of the time here, or you’re bear bait. It is a way of life, not a real choice, at least if you have any expectation of living past the first week or so of a disaster, not to mention a full blown implosion of sanity due to the current administration (hell, most, if not all administrations, for that matter. This one just happens to take the cake and didn’t leave any crumbs…they’re all rats in DC). Go ahead, color AK solid…we’re ready for what is coming. At least it is too cold here for FEMA to have any sort of a presence, due to their lack of preparedness (well, for now, anyway)…Keep your head on a swivel and be prepared (and be ready to take in those that need your help…the elderly, our disabled vets and families, etc. It is our duty as TRUE Americans)…Plumbum

  2. Patriot babe says:

    Haha! I needed that laugh. Thanks! Now if we can just turn more states that way.

    • Shooternv says:

      NV is probably next. We have been invaded by CA voters

      • JustMe says:

        They come to Oregon too, but they bring their stupid with them…

        • gone under says:

          Oregon voted Obama Twice. and has who? for senators. CCW permits? Libs invaded Oregon a long time ago. Just like CA. remember CA had RR as gov and was conservative at one time.

          • gone under says:

            I think most people miss the point that “free stuff” produces a lazy class that votes Democrat and demands more “stuff”. The 30+ million Illegal mexicans all vote democrat so they become eligible for “free stuff”. Thats what happened to CA, Oregon, Colorado, Washington and other states. The writing is on the wall for the remainder of states that are generous with the “entitlements”. Look at the welfare/assistance maps of the USA. The ones with the highest $$$$ of benefits, are the lib states with the most Illegals and fucking lazy trash (regardless of color).

            • WaroftheRoses says:

              I am quite proud to live in Montana and our entitlements are not generous.

            • Red Hoosier State says:

              gone under says:

              So far the State of Indiana has stood by the Pro Gun owners.

              One thing I don’t understand; How can any illegal immigrant be allowed to VOTE in any kind of election? And “if” Obama and the ones who are upholding what he is getting away with, does give them amnesty, how and who is going to support all of them? Our Jobs are gone from this country, THANKS to Government Regulations. We are forced to buy junk made in China, a Communist country ?? Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised after what I have seen and lived through in the last 50 years. Some real unbelieveable crap in our Government, and those elected to speak for the American people. That died 50 years ago too.
              I think Obama & those in cahoots with him KNOW that WE THE PEOPLE are not going to give up our guns without a fight. A real Civil War, but not anything like the one in 1861-1865. Thats why he is Arming these Special Forces to combat us. FEMA camps to put older people and those who go against him, in to rot and die. Its time to bring our Troops home from Afganistan, Iraq and where ever else they are at. We have NEVER had any reason to go to War over there anyway. That was all for George Bush, Dick Cheney & Donald Rumsfeld-they are the ones who REALLY profited from this War-MONEY,GREED,REVENGE and LIARS.
              If I ever vote again it will be Independent, for these Government people are all in this together. The only two that I see actually trying to fight for our Constitutional Rights and the American People is Rand Paul, and possibly Ted Cruz. Our Congress (the U.S. House of Representatives) are the body that has the power to Impeach the President, Holderman, Reid, Pelosi and take Biden with them. They have plenty on the President, (TYRANNY, TREASON, AIDING AND ABETTING THE ENEMY, MURDER, UNLAWFUL ACTS ABOVE THEIR RIGHTS OF OFFICE, ACTS AGAINST OUR CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS), a lot more than they EVER had on Nixon, on grounds to Impeach. And they can also get off their duffs and REPEAL Obamacare.

              All I can add is: GOD BLESS AMERICA, ITS CITIZENS, OUR MILITARY.

        • islander says:

          they took over Oregon in the 70’s . bought out all the small farms and ranches I hunted on as a kid and then posted no trespassing signs on it . I moved to Alaska to escape the stupidity and what do ya know , now its creeping in here too .

      • Hammerun says:

        Are they the ones that voted for Harry Reid?

        • John W. says:

          Reids son is in charge of the voting machines. What could go wrong?

        • VegasJim says:

          Yep. Unfortunately most of those mouth breathing Kalifornians are here working for the unions (the ones that actually do work that is) in Vegas. That leaves me up a creek without a paddle. Not much we can do in a SHTF situation. Only two roads into the valley and high desert in all directions. All I can hope for is for it to happen in the winter time. The rest of the year were screwed.

          • pissinwiththewind says:

            Same problem here on the East Coast state of North Carolina. The yankee libtards come here with their supremacy attitudes and pro-union liberalized agenda and cause the Tarheel to become a majority demtard voting state.

            Don’t get me wrong, I have a few good friends here that are yankees and I am not prejudice towards yankees until i get to know them. The problem is that almost ninety percent are liberal assholes and think they can come in and run over the locals that have generations of ancestrial lands here.

            The pro abortion/homosexual agenda, along with the gun grabbers, is not the basis of the native Carolinian cluture and ideology. Just because the state’s name begins with “North” it draws the idiots from up north, along with their liberal votes.

            Look how fucked up Florida is. Why? Liberal yanks go there to retire. But they don’t just retire they cause a lot of confusion and have a way of imposing their big city ways on the natives.

            OK. I vented.


            • Hoopster says:

              I agree with everything you say. I am too a NC native and we have been nearly overrun with new development. Most of our new neighbors are military -related and are good citizens. There have been others that have moved here from the north and are already trying to change things. We are a red state with many gun owners and its been that way always. Now we are hearing complaints from new citizens that ”hearing gunfire from the range is scary to us” and are going to the county trying to get gun ranges closed, ones that have been around for generations. I pray that our wonderful North State will remain”southern”.

            • slingshot says:


              Closet Yankee’s!

              They do come and destroy Southern Culture.
              When they complain about things I tell them that the interstate, busses and planes still go North.

              Feed them all to the gators.

              • OutWest says:

                I hear ya, guys

                But I have many Southern friends that I would

                proudly share my foxhole with when the SHTF.

                They invite me on their hunts and I would do

                anything for them. Though I’m a northerner,

                they call me an honorary Southerner.

          • snake eater says:

            then you and friends need to be the ones controlling those roads don’t ya think?????at least one of them


      • European American says:

        That invasive species started infecting Washington State back in the late 80’s. Now, the west side is nanny state blue instead of evergreen.

      • MX Mike says:

        Litmus test for stupid; pick up the phone book and look under “A” for attorney. I moved to NW Arkansas 25 years ago to escape the idiots in Ca. At that time, there were two (2) pages full of them…… there are now 25+! All the other “migrants” brought their BS with them. Running out of places to get away from these people………

      • mike prince says:

        Nevada next? I don’t think so. The Ca voters that are coming your way are sick of Ca. laws. They sure are not coming for the weather .

      • Vincent says:

        Are you getting an influx of illegal immigrants to work for the big casinos in Vegas and Reno, too? That would explain how Harry Reid got elected! The busses roll from poll to poll, and the amigos/amigas vote early and often.

  3. Jim Bob says:

    Awesome! Wish all states were solid RED! Thanks!

  4. Ugly says:

    I don’t care what they think anymore. They have ruined America; we just have to figure what the future holds.

    How about a map where all the illegal voters reside.

    I have rocks in back of truck. Any map of all rock throwers?

    • gone under says:

      About 20 years ago Red states were the Democrats and Blue was the Republicans. The Media changed the color designation to avoid making the dems look like Red commies. This is a fact YOU can look up.

  5. Sierra Dave says:

    America is where it’s at because good Americans have been busy working and just living their lives. Not realizing that for over 100 years. Bad people have been slowly subverting our government and financial system.

    Good people don’t think like criminals and Communists and Socialists.

    If I could go back in time. I’d explain to the founders why we need a secret society that quietly eliminates these threats. Is that Constitutional? No. But they are working to eliminate the Constitution and possibly round us up into internment camps for re-education or death.

    • Hunter says:

      Good point, Dave!

      ..but if one views their progress to date thru ‘Snonden’s eyes per his evidence’, I’d say their ultimate goal, is to turn the entire country into one giant GULAG!

      ..I cannot remember who said it(some famous author) but his quote goes thus:

      -The only thing necessary for EVIL to TRIUMPH is, for good men to do NOTHING!-

    • old guy says:

      re-education? I think not. Ya cant teach an old dog new tricks.

  6. Where TF is NinaO on the map?

  7. chaz says:

    It’s a function of how messed up things are that before I actually saw the map, I believed that Montana had done this and I was pissed beyond belief. You can’t even know what’s real and what’s not anymore….

  8. SmokinOkie says:

    That’s funny as all get out!
    (does anybody still use that phrase any more?)

    Latest word is that Santa is heading straight from Montana to Miami on Christmas eve. And he’s packing! Y’all better behave!

    By the way, I’m conducting a highly unscientific poll:
    How many want a reprint of the yule-time classic ‘The Night Before Kwanzaa’? Some think it’s a bit too racist (even for rednecks). Others liked it. What do y’all think? Deal or no deal?

    • Ugly says:


      I’d vote, but too busy building a cave as we speak. I am on Mount Putnam, just east of Pocatello, at elevation 8610 feet.

      Coordinates– N 42d 57’06.82″
      W 112d 09’56.46″

      I have a great view of the world. I can capture any and every radiowave passing by. I can see comet Ison with the eyeball. I see drones and other stuff too. When I hear something here of interest, I will pass it along to all truckers on I-15 so they can get the word out and warn others.

      My wife didn’t come with me this time. Not sure why?

      But no worries, I have over 600 bags of Mountain House and other companies best freeze dried foods. I am ready for awhile. I even bought 15 of their packages that also has a cookie.

      Shortwave radio comes in really, really good with no interference.

      The Sun has no sunspots–weird.

      When I hear something, I will report.

      • SmokinOkie says:

        Keep up the good work! You are our eyes, ears, nose and throat in the great northwest. (if the Mistress of the Mountain shows up in a white lab coat and says turn and cough, Don’t do it! It’s a trick!) 🙂

      • lastmanstanding says:

        Ugly, hope you have enough water to counteract all of the salt in those Mountain House meals.

        While good every once in a while, they requires to much energy to fabricate and the earth will repel it.

        Funny how everything is getting cheaper…only thing dropping in price right now is gasoline/diesel.

        Why do you suppose that is? IMO, it is the single major item that will keep the masses in line. If mobility is readily available, especially to those who are worthless pos, it will calm them until they are needed for turmoil creation.

        Lets face it, when the price of gas passes $5 dollars a gal. in real places, (not Cal, NY, Ill where billions of fiat money are dumped) tswhtf.

        The cost of energy is a lie right now in the real world.

        Look at the energy (electricity, gas, diesel, ng, propane, coal) that is burned to make energy. Tell me with a straight face and real belief in ones heart that we are far ahead in this game.

        Better be ready to live with alot less (energy)…or none at all.

        Ug, I bet it is beautiful up there…for now.

        peace brother.

        • RickInOregon says:

          Gas always drops in price around the holiday shopping season and then rises shortly after. The lower gas prices makes people fill better and they will go deeper in debt to buy gifts.

        • You’re right…and people will certainly wake up to this fact within the next five years (probably sooner) when the tight oil and shale NG peter out.

          In the coming collapse, if someone wants to barter with me for chickens, eggs, veggies or any stored food, they will need gas, diesel. ammo, grain or auto batteries. No silver or gold wanted. It will be a useless relic to me in a collapse situation.

      • old guy says:

        be careful ya don’t fall off that a long way to the bottom!

      • gone under says:

        Got Rasberry Crumble?

    • braveheart says:

      Good morning, SmokinOkie. I’ve never heard of “The Night Before Kwanzaa”. I’ll vote for it right now. braveheart

  9. MadAtchew says:

    You pulled me right in! Thank God for parody.. I was getting ready to rumble! I’m still laughing…of course, not for long the way things are going.

    Stay strong, keep preppin’!

    Don’t breathe any fog, don’t play in any rain, and don’t forget to lock the gate…

  10. Kulafarmer says:

    For a minute there when i first clicked the article link i was going,, what the hell! Montana?!
    Then i saw the mag, good chuckles

    • Kulafarmer says:

      Map, fat fingers

    • Canadian Vet says:

      I almost had a WTF moment there too, especially since a few years back a newspaper did a Freedom of Information request to our Chief Firearms Officer’s office at the RCMP and published a map and description of lawfully owned firearms in each postal code. At least they were kind enough to leave out the names and addresses of gun owners…

  11. Dragonstalon1001 says:

    Thank you for the Illustration…South Carolina’s map will be coming out as well…but instead it will pinpoint those who are “Known Gun Grabbers” to make it easier for the thieves to identify the “Easy pickings” where they won’t get shot. I believe there is a total of 5 little white dots : )

    I pity the idiot that tries to break into my place…they’ll be leaving in a Body Bag!! Either that or I could use the wood chipper to chop em up and then as fertilizer added to the compost pile…I haven’t decided yet.


    Two words. SINGLE ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I love Montana, and the states angry man profile looking west.

    • Mountain Trekker says:

      y99 it always looked like Nixon to me. I also Love Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Nothing quite like true wilderness, I live in Wy. cause it’s the closest one to all my family, which lives in Mo. “Si vis pacem, para bellum” Trekker Out.

  14. peter parker says:

    Too funny. I, like most, had a WTF moment. I clicked on the article, saw the red state map, had my “aha” moment and LOL! Thanks MAC, I have always believed that humor is a force multiplier. Good one.

  15. Man on the inside says:


  16. RickInOregon says:

    I thought Montana was smarter than that, what did they do, promise an obama saddle for everyone that registered their firearm? How could you people fall for that, I bet that saddle was made in China. You get what you deserve. Just make sure that when TSHTF that you don’t come to Massachusetts or Maryland for a bug out location.

  17. Slowpoke66 says:

    AWESOME Mac. thanks.

  18. Sick of it all says:

    A red state cool. To bad the Gov’t owns 30% of state land actually they are 70% red.

  19. Merree says:

    Given that some of the areas on that map probably have more livestock than people, I am wondering if Montana is now arming their cattle? Or is the wildlife becoming armed? Support our rights to arm bears!

  20. Lake Monster says:

    As a Montanan, I enjoyed this post. Thank you 😉

  21. The VOICE from the Outer World says:


    THAT was – Mac – the proverbial ‘Good One’…wholly unexpected, unlooked for…well done indeed, A “Gotcha’ as it were. 🙂

    Good Evening Everyone..or morning as the case may be,

    On the Solar front things continue to slowly ‘swing’ back to a state not seen since latest 2011, Spring 2012.

    To wit; Frequently I here mention the “Penticton Solar flux’ measurement…with some regularity. It might have occurred to some here to ask the question, “Why?”

    The answer to that is simple and illuminating as well. Radio frequency emissions – unlike any of the higher reaches of the spectra of emissions from any luminous, radiating body – are “long-wave” in character, by comparison to. This has several implications, the first of which is that these tend to be broadcast almost perfectly spherically from any region emitting such and also that these are easily ‘refracted’ in and through various other materials…such as the Coronasphere around the Sun. In the case of X-rays, if any emitting region is JUST beyond the edge of the Solar limb at the moment that it effects an emission then there is LITTLE ‘coronal scattering’ of the emitted energy, ie, we ‘see’ a much lower flux measurement HERE than we would have if that had occurred WITHIN the range of the terrestrial LOS (Line of Sight). It is also the case that radio is LITTLE attenuated by it’s passage through both the Corona and the interplanetary medium as well, unlike X-ray which IS severely attenuated… “absorbed” in the Solar gases though which it passes.

    What this boils down to it that – on balance – since the Sun is a nearly perfect radiator – for whom the associated emission curve is WELL-DEFINED, then the simple act of measuring the flux – regularly – serves to provide us with a rather simple, reliable source of information as to the Sun’s ACTUAL pattern of activity, it’ average TOTAL EMISSIONS over time.

    THAT SAID, this evening’s posting over at, of the CURRENT ‘monthly running average’ – which exist at the bottom of the page, along with other pertinent information in tabular form…is, well, ‘Suprising’

    Stopping over there to look, please NOTE the LEAD figure in the column which heads the list of Solar flux figures…THEN look down – all the way to the bottom of the column – at the last figure there given.

    Each of the preceding figures listed there is the tabulated value averaged over the entire month with which it is associated…the last figure is that derived ONLY from the days thus far elapsed this month…alone.

    The final figure in the column is LARGER than any that has occurred since the FIRST figure listed therein… which IS the actual Solar cycle MAXIMUM thus far observed during this cycle…occurring in November of 2011.

    The appearance of 11895 yesterday around the Eastern limb WILL continue to drive the listed figure UP, as will also the trailing regions which yet remain occulted by the edge of the Eastern limb (which are not yet visibly within our earthly LOS). 11895 is LARGE, already being assigned an areal value of in excess of 800 SM, which is HIGH for any region listed thereon through this cycle AT THIS EARLY a STAGE of visibility; and Yes, it is VERY difficult to accurately GAUGE area when a spot group has first rotated into view…NOAA ALWAYS radically underestimates this figure, at this stage of viweing…the first 48 hours, cause; unknown.

    THIS now ‘observed FACT….constitutes a definitive ‘inflection point’ in the observed trend to diminishing Solar activity, which has been the entire observed PATTERN thereof for roughly a year at this point; ergo, the trend is NOW clearly increasing; Both Potsdam and Penticton are listing this evening’s flux measurement figure’s as AGAIN above the 160 SFU level…and this WILL climb over the following days as 11895 brings to bear a fuller influence on our Earthly instrumentation. As well, yesterday, 11895 emitted a low level M-class flare, hence…it IS AWAKE and active.

    Put simply here: THIS is what you POINT to to say to someone, “See, it’s getting HIGH again; Solar is INCREASING…NOT decreasing” at this point. This is not a simple random fluctuation in output, we’ve seen dozens of those over the last year+; this AIN’T one of those; this IS different.


    PS: @ Merree here,…”Arming the cattle?”, a stellar notion methinks, then they too can defend themselves against ‘Liberals’, it’s ONLY ‘fair’ after all; I LIKE IT. 😉

  22. Greeting from Arizona. One of the reddest states out there.

  23. The VOICE from the Outer World says:


    Ummm, just before retiring for this Eve, I chanced to stop over to take a look at the latest available imaging so as to ‘keep tabs’ on 11895,

    I don’t think 11895 is our ‘problem’ anymore….

    On downloading the imaging, I noted immediately that an unexpected ‘smudge’ appeared in the HMID (Doppler) plate appearing where we expect NOAA 11875 to return to our LOS, RIGHT at the uttermost, eastern edge of the Solar disk. Puzzled, I compared that exact region with the same region on the HMIB(C) (Magnetic) plate and was ‘perturbed’.

    An INTENSE region, already showing STRONG magnetic potential is JUST coming into view at this time thereat …which can be none other than 11875. The reason this – as it is – is so striking is this; First, it is seldom the case that ANY region at this oblique of an angle to our LOS APPEARS at all in associated HMID imaging AT THIS POINT ‘in it’s transit’. Second, this state of affairs IS validated by by the current magnetic’s available for much the same reason. USUALLY, any spot group very near to EITHER edge of the face of the Solar disk APPEARS ‘washed-out’ in terms of the chroma component of the image; WHAT is seen NOW as 11875 is exactly at the edge of visibility on the Eastern limb is VERY CLEARLY ‘colored’, hence of HIGH MAGNITUDE…. possibly VERY HIGH.

    I have not seen such as this in years; be so warned.

    Also, were that not enough, the initial appearance of 11875 possibly indicates that it is VERY LARGE as well; possibly large as, OR LARGER than either 11895 or 11890….evaluated from long experience at judging such.

    Some few days ago there WAS unusual activity noted in the ‘rolling’ SECCHI ‘movie’ imaging back along behind the limb…THIS may have been from where that originated.

    Thus, without ANY hyperbole here: Be so ADVISED…


  24. Buzzfix says:

    Lmfao. That’s Alotta guns!

  25. I LOVE IT!!! A stroke of genius Mac 🙂 Thanks for the humor 🙂

  26. Now if we could get the rest of BO’s 57 states all painted Red, now that would be Hilarious !…..especially Kalifornia, and New York


    why is there a 6 time felon out fucking with us citizens?

    whos the judge who allowed this ass out? and the prosecutor?

    why are these “kids” in trouble and not the 6X felon?

    seriously rediculous..fuck this campus and this school and the legal system for allowing this predator out on the streets with us

  28. Basstard says:

    Ha!!!! It took me a second but now I get it.. 6:00 AM i’m a little slow

  29. Infidel says:

    I would love my state to release that type of info. It’s my wet dream to let all anti-gunners and criminals know that they will die an unwelcome death at my doorstep.

  30. newbee says:

    I hate to admit this but I live in the commie state of Ma, If it wasn’t for the family business I would move my family to a red state that being said a selectman in the area wants gun safety enforced. He wants to give local police the authority to come into our homes at anytime to do a safety inspection. I am assuming this guy would be on the list that a lot of you guys talk about.

    • Miss DeeDee says:

      Imagine how your forefarther Patriots of the Lexington / Concord area would feel about that proposal.I can almost visualize all of them with a cringe on their faces and spite in their eyes.
      If you think things are bad now , Just what will it be like if Hillary is elected and she replaces Holder with Devall Patrick.
      A WBZ ongoing poll has the proposal for the illegal search and saftey inspections overwhelmingly disapproved.
      Maybe there is hope for your Commonwealth.
      — Miss DeeDee

  31. SugarHoneyIceTea says:

    That is HILARIOUS, Probably true, but HILARIOUS…

  32. Pioneer Woman says:

    Fabulous fun. Thanks for the belly laugh!

  33. Nina'os lil brother says:

    I heard that all those red states get drone splatter then
    Fancy mraps and blue helmets… No thanx . At least the
    Sheep are unarmed around here.. Gonna make things
    Real smooth come day 60 or so.. You can talk trash on
    Cali all you want but most of the commies that were here
    Left I see their prius’s all over the redoubt 🙂 hey Nina
    You might wanna bug out down here. If you get a tan
    And speak Spanish its no probelemo…

  34. GIJOEL says:


  35. Miss DeeDee says:

    When I first read the headline of today’s article I wondered why Mac would have published such dangerous information to the legal gun owners of Montana.
    When I opened the site and looked at the map I was a face full of smile.
    Must admit , I had my tail pulled this time.
    Thanks Mac
    — Miss Dee Dee

  36. None of us would have guns if not for the Chinese.

    I believe they invented “gunpowder”. They were so dumb they only used it in fireworks.

    We, on the other hand, know that the only intelligent use of gunpowder is for killing people.

  37. Geralt says:

    When they did this in New York for real, that was one of my thousands of breaking points to convince myself to move out of that state. It was the best choice I made in my entire life.

  38. maddog says:

    There may be more guns in Montana than you would expect. See attached:

  39. maudy fricket says:

    Maudy was considering moving to Montana. She has a friend in Darby. Do they still have a drought?

  40. Unreconstructed Southron says:

    Would be nice it that were true. But since almost half the state voted for some BO, there’s got to be some black holes of ignorance in that map somewhere.

  41. WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

    BRAVO MAC!!!!!

  42. SmokinOkie says:

    Montana is without a doubt, the most.. the absolutely… hands down it’s the… biggest state of the lower 48. Well, except for California (and that doesn’t count) And I mean that with all my heart.

    It’s so big you could put three Oklahomas in it, and have room left over for a FEMA camp or two. It’s plenty big enough to get lost in. I once spent a day and a half on a cloverleaf in Billings…. just lookin’ for the damned on ramp!
    Plus, Montana is a very playful state. Tons of smiling deer and elk… just waiting for some hunter to bust a cap on ’em. (No, Mr game warden, I don’t have a license. But he was just askin’ for it! I mean, look at that grin!)
    I went wading in the Clark Fork River last year. Had a student driver with me and we kept crossing that same river, over and over, heading east on I-90. Finally, I said, ‘I’ve been wanting to go wade in that creek yonder for quite a spell. And, doggone it! Today’s the day.’ I hit the next exit as he looked at me, sorta puzzled.
    “Are you serious?! Just stop the truck and go wade out in the river?”
    ‘Why not?’ I asked as I pulled onto the graveled spot at the end of the ramp, ‘Fun is where you make it. Just wish I’d brought a fishin’ pole.’
    By the time I got my shoes off and rolled up my pants legs, he was half way out in the river, shouting, “Careful, okie, these rocks are slippery! Man! This water is cold! Yee Haa!”
    He still calls me now and then. And we always mention the Great Wade Of 2012. Sometimes, the spontaneous moments are the most memorable….

    • Anonymous says:

      Marie asked me to meet her in Montana, but Dan beat me to it.

    • Pissed Off Granny says:

      And Smokin wasn’t that the most pristine beautiful water you could ever hope to see? Was the last time I was there.

    • The VOICE from the Outer World says:


      Aye..Your a BRAVER Man than I Senor Smokin! In ’96 I strolled acoss a tiny ‘wee creek coming down off the pass at the Road to the Sun, in Glacier/Waterton in Montana…

      …about up to my ankles. After 9 steps steps I COULDN’T FEEL my feet anymore in the 37 degree water…and it occurred to Me that I had – perhaps – committed an ‘Ooops’.
      T’ain’t doin that AGAIN anytime soon!

      How goes it Friend? Been a while, hope you and yours are safe,…and hale.


      • SmokinOkie says:

        Howdy JOG! Hope all is well at your place. Yes, the water gets a might cold up there. But it’s sooo clear and inviting. Brad, (co-driver) and I had a blast. Just playing like a couple of kids. Skipping rocks and splashing around. Almost fell and drenched myself a time or two (which he thought was funny). Plus the scenery is spectacular. Often, it’s those silly, spur-of-the-moment adventures that make the best memories.
        All is good at the Casa de Smokin. Mrs had some bumps and bruises from an auto accident a month ago, but she’s almost back to 100%. Bless her heart, I still got her on light duty, working only half days (12 hrs, plus sentry duty at night). Stay well, JOG.

  43. thisTexan has had enough says:

    LOL! I needed a laugh this morning and Mac gave me one-thanks!

  44. I got this in my in-box this morning folks,

    “I actually made it through this morning at 8:00 AM. I have a preexisting condition (Type 1 Diabetes) and my income base was 45K-55K annually. I chose tier 2 “Silver Plan” and my monthly premiums came out to $597.00 with $13,988 yearly deductible!!! There is NO POSSIBLE way that I can afford this so I “opt-out” and chose to continue along with no insurance. I received an email tonight at 5:00 P.M. Informing me that my fine would be $4,037 and could be attached to my yearly income tax return. Then you make it to the “REPERCUSSIONS PORTION” for “non-payment” of yearly fine. First, your drivers license will be suspended until paid, and if you go 24 consecutive months with “Non-Payment” and you happen to be a home owner, you will have a federal tax lien placed on your home. You can agree to give your bank information so that they can easy “Automatically withdraw” your “penalties” weekly, bi-weekly or monthly! This by no means is “Free” or even “Affordable.” Kinda sheds a lot of light on all of the arming and beefing up of arms for all of the domestic departments INCLUDING the IRS now doesn’t it?

    There’s a war coming folks…. I hope you paid up your health care premiums (sarc), or at least stocked up on arms and ammo

    • maudy fricket says:

      It is a tax. They added tens of millions of poor people to our country and decided to give them medical coverage at our expense. There will be 40 million more poor people in ten years and your tax will go up to cover them. The borders are open and this will be never ending.

      • yep ,and it is also trying to cover the cost for the political spending of our Social Security , and the fleecing of Americans, hide the graft and the corrupt spending of OUR money paid into a corrupt system with greedy corrupt jackasses at the helm

        Please also note: that was sent to me, its not a reflection of me seeking O-care.

        I completely get the debacle this shit care will be for all of us

      • AnAngryJew says:

        I agree. The borders need to be closed to mostly everyone except for those who will be beneficial to the economy.

        Although, as I immigrated to this country myself, it makes me hypocritical on some level.

        I would have never left Israel if the government had fully shut their borders and kicked out most of the Muslims living within. Having a Jewish state would be much more peaceful and would ensure our survival. Muslims and all other nationalities and religions can come in as tourists, I have no problem with that, but Israel is only for the majority Jewish culture just like America should only be for the majority American culture (Christians).

    • Gonetoolong says:

      I Despise this Obamacare crap more than most, but I think this has been debunked. They cannot get to your funds unless a refund is due to you. At least not yet. Make sure you OWE at tax season.

    • Emily says:

      @ VRF ~ Thank you for sharing this.
      I don’t have the words right now, this is shocking.
      Nobody in their right mind or the workforce is going to be able to sustain these type of demands. Please keep us posted.

    • The VOICE from the Outer World says:

      Howdy VRF!

      Long time, no …’see’ Brother. Your post dove-tails exactly with an article that Brandon Smith posted over at the ‘Hedge several days ago…one which I am supried did NOT show up here. Perchance did you ‘catch that’ elewhere?

      His premise in that article was that the entire thrust of ‘O-Care’ is beyond simply immossible, therefor,,, he goes on to assert – with a blistering analyis thereof – that WHAT IT IS can not be what is has been represented as being. Instead, it is – in his opinion – a DEVICE – consturcted for the SOLE purpose of engendering a Civil War…

      I KNOW…sounds LUDICROUS, doesn’t it! 😉

      As always Brandon’s specific insight is fascinating. That said, did anyone REALLY belleive that the GOVERMENT could actually DO anything about ‘Health Care’ in this country…one of the most POWERFUL Lobby’s in existence is the AMA ater all.

      Go anywhere else on this Planet and get any procedure done and you’ll pay a FIFTH of what is here charged; our Health Care here is bloated beyond comnprehension and is now little more than system in which an entire generation of rabidly greedy, aspiring Youth entered the Field not to PRACTICE the Healing Art…but instead to make themelves RICH enough to drive Ferrari’a and live in Million-Dollar houses.

      “Hubris’ is defined as over-weening Pride of self that affronts the Gods….coming as it does from the age of Ancient Greece; which ia the ostensible reason that Achilles allowed Paris’s body to be returned to his Father…for fear of invoking that action against himself…’Hubris’.

      In a Country that is – literally- falling apart at the seams, in no small part DUE to the COST of ‘Health Care’ do any of those NOW do involved THINK that thay will not be called to Judgement – in THIS world – in the near Future? The practice of medicine – as has been the case with the Political Sphere and others as well – has fallen into the hands of those MOT UNSUITED to the doing thereof. Instead of High Ideals, we see the relentless PURSUIT of MONEY driven by a greed that is little short of a WANTON LUST to ‘possess’.

      A few decades ago an experiment was run by some Scientists reearching the Brain…you may have heard of this, maybe not. In that experiment, electrodes were hard-wired directly into the ‘Pleasure centers’ of the brains of Rhesus Monkeys…and they were given the CONTROL which would activate that dose of ‘Pleasure’ whenever they so pleased. The outcome seen in ALL cases? DEATH. Those so wired, once having discovered the fullnes of the effect ACTUALLY engaged in that behaviour to the EXCLUION of ALL others….Bypassing FOOD, SEX, everything ELSE. THIS should be taken as what happens when a mono-maniacal fixation develops among primates of any sort…and among Humans, the URGE to POWER and ‘invulnerability is seemingly SUPREME. How does that play into this? Simple; when you HAVE EVERYTHING you could want you HAVE BOTH. Though – in practice – that always comes at the expenese of others, No? This is the basis of the Human capacity to IGNORE the repercussions of ones actions…so long as One’s OWN needs and goals are being SERVED…Eh?

      This thought was rattling around in a less full form in my noggin for long and long ere we departed…but it was central (nonetheless) to the proces of motivating me
      to do as I did.

      This dynamic is now FULLY ingrained in the Psyche’s of those of this Land and will not be rectified by any simple, painless method…now will it? Therefor, though it sink my Soul in the depths of near Total despair to say so; perhaps it IS time for the great ‘Pruning’ to COME; for I now think that only thereby will that dynamic be arrested…when those who are it’s “chattel” are no longer HERE. The ‘infection’ in Society today, now GLOBAL in scope – as viewed in light of the experimant I mention above is simply NOT ‘curable’…not without ‘killing the Patient’ Sorry for my rambling here, this was something in mind that only gelled to full form a bit ago, though all the pieces have been present for some time….

      The WAR you mention is therefor seen as the probable ONLY, SOLE recourse to a ‘Cure’…Brandon certainly lays out a chilling argument therefor, especially in light of the preceding.

      In a phrase here….”Oh SHIT.”


      PS On Solar Here…the Penticton Noon Solar flux is now ABOVE 165 and climbing rapidly…if this state of affairs does not soon change THIS may be the month where ths highest average Monthly Solar flux is recorded for this entire CYCLE; today WILL push the ‘running average’ for this month OVER 150 SFU…whereas the current maximum is for November 2011 at 153.9 SFU. Oh Boy…

    • Ugly says:


      I posted on another website the likelihood of ACA and confiscation.

      It is simple. If you cannot pay, then what do you own that can be used as collateral? Is it your home, your tax returns, your 401K, your SS fund….

      Who can really pay this? And it is an attack on the middleclass working folk.

      For instance, let say your annual ACA payment is $15,000 with a $15,000 deductible. But say you have a heart attack and under ACA that costs $250,000. Lets say you have home equity of $125,000. Well that is you did have that–gone now.

      This is nothing more than taking everything from the 80 million working class and giving it to another 80 million. The working 80 million will soon be poorer than the non-working folks.

  45. cjmartel says:

    Humor is just as important as the facts, without humor we would all be wearing straight jackets!

  46. AnAngryJew says:

    This is an excellent idea. People deserve to know which neighbors have guns or not. One can never tell who might go psycho and start shooting up the neighborhood. Best to be prepared. This also helps protect any gun owners from being robbed. The criminals will go to the non gun owners homes. Which in my opinion, is well deserved. If you don’t own a gun, it is your own fault.

  47. NC joe says:

    Rumors suggest

    Rumors? You are big on rumor and short on facts. How about presenting facts for a change.

  48. newbee says:

    Off topic question for you all.. I want to start buying silver for a shtf scenario. What I want to know is should I buy the .999 silver bars or should I buy the pre 1965 coins. I was thinking of buying some 1 gram bars say for smaller trade but it costs a little more but that’s not a big issue for me. Then I was thinking 1 oz bars for bigger trades. I really cant afford gold right know so I figured silver would be a good start. And I figure between the one nice gold chain my wife bought me for my 1st bday that we were together and all the gold that I bought her and she has accumulated its a good start anyway. Any input would be great. Just to let you all know I have been learning a lot from all you guys and if something happens my family and I owe you guys and if we were ever to meet after the shtf I would owe you all a shot of shine or a hot meal.. Thanks

  49. Sheepdog says:

    A lot of posturing, good old manly “gonna kick butt” talk goin’ on here. I used to think that way too. Critical thinking has a way of setting one straight.

    Good luck fighting heavy weapons with small arms. Good luck fighting the sonic and like weapons with your AR’s. Not many have fifties, they’ll reserve a hellfire for you.

    Unless there are military “defectors” who believe as most all do here, a genocide of patriots will surely happen.

    Modern day Hessions both american and foreign are already here. Everything is bugged and watched in 1984 amerika. All associations are known to these creatures.

    Look at Waco, this government murdered 80 people with fire and military assets and not a damn thing happend. They continue to murder at will, here and abroad.

    I suggest you get right with The Lord and live like you were dying. I will enjoy taking some of them with me when they bust down my door…

  50. Jacob M. says:

    Bwahahahahaha. That’s awesome.


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