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    Person of the Year: President Barack Obama: “Architect of the New America”

    Mac Slavo
    December 19th, 2012
    Comments (278)
    Read by 12,840 people

    One of the most prestigious awards (in addition to a Nobel Prize) that can be bestowed upon a member of the elite is Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.

    This year, the award goes to the “Architect of a New America”, none other than Barack Obama.

    The President joins such notable figures and social architects as Adolf Hitler (1938), Joseph Stalin (1939, 1942), Nikita Khrushchev (1957), Richard Nixon (1971, 1972), Henry Kissinger (1972), The Endangered Earth (1988), Ted Turner (1991), Bill Clinton (1992, 1998), George Bush (2000, 2004), Vladimir Putin (2007), and Ben Bernanke (2009).

    Via SGT Report:

    Kill lists, illegal detention, illegal torture, illegal wiretapping of citizens, endless unconstitutional wars, drone attacks on men, women and children… you’ve got to do a LOT to get this honor. Congrats Obama!

    Read the cover story []

    Watch: Fundamentally Transforming America

    Watch: The Obama Deception (High Quality, Full Length Version)

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Views: Read by 12,840 people
    Date: December 19th, 2012

    Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.


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    1. Bimbam says:

      You notice how everything seems so bizarre under liberals.

      Liberals are children in charge. And you notice a lot are women?

      The Bible says because of sin God would give U.S. women and children to lead U.S.

      • George Gefferson says:

        Women, can’t live without them, can’t live with them.

        • survive its death says:

          As i get older it easier to totally be picky. In my youth that was a true statement. But now it was easy to wait for a good one. It was a hard search.

          • Ausprepper says:

            The women in power are no worse than the men.

            Women these days in general are no worse than men either.

            It’s only a general reflection of the sorry state of our society.

            • Ryback says:

              These women trying to run everying, “Under Obama and always will be”, into the ground, So independant yet so insecure, to bad so sad. Just like Hillary, could not show up for Congressional testimony on Benghazi. Must have left her balls in one of her old purses somewhere.

              • Facebook Page says:

                What is this that I am hearing that the Russian allow advanced missiles to be unload in Syria. If they are the types I think they are any power that allowed those type of missile to be introduced to this theater of crap has definitely decide to escalate thing a whole lot.

                Anyone else get any word on this. I heard this from a friend of mine returning on one of the boats that was recalled.

              • @Mac:

                Check your twitter feed, plz. I found something funny/interesting/scary (Confessions of a former TSA screener guy)

              • Vicky says:

                That’s not it. The Clintons have always lied about everything. There used to be jokes about how on earth could they keep writing books since they can’t ever remember anything??? (“I don’t recall”) She doesn’t want to get caught in a lie and must not be sure she can weasel out of this situation with enough credibility left to run in 2016. Not that lying to the electorate seems to be a problem anymore.

            • Tucker says:

              Under normal circumstances, I would strongly disagree with you on that, Aus. Normal circumstances being back when White men acted like masculine, self-confident MEN – as opposed to the nauseating, feminized version that nearly 100 percent of the current crop of White men who’ve risen to positions of leadership have now become.

              Women based 100 percent of their decisions on emotion, which clearly makes them unsuitable for being trusted with being leaders of a nation. To be a solid leader, one needs to base their decisions on logic, facts and common sense, not on emotion. The problem we have today is that most men are so feminized that they are acting exactly like women, so it appears as if there is no real difference.

              • Merree says:

                As opposed to the numerous male leaders who have compromised themselves with affairs and sexual liaisons? Are they acting rationally? Is it rational to act following the advice of special interest groups providing perks and campaign funding? Oh, I guess that is a rational self interest. Does this mean that rational self interested crony politics is better than emotional based politicing? They both stink in my opinion.

              • Not really agreeing with that.

                I was given birth to by a woman who lives and breathes logic, and is as stubborn as Hell about it. We didn’t whine to get results in my parents’ house… we debated on merit.

                Also, back in the day, sadly, too many men thought that being “manly” involved “putting that bitch in her place” (that is, beating a woman when he didn’t get his way).

                A true and real man isn’t afraid to stand for what he believes in, but is also open to listen to his spouse, and to let her run the household as she sees fit. His job lies outside the home.

                I’ve laid this out in detail in the book (click my name and download it if you don’t already have a copy)… post-collapse, women and men will most likely revert to more traditional roles, but if she is a lot more skilled in something than you, by God you let her handle it.

                What I mean is, women will most likely take over the home (while you help her out when asked and not busy), and men will most likely take over defense, planning, procurement, etc.

                OTOH, it is still a partnership. If she’s a crack shot and you don’t know which end of the cartridge to put into the chamber first? You give her the rifle and make sure that she doesn’t run out of bullets.

              • RedNeckDave says:

                Ok…ever heard of Margret Thatcher? Not led by emotion, wish she was around now…second about the Russian missle question…SCUDS…thats it.

          • SilverFox says:

            Hey congrats to B HO on the award, he’s awesome.
            In good company too, here are some other winners of the TIME award.
            1938 Adolf Hitler
            1939 Joseph Stalin
            1942 Joseph Stalin, again, WOW. Must be a great guy.
            1972 Henry Kissinger
            1979 Ayatollah Khomeini, he did have a sweet side.
            2008 B HO
            2009 Ben Bernanke
            2012 B HO again, WOW, Must be a great guy.

          • As time passes by, finding a good woman (or ladies, a good man) is going to become more and more paramount.

            The days of finding a sex toy that puts up with you and maybe pops out a kid for you are gone. What you want now is someone who is at least as skilled as you (perhaps moreso) in survival, and help you prepare for what’s coming…

            • John Q. Public says:

              How the Newtown massacre became a Mind-Control television event
              December 19, 2012
              By Jon Rappoport

            • Bingo OQ, almost thirty-two years of marriage. Short story: We had only been married about a year, when a knock came at the front door one night around seven p.m. I looked at the missus and asked her if she was expecting family and she replied, “No”. I went to the door and opened it, and two young fellows stood there and one fellow asked me if I was Mr. Jones. I told him yes. He then said “Well you’re not black”. I replied,” No, not since I looked in the mirror this mourning.” He and his friend got to laughing. I then asked them what they wanted. They told me that they had several skinned raccoon in the truck and that a black family by the name of Jones would buy the meat. I then informed him that they were down the road a couple of more miles. I asked him could I look at the raccoons. Upshot of it was I bought two of them cause I do eat the meat. I took them back in the house and set them on the kitchen counter and the two fellows went on their way. I then called to the wife to come out to the kitchen and give me a hand. When she entered the kitchen and saw the coons she stopped and stared. The hides and innards were gone but the heads, feet and tail bone were still attached. The wife said, “I guess you want me to fix those”. I told her,” No, I gonna take them into work and we’ll cook them up there for the guys. I do need you to help hold them so I can get the heads, tails and feet off.” She did so without any complaint. I knew then my gut instincts had been right all along and that I had me a “keeper”

        • John Q. Public says:

          Larry Pratt romping on Piers Morgan:

        • Wilson says:

          With the number of women involved in the shooting sports, and hunting growing, will action by Obama and a Democratically controlled Senate against firearms ownershipconstitute a “War on Women”?

        • Bill says:

          pass the beer nuts……

        • GrandpaSpeaks says:

          I cracked up when Norm on Cheers quipped “women, can’t live with them, pass the beer nuts”. Another good one was at a wedding reception when the MC wanted words of wisdom for the groom from the man who had been married the longest. A distinguished elderly man stood and quipped ” I have just celebrated my 58th wedding anniversary and I have just two words, “Yes, dear”. I can attest after 44 years of marriage that indeed, discretion is the better part of valor. Seriously, both sexes need the temperance imparted by the other. Especially the children.

      • kaynine says:

        Bimbam, I believe you were refering to Isaiah 3:12 (As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths)KJV.

      • Nunjobizness says:

        Hey – I’m a woman and I totally agree with you. I used to be all about women’s’ “rights”, but after some of the STUPID comments I heard and read them make after this last election,(“Romney will put all back in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant!” Romney will set women’s rights back 50 years!” I’m not voting for Romney because he wants to take away basic human rights!”) it made ME want to revoke their voting rights (and no, I am not a big Romney fan, but the current squatter in the WH was unbearable to me – as evidenced by the above article. I saw this shit coming twice as fast with his re-election).

        Many Women and ALL liberals are very much alike – they think based on emotion alone and are sadly lacking in the ability to think logically. Every decision, every thought, everything they spew out is based solely on emotion and their “feewings”.

        The latest tragedy in CT is proof of this. Since most women do not own guns (and are in fact afraid of them)they are among those screaming the loudest to have MY right to them taken away! However, they have no problem at all retaining their “right” to homicide their unborn babies. It’s no wonder I always related to men better than other women….and yes, you are right, we DO live in bizarro world. God help us.

        By the way – I’m not talking about the women here-I mean the one’s with rainbows shooting out their asses out in LaLa land.

        • Eisenkreutz says:

          Rant-tastic. I would totally give you cuddles. 🙂

        • HAROLD says:


        • Another Female says:

          Amen, Sista! Women, in general, are emotional idiots. No ability to be rational, too busy with their PMS and shopping… in my 50s, I see very clearly that “Women’s Lib” has played a huge role in the downfall of our country……

        • don't tread says:


          Excellent piece! You hit the nail on the head with this one. The majority of the women (and men) have become weak. They have no compassion for what they can’t see.
          If the images were shown of the fetus little body and the needle being stuck into the back of it’s head to suck the life from it, some of them “might” have a different opinion of abortion (legalized murder).
          Most won’t see the truth even then. They are too caught up in the frenzy of the liberal media types, and political correctness. Following every comment from they and their political leaders as facts.

          The world has now gotten so “conditioned and materialized” that I can see how they will fall for the fake Christ when he arrives on the stage, offering to pay off all their debts, if they will just “worship” him. He will use the media, as a tool of manipulating the ignorant. They will be manipulated into submission. It’s happening now with the “gun control” issue. Odrama is setting the stage for the next leader. The next leader will most likely be the NWO leader and as the good book tells us; the “whole” world (vast majority) will whore after him.

          It’s coming folks, like it or not. This is the last generation, the generation of the fig tree. Christ himself told us to learn the parable so we would know the times, so that it would not overtake us as a “thief in the night”. All this evil will soon be a thing of the past and we will live together in harmony. All the evil elements will be burned up as well as the evil doers. We will finally have true peace on earth. Until then, we just have to keep wading thru the muck and shrugging off the shitty ones as they try to cling to us. There are very few of us and way too many of them.

          • JayJay says:

            Don’t Tread…if everyone read Heaven Is For Real…a 4 year old goes to heaven, sits on Jesus’s knee, meets his sister miscarried early…there would be a big decrease in abortions.
            A must read for all. Why would a 4 year old lie?

        • yental says:

          @ Nunjobizness: A very refreshing “female” perspective. Apparently those women who have lived through the “female liberation movement” now have a real world perspective on the results that YOU were sold decades ago.

          Experienced/mature women have figured this scam out. The “twenty somethings today”…could use your hard earned perspective. Good luck with that endeavor.

          When the single biggest liar, bullsh*t artist, and con-man can claim Time Magazine’s “Man-of-the-year”…”time” to stop reading “Time Magazine”! Their “time” has come and “gone”!

      • largetarget says:

        Hate to addmit it but I’ld rather have hilary at this point.

        Better to have the devil you know. Instead of this

        • VRF says:

          no thanks X 1 billion!
          and just to stay consistant , same goes for any of them

          • Ranger says:

            Again, one PRIMARY TRUTH MUST be known to all: There is NO DIFFERENCE between Republicans and Democrats, Libs and Conservatives, Right or Left. It’s a two party dictatorship. EVERY one of them are part of the same club, funded by the same interests, party to the same cause.

            To sit here discussing how it’s the fault of one group or the other is to stay stuck in the same paradigm that is dying a slow and painful death, which is where they WANT you to stay. That way you are easiest to control, pawns in their game. That paradigm is coming to an end soon enough, so be sure you don’t go down with the ship. It’s like being asked if you would you rather be looted and killed by the butcher in the blue mask or the red mask…lemme think now….

            I ain’t dumb enough to fall for it anymore. I choose freedom over tyranny, plain and simple. I make every effort to answer to one person: me. The lesser of the evils is still evil, and I’ll have no part of it. Please people, have some self respect, and respect for your families and communities….it’s already awake in you, just use it.

        • largetarget says:

          Really you folks think hilary could be worse than this come on

          • Ranger says:

            What’s the difference between ANY of them? How is Hitlary so unique that she stands out for the better? Name ONE way. They’re all psychopaths with the same agenda. She is textbook psychopath, and I choose not to play the game. Can’t have a bully/ruler/dictator/rapist/murderer/president when the ones they wish to rule refuse to accept their slavery.

            “Cast your chains to earth-like dew,
            Which in sleep have fallen on you,
            We are the many, they are the few.”

            • When she ran for the Democratic nomination for Presidency I applied for work visas in several countries.(2 english speaking and the third a non-Spanish speaking country)
              I am convinced that life under another Clinton, particularly one as evil as Hillary would bring about the absolute demise of the US. May G-d help us and the people of the US in the coming years.

      • durango kidd says:

        Yo, yo, yo My Peeps: I have to interject with an amazing bit of off topic info I found about Nancy Larza.

        Apparently she is connected to DARPA and the CIA as the RUSSIAN FSB had a file on her according to the following link:

        This shooting is getting stranger and stranger as time goes by …… just saying. Engage

      • Twisted says:

        “The Bible says because of sin God would give U.S. women and children to lead U.S.”

        Show me that scripture!


      • Jerry says:

        “The Bible says because of sin God would give U.S. women and children to lead U.S.” – Bimbam

        Where in the Bible did you find that?

      • anton frank says:

        What do you expect – OBAMSKI is a woman !!

    2. Satori says:

      Obama said he would bring change

      he didn’t say it would be for the better !

    3. NYC Monsters says:

      When you’ve made this illustrious list, you deserve only one honor: MONSTER.

      Our “Commander” is the most secretive, ruthless, communistic, fraudulent, conventional, vapid leader in modern history.

      • George Gefferson says:

        How is Obama a Communist?

        • largetarget says:

          from those according to their ability, to those according to their need

        • Not so much says:

          Jesus Christ have you ever listened to the man talk? He’s said how many times that he believes in redistribution of wealth – which, BTW, also indicates he doesn’t believe in private property rights.

          • durango kidd says:

            Not So Much: The truth is that the Uber Rich and PTB have been redistributing wealth in America for the past 30 years under Free Trade ….. to themselves.

            Which is why 147 corporations control 60% of world GDP and 25 companies control 40% of world GDP. It seems reasonable to me that O’Bummer should be working to level the playing field in america again.

            The Uber Rich in America like to tell the story that 20% of the people (them)pay 86% of the income taxes collected in America.

            What the Uber Rich don’t tell you is that individually, they are paying about 18% of their income in taxes, while the average American (51%) is making $27,500 a year and paying 30% of their already low income (which is suppressed by Illegal Immigration) in taxes.

            I got MINE. But how is it working for you and the Middle Class?

            Engage these MF’s or be enslaved by them!

            • Not so much says:

              Of course the difference is that Govt has power and control over you and corporations have zilch.

              BTW, corporations pay 0 taxes. They pass that onto the dip shits that believe in raising their taxes.

              Of course, you’re also a dip shit for believing it’s reasonable to level the playing field. History shows that level is always poverty. You’re a stupid son of a bitch

              • durango kidd says:

                NSM: I agree, corporations pay no taxes while WE do and at a much greater rate than the Uber Rich. A level playing field is where everyone plays by the same rules.

                Even in Putin Russia, the average citizen only pays 13% of their income for federal taxes, while 51% of American making $27,500 or less, pay more like 30%.

                I believe that every American is entitled to an equal opportunity based upon their education, experience, personal skills, and willingness to apply themselves.

                That equal opportunity has been corrupted by phony crony capitalism and the self serving Congress which creates one set of rules for themselves, corporations, and a select few GB’s and another for US.

                You are a DUMB FUCK for not understanding that! 🙂

              • Not so much says:

                “A level playing field is where everyone plays by the same rules.”

                Of course, that’s not what Barak Obama is doing now is it. Are you retarded?

              • durango kidd says:

                NSM: I never said that O’Bummer WAS doing that, but if he is trying to do that, while stymied by the Retards in Congress who you must support, then I am all for his trying to move to level the playing field.

                And in that respect I would heartily support his effort and would suggest that you are the dumb shit that is retarded.

                Have a great day DUMB FUCK!!! 🙂

        • Not so much says:

          Ya know, That last response wasn’t really fair just as is.

          How about these.

          Revolutionary communist Van Jones was Obama’s Green jobs Czar.

          Anita Dunn, unrepentent Mao Tse Tung lover was his Press Secretary.

          How about Obama’s ties to Frank Marshall Davis who had a communist party id card and an FBI file longer than John Holmes’ johnson.

          How about Obama’s own proclamation of seeking out all the marxists to be his friends while he was in college.

          How about Obama’s ties to The New Party

          An endorsement from a marxist party

          Jeez, How about you pull your head outta your ass and read something

          The democrat party is not the party your grandpappy voted for. They are communists and they are anti-American.

        • blackrifle warrior says:

          George……ARE U STUPID?????

        • Nam Marine says:

          Are you friggin kidding me? Wake up Libtard!

        • Rick:) says:

          It’s george gefferson, not Thomas Jefferson. What did expect?

      • For what it’s worth, Time Magazine’s ‘Man of The Year’ for 1938 was Adolf Hitler, and he was praised pretty heavily in there.

        That alone should say something…

      • 95 lb german k9 says:

        not my comander

    4. NYC Monsters says:


    5. High Noon says:



      Stay Brave Brothers and Sisters

      • largetarget says:

        You just are amazed at what he keeps getting away with.

        like the old rocky and bulwinkle cartoons.

        “watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat”

        Tigers, lions, and rhinoccorses never what he expected but always big and shocking.

    6. survive its death says:

      Is this just one of nina over the top stories. This has to be a joke. How could anyone think he is this. Please explain it to me. Seriously

      • Satori says:

        hey after Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize

        ANYTHING is possible

        we’re livin’ in freakin’ bizarro world

        • leeholsen says:

          unfortunately, i think we are the bizzare ones.

          the majority of the world are dictators with no respect for life, mob rule, bribes and lies.

          i thought the US was still different in obama’s first term. when he won again with no respect for life, mob rule, bribes and lies; i decided maybe the US is the same now.

          the bad news is there’s no where else to go. why i dont drink daily now, i dont know.

        • M2245TH says:

          It’s more like the Twilight Zone! I think a lot of people are going to go John Galt after the first of the year.

      • incognito says:

        That’s easy. It’s the same reason people think that the economic recovery is right around the corner. TPTB suck, but got to admit that they know how to get shit done.

      • kaynine says:

        S I D , there happens to be this old book,Some people believe what’s written in it, other’s do not.In this book are lot’s of word’s written about this very subject. This particular piece from the old book, was directed towards a group of people called the thessalonians and in a section of paul’s letter he wrote to them (And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:) 2nd thess 2:11. KJV. I believe one problem is,these people are both decieved,and delusional.That why!!! this man is adored WORLDWIDE!!!Seriously!!!

    7. Rumor has it that it was down to the wire between him and Honey Boo Boo. Good news is no appreciable difference in leadership ability between the two.

    8. JRS says:

      After his “gun control” speech today, you have 2 weeks to a month to get what you need before the Biden Bill goes into effect. Stock up on PVC and cosmoline….it will be in short supply.

      • incognito says:

        I’ve heard on here a couple of times that if it’s time to bury your guns then it’s time to dig them up… so I don’t even bother. Just keep them cleaned, practiced with oiled and loaded.

      • largetarget says:

        Where was the presidents Moral outrage over bengazi.

        no waiting months for fact find here.

        It’s those “Damn Gun NutZ ” Take their weapons.

        “What the massacre was with stolen guns by a mental defective, Don’t bother me with the facts.”

      • Lee from La says:

        Alright JRS, pardon the question of an idiot, but PVC and cosmoline?

        • Auntie Commie says:

          @Lee from La

          1# You take a large bore PVC sewer pipe, cement an end on one side, making it water tight.
          2# Cover gun/mags that you are going to bury with cosmo.
          3# Also put in ammo but don’t cosmo it.
          4# Also add a large silica gel pack to keep it dry inside.
          5# Seal the open end and bury the mother 5-6 ft down.

        • Anon says:

          Cosmoline to protect the guns you bury in the PVC pipe 😉

    9. SidDavis says:

      Hail the King. At least he thinks he is. $500 bottles of wine, $50 a pound Kobe beef imported from Japan, 54 Christmas trees, $5 million vacation, lobster for his dinner flown to Colorado in a government plane, ALL at taxpayer expense.

      When will even the liberals wake up to this system of ruler and ruled. Yes, special interest, including a lot of big corporations have lobbied for and got laws that rig the market place in their favor. Yes, most Congressmen and Senators leave office far more wealthy than when they came in, and most bureaucrats receive salaries higher than private sector employees. This is a system of plunder and control, and instead of the liberals asking to end the plunder, they beg for more of it and beg to share in it.

      I don’t want to be a slave to support aristocrats or the welfare/dependency crowd. I want to be free and to take care of myself, but not carry these creeps on my back.

      Obama is evil along with his supporters and the rest of the Washington crowd. Only the evil dupes at Time Magazine would consider honoring him. What insanity.

      Usually when there is a revolution the politicians, judges, and lawyers are objects of the wrath of the people; maybe next time those in the media will be included too.

    10. pale rider says:

      Off Topic: Sorry
      Russia just unloaded 24 hypersonic Iskander 9K720 (SS-26 Stone) cruise missiles in Syria.

      Speed- 1.3 mi/sec.
      Range- 280 mi.
      Payload- 1500 lb.-HE, CHEM, or Nuke capable.
      Pinpoint accuracy.

      These missiles fly to fast for Patriot or Iron Dome anti- missiles to bring down.

      Things are ratcheting up in the Mid-East.

    11. largetarget says:

      Just Like when they dave him a nobel prize a few years ago Awards for acomplishing nothing. But saying all the “right things”

    12. Zoltanne says:

      All according to plan…

    13. Tomahawk says:

      If there any justice in this world, 0bammy would be in Leavenworth for treason.

      • Ryback says:

        Dont wish to hard, you might just get it in time. In 10 or 15 years there may be political crimes trials, for everything that has happened from 2004 to 2016. Why do you think Obama is still in campain mode, he wants a third term. And he might get it, but of course we would not allow it. Thats why DHS ordered up 2 billion rnds. ammo, guns, gear, and what ever. And they will get Heavy weapons the closer it gets to 2016. And their trying to take our weapons now? More things will happen, more gullible and stupid people will belive their bullshit. Nobody is doing anything about it now. How many times does it take to get slapped in the face, to realize your getting slapped………..WAKE THE FUCK UP EVERYBODY……Before you got a federal agent man in black pajamas with an MP5 stuck up your ass!

        • snake eater says:

          i think you are wrong but close,,he really doesnt want a third term,,,hes heading for dictatorship,,that would make him king,,as he thinks he is,,,you are right about one thing,,,WAKE UP,,,,,


    14. Larry1356 says:

      Why, you gonna bury your guns and go into hiding?

    15. Norse Prepper says:

      The only award he should receive is gun salesman of the century.


    16. etg83 says:

      Oh the irony of this

    17. High Noon says:

      Charlton Heston said it all in 1968, PLANET OF THE APES

      !!!!! ITS A MAD HOUSE !!!!!

      Stay Brave

    18. Nehweh Gahnin says:

      Better throw in some WD-40 too.

    19. Satori says:

      Obama DEMANDS action on gun control

      I wonder if he’s gonna DEMAND any action on the
      Benghazi debacle/coverup/lies

      Obama may very well go down in history as the worst President we have ever had
      I think it is safe to say George Bush is off the hook !

      • JayJay says:

        Didn’t anyone get the memo–EVERYONE, EVERY agency, govt, military or otherwise performed beautifully and no blunders in Benghazi —in email today.
        If you work in any of those entities, I’d seriously consider retiring or a career change..NOW.

    20. RickInOregon says:

      WAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOO Barack Obama is the man of the year. Yippy Yippy Yeah, Hip Hip Hooray, Long Live The King
      just hedging my bets

      buying my get out of FEMA camp free card

      avoiding a GETMO tan
      never mind

    21. Incremental Persuasion

      Get to know this term. It’s how “they” are methodically dismantling the Constitution and turning this country into a Socialist, Fascist Police State. This “Incrementalism” is why we preppers constantly feel frustrated by the apparent lack of responses by the masses (too busy being busy doing absolutely nothing other than doing as they are told) because TPTB have got it down to a science, i.e. know how to get the masses to do what they want without waking them from their slumber.

      Today, “Assault Rifles”. In a few months, after another patsy takes out more innocents, certain “Ammo”. Then after another staged event, “Rifles”, then Handguns, then all ammo, then bows and arrows…

      Incremental Persuasion

      “When persuading, do so one small step at a time.”

      “Get them to agree to a small point. Then get agreement on a further smaller point. Then another and another until you have got them to your final destination.
      Make each small point very easy to accept and as logical as possible so they cannot really object to it.”

      “Incremental persuasion works because perception is based on contrast, which in this method is between small increments. We largely judge the impact of something on us in this relative way rather than against an absolute standard, making incremental approaches less easy to notice.”

      “There is a classic story of boiling a frog in a saucepan. As the water warms up, the frog does not notice the incremental change in temperature and does not jump out, and so quietly boils. The same is true of many changes in life, where we accept many small differences, not taking action until it is too late.”

      “Incrementalism works in many different places. For example if you’re seeking information, ask for a little at a time. It can be effective if you ask different people, as this allows you to gather a lot of knowledge without appearing to be particularly acquisitive. You can also get a lot done by asking for small favors. Paradoxically, this can lead people to feel they should do more for you, as in the Ben Franklin Effect.”

    22. Nam Marine says:

      WHAT A CROCK OF COW MANURE! Goes right along with his
      Nobel Prize!

    23. wnc mountainboy says:

      In a local gun shop today trying to order a lefty bolt gun in .308…guy next to me is in an urgent discussion with the manager of the store. did’nt hear the particulars but this is what the manager told me afterward:

      The gentleman was a local class 3 dealer that primarily sells to the regional law enforcement community but also sells to those who jump through the hoops to get a class 3 weapon. Manager says the guy has very close ties to beauracrats in D.C. Coming new gun legislation will totally outlaw ALL auto-loading firearms with NO grandfathering.

      I don’t know the veracity of this info but just maybe if you want a semi weapon you better get it soon then “forget” that you have it.

    24. braveheart says:

      Bimbam, I believe the liberal women you referred to are, to borrow a Rush Limbaugh term, “feminazis”. The only white males you ever see among liberals are the ones who are stupid enough to believe all the libturd crap that is spewed out every day. Obamanation is just carrying on with the NWO agenda like all of his scum puppet predecessors. Braveheart

    25. Rachel says:

      Time is about as credible as the Nobel Peace prize.

    26. Be informed says:

      BO can the “honor” of being the person of the year, next year, after the ecomony has collapsed, regional or world war has started, for the starter of nationwide martial law, widespread civil war, the collapse of the union, whatever else distinguishing “achievements”.

    27. Ghost of Xmas Future says:

      Zero the Usurper getting kudos from the propaganda ministry of kool-aid? You don’t say.

      The current squatter in the White Hut, a purple lipped crack smoking/coke snorting mentally ill narcissitic puppet who spends his days engaged in sodomy and sitting around smoking can’t even speak from the heart with his supposed condolences wiping fake tears from the opposite side of his tear ducts having to look down to read a piece of paper as usual use a teleprompter issuing statements via this puppet’s handlers like Jarrett and associated liberal fascist scum for the Newtown tragedy.

      The constant adorning by the hack press is utterly laughable, the next hard interview being Conan O’brien probably.

      Zero has no leadership skills, because Zero hasn’t run a fruit stand. He’s a muslim allegianced marxist who grew up from the ages 9-18 under the mentoring of a sex pervert sodomite pedophile commie who aided foreign born children, who was under the watchful eye of the FBI, Frank Marshall Davis. But alas radical associations, the equivalent of the KKK don’t matter to traitorous media or associated lemmings buying this kool-aid.

      In addition, Zero is a foreign born undocumented fraud — there is no other avenue of reason folks. No birth documents presented, all avenues for simple reasonable answers are blocked, scrubbed, thwarted; his obvious forged supposed long form he dug out for the press conference under criminal investigation for forgery, etc by AZ law enforcement. Meanwhile the HI Dept of Health, corrupted to the core, playing games for 4 years changing their own rules and statutes to protect Barry, then admit with documentation no legal binding documents for Zero exist. The bigger issue is the rule of law, our Constitution, and a ruling class elitist scum who are in cooperation with such tyranny..after all, John McCain was foreign born and ineligible to serve the Presidency as well. Resolution 511 kids. Look it up.

      Now the liberal fascist nuts are overreaching going after guns, at a period in history of the largest gun sales, nearly 155,000 NICS checks on black friday alone, new record, since Zero got re-elected and this regime’s established record of ignoring the rule of law and the Constitution, not to mention near economic collapse, now ammo pallets and all manner of firearms are disappearing.

      Oh bravo libby lightweights, this should really turn out well for you. Well, not really, as the Doctrine of One Hundred Heads (look it up) gets dusted off and immaculated for eruption.

      And all magazine restrictions, capacity bans, gun bans, private party purchase bans, gun show bans, etc WILL BE IGNORED> WE WILL NOT COMPLY

    28. Reel Issues says:

      “Shoot to Thrill” A/C Back in Black Albumn. Man of the Year! I have to vomit and Crap on this one.. please excuse me while I whip this out.. My pistol if wondering?

      I have to go my dog just threw-up when I told her the news. Times Mag….too funny. Just Joking right? Seriously?

    29. sgt. prepper says:

      You can gift wrap a turd but it is still just a turd.

    30. Y'all Beware! says:

      A response to extreme pressures was used back in 1944.

      Many here will use it again and mean it when we choose to say… “NUTS!”

      Y’all Beware! Courtesy of General Anthony McAuliffe – 1944, Bastogne.

    31. Reel Issues says:

      OOPS, Meant Back in Black A/C D/C Back in Black album

    32. Reel Issues says:

      Ya’ll beware of your posts and what you say, have ya’ll noticed that eveyone has a post ID # it is directly attached to your IP Address.. Just say’n

    33. Satori says:

      I vote Piers Morgan

      ASSHAT of the Year

      what a TOTAL jerk

      I’m glad he’s on CNN
      no one watches that failing station anymore anyway

      • Be informed says:

        @ Satori. That Atlantic Ocean WETBACK “thinks” he can come over here to a foreign country and try to force his agenda down everyone’s throat. This buttcrack face “thinks” that all he has to do is outshout anyone else and then in a totally bias way not allow someone to speak. cnn is awful not to tell this asswipe to allow someone to speak their mind and then try to debate in a civil way. Can see why no country wants this backwash from a toilet.

        The one thing that this ape cannot do is silent the people like on this site and the thousands of other freedom orientated sites around the world from expressing themselves to all those that read it. The more people that can come to the support of basic freedom of self defense the better. P. M. which stands not for piers morgan but too many other names that fit some foreigner trying to peddle his own country’s failings, along with most of europe’s pacifist stances that have allowed people to become terrified of defending themselves against any attacker in those extremely unfortunate countries.

        I truly feel sorry for the English people now, their country has been turned into toothless rabbits that even hezbollah could conquer if they tried. That is pathetic, and the English people can blame the idiots like piers in the country’s leadership that has turned them all into wussies and pansies. No more stiff upper lip for the brits, more like quivering upper lip and wringing of the hands.

    34. Tom says:

      Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) need I say more?
      South Africa ditto
      USA can you connect the dots?

    35. wally says:

      man of the year “my eye” pftzzz…

    36. Eisenkreutz says:

      Mambi Pambi Obambi

    37. CocoPuff CrackHead says:


      Everyone should download the above picture of the puppet commie prez then print out flyer’s of the image to be posted around their towns with the words …



      (place picture here)



      ~N.O. ;0p

    38. CocoPuff CrackHead says:


      Everyone should download the above picture of the puppet commie prez then print out flyer’s of the image to be posted around their towns with the words …



      (place picture here)



      ~N.O. ;0p

    39. king krazy says:

      There is not a word in the english language to describe how much i despise that filth. He is destroying my country. Previous presidents haven’t help much but that commie scum took us over the edge. I cannot watch him on TV because my BP goes up into stroke territory. If you told me 50 years ago that the likes of him would be president I would have spit in your face for treasonous talk. How can we as a country be so damn dumb? Don’t people want liberty? Don’t they want freedom? I can hardly look a black person in the eye knowing that statistically he supports obama 100% This country is done, kaput finnissimo. It’s gone and it ain’t coming back. If suicide wasn’t a sin I would blow my brains out right here, right now rather than live under communism.
      God forgive us. Jesus forgive me for the darkness in my heart but a line has been crossed many times but yet we are still talking about it. Are there any Patriots left?

    40. Tomahawk says:

      0bammy is the architect of the New America the same way Vladimir Lenin was the architect of the New Russia.

    41. Satori says:

      here’s the “award” Obama should have won

      I really think a strong case could be made for impeachment

    42. Unreconstructed Southron says:

      How can Time misspell SOB?

    43. CocoPuff CrackHead says:

      Red Alert!! Obama GUN CONFISCATION Starts Jan 1, 2013


    44. CocoPuff CrackHead says:

      Hillary Clinton FAKES Concussion, Won’t Testify on Benghazi


    45. iowa says:

      BRING ON THE SNOW!!!!!

      Make it a 2 day blizzard so I don’t have to go in to work til Monday!

      Prepper out.

    46. A Nony Mouse says:

      Sure he is,

      On another note, better Get ‘Em while you can if this hasn’t already been posted;

      The Hedge reports that as of 4:30 today Wal-Mart has SOLD-OUT of firearms in 5 states,

      Have a VERY Merry Christmas Y’All!!! 🙂

    47. CocoPuff CrackHead says:

      THE VATICAN OF ROME ITALY releases ” The Pope’s Christmas New Year Message to the Masses of the Faithful around the World ” statement that …

      “C H I L D P O R N P E D O P H I L I A is ‘Normal’ !”

      – W T F ;0P CATHOLICS and JESUITS (L U C I F E R I A N B L A C K P O P E) ;0p !?

      “sigh” … You just can’t make this sheeit up .

      ~N.O. ;0p

    48. CocoPuff CrackHead says:

      * This Public message is too the zog fed commie gov agency NSA FBI DHS that is now “actively blocking me” from accessing @shtfplan website …

      “GO PHUCK YOURSELF!” ;0P pssszzt


      buncha fed zog commie dummies !

      ~N.O. ;0p

    49. CocoPuff CrackHead says:


      Mystery in AmeriKan Illegal Lie Driven False-Fag War torn Iraq

      US Munitions DEPLETED URANIUM toxic military dump’s All over Iraq ARE to Blame for Basra Birth Defects … AMERIkA POISONS THE WORLD FOR PROFIT !

      *** Three children from the Hassan family in Basra. The oldest is 17 and the younger two are eight and seven. Though the three don’t all have the same parents, each was born with only one eye. Despite the widespread belief in the city that American munitions are to blame, some scientists are wary. They say that there are many factors that could be affecting the cluster of cancer and birth defects.

      ~N.O. ;0p

    50. ScoutMotto says:

      First, it was awarded to Barack Obama, then to the EU. I have lost all respect for the Nobel Prize.

    51. CocoPuff CrackHead says:

      Gerald Celente – National Intel Report – December 18, 2012


      Published on Dec 19, 2012

      Gerald talks on Trend Forecasting and how the government is using the Newtown shootings as a way to implement gun control, the way the media has portrayed the shootings and information that is not being discussed on the shootings.

      The Trends Journal® is the World’s #1 source for the most important trends that are shaping the future. The Trends Journal® shows you how these trends will affect your life, how to profit from them, and what to do to avoid pitfalls. Regardless of business or profession, the Trends Journal® provides insights, strategies and opportunities to help you navigate these treacherous, unprecedented times.

    52. CocoPuff CrackHead says:

      Keiser Report: Monetized Genocide

      In the latest Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert look at central banking monkeys performing cannonballs into the global dark pools, the backlash against quantitative easing and the Queen ticking off the Bank of England. In the second half, Max talks to economist Sandeep Jaitly of about silver backwardation and a monetary path that will throw us *all* into such poverty that none of us will be able satisfy our ends.

    53. See ya says:

      Who cares. There you all go again…..getting distracted by politics. The r and the d are the same. You need to get focused and quit mentally master bating.

    54. Zombie Nation says:

      Was looking at north korea’s official news website the other day, which is more like a bulletin board system from 1990. Almost every day they had an article where their most benevolent leader receives some award, recognition, or credentials from some outstanding group like libya or the childrens orchestra of chap or the committee for the ministry of organizations of syria. Notice the similarities?

    55. There’s something very Dark about that Mulatto.

    56. Lester B Goode says:

      Y’All gotta see this,

      Looks like our beloved Comrade Frankenstein has hosed us again,

      I think it’s the GENETICS here that’s the problem….

    57. JayJay says:

      Found this on a prepper site:

      December 19, 2012

      Facebook Twitter YouTube

      Cheaper Than Dirt! will Resume Online Firearm Sales Pending Policy Changes

      Cheaper Than Dirt! recently announced that it was temporarily suspending online sales of firearms pending a review of its order processing and procedures. Well-known for its ability to process and ship orders within 24 hours, online sales have skyrocketed to a point where it may take up to 72 hours for firearms and other items to ship.

      “In light of recent events, we believe it is prudent to review our policies and procedures to ensure we can continue to provide the products and firearms our customers demand,” said Chief Operations Officer Roberta Wilson. “We will resume online sales once we update our process and continue as we have always done by shipping firearms only to FFL dealers.”

      Ms. Wilson closed with, “As a long-time supporter of the Second Amendment, we will continue to serve the needs of the firearms community while ensuring our unsurpassed level of quality and customer service.”

      Cheaper Than Dirt! prides itself on being America’s Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter since 1993. Cheaper Than Dirt! boasts over 100,000 items available for purchase through their Web site and catalog. Articles, photos and videos appear daily on the Shooter’s Log at

    58. CocoPuff CrackHead says:

      Meet ZOG Commie AmeriKa’s PENTAGON CIA MOSSAD AL-CIA-DUH FSA Shock Troops invading in a illegal war commiting genocide of christians and jews babies women and unarmed men in libya – bringing NWO ZOG BANKER TAX DEBT SLAVERY TO LIBYA LEBANON IRAN AND JORDON by the BARREL of a FASCIST AMERIKAN GUN !

      * funny how they look just like … TERRORISTS !

      ~N.O. ;0p

      see link below …

    59. CocoPuff CrackHead says:

      Gun Control explained

      Uploaded on Apr 18, 2011

      A liberal tries to explain why she wants to make gun ownership illegal.

    60. CocoPuff CrackHead says:

      Obama Targeting ‘Preppers’ for Concentration Camps … they are going to take your guns America … disarm you to further Victimize you and your children all in the name of CONTROL .

      The “AmeriKan Traitor Illuminati” are intentionally deliberately sacrificing their own children on psychotropic drugs in zog fed commie gov FALSE-FAG attacks Against the Children of Once Free America .


      * see link below …

    61. CocoPuff CrackHead says:

      The Constitution should never be construed . . . to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.

      —SAMUEL ADAMS ( this guy makes the best beer ever ;0P )

    62. Prepping Preacher says:

      i suppose china, chavez, castro and every other communist place and person voted for him and he’ll revell in the fact…

    63. CocoPuff CrackHead says:

      Jews Invade Misheegan AmeriKa to Create New Homeland ;0P

      Jews Demand Jewish State Within AmeriKa

      Jews Want To Create Jewish State On AmeriKan Land.

      Jews are seeking to establish a Jewish state in Detroit , Michigan , with the city of Detroit as its capital of their New Judaic State of Michigan ” . According to the project website, medinatweimar . org.

      According to Jewish source “We want to make Detroit and Michigan a state of art and feminism, what more can you expect from a Judaic state.”

      “Such a state will relieve the ‘Jews trauma’ after Adolf Hitler and World War II.”

      The National Jew Socialists see Detroit and EastBumPhuck ;0P as two of Michigan’s most important cities, and has magnificent plans for both of them . NSDAP’s first major manifestation was held in Detroit January 2013 .

      * see link below …

      • M2245TH says:

        I think you need to put down that crack pipe coco puff. No one in their right mind would move to Detoilet. Especially Jews…being right next to the largest muslim population outside of the middle east? Have you ever heard of Dearborn Michigan?

        • CocoPuff CrackHead says:

          ;0) i know that from the riots over this last summer at the muslim community celebration fairs there IN MICHIGAN … i was just being sarcastic baiting you with some personal dark humor based on the VERY REAL REPORT OF WHAT IS HAPPENING IN WEIMAR GERMANY BEING INVADED BY FORCED TO GIVE UP TO THE J’s .


          ~N.O. ;0p

    64. CocoPuff CrackHead says:


      I just want you for my own
      More than you could ever know
      Make my wish come true
      All I want for Christmas is…

      I wont ask for much this Christmas
      I dont even wish for snow
      Just want a Jew who runs show business
      Speilberg, Stiller Ari Gold
      I will make a list and send it
      Of my choices for St. Nick
      Seinfeld, Zach Braff and Jon Stewart
      Are the boys with a big schtick.
      Cause I just want them here tonight
      Holding on to me so tight
      Ill take Zac Efron too
      all I want for Christmas is Jews.

      Menorah lights are shining
      So brightly everywhere
      And the big box office
      Makes Jews millionaires
      They may have killed our savior
      Thats not the best behavior
      Thats ok he rose again three days later
      and now Im an active J-dater

      Oh I dont want a lot for Christmas
      Gentile boys are such a bore
      Goldman, Weissman, Cohen, Levy
      These are names that I adore
      Oh I just want a chosen one
      Hebrew boys are so much fun
      Make my wish come true
      Baby all I want for Christmas is

      ;0P pssszzt

    65. CocoPuff CrackHead says:

      Jews Demand Jewish State Within Germany

      Published on Jul 13, 2012

      Jews Want To Create Jewish State On German Land.

      Jews are seeking to establish a Jewish state in Thuringia, Germany, with the city of Weimar as its capital” . According to the project website,

      According to Jewish source “We want to make Thüringen a state of art and feminism, what more can you expect from a state.”

      “Such a state will relieve the ‘Jews trauma’ after Adolf Hitler and World War II.”

      The National Socialists saw Weimar and Dresden as two of Germany’s most important cities, and had magnificent plans for both of them . NSDAP’s first major manifestation was held in Weimar.

    66. Saved By Grace says:

      Proverbs 3:31

      “Do not envy the oppresser and choose none of his ways. For the perverse person is an abomination to the Lord”.

    67. Achilles Heel says:

      In times like these, I am reminded of the immortal words of Socrates, who said:

      “I drank what?”

      -Chris Knight (Val Kilmer), Real Genius

    68. Sam Adams says:

      Yes but this a**hole’s plan is Socialism!

    69. KY Mom says:

      SWAT Teams on the Streets in Arkansas. They Demand IDs for Doing Nothing

      Tea Party Economist

    70. cOCOpUFF cRACKhEAD says:


      The Dick Act of 1902, also known as the Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654, of June 28, 1902, invalidates all so-called gun-control laws.

      The Dick Act of 1902 also known as the Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654, of June 28, 1902 invalidates all so-called gun-control laws. It also divides the militia into three distinct and separate entities.

      The three classes H.R. 11654 provides for are the organized militia, henceforth known as the National Guard of the State, Territory and District of Columbia, the unorganized militia and the regular army. The militia encompasses every able-bodied male between the ages of 18 and 45. All members of the unorganized militia have the absolute personal right and 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms of any type, and as many as they can afford to buy.

      The Dick Act of 1902 cannot be repealed; to do so would violate bills of attainder and ex post facto laws which would be yet another gross violation of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The President of the United States has zero authority without violating the Constitution to call the National Guard to serve outside of their State borders.

      The National Guard Militia can only be required by the National Government for limited purposes specified in the Constitution (to uphold the laws of the Union; to suppress insurrection and repel invasion). These are the only purposes for which the General Government can call upon the National Guard.

    71. Thinker says:

      To all@ Shtf Please read!!
      If you haven’t already, We need to get of our butts and do what we can now with who is awake,instead of trying to change the other who may never ‘see’ all the lies that has become truths! I couldn’t post links so i will give the articles and where located. Sorry Mac i hope this doesn’t offend you are the good people of this site.
      The Mayan 2012 Prophecy end of the world “Made in America”
      Zen Snap out of it and the related article at the bottom” Does any government dare do this”


    72. JRS says:

      I honestly believe that those in DC are twisting the Constitution to suit their needs. Take the Habeas Corpus and indefinite detention thing. Habeas Corpus is not a right but a privilege that can be suspended in cases of rebellion or invasion when the public safety may require it. This is clearly stated in the Constitution Article 1 Section 9 Clause 2. All it takes is the corporate government (or executive order) to define what they consider a “rebellion” to mean. This is why it will not be removed from the NDAA. They are letting us know their fear of the people they feel in their black hearts.

    73. ScoutMotto says:

      This photo is not the usual charming, smiling Obama. This is the look of someone with sinister motives – the true Obama.

    74. Zoltanne says:

      Put down the pipe, cOCOpUFF cRACKhEAD. You’re making those alphanumerics mELt…


    75. JayJay says:

      THURSDAY NIGHT 12/20/12
      AT 7:00 EASTERN , 6:00 PM CENTRAL , 5:00 PM MTN, AND 4:00 PM PACIFIC

      Listen live.

    76. oldman says:

      courage is not the absence of fear… it is the realization that some things are more important than fear.

    77. Kevin2 says:

      First the MSM makes a big issue over Chinas insisting that the US tighten up on it’s internal gun laws and now Anderson Cooper takes MSM time to put forward the proposal below from a 10 year old.

      “My daughter Natalie was interested in asking him if he could pass some kind of legislation so that the only people that had guns were military personnel and law enforcement, and if people needed guns for sport that they could go to a range and the guns would have to stay there.”

      So the left thinks China and 10 year a old should direct the nation and they call us crazy?

      • JayJay says:

        That’s because they don’t want to interview adults-they know the feedback already.
        It’s being expressed at every gun sale shop.

      • Orwellian States says:

        I doubt that there is a Natalie. I went to a gun store yesterday (East TN). The place was packed. At least 3 filling out forms for background checks – no ArS LEFT, ABOUT 3 AKs left, certain ammo gone or nearly so. The clerk that checked out my ammo gave me the last bag. He said things have been crazy.

    78. Kevin2 says:

      Got to proof read.

      So the left thinks China and a 10 year old should direct the nation and they call us crazy?

    79. Saved By Grace says:

      During the Benghazi attack two CIA agents wanted to help but were told to “Stand Down”. As we know they went and helped anyway and after a 7 hour fight died for their bravery. They should be Time’s “Men of the Year”, not the sack of crap in the White House.

      Can I get an amen, because I bet that they are both smiling down at us.

    80. VRF says:

      Mass killings stopped by armed citizens,, oh yeah they dont want you to know this happenes

    81. VRF says:

      * 1929 the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929to 1953, approximately 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.*In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915-1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.*Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, 13 million Jews, gypsi…es, homosexuals, the mentally ill, and others, who were unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.*China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952,20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.*Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.*Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979,300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.*Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million “educated” people, unable to defend themselves, were roundedup and exterminated.*That places total victims who lost their lives because of gun control at approximately 56 million in the last century. Since we should learn from the mistakes of history, the next time someone talks in favor of gun control, find out which group of citizens they wish to have exterminated.
      * Paul Harvey *

    82. Despite all odds, our President prevailed in gaining re-election. He still has an uphill battle fighting a Red House which has blocked his every move in an attempt to squash his goals of bringing the Middle Class equal pay, women’s rights, gay rights and affordable healthcare. The Bush Administration drove our economy into a swift nose dive and Obama is still the patsy. Watch conservative hands paint him in Blackface with a visual commentary of how Barack has been bamboozled at

      • Kevin2 says:

        Brandt Hardin

        Obama feeds from the same corporate bowl as Bush and Romney. Wall Street is not re-regulated and prosecution of their white collar criminals is on the decline from the Bush years and he was nothing to brag about. Jon Corzine a huge Obama supporter lost 1.2 billion of his investors money and, “Has no idea where it went”. He took the accounts of clients w/o approval in violation of the law and he walks free.

        Save us the “Democrats are friends of the working class” and spend some time looking at their virtually identical voting record with Free Trade as the Republicans.

      • JayJay says:

        Brandt…I’m the year 1982–APSU…from Tennessee of 57 years and now in Russellville for 5.

    83. CocoPuff CrackHead says:

      The Hyper Report video

      Daily financial political prepper news

      awesome resource for daily need to know news without the b.s.

    84. CocoPuff CrackHead says:

      The U.S. Dollar Continues To Die. By Gregory Mannarino

    85. CocoPuff CrackHead says:


    86. CocoPuff CrackHead says:

      American Riots Will Be The Worst In The World – US Dollar Collapse



    87. CocoPuff CrackHead says:

      World Economic Collapse – Are YOU Prepared?

    88. CocoPuff CrackHead says:

      Ann Barnhardt – The Economy Is Going To Implode (Full Length)

    89. incognito says:

      Researching all day on small arms protocols during SHTF. It appears that a definite gun grab is in the cards. I no longer question this as it has been written in federal documents. Now the question is how far from the urban areas will they venture? Will lack of funding and chaos in the cities render them impotent by the time they get out to us sprawled out on the countrysides (or desert in my case)? They are welcome to have everything I’ve got because I sold everything at the gun show accept my little LCP. What can I say times are tight and business is slow. Got to put food on the table and pay the rent.

    90. Nam Marine says:

      Makes as much sense as his Nobel Peace prize!
      What a joke this Muslim is !

    91. T.R. says:

      Didnt Hitler also make man of the year in the 1930’s ? Just sayin


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