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Photographer Threatened With Mob Violence For Asserting First Amendment Rights

Paul Joseph Watson
November 10th, 2015
Comments (143)


This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at Infowars.com.

Editor’s Comment: It’s a sad day when our rights are so totally upended that not only can dissenting viewpoints be expressed on many college campuses, but even a credentialed press reporter can’t cover a story without being shutdown just for trying to cover a story that was happening on campus. Free speech and the second amendment are the last remaining barriers to all out tyranny, and both are under attack.

Photographer Threatened With Mob Violence For Asserting First Amendment Rights

by Paul Joseph Watson

A photographer was threatened with mob violence by a professor at Missouri University after he tried to assert his First Amendment rights against “safe space” authoritarians who used Maoist tactics to shut down free speech.

The incident happened in the aftermath of yesterday’s resignation of University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe, who stepped down after failing to acquiesce to a list of demands from students that included a request he acknowledge his “white privilege”.

After students and professors formed a human shield to try and block reporters from covering the story, photographer Mark Schierbecker attempted to get an interview with some of the demonstrators.

The end of the video shows a woman who was later identified as Melissa Click, an assistant professor of mass media, grab Schierbecker’s camera before demanding that he leave.

Click then brazenly calls for mob violence to help remove Schierbecker.

“Hey who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? I need some muscle over here,” she yells.

At the beginning of the video, another photographer, Tim Tai, attempts to do his job as he is accosted by the crowd.

As the mob begins to encircle and intimidate him, Tai attempts to explain the meaning of the First Amendment.

“I am documenting this for a national news organization [ESPN TV],” Tai told the protesters. “The First Amendment protects your right to be here and mine.”

Tai is eventually pushed back by the mob, who appear to think that it is their “right” to physically assault someone to suppress their free speech.

After Click received a barrage of criticism for behavior, she locked down her Twitter account. It’s no surprise to learn that the professor is a fan of ‘Everyday Feminism’ and Planned Parenthood.

In a similar vein to another incident at Yale last week, during which Professor Nicholas Christakis was besieged by students after he sent an email criticizing their efforts to censor “offensive” Halloween costumes, the mob shown in the video employed Maoist tactics to intimidate Tai and Schierbecker.

As Breitbart.com reports;

“Students of history will notice an alarming similarity in the video above to the “struggle sessions” of Maoist China, a form of public shaming in which perceived enemies of the Party would be surrounded in a public place by Red Guards, Mao’s most zealous supporters. The Red Guards would hurl abuse at their target until they confessed to their crimes.”

“Uninformed critics might argue that the Red Guards were a weapon of the Communist state, and not a genuine grassroots movement, but they’d be wrong: the Red Guards started out as a student movement, on Chinese campuses. Afraid yet?”

This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at Infowars.com.

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Author: Paul Joseph Watson
Date: November 10th, 2015
Website: http://www.infowars.com/photographer-threatened-with-mob-violence-for-asserting-first-amendment-rights/

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  1. Kulafarmer says:

    101 reasons why we need a complete collapse of the system and die off (kill off) of the weak and incompetent

    • Juliet6 says:

      BINGO Kula! I suspect we are all VERY weary of busting [email protected]@ working so that our business and personal taxes can be given to the these “Institutes of Higher Indoctrination” to pay the OUTRAGEOUS salaries of these professors/teachers/ with their tenure.

      Trampling & complaining on the very Rights that got one to their lofty position(s)…yea, very logical.

      • Richard Head says:

        Everyone does realize that we are gonna have to start shooting these enemies. A complete collapse and reset may never happen, Eventually people will have to ignore this idea of “the rule of law” and understand that it is never just going to vanish and all of a sudden gov’t and assholes like these are just going to stop their oppressive acts. This generation and especially the younger generation coming up is doing little more than using this idea of “rule of law” to further intimidate and enslave you, and I, and yes even them. There is a difference between the rule of law and PRINCIPLE, especially when we are talking about those dealing with Liberty. I would dare say that Principles of Liberty overrule any so called “laws” that are blatantly oppressive. It is a shame that so many are unwilling to stand up and and defend what is right, even when sometimes the act you are defending may be “wrong”. You don’t have to like it to defend it. It would be nice if these pc mobs could just be educated, but sadly i think it may be too late for them, and too late for the parents and the society that allowed them and us to get to this place. So eventually (and by eventually i mean we are already there) we will be forced to either surrender and submit or we will be forced to make very tough decisions and also undertake the difficult task of deciding and defining who our enemies are. And then administering the appropriate reaction. Although i fear that as a whole, since we have been so submissive and afraid to even take a stand politically or passively…well how could we expect any large numbers to do what we all know will be required. I don’t know i guess we’ll see. God help us all and just pray for forgiveness or better yet, immunity

        • slingshot says:

          Richard Head.

          Guess we are not too far off until the shooting begins. Trying to think further ahead, I wonder how high the engagements will escalate. Can we be revisited by the Underground Groups of the sixties and seventies. Of course we may have the terrorist people doing things.

          Oh Yes. Power to the People.

        • buttcrackofdoom says:

          well said, dick. our country now has more people on the public dole(soc. sec., welfare, EBT cards, food stamps,) than workers, so it’s in their best interest(they THINK!) to vote liberalism/demoncrat/communism. how we get out of THIS pickle we’re in is a mystery to ME. our country truly HAS been destroyed from within!

        • Your Ideals make you no different then them but in a polar way.
          You want to kill people for their beliefs.
          Which makes you no better then them.
          There will probably be at some point a war of some type. However it probably wont involve too much shooting. The war will probably be more economic in nature because the Liberals like other leaches need YOUR money to survive. They dont have the means to make it without you.
          So you will at first see denial of service attacks on and shipping and infrastructure. Then if it goes hot you will see the tech come into action and people will start making things that will make the IED’s used in the middle east look like firerackers. We are not some uneducated population of peons. At least not yet.

          • Richard Head says:


            I have absolutely no desire to kill someone for their beliefs. People are free to believe and live as THEY desire, and I can happily live next to them the way I desire, and without harm to anyone. Now when someone wants to take away god given rights/natural rights/human rights, whether with the point of a gun or with the tip of a pen…Well I ask, is there any difference? We are being enslaved, bit by bit, law by law, code by code, and make no mistake, these same “tolerant” people who preach diversity, will gleefully, if you do not assimilate to their ideals, send men paid by the government with guns to physically put you in chains or take your life if you refuse to comply. So my original point or question is, Do you recognize your enemies? Are you/we/I prepared to do what will be necessary? Where is the line between liberty and slavery? I would imagine is starts somewhere with intent. Which I believe is much different and more dangerous than just beliefs.

        • Braveheart1776 says:

          RH, I have to agree. I dread it but I don’t see any way to avoid it now.

          • FredB says:

            Unfortunately, I have to agree. This has gone on too long and has too much of a foothold on our society for it to end suddenly and/or peacefully.
            I have already had the talk with my loved ones so they know without any doubt where I stand and with whom I stand. Thankfully we are united on this and it won’t pull my family apart.

        • Thats what this boils down too. Fire fight. If you keep trying to push someone off a cliff eventually they push back. This media created frenzy and brainwashing is doingjust that and there are reasons for it. Ghandi knew what was up. As soon as the unbrainwashed people push back it will be their demise. Discordia from chaos comes order. Loss of life liberty and freedoms.

      • alias says:

        Would you hire a black graduate of the U. of Mo.?
        Would you recruit a black football player from U of Mo for your professional football team, if you had an equal alternative?
        U of Mo faculty have failed these students by pandering.

        “Just remember that
        it’s a grand illusion-
        ’cause deep inside we’re all the same…”
        – Styx

        • buttcrackofdoom says:

          we DO HAVE to take these stories into consideration when we are being oppressed…gotta stop hiring dipshits from dipshit universities with those now WORTHLESS degrees!..and stop watching their football games while yer at it! college EDUCATION, indeed…more like INDOCTRINATION!

        • grego says:

          BS we are not all the same….you been to Detroit lately them there are scumbag animals…

    • We saved up some money and sent a nephew to college for engineering. He was a bright kid with good math skills and since he was 14 worked weekends and summers to save money for things he wanted.
      He got good grades the first semester, ok the second then went to Europe with some school friends for some Bohemian trip thru Europe. After he came back his grades suffered and he started quoting Socialist crap and wanted to change his major to Humanities.
      We were pretty shocked at the sudden change in attitude and went to talk to the professor who treated us like dog caca and would never let us complete a sentence before trying to talk over what we said. We really couldnt get a word in edgewise with her. So we went to the Administrators with complaints and they didnt want to hear them either. We pretty much werent allowed to talk but were forced to hear their ramblings.
      We told him if he tried to change his major or got less then the grades we had previously agreed to we wouldnt pay the tuition. He changed the major and we didnt pay so they kicked him out and he went home. He complained for the most part of 2 years living at his mothers house and not working because it was beneath him.
      The school had effectively brainwashed him in just a year.
      It took another couple of years for him to get back to normal and get a job. He went back to school too but this time in an online course.

      • Chucker says:

        Wow that is a total freaking tragedy. More so it is a total offense to the efforts of your family to help profitably educate one of its members. The more I think about it, the more pissed off I am.

      • James says:

        Marxists have captured our Universities and thus, our children’s minds. They should have been dismissed instead of tenured.
        The “show me” state is showing us something, alright. Their backsides!

    • Overthecliff says:

      This is just a hint of what progressive Stalinists want to do to opposition. Never give up your arms. Kula has is pegged, we are past the point of no return. God help America.

    • FredB says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I can safely tell you that if I saw one of my kids in the crowd I’d pull him out of that school so fast his damn head would spin and I don’t think I’d bother to wait to get him home before he went over my knee and got the worst arse whooping of his life. Of course it would never happen as I took an active role in raising my kids instead of trusting schools and the tv/media to do it for me. You reap what you sow.

      I, for one, can not wait for the big reset. The sooner it happens the sooner we can move ahead instead of being stuck in this pile of excrement we call society.

    • Cede says:

      I’ve worked with a few incompetent’s recently. I think it would be OK to let them go ….. No loss

    • Jimmy says:

      This country will fail! There is not a drop of doubt in my mind and consensus. People, wake up while you still have time. Gather your firearms, food, ammo – think about it. When SHTF, sorry, it will be way too too late to do anything at that point. Br prepared my fellow Americans. The Gov’t will NOT do a damn thing for us average Americans.

    • Mike Radant says:

      Ever notice that the leftie types who demand the most toleration are the least tolerant of all?!?

  2. Some person says:

    I can’t wait until merika starts killing its own… in greater numbers… then we can finally fit in with the rest of the shit holes from around the world. Thanks jews!!

  3. Folks, this is what “common core” public education produces.
    Dumbed downed, indoctrinated, politically corrected society, that has plagued America under one word – Liberalism.

    This is one of many reasons why America will never, ever get back to the fundamentals of the Constitution and back to the path of being a successful country.

    What you see here is our future … and this future is not looking all that bright with this large mass of dumbed downed, entitled bunch of dip-shits.

    • Kulafarmer says:

      Makes me glad im getting old,
      Let them wallow in the mud hole they are creating, will be just like Europe soon

    • Kfilly says:

      Well said. This country as it was founded is ancient history.

    • Babycatcher55 says:

      Amen.its scary.

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      FTW, spot on. So the ‘professor’ is a feminazi and commie? No surprise there. Let anyone try to interfere with my First Amendment rights and they’ll have a fight on their hands.

      • buttcrackofdoom says:

        and therein lies the problem…it’s to easy just to shut up and let them talk their talk…no more for ME! whenever i hear a liberal/communist talking their shit, i get right in their faces with facts, and question how their silly-assed ideas are going to work out for them/U.S….it’s time to fight back, first with dialogue, but i had to educate myself FIRST, and get those facts together…gotta have that ammo!…and BTW, how could it BE that these dumb-masses can’t figger out how screwed up we are ALREADY, and that more of the same will put U.S. in the poor-house?…I KNOW we are already there, with no way out but misery and pain, but why can’t THEY see it.

    • MARCUS says:

      This shit started at Berkley in 1964 with the self-professed “free speech movement” turning learning institutions into soapboxes and shouting down anyone who dare disagree. Berkley caved, setting the stage and the precedent. Liberal debate = Mob rule.

  4. Charley Waite says:

    The whirlwind we will reap when these brainwashed minions become tomorrow’s leaders. If we make it that long…..

  5. Kevin2 says:

    I have witnessed both the hard core left and right advocate trampling “rights” they don’t agree with. Its, “pick and choose”.

    I’m a Libertarian. I respect the entire Bill Of Rights even though I may not agree with all of the lifestyles it may protect. My 7th grade teacher started every day with a quote, one stuck vividly; “Although I may disagree with what you say ‘ll fight to the death your right to say it”. That’s America.

    Rights are Rights; they’re not privileges. The ends justifying the means are the words and tools of not only Communists and Fascists but also the close minded.

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      Kevin2, spot on. Our rights come from GOD, NOTANY MANMADE GOVERNMENT. Government is supposed to protect those rights, not interfere with them. Those college kids are nothing more than self-appointed censors who have to be stood up to and, if necessary, dealt with harshly. No commie/feminazi freak tells me what the hell to do.

      • Kevin2 says:

        College students were 100% correct five decades ago regarding Vietnam & Civil Rights. In essence they’re a trip wire. The problem is they’re way too self absorbed today with nonsense issues while economic collapse and WWIII looms on the horizon. Syria? “Where is that”? Reserve Currency? “Hell, I’m an economics major and thats not discussed”.

        If I was a betting man (but I’m not) I would put my money on professional agitators that are steering these kids to useless (and counterproductive) political endeavors that don’t threaten the program of the globalist Powers That Be.

  6. Satori says:

    another one of these “gashes”

    400 foot gash rips through Mississippi restaurant parking lot, swallowing 12 cars


  7. knowitall says:

    usa sucks-i hate this country.not proud to call myself an american.

  8. Stars & Bars says:

    The Chimps are getting restless.

    The Left has always been violent. In fact they include it into their philosophy. Example: “Political Power comes from the barrel of a gun”.

    I believe that we are looking at an violent era coming soon that will make the 1960’s look like a pillow fight.

    Rally around the Stars $ Bars boys! You’ll be safer in Dixie.

    • truth is evil says:

      Diversity means chasing down the last white person.

      • AGENT SKINHEAD says:

        Ain’t that the truth.

        Fuckme… I’m sick ‘n’ tired of minorities being given the ethos of thinking that they’re equal.

        Like… Are we suppose to just sit here wringing our hands in torment and beat ourselves to death for being superior?


        I say NO. NO. FUCKING NO.


      • Agreed ‘truth is evil –

        Diversity is becoming “White Genocide”.

        [I can usually foresee and have a good sense of my surroundings … but, my ‘oh my. I didn’t realize for a moment that my “White Male Middle-Aged Privilege” would ever backfire on me. How, and when did this happen?]

        [sarcasm off]

  9. lena says:

    This whole Missouri thing, including the photographer; is the first public case that the inmate are now running the asylum.

    a university president and its chancellor resign because some people passing by in a truck that may not even have been U of M students used foul language.

    You think it’s just going to stop there ? NO !

    The groups that want to take the usa down have seen this and will be looking to take down leadership all over the country. I’m betting it’s a slow build thru the winter and summer of 2016, you either fall in line or you just might be pulled from your car and beaten and every witness there will say you made racist comments.

    I always thought those here that had or are planning to move away from any population of more than a few thousand were nuts; I’m not so sure now that are; they just might be the smartest people in the room. Living on a diet of squirrels and rabbits sure seems better than going thru the experience of being kicked in the head.

    • Anonymous says:

      You make a case for concealed carry.

      Or even not so concealed carry.

    • MARCUS says:

      ” is the first public case that the inmate are now running the asylum.”

      BS. This has been going on since Berkley in 64

      (I’d argure since 1947, but Berkley was the first “public” case as you call it)

      • lena says:

        true, but i argue that this is the first case that the idiots witnessed.

        the real radicals have been doing it for quite a while, but now every idiot will think they can get an immediate change in leadership if they claim not being treated fairly. i predict changes in college departments, city govts, county govts just because someone was not treated fairly and a whole lot of white people going to training to not be offensive and those that do not go; will be fired by days end.

        btw, this is also known as re-education camps; right here in broad day light. the usa as founded is dead.

    • Richard Head says:


      And yet the piss weak chickens**t couldn’t have fortitude and ability to communicate that to the nation and students. Why he could not stand in front of that camera and say what the racists morons did with their own feces was ignorant and wrong but me resigning fixes nothing, so if you don’t want to eat over it, then starve, if you don’t want to play football, then quit. And if you don’t want me here, then fire my ass! Otherwise good luck and get back to class.

      This was a hostage situation and the pres negotiated with terrorists and still lost it all in the end. because of that i have a hard time feeling bad for him

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      Lena, those kids in the commie colleges are in for a rude awakening when they have to get out and face real life one day. They won’t be able to handle it.

  10. Really??? says:

    Gettin’ to be time for another Kent St in MO.

    • Them Hogs says:

      God, I hope not. Are American’s killing other Americans inevitable? It seems so doesn’t it with the Marxists and Muzzies hardcore attitudes.

      “Ideals are peaceful, History is often violent” Brad Pitt in the movie Fury.

      • slingshot says:

        Them Hogs.

        Americans are killing other Americans right now.

        Drive by shootings and all sorts of murder. What’s the difference if we involve politics.

      • “Are American’s killing other Americans inevitable?”

        In time, yes. In a controlled collapse such as what we are experiencing, indeed this will happen. Notice the division(s) that have been created, just during the Obama Administration alone. Class Warfare [rich vs poor, middle class destroyed, the haves vs the have nots, Christian vs Islam …etc. black vs white …etc.]

        “Ideals are peaceful, History is often violent” Brad Pitt in the movie Fury.

        “America is not a country, it’s a business – now fucking pay me.” Brad Pitt in the movie Killing Them Softly (2012)

        I firmly believe in this controlled collapse[economically & socially], this is what TPTB are counting on to happen. It will be easier for them to control/corral the populace while we fight among ourselves, instead of our true enemy – government.

        For the most part, I do not hate this country.
        I hate what has happened to it.
        I despise most of the populace that resides in this country, just on the mere fact that most choose to live in a fantasy then to live in reality.

        It matters none to these Sheeple what goes on behind the scenes. Until a day comes, and the government decides to restrict, take away, or robs them of their means of living.
        Then and only then, will they rise up.

        As long as Reality T.V./Sports, Internet, EBT/Welfare, Booze/Drugs are readily and easily attainable. Things are fine and dandy in “imagination land”. Eventually, these people will do nothing but die off when their life support gets unplugged from them.

    • slingshot says:

      Really ???

      Bayonets anyone?

  11. Anonymous says:

    The United States doesn’t have long left as an independent and sovereign nation, and I suppose these demonstrators are pleased about that.

    But I wonder if the will be as they try living under whatever it is that comes next, I imagine it won’t be at all pleasant for anyone other than those at the very top of it.

    • lena says:


      the majority of people protesting think its going to be much better once they get all they want, but the process to do that is going to be really bad violent times and most of those masses will have a worse existence afterwards.

      have blacks gotten better under obama and decades of liberalism ? no, its gotten worse and this will just spread that around to everyone.

  12. truth is evil says:

    Isn’t diversity wonderful!
    Next it will be your home that is designated a “safe space ” for protected “colorful ” horde.

  13. wojo says:

    I see a rebirth of the Hippy Movement. We are doomed because that is what got us into the crap we are in today. As another poster said… time to hit the reset button. We need to cull the herd!

  14. We will reap severe consequences when these brainwashed morons become tomorrow’s leaders. It is the end goal of ideological subversion and it is coming to full fruition.

    As a scenic photographer I was hassled post 9-11 just for trying to photograph scenery from a public highway. My harasser was a self-important redneck who was obviously brainwashed by the TV and felt I was a suspected terrorist because I had a camera out in public.

    I was a big fan of the Photography is Not a Crime website and was sorry to see it go by the wayside as that guy brought stuff like this to light whenever he became aware of it.

    I have been hassled on other occasions too, as have many photographers. The above story and other incidents like it kicks it up another notch.

    We do not have free speech anymore. Watch your backs.

  15. slingshot says:

    I firmly believe that Old Age and Treachery will overcome Skill and Youth. Political power does come from the barrel of a gun but effective only if one side has all the guns. Another milestone this country will reach is when we become the “Tattle Tale Nation” When our children turn their parents into the authorities. A pair of watchful eyes in every home. On every street corner.

    Who needs electronic eavesdropping then.

    Like Kulafarmer I am glad I am older. Had a lifetime of mistakes to overcome.

    If you keep bailing the youth out of their mistakes, they will never learn from them and grow to expect your assistance. And forget about getting a Thank You.

  16. Let’s meet in the District.

    We’ll burn em out.

    We’ll string em up.

    If they escape into the Potomac,

    We’ll skip sharp stones at their heads.


    ANN R. KEY

    • Really??? says:

      10-4 on that JRS.

      Leftism (no matter what form it takes) must be eliminated from the country and then the planet.

      Everyone needs to live their life as they see fit within common sense rules, i.e. you can’t rape someone but it’s OK to have a 100 watt bulb.

      Let the bodies hit the floor.

      And – Melissa Click needs to meet short rope and tall oak tree.

  17. Truthy1 says:

    This is what happens when “Democracy” (Mob rule) is heralded over the foundations of this country as a “Constitutional Republic”.(Individual rights). http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2008/oct/15/the-cloward-piven-strategy/ Since these students don’t know History they are forcing us to repeat it ! Bolshevism lives in America !

  18. Hmmm…a comment made it through. First one in a week.

    Talk about censorship…

  19. AGENT SKINHEAD says:

    Sure, these bods at the uni had their moment with their safety in numbers upon the campus but do ya really think for one momento that they’d get away with this kinda shit elsewhere?
    NO FUCKIN’ CHANCE AMIGO is what I say.
    Well done to Tim Tai for standing his ground against the pussyfied feminist fascists and knowing the constitution.
    Kinda wish that I was there alongside the dude when these pricks started dictating just what was and wasn’t permissible according to their whims.

  20. This is just one more example of what we have created in modern society today. Most kids have been raised the last 30 years to believe they have no obligation to follow the rules and can do what ever they please. The children of this generation will be even worse. This goes far beyond public schooling, it is what the parents are teaching their children. Schools can no longer discipline students and they are to the point of running the institutions. If the parents don’t like something, they just say my kid ain’t doing it, so stuff it. My kids are raising their children the same way and if I even dare mention it, they go off the deep end. Their kids are different and don’t have to conform. As Kulafarmer said above, “Makes me glad im getting old,” I won’t have to deal with it much longer.

    • AGENT SKINHEAD says:

      With deep respect.
      Fight the good fight sir.

      There are still some that know right from wrong and will fondly remember their elders that had the balls to chastise ’em.
      Just sayin’ as it worked in my case.

  21. slingshot says:

    Paging Professor Higgins

    Paging Professor Higgins. ;0)

  22. smokey says:

    I would have expelled every one of those students and fired the teachers, had them escorted off campus. You can’t disrupt a high school like that, you can’t disrupt a workplace, what makes these kids think they can get away with this behavior and no repercussions?

  23. Jim in Va. says:

    This crap will infiltrate all schools,businesses,churches,etc. Its going to get nasty and violent and may ultimately into Martial law. The instigators are going to be surprised by the blow back and find their existence won’t improve. whay really galls me is the attitude of the white house on this particular instance…they approve!

  24. Vet1 says:

    Find Christ and hold on…

    The water is getting deeper and the sharks are circling a free America….

    What they are getting violent over is “an idea” where there is “justice” for all no matter how many innocent people have to suffer…

    It’ll be their turn to suffer soon enough and they’ll be surprised at how the loss of “their” freedoms feel…

    Won’t be long and someone will pull flush…it’s just the way of things…

    • knowitall says:

      is this christ lost?

      • knowitall.
        You know jack shit.
        Don’t try and be a smartass buster.

        • knowitall says:

          i know that i am not “lost” like you sheeple in mythology.

          • Nathan Klein says:

            You claim to know it all, but like most know it all’s, you don’t know much of anything.

            Stop being a smart assed prick and start *listening*, and maybe you might finally learn something.

            • Natty Kleen says:

              Well, well, well! It’s the return of our vey own favorite 31 year old virgin himself! So, you’re still in the habit of sending your replies to people after midnight I see, well, not surprising, the smell of chicken shit has a way of lingering for years, but you already know that don’t you.

      • Parker S. says:


        Yes he is lost, in the minds of the 60 year old plus generation that think by chanting his name and praying real hard they can turn back the clock by wiping everything out. All this talk about fighting this, shooting that, killing { fill in the blank}, will never amount to { one of my favorite sayings}, a puff of shit. Every last word is nothing more than some fantasy where the old people win some kind of mythical battle over ” evil”. Ain’t never gonna happen ’cause talk is cheap and action is hard, they know it’s true but can’t admit it, there’s a reason why armies don’t have troops over 40 years old, they become canon fodder. Now imagine an army of over 60’s, and you can see there will be no battles fought, unless you count cyberspace commentary warfare.

  25. Coronado says:

    “And the Band played on.”
    The slide had started in this country a while back, and it is accelerating more rapidly as time goes on. This is a Social Evolution that has played out in “civilized” countries before us many times over.
    The Framers of our Constitution warned us about it many times, because they had seen it before and knew the course of events that would eventually play out.
    “It’s your Republic, if you can keep it.”
    Anybody born after Vietnam, has no idea what this country was once. And, moreover, they don’t care!

  26. didyouseasonit says:

    The counter attack is when the loud mouthed students graduate and go job hunting. Blacklist them from getting that job. And if they do get that job at Nabisco or wherever, blacklist that company until the loud mouthed nazi is fired. Not necessarily this story, but the students at Yale who were acting up because their sensitivities weren’t being met – wow what a privilege to go to such a school, yet they whine like children. Do not employ them ever.

  27. Oliver Manuel says:

    Is Obama using the race issue to divide and destroy the United States?

  28. Oliver Manuel says:

    What a sad day for America and for the University of Missouri.

    The races issue is being used to gut academic institutions.

  29. scott says:

    I work at a major university and 90% of these students would jump off a cliff if it was fashionable. Most do not even know what the Constitution means, how many articles there are or even what they say. You don’t believe me, go run your own test on your average person, student or professor.

  30. slingshot says:

    Wonder how Socialism is going to interact with Islam in this country?

    • buttcrackofdoom says:

      i suspect the socialists will get what they so RICHLY deserve…unfortunately, the conservatives(both of ’em in america) will ALSO pay that heavy price…the sad thing is that most of U.S. doesn’t even see that mack truck heading toward them at a blistering pace!…we gonna get a spankin’ in america SOON, at best…at worst we may get left on the side of the road, naked, and BLEEDING….from an orifice!…i just HOPE not LITERALLY.

  31. Enough Americans voted for “obamanation” twice, now you have it……enjoy!

  32. Take a good look and see the new NAZI’s trampling on the rights of an Asian minority, there is no stopping the left when they are in “MOB” mode.

  33. “Might makes right”, just ask the new leftist NAZI’s who are remarkably similar to the old “NATIONAL SOCIALISTS”, this is your future America, the one you voted for, soon these new socialists will be joined by the illegal aliens to form an army to intimidate you, but why am I wasting my time posting here, most young people of college age will probably vote for hillary or Bernie sanders anyway. History’s lessons would be lost on the new generations of “American’s”.

    • buttcrackofdoom says:

      don’t worry joe, MOST young people aren’t smart enough to read this blog….the ones that should care the MOST, since they’ll be PAYING for it….U.S. old farts are hearin’ yuh loud and clear!

      • Nathan Klein says:

        I’m not paying for shit. I already told y’all I don’t pay taxes and I’m never planning to start. To hell with this corrupt system. My great grandmother, a Jehovah’s Witness, was right about everything. It’s all going to burn.

  34. molonlabe says:

    I love how the one woman(1950) steps right in front of the photographer and pushes up against him, then says that he is in her personal space. Absolute stupidity. If they don’t want a media there then fine. The media should just quit reporting on them. Not give them one second of recognition. Let them wallow around in their little progressive cesspool.

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      Molonlabe, if that commie bitch had touched me she would’ve been laid out on the ground.

    • Nathan Klein says:

      “I love how the one woman(1950) steps right in front of the photographer and pushes up against him, then says that he is in her personal space. Absolute stupidity.”

      One day when the bullets start flying in her direction that bitch won’t know what to do with herself. She’ll be pissing her panties then. Like most bullies, she’s tough in a crowd of like minded dumb asses, but one of these days it will be her that gets put through the meat grinder.

      Send her an email and tell her what you think, if you like. Her email is [email protected]. Someone on ZeroHedge posted it up earlier and I’m sure by now she’s starting to feel what it’s like to be ganged up on.

  35. Sgt. Dale says:

    What a bunch of SHIT. One day those reporters will fight back and it will be bloody. I would have like to see a bunch of good old red necks show up with their Stars and Bars and back up the reporters.

    These morons that we pay for to go to school remind me of some of the TURDS we had to deal with in the late 60 & 70. They were STUPID then and now!!! Rights are only theirs to us and they don’t know that they are using their right to trample on someone else rights and that will bite them in the ass in the near future!!! It happened in the 60 and 70’s.

    This whole thing is about Guys flying the Stars and Bars, and them getting into a shouting match and someone call someone a nigger. But it is ok for his black buddies to call him a nigger! These morons are protesting by living in a tent city and not in their dorms. How stupid is that. Wait until Wednesday afternoon and night, major “T” storms with Heavy lightning, Hail, and wind gust or 40 MPH heading their way. Let see how many are there Thursday morning? Ha-Ha.

    Those morons and their double standards.

    Kalu: is right we need a cleansing!!!!!



    • buttcrackofdoom says:

      yes, the hippies from the 60’s and 70’s are now in charge(think gov brown in Kalifornia)…they got to make U.S. all EQUAL, you know…puttin’ brown in charge of california is like puttin’ colonel sanders in charge of the chicken coop.

  36. Sgt. Dale says:

    Moderation? Ok I read why. I have used the same one for years now. Is there a problem with the system?

  37. H Muller says:

    These student protesters have clearly contacted their inner child, and the little bastard turned out to be a raging Nazi lashing out blindly.
    Well, here’s something they should contemplate: life after graduation with a massive student debt, a lousy part time job at McDonald’s, and living in Mommy’s basement. Now there’s something to rant about!

  38. Jim in Va. says:

    These students have no clue. they have never known deprivation and weren’t taught history. They are doomed to repeat mistakes without knowing what those mistakes were. The schools are responsible for what they have taught and the rest of us have to suffer for it. There are enough pissed off citizens to overturn this crap and you don’t fool around with older people. They have the wisdom and insight to kick butt when necessary. Its been done before and will be again.

  39. Native Born American says:

    Shut down this stupid ‘school’.

  40. rich in mt says:

    they say they want their space,why go to a crowded protest rally?

  41. Billy says:

    These people are what Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, and others called useful idiots. The easily manipulated idiots were used to help them achieve power. After power was obtained the useful idiots were rounded up and either shot or put in labor camps to be forgotten. The useful idiots called themselves “revolutionaries”; and if there is one thing those in power cannot and will not tolerate are revolutionaries of any kind. And you can forget about freedoms. These useful idiots are morally and philosophically confused, they will help destroy themselves and believe they do a good thing.
    My wife is from Russia, she lived most of her life under the Soviet Union, she hated it, as did her friends. If you were not part of the communist minority you were little more than disposable and lived only to serve the whim of the state. She says people in America who want a socialist state are uninformed and ignorant, naive, or are weak-minded and have been successfully propagandized, or all three. The students in American colleges and universities are not being educated, they are being programmed.
    Take health care, do they really want the government controlling that. My wife said if one developed a serious medical condition they basically were sent somewhere to go die; only the elites could get decent care. Another was chronic rationing and shortages of everything for the general public, she usually had to stand in long lines for whatever she needed and was often turned away because they ran out before she could get anything. All were taught the workers, the people, the masses were upheld as models. In reality the elites neither lacked or wanted for anything, but the general population just did without many items, even basic items, forget about luxuries.
    She laughs when someone asks her about socialism and/or communism being the workers paradise. Life was day-in, day-out drudgery. The USSR had the highest alcoholic rates in the world, one of the highest suicide rates in the world, life spans actually decreased under that system, industrial pollution are vast environmental disasters, and the people were constantly being observed and encouraged to “report crimes” (snitch on each other). I could go on but many will not believe what I am writing in this post.
    The useful idiots on our campuses don’t realize people all over the world are laughing at them. My wife says the best punishment for them is to let them live what they want to believe.

  42. slingshot says:

    Mizzou up the Whazoo.

  43. Overthecliff says:

    The leftists have set this up . does anybody think the President and Chancellor of MU were in on it. The Stalinists are just in our face telling the people of Missouri We own MU.

  44. TEST says:

    Hey, hey, ho, ho…. leftist cliches have gotta go.

    These rich leftist pinkos really need to move beyond their current junior high level of maturity

  45. INVSBLTY says:

    Much said! Any real resolution reached? Lot of steam released, we need concrete answers! We need a plan of action! There is a true division in this country that may never be fixed! And anyone making disparaging remarks about my Savior and Lord,will find out the Truth on Judgement Day! Then it will be too late for them! I pray that our country will turn around and head toward what the Founders had envisioned for the USA! But the events that keep taking place give us a totally different glimpse of our future! GOD save us!

  46. Foxie says:

    If these students are so offended by the white power structure at these universities why don’t they just transfer the HBC’s, Historically Black Colleges?

  47. Bigbluedrew says:

    Our colleges were subverted DeCADES ago. The mortar that held the bricks of our society together has been slowly chipped away. Family,our education system, religion, civic responsibility, our military, they are now barely held together. The house is gonna fall, only a blind man cannot see it. To the ass clown Parker S who denigrates those citizens over 60, do you really believe your soft privileged tech obsessed generation will stand up and take charge when the SHTF. I am in my 50s and I have worked all my life for what I have. If you and others of your ilk try and take it, one of us is going to the bone yard. Laugh all you want but me and my generation are smarter than yours , tougher than yours and more PREPAREd for trouble than yours. We also know how to shoot and fight better than yours. Don’t believe it, wait till the ballon goes up and see.

  48. Mountain says:

    Welcome to your future, where these red diapered adult babies are so evil and controlling, they’ll gladly escort you to your death panel if you don’t agree with them and cater to their mental illnesses.

    I won’t cater to their whims.

  49. The univ President Tim “coward” Wolfe is a major reason why the communists are winning. He should have stood tall, and went on the attack. He should have told the punk racists no football then this year, and if you don’t attend your classes and protest instead, you will be expelled. Any student that attempts to cause civil unrest on campus will be arrested.!!!!

    This is what must happen for this country to survive, or all Hell will break loose.

  50. Mr. West says:

    The Party of Peace!

  51. franzpick says:

    To Michael Savage: Feel free to use these terms as your own:

    The University of Maossouri, or Maozuu for short.

    And: It won’t end in Missouri, it will end in Misery.

    Thanks for your astute radio interpretations of the manipulative and malicious efforts to destroy America liberty and traditional, hard-won values.

  52. franzpick says:

    To radio host Michael Savage: Thanks for your astute analysis of the Red Guard threat now spreading throughout American universities. Feel free to use my terms of expression as your own:

    The University of Maossouri – or Maozuu, for short.

    “This doesn’t end in Missouri – It ends in Misery.

    Much appreciation for your ongoing analysis of the manipulative and malicious forces working to Balkanize Americans and destroy hard-won liberty and tradional values.

  53. franzpick says:

    Thank you Michael Savage radio for your astute observation of the increasing ‘Red Brigade’ oppression emerging in American universities.

    Please feel free to use, as your own, my terminology for what’s going on – at the University of Maossouri, or Maozuu for short, and the liklihood that this won’t end in Missouri – it will end in Misery.

  54. franzpick says:

    (Excuse my non-responding tablet and PC).