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NY Gubernatorial Candidate: Pass Single-Payer, Then Figure Out How To Fund It

Mac Slavo
September 6th, 2018
Comments (33)

New York state’s gubernatorial candidate, actress Cynthia Nixon, is showing everyone exactly how irresponsible Democrats are when discussing anything financial. She says New York should pass a single-payer health care law first, then sit around figuring out who they will steal money from to make it work.

Nixon recently told the New York Daily News editorial board she did not yet have a plan to pay for single-payer, which by even the most conservative estimates, will need to see the state steal 156% more than they already do in taxes to cover it. “Pass it and then figure out how to fund it,” Nixon said.

According to a report by Fox NewsGovernor Andrew Cuomo, who Nixon is challenging in the Democratic primary next week, has said it should be up to the federal government to pass a universal health care system, and not be left up to the state of New York. During a debate between the two candidates last month, Cuomo said the proposed NYHA  (New York Health Act ) was good “in theory,” but would cost more than New York’s annual budget to implement it “in the long-term,” according to the Albany Times Union.

New York’s political elitists have been trying to get the government to fully take over health care for the peasants living in the state since 1992. As the Times Union reported, the NYHA has continuously been introduced by Democrats in the state Assembly every year since 1992 but it has always been unsuccessful in the Senate…which is good for the wallets of those living in New York. Already burdened with a huge amount of theft (taxation), New Yorkers would likely need to be forced to pay more than double what they already have taken from them in order for it to “work out” financially. Plus, as with all government-run programs, the quality of health care will decline substantially, as has been the way since the beginning of government programs.

Joe White, president of the Council for Affordable Health Coverage, has estimated that with single-payer both the “costs and taxes will rise, or patient access will be severely diminished – turning America’s medical system into a third-world product.”

Democrats don’t care though. They want to control everyone and what better way to maintain control over their tax slaves than to control their health care. This isn’t about covering every single person with health care. It’s about maintaining a power grip on the people the political elitists pretend they have the right to steal from and rule over.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: September 6th, 2018
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Norrak says:

    Some more stupidity! Please stay out of path of chem-trails, petro and diesel fumes.

  2. Good article Mac, short and to the point.


  3. Nailbanger says:

    Typical democrat BS,
    Wealthy democrat telling poor folks what they should do…
    They can ALL stuff it

  4. the blame-e says:

    New York State, a progressive, socialist, Democrat regime, is running a debt that is over $356-Billion dollars. Debt to GDP ratio is 22.54-percent. In other words, New York State is accumulating debt faster than it can possibly pay it back.

    The New York State economy use to be the envy of every other state in the union. The state use to be a paradise. No more. The place is a shit hole.

    Of the places you don’t want to be when the SHTF, Buffalo, Syracuse, and Rochester are in the top third. New York City is in the top 10.

    Current Governor Andrew Cuomo says that the state has been in economic decline for over 50-years. It take time, he says, to recover from that. That’s great, considering that the Cuomo Mafia Family has been in charge of the state since the 1980s.

    All of this has to stop.

  5. aljamo says:

    Provide healthcare to all Americans regardless of their ability to afford it, nah just keep letting the cost skyrocket so they are all dead because health related professionals (joke) can afford the escalating cost of living for their worth practicing hyper inflated quackery. Nothing but greed based medical tyranny.

  6. I don’t see the Republicans doing any better. They haven’t repealed Obamacare OR come up with a better plan.

    “Get to work” Congress. Amuse me with your antics while I sew the holes in my Fruit of the Looms.

    They’re ALL sockcuckers.

    SOCKCUCKER. noun. 1.One who cucks socks 2.A cucker of socks

  7. To Cor says:

    “NY Gubernatorial Candidate: Pass Single-Payer, Then Figure Out How To Fund It”. Idiot.

  8. Jim in Va. says:

    buy now…pay later..interest added on.

  9. Heartless says:

    I got an idea!!! Let’s all jump off this here 1000′ cliff and while we’re rocketing to the ground below we can figure out how to make a parachute!!! Everyone jump, I’ll follow you. Democrat progressive liberal leadership ‘logic’ and plans set into motion.

  10. Sgt. Dale says:


  11. Mensa Graham says:

    The CBO has already estimated that MEdicare for all, the same as single payer coverage, will cost $32.2Trillion over ten years. So the cost is estimated at $3.2T a year. According to https://www.statista.com/statistics/216756/us-personal-income/ Gross personal income of all workers in the US in 2017 was $16.1Trillion. A little bit of simple math, something obviously out of the realm of liberals, shows that this would shave 20% off the top of EVERYONE’S paychecks before SS and other taxes.

    Anyone voting for this is brain dead!

    • Boyo says:

      Assuming 350m US population, 1 trillion works out to $3k per person. $6k per trillion per person if only half of the people work….

      Math is fun.

      • DeplorableBitterClinger says:

        Way under 50% of Americans work. The moocher class will be all for this.

        She’s not stupid. Once it’s enshrined in law, here come the .gov thieves, explaining how they don’t want to, but “the law is the law”.

        All the lefties like Fauxcahantis screaming about the Constitution during the Kavanaugh hearings and while panting about removing Trump from office. Few, if any of them have ever read it.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Cynthia Nixon. Now there’s a qualified twat running for office.
    If she wins, that speaks volumes about New York voters.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Well that’s the American way isn’t it
    Instant gratification

  14. Beaumont says:

    “Democrats don’t care though. They want to control everyone and what better way to maintain control over their tax slaves than to control their health care. This isn’t about covering every single person with health care.”

    Obamacare first began as Romneycare and, of which I was aware, Romney, Obama, and Trump all thought it would segue into a single-payer system.

    fwiw, the difference between public and private medicine is akin to public vs. private transportation.

    If you have a high, mechanical aptitude and keen, verbal memory, the teaching hospital (used by poor people) looks like a death trap. People, practicing public medicine, are physically dangerous.

  15. L Garou says:

    San Fran Nan’s NYC political doppelganger..

  16. Michael McTague says:

    Funding it is easy. Passing the legislation to fund it is hard. All defense contractors pay a 35% dividend tax rate instead of 13% and shareholders also pay 35%. It is double taxation but so what? Add $4.00 per case of wine, $26.00 per case of spirits and $12.00 per 24 of beer. All pharmaceutical and healthcare companies lose their loopholes and massive R/D expenses and pay the 35% dividend tax rate aforementioned on defense contractors. Legalize all drugs and disband the DEA and put them to work building that wall. Stop subsidizing Israel. Close military bases in 100 of the 170 countries we operate in. End the oil depletion allowance to oil companies. Stop subsidizing sugar. Revamp farm subsidies. Force obese welfare recipients into exercise programs. Offer death row prisoners large payouts to families of their choice for agreeing to die know and donate organs. Sell organs. Not rocket science, but racism is behind why there is no universal health care in america and after 20 years of living in urban urban urban america it does have a certain truth to it.

  17. PeterFrancisco says:

    I back universal health coverage for one simple reason: if taxes are going to be taken out of my check every week, I want something tangible and of value in return for that money being taken out of my check every week. If I’m not going to receive anything of value in return for that money being taken out of my check every week, it should not be taken out of my check at all.

  18. Hmm, a younger version of Nancey Poloise ???

  19. The problem with universal healthcare is that it provides more of a monopoly and economic strength to an industry (medical industry) which already murders more Americans by far than any other industry or disease state, including coronary disease and cancer.
    The figures for all deaths from hospital accidents, medical errors, improperly prescribed drugs (think opiates, among others)and even properly prescribed drugs that are appropriately prescribed for the disease state or condition but cause death and maiming is in excess of 1 million per year. Those numbers are well documented. To suggest giving even more monopoly power and control over the nation’s healthcare is not just a bad idea, it is truly Orwellian.

    Then you have the mandatory vaccination schedule which is principally responsible for childhood cancers (research nagalase in vaccines), what the industry labels autism but is actually neurological vaccine injury as well as a host of autoimmune diseases (type I diabetes), cognition disorders, allergies (peanut oil used as an adjuvant can create an immunogenic response) and generally the ill health of our children. The vaccination clusterf–ck will only get worse if you give these medical maniacs even more power. It will be very difficult to say no to these tyrants.

    However, if your emphasis is depopulation, what Nixon proposes is certainly a good plan. Why is it that the progressive Democrats are such dingbats on this issue. They appear to be completely misinformed or are just kept stooges. Patient consent and a truly enlightened public which understands how nutrtion and mother nature is the default for health and especially chronic disease and only when those approaches are exhausted or used in conjuction with more aggressive therapies will the result be favorable and healthful.

    The proponents of this system which not only is unafforable but really causes horrendous damage are some of the stupidest beasts ever assembled.

    Informed consent and an open source medical system will provide exceptional health at 5 cents of the dollar spent on the maniacs in the present system.

    Take your good health and savings to the bank.