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Obama’s Mental Health Screening in Schools Will ‘Disarm’ Gun Rights: “Databases to Follow Academic Career and Beyond”

Mac Slavo
November 10th, 2014
Comments (145)


Under the auspices of helping struggling school children to grapple with complex emotions and mental health issues, students will be screened not for their own benefit, but to further the aims of total gun control.

The Obama executive orders written in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting introduced a number of policy-laws designed to mandate mental health programs and screening, and include ‘gun talk’ as part of the deal.

Funding for these programs has now followed suit.

WND reported:

Using “gun violence” as its cover, the Obama administration has quietly unleashed a cache of federal dollars that will be used for testing students for signs of mental health issues in K-12 schools.

Critics say personal information scooped up in the screenings will be logged into databases that will follow the child throughout his or her academic career and beyond.

Public schools, which have increasingly taken on aspects of psychiatric clinics in recent years, will get infused with more than $150 million in federal grants to further this agenda under the auspices of Obama’s 2013 executive action titled “Now is the Time to Do Something About Gun Violence.”

And while it may initially sound reasonable to some, the influx of guidance counseling and mental health services is designed to create a paranoid snitch culture inside the doctor-patient and counselor relationship to put a black mark against potential future gun owners that may well haunt them.

On Sept. 22, Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell announced $99 million in new federal grants to school districts for mental health services. The money will be used “to train new mental health providers, help teachers and others recognize mental health issues in youth and connect them to help and increase access to mental health services for young people.”

[…] Both HHS and DOE cited Obama’s “Now is the Time” declaration as the basis for the new programs.

Of the DOE’s $70 million package, $13 million is allocated to aiding school districts in creating “high-quality school emergency plans.” Another $14 million goes toward “Project Prevent grants” for violence-plagued schools to “be used for school-based counseling services, or referrals to community-based counseling services for assistance in coping with trauma or anxiety.”

It is undoubtedly a net that will be used to disbar any number of children from their 2nd Amendment rights before they even reach adulthood.

The latest case fueling that fire is the shooting in Marysville, Washington, which served to give its billionaire-backed gun control ballot initiative a final boost of public support just ahead of the election. A Seattle Times staff editorial argued for gun control initiative 594, and for restriction of gun rights due to “mental illness”:

Instead, I-594 represents a restatement of the compact gun owners have with society: The fundamental right to keep and bear arms is not absolute.

Some members of society lose that right, due to mental illness or criminality, yet can easily buy firearms via unregulated online gun bazaars.

And the goal posts keep moving down the field…

At the heart of the issues, however, “mental illness” is a very fragile and convoluted designation; whereas the rights of the people should be as firm and solid as rocks and stone.

Yet, the same tactics are underway to strip fundamental rights from military veterans (and likely law enforcement, too) as they deal with issues following their tours of duty and reentry into society. A PTSD diagnosis is becoming a scarlet letter that will brand soldiers as unstable and no longer allowed to own firearms.

In 2012, Sen. Chuck Schumer introduced an amendment to the defense spending bill that would place “the names of veterans deemed too mentally incompetent to handle their finances into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which prohibits them from buying or owning firearms.”

Schumer said, “If you are a veteran or not and you have been judged to be mentally infirm, you should not have a gun.”

Surely, there are plenty of cases of people too disturbed to take responsibility for any part of their life.

But how dangerously close are we to seeing mental health screening used to disenfranchise gun owners? Will diagnosis or self-identification of depression in unrelated records be enough to fail background checks for firearms purchase? Stress? Insomnia, etc.? What about records concerning the use of medical marijuana, alcoholism or prescription drugs?

And what else, based on designations and categories, to preemptively intrude upon our rights?

One last thing: if mental illness is going to be the basis of so much of this, let’s be clear on who is the perpetrator of all this insanity. Are we threatened by the instability of individuals, or of the State:

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

“Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage.” – Ray Bradbury

“Insanity – a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world.” – R. D. Lang

“Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.” – John Lennon

“A time will come when the whole world will go mad. And to anyone who is not mad they will say: ‘You are mad, for you are not like us.'” – Attributed to St. Anthony the Great

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards. Everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religion destroys spirituality.” – Michael Ellner

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: November 10th, 2014
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. BigB says:

    OK, them the majority of all black people are crazy. Take the guns from them first. Come to my house for a little evaluation. I dar ya!


    • eppe says:

      Hide those firearms well, you will need them one day…

      • KY Mom says:

        Speaking of healthcare…

        Stunning admission by one of the architects of Obamacare

        “ObamaCare was passed because knowledge of what was in the Bill was hidden and because of the stupidity of the American Voter…”

        “In a newly surfaced video, one of Obamacare’s architects admits a “lack of transparency” helped the Obama administration and congressional Democrats pass the Affordable Care Act. The conservative group American Commitment posted Jonathan Gruber’s remarks, reportedly from an Oct. 17, 2013, event, on YouTube.

        “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage,” says the MIT economist who helped write Obamacare. “And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass.

        This is the contempt the Obama Administration has for the American Electorate.”

      • Paranoid says:

        Nope EPPE I won’t hide the at all. When/If the day comes I want them to be in arms length; as I’m not gong anywhere. To old,fat to run. To stupid to give up.

        • Swinging on a star says:

          We are living in an age of too much information, so many can be reached with the touch of a screen. To me it is white noise, pick a day, a topic, a situation, a crisis, a disruption to our regular social media, anything to distract and draw our emotions and attention to everything but our own ordinary lives. The world of cyber space is getting horrific and disruptive, threatening our very existence.

          It is simple, homeschool your kids if you can, teach them right from wrong, encourage them to study history and take away the gadgets while they are young enough to just play. The world is a mess, society is a mess, people are agitated and just waiting to explode and use any excuse to act like feral animals. You want a gun then just get one and keep it somewhere safe.

          Focus on your life and your daily activities, there isn’t much you can do to change the direction that we are headed in, but having it infiltrate your brain every day is not healthy or healing. Spirituality and normalcy in your life should be more important than the constant barrage of vile news. Pray for those less fortunate and be thankful for what you do have.

          Turn it off and tune it out at least once in a while.

        • Paranoid says:

          To Plagiarize an old quote: Yea tho I walk thew the valley of Government stupidity, I shall fear no evil, My Browning and my Colt do comfort me. And I shall not go down without a fight. Molon Labe.

          • John_Allen says:

            I probably saw this here. Don’t remember whose post. But thank you. You’re spot on.

            Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey
            and car keys to teenaged boys.

            P.J. O’Rourke

            That so many millions of people agree with things as they are, with the gathering tyranny and the evisceration of the productive classes, gives sad testimony to how many people are bought and paid for. Whether from employment or from “benefits” if you accept government money they own you.

            Government is created by and survives from coercion, theft and murder. If you are fine with that you have no ethics worth the name.

            I don’t have a mailbox out front. Green dot on one neighbor’s. No dot on the other neighbor’s. Can anyone tell me what that 3″ wide by 2 foot long UN-helmet blue line painted on the street pointing to my home means? I have an idea what it means. So I ground it offa there.

          • the renegade braveheart says:

            Paranoid, hee’s my version of that quote: Yea, tho I walk through the valley of communist influence and federal oppression, I shall fear no evil. My Ruger .380 and my 12-gauge loaded with 00 buckshot do comfort me. And I won’t go down without a fight. MOLON LABE

      • FuckingPissed says:

        We are kinda insane for not having killed these nuts before now that want our freedom.

      • Hunter says:


        Be very careful, per the hiding / burying strategy, sir!

        If you’re intent upon en-tubating weaponry & ammo, in PVC tubes..then burying such..make sure you ‘DO NOT’ get carried away & leave yourself w/ a deficiency of fire-power.

        …have seen too many guys plant their ARs / AKs / L1A1s etc…& only have a center-fire bolt-gun, a 10-22 & maybe an 870 pump or something similar…in their gun safe!


        Yeah, I know…sometimes paranoia strikes deep, due to the political reality / landscape..which we find ourselves, currently suffering under.

        ..IMO..if you’re gonna plant stuff…make it an SKS, a Nagant or something similar.

        Keep the serious hi-capacity, dialed-in-accurate, hardware clean, oiled-up…and close at hand!

        ..your life may depend on it one day!!!

        • Hunter says:

          —Addendum to previous post—

          …in truth, the enemy understands & acknowledges that….it is “YOU”…who is / are the most dangerous weapon…your firearms are merely accessories!!!

          Think about it!!!

      • Winston Smith says:

        Sadly true. Also sadly true is that measures such as this will keep people with legitimate mental health issues from seeking treatment. How many people with common depression and anxiety disorders will avoid seeking treatment because they fear the loss of their gun rights? How many more tragedies will this cause?

        Now I am not saying that seriously mentally ill people should have weapons. Sorry, but if you have schizophrenia I really would rather you didn’t have access to a gun, explosives or a really sharp knife. I also would hope anyone placed on anti-depressants would voluntarily surrender their weapons to a friend or family member until they know exactly how the medication affects them. However, this does not mean I want the government sniffing around in everyone’s business to try and take guns from every person who has an issue. That’s just a recipe for disaster.

      • DMONIC says:

        What firearms Eppe? I lost all mine in a boating accident this summer that left them hopelessly unrecoverable at the bottom of the lake…. damnit!

      • Anonymous says:

        everything is going to crash before those youngsters have grown up… 2016: the latest we have to get our sh– together!

      • vet1 says:

        Sold all mine, even ran an ad for a day – I still got a copy of.

        I did however keep the Bond 2shot derringer on 38/357-
        a man does need to be able to protect himself!

    • laeagle says:

      A lot has happened under the cover of deception touted as the truth. Credibility of TPTB, the government, the establishment, the media, and the “pillars of society” is at an all time low. Someone had a quote the other day from Zorast who said saomething like, “You don’t pull out a sword to fight darkness but you light a candle”. Our job should be to keep lighting candles in all the dark corners of this society and not give into the darkness that is being proclaimed as liberal, progressive “enlightment”!

    • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

      Survey Says: Pick One:
      A: Home School!
      B: Fuck You!
      C: Bite Me!
      D: All of the Above!

      Just got back from the Gun Range. Ripped off a few hundred 9mm Pistol Rounds, and a few magazines out of my new Street Sweeper Truck Gun- Keltec PLR-16 5.56 Pistol. It Spits Fire!!

      When they Come, Give them your Lead!!

  2. Hey Mac,

    Not sure why getting posts to show is taking upwards of 5-6 hours?

    Would you at least consider taking a look at the broken system of green/red thumbing posts, at least with the high red thumb rating making posts disappear. All haters or anti free speech commies have to do is use multiple devices, clear caches or turn phone off and back on to continually thumb posts. Pretty skewed system really.

  3. Research says:

    Will these screenings discover that at least 25% of mentally disturbed kids are suffering from some sort of trauma caused by adults?

    Other words, are the teachers who are having sex with their students going to be held responsible for the mental implications of their victims?

    HOME-SCHOOL your children. The reason why so many students are on anti-depressants and ADHD drugs are because the public school system encourages school bullying, discrimination, incompetent teachers and Communist perversion.

    The Communist Ontario government in Canada will not back down with their pedophile manufactured Sex-Ed curriculum, which is to be implemented from September 2015 starting at Junior Kindergarten.

    Some of the Psychiatrists and social workers are fearing that the younger students are not ready for such content, but if the Toronto District School Board encourages 9 year old students to attend Gay Pride parades in the name of “diversity”, then parents must get their kids out of public school and seek an alternative private school or home school.

  4. hammerhead says:

    150 MILLION WONT GO FAR. Thats good .
    But the lip service and anti gun shit has gotten so bad that kids dont even wanna go hunting in some places.
    Its a long term agenda to phase out interest in shooting.
    That should be obvious.

    • KY Mom says:

      Healthcare update…

      Surprise: Obamacare Enrollment 30% Less Than Previously Expected; Spike In 2015 Premiums Imminent

      “the Obama administration revised its estimate for Obamacare enrollment, now saying – with the bruising midterms safely in the rearview mirror – that it expects some 9.9 million people to have coverage through the Affordable Care Act’s insurance exchanges in 2015, millions fewer than outside experts predicted.

      And actually it is not even 9.9 million: “Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell said Monday the administration was aiming for 9.1 million paid-up enrollees for 2015…

      Ms. Burwell said she respected the work of the Congressional Budget Office and its projections but that she believed HHS figures were based on the best and most up-to-date information.”

      So really 8 million, or less?”


    • KY Mom says:

      Healthcare update…

      Surprise: Obamacare Enrollment 30% Less Than Previously Expected; Spike In 2015 Premiums Imminent

      “the Obama administration revised its estimate for Obamacare enrollment, now saying – with the bruising midterms safely in the rearview mirror – that it expects some 9.9 million people to have coverage through the Affordable Care Act’s insurance exchanges in 2015, millions fewer than outside experts predicted.

      And actually it is not even 9.9 million: “Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell said Monday the administration was aiming for 9.1 million paid-up enrollees for 2015…

      Ms. Burwell said she respected the work of the Congressional Budget Office and its projections but that she believed HHS figures were based on the best and most up-to-date information.”

      So really 8 million, or less?”


  5. Satori says:

    what is it about American culture

    that kids go to school and start shooting ?

    this sort of thing is pretty rare in other countries

    people don’t want gun control
    and they don’t want mental health screenings to try and put a stop to school violence

    what do they want?
    what is their answer?
    do they even have an answer ???

    • Satori says:

      oh I love this

      “hot debate” over my post of merely asking some questions

      and as I fully EXPECTED
      a lot of red thumbs

      and NO answers to my questions

      ha ha ha

      too funny
      but actually kind of sad
      but as I said
      NO surprises here

      • hammerhead says:

        Yea , SATORI , What is going on here ?

      • hammerhead says:

        As a side note most times i post , somone posts an OT comment.
        Thats a great leftist tactic, change the subject.
        Change the conversation , hijack the thread.

      • Smokey says:

        You ask a rhetorical question about American culture and school shootings, then answer your own question. It’s called a straw man discussion and is sophomoric debate.

        Perhaps you should try some answers to your question that are not designed to promote your own perceptions.

        Might try violent media, lack of discipline and responsibility from parents to schools to courts, things like that. There are no easy answers, like passing another gun law or handing out questionnaires in class. If that’s all it took to solve it, it would have worked already where such things are now done.

        • Satori says:

          sorry Smokey

          NO hidden agenda
          no trick questions
          rhetorical ones either

          just simple straight forward ones

          and please
          do inform me on what my perceptions are
          I’d really like to know

          quite fascinating on you read so much
          into so little

      • the renegade braveheart says:

        Satori, I always enjoy your posts plus the links you provide to certain articles. The red-thumbing Obama trolls are out in force again.

      • the renegade braveheart says:

        Satori, the trolls don’t have the brains to answer your questions.

      • unknown suspect says:

        Pretty simple. Kids are no longer disciplined by their parents. The social morals of this country have changed. What used to be horrible and not tolerated are now OK and accepted. Parents are lazy these days. They expect their kids to be shaped and molded at school. The “golden rules” of patience, standing by your convictions, thinking of others, treating people as how you would like to be treated are gone. The new “golden rules” are “it’s all about ME”, I want it NOW and “everybody else is doing it, so I can to”.

        Those of us on here have not changed, it’s society as a whole that has changed. Unfortunately, this puts us in a precarious position of having neighbors, family members and friends that support this change. They will be the first ones to rat you out when a SHTF event happens and you won’t provide any assistance to them.

        This scenario was brought up at a different site. Situation- you have a family member who also a LEO. You talked him repeatedly about putting away some supplies. He blew you off. SHTF happens and he shows up, wanting in with your group. He threatens you with his position of authority, and will accuse you and your group of being terrorists if you do not give into his demands. What would you do?

    • vet1 says:

      Our children are no longer being taught of GOD.

      Laugh if you want but the homeland is looking like Sodom and Gomorra with each passing day…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Can we apply the same evaluation to the Psychos in DC and the WH if they are able to be in such positions?

  7. Macro says:

    Hey all you liberal Jew-haters –
    Your lords and masters are calling you “stupid”.
    Have to say I agree with them on this one.

  8. Dave says:

    The convoluted freaks that call themselves; ahem; ” Educators ” aren’t there to ” Help ” Nope. Not even close. They ARE there to DESTROY. DESTROY ALL traces of Dignity; Respect; Self Respect; Self Confidence; Moral Code; and ALL the intangibles that make life bearable and worth striving for; on an individual and collective basis. THATS what they’re End Game and mission truly is.

    • the renegade braveheart says:

      Dave, my dad and granddad used to call them “brainwashers”, for lack of a better term. sounds appropriate to me.

    • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

      Most teachers, come out of college with absolutely “NO Life Experience,” are there to teach your kids, how to be just as stupid as they, or how to be good worker bees, according to the curriculum. So after a few generations all kids can do is play X-Box, eat and sleep. Its really no different that a Sales Manager who can’t sell and make any commission money, so he manages everybody of how to sell and gets paid a salary. I see this over and over in my life experience. I have been a curious person in life and do my own research, been self employed 23 yrs, and question all authority and also question people when they say stupid shit, like where the heck do you get that mode of thinking. Just my take. Peace!

      • Bazinga says:

        Those who can do, those who cannot teach.

        We have made an industry out of the inexperienced person being the primary instructors.

        We are now getting what we deserve.

        Geography teachers who have never been anywhere.
        History teachers in their twenties.
        Social studies teachers who have never served in government of any type.
        Social science teachers who couldn’t spot a psychological disorder if they were paid to.
        Business teachers who have never run a business.
        Phy Ed. teachers who are out of shape and don’t know that salad usually contains some form of lettuce.
        English teachers who are more concerned about thought censorship than the quality of writing.
        Math that……well, that is pretty straight-forward.
        Shop teachers with missing fingers that teach equipment safety….OK, I guess we all really do need to listen to those people.

        My point is, a lot of these people do not deserve the position, authority, and the respect that they are granted. These same people are also the last ones to realize that point. These are the people who get angry and jealous when a former student, who may or may not have gone on to a higher education, opens a business and ends up making more than said teacher. Life just doesn’t seem to be fair in those instances. So some of these teachers, who probably shouldn’t be allowed to teach monkeys to throw shit, end up twisting young peoples’ views towards their parents and life in general.

        We are getting what we deserve.

        I am going to cut my rant short before I get really pissed.

        The inmates are now running the asylum.

  9. laeagle says:

    Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Yes is no, and no is yes; Black is white, and white is black. In a society where there are no consequences for actions taken by particular citizenry and particularly TPTB it is to be expected that morals and values would become completely messed up. I completely agree with the quote by Michael Ellner:

    “Just look at us. Everything is backwards. Everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religion destroys spirituality.” – Michael Ellner

    • monkeywrench says:

      jerry would tell you it has something to do with the impending magnetic pole shift, although he makes an compelling argument i’m not in that camp yet…

    • IA Eagle you have 2 green thumbs on 2 posts (from me)

      • sixpack says:

        It currently appears that there are more trolls here, than regulars.

      • laeagle says:

        Boiled Frog,

        Thanks! The red thumbers are swarming like the mosquitoes here in the Atchafalaya in the summer! That’s why I prefer the pristine skies over the swampland or the rough nest on the top of a “Bald Cyprus” where the mosquitoes and other pesky pests dare not come. As dear SP said, the red thumbers have high jacked this site. Could it have something to do with the midterm elections? We here in Louisiana are still not done with our elections, we still have to send old Mary packing early in December, and perhaps send old Edwards and his young bride to D.C. to cozy up with Pelosi and Reid. I think that’s what’s got the red thumbers out in swarms.

        We live in truly interesting times.

        I truly believe, every post that one of us makes at this site is like a candle in the darkness that is overtaking and blanketing this world. Every post that Mac puts up is a big candle, a spotlight, in this dark and evil world. Keep lighting candles and don’t let the red thumbers win! Seize the day! Children of light!

        Good luck everyone!

        From my aerie in the Atchafalaya Swamplands, Louisiana Eagle out

    • the renegade braveheart says:

      Laeagle, spot on with that quote. Couldn’t agree more.

  10. KY Mom says:


    Forced to pool weapons…

    Agents Report Increase in Gang Member Crossings…

    ‘Homeland’ working on system to tell cops of freed criminal aliens…

    Illegals: ‘We’re Coming for Amnesty’…

    Sheriffs descend on DC to protest…

    Rapid growth in ethnic mix sweeping country…

    All posted on Drudge Report

  11. Newsman says:

    I guess with all the mentally ill people graduating from school, there won’t be anyone to fight the wars for the elite since they won’t be stable enough to handle a gun, oops; assault weapon, oops; whatever they will call them by then.

    Yea! Peace at last!!!

    • “Mentally ill people graduating from school”—huh? Ask anyone leaving with a psychiatry or psychology diploma if THEY are “mentally ill.” Absolutely they are immune—they are state sponsored accusers of others. They exist to repress dissent—their actions have no connection to promoting health.

  12. Copperhead says:

    From my cold dead fingers


  13. CrazyOnYou says:

    With each passing day that reduces the right to live free, I fear death a little less … now I get why old people have a crap threshold and it gets to a point where they are just DONE.

  14. Broken families, lack of a male father figure, overbearing mothers who spoil them, teevee babysitters, Kim Kardashian apps, constant war and fear spread by media, no physical exercise to work off aggression…

    They may have some slight lack of societal skills, but hey, eye-thumb co-ordination is at an all time high.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I see a picture of Janet Yellen before the comment section….Isn’t she the prime candidate for Satanic Evaluation? Maybe we get some clue as why she and her tribe gets satisfaction by sucking blood out of people!!!

  16. Burt Gummer says:

    When the Schumer hits the fan, I want my gun and I want every other citizen to be able to own a gun.

  17. Cellar Spider says:

    Mental Profiling. Plain and Simple.

    Insurance companies will use the information to charge higher homeowner insurance premiums if the insured child is deemed mental-unhealthy….

    Insurance companies will use the information to charge higher medical premiums for minors…..remember, for Obamacare to work, the kids gotta pay.

    Insurance companies will use the information to charge higher auto insurance premiums…..god forbid a minor deemed as mental-unhealthy gets a driver’s license.

    Colleges will use the information to deny admissions….or more likely, charge added premiums on top of normal tuition rates for those children deemed mental-unhealthy.

    In fact, federal and state governments will use the excuse of a mental-unhealthy child as a reason for denying gun licenses to otherwise legal parents and guardians.

    The list goes on and on.

  18. Just sayin' says:

    “Gun talk”.

    Sounds like if they label a kid as having mental issues they will ask the kid if there are any guns in the home, are the guns locked up, does the kid have access to the guns. Then they will be able to take the guns since the kid has “issues” and has “access” and has revealed it Stazy style to the SS.

    • The Old Coach says:

      Both Nazis and Soviets use kids against their parents.

      It’s becoming obvious that the Left in America has the same idea.

    • Ravenstarke says:

      I recently conducted suicide assessments at a hospital in Florida. Please be aware that emergency room and other hospital staff will now ask a depressed patient if they have guns in their home. If the patient says yes, law enforcement will be notified and confiscate the patent’s guns.

  19. Sick and Tired says:

    Well, that type of “screening” would have kept nuch of the politicians, law enforcement, attorneys, and secret service from owning or possessing a firearm.

    • KY Mom says:


      What a useful and helpful link! Thank you for sharing this!

      I can’t believe ANYONE would give a red thumb for this post.

      This site has obviously been over run with trolls.

      Take care!
      KY Mom

  20. badpuppydog says:

    The only ones that need ” mental health ” screening are Obama himself and his ” partner ” Moochelle.

  21. TheGuy says:

    And since 9 out of 10 male children are automatically put on methampheta…. AHEM… Ritalin… just de-facto because they are male children… well I think we can all see where this is going.

  22. TheGuy says:

    It doesn’t take a village to be an idiot. Apparently.

  23. vtfree2 says:

    “mentally infirm”, um, I could place that label on most of our elected servitude.

    And all this time I thought “gun control” was using both hands.

    Really, who actually cares what statutes are put in place? I will control my firearms where I want, when I want as I see fit.


  24. Behaviorist types—psychiatrists and psychologists—are always predictable. They create labels and definitions. They compile hokey lists of “if you this” and “if you that,” answer yes—or answer no—to anything on their bogus checklist—which they can make as long as your arm if they care to—and presto! You’re now “afflicted” with a “clinical mental illness.” This is truly the Catholic Inquisition and the Protestant witch hunts continued under a “medical” guise. Friends—let’s all go back and get psychology degrees—then, we will officially be designated as “immune” from “mental illness,” in the same way that witch hunters could not themselves be called witches!

    • The Old Coach says:

      Every time I see this stuff I’m reminded of a girlfriend I had in my college days. She worked part time at a ritzy mental institution outside Boston. She and her colleagues, with whom we partied a lot, said the the staff there was crazier than the patients. I still agree, 50 years later. She sure was a good source for “pharmaceuticals” though.

    • DAMed in NY says:

      Seems like I read many moons ago about psychiatrists having one of the highest percentages of suicides (by profession). Doesn’t sound like they are very stable if that is the case.

  25. fred says:

    This beyond foolish. You don’t need to buy guns, you can make them very easily and you don’t need anyone’s permission.

  26. Sgt. Dale says:

    Take my firearms Hell I’ll give them to you! NOT!!!!
    The only way they get them is when I run out of ammo or my brain stops me from pulling the trigger. The Feds can go and F%^$ themselves!!!!

  27. Rich says:

    Mental health is the avenue to gun confiscation..
    Politicians and Media push gun control in a dangerous and dishonest manner..


    American Psychiatric Asso: Half of Americans are mentally ill..
    After crafting it will be all except politicians and media..

    300 million prescriptions for psychiatric drugs written in 2009 alone..
    Where would the politicians begin their confiscation..
    Maybe with parents of children with ADHD..

    Communists disarmed in this manner in Eastern Europe prior to WWII

  28. Ron Ahrens says:

    Saw this coming a long time ago in the collapsing CORPORATIST FASCIST vile disgusting evil shithole of filthy Murica, where Big Pharma Corporatist Fascist filth and their criminal scumbag shit stain allies in the voodoo witch doctor Psychiatry BULLSHIT profession of gutter swine, have the majority of ignorant dumbed down brain dead chemically altered waddling fat ass toxic waste dump Muricans hooked on their poisonous toxic Big Pharma PURE POISONOUS SHIT drugs, prescribed of course by criminal Corporatist Fascist MONEY PIG Psychologist shit stains, who will ALL be arrested for GENOCIDE after the collapse of the fascist Murican shithole, the most evil vile disgusting murderous GENOCIDAL shithole the world has ever known…….and the coddled COWARD boot licking slave pussies of Murica just sit on their fat lazy asses watching mindless entertainment and sports watching the GENOCIDE of the their fellow ignorant Muricans and their children…nothing but COWARD pussies in the collapsing shithole of Murica….GENOCIDE SUPPORTING COWARD PUSSIES

  29. Yeh..Well… As a parent with a seven year old in public school, and with a wife who is both a APRN/NP and a friend of the school nurse (my wife was one of her instructors) I have to throw a BULL SHIT flag on this one. I know literally dozens of highly placed people in the “system”(education AND health care) and none of them have seen or heard any of this in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Like many of the “News” story’s on this web sight, this reeks of bovine scatology.

  30. MongoPissed says:

    When the Jewish Bolsheviks seized control of Russia, intellectuals were often sent to insane asylums for “treatment”.

    Read what just passed in the House:
    “H.Res.707 – Condemning all forms of anti-Semitism and rejecting attempts to justify anti-Jewish hatred or violent attacks as an acceptable expression of disapproval or frustration over political events in the Middle East or elsewhere.”


    Soon, to speak of the Jewish Bolshevik murder of 60 million Russians, and probably 180 million Chinese via their agent Mao (not to mention 80 million dead goyim in the banker engineered WWII), will be a criminal offense, leading to the gulag or insane asylum. We will not be allowed to speak of the Jewish holocaust of Palestinians in 1948 (which began the first night, before any Arab response), or the coming holocaust of Christians in the U.S. The truth stands on it’s own. Only lies must be legislated for. Christ warned us of the Synagogue of Satan, calling them liars like their father, Satan. Nothing has changed in 2000 years. Those who sacrificed perhaps one million of their own to steal most of Palestine think nothing of killing most of humanity to realize their dream of a global dominion.

  31. Seen2013 says:

    Feeble-minded: mental illness or mental defect.

    The political and financial elite are hellbent on returning to their Utopia contrary to popular documentaries to make their power dynasties look good attempting to get out of the Dark Ages when the Dark Ages was and is their Utopia.

    In the late 1800s-early 1900s, militia was redefined to state a militia is a regulated force under the government like the national guard in today’s terms and the general populace is an ‘unregulated militia’.

    Feeble-minded was used to make rights inalienable from 1900-1907 when it spread from California nationwide and utilized in population control. Did no one notice the women who were designated feeble-minded and denied the right to reproduce and forcefully aborted the pregnancy and sterilized also were family who was disarmed utilizing feeble-minded as the mechanism to both?
    This Malthusian-Eugenicist pleasing policies were put into effect and enforced by what is today known as Neo-Malthusianism a merger of Malthusian and Eugenics movements.

    Is this not repeating history? Overpopulation and its double-argument in man-made climate change are demands for more governmental control consistent with the Earth Constitution and the Georgia Guidestones utilizing scientific law, which is viewed as scientific reason as it enables tinkering and control despite being inadequate in complex systems; this is precisely why everything is advertised as finite, isolated, and/or simple systems that is the basis of scientific law.
    Put this in context with the pursuit of gun control, it ultimately historically leads to democide-genocide, and those solutions like population control are measures of democide and genocide resulting in catastrophic loss of genetic diversity that tends to be the prelude to extinction.

    • Baron says:

      Over population is myth. All the people on the planet could actually live inside the State of Texas and still each have a house with a yard. Africa alone could feed the entire planet. http://pop.org/projects/debunk-overpopulation-myth

      • Seen2013 says:

        I was summarizing past precedent and the arguments utilized in justifying democide-genocide solutions. Ultimately, this repeats history.

        *Late 1800s-Early 1900s militia was redefined to eliminate the general populace access to arms as an ‘unregulated militia’.

        *Feeble-minded began with suspending people’s unalienable rights. Feeble-minded is mental illness/defect.

        *From 1900-1907, population control was institutionalized utilizing feeble-minded to sterilize and conduct abortions.

        *Overpopulation and its double-argument man-made climate change are argued through scientific law to re-institutionalize population control up to and including ‘reproduction being a collective administration requiring license and/or artificial assimilation and away from reproduction an individual right/freedom.
        And creates support for democide-genocide…

        *Scientific law is inadequate with complex systems and therefore is not reason. It is why they argue finite, isolated, or simple systems; otherwise their entire argument implodes.

  32. Baron says:

    Good, the schools are nothing but warehouses designed to fuck the minds of kids and to retard them. Maybe this will get some people to get their kids out of that mind fuck system.

    I can’t believe that people with children are so zombified that they won’t even investigate the evidence which supports the allegations I just made, but they don’t and then they wonder why their kids fail.


  33. George Washington says:

    When are they going to address the mental health issue of Liberalism taught in schools?

  34. Tell your “doctor” NOTHING.Start letting”doctors” know they are no longer trusted.
    Regarding Obama’s SOVIETIZATION of the mental health system:
    Wake up to the threat ….. ALL Vets have some small degree of PTSD, goes with the territory,
    and plenty of “psychiatrists” will be GLAD to document and diagnose it for MONEY.
    Then ALL Vets will have to surrender their weapons.
    (1) Every real mental health professional should be screaming holy-hell that Obama’s actions will drive People in need, underground and away from seeking help. His is the most IRRESPONSIBLE IMAGINABLE act ……
    ——– What other PRIOR CONDITIONS will Obama arbitrarily use AGAINST YOU?!
    To what Purpose?!
    Talk about OBAMAcare demanding insurance companies “accept” PRIOR CONDITIONS —-
    (2) Obama clearly wrote that he SELF MEDICATED with ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES for his UNRESOLVED MENTAL ISSUES. Read his book(s). Anyone at all should be able to glean enough to —-
    People in GLASS HOUSES should not throw stones ….. and the Obama psych is a GLASS HOUSE.
    (3) EX-POST-FACTO …. Obama is penalizing People for acts they undertook prior to his ILLEGAL move.