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    Pay Me In Gold: Lawmaker Requests Compensation In “Money That Has Intrinsic Value”

    Mac Slavo
    November 13th, 2012
    Comments (123)
    Read by 9,522 people

    Some lawmakers are finally getting it, with the latest example coming from Jerry O’Neil, a state congressional representative in Montana.

    At one time a trivial matter for O’Neil, he says he now understands the damage being done by the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy and the over $16 trillion in U.S national debt.

    In a letter to Montana’s Legislative Services, the congressman notes that the U.S. Constitution  prohibits the payment of debts in anything but gold and silver, and says that his oath to the Constitution and the people he represents can only be honored if the government pays his legislative salary to him, “in gold and silver coins that will still have value when the U.S. dollar is reduced to junk status.”

    The full copy of the letter (pdf) is available below:

    November 12, 2012
    State of Montana Legislative Services
    Central Services Office
    Post Office Box 201706
    Helena, Montana 59620-1706

    Re: Legislator Compensation

    Dear Legislative Services:

    Last week I was re-elected to serve the people of House District 3 as their Representative in the Montana Legislature. Once again it will be my privilege to take the oath of office, promising to obey and protect the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Montana.

    When campaigning, some of my constituents informed me I was not honoring my duty to uphold and defend the United States Constitution. The area of their concern is the prohibition, contained in Article I, Section 10, that states, “No state shall – - make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts – -.” They ask me how I, a policy maker for the State of Montana, can ignore this clear constitutional prohibition.

    Over the 10 years I have previously served in the legislature I have considered this a trivial matter that would show me to be out of step with our national rulers if I made an issue out of it. I did not want to be branded as a fanatic over an issue of no consequence.

    Today I am looking at this issue in a new light. When I was going to my constituents homes I agreed with them the most important issue for the coming legislative session will be to protect them from the economic debacle hanging over our heads.

    With just a cursory look at history we know a country that lives beyond its means faces dire consequences. Having a $16,000,000,000,000 national debt is a warning sign we can only ignore at our peril. Having such a debt and allowing it to increase unchecked is an invitation for national suicide.

    It is very likely the bottom will fall out from under the U.S. dollar. Only so many dollars can be printed before they have no value. The Keynesian era of financing government with debt appears to be close to its demise. If and when that happens, how can we in the Montana Legislature protect our constituents?

    The only answer I can come up with is to honor my oath to the U.S. Constitution and request that your debt to me be paid in gold and silver coins that will still have value when the U.S. dollar is reduced to junk status. I therefore request my legislative pay to be in gold and silver coins that are unadulterated with base metals.

    I am not asking for you to give me gold and silver American Eagles at their face value of $50.00 and $1.00, but rather at their current market prices that today are $1,801.00 and $35.28.

    Hopefully this will be an example for our Montana citizens and prompt them to also have some of their own wealth in money that has intrinsic value.

    Yours truly,

    Jerry O’Neil

    Hat tip Beyond Collapse author TJ Miller

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Views: Read by 9,522 people
    Date: November 13th, 2012

    Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.



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    1. Ranger says:

      Great idea.  I’m taking all my business in gold payment.  Beautiful plan!

      People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 32 Thumb down 1

      • Tina says:

        Also…since the election many States are showing distaste for the election. I know nothing will happen with this but just makes me proud that people are FINALLY starting to stand up!!!!

         Here is the full list of states that plan to secede from the union:

        South Carolina
        New York
        South Carolina
        North Carolina

        Maybe there is still a glimmer of hope that many are not (totally) lost.

        People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 61 Thumb down 4

        • ScoutMotto says:

          So this is an expression of many people who desire to fire the federal government. Last I heard my state had a whole two sign on for this.

          Only two?

          People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 2

          • Tina says:

            News according to ABC is

            South Dakota is among the 39-member list of petitions of states looking to secede from the United States following the 2012 election“.

            Maybe beforew long we will have all “57″ states join in…LOL

            People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 45 Thumb down 1

        • Gods Creation says:

          Many get it, but 99% of them are unwilling to act on it.  I tip my hat to this guy and hope others will have the balls to stand up for the Law in the future.

          People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 26 Thumb down 0

          • Tina says:

            The thing is GC is that you have to sign in on the WHITE HOUSE website in order to sign the petition which means that they have your first & last name along with email address… etc.

            That in itself is disenfranchising and probably will stop many from doing it.

            People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 30 Thumb down 0

            • EAGLEDOVE says:

              Tina., you make a good point ., it becomes a conflict of interest.

              Our first name , last and email address is probably their way  of saying , ” it’s for your protection.”  NOT! :(


              People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 16 Thumb down 1

              • Southern grannie says:

                Everyone needs to sign the petitions.  Courage my friends.  We must stand together.  One day you might need us to break down the gates of a FEMA camp and save you.   Sign and the few will not be at risk.


                People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 17 Thumb down 1

              • largetarget says:

                Just remeber It’s not paranoia, if they really are watching you. lol

                People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 24 Thumb down 0

              • To succeed is not the answer.  It was not the answer for the south and  it still is not the answer.

                What is their specific problem or issue other than Obama? If they can’t say that, why should anyone listen to them.  We need to repair that nation to carve it up into smaller broken parts!

                Rate This Comment: Thumb up 3 Thumb down 4

            • Tina says:

              This is where you can sign….if you dare.



              People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

            • Davidus Romanus says:

              You’re implying that they don’t already have that info.  Anyone who voted for Ron Paul, anyone who wants to end the Fed, and probably anyone who comes to this site are already on the Fed list of potential domestic terriers.  I signed for Fla since I know they already know who I am.

              People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

          • John Q. Public says:

            Hidden due to low comment rating. Click to read it.

            Poorly-rated. What do You Think? Thumb up 13 Thumb down 25

            • JLUFT says:

              As a American Patriot and Orthodox Jew, I can tell you most Orthodox Jews are very conservative and Patriotic and Pro-Israel all at the same time. I can tell you your badly strung together “proofs” are wrong or out of context and poorly translated.  Are there Jews on the left, yes, but there are Jews on the right and many whom helped the founding fathers of these United States and many many whom have died for this great country as defined by our constitution.


              People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 16 Thumb down 4

              • Gegory8 says:

                JLUFT: the wheels came off of John Q’s wagon long ago.  You can always tell the posts of our best ‘Paranoids’ by their lenghtly and detailed rants on the best  super-duper-extra-secret conspiracies that exist only in their rattled minds.  They usually finds these  so-called  supporting documents on  miniscule sites where the rants are out of control by lunatics who see shadows of conspirators everywhere.  Most of the documents are just made up, but even the ones that are real, they are as you pointed out, poorly trnaslated at best. John Q. is just one of our ‘loose screws’ and no one pays him much mind. Although sometimes, he can be calm and focused and actually make some good points, just not this time.

                People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1

              • John Q. Public says:

                This is not a matter of “left” and “right,” but a matter of right and wrong. The Master Race creed of Judaism teaches that only they are human, that the rest of us are animals (and devils) who must be killed or enslaved. Neither is it a matter of “context.” Their “holy books” are full of genocidal imprecations, perversion, and hypocritical double standards. Decent people call any Master Race creed “WRONG.”

                You mentioned the laughable “context” alibi. I rather like what Michael Hoffman wrote in  Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition, and Deceit. ISBN 13: 9780970378453 pages 137-138 (now available in e-book format):

                “‘Context’ is everything for the defenders of the Talmud. Fair enough. But by ‘context’ they do not mean taking into account the surrounding text, but rather submitting to Judaism’s own narrative about itself, which includes how it presents problem texts to non-Judaic audiences…. The rabbis even deny in many cases that there is a plain meaning…. It is enough that [the rabbi] states it and gentiles believe it; anything else is ‘antisemitic.’ This pattern of intimidation and thought control is repeated with monotonous effect, by thought cops and apologists for Judaism. It is a stock response intended to frighten off the opposition, premised mainly on the moral authority of the declarative sentences used by the ‘expert’ on Judaism. Debate (‘polemic’) on the part of informed skeptics is not permitted, since it constitutes the ‘misuse’ of a scholar’s knowledge of rabbinic texts. Debating tactics and polemical tools are reserved solely for rabbis and their allies, along with just a dash of permissible dissimulation to leaven the burden of swallowing the pottage. And when deception and ‘out of context’ statements serve to advance Judaism, they are all well and good….”

                As for the other familiar dissembling and risible diversions, all one has to do is read the Judaic literature intended for Judaic consumption. What is produced for the goyim, included many expurgated Talmud editions, is sanitized and full of lies.

                As for Gregory 8, I have no “wagon,” just plenty of reference books. The good news is that increasing percentage of goyim are awakening to the Master Race roots of the genocide and economic crimes against humanity that have been waged against us. Sad fact: You have sown wind and will reap a whirlwind whether in this life or the next.



                Rate This Comment: Thumb up 2 Thumb down 4

              • Econman says:

                U cant be pro usa and pro israel.  If u understood our constitution, u’d realize we shouldnt be protecting your giant welfare state homeland.  Israel is a serign nation hat should fight its own wars, on its own.

                Rate This Comment: Thumb up 3 Thumb down 3

            • grossyi says:

               Please seek psychiatric care immediately. Your medicine is not working and/or may require dosing adjustment. Do not drive a car,operate heavy machinery or make legal decisions until you have been evaluated by a professional psychiatrist. Eat a cookie, go back to your corner…it will be all right. Puppy dogs and lolly pops.

              Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 6

            • John Q. Public says:

              Hmmmm…   It is both sad and amusing that it is so hard to simply say what is so obvious and so well-documented: “Jews” control the media, so “Jews” control “our” history books, documentaries, entertainment, and shape the perception of current events—”Jews” control the banks, so “Jews” control “our” government and our military. If THEY say these things, it is pride. If GOYIM say these things, it is “antisemitism.” Wake up! Their agenda to depopulate and enslave the goyim is not new. Millennia before there ever was a Nazi, “Jews” touted their Master Race creed. THEN AND NOW! “The best of the gentiles should all be killed.” Talmud, tractate Soferim 15 rule 10 God created them [goyim] in the form of men for the glory of Israel… for the sole end of ministering unto them [the Jews] day and night. Nor can they ever be relieved of this service. It is becoming to the son of a king [an Israelite] that animals in their natural form and animals in the form of human beings should minister unto him. Midrash Talpioth 225a Google: “The Complete Guide to Killing Non-Jews” Ma’ariv 09.11.09 (p. 2) by Roi Sharon “For, the world was created only for the sake of Israel. There are none called the children of God, except Israel. There are none beloved of God, except Israel. ” Seven Minor Treatises: Sefer Torah; Mezuzah; Tefillin; Zizit; Abadim; Kutim; Gerim And Treatise Soferim II. Edited from manuscripts with an introduction, notes, variants and translation. By Michael Higger, Ph.D. New York; Block Publishing Company. 1930. Pp. 47-48. October 18, 2010 Senior Sephardi Rabbi Ovadia Yosef announces that Gentiles only exist to serve Jews: “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel… In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.” “Yosef: Gentiles exist only to serve Jews” by Jonah Mandel, Jerusalem Post, 10/18/2010 “Aaron ben Joseph ha-Levi of Barcelona (1235 – c.1290) author of Sefer haHinukh, agrees with Maimonides. He writes: ‘A gentile slave has to be enslaved forever … one of the main reasons being that since the Jewish nation is the elite of the human race and the Jews were chose to worship their creator and to serve before Him they deserve to have slaves to serve them. If they will not have slaves from the midst of the neighboring nations they will have to get slaves from their own midst and they (i.e., the Jewish slaves) will be unable to serve God; therefore we are command to keep gentiles slaves forever …’” Judah M. Rosenthal. The Slavery Controversy and Judaism. Conservative Judaism, Volumes 31-32, p.171. Google the content if you want to verify the references for yourself. If I add the links, the post is censored immediately.

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        • NYC Monsters says:

          Texas already has 25,000 signatures on its petition for SECESSION!  Great list, Tina.

          ALL of the states listed MUST SUCCEED TO SECEDE!  You heard it from me FIRST right here!  :)

          The monsters of New York City should fend for themselves.  They have tried to ruin all the countrymen of sovereign individuals all over the North American continent.

          It is our Manifest Destiny to be free of the wretched, squalid den of corruption, morass of depravity that is D.C. and N.Y.C.  The international bankster fraudsters and their scumbag mouthpieces must learn the meaning of DON’T TREAD ON ME!

          The Declaration of Independence is our guide in NATURAL LAW to tear asunder the shackles and chains of the centralized behemoth monster located in that quagmire of tyranny called D.C. and N.Y.C.

          People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 27 Thumb down 2

          • jayjay says:

            Louisiana has 30,488 .

            Texas has 80,000.  Leave it to Tejas to go overboard!!:-)

            People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 20 Thumb down 0

          • A small bit of info is needed here…


            In order to secede, the state, or at least its legislature, would have to hold a vote on it (at least that’s how the members of the long-defunct Confederate States of America did it).

            Not seeing that one happening quite yet – at least not at this stage of collapse. Too early still.

            People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 8 Thumb down 1

        • kaynine says:

          Hidden due to low comment rating. Click to read it.

          Poorly-rated. What do You Think? Thumb up 2 Thumb down 15

          • Tina says:

            Well…I know I am going to get bashed for saying this but I am DAMN sick and TIRED. Sick and tired of standing around watching this country be taken over. I am tired of sitting quietly by. I’m ready to stand up. It is time to take a stand for something. People sitting on their hands is ONE of the reasons we are in this mess.  

            What good is SURVIVING when you give up LIVING!!!!!

            People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 10 Thumb down 0

        • Jim (another Jim) says:

          Michigan is working on one also


          People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

        • greaseman says:

          If we are lucky, this movement will turn into a deluge. more and more disaffected citizens will say, “enough is enough”.  First, signed petitions.  Then taking to the streets.  Then, we have what we all know is coming–martial law.

          This isn’t that hard to figure out.  Changes coming soon folks. In a short time, things will never be the same as they have been . get your house in order. the fun begins soon.

          People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

        • jayjay says:

          As of this morning,

          arizona, alabama, arkansas, alaska, cal, col, del, fla, ga, ky, kansas, indiana, tn, tejas, utah, wyoming, w. va., la, mich, miss, mont, mo, ny, nev, neb, nc, nd, nj, ok, ohio, oregon, pa, s.d., s.c..


          People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 14 Thumb down 1

          • jayjay says:


            New Hampshire, Illinois??:-(, Idaho, R.I., Virginia, Wisconsin.


            And any in Austin, Texas…some a**hole just added this one:

            Peacefully grant the city of Austin Texas to withdraw from the state of Texas & remain part of the United States.

            Must be a bussed in liberal??:-(



            People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 9 Thumb down 4

        • Wilson says:

          I realize this may change, but my, my, I don’t see a single solitary state listed from the much touted “American Redoubt”.

          Rate This Comment: Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

        • Sixpack says:

          Oregon was in there too.

          Rate This Comment: Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

        • Carl Rooker says:

          Those who are signing this petition are not thinking.  This petition is on the White House web site.  So, either the President is presiding over the breakup of the Union, or those who sign this petition will be arrested for sedition.

          Regardless, a very few people signing said petition will NOT be a secession.  That would take the majority of the voting populations of said states voting for it in an election.

          Rate This Comment: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 2

        • tayronachan says:

          North Carolina will never  secede from the union. There are too many people on welfare. I know, I live here. 

          Rate This Comment: Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

        • scott says:

          Wish Wa State would step up but the legislation here is full of Californian’s so I doubt this will ever happen.

          Rate This Comment: Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

        • moman says:

          Always believed the south would rise again. This time it looks like we’ve gained more states than we had in the confederacy during the first civil war.

          Rate This Comment: Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

        • I just looked over all the petitions. Texas tops the stack with 102k signatures. Next highest is LA at 37k. While I was looking, own state went from 18,335 to 18,408 in a matter of about 10 minutes.

          Awesome! Maybe if we can threaten with sucession they’ll straighten up. No, not really. That was sarcasm. What they will do is become brutal, just like in the last war of northern agression. This, time, however, I think the outcome might be different. There is no moral glue to spray people with and then slam them together. No fake moral indignance about slavery.

          It still honks me off that the Imancipation Proclamation *ONLY* *APPLIED* *TO* *THE* *SOUTHERN* *STATES*. Liars. They didn’t have any moral prohibitions to slavery, they just USED IT to win a war to make us ALL slaves to DC and the Federal Government.

          Rate This Comment: Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

        • Smokey says:

          For the record, not one of those states is planning on secession.  Some thousands of citizens have signed petitions to the White House, but no state legislature is working on the issue.

          Rate This Comment: Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

      • durango kidd says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click to read it.

        Poorly-rated. What do You Think? Thumb up 9 Thumb down 21

        • How is Jerry O’Neil an idiot for upholding his oath to defend the Constitution?

          People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 9 Thumb down 2

          • GrandpaSpeaks says:

            Don’t be so hard on Durango, Jerry’s pay in precious will buy a lot more oil if what Durango says is true. Good take on the rest though. Thats the way its always been, wealth flows back and forth. He just didn’t understand that the money is indeed “printed” or credited to the banks, but not yet passed through. Once it gets out there, hoo boy. Why hasn’t it and how will it get out?  The bankers are now deciding if they will use it to get gold in order to save themselves in the coming real money recovery,  or stimulate the economy like it was intended. Either way, I don’t like our chances. Durango is absolutely correct about the Fed.

            Rate This Comment: Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

            • durango kidd says:

              Grandpa: Thanks for your support but really, criticism is water on a duck’s back for me from people who are obviously ignorant about how their banking system really works.

              That “money” will never see the light of day. even Lew Rockwell knows it is “stuck in the banks”. That money is not going anywhere any time soon. All it does is replace the banks losses as they de-leverage US and take the losses on foreclosures and bad derivatives.

              You can take that statement to the bank! :-)

              Rate This Comment: Thumb up 2 Thumb down 2

              • GrandpaSpeaks says:

                DK, I can tell an apology is in order. You would of appreciated the look on the bankers face when I took possession of my bullion, he was stammering ya, ya, ya really taking it out of the bank? I’ll just take that statement and keep it too.

                Rate This Comment: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

          • durango kidd says:

            MS: Jerry is an idiot for believing that the banks have printed too much money. That tells me that Jerry knows nothing about either money or banking. If you believe him you obviously do not understand either, either.

            A gold standard is a very bad idea for many reasons which I have spoken to here before and others across the web have seconded and expanded upon.

            Currently China receives OUR debt and promise to pay in PAPER FRN’s. Under a metals money standard, they would receive OUR real wealth

            Bad idea.

            Rate This Comment: Thumb up 1 Thumb down 2

        • Rick:) says:

          DK. I’ve had a theory for years. That  TPTB have intentionally kept domestic energy production…. difficult??  This was a long term plan to “use up” the rest of the world’s resources, preserving ours. Lest anyone forget, imported oil has been stupid cheap until recently. And really, it’s still relativley cheap. And once oil is gone, it’s gone. It’s not a renewable resource. And it is not only used as fuel. In the future, people will consider us stupid for burning it. Like when gasoline, a wothless by-product before autos, was dumped in the river.

          I think our “trick” will be to survive as a nation, until this time.

          People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

          • durango kidd says:

            Rick: With respect to US using the resources of others first, I have always believed that too. It also applies to other minerals like metals. The PTB are not stupid even if they pretend like they are.

            I believe that the PTB are willing to use OUR resources now because they have seen the future of energy and that future of energy is various alternative energies, based upon new technologies, so it is only natural to use hydrocarbons now at relatively high prices to maximize their investment and their inventories: especially when they will charge the Empire GOLD to have it.

            Its coming.

            Rate This Comment: Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

    2. Gold is the money of kings;

      Silver is the money of gentlemen;

      Barter is the money of peasants;

      but debt is the money of slaves.

      People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 62 Thumb down 3

    3. VRF says:

      All the rulers (Dictators) that wanted payment in Gold were killed by our government and its war machine


      I understand what this guy is saying, but is he asking to be “taken out” ?


      just rememeber the last guys that asked to be paid for thier services and resources in gold, were killed by our US government military machine :0

      People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 24 Thumb down 4

    4. eppe says:

      Can not miss with gold….

      People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 1

    5. JJsan says:

      Wow, I bet this is already side shelved as fringe


      Rate This Comment: Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

    6. TX Hillbilly says:

      Four leaders in the 20th century on assuming their positions as leaders, or in some cases dictators,  outlawed possession of Gold. Mao, Stalin, Hitler, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

      People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 14 Thumb down 1

    7. TnAndy says:

      About time SOMEBODY in a State legislature actually read the Constitution !

      Not only should he be paid in gold/silver, ALL State debts are required to be paid in the same form…Constitutionally, they CAN’T use paper money, checks, electronic fund transfers….none of that…..

      Art. 1 Sec. 10:

      No State shall: …. make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;…..

      The real question is WHY hasn’t this been an issue before now ??

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      • ScoutMotto says:

        Economist Byron Dale tried thirty years ago to make it an issue, and was knocked down violently by his local law enforcement officials for it. Read his book called “Bashed By the Bankers.”

        The bankers will NOT have their money machine threatened or taken away. This is the whole reason we are breathing down Iran’s neck right now. They do not charge usury on their money (along with North Korea and Cuba).

        It would take a heavy-handed revolution to make this change in the US. That means threats of recall and follow-through if the politicians do not introduce legislation to repeal the Federal Reserve Act, and nullify the 16th Amendment. Make them more afraid of coming home fired, disgraced as they return to their states and home town.


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      • roger says:

        Read “The miracle on Main Street” by F. TUPPER SAUSSY. It’s all about Article 1 Sec 10.

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    8. Grrrrrrrr says:

      Hell Yes!

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    9. not likely says:

      If this goes anywhere at all — and I doubt it will — it would only lead to a constitutional amendment either fully nullifying the requirement of paying debts in gold or silver coin, or more likely, allowing debt to be covered by whatever constitutes “legal” tender in the eyes of the government. What other choice would the administration have?

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    10. Prepared Pastor says:

      He shot a hole in his own boat when he quoted Article I, Section 10, that states, “No state shall – – make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts – -.”

      This applies only to STATES and is not a limitation on the federal government.  Montana cannot bring out their own fiat currency like the U.S. can. If states designate their own currency, it has to be silver or gold which many are currently doing.


      People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 13 Thumb down 1

      • TnAndy says:

        How do you figure ‘he shot a hole in his throat’ ?

        He simply pointed out what the Constitution requires.   And it does not require ( or allow ) a State to coin money.  They must use what is in existence… that US coin, or foreign coin.

        Congress has the requirement to COIN money, (not PRINT ) and regulate the value thereof, and to set value on foreign coin.

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      • ScoutMotto says:

        Yes, that is a restriction on the states to make nothing except gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts, but don’t you see that by implication if the states are to make nothing but gold and silver, it stands to reason the feds need to do likewise? Congress has the authority to coin money, not print it. Printing is NOT analogous to coining.

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        • Casey Jr. says:

          SM, I understand your point but the words “reason” and “feds” do not belong in the same sentence.

          And although I live in Texas and strongly believe there is no possible solution to our situation short of dividing the Union or civil war, we need to remember that the courts are filled with political hacks who know nothing of keeping their oaths of office. Especially the Supremes who for decades have conditioned us to the ridiculous concept of a “living” Constitution. This situation will become significantly worse over the next four years.


          Push comes to shove, the government will either lie, buy the necessary votes  or coerce whoever opposes it.

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    11. DumbDude says:

      I still say blankets, gasoline, and food have intrinsic value. Gold is only worth what people think its worth. Nevertheless good for Jerry for speaking up.

      Maybe next he can teach the federal government what interstate commerce is…

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    12. ACE^USMC says:

      Unfortunately GOLD or any other substance controlled by the elite is the answer..Low IQ sheeple baa baa all the way on this one..Dont go for the HEAD FAKE people.. ask yourself:

      1. Who owns the gold mines/production/trading houses?

      2. point to JUST ONE time in history this has benefitted the common man?


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    13. bob says:

      Hey this sounds good to me!  Sign me up!  Oh wait I don’t have a job right now, have not for two years, and have been looking hard the last year and had 2 interviews!!   2 degrees 25 years management exp , Thank You Obama!!!!!!

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    14. JustOneGuy says:

      Suprise, suprise…


      My ISP has an ‘aggregator’ page as it’s home page. A few minutes ago, going over there, I found that the lead story is from an organization – ‘NewSY” carried in video form, reported by a Mr.  Zack  Toombs, describing the petition of ’20 states to be allowed to peacefully secede from the Union’ .

      I don’t generally take postings relative to any such ‘News’ to be serious when it pops-up….my APOLOGIES to those here who have been promulgating same these past few days… I WAS wrong, YOU were right…..’sheesh, here it comes….

      People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

      • BadAmerican says:


        …count is 39 now….


        ………apology accepted………….


          an act of contrition, you will buy more guns, grub, gold, and chocolate(in case Daisy visits)


        1. All fifty states need to leave the UNITED STATES corp in unison.

        2. Eliminate defacto law and implied consent.

        3. Common Law courts only.

        4. The Sovereignty of the individual Citizen the supreme law of the land.

        5. Shirt optional Fridays and free ice cream.


        …I’ll be here all week……..BA.




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        • JustOneGuy says:



          I forgot about Daisy……I need MORE choclate than my previous calcualtions would even BEGIN to sugggest!!!!!!!!


          @ Daisy,

          Dear, we ALL know about the chocolate thing….not laughing at…laughing WITH you… :)

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        • Sixpack says:

          …and no “inchoate” laws, laws without victims.

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        • AnonLegion says:

          If Your State Secedes,

          1. You loose the Constitution.

          2. You loose all military portection and payment for said military. ( you would have to build a military much larger then your national guard units. Also you would have to reGear those troops.  And hope your not invaded before hand.

          3. You loose any and all federal funding. ( 35% of texas spending was thru federal funding. Texas also took the most disaster relief from the federal goverment out of all states this all goes away )

          4. You are now a new country and may no longer cross boarders into the united states. You will need to have border patrol, military, foriegn affairs, and much more infrastructue created as a new nation unto yourself.

          5. Now what would a makavellian like  president do?  (1) Trade embargo.  No more gas, oil, food supplies, medical supplies. (2) no foriegn aide.  (3) Travel restrictions most new countries would be surrounded by the United states. You may not fly into the united states and no plane may fly into your new nation due to the restricted airspace of the united states.

          Not saying this shit is nice but this is what happens if you do leave the united states.  Minus the makavellian president thing :)


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    15. Moon says:

      I’m really scare for these country.

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    16. Ben Bernanke says:

      Gold, Bitchez!

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    17. JustOneGuy says:

      HI BA,

      At various times you”ll hear everything slung across the internet from “I had BigFoot’s Baby” to “Aliens are living in my Cupboards” and EVERYTHING in between,  Yes? Perhaps then it comes, as NO suprise to anyone, that we (MOST) all develop ‘filters’ which effectively ‘auto-block’ a lot from view…so to speak.

      What ‘stuns’ me is that this thing is getting ‘real’ all of a sudden. I try not to fall into the trap of  ‘vernacular’ – it usually doesn’t help getting one’s point across, I find – but here, the only word/phrase I can arrive at which seems to describe the mood at large is ‘pissed to the bone’. It’s been over 150 years since even a ‘whiff’ of such has circulated around. What next I wonder….

      People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

      • BadAmerican says:


        I hear ya Brother –tough to filter out the crap–

        We will arrive

        We will arise

        We will achieve


        ….be safe….stay the course……BA.

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    18. gessh says:

      These “petitions” were also done in 2000, and 2004. The DO NOT do anyting other than “ask” the Govt if they can have “permission” to seceed.


      Learn. None of this is new..


      an as for the “Obama Phones”? Google is oyur freind. Might want to rename those the GW Bush Phones….

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    19. JustOneGuy says:

      @ All,

      The NOAA GOES-13/14 Magnetic plots have resumed a ‘vertical’ drop and currently the same are showing a abrupt inflection (a decrease) is the observed solar electron flux. This is similar to the pattern seen last night and more recently today pre-flaring but it is to be noted that at this time we are experiancing a certian amount of geo-magnetic activity simulatanoeus. To wit, the Rice University site which monitors the effect’s of solar disturbances is currently showing a high (200 Kv) polar convection rate…in part due to a sudden shift in the magnetic IP to the south, coupled with an already large value of the magnitude of the IP itself. The Rice University site is at;

      Additional ‘dials’ are accessible from this page listing other tracked parameters affecting the Earth/Sun system. Whether the current conditions are indicative of additional imminent flare activity remains ‘unclear’ at this time…

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    20. Be informed says:

      The way times are going right now, I think I rather take payment in the form of food, water purification devices, ammo and firearms, fuel, solar systems with DC battery converters, shortwaves and other ham radio equipment, containers to store water and other supplies, warm clothes, surveillance devices, livestock, land and other property, etc, etc. etc.   The feel of precious metals is wonderful, but unless someone is willing to take that precious metal for something that you need to survival could be another story.

      As long as SHTF stays below 5 on a scale from 0-10, precious metals are the way to go.  Anything that serious and only barter items for personal needs are going to be of any value.   Never a bad idea to have precious metals because the lull before the true storm hits, many mechants will accept payment ONLY in precious metals of barter items.  Also cash is not bad to keep because many stores will just not get it how serious it is and accpet ONLY cash.  Credit cards and checks will likely become totally worthless to purchase anything after a true SHTF event occurs.

      By the way everyone, new episode of Doomsday Preppers tonight. hope it is a good one. 


      People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

      • possee says:


        I watched the Doomsday Preppers for about 10 minutes then had to turn it off..

        rather read the comments and articles posted here least we are “informed” by like minded folks..meanwhile the great unraveling occurring ..with todays news

        4 generals purged

        Benghazi off the radar

        40 states signing secession petitions..

        wait just in..
        White House ‘secede’ petitions reach 675,000 signatures, 50-state participation

        US budget deficit jumps 22% in October

        Marc Faber: Prepare for a Massive Market Meltdown

        and it is only 825 am est..



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        • Be informed says:

          @ possee.  I watched  Doomsday Preppers while reading all the excellent comments here.  When I saw that 15 year old that was a hard core prepper, that he spent every bit of money he had to purchase food and supplies, and how he took junk to make somnething useful out of it, this gave me the best feeling.  This individual was only 15 years old, yet he was wiser than 99% of all the adults on this planet that don’t prepare.  His mother went along with him, to humor him, yet this kid had so much wisdom for someone so young.  At age 11 he saw the economic demise and just because the government “tells” us the everything is fine, he knows different and has acted on it.

          You know when I see such a person that is has more insight in their little finger than most adults have their entire body, it really irritates me to the core about all those that laugh at the people that do prepare.  Someone with a really good income, do they put away for their families so their children, spouse, mother, father, siblings. etc after a SHTF event?  Of course not, they spend money on chinese junks that further strenghten the chinese armed forces and help add another few hundreds nuclear bombs and dozens more ICBM’s to their arsenal.  Do they sacrifice anything at all to food even a few cans of food or MRE food away just in case?  No, they spend money on fancy Christmas wrappings done by someone else, to put into a “pretty” box worthless sh^& that will lose its novelty the first month.

          When I see these people that go through so much sacrifice to keep what they will need after the world collapses, someone that spends what resources they have wisely, it makes me think that there is still hope for the species we call human beings.  To see the youth actually not seduced by justin beiber or some other “idol”, actually thinking more clearly than 99% of the individuals that age should have brought wisdom to, it is such an uplifting feeling.

          Possee and everyone else, if you have a chance to see that 15 year old prepper on a rerun of the Doomsday Prepper, it is worth it to see a teenager that all by himself have it figured out just how dangerous the world is right now and the need to prepare the best you can for it.  There is insight with every age, race, belief, gender, it sure is nice to see this.

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    21. Unreconstructed Southron says:

      I hope his wife has taken out a large insurance policy on him.

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    22. Metal Is Real says:

      Wouldn’t it just be easier for Mr. O’Neil if he just got paid in regular money and went out and bought gold and silver himself with his paycheck? I’m certainly glad he is precious metals “aware” but why raise such a big fuss about it? Order some coins or bars online if there isn’t a coin shop nearby.

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      • TnAndy says:

        You think asking the State of Montana to follow the Constitution is a big fuss ?

        Really ?

        So you wouldn’t mind the State ignored your 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th amendment right then ?

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    23. disector284 says:

      I was just at the LDS website and they are out of stock on EVERYthing with the exception of quick oats.

      No rice, red wheat, white wheat, pinto beans or white flour. Hummmmmm

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    24. JustOneGuy says:

      ….and the prize tonight for ‘incisive logis’ goes to…(drumroll)…Be informed!

      Who’da thunk it, Eh BI? While I’m up here, keep a ‘weather eye’ on the siesmic (Hah!. like you wouldn’t!) for the next 24 hours or so…the geomagnetic field is getting hammered today; Bz has shifted WAY southward and this at a time when the total field strength is strong…last I looked ‘polar convection’, a measure of the energy being dumped into the poles was wasy up there, at about 220 Kv. By comparison, when we had that major event in the spring we were seeing about 280 Kv at maximum, so…..

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    25. Iixsive says:

      Secession, gold, preps, gunsand butter

      You are all right, in your own ways

      When the SHTF, all bets are off, it will be survival of the fittest and the prepared.

      TPTB will do what they have always done, deny, distract and lie.

      If their lips are moving…

      Many of those here, have a pretty good idea of what the future will look like, but how many have had to live it.  Been through a true disaster.  How many of you have  fought for your lives, been at deaths door, made the hard decisions, life and death.


      Unless you were in Oklahoma or Iraq, Missouri, the Balkans


      You can only imagine what it would be like…


      Our fragile existence in this fishbowl is dependent on others, far more than many realize.  We survive and thrive as a group, we survive for a time and perish when we are alone.  There is an evil among us, we must join together to defeat it.  Divided we fall…


      Petty differences must be put aside, a common goal must be the focus, only then will we succeed.

      the Watcher


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      • Sixpack says:

        Oh, I don’t know about that. In southern Iowa in 1974/5, the lower Skunk river flooded in a 100 yr flood. Our farm house was just across a flat corn field. The chickens were swimming in and out of the hen house (yes they can swim), there was 3 ft of flood water in my 2nd floor bedroom, and we had to take a row boat to get to the barn (it was higher than the house). We stayed in the hay loft in the barn for 2 nights and 2 days, waiting for the water to recede. The cat and the dog stayed up there with the 6 of us all that time. We ate what we had stored up there for just that type of occasion. We had RR lanterns for light. Dad watched over the house with his hunting rifle.

        We just waited for the water to recede. Then the neighbors down the road came and helped us clean up. Life went on…

        People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 8 Thumb down 0

    26. GrandpaSpeaks says:

      I have been thinking awhile about doing something like Jerry. By offering two prices for things I sell, fiat and precious. But, alas, the nature of mankind requires us to be aware of this:

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    27. flabbergasted says:

      This man is a Representative of the people of his State. Why does he want this only for himself? If he truly believes this,should he not be pressing this issue for all of his constituents?Seems like just more political pandering and/or greed !

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      • TnAndy says:

        Well, for one thing, ALL of his constituents aren’t owed something by the State of Montana.

        My guess is he is trying to make the point the State of Montana ( and the other 49 ) are not following the agreement they signed onto when they became a State…..the US Constitution… not following Art1 Sec10…..and it’s about time they did.

        The odds of him actually getting Montana to do this are quite low, but he should file suit in federal court to force the issue.

        For that matter, ANYONE owed a debt by a State ANYWHERE should do the same.

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    28. I have a little money in cash socked away for a rainy day, but. When our monitory system goes down, what am I to do.  Gold is to expensive, silver may be possible. I would appreciate any comments ,where to invest the little money I have so that I am not left holding just some worthless paper. I am sure that those of  us  left   i n the middle class are in the same position.

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      • DumbDude says:

        “where to invest the little money I have so that I am not left holding just some worthless paper?”

        My answer might sound a bit tongue-in-cheek, it is not.  If you really have only a little and gold is too expensive:

        Consider asking your bank for a few hundred dollars in nickels – 0 cost 0 risk.

        Maybe buy some pre-1965 dimes (a bit of markup and a bit of risk here).

        Buy white rice and pinto beans (if you learn to cook them so they taste good – 0 risk).

        If you have more money than, that buy a shotgun and 1000 shells of mixed type ( birdshot, 00 buck, slugs).

        In my opinion whether you plan to use or trade these items they will hold their value very well.  With little downside risk.


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      • I recommend reviewing this information:

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    29. R. Bruce says:

      Hate to break it to you Rick:) but there’s enough oil in the northwest of Canada to supply the U.S. For 200 yrs. There is more oil in those tar sands than all of the middle east combined since they started drilling there. True fact

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    30. Someone says:

      What an excellent politician!!

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    31. More years added to the time inventory to feel the ‘Obama’ effect. Time machine highly needed for the US authorities to go back to the ‘Stone Age’ to feel the value of GO-OLD.

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    32. Simple Solution..  There is a solution which works without waiting on someone to give you permission to protect yourself .

      Not trolling,  no  affiliate links included…  Just do some research and you will see.

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    33. Mike88 says:

      Actually, the real answer to our nations problems is not Secession, No, the real answer to our nations problems is Demanding  (Not Asking, Not Begging, Not Petitioning) but Demanding all of our Nations Governors and State Lawmakers Nullify every Federal Law that infringes in the Rights or Freedoms of the people within their States.

      This means Personal Rights, Property Rights, and  Personal Freedoms.  If the State Governors would do this, then we would never have a problem with the Federal Government ever again because any law they pass that intrudes or infringes on any Rights of the people would automatically be Null and Void if any authority and unenforceable. 

      If any of the States Governors or State Legislatures refused to enact Nullification Laws to protect and defend their citizens with, then they should be Immediately Recalled or Impeached and a Special Election should be held in any State that the Governors don’t act in a manner that best benefits the citizens in their respective States. The Nullification Laws from each and every State should have teeth to the laws stating that any federal Agent, Employee of the Federal Government or Federally Contracted Employee that attempts to enforce a Federal Nullified law that has been Nullified will be Arrested, Jailed for up to 1 year, and fined $10,000.00/ per incident. 

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