When Putin makes this move it's going to crush the U.S. equity markets and take trillions of dollars out of this market and a lot of peoples' pockets.

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Putin Targets America’s Achilles Heel: “He’s Going to Destroy the Stock Markets”

Mac Slavo
March 5th, 2014
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In 2012 an elite insider claimed that on or around March 4, 2014 the doomsday clock would ring, the effect of which would be a complete collapse of the U.S. economy. How former Vice Presidential adviser Grady Means came to this conclusion with a specific target date may forever remain clouded in secrecy. But given the state of current affairs around the world today, one can’t help but consider that maybe Grady Means was on to something. With the fight over political and resource control in the Ukraine heating up, is it possible the Means was referring to this very set of circumstances?

We know the U.S. economy is literally on the brink of a collapse. All we need now is a triggering mechanism.

Contrarian investor and commentator Greg Mannarino thinks it could be happening right now, and he explains his highly viable theory in the broadcast below.

In essence, Mannarino warns that Russia’s Vladimir Putin may be using the current geo-political climate to position his pieces on the grand chessboard with the end game being a total wipe out of domestic equity markets and the U.S. dollar itself .

Given the horrid economic fundamentals in the U.S., mounting and un-serviceable debt levels, and the fact that China is now moving lock-step with their Russian counterparts, could we be seeing the final stages of a coordinated strike on U.S. economic and financial interests?

A few more moves and it could be Checkmate:

Putin understands the Achilles heel is this hyperinflated stock market… this man is brilliant.

Since we realize all warfare is based on deception, this backing off of troops here is  a part of the play.

When he re-introduces those troops and makes his move here it’s going to crush the U.S. equity markets and take trillions of dollars out of this market and a lot of peoples’ pockets.

Vladimir Putin is not in any way going to back down to Barack Obama or any of the Western powers. He has no reason to do that. He understands where this going and what he needs to do to make this work here.

(Video via Steve Quayle / Watch at Youtube)

So this is the set up in my opinion.

He’s allowing cash to flow back into the world markets, more specifically into the U.S. equity market. He’s going to re-introduce his troops almost in a Blitzkrieg type fashion and he’s going to destroy the stock markets.

We also know this… Vladimir Putin has been betting against the U.S. dollar for years by acquiring gold, just like you should be doing.

… The debt of the United States is in the biggest bubble in the history of the world. He knows all this.

This relief rally here… I can’t imagine that it’s going to last because he’s going to re-introduce troops here. It’s going to destroy this relief rally and then some.

We’re going to get panic selling… I think it can happen pretty soon.

Vladimir Putin is pulling a huge bluff on everyone right now allowing equities on a global scale to rise, only to reverse this move and crush equity markets which will destroy the United States economy.

The wealth effect that the Fed has created… Vladimir Putin knows that it is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. And he’s going to take advantage of that.

Make no mistake. Vladimir Putin strives to make Russia a global super power. China wants the same. In order for that to happen the United States of America must be crushed, and that starts with destroying our economy. And if that means a temporary destruction of global equity markets then that’s what Russia and China will do. Unlike President Obama, who bases his decisions on political surveys and half baked short-term platitudes, these nations operate with stratagems spanning decades.

For all we know, it was Putin himself who orchestrated the Ukranian coup. He’s a former KGB operative, a brilliant strategist and he comes from the ‘old school’ of Russian thought. Every move is carefully calculated and executed. While President Obama plays checkers, Putin is executing a Réti Maneuver designed to confuse and frustrate his opponent while leaving multiple pathways for the fait accompli.

The majority of informed readers understand that the collapse of America as we know it today is inevitable. It has always only been a question of “when.”

Perhaps Vladimir Putin will soon give us an answer.

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He wants zero rates and QE4!

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: March 5th, 2014
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. While President Obama plays checkers.. checkers? Obama is playing Candyland as checkers is way over his head.

    • And with that, I am off on a hunt.. bbl y’all… tap it lightly!

      • Paranoid says:

        Please don’t throw me in that nasty old Brier Patch. Please, Please don’t destroy all those Bankers and stockbrokers.

        • Be informed says:

          This is so simple U.S. government. Leave other countries alone and stop meddling. Of course this is not the plan because BO and the government NEEDS not only someone to hold the burden of the U.S. debt, but needs a distraction to the e to the x exponential exploding debt. This has all been orchestrated by those SPECIAL SHIT STARTERS IN THE US GOVERNMENT.

          Blame is totally put into the US government shit starters as there was protests and even anger over in the Ukraine, but most people were willing to wait for elections to vent their displeasures. But NOOOOOOO. the US had to get their hands into other people’s business that is absolutely none of their business.

          There is also a big problem with getting supplies to US troops in Afghanistan that Russia controls, and is now considering or has closed. It is called the Northern Distribution Route.

          Remember this. The US government not ONLY will mess in other countries’ business, but will really mess with the US citizens’ lives. This is what a really rotten bad government does.

          • Be informed says:

            Russia will close the Northern Distribution Route to US troops in Afghanistan as a punishment to the US. Here is more about this route.


            • DRD5508 says:

              Mac, I don’t think Obama is playing checkers, he is Snipe hunting at best. Without a telepromter, he might not be able to tie his shoes.

              • John Q. Public says:

                @ Mac

                I disagree. I don’t think Putin is doing a Réti. I think he is doing an Accelerated Dragon. The Réti is so 1920’s.


              • Homer says:

                My cousins tried taking me snipe hunting and leave me holding the bag. I indicated you hold the bag and I will chase the snipes into the bag. I think obama is busy shooting snipes.

              • Putin may be playing chess, but without China he’s just another pawn.

                It’s important to remember that Greg Mannarino is a technical trader and when the market moves against the indicators, he’s left grasping at whatever’s handy to explain the paradox. In this case, he’s identified Putin.

                He’s wrong.

                The culprit is the Federal Reserve, which is pumping up the market through clandestine equity purchases. Greg no doubt knows that’s illegal, so he discounts that notion off hand and looks elsewhere for an explination, when the best explination is right here.

                I mean, when has the Fed been conserned with legality? They illegally gave trillions of dollars to European Banksters as part of the TARP program, which is now documented from the limited audit that was done at the insistance of Ron Paul through his Audit the Fed legislation that he doggedly rammed through congress.

                We don’t have to go to Russia to find who’s trying to destroy the American economy, when we have the answer right here at home.


            • Unreconstructed Southron says:

              The Kenyan Pretender couldn’t play solitaire with a one-card deck.

              • Nimrod Hunter says:

                …But he might be able to carve a statue out of shit and use African alchemy to turn it into a living homunculus. A “Mini-Me”, as it were.

              • MadMarkie says:

                Yo Unreconstructed Southron –

                It is extremely distressing to me that all our poor befuddled President Obama is able to do in response to President Putin is to pout a little harder. He had better be grateful that Vlad just doesn’t decide to impale him.

                The number of nincompoops out there on both sides who are seriously suggesting that some sort of a war might not be such a ‘bad’ idea is simply astounding!

                Some thought should really be given to a National Referendum questioning the right of the gooberment to engage in these acts of military adventurism half a world away and where it is really none of our damn business and will result in NO benefit to the United States or her citizens.

                2014 may just turn out to be a VERY memorable year for everyone. Keep your wits about you and that silly grin on your face; it does ‘them’ good to wonder just what it is that you still have to be happy about!

              • laura m. says:

                Unreconstructed: Problem w/Obozo he is two cards short of a deck.
                Folks, watch your 401k’s maybe switch (can do online in most cases) to treasuries from stock funds. We did the day of the 9/11 fiasco to play it safe, since retirement was several yrs later.

              • Sgt. Dale says:

                Obullshit is so dumb he plays Russian Roulette with 6 bulles. He tried using a semi auto, but couldn’t figure out how to get it to revolve.

              • KY Mom says:

                We read that some would like to weaken/destroy our country.

                The administration’s response…
                -Little or no action to protect or strengthen our aging grid system.
                -Refuse to strengthen our borders.
                -Refuse to enforce even current border enforcement laws.
                -While MILLIONS of Americans are unemployed, Obama eases penalties for businesses hiring illegal immigrants.
                -Air ads to inform illegals they have RIGHTS to get benefits – EBT card, healthcare, housing, etc.
                -Huge cuts to the military.

                Military’s top general offers grim outlook on nation’s defense
                “Most of our platforms and equipment will be older, and our advantages in some domains will have eroded. Our loss of depth across the force could reduce our ability to intimidate opponents from escalating conflicts.”

                “The situation will be exacerbated given our current readiness concerns, which will worsen over the next three or four years.”
                -McClatchydc dot com

                Meanwhile, China increases military spending by 12%
                -csmonitor dot com

                Currently posted on Drudge Report

              • Bill Harzia says:

                He couldn’t pour p!ss out of a boot if the directions were on the heel.

            • WaroftheRoses says:

              You are right. When my son was in Afghanistan, the Russians flew in all their food and supplies. It is amazing all the ramifications of “Ukraine”.

            • Ryback says:

              Everyone needs to do their research, I don’t think Putin is the bad guy in this situation. Look at Russian history 250 years back, Catherine the Great gave the Crimea to the Ukraine as long as Russia could use it as a port, but over the years it has gone back and forth and battled over. Now that there is unrest there (rumor has it this administration used the CIA to start shit in the Ukraine) Putin is securing Russia’s ONLY port. I know Putin does not care for Obama, and Putin knows half the U.S. or more feels the same way. So Putin is doing the intelligent thing, financial chaos threat, weather he goes through with it is another matter. That’s what this SHTF site is about, we have been preparing for stuff like this for years. I think he just wants Obama to shit his pants. The only hostilities I see is Obama making hollow threats, and trying to make the world believe that its all Russia’s fault. Ever since Obama took office all these unrests or “springs” have taken place here and there, nobody can tell me that these are not orchestrated. I guarantee the smell from there leads straight back to D.C. Anybody disagree I’d like to hear your argument.

              • Simms says:

                Please do not use Obama’s scheming or Russia’s history to justify what is happening in the Ukraine, or in its southernmost province of the Crimea. Obama’s scheming ends when Reid or Cummings stops talking, or when Obama uses his pen or phone impose or change laws unconstitutionally. He’s a center-of-the-big-city activist with an ability to divide races and promise people free stuff; he’s totally out of his anti-American league in foreign policy, as all campus Leftists are. Putin is a true Russian Empire recidivist and correctly sees Obama for what he is: weak, with no moral compass beyond being an anti-American, anti-Western, anti-capitalist, anti-Caucasian, minority demagogue.

              • techunit says:

                still don’t expect republicans to ever win a election because they would have caused even further extensive damage.

          • Abingdon says:

            WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Pentagon is more than doubling the number fighter jets it is sending to a NATO air policing mission in the Baltics and is sending one aerial refueling aircraft, a U.S. official said on Wednesday, part of Washington’s response to the Ukraine crisis.
            Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced plans earlier on Wednesday to bolster the decade-old NATO mission, which patrols skies over Baltic allies Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
            A U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Pentagon will send six additional F-15 jets and one KC-135 refueling aircraft to augment the mission this week. The United States already provides four F-15 jets to the mission, which helps identify and respond to violations of Baltic airspace.

            • Abingdon says:

              zerohedge: Yesterday it was two Russian and one Ukrainian warships
               which had crossed the Bosphorus in direction Crimea, today it is the Americans. As Hurriyet reports
              , Turkish authorities have given permission to a U.S. Navy warship to pass through the Bosphorus within the next two days as fears grow that the standoff between Russia and Ukraine and the West over Crimea could soon become militarized.

            • KY Mom says:

              “President Putin told reporters that the damage to all countries involved is mutual:

              “We can cause damage to each other – mutual damage. And this needs to be thought about. . . We believe our actions are fully justified. And any threats to Russia are counterproductive and harmful.”


              • Them Guys says:

                Contrary to the Jew York Times, Putin NEVER “invaded” or “besieged” Ukraine.

                It has been Proven , ironically by the same Jew York Times, that Crimean “provisional armed forces” of the ARC and NOT Russian soldiers are the ones guarding sensitive infrastructure entities in the peninsula.

                Indeed, the provisional army is made up of Crimea’s own home boys…in their apparently brand new uniforms bought from Russia. As for Russian soldiers patrolling sensitive areas in Sevastopol and Crimea, CIA Director John Brennan briefed lawmakers today that Russia’s military movements in Ukraine is “permitted” under a 1997 treaty between the two neighbors that allows as many as 25,000 Russian troops in the Crimean region. (Today= March, 3rd,2014 CIA Briefed lawmakers).

                “The number of Russian troops that have surged onto the Ukrainian peninsula in recent days remains well below the 25,000 threshold,” Brennan Affirmed….(FOX TV & Rush et al probobly “Forgot” to tell You these “Facts” eh).

                The Crimean government, although it sacked the Kiev-based regional government, will remain part of Ukraine but will strengthen its autonomy as a “federated” republic.

                Until the amended constitutional referendum is voted on at the end of March, Crimea remains a provisional autonomous government.

                Here’s the lay of the geopolitical land in Ukraine:

                1) With Putin upholding regional and international treaties;

                2) With the Crimean government organizing its own Defense Ministry;

                3) With Ukraine’s Navy Commander Berezovsky pledging an oath to the Crimean people;

                4) With an ENTIRE Ukraine Air Force Base switching allegiance to Crimea, refusing to take orders from the new, self-appointed government in Kiev;

                5) With Ukraine mitary units refusing orders from the illegitimate regime in Kiev;

                6) With the EU ulikely to match the US in threatening sanctions against Russia;

                7) With Odessa and two other southern Ukrainian capitals expressing willingness to become a part of the ARC…all that’s left for Putin to do is to put the screws on Kiev and his work is finished.

                BOTTOM LINE: Kiev better make friends with Putin fast.

                Putin insists that the illegitimate regime in Kiev MUST comply with the EU-brokered Feb.21st, agreement which insures a lawful government until the agreed-upon December elections.

                The people of Ukraine need to prevent “Yats the Yid”(Link at article), Nuland’s, “Yiddishe boy”(Link at article)in Kiev, from enslaving them to the “Jew-Owned”(Link at article) IMF.

                Better things are ahead for Ukraine with Christian Putin than with Christ-Crucifying Jews.

                ARTICLE FROM: www dot realjewnews dot com

                Includes Tons of Proof-Links to Read, research, and verify it ALL!..Enjoy Your Wake Up’s!

            • Bill says:

              NATO is completely impotent without USA carrying most of the burden, and it is becoming clear to the rest of the world that USA is becoming much less able to do that. Maybe we should send some F 35s to scare the Ruskies. A plane much less capable and twice as expensive than its predecessors will surely make Putin back down.

          • TheGuy says:

            If we left everyone alone, we’d have no fuel and quadruple digit inflation instantaneously.





            THEN MAYBE you can leave everyone else alone…

            • JustMe says:

              The last thing the world needs, is new nuclear reactors. Thorium, or not. There are already 400+ “Chernobils” in the making. The entire northern hemiphere has been dosed by Fukushima, which has also pretty much poisoned the Pacific Ocean. More reactors is a pretty hard sell…

              • mensa141 says:

                Reactors are the cleanest source of electricity short of hydro and much less damaging to the environment than building new dams and reservoirs. Yes, the boogyman nuclear wastes do need to be addressed but can be with other reactors such as the French use or stored and monitored.

              • JustMe says:


                “Boogeyman”? Have you been monitoring the Fukushima disaster? Are you aware of how much nuclear waste has been dumped into the ocean since the meltdown? Are you aware of the people who are dying daily of radiation sickness? Aware of the US Navy personell who were exposed to life-dose levels of radiation, when they went to help? Aware of the number of birth defects, since the meltdown? Aware of the flow of the ongoing plume, via the Jetstream? Or, how about the number of birth defects in Washington State, which recieved the brunt of the first meltdown plume?

                Or, how about the recent disaster at the WIPP site, giving life-doses of radiation to workers? How about Hanford, a nice local problem, leaking waste into the local aquifers?

                Even reprocessing used fuel rods is a half-measure, good for one time. You still have to store it.

                Anyone aware of “DU” “Depleted Urainium” (there is an oxymoron, if there ever was one!), armor, and ammunition? Sit in an M1A1 tank for a DAY, and you just got the equivalent of a chest X-ray, that is from the armor alone. The hardest armor around, but if you radiate the crew, what do you accomplish? And, then, there is the ammunition, the best penatrators around, but still lethal, breathe the dust from one, you’re dead. And that crap is laying all over, whever we have gone to war since the 1990’s. It will eventually be catgorized a war crime, mark my words.

                Chernobil still leaks. How many people are aware of the leaking old Russian ships and subs, in Murmansk? Could go on, and on. One good war, or catastrophy, and the planet will be contaminated for the next 10,000 years, just from those nice, clean, safe, reactors melting down. You won’t be able to consume enough Potasium Iodide to survive.

                One more reactor, is one more way too many.

          • Gods Creation says:

            “””For all we know, it was Putin himself who orchestrated the Ukranian coup. He’s a former KGB operative, a brilliant strategist and he comes from the ‘old school’ of Russian thought. Every move is carefully calculated and executed.”””

            Putin works for the banksters, same as Obama.

            Perhaps the banksters wanted to have a “black” “man” (Obama is really neither) in power here to show how inferior blacks are and to make a case for eliminating blacks during the new holocaust and a second try at the master race.

            The only thing I know for sure is that the same banking families run EVERY COUNTRY that has a PRIVATE central bank, which is all but three. Coincidentally, the same three that the US is intent on attacking.

            Putin and Obama can put on a good show. Don’t buy it.

            The banksters are making Putin appear to be exactly what the Americans want in a leader, while providing everything they don’t want in Obama, so the people will WANT the same type of government hoping for a competent “leader”.

            It’s all crap for mass consumption and mind control. I couldn’t care less what any of them do on TV, or “say” in the papers.

            The lie itself makes no more difference than which liar is telling it.

            • KY Mom says:

              What Russia’s invasion of Georgia means for Crimea

              Putin claims that “his intervention in Ukraine is limited in scope and designed to protect Russian citizens.”

              “Putin gave similar assurances to the United States over Georgia…”

              “He lied.”

              “Putin’s intention all along in Georgia was to bring about the end of the government of President Mikheil Saakashvili, who survived in office but whose standing was weakened by the war.”

              What is driving Russian assertiveness? “Putin wants to be seen as a player,” and “restore Russian national pride.”


            • db427 says:

              fantastic observation

              • Them Guys says:

                Washington POST?! Seriously?!….Little sister paper to NY times eh.

                No wonder that article had ZERO mentions that #1, Putins Main reason to send russian troops into Georgia, was Due to Over a Thousand Russian Folks there were already Killed off by Georgian army troops…Entire villages of russian Familys, women, old folks small kids etc Dragged from homes at night, brutally murdered and some even Tortured before being Killed.

                #2-Washington Post will Never mention or Tell you that, that Georgian Leader/prez was a Direct Import from Israel, that hes a “tribe” israeli member also. And that Very similar, Exact is likley the better word, to what is going on in Ukraine with Rogue govnt, funded by Nuland of us state dept…..Is basically How that israeli jewish tribe clown got to be georgias prez.

                KY Mom…You usually do far better that washington post infos eh.

            • barry fupducked says:

              ALL wars are bankster wars, even going back to colonial days. (Jay Treaty) The puppet masters play for keeps, and always manage to point their crooked finger of blame elsewhere. So the band (MSM) plays on ad infinitum, as we slowly lose what’s left of the American Dream gone sour.

              • Tonto says:

                There is a very simple solution to the economic collapse. The US government just needs to point out that the debt was created by the Fed, and creditors should seek repayment from the Fed.

                Bankrupt the Fed!

              • Hillbilly says:

                barry fupducked, I wish it wasn’t so….but it is. Got in a big argument today with stepmommy over just this. She’s a right wing repub and can’t come to grips that everything that’s wrong in this country isn’t all on obama. While we agree this pResident is a POS, I think she is never going to blame anyone other than clinton. Sheeple come in many verities.

            • JustMe says:

              It is interesting, on the front page of the fish-wrapper “USA Today”, the headline is “Putin Blinks, Stocks Soar”. Just what Joe & Jane DF want to hear, and what makes the parasites relieved. More likely, once the Russians talked about dumping US Bonds, someone else “blinked”.

              In all likelyhood, this game is being orchestrated by the parasites, they think longer term than Russia, and/or China.

              Don’t buy the idea about a “Black Holocaust”, because they have been working on White Genocide for a long time, and it’s in the fine print of thier ultimate goals. Obummer is thier New Amerikan ideal, though he is likely too stupid to realize just who is really playing him; or maybe he does’nt care, as long as he gets to destroy America…

              On a side note, the young woman who was CEO of Bitcoin, was found dead, of “myterious circumstances”. Probably commited “suicide”, by stabbing herself 39 times or something… We’ll probably hear she had mental issues, and was distraut over the Japanese Bitcoin crash, and just could’nt take it anymore…

              • durango kidd says:

                The guy that was predicting “collapse” on March 4th 2014 produced a lengthy and very persuasive video about that “collapse”. It was very well “documented” and its argument was enough to make even the strongest heart skip a beat.

                At the end of that 20 minute video for the collapse of the dollar was a pitch for the masses to buy gold in a new way with their useless dollars, by purchasing this “new way to buy gold” from him. LMAO!!!

                Today is the 5th. Putin CANNOT “collapse the market” unless he nukes New York City. Not gonna happen. It is “collapsing” (read: declining) now under the weight of the PE ratio. 🙂

              • Them Guys says:

                JUSTME: you are very correct RE: do not buy into any “Black Holohoax”, and like You stated on its in their fine print…Indeed it Is!..IE: SEE. Talmudic verses regarding teaches jews to “Kill even the best of Goyim Gentiles” now just who or which Race do ya suppose that “Best of Goyim” means?…HINT: Other verses state that whitey goyims are Animals(goyim) withOUT a Soul from God…While same talmudic verses also state that African Black race folks are equal to only “Goyim-insects” who have No soul either!…They consider “animals” as best of goyims as compared to “insects”, as the Lesser of gentiles.

                So based on the folks behind all these evils and woes,parasites as you stated, Khazars in reality…And based upon Their very Own religious beliefs(talmud) they hold above ALL other Man made laws, above all else laws in entire universe…it should not take a rocket fuel scientist to fingure out what they mean by “Kill Best of goyim gentiles” means Kill off Whites!

                And a huge part of their tribal plans are to Groom the african black hoards as, Militant haters and killers of said White folks. Its a type of Love-Hate relationship the khazar Tribe has for their Shwartza underlings, one may say.

              • durango kidd says:

                There is soooo much BS on Alt media these days that it just doesn’t serve the truth very well. You may as well be listening to LSM, Hannity, or Rachel Maddow for the disservice it brings to the Sheeple.

                Bullshit ALL around. 🙁

              • Jpit says:

                You can’t believe everything you read. You are pro who. Who cares about the US dollar. We will retreat into isolationism and watch the rest of the world struggle. Their is plenty of natural resources in and around the United States of America. We will smile because our millionaires are wise enough to recoup their loses from by setting up new factories in America. I smile and laugh at you. Jpit.

            • chipmoore says:

              I like his thinking. I appreciate it when someone comes up with unique perspective and it makes perfect sense. People are so oblivious to what is going on. It is going to be a shock when I does. A. Shock

            • clint says:

              I was thinking something similiar to that gods creation. I wasn’t thinking the black inferior thing but all that we see on TV right now is all a show. Hell Obama and Putin could be talking with each other behind the scenes and talking how they can ratchet things up a notch or not with these private meetings. I would love to really see what Obama says at closed meetings. I bet it would make your jaws drop and make you sick if we knew what really the sellout says. I can’t believe there has not been a revolution yet with Obama being black and all the things he has done already. IF anything it shows that people are not racist and not tried attacking the loser.

            • Follow the X22Report on YouTube. He gives a great daily update. Best source I have found.

            • John Q. Public says:

              God Creation, I suspect you play a GREAT game of chess! Deep thinking!

            • Feisty Old Broad says:

              Eh…I think Putin works for Putin and Russia….he is not in bed with the likes of soros….nah..he wants too much power for himself..he’s absolutely not a “team player”….which means he does not jump when the likes of soros tells him to….and therein may lie the financial oddness occurring now….fascinating “dance” these idiots are doing now…..

          • 1braveheart says:

            Howdy, BI, and once again you’re right on target. the globalists are using monkeyboy to get us into WW3.

            • sixpack says:

              I think they’re using OUR hatreds to get us into WW3.

              Monkey boy can’t do it alone, despite what he may think. We are divided by our hatred both here and abroad. Our hatred of Russia, of Eastern cultures, of China, of gays, Christians and white people, of “tea-baggers”, of preppers, veterans and police….we hate everyone for one reason or another.

              To make it brief—WE HAVE BEEN CONDITIONED TO HATE EACH OTHER FOR LITTLE OR NO REASON. This is world-wide and closing in fast. We have been conditioned to point our hate towards EVERYONE BUT the real source of our problems…


              Meanwhile, while we fight amongst ourselves, THE BANKSTERS are going to the fire sale that was one our planet.

              Don’t look now, but we’ve all been duped.

          • John Q. Public says:

            @ Be Informed

            You are still focused on the middle men, the puppets.

            There will be no improvement until the OWNERS of the government are prosecuted and punished.

          • clint says:

            You know be informed what i think is sad and this is my opinion, that back in the 40’s we all would be bonded together as “one” country. Now we are having sides taken with putin over our own. Who would ever think this day would come when we would be rooting for another country leader over our lying POS one. Now they want to ban us from everything and label us felons for everything. It’s truely sad what this has come to. And when some good people become felons life finding a job or trying to do anything normal can be nearly impossible for good jobs etc or a normal life. No guns which is bs and there are people that may have hit a cop for a good reason or was with someone and had over a certain amount of a plant that came from this earth and now are felons and said wouldnt get rid of their guns and now get 10 years, and on and on. This country is getting bad.

            • sixpack says:

              I’ve said this for years—the best way to make honest and law-abiding people feel inferior, is to make criminals of out them.

              I guarantee you, you will ALL have a very different view of the “criminal” label you so easily affix to others, once it gets stuck on YOUR back. The same label that will be used to disarm YOU too.

          • Kulafarmer says:

            We need some excitement to break the monotony of the death by a million pin pricks our own government is doing to us,,,
            Be good if Russia dumped all their treasuries and defaulted on contracts with the USSA
            Its about time,
            Tic Tock

            • Them Guys says:

              CHINA Bonds: are All MSNBC folks were talking of after market closed today. Said a big company in China is unable to pay out $15 Million in intrest due. And that china State cannot cover such huge loses any longer since china has been bailing out such fiasco deals for a couple Decades now and its cost China Dearly.

              They said since China is not bailing out that recent company default, it is very likely to cause a Run on market china bond investors selling off etc, which is going to be like usa 2008 for china this time.

              I do not have a clue on such monetary or china issues. Thats just wahat they reported today around 5 pm on msnbc market channel tv.

          • Later... says:

            Ya know BI – for some many reasons I just like to poke at you.
            I remember you stating that people, here, reply to comments at the top of the page to try to get closer to the top.
            YOU are the perfect example!
            Your comment is totally unrelated to the one you replied to,
            but on my golly, you got your jollys by being closer to the top!
            If you don’t like this type of pointing out the truth in your face stuff, I suggest growing a thicker skin.

          • Mountain Trekker says:

            AMERICA! Still the greatest country on earth. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

          • The Historian says:

            As much as I am against involving ourselves in other country’s problems there is a valid argument to be made in this case. We really cannot isolate ourselves as we did prior to 1917 with our entry into WW1.

            We need to be involved in global markets to get the resources we need (sadly the regulations on drilling and such make it difficult to be energy self-sufficient). In order to be able to get these resources, the U.S. as with every other country, wants stability and the status quo. When Russian aggression came to Crimea, it really messed up the status quo, and is a real threat to global trade and stability in Europe. Think of how we would need to start helping supply Europe with fuel if the entirety of NATO places sanctions on Russia. Not only will it raise our own gas prices, but could result in possible shortages. While it would hurt Russia’s people by ending their European trade, it would also hurt the people of Europe, and very possibly have no affect in curbing Russian aggression.
            So really, there is no easy answer here, whether we leave the international playing field, or step up and demand sanctions. Either way it will affect our economy in our global market. It’s sad really. We really need to demand our own self-sufficiency from other countries. It is crucial in cases like this where we have the possibility of the situation turning hot.

        • Anon 7 says:

          So what, who gives a rat’s ass what happens in the Ukraine. They’ve been part of the Polish, Russian, and e Soviet Empires for centuries. Their political and economic fate have been insignificant to the rest of the world until now and all of a sudden, it they are taken over by the Russians this will some how destabilize the U.S. economy-HOW? Mannarino and Means use words like could, maybe, possible, claimed, etc. to explain their conclusions but that’s just so much “woo-woo”. Where are the actual figures of how this so-called collapse is suppose to happen. Economics is based in mathematics and without them for support, it’s just more magical mystical thinking. In a word-B.S.

          • lonelonemum says:

            Ukranian men are still giving their lives in the service of mankind to protect us from Chernobyl, a disaster that never truly ended. I have an ex-MIL in a neighbouring nation with no thyroid and who has had her female parts removed as a direct consequence of this disaster. I feel strongly that the lives sacrificed to protect the rest of us, should at least be acknowledged with some semblance of gratitude.

            Their noble sacrifice alone should be why we give a rats arse what happens in the Ukraine.

            The other reason is the gas pipeline into Europe – unless of course you’d welcome a new wave of anchor babies on US soil as most of the EU imploded their first winter without energy? “Me love you long time” from Germany right across to Portugal is not a good prospect for World peace, given the history of Western Europe and its proven ability to drag the whole world into it’s internal squabbles (or did you not get the memo about the last two WW’s?)

      • European American says:

        “And with that, I am off on a hunt.. bbl y’all… tap it lightly!”

        You going to DC? Need help?

      • db427 says:

        he’s marching his pawn (Kerry) straight down every turn in ‘hope’ to get another queen, Putin is skipping his knights around our (king) careful enough not to put US in check, wait for it…

    • snake eater says:

      Sure he knows all this he reads SHTFP could he be izen???
      krutzs don’t get bent out of shape I`m just saying


    • Bill says:

      China may seize on the opportunity to sink USA once and for all. China is willing to endure a depression to achieve that goal, and doesn’t really want their average citizens to be anything more than peasants.

      • Kulafarmer says:

        China could royally screw the USSA
        They could just dump their treasuries along with Russia, then either jack the price up of all the stuff they sell us or boycott us,,
        Would serve our arrogant politicians right in my mind, people would be so pissed that politician and government strategist would be open season, and a well deserved open season too i might add, now that list would make Mike V’s list look like a first grade roll call!
        Let it burn

    • Man on the inside says:

      Puitin is a MAN and Obummer is a Pussy…. pretty much how it is……….. Not saying I like Putin… but he is a proffesional and Obummer is a whiny little child….. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS…. trouble is a comin…..

      • John Q. Public says:

        The Kenyan bathhouse boy is no match for Putin, but Zero’s OWNERS, oy vey, still have some tricks up their sleeves.

      • Spook89 says:

        The Russians have Rambo. We’re stuck with Erckle!

        • Kulafarmer says:

          Lucky we didnt elect McCain, we’d all be dead from a thermonuclear war!
          Why the hell are our politicians such a fucking bunch of asshole pieces of shit?
          What the hell happened? Was it like this in the 70s? 60’s? 50’s? Back further?
          Ya got barry who is a total idiot, then allllll these other total assholes in all sorts of different positions, all just tryin to bend us over and slip us a fast one,

          • JustMe says:


            It began a hundred years ago. Obummer is a sock-puppet, like every “president” before him since the traitor Wilson, signed America’s death warrant. That warrant was fullfilled in WW2. All you see now is the slow burial.

          • Sgt. Dale says:

            I can’t speak so much for the 50’s, but for the 60-70’s I can.
            Thoughts days every country had their hands out to the USA and we were giving them what they needed. At first they were happy with the USA and when they found that they had gotten to the point that their PTB were rich and the USA was still giving them money they started getting power hungry. The USA built their armies and infrastructure. They start acting like spoiled kids and pulling away for the USA. They also found that the 2nd most powerful country in the world Russia wanted a piece of the pie so they started getting military stuff from them to help build their armies. They also learned under the Russian that they could be dictators and have all the best things in life and their people would just have enough to get along.
            Now today we have the same thing going on in the USA. They forgot something WE WILL NOT TAKE IT!!!! WE ALSO HAVE GUNS. WE ALSO HAVE THE WILLINGNESS TO FIGHT!
            They know this and that is why they started welfare, to make people dependent on the Gov. so they won’t bite the had that feeds them. Now you see where we are at 48% on some kind of AID. With 52% paying for it.
            When it gets to be 50-50 one of two things will happen. The sheeple will let it go to51-49% and we are full flegged SLAVES, or there will be a crash and a Civil war. I can’t see any other way.

          • Eyesopenanddisgusted says:

            Kulafarmer, I don’t think we the people have elected anyone for who knows how long. This tension seems odd, how Chinese troops were just in Hawaii training & the govt. openly says there are 15,000 troops in the US for crowd control. It’s all a charade to have an excuse for the worthless fiat federal reserve notes to collapse.
            So when police, judges, & other govt. employees lose their 401’s & retirement & savings, will they wake up as to the scam they serve?

            I hope everyone here prepares and makes it thru the upcoming collapse. I pray for our elderly citizens who have to decide which to buy, food, or medication. I pray for all of our military, so many young just out of high school kids are going in to the military because they can’t find a job.

            What a truly evil game the banksters play with the lives around the world. How they instill hate between nations by showing false news, like the people from the Middle East cheering when 911 happened, all fake. If we only knew what we know now when 9-11 happened, I believe the world would be in a totally different place.

            God bless each and every one of you and your families & loved ones. I really think things are about to get very real.

        • Hunter says:


          A gay Erckle?

          Now that’s funny!!!!

          ..and (deep sigh)..very fitting!

        • 1lumpr2? says:

          Hi fuckin larious!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I never thought of that… but you’re right– most of us know about the US game, as outlined in Brenzinski’s (sp?) book, “the Grand Chessboard” but its only realistic that Putnin would have a game plan as well, and wants the same thing the US does– control over everything. We duped them in the past- there is no way in hell they will trust us again… they may be coming for our throats!

      • Them Guys says:

        Anon: usa never duped russia nor visa versa. The truth is NY jewish banksters, city of London england, and germanys jewish banksters, with help from prez wilson, Funded the russian revolt of 1918. Which ushered in jewdeo bolshevik communisim in Russia… Fast fwd to After WWII era…

        After usa and russia as staunch Allies for both WWI & WWII, all a sudden within 2 yrs or Less of end of WWII…Russia became usa’s absolute worst, most feared, kommie Enemys, and a “cold war” then ensued untill 1990 when soviet ussr broke apart right…

        Well actually Truth is russia was NEVER really usa’s staunch kommie enemys during that so called cold war era.

        The ENTIRE cold war era was another massive HOAX!..Scam! Swindle!..On basically all of europe and america, and all others who bought into the Hoax.

        Because untill 1990 when soviet ussr kommie era ended. And Especially once Putin came to power, the same Tribe owned and Ran NY, London england, DC, Moscow russia, and Telaviv Israel.

        After 1990 soviet ussr ended, and even more so once Putin was Prez of russia, the tribe members FLED Russia as if their Asses were on Fire.

        As one can imagiane, they feld to Israel, England, and USA….With the majority fleeing to usa, and close behind in numbers fled to Israel, remainder feld to england.

        Now remember they were ALL well Seasoned Bolshevik Kommies to the Max!…Some of the elders were of the original group of 1918 russian revolution era bolshevik Kommies…Rest were the Children of the original kommies of 1918. Today we also can add in and include the grandkids of said orig 1918 soviet tribe jewdeo kommies.

        With the Bulk Majority here in usa….

        So during that enitre era of the cold war Hoax, those who Ran, Led, organized, Profited Most, etc ALL the Nations of Russia, USA, England, and Israel were the Same “group” or tribe. And They All Knew cold war was a huge Hoax, designed amoung other reasons to Subdue, conquer, america.

        To Conquer america By and through another of their inventions(they invented communisim), what is commonly refered to as…Cultural Marxisim, from the Frankfurt School. (who Taught it first in Germany up till they left germany around 1932-34, and came to america to set up shop).

        While us boomers parents were so fearfull of Russia cold war nuking usa etc, and were busy erecting Bomb Shelters in basements…And of course also believing Whatever, and Everything TV news and walter cronkite (he admited being a hard core kommie once he retired from tv news) told them to believe….They never paid atten to that Cultural Marxisim being infiltrated into america, its colleges, universities, Unions, Govnt at Every Level, Dem libs Political Party, then Later the neocon repubs too.

        And even a bigger score for those tribal marxist khazars(tribe aka jewdeo communists) than the univ’s and its adminstrators and Professors…

        Was how frankfurt marxisim infiltrated and Gained total control of Hollywood, and TV,(talmudvision) and their Greatest Score of ALL time…EVERY TV and Newspaper MSM’s.(Fox TV also).

        They did it ALL in PLain sight, under Cover of…The “Cold War” between usa & russia.

        Next to the Holohoax swindles, cold war is likely the Second biggest scam swindle of the 20th century!

        There was never any real intention Then, Nor Now, for usa and russia to really do a War.

        But Now todays era, since bolshevik jewdeo kommie soviets got Booted Out of Russia, they absolutly Hate Putin with a Rabid hatred. After all Putins white and christian!..they hate none more than members of those groups….Plus it Irks the tribe and the zionists Tremendously that they created a mass revolt in russia 1918, within 5 yrs Captured russia entirely plus a dozen more nations soon to fall to them.

        And after aprox 70 Horrid,Years of bolshevik jewdeo kommie Rule and all the terrible unspeakable Tortures and Mass Murderings and Genocidal actions done by the bolsheviks….They…LOST…RUSSIA!

        The Largest Land mass nation on Earth, full of vast Oil, diamonds, resources galore etc etc…And they Lost it all, to now go Back to Whiteys and christianity! Huge set back for the Tribe no.

        They messed up when attempting to overthrow germany in 1930-40’s…Once the jewdeo commies Had russia aka soviet ussr nations…Next step was Conquer Germany( germany was most industrial and powerfull etc of all europe in western europe like russia was in the East).

        “IF” they succeeded at germany, along with russia, together NOBODY in Europe Nor usa would have been able to Halt spread of bolshevik Terror or the RED terrors.

        USA cant be taken by guns and bullets like they did to russia and poland etc…So they got america with Frankfurt Marxist school methods…Cultural Marxisim.

        Cultural marxisim consists of ALL we have seen occure Bad and Evil the Past 50 or so yrs…Since 1960’s era…

        Militant Blacks, Femminist femanazis movnt, Fags and Dykes and Lezbos, Unions run by kommies, govnt at Fed and State levels taken over totally…universities, TV, MSM’s etc etc….All done without fireing a single shot.

        Now america is on Very Limited time frame to set the ship back on even course…How did Other nations like Russia do it?…The Same way as every of 109 Other nations in past 2000 yrs have done it….HINT: Got Boots?

    • Anonymous says:

      Read what’s REALLY happening in the Ukraine at “Daily Impact” today… food prices/gas prices… at every country embroilled in protests/rebellion! (THE S… IS HITTING THE FAN!)

    • the hammer says:

      That [email protected]#ktard monkey would eat the game pieces. We are saddled with this talking turd till the end… Whatever it may be.

    • bigo says:

      RT dot com, and daboo777 on youtube play intercepted call by estonia foreign minister; same nato trained snipers shot at police and protesters. Personally I think putin run by same banker lodge members as nato. Its all theater. They got to give Putin some ammo to build his popularity and support against the west. Its the same reason he going nationalistic, religious, antigay. They want to get a war going and both sides need reason to recruit their populations.

      • Them Guys says:

        BIGO: But You forgot One Huge “BIGO” Fly in the Oinment.

        “IF” Putin as You say is run or controled by same banksters etc?…Why is putin going litteraly Gang Busters at Rebuilding those, 24,000 Churches that got destroyed by the soviet red jewdeo commies?

        After all what are the banksters and kommies et al doing as one of The Most Hugest parts of plans to destroy america?…I will Tell you what.

        They have been on a Rabid Relentless agenda non stop for over 50+ yrs to do all they possibly can to destroy american Christianity. From Zero xmass displays, to faggot parades daily in Your face, to public schools and colleges run By Kommie marxist Far far Leftists, and everything they can think of to End usa christianity for good. Even use of us supreme court and congres/laws to do so.

        Because Nothing can Better cement a Nations people together as One nation and One peoples than what has for 2000 yrs Proven to be able to do so…Thats National Christianity aka the Church.

        So “IF” Putin was controlled by same banksters etc,thats the LAST thing He’d be doing, since Russia and a dozen more nations of the soviet ussr kommies were Forced to abandon all forms christianity, and remain 100% Atheistic for aprox 70 yrs since 1918…Why on earth would Putin or anybody else even consider to REinstate national christianity and rebuild all those churches, which will GLUE Russians as One, better than any other issue known to mankind?

      • Eyesopenanddisgusted says:

        Dahboo7 is a shill, he even tells you in his name he spells it with all upper case letters so the upper case O’s look like zeros so you have 007 as in double agent. Also if you reverse the two syllables in his name you have boodah.
        He does say some truth mixed with a lot of dis-info

        R.T. I think they’re just the same, remember they had Adam Kokesh on their network. Adam openly admits on his Facebook he is employed by Obama for America his job is conflict Caesar.

    • joebialek says:

      This letter is in response to the articles covering the civil unrest
      occurring in Ukraine.

      As a citizen of and believer in democracy, I applaud the efforts of the Ukrainian people. Their efforts are similar to what is happening in many other parts of the world.

      Believe it or not, one thing that trumps capitalism and political
      correctness in the United States is the right to have one’s voice heard. This is the foundation of which our democracy is built on. The Ukrainian people should continue to defy Viktor Yanukovych’s powerful security forces so that Ukrainian democracy can begin to thrive. It is unfortunate that the United States compromised on one of its most fundamental values in order to protect its economic interests in Eastern Europe; something that happens all too often domestically as well. It is not the Ukrainian people that are attempting to seize power but rather it is those currently in power who have engaged in intimidation to prevent the will of the people from being heard. Why else would they stoop to such underhanded tactics to block various means of communication among the citizens of Ukraine? Why is the government in power utilizing such political strong-arm tactics as the use of violence?

      Viktor Yanukovych, you have had four years to lead Ukraine and have failed them by your own choosing. The days of the despotic regime are finally coming to an end as it appears the desire for freedom will continue to sweep among the East European nations. Accordingly, let the call go forth among all citizens of Ukraine that your brothers and sisters of democracy from all over the world are with you during every trial and tribulation you may encounter during this crisis. To the people of Ukraine, the trumpet of freedom beckons you to rise in protest and ensure your voice to preserve your sacred heritage, promote your children’s future and obtain the blessings of liberty we all cherish.

      Ukraine, the hour of your redemption is at hand. As you the rightful citizens move forward to reclaim your own country, rise and strike! In the name of those who were murdered fighting for everyone’s rights, rise and strike! To end the rule of this evil regime, rise and strike! Let no one continue to fear this man. Let every Ukrainian be strong and fight on for their freedom. Rise and strike!

      Viktor Yanukovych, let the people go!

      Cleveland, OH USA


      • sixpack says:

        Thank you very much, EU Union shill. How much was your paycheck for?

      • Night Breaker says:

        Joe well said sometimes the only thing left is defiance and revolution to preserve life and liberty from a tyrant. When people suffer the unsufferable no choice exists except the direction to freedom, when individual rights and removed in favor of the collective it dehumanizes people and takes away their incentive to lead productive lives .
        When individual liberty is lost people have nothing left to loose they are free again.

        When peaceful change of government is forbidden no choice is left but violence .
        When a government begins using state sponsored violence against its own people the regimens is in its death throughs. The last act of a tyrant is to criminalize its citizens and destroy them.
        The sound of jack boots on pavement is the universal sign of real oppression.

        I fear what is happening around the world will soon be our lot soon. People at an idividual level are the same they react to the same things, they live their lives the same the human condition is universal every human being craves liberty .

        The time now is to prepare , help others , have a plan , have faith in God
        These are the times that try men’s souls.

        It’s not the end of Everthing but you can see it clearly from here.



        Semper Fi 8541

        • Them Guys says:

          NIGHT BREAKER: But ukraine protests started out Peacefull at first. Eventually they Did obtain various demands, such as a end of March 2014 vote for const referendum etc.

          And the Elected govnt agreeing to retain lawfull elected govnt untill next Dec vote, that was agreed upon by Ukraine and EU govnt officials.

          Violence there in much the same fashion as 1960 era black civil rights movement marches, only occured when the orig Peacefull protesters, were pushed aside by the Violent persons Funded By the “Usual Suspects”. Today funds are from us state dept’s victoria Nuland and her gang of zionists. I do not recall exact names of folks that played her role back in usa 1960 black marchers events…But one can be Certain, it Was the same usual suspects. Just the names change, banksters, zionists, kommies, crooks Never change…

          And the evidence has been overwhelmingly established once again This time around in ukraine, that like usa black marches, ukraines protests were taken over by Rabidly violent sorts funded as I stated. Thats now Proved beyond all doubts.

          And when That occures and the violent ones toss Gasoline Malotov’s At persons and burn them to death and other such violent acts by facists and neo nazis. It is NO longer just good Ol’ folks doing marches for demands to better life. It then becomes a Hyjacked movement to install leaderships of the violent bunch’s leaders.

          If here in america say, the Tea Party protested and negotiated various demands…And say officials in DC agreed to Meet demands etc…Then from far Left or far Right field, a dozen cops got violently attacked and burned to death in a fireball, and killed by other means also….The same type scenario would happen Here.

          The entire good, tea party folks negotiated prior, would be Fast forgotten, and DC would go on the defence against whoever they felt were the culprits.

          And thats precicely why evil persons like Nuland and crew always Fund, and engineer such fiascos. Always.

    • NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin says:

      Hey that gun looks cool, but what the hey is that flood light hanging off of the bottom!

    • lower40 says:

      i think he’s playing poop chute’s and ladder’s

  2. Rasputin says:

    Good article.

  3. RICH99 says:

    Mannarino has never been right …interesting but I doubt it !!!

    • If I were in the stock market, I might care!

      • The whole thing is a fabrication and like you, the direct impact of a stock market crash for me is virtually zero.

        But if you ask the majority of Americans if the economy is doing well and how they know, most will point to 16,000 on the DOW as evidence.

        If that plunges again to 10,000 or 6,000 then it will shake the Confidence of the entire system — from bank lending to the dollar itself.

        • wrong says:

          And Let us All Pray that This Happens Soon.. I’m tired of all the BS that comes out of the mouths of the washington shitheads.

          This picture up top of Putin holding and firing a gun made me imagine obama holding a little 22 with his thumb and finger and dancing on his tippy toes wetting his pants and crying. What a pussy he is.

        • BigB says:

          If we have a drop to 6,000 then we are going to have real problems. It is estimated that our stock market, Dow and S & P, has an estimated 28% of stocks are owned outside the U.S. It is so high right now because of this. You have herd the term flight to safety.

          At 6,000 on the Dow that would leave pretty much only foreign investors and of course union pension funds. The dollar cannot survive on that. It would be lights out for the U.S. dollar and a major collapse of all Western economies.

          I don’t know how much of what has been reported as being true but I do know that this Russian Putin has been calling all of the shots almost like it has all been orchestrated from the beginning. Did the Russians really leave this northern supply route open just as a means of trapping our soldiers in Afghanistan? What if we had to retreat because of this. We just simply lay down our arms and fly out? Wait…that’s what the Russians were forced to do.. Oh Lucy, I think we may be fucked!


        • sixpack says:

          Mac, the TBTF banks NEED their confidence shaken. They NEED to fail. There is no other conceivable way to take our countries back from their grasp.

          THE ONLY PEOPLE who “need” the stock market (as it exists today) is those too big to fail banks, and the people who own them. Fuck them all, let them fall.

          We, the average people will continue.

    • 1braveheart says:

      Rich99, I hope you’re right. another year or two to prep would be nice. You can buy a lot of preps in 2 years.

  4. Anonymous says:

    One man’s opinion, and fear-mongering. Not worried about Putin at all.

    • Probably true. Putin is a has-been… Why would he target the US dollar? Or want to control former Soviet border states that have mountainous geography that protects Russia from land invasion? He probably doesn’t even remember that he got his ass kicked in the cold war, and most certainly wouldn’t hold a grudge.

      Plus, he loves Obama. Obama said so.

      • hammerhead says:

        Why does he love Obama?
        He knows Obama will destroy the dollar , he dont have to.

        The author is thinkin too hard .

        • Rodster says:

          LOL, #Obamacare

        • Jack Hammer says:

          Mac was being sarcastic. 🙂

          • hammerhead says:

            Yes , but i was not .

            • Hunter says:


              LOL! Gallows humor for all ‘REAL AMERICANS’.


              Sorry folks, now onto to a tangent/off topic.

              You mentioned earlier you have a Marlin 45-70, yes?
              I’ve been looking at their Stainless guide gun..any thoughts/recommendations?

              Would appreciate any input. Thanks!

              (BTW, Kudos per the ‘Assault Modified New Holland’..mine is a TYM 4WD)..& if I get the 45-70, I can hunt low-flying helicopters while bush-hogging/plowing!

              He-he..er..just kidding!

              • Hunter says:


                Hammer, the guide gun has been in the gun store rack for at least 2 years, next to a 1894(cowboy?) in .357 mag..the wife likes the Cowboy..I like the Guide gun.


              • Hunter says:

                Oops..apologies to both Hammer & BB Stacker per tractor confusion!

                That said ‘BB’..have never seen/looked thru a Nightforce scope, although I’ve never read or heard the slightest negative review/comment. What’s their warranty like?
                How well do they hold zero(in the safe)..from one season to the next?

              • hammerhead says:

                yep , marlin lever in 45/70 gov, but no stainles here .
                Got mine years ago , no troubles.
                Good gun for elephants .
                If you can spend the cash, the guide gun in SS is real nice !

      • JayJay says:

        Nice display of ‘facetious’, Mac. Nicely done!!
        Many won’t get it!! 😉

      • Jeff says:

        Perfect storm. Vlad makes good on crashing the US dollar and the economy. Greatest Depression ever. Meanwhile back in Mordor on the Potomac, antichrist Obama is ecstatic cause the country his hates with a passion is now destroyed along those Bible clingers in flyover land. The crisis gives him the reason he needs to declare martial law, set himself up as dictator for life. He can then use the .gov and .state LEOs to wage war on all of his political enemies and every one else labeled as “anti-American enemies of the state.

      • John Q. Public says:

        @ Mac

        I believe Anatoli Golitsyn, the KGB Directorate defector who revealed that the CONVERGENCE of Jewish Communism and Jewish Capitalism was planned. The appearance of a “fall” allowed an easier flow of capital and looting by the tribe’s “Russian” oligarchs.

        We need to carefully discern between reality and subterfuge. Satan and his synagogue are very tricky.

        • sixpack says:

          Might those be the same “Russian oligarchs” that have been jailed and/or exiled, and their assets seized in Russia in years gone by?

          • Them Guys says:

            Sixpack: Yep…Recall when Putin first became a known name as russias Prez?….And at same time that he began to jail or boot out those swindler oligarchs, while Many Fled russia prior to being jailed.

            Does anybody recall at that eaxct same time frame usa MSM tv began to sound the alert of “Russian Mafia” figures flooding into new york?

            As if it were some “Coincidence”?..No..never is. What usa tv msm’s called russian mafias, are really russian Jewish mafia. Many also fled to Israel due to israel state laws etc never allows a jewish citizen there to get extridited for ANY crimes, if said crimes are against the gentile goyims. Israel talmudic state laws do not consider such crimes, a crime, unless its done against a fellow tribe member aka fellow jew.

            So basically what we all were told was russian mafia going into israel and new york, From, russia, were no more than a jewish mafia under the ‘cover” of a “russian mafia”…That “Russian part is correct” its just that usa tv msms do not tell us the rest of the truth.

            ANY other group or race or religion usa tv msms would definatly tell us who/what they are…

            Except when it comes to the “tribe”, when then the very mention of the word “jewish” is akin to the 3rd Rail of PC. usa msms Did tell us truth when they stated that bunch they called russian mafia or Mobs are the very deadliest, and most corrupt and criminal of All mafias up to date.

      • MongoPissed says:

        Russia/Soviet Union was outspent in the so-called cold war Some say the bonds backing the financial warfare were due on 9-12, but were destroyed on 9-11, because the underlying funds had been stolen. I have a friend who was stationed at the Fulda Gap during the cold war. He was told that he would be lucky to survive 3 days if the Warsaw Pact rolled West. I am of the opinion, after 20 years of searching the Web for clues as to what is happening in the world around myself, that all governments are to some degree part of the NWO. JFK called it a “monolithic conspiracy” shortly before he was murdered for going rogue. I think he was wrong: there are factions, such as the neocon Jews who still dominate U.S. foreign policy (Mrs Victoria “Nuland” Kagan being an example), and the fascists such as Cheney and the Bush family. They work together towards their imperium, but vie for supremacy within it. As in the film “Highlander”, in the end there can only be one.

        A great blog for insight into the Ukraine, from a Russian ex-pat. He had a family member boiled alive by the Bolsheviks, and is no apologist for Communism.

    • 1braveheart says:

      Anonymous, I don’t worry about Putin. He once called Obama a monkey with a hand grenade so Putin can’t be all bad.

      • sixpack says:

        One of my two all-time favorites!

        “A monkey with a hand grenade”

        I also like the Pigeon playing chess analogy.

        “Negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and then struts around like it won the game.”

    • flubber says:

      I don’t understand why your post has such a low rating. I guess a lot of people like fear because they’ve built their whole life around it.

      • IndiA says:

        colonize and bully 90% of the globe and fear is going to pale in comparison to what lies ahead. European union is going down and Asian customs will rise. brics will stand tall BraziL,RussiA,IndiA,ChinA,SoutH Africa*

    • Gopher says:

      OT Don’t sell, BUY BUY ammo!
      Got a call from the gun shop (small local chain 6 stores) today. Last call for imported ammo. His supplier warehouse is cleaning out the last and that’s all there’s going to be. So if you need to top up your stash, better get to it. Next shipment will need to be recovered from the blue helmet crew.

      • Mountain Trekker says:

        Gopher, my thoughts have always been, if you own a SKS or AK or a Mac90 you hand better stockup on 7.62×39 first, because we don’t have a Ammo Manufacture that loads this round as surplus. It will be hard to get and expensive. And there are alot of SKS owners in this country. Even if Russia don’t stop export on 7.62 TPTB in this country may stop Import. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem,para bellum!

  5. phdinlogic says:

    Putin and Obama are both puppets of the banking cartel. Bankers have always controlled both sides of every recent conflict. Read some Mazzini and Albert Pike.

    • While I am not able to provide direct evidence, I’ll throw the idea out there that, insofar as Russia is concerned, Putin IS the banking cartel… and the energy cartel… He may well be the richest man in the world for all we know.

      He has complete control over ALL Russian affairs, including within the hierarchy of the Red Mafia… they don’t operate without his go-ahead.

      That is my working THEORY.

      I have a hard time believing the Western bankers control the leadership of Russia or China to any significant extent.

      • Jack Hammer says:

        Agree completely. What I believe is happening is that the E.U. and U.S. are trying to get Ukraine (and soon Georgia, Syria, Libya, Iran, Jordan, etc…) under the control of the Western banking cartels and have these countries join the E.U. and NATO and absorb some of the debt of the E.U. & the U.S. Obama wants all these countries on the U.S. Dollar for trading so the U.S. can maintain it’s “Global Currency” and keep printing toilet paper dollars. Remember back in 1979 when Iran kicked out the U.S. puppet master the Shaw of Iran? Well, when that happened Iran took itself off the Western Central bankers and put itself back on it’s own currency. Obama wants Iran BACK on the U.S. Dollar which is why we always hear the hype about “They are getting close to having a nuclear weapon!”. That rhetoric has been going on for the past 30 years with Iran “only months away from having a nuclear weapon”. Same goes for Syria and Libya. War is coming because the world is broke and millions will die to prop up the bankers….AGAIN.

      • RickInOregon says:

        Wow, it’s nice to see that you’re not enamored with Putin Il Duce and see him for who he is and not what his PR machine is making him out to be. Maybe your clout on this site will open a few eyes.

      • Gods Creation says:

        “””I have a hard time believing the Western bankers control the leadership of Russia or China to any significant extent.”””

        The banksters are GLOBAL and control almost EVERY COUNTRY. They DO control the leadership of China and Russia, along with the US. They are merely different divisions of the same bankster operation to gain world economic control.

        You seem to think that the “western banksters” are a different group than the rest. I have a hard time believing that you believe that.

        Putin is a bankster puppet, not a bankster. Just like Obama. You give him far too much credit, and far more power than the banksters would allow.

        I suggest you rethink your theory. I don’t see it working because it is rooted in the big lie.

        • Feisty Old Broad says:

          Sorry but your post just does not fly….putin is not a puppet….do your research and you will see just WHO is behind all….Obama IS a false flag/puppet….but not putin…..he takes from those who offer, but gives nothing in return…that is why “they” are so pist at him….what? you can’t see the forest for the trees? Is it so hard to grasp that putin is not IN IT for the NWO? Duh? He wants HIS OWN world order….he does not merely wish to be a small slice of a large pie….spend more time (many, many hours…just connecting the dots)

          • phdinlogic says:

            I have done my research; I strongly encourage you to get wake up. Nobody goes up against Rothschild regime. See also the Russian leader in 1917. Looks like your forest just got burned down.

          • phdinlogic says:

            My bad, the Romanovs were murdered by the nwo crew in July of 1918. Back to my hours of studying history, not. Feisty, I will leave you to your fantasy of Putin against the real money changers.

            • Feisty Old Broad says:

              Eh…I have no fantasy regarding putin…I am a seeker of facts…and knowledge is power. I KNOW what I have discovered…I suggest you do the same….although, I rather doubt you will discover what I did, based upon your “money changers” remark…..rule #1 in doing any research: must be done objectively or your results are tainted..


        Putin is just One of a handful of very powerful real Russia Mafia Don’s . They Rule Russia as a Secret Counsel much like Zog AmeriKa is ruled by it’s own Hidden Secret Government ZOG Banker Mafia .

        Putin is their Russia Mafia Counsel Elected Leader / national “Mafia Don” at the moment , as he mutually benefits them all in his and their politics and finance investments .

        If Putin was to suddenly go against the Counsel member group wishes he would quickly be “Take Care” of .

        It’s JUST a MAFIA GOVERNED country that allows it’s citizens freedom to do as they wish as long as it doesn’t threaten the goals of the Russian Mafia / KGB Don’s .

        Much like China , Britain (america,australia,canada,and the 13 other colonies of britain) , And most other countries in the world .

        What you see on the surface is just politically correct propaganda window dressing “fluff” to pacify the masses .

        Scratch the surface and you will see 99% of all governments in the world are actually generations old Organized Political Mafia Family controlled of a group of families from religion banking industry and agricultural interests of that region .


        • Russia Gives Olympic Medalists New Cars


          Each of Russia’s 13 gold medalists were given a Mercedes GL-Class SUV (worth $146,000) in addition to $120,000 in cash. The 11 silver medalists were awarded with a Mercedes ML-Class (worth $99,500) and $76,000. In addition to this, the 9 bronze medalists drove away in their Mercedes GLKs (worth $59,500) with $52,000.

          While the US medalists were all hit with heavy taxes!


        • BigB says:

          I can verify what Nina O is saying. When they went down the tubes the only thing that brought them back was the Mafia. We are all sitting here speculating that the game plan is to destroy the America economy. What if the plan is to destroy the entire Western economy? Leaving only China and Russia as the worlds leaders. China would then have nothing to stand in between them and the entire Pacific Rim. Russia would then have all of Europe, The Middle East and Africa. With Europe and the U.S out of the way there is nothing anyone could do to stop them.


          • sixpack says:

            What is standing in the way of Russian and Chinese domination, is an equally old and murderous mafia—THE BRITISH CROWN. The Queen herself, flanked by the Royal Family is by far, one of the most powerful and pervasive mafias in the world.

            They are more subdued, but their tentacles reach virtually everywhere, including into the bankster’s realm. Who owns the world bank, and to whom do they align?

      • Your right Mac, the Western Bankers ARE CONTROLLED by the same elite world banking families that contriol Russia, China and the rest of the world

        • huh ???

          russia china iran syria venezuela cuba are independent of the western banker family Rothschild global oligarchy banker squid direct influence and control tendrils .

          which is why the zog amerika cia and israehell jew mossad is now actively attacking putting insurgent false-flag terrorist political pressure on all those countries at this moment globally .

          for the nwo zog one world government to come to complete fruition .


      • durango kidd says:

        This is why Putin is the target of the LSM Propaganda Machine. Putin will not give unqualified access to Russia for the NWO Gangster Banksters.

        Let’s face it, Putin has the brainiacs from the KBG behind him providing the analysis and O’bummer has …. Valerie Jarret. LMAO!!!

        Who do you think was running that special briefing meeting on Ukraine while O’bummer was ….. well what WAS O’Bummer doing anyway? Let’s hear your guesses My Peeps.

        “I think O’bummer was ……. (finish the thought) 🙂

      • John Q. Public says:

        I think it is important to consider that Putin is “ex”-KGB.

        All the furor could be theatre, interesting theatre perhaps, but possibly scripted.

        As I said, the CONVERGENCE of Jewish Communism and Jewish Capitalism was planned.

        Is Putin part of the script? Or an independent agent? Only time will tell.

        As the tribe consolidates their global hegemony expect the Man of Sin, THE Anti-Christ, and the persecution and genocide of TRUE Christians. The synagogue of Satan HATES Jesus Christ, His Church, His Law, and His People.

        • Them Guys says:

          John Q Public: Exactly…the “Convergence” of both capitalism and communism Was planned, by the Same bunch of swindlers that invented communisim.

          The COMBO of the Ying & the Yang ends up equaling

          The YID.

      • IndiA says:

        you are absolutely CorrecT

  6. Socrates says:

    As stated many times before by many:
    Putin plays Chess, whilst Obama plays marbles.
    While Rome burns.

    March 4th 2014 may indeed have been the ‘date’ predicted that set the current gears in motion…it’s beginning to look like it.

    Time is short…get your acts together, NOW.

    • Rellik says:

      This is supposedly false but it certainly is within the realm of truth.

      “Russian President Vladimir Putin has allegedly said that “negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board, then struts around like it won the game.”

      Describes Obama and his policies to a “T”.

  7. Mountain Trekker says:

    I don’t care if you are the Top Thug. Keep your finger off of the trigger, if you ain’t shootin – Putin. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, Para bellum!

  8. MIchael in Chicago says:

    Whatever happens overseas, the price of goods at the grocery store keep going up. Which is all the more reason the stock up now, grow a garden, get off grid or whatever to prepare. Maybe it will be kittens, rainbows and unicorns for another 10 years. I hope so. Meanwhile have a few months worth of food and water is not such a bad idea. Having a firearm, knowing how to use it along with a few thousand rounds of ammo is also a good idea.

    They have a plan and you should too.

  9. Daddyotis says:

    The sets are changing with greater and greater frequency now…now on a daily basis. The average iPhone-tapping, Kardashian-watching, sport team – worshipping, latte-sipping, uneducated, sheep american blowhard has NO clue what is happening, and is SO checked out of reality that they will willingly enter the FEMA camps when the SHTF and bow down to the criminal martial law of the NWO. A sad state of affairs

  10. cossack55 says:

    Shall we mention the SS-26 Iskanders he stationed in Killiningrad in December?

  11. braahaahaa says:


    Don’t let the first few seconds fool you.

  12. braahaahaa says:

    What about Putin’s planetary devastation?

  13. Texas Tea says:

    Great article! They all know how easy it is to take us down financially- just look at how the market reacted. They want to destroy us from within. No need to drop a bomb, they can cripple our economy without firing so much as one shot. I get it, sadly our government could care less. Plays right into their dream of a one-world currency, one-world order. If you have no preps, no silver or gold, it might be too late. Things are fixin’ to heat up and it’s best you prepare your family. Be safe and happy prepping!

  14. wormdirt says:

    I’m hedged. Bring it.

  15. hammerhead says:

    “Make no mistake. Vladimir Putin strives to make Russia a global super power. China wants the same. In order for that to happen the United States of America must be crushed, and that starts with destroying our economy. ”

    yea , no kiddin , are we to assume that Obama has nothing to do with it?
    Obama does not want the US to have super power status.
    He believes the US is not exceptional because the US was unjustly founded.
    His contempt for the constitution is not hidden
    And most importantly Obama is a socialist/fscist .

    Why are we to think Putin is our enemy?
    “I will have more flexibility after the election”.
    Remember that ?
    We are bein set up here folks .

  16. Nathan Cline says:

    China and Russia definitely have their flaws. Putin has flaws. But for all their flaws, they are far less flawed than the US and Europe…..which is why China/Russia will win WW3. This formerly great nation will be reduced to a smoking, radioactive ruin. Obama is a puppet. Putin is a leader.

    It’s horrifying to contemplate the fate which surely awaits our corrupt, decadent society. But after you’ve thought about it for a while, the horror fades away, replaced by the sure and certain knowledge that things HAVE to be this way. We are reaping the consequences of 140+ years of wrongdoing. There is no undoing or altering it. What’s done is done.

    All that’s left now is for the smart folks to prepare. We must find a way to survive and hopefully be a part of the future. Hundreds of millions of Americans and perhaps 1+ billion folks worldwide will soon die painful deaths, before disappearing into the dustbin of history. Such is life, and natural selection.

    • hammerhead says:

      nathan – Putin may be a leader , but he is a damn awful corrupt one .
      America is only 140 yrs old, Russia has been poundin heads into dust for 800 yrs.
      This world not matter how “civil” we try to make it is still ruled by the barrel of a gun , cant change human nature .
      Right now Putin is the only one holding a gun , dear leader Obama is still singin kumby ya , or whattever.

      Does it seem coicidental that Obama reafirmed the treaty with russia and the UK to protect the Ukraine in 2009?
      And then started disarming our nukes ?
      now he is gutting our military , just like Ukraine ?
      UH OH …….

    • Texas Tea says:

      Excellent post! You are exactly right-we have to face what is coming because at this point, we have no other choice. It breaks my heart to see where we are as a nation, how we lost our way, but it is what it is. There is no going back now…Prep my fellow friends. And then prep some more. We are going to need you!

    • db427 says:

      with all the starvation, and disease to come, I’d raise that number to 6.495 billion.

  17. Southern Border says:

    Heck I’d almost bet that Obummer & Pukin are in bed with each other to take down the US economy.

  18. European American says:

    How I would love to see HIM bring down the corrupt Casino.

    “Vladimir Putin, the world’s last true statesman”


    • With respect to you EA…this fella wouldnt know a statesman if he saw one…sure obama is a moron a weak sniveling one at that and the US fed govicorp is corrupt and has caused problems all over the place but that dont make putin a saint…he’s a dangerous bassturd from hell as much as any western puppet…sure putin talks tough and takes action and folks claim to admire that but I remeber how they mocked Reagan for standing strong and going it alone when he had to…seems hypocritical to me to admire in a communist/marxist what they mocked in a man who for all his faults at least loved America…aint a one of them any good putin or barry but some of the almost shameless admiration I see for a guy who hates freedom and liberty and would cut our guts out if he could,well it just dont sit right with me…I say theyre all evil and I dont want to see either win anything…I want to see freedom/liberty and decentcy again prevail and all of these empire builders regulated to the dungheap of history…putin cant and wont bring down barry or the rest…thats up to we the people and if we dont then its our own fault we end up under a tyrant…we will win without putins help……no, when I think of a statesman I think of men like Jefferson/Madison/Mason and perhaps Ron Paul…men who stood up for something right based on something right…not a tyrant like putin…2cents REB

      • European American says:

        I certainly respect your perspective, REB, and I can’t say I differ much on many of your points, but for me, the proverbial bastard tyrant is none other than the mulatto himself, and no one comes close. He’s a pathological liar with narcissistic personality disorder. He’s a Bolshevik, Corporatist with a sexual appetite for those of the same sex. He is unquestionably, demonically possessed and if I was a Christian might declare him the antiChrist. He’s the quintessential destroyer of the Constitution and the Bill of RIghts and our Forefathers would be in shock and awe to see how Americans are allowing this psychopath to control and manipulate them.

        The same PsyOps that groomed the mulatto for his Hollywood acting role, paint an entirely different picture of Putin, through their monopoly of the airwaves. Almost all Americans have been programmed, as far back as when they were in their mothers womb, to believe Russia, and Russians are the bad guys. I believe at one time, when it was the CCCP, it was truly a dark void in space. However, when the walls came down, the people of Russia finally got a taste of something that Americans, over time, took for granted, that would be FREEDOM. Now, it appears, Putin seems to understand the value of freedom and it’s profoundly influential affects on mass consciousness. He may have been KGB and he still might have some skeletons in the back closets somewhere, but I believe he has begun to see the light, begun to realize what freedom truly is, it’s value, what it can do to people, and realizes there are dark forces, working behind the scenes, bound and determined to rule the world by squelching ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’.

        At this moment in time, I believe, he is one of the few who has the power to prevent “their” takeover of this planet. I’m not saying Putin will remain the guiding light, down the road, but for the moment, he appears to be the planets only hope. Who else is there? Certainly no one in America, now, at least in this moment in time.

        • European American says:

          In addition to my above reply to you, here is a someone’s perspective on Vlad.

          Who is Vladimir Putin?


          • sixpack says:

            I watched Putin speak to the press at this link


            It was refreshing to see Putin taking handwritten notes and NOT reading from a teleprompter. I watched the video a second time with the sound muted. I watched only his facial expressions and his body language. I’m no expert, but I saw no deception and no “bravado”. I think his answers were more honest than we get from our politicians here…especially the HNIC.

            • Nathan Cline says:

              I agree. Putin is definitely far from perfect, but the impression I get is that he’s at least HONEST and relatively straightforward in what he sees and believes. I don’t agree with tyranny, but I think Obama is far worse in many regards than Putin. At least Putin doesn’t speak out of both sides of his mouth with a forked tongue. What you see is what you get.

        • sixpack says:

          At least Putin, as a leader of a superpower, refuses to subjugate himself and his country to a bankster takeover. The tell is—the more the LSM demonizes Putin and Russia, the more I support them.

          I already know the drill, and I’m ready for it this time…

        • You are absolutely correct on the kenyan…no argument from me on that and to clarify I was not aiming at you personally as I said above only at the authors assertion that somehow putin is a statesman…to me that word carries a certain defined meaning and can in no way be applied to putin or the kenyan reject or for that matter to 99% of all politicians today…that was my main point…I think we do agree for the most part on most points and the point you make about barry is indisputable…he is “the” tyrant you and I have to be concerned with not so much putin…at least not here at this time,that could change…I did not intend to compare putin and the kenyan in a manner that makes him(the kenyan) seem less evil than putin…theyre both evil just in different ways…a pox on both of them…Thanks EA…REB

  19. Grey Dog says:

    No one will care if Russia uses the dollar or not. China will have to get in the game to effect the dollar. At this time that want happen either .

  20. Sgt. Dale says:

    If Puntang crashes the market he had help from Obullshit.

    As far as I can see its going to crash any day now any way. Just remember if the USA crashes the whole world crashes. People are going to starve. Not only here in USA, but all over the world. EOTWAWKI. Time to rebuild. God be with you and yours.

  21. Sgt. Dale says:


  22. braahaahaa says:

    Rasengan. Search it up.

  23. hammerhead says:

    Remember all those top generals that Obama fired and replaced ?
    Are the replacements gonna order our troops to stand down as Obama lets Russia and China stop by for coffee?
    Maybe do alittle gun confiscation whlie their here.
    Aplanned coup to introduce communism maybe .
    Obama’s intentions scare me more than Putin droping the use of the dollar as reserve currency.

  24. PO'd Patriot says:

    Well its reported that Russia holds around 200 billion of US debt. If China and Russia, being butt buddies, decide to dump their purchases, that could cause a lot angst for the US. Which will trickle down to you and me. Something real soon will probably happen cause these numb nuts that are in charge of the US are about to receive a hot beef injection. Hope they like it dry.

    • PuppyPrepper says:

      The Federal Reserve magically creates 85 billion dollars a month out of thin air – 200 billion will be nothing for them to cover up and absorb.

      All of the world’s monetary numbers are digital figments of our imagination.

      That is all going to change soon when it gets reset, and the new world monetary system will be based on gold, which Russia and China have lots and lots of.

      I am pretty sure Fort Knox is empty.

      How much do you have?

    • Navy Vet says:

      Actually Russia holds $138.6B of U.S. Treasury’s, number 11 on the list. China is number 1 with $1.2T. Should China and Russia act in concert to dump U.S. Treasuries it would be the end. However, China’s economy is dependent upon export. Trade with the USA and EUR amounts to $1.014T of which $680B is export. Meanwhile, Chinese trade with Russia is $79.2B of which ~$40B is export. Push comes to shove, I believe China sits it out and waits for the dust to settle.

      Also, let’s not forget that China’s economy is more precarious than USA/EUR as their real estate asset bubble is much larger than ours was in 2008 AND they have had to recently bailout several large banks, companies in the energy business and a couple of hedge funds.



    • Grey Dog says:

      Russia drops the dollar it will sink them as well its just talk on there part. China could hurt us , but who will but their crap if they drop us. That will sink them as well and hurt us bad but in the long run it would help us .

      • Nathan Cline says:

        Are you willing to bet your life on that?

        • Grey Dog says:

          I wouldn’t bet my life on it but I would bet the farm on it. We all depend on each other to much to just cut the money off. China just not ready to go up ageist the US right now and they know it. Russia just seeing how far they can push before US pushes back. No major war will come out of this . Just higher gas prices

  25. aljamo says:

    All these world spy bastards are controlled by the bankers, that is who control them to do their bidding. Put in… KGB, Obammy… CIA. On owning gold, let me get out my magnifying glass to see what I’m getting, one twentyfifth of an oz for over 150 dollars.

  26. cabinfever says:

    Because I am a Bible-believing Christian, I can only surmise the following:
    We are headed towards a one world government. And how does the Bible say we get there? The Ten Kings or kingdoms that give the Beast their power. In order for that to happen, this means the Ten Kings are not fighting AGAINST each other – it means they are working together for a common goal – the Beast system of the Anti-Christ with his one world government and one world religion. That means all the world leaders are working in tandem. Like the fiction of the Republicans vs the Democrats…it’s the same thing. Is Putin fighting this NWO or is he a part of it…? If the hour is as late as some of us believe it to be – he is a part of it. And if this is true, he will answer to God for it in the end. All of these world leaders are ruthless, Putin included. He is not “the good guy” …none of them are. The goal here is to put our currency on the chopping block. Here we go…….

  27. McFrolie says:

    Yea, sure he is.
    Nothing could destroy the markets. Not lying about unemployment, GDP growth, inflation, controlling gold and silver prices, or war in a bunch of different places.

  28. Frank Thoughts says:

    Taking the US down economically is very easy. Militarily not so. The best question to ask is: what interests would be served for Russia and China to do so? With so much of their money rinsed through the US/UK, with so many investments in the US, with their children at Western schools, what interest would be served by pulling down all of that?

    I agree both China and Russia have long wanted payback (payback is a very big bitch) and do think in decades where the West thinks in terms of the next porn video. But I am not convinced now is the time.

    If true, on the plus side, they have a much better stock of babes, and the World Beauty Quotient will go up. The world wouldn’t be a much worse place under this scenario. All the GMO-laden slobs will have to be sent to a re-education camp for a little physical training, which wouldn’t be that bad for them.

  29. conceRNed says:

    Hi everyone! Mac, I’ve been looking at this site for a few months now, first time commenting. I like the honesty of the articles and especially like the comments. As corny as Doomsday Preppers is, I have to admit it’s what got me thinking seriously about being prepared. Before stumbling on to that show, I really didn’t think much about TEOTWAWKI or SHTF scenarios. But once I started researching, I came across sites like this one and “The Daily Sheeple”,as well as many others, I realized how blind I’ve been. This article and the whole situation in Ukraine scares the sh** outta me, but I’m glad that I can now look objectively at the situation and not just take my government’s word for it like I used to. So for that, I thank you Mac and all the commenters for enlightening me. I am just beginning my preps so I know I have a lot of catching up to do, I just hope it’s not too late. I’m a nurse, so my job is to care for people. I’m learning how to use natural methods to do that job for when the SHTF and there are no hospitals or emergency services. Anyways, hello everyone, nice to meet you all!

    • Concerned, welcome to the party! thanks so much for commenting and for your kind words. We have a great community here with folks ready to help get you to where you need to be!

      best wishes!

    • ready down under says:

      Welcome to the “family” conceRNed 🙂 Apart from the odd troll, you’ll find most here are thinkers who offer rational and intelligent comments and observations.


    • For sure youre welcome!

    • BlueH20 says:

      ConceRNed, the hospitals and clinicians will be there, as they are now, but what about supplies? I foresee more rolling shortages of everything, including medications, more governmental refusal to reimburse for tx, more substitution of APRNs and PAs for MDs, fewer technological machinery, more MRSA from incompetent cleaners,and you will be required to provide services anyway, especially to the ones who don’t, won’t and can’t pay. Oh, and don’t forget more jobs for coding services.

      Alternatives will become commonplace.

    • db427 says:

      I myself stumbled upon this site not long ago, and have learned quite a bit. most of all, once you ‘see’ things from another light, it’s almost embarrassing that you haven’t done so earlier, and it’s impossible to not see it that way again. the first book I read about it was a great starter book by: james Wesley rawles called: TEOTWAWKI. good luck.

    • IL mom says:

      Welcome conceRNed!!!

    • 1braveheart says:

      Concerned, welcome aboard. By chance, do the capitalized letters RN stand for registered nurse? My late wife was an RN.

    • sixpack says:

      Welcome, nice to have a fresh perspective.

    • Snapdragon says:

      Welcome conceRNed! I am also an RN and have been concerned about caring for ill or suffering people if we experience a SHTF situation. Am also studying more natural avenues towards this end. This site is a great community and I have learned so much about prepping here. First learned about it through The Daily Crux. Anyhow welcome! BTW love your clever name!

    • BigB says:

      Hey RN, glad to see you coming on board. You appear to be a sensitive and caring person. We can change all that. 🙂


    • slingshot says:



      How nice it is to have people in the Nursing field come here to learn about survival and many other subjects as we learn from you. What is really nice is that you and Merree, the other medical person here, can bounce ideas back and forth.
      Most people have no idea what goes on in a TRAUMA CENTER, where major wounds have been sustained. Over the years, I have amassed two military foot lockers full of medical supplies. Gauze, tape, various sizes of bandages, battle dressings, medical masks and latex gloves. My friend gave me scrubs who works in the medical field. I do check the material for degrade.
      Is there any way to calculate the usage of material for one person with severe wounds? Changing bandages and wound care afterwards. How much stuff can an ER go through in a shift.
      The little First Aid kit at Wal-Mart is not going to make it. I’m thinking field hospital.

    • Norse Prepper says:

      Welcome conceRNed. I think you will find the vast majority of people on this site to be extremely helpful. It is truly amazing when our eyes are opened how much we couldn’t see when shut isn’t it?

      God Bless,

  30. TheGuy says:

    He’s apparently “brilliant” enough to glow in the dark, if this is true.

    Because that will be the end result, make no mistake.

  31. DieselDan says:

    Dumb question: If I owned some property on a mountain, in terms of fallout would I be better at the top of the mountain with lots and lots of wind blowing around or near the base where there is a little less wind, I’m thinking if wind brings in particles it would take them out too? If that make sense? Also top is a field and bottom is hardwoods if that matters, thanks for any in put!

    P.S. Any word from Manos?

    • slingshot says:


      I would presume that particles traveling in the wind would pass over the valley until precipitation brings them to ground level. At the top you may be continually exposed.

    • Piggly Wiggly says:

      The middle third of a mountain is warmest and best shielded from the wind.

    • Piggly Wiggly says:

      Radioactive dust can penetrate roofs. You have to have an underground bunker with as much heavy mass such as concrete and steel between you and the dust as possible.

      If this is not an option, you should stack as much furniture and heavy objects in your basement as possible, seal off the doors, windows, vents, AND ELECTRICAL OUTLETS with plastic, turn of all ventilation systems, and stay down in the basement for at least 10 days, if not as long as possible.

    • Jack Hammer says:

      That’s a tough question to answer. It would depend on many variables such as how long lived the radioactive particles are and what the concentration of the particles are. You have to take into account gamma, beta and alpha contamination. I doubt there would be any neutrons to worry about since most of the radioactive material that caused the explosion would be consumed. Gamma, Beta and Alpha particles have different penetration strengths and some are very very bad if ingested or breathed in. Alpha particles won’t penetrate a sheet of paper but cause massive damage internally. It’s a topic you would have to get a good book on and prepare for. One thing for sure: If you don’t have a radiation meter of some kind you should get one and make sure you get one that measures Gamma, Beta and Alpha if possible. You do not want to die from radiation poisoning…it’s a horrible way to go. Here is what I used back in the day for Alpha: http://www.orau.org/ptp/collection/radiac/IM160PDR56.htm

      Good luck!

      • ready down under says:

        Something else to consider is your water supply. My retreat is off grid and runs on rain water collected from the roof into a 5,000 gallon tank which is always full. I can seal off the top of my tank so any rainwater doesn’t go into it and I wont uncover the inlets until there has been a LOT of rain to clean the roof as much as possible.

        Shouldn’t be too much of a concern down under as I believe any nuclear fallout will circle the Northern Hemisphere a few times before making its way South of the Equator and will be much, much diluted before it gets here.

        One advantage (there are many) of living down under.


  32. slingshot says:

    Trying to decide which is worse. Large portraits of Hilary Clinton or Obama hanging in every major city in what was the USA.

    Despotism. Gotta Love It.

  33. Piggly Wiggly says:

    Shouldnt Pootie Poot be arrested under Russias new anti gay propaganda law for that gay porn he made fishing in Siberia with his shirt off and his nipples hard? WTF is up with that shit?

  34. Sure, Putin is one smart guy…

    Look, he just got the EU and the US to pay the 2 billion that Ukraine owes Russia for Nat gas…lol…with YOUR tax dollars.

  35. G19TMBRWLF says:

    The whole Syria Debacle last year showed the world that Putin was on a higher level than Obama. Who can take obummer seriously, on an international level (or any other for that matter), after that?

  36. JayJay says:


    by Mac Slavo…
    co-creator of the Daily Sheeple…
    I didn’t know that. That’s why I am so well-read on these topics??

  37. 1940justme says:

    “”””””””””When he re-introduces those troops and makes his move here it’s going to crush the U.S. equity markets and take trillions of dollars out of this market and a lot of peoples’ pockets.”””””””

    all I can says is GOOD!

  38. slingshot says:


    The Whole White House should jump in their Limo’s, ride over to Georgetown, and party till the sun comes up. Cause that is what they do best!

    • G19TMBRWLF says:

      Slingshot, sad but true!–And the American sheeple would love them for it to boot!

      –I have family that is currently living outside the US, and one (of the many) things that the msm has never covered, is the fact that in the eyes of many across the world Syria was a major discredit for our current POTUS and his regime. We lost what little credibility we had at that point in forein affairs. We will see that even our NATO (NWO) “allies” will have a hard time standing by Obummer and his forgine pollecies from this time forward, and this situation with Ukraine is only proving that!

  39. Indy Colts says:

    I hate to say it, but I think Putin he got soft when he seen his currency drop on Monday. Seems to me, he backed off the invasion talk after the dollar jumped so high compared to the rubble.

    Just the picture above makes me jealous because barry o jangles would never hold a evil gun.

  40. lena says:

    ok, this guy may have a beteer financial resume than me; but he doesnt know jack.

    Russia is in much worse financial shape than the usa, its money(ruble) has been crashing since it started its military moves and all the smart money and captial is fleeing Russia now as they look like an unstable thuggish nation now more than ever and going to safer places like the usa.

    Yes, if Russia really puts the hammer down; the US stock market is going to panic; but Russia is going into a economic tailspin long before the usa unless nuclear missle talk comes around; but that would panic the whole world.

  41. Barn Cat says:

    I saw the Greg Mannerino video on youtube this morning. What he said is an intriguing possibility. Based on the ability of Russia and China to destroy the dollar at will, America can no longer defend its allies. Putin wants to rebuild the old Soviet Union and China has imperial ambitions of its own. Neither one wants America getting in the way.

  42. SoapDish says:

    IMO, when they want that big distraction, “WAR”! Those with the power will set the gears in motion to making it happen.
    Everyone that is awake can see that all is not well in the neighborhood.
    Just today, I heard audio sound bites of those that believe Hillary will be a great president. It was extremely hard to keep from gaging. idiots, the whole lot of them.
    As we keep looking for that moment, one can only imagine what will set the top blowing off the kettle of society here in America and the world???

    B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

  43. Anonymous says:

    “total wipe out of domestic equity markets and the U.S. dollar itself ”
    – um, who cares? I’ll still be getting out of my bed and going to work. 80% of the people in the USA own no stocks and those of us who work will be working and producing no matter if we are paid with wampum/cans of beans.

    • Barn Cat says:

      So you really think a worthless dollar will have no effect on you??? How would you like gas at $100 a gallon and a loaf of bread at $50? How long do you think you’ll have a job after the dollar dies???

      • 1940justme says:

        people who have been paying attention and prepping for at least the past ten yrs will not care about the worthless dollar collapsing, I personally can get along without any gas and my bread will be just a matter of hand cranking the wheat grinder.

    • 1940justme says:

      the only difference between my carrots and an organic carrot is that mine are 10 for 15 cents and an organic carrot is .80 a piece. I know organic farmers that buy food(pumpkins, potatos ect. by the truck loads and just put an organic sign on them for the city people

    • Kulafarmer says:

      They are not only destroying organic farming but all small scale vegetable farmers
      The FDA finally released its guidelines for the exemption from compliance with this regulatory crap,
      The exemption is 25,000$
      I can grow that in my sleep, that amount is not your profit but your gross,
      So basicly you will either need to comply with the pile of book keeping and expense as well as intrusion of inspecters whenever, and all that goes with being food safe certified or you can be poor!

  44. Stew Pedaso says:

    Made snow shoes today out of birchwood plywood…it worked for a little while but failed from the holes I drilled for the netting…made it weak. That’s what happens when you fuck with the structure of things. But I’, only speculating…hmmm.

    • sixpack says:

      forget the netting and just strap the boards to your boots, or cut one smaller hole out of the center and make a netting like a sock and slip it over the whole thing.

      Can’t hurt to try.

  45. Aurelius says:

    God in Heaven above, help us ! Especially those among us who think that Putin and the half-breed Negro have anything to do with anything! They are whores, nothing less! They have no say in anything and are satisfied in the powers they have over the everyday citizen, which is substantial but in the directions that the nations go in, they have no say! Americans must, but will not , awaken to the Evil that is before us, which is horrible but can’t be helped! Destroy the Banking empire or in turn , be destroyed by it! Nothing else matters, destroy the Bankers or they will surely destroy the USA. Jackson knew it, why the Hell don”t you???

  46. RICH99 says:

    Heads up from a firearms trainer who stated he was told from a major ammo manufacturer that they sold 23% of their 7.62X39 ammo in the last 24 hours ….get it while you can ….look at Connecticut … you’ll need it

  47. JayJay says:


    I don’t even mind being in moderation–this is worth it!!

    Highlights from The Blithering Idiot. OMYFRICKINGGOSH!!!

  48. The guy in the know. says:

    my entire life plan revolves around getting laid by as many women as possible.

    How’s that for a plan.

    Putin must get some Russian tail.
    Or…like Obama…does his wife run the country.

    And Obama thought slavery ended.
    It’s called marriage.

    Try getting out of it!!!

  49. lonelonmum says:

    Totally off topic

    Met up with a friend earlier for a natter. I don’t have a TV so miss all the c’leb gossip. Anyhow she told me things have become much worse in the world since I’ve been busy with relocating/home edding/doing my masters etc.

    Just had to share a couple of snippets with you guys-

    THIS story sums up totally why I am home edding – the gimme dat entitled mentality is just getting out of hand with our youngsters. Note how the legal system permits this travesty (I don’t think she’ll win but there should be something that prevents her from being able to disrupt her younger siblings and parents to such an extent).

    Courts and the jerry springer show are getting confused as to who is who it seems. If your child is in private school, do check what sort of values are really being imparted to the pupils, as this story shows a church, private school is no guarantee of producing a productive, sensible adult at the end of the pupils time there. Get to know your children’s friends before they steer them so far off course there is no hope of them returning to the path of common sense. Consider this part of your prepping.

    Simon Cowell, and his baby. So glad the US public has shown it’s disdain for his adultery by switching off to the extent the network has pulled his show. It’s important to remember that we do still have some power to express our moral opinion, and to flex that right whenever we can in relation to popular culture. I’m proud of the US public for sending this message to our media controllers – their programming is not complete!

    The alternative is wind up like Belgium where abortion is now a legal option until the child is 18 years, euthanasia for adults has become matter of course over the last few years. Here in the UK there have been recent media stories that some politicians had attempted to lower the age of consent for sexual activity in order to protect peadophiles.

    With regards to the US financial situation. Putin didn’t decide on the QE policies of the last few years, nor does he run the Fed. This story is clutching at crazy straws by someone unwilling to admit that his own government has become the enemy of the people.

  50. lonelonmum says:

    Totally off topic

    Met up with a friend earlier for a natter. I don’t have a TV so miss all the c’leb gossip. Anyhow she told me things have become much worse in the world since I’ve been busy with relocating/home edding/doing my masters etc.

    Just had to share a couple of snippets with you guys-

    THIS story sums up totally why I am home edding – the gimme dat entitled mentality is just getting out of hand with our youngsters. Note how the legal system permits this travesty (I don’t think she’ll win but there should be something that prevents her from being able to disrupt her younger siblings and parents to such an extent).

    Courts and the jerry springer show are getting confused as to who is who it seems. If your child is in private school, do check what sort of values are really being imparted to the pupils, as this story shows a church, private school is no guarantee of producing a productive, sensible adult at the end of the pupils time there. Get to know your children’s friends before they steer them so far off course there is no hope of them returning to the path of common sense. Consider this part of your prepping.

    Simon Cowell, and his baby. So glad the US public has shown it’s disdain for his adultery by switching off to the extent the network has pulled his show. It’s important to remember that we do still have some power to express our moral opinion, and to flex that right whenever we can in relation to popular culture. I’m proud of the US public for sending this message to our media controllers – their programming is not complete!

    The alternative is wind up like Belgium where abortion is now a legal option until the child is 18 years, euthanasia for adults has become matter of course over the last few years. Here in the UK there have been recent media stories that some politicians had attempted to lower the age of consent for sexual activity in order to protect peadophiles.

    With regards to the US financial situation. Putin didn’t decide on the QE policies of the last few years, nor does he run the Fed. This story is clutching at crazy straws by someone unwilling to admit that his own government has become the enemy of the people.

  51. JayJay says:

    Sandwiches have been banned from an officers’ mess after a commander noticed many soldiers were eating them with their hands as he insisted “a gentleman or a lady uses a knife and fork.”

    Major General James Cowan issued the note after he noticed officers were eating sandwiches with their hands and failing to stand when commanders entered the room.

    His three-page letter criticised standards at Bulford Camp in Wiltshire where he said he had seen many “frankly barbaric” techniques and habits displayed by soldiers and officers.

    **Phew, bet Putin is shaking in his boots now.

  52. lonelonmum says:

    Jay Jay – glad to see the stiff upper lip mentality that got us through the Blitz has not been totally eradicated from our armed forces despite the constant onslaught of political correctness on civvie street.

    These men are warriors – that requires a certain mentality and a level of self-awareness that those of us not planning to enter a combat zone do not need. Sloppiness is a fault that costs lives on the battle field, so it makes sense from a psychological view point to train the habit of constant self-discipline into your troops. That includes mealtimes in the mess hall.

    These men are not cha cha Notting Hill yummy mummies whose weekly highlight is their manicure and coffee shop chit chat. They are soldiers, and to be fair our armed forces do have a good rep the world over, even if Piers Morgan/Simon Cowell disgrace us at every turn.

    p.s If you want a giggle at us Brits do watch a few episodes of the old comedy series “Dad’s army” when you get the chance.

  53. PO'd Patriot says:

    “He had another look and he had a cup of tea and butter pie”.

  54. maudy frickett says:

    How bad is the military industrial complex? The number one user of fuel in the world is the US military. The people of the US are number two and the Chinese are a close third. The US military uses more fuel than the other 320 million of us. And people complain when the government even suggests a small cut in military spending. What do you folks think?

    • Barn Cat says:

      The American military complex insured that people around the world didn’t die from war in the second half of the 20th century like they did in the first half of the 20th century.

      According to wikipedia,

      From 1900 to 1950 At least 60 million died from war.
      From 1951 to 2000 at least 8 million died from war.

    • Satori says:

      use of the American military

      to secure access to energy

      is said by some experts to keep our costs WAY down at the pump

      some estimate
      that the price of gas would be $15

      we’re trading massive government spending
      and the lives of our young so we can fill up our tanks cheaper

      • sixpack says:

        No, Satori, we’re trading massive government spending
        and the lives of our young, so that big corporations and elitists can fatten their portfolios by another few billion dollars, with the profits of death and destruction.

  55. Analyst1974 says:


    RT is Russian state propaganda, not a reliable news source.

  56. Kulafarmer says:

    Who cares!
    TPT think TB deserve to have a total and complete collapse!
    I could care less,
    It was sunny, 75, nice breeze blowing, got a bunch of field work done and went for a drive, just ate a nice contsiner of ahi soyu poki from Pukalani Superette,
    Life is good!
    Guess what,
    If the financials collapse,
    Life will still be goooood over here!
    Who cares! Let it burn…..

  57. Satori says:

    I think this whole line of thinking

    “Putin is playing chess,Obama is playing checkers”

    quite interesting

    I also think it is probably wrong

    Chronology of the Ukrainian Coup


    this coup has apparently been engineered by the West


    with the US leading the way

    if so
    that does not suggest weakness

    it is a play of strength

    its all rather Machiavellian in nature

    the question is
    can the US pull it off successfully ???


    we ARE living in the Matrix !


    is as it seems

  58. Satori says:

    does this article strike home ???

    Are You Crazy To Continue Believing In Collapse?


    “It’s nerve-wracking to live in the historical moment of an epic turning point, especially when the great groaning garbage barge of late industrial civilization doesn’t turn quickly where you know it must, and you are left feeling naked and ashamed with your dark worldview, your careful preparations for a difficult future, and your scornful or tittering relatives reminding you each day what a ninny you are to worry about the tendings of events.

    Persevere. There are worse things in this life than not being right exactly on schedule.”

  59. Hoser says:

    To understand Obama, you need to understand Cloward and Piven.

  60. He does not need to target the stock market….if Russia bought and took delivery of $25B in silver, the whole system would crash.

  61. Calling Elvis says:

    John Q. Public says:
    “I disagree. I don’t think Putin is doing a Réti. I think he is doing an Accelerated Dragon. The Réti is so 1920′s.”

    I understand Réti has to do with chess but what are you saying it means in lay terms about this situation, curious to see if there is more than just a little humor in your statement?

    • John Q. Public says:

      This was only a joke from one chess player to another to make this biblical point:

      Nothing under the sun is new, neither is any man able to say: Behold this is new: for it hath already gone before in the ages that were before us. Ecclesiastes 1:10

      The Réti became popular in the 1920’s when it was then called “hypermodern.” Obviously, by now, the Réti has been worked over.

      More cutting edge openings that are popular today are themselves just old openings that have been re-worked — the Sniper, the Hedgehog, the Dzindi-Indian, and Accelerated Dragons are just re-worked Sicilian, English, and Indian Defense Openings.

  62. maudy frickett says:

    Now they’ve gone and done it. Putin has cut off our supply of 7.62x39mm ammo. He says no more is coming to the US. That may be what Rich99 bumped into in his earlier post. Park your AK and SKS until you really need it.

  63. posseecom says:

    This must be prognosticator number what?

    Good God..this bullshit never ends with every so called alt media asshat siting credibility and supposedly having the inside scoop to every single geo political event worldwide..and the end result to boot!

    Perhaps it is time to take some time off from every financial,political insiders red alert and enjoy our damned life for a day or 2..or a weeks or months .. without all this friggin nonsense keeping so many off the game on a daily basis.

    Well March 4th has already come and gone and not a damned event occurred with the so called collapse that so many adhered to..

    I’m planning my spring gardens..working (finally) my second part time job, and saving my precious time with family and friends…

    Much range time ahead as spring approaches as well as gardening, fishing and enjoying life..

    May be some more articles on preparedness,gardening,fishing,guns, and life for us and less time on these self grandstanding prepare for collapse gurus who offer nothing but sheer conjecture that falls flat in utter bullshit..

    Enjoy the day


  64. ANONYMOUS says:


  65. maudy frickett says:

    Reread Orwells’ 1984 the other day. He was an optimist.

  66. John_Allen says:

    This article joins the long list of distinguished “experts” warning us that the world is going to hell at 9:02 a.m. on {this exact date}.

    balderdash How many of these “the sky is falling” articles have we seen? Has it ever, to date?

    I’ve read Putin’s biography and at least some English-language stuff on him, from foreign sources not just Amerikan propaganda.

    If I may be so bold, he wants nothing more from our militarist banksters that they leave him and Russia the fuck alone. He’s going to do exactly nothing to our equity market.

    Last April the joint FDIC BOE paper about resolving globally active financial institutions hit the bricks. An alert person has had almost a year to get their wealth out of banks and brokerages. If you’re asleep at the switch your demise is on your own inertia not on Putin.

    Charles Hugh Smith has an interesting article the paraphrased thesis of which is Wall Street might control the money but they don’t control the nation. They gravitate around wealth. What Smith calls the Deep State, and what I call the Military Intelligence Security conglomerate gravitates around POWER and controls the nation. They deal in divisions and fighter wings, not derivatives. The political vermin answer to the Deep State not Wall Street.

    Goldman Sucks are a contemptible den of weasels but how many divisions do they have?

    I”m beginning to wonder if all these dire predictions isn’t the best home-based business. Keep them afraid and their eyeballs fixed on our sites.

    citation to Charles Hugh Smith, “The Dollar and the Deep State” (February 24, 2014)


    The signifiant point Smith makes is the military side of the power elite won’t allow the dollar to crash because they need a healthy dollar. AND that the Deep State is more than willing to see Wall Street eviscerate itself rather than sacrifice us. Meaning us the everyday people.

    If that’s true, that’s a game changer imo.

  67. Satori says:

    I’m not a big fan of Ayn Rand

    but when she’s right
    she’s right

    “”When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get rich more easily by graft than by work, and your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them against you, you may know that your society is doomed.” – Ayn Rand

    “”Your true wealth is your time and freedom. Money is just a tool for trading your time. It’s a container to store your economic energy until you are ready to deploy it. But the whole world has been turned away from real money, and has been fooled into using currency – a deceitful imposter that is silently stealing your two most valuable assets – your time, and your freedom.”

    Mike Maloney

    A Warning For Americans – Is Money The Root Of All Evil?


  68. ed fend says:

    A couple of questions for everyone.
    1) Was everyone on this sight as critical of Bush with his many f*ckups (Iraq anyone?) as they are with Obama or all people here racist republicans?
    2) What would you like Obama to do, start a war with Russia? They have 140,000 troops very close and can get more there very easily. Start world war 3?
    ………oh, and one more…..
    3) Is everyone here really that stupid or do you just like to feel powerful anonymously venting on the internet?

    • Mcdave says:

      @ ed,
      1.Yep, racist
      2. Well he could just leave and never ever come back
      3. Yep, stupid

      Thanks for stopping by

    • Boss Hog says:

      @ed fend
      1) Yes Bush is red gang Ob blue gang still gangsters just the same.
      2) I would very much like him to restore the US Constitution, nothing more or less.
      3)I can’t speak for anyone else here on stupidity but I own mine. how about you Mr Ed Fend or is it Miss/Mrs ? Anon can’t tell??

    • sixpack says:

      1) I despise all politicians, D or R.

      2) No. I’d like him to mind our own business and get the hell out of OUR white house.

      3) What’s the matter, was your usual pile of shit you land on, taken while you were gone?

    • Merree says:

      1) Yes, I was and still am critical of Bush. Politicians are slime with rare exceptions.

      2) Obama could show some personal integrity. I respect that in people even if their philosophies and goals are different than mine. Someone who consistently lies-and Obama has done that many times- does not have integrity. He can also stop supporting the elite and make some efforts to stop destroying this country. By this I mean the hardworking regular folks that are the foundation of this country.

      3)What a false choice you offer us with this question. Sort of like when I would offer my kids either clean your room now or wash the dishes. I vote neither. I have plenty of personal power in my every day life that I am hopefully using to do some good in the world. This site is just a diversion to see how worked up some people can get (like you obviously are). Sometimes I learn a little bit along the way and sometimes I get a laugh.

      • ed fend says:

        OK. Thanks all for the responses. Intelligent and thought out and much in line with my own beliefs. Obama has been a terrible president, as was Bush, and Clinton, and………….and yes, I do get worked up sometimes. It’s just easier to deal with things without name calling, which I am also guilty of. Thanks again Merree and others.

    • maudy frickett says:

      Dear Ed, I was and still am a hater of the Bush family. I have a special hatred for Obama because of his open racial animus against my people. I agree, too many people on this site and on other sites are easily manipulated by the MSM. People that are against the NWO, want the US military to support the goal of the NWO in Ukraine. Makes no since.

    • Kulafarmer says:

      1. Yes
      2. Just go away
      3. Takes one to know one

      ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ……….”…\………. _.·´

  69. Risky Whiskey says:

    I think that Putin is propped up and under the direction of the same bunch of shot-callers that put Obama in the WH…kept George Bush Sr. in the WH…elected Carter and Clinton out of total obscurity, that made trillions through the Federal Reserve… that profit via partnership with Mexico’s most ruthless drug cartels etc.

    Y’all really think that Putin and his inner circle is isolated from the wealth and the influence of the Bilderburgers, the CFR, the Rothschilds, the World Bank, global corporate petroleum etc??? A cabal that has been creating wars, running drugs, controlling banking, nursing communism along and controlling all media for decades??

    Does anybody wonder how or why the western expeditionary forces that invaded Russia in 1917 after the Czar fell didn’t wipe out the Bolsheviks before they consolidated power over all of Russia?

    The whole thing is looking like a giant chess game to me; with the people on top controlling both sets of game pieces.

    • Risky Whiskey says:

      …kinda explains why Stalin stood-down his forces when Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa in 1941 in violation of the Russo/German non-aggression treaty that ostensibly divided up Poland between the two of them in 1939…allowing whole armies to be taken off-guard by the advancing Nazis resulting in hundreds of Russian planes destroyed on the ground, millions of Russian prisoners and a deep German penetration into the Russian heartland.

      Perhaps Stalin stalled his counterattack because he was in disbelief that Hitler wasn’t following an agreed-upon playbook as dictated by Europe’s bankers and industrialists who backed both of them like a giant puppet show??

      Does anyone wonder just how Napolean escaped British confinement on the isle of Elba in order to reconstitute his Grand Armee’ for the next 100 days and re-terrorize Europe’s monarchs? I think the Rothschilds arranged his escape specifically to make more money and to consolidate more power in backing all sides to the conflict….which ended at Waterloo.

      IMHO….. the entire Ukraine issue is another puppet show with a result that will maintain the status quo and make the players and the puppet masters even richer and more powerful….

      That is, unless somebody goes off-script like Hitler did.

      Just a theory folks….I guess my tinfoil hat is getting a little too tight.

    • posseecom says:

      2/3 of Washington are sociopaths.

      The remaining 1/3 are children.


      Putin..3 dimensional chess..

      Crimea votes to align with Russia..

      Check mate!



  70. Brian Cohen says:

    Hmmm—so Putin is giving the appearance of letting them have Ukraine and then when they think he’s “Backed down”,WHAm—he rolls in,and poof—Russia has Ukraine. I can see that—-It would cause panic in western markets,and force the USA to either step up to the plate and take Russia on in Ukraine,or to back down and look weak again.

    As for Putin,I’m guessing if he takes the Ukraine back the first thing he would do would be to

    A) Whip up a little cold weather for the EU (HAARP type weather manipulation stuff—hey we can do it,but so can the russians) and
    B)Stop gas from flowing into The EU/punish them economically

  71. Fast and Swift says:

    I read but never comment on such things But feel I need to.
    You need to do all of what I layout here that you can. A bit of background on Me. I was a Stock and commodity broker. Then I became a seller of things online. Heres my take on the USA. The stock Market is 46% over it’s real value give or take. when it corrects it will lose at a min 40% of it’s value. If there is wide spread panic it will be closer to 60%.
    Now on how well the US retail sales are I have seen a glut of stuff selling on amazon and ebay. For Less than it costs to buy it wholesale. Sellers are dumping inventory befor they can’t these are large sellers as I am. There are less buyers buying now than in the 6 years I have done online retail.About 30% less than in 2008.
    I had to get a window replaced in my Land Rover and across the street from the garage. There was a food pantry I watched as I waited 45 min for the repair. I watched about 200 neddy soles go in and come out with food. I live in an area that is very well off. The ones getting the food were well dressed not bumbs.There are more out there in need than We all think.
    Here is a list of stuff you should have
    1 A gun and 100 rounds
    2 A passport
    3 A stock pile of gas
    4 A generator
    5 A stock pile of food easy to eat and canned or dried
    6 Silver or gold if you can afford it
    7 A fast well built car or truck (you may have to move fast)
    8 Change some of your USD to other money I did Canadian and Great Brittish Pounds. 10k each
    9 Have medical supplys
    10 TP for the bung hole everyone forgets it in lists

    You can call Me a nut but the US dollar will fail at some point. Others will take what you have possibly kill you. You need to defend yourself and if it’s really bad bug out to Canada or elsewhere. If you can’t support yourself they will not let you in thats why you need money of other nations.And gold and or silver to sell. I’m sitting on 300 troy oz and i should have more.
    bye hope everyone survives

    • Merree says:

      I have a question to throw out.

      If I remember right, when Zimbabwe was going through ever increasing inflation, I had the impression that their stock market soared. The inflation gave the illusion that it was doing well.

      Do I remember this right? If so, how much of the stock market here is secondary to increasing prices and what is the likelihood that it will continue to inflate as a result?

      • maudy frickett says:

        Didn’t know they had a stock market. Must have been just 2 guys. They did have an Art Museum. Been there. There was nothing for sale in their stores until they allowed the use of foreign currencies. I hear they only use the Chinese currency now. The Chinese are building a military airfield there now.

    • JayJay says:

      Fast and Swift–just check Overstock dot com and your post has validity.

  72. Ted Kennedy says:


    Please dump all of your U.S. bonds. What will happen to your fiat. Nobody wants it. Merkel, grow a pair then shave… Monkey boy, time to organize and Bogart a sig. Dogs like trucks…

  73. Satori says:

    this is above my pay grade

    but I’m guessing it’s not good news

    The Antarctic Half of the Global Thermohaline Circulation is Collapsing


  74. Its like two monkeys in a room , each trying to light off a bomb , with the other one putting it out every time

    the effort is, to make a war come true.

  75. Mark says:

    Puddin’ is flexing his flabby muscles again.

  76. Satori says:

    The Government Has Engaged In a Series of Nuclear Cover-Ups Ever Since Hiroshima


    not exactly a surprise is it


    and in other news
    the economy is doing so good
    Staples is closing 225 stores
    and Radio Shack is closing 1100 !!!

  77. Be informed says:

    Someone last week, sorry I don’t remember whom, said that this between Russia and the U.S. is like a shoving match in which someone shoves a little too hard and someone takes a swing, and then it is game on.

    I have been in fights throughout my child to teenage years and the way someone comes to blows is really no different then two countries going to war. Usually there is a crowd of people egging both people on to be the first to hit the another person. Each time someone shoves the other person, that person’s adrenaline builds up and readies to either fight or flight. Eventually that certain push is either too hard or hits the wrong place on the body and the person decides to knock out the other person. As a kid this is exactly what happened to me when the other kid pushed me right in the face and the fight was on.

    With countries this type of shove or push can be something that is viewed as over the line. It might be something real stupid like flying your fighter jets into some airspace or territory that is considered hostile. It might be trying to run a blockage of ships. It could be someone in the armed forces that decides by error or by choice to disobey to launch a missile, even a short range on, at “The Enemy”. This is what happens in war when everyone is on a hair trigger and all lathered up and tense. Each one of these measures and counter measures such as sanctions, closing off routes, putting armed forces on higher alerts, etc. It is ratcheting up the ante and the level of tension.

    It does not matter whom is controlling BO, the mere fact that the U.S. is not backing down YET, shows that the chances of that miscalculation of someone taking the first punch is going up each hour. This is something to watch closely. I have seen too many fights that look like neither person is going to fight and then suddenly the two are on the ground trying to kill each other.

    • Socrates says:

      That would be yours truly:

      Socrates says:
      Comment ID: 2948922

      February 24, 2014 at 11:40 pm

      The battle is on for resources and lines are being drawn/redrawn in the sand and elsewhere. Russia does NOT want the west taking the Ukraine ports as they signed a multiyear ‘deal’ with the Russians for naval operations there. If the west gets foothold there it the backdoor to all kinds of problems, not like they don’t enough already.

      This starts out as a ‘shoving match’. The west pushed first and now Russia is pushing back…harder. Each side will shove and push a bit more till someone takes a swing…and then it’s game on. This, my friends…is exactly how wars start. Neither wants to back down because of their cards in the game, each thinking they can win. Reminds me of Wargames…a great movie from 1983

      [after playing out all possible outcomes for Global Thermonuclear War]

      Joshua: Greetings, Professor Falken.

      Stephen Falken: Hello, Joshua.

      Joshua: A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?

      • Be informed says:

        @ Socrates. Sorry for not remembering, there are so many comments that I forget about whom wrote them. This was an excellent analogy that is so true it is frightening.

    • lonelonemum says:

      Predicting where the next global hotspot will be?

      This team at Manchester uni are worth keeping an eye on. They monitor social media to predict the next wave of civil unrest. I thought that BI and others who like to interpret data might like to flag up their opinions on the work done here.


  78. aljamo says:

    The banker’s control both sides of every conflict, including Putin. There have been some honorable men holding the office of u.s. president. McKinley, Lincoln and JFK who tried it resist banker control were murdered by the banker cabal. The attempt on Reagan’s life was also their doing. Hussein in Iraq, Kaddafi in Libya, also murdered by banker’s. They want WW3 and by hook or crook they will have it. The love of money is the root of all evil. God help us.

  79. Be informed says:

    This is exactly what starts a war:


    Russia does not need to engage this US destroyer or the 6th fleet in the Black Sea with their navy. A few Sunburn or other anti-ship missiles on the Russian mainland can sink everyone of these ships like shooting fish in a barrel. Being confined in the Black Sea is like being trapped in a very large bay with hundreds of missiles on land ready to be launched on them. The pushing continues until………..

  80. VaFarmBoy says:

    America, love it or leave it!

    • America…I love her no questions…the problems not America its the USA Federal Govicorp…them I hate…how about instead of leaving her we help get her back on her feet by kicking the feds out of America?

  81. Tucker says:

    Let me see now. For the last decade or a little longer, ever since Putin pulled a rope-a-dope on those jewish oligarchs who used to run amok in Russia and the former USSR, we here in America have been subjected to almost non-stop anti-Putin, anti-Russian venom and vitriol, spewed primarily by these jewish neo-cons and a few of the greasy, treasonous non-jewish politicians who are addicted to licking the toe jam off jewish toes and who wear their jewish dog collars and who peddle whatever the jews tell them to peddle.

    So, despite all this decade or more long campaign to demonize Putin – it doesn’t seem to be sticking, and Putin is widely admired by a huge number of conservative White Americans who’ve often said in many polls that they wished we had someone like Putin in charge of our nation. Someone, you know, who would aggressively place the interests of their own nation and the interests of the native born people of their own nation ahead of the interests of one specific, 9-11 false flag orchestrating shit hole nation over in the Middle East.

    So, now we are being told that Vlad the Impaler Putin here is going to crash our stock market and cause every American investor to see their investments vanish in a puff of smoke? Ah, might this be just one more effort by the self-chosen tribe who actually own and control Wall Street to try to create a patsy, so when the stock market does collapse due to endless and parasitic jewish thievery, swindling, and crooked financial scams – a.k.a., Bernie Madoff and his ilk – the sponge like brains of the American couch potatoes will have already been brainwashed to think it will be Putin’s fault and not the fault of the Wall Street jews?

    That’s exactly what I think is going on. So, don’t be fooled, people.

  82. Mr. Singh says:

    Continuity of corruption must be preserved.

  83. southside says:

    What Obama fails to realize is Putin’s achilles heel. He needs to keep oil prices high to service his adventures. If Obama will approve Keystone,he won’t, oil prices will fall. I’d say $80 to $90,maybe $95 a barrell,Putin will start sweating. We’re such fools. I hope all the Obama maniacs are happy with the mess they put us in.

  84. ConstantCorruption says:

    Try to battle it anywhere, corruption always emerges.

  85. MongoPissed says:


  86. jpl_texas says:

    I cannot disagree more on the writer’s conjecture on Putin’s motivation. It is more reasonable that he would protect a developing neighbor country from the continued on-slaught of US/IMF/World Bank colonialism (which impacts Russian currency value). Unfortunately this displaces the finance volume that US central bankers would like to have expanded money supply into – as they take over Ukrainian assets and privatize public utilities. Have you seen the Hunger Games 2; there is hope in the air for the downfall of the oppressors – resistance is happening.

  87. maudy frickett says:

    Local update on the story about the supposed cut off of Russian ammo to the US. Went to Cabelas today and they had an ample supply and no increase in price. If there is a cut off it may take awhile to get thru the pipeline.

  88. The heatlines were enough. Pick some some metric for some time in the future. Based on this article make a prediction. $200.00 says that you are wrong. You will be wrong because this entire thing is fearmongering blather.
    dpaladin at ix dot netcom dot com

  89. Southern Border says:

    This one reminds me of the current Russia /USA pissing match going on now. Of course Putin is the one doing the pissing !