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    New White House Website Is English Only: “This Is A Country Where We Speak English, Not Spanish”

    Super Station 95 Newsroom
    January 24th, 2017
    Comments (118)
    Read by 9,553 people

    This report was originally filed by the Super Station 95 Newsroom

    whitehouse-site-screener(Screenshot: The new White House website has only an error message where the Obama administration’s Spanish content used to be)

    White House English-only website as Team Trump Deletes all Spanish-language content
    By Super Station 95

    The new web site has no Spanish-language content. Visiting the old White House website address for content ‘en Español‘ brings Web surfers to an error page.

    The newly minted president made a point during the Republican primary season of his preference for immigrants to learn English, mocking former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush for speaking Spanish on the campaign trail.

    ‘We have a country where to assimilate, you have to speak English,’ Trump declared during a September 2015 debate.

    ‘We have to have assimilation to have a country,’ Trump added. ‘We have to have assimilation. … This is a country where we speak English, not Spanish.’

    Then-candidate Trump told ABC News weeks earlier that ‘while we’re in this nation, we should be speaking English.’

    Trump uttered only Spanish word during the 23 debates and televised forums in which he participated, and it didn’t help him.

    ‘We have some bad hombres here, and we’re gonna get ’em out,’ he said in an October debate with Hillary Clinton, referring to illegal immigrants who remained in the United States despite convictions for violent crimes.

    The chairman and CEO of U.S. English, the nation’s most vocal advocate of making English the official language of the United States, told that the Trump administration shouldn’t give Spanish-speakers any special dispensation.

    ‘Maybe if they’re going to do it in Spanish, they should also use all 323 languages spoken in the United States, right?’ asked Mauro Mujica. ‘Why just one and not the other 322?’

    This report was originally filed by the Super Station 95 Newsroom

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    Author: Super Station 95 Newsroom
    Views: Read by 9,553 people
    Date: January 24th, 2017

    Copyright Information: This content has been contributed to SHTFplan by a third-party or has been republished with permission from the author. Please contact the author directly for republishing information.


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    1. Nailbanger says:

      Take that la raza looozers

      • Anonymous says:

        The wall is next.

        • Paranoid says:

          The Wall needs to speak several languages: 50 cal , 30 cal and 223.

          • BlackMoe says:

            That’s right spics, no habla fucking espaniol. Learn English or GTFO.

            • Uslabor says:

              Don’t worry, blackmo, you’ll be speaking Arabic soon

              • Wanna Bet Uslabor??? You and ur muslim friends get near my part of the country and I’ll send U straight to hell with my pig soaked 223 ammo!

              • Menzoberranzan says:

                Only thing that will be arabic will be the burnt dead meat that’s been shot all to hell. AKA islamic trash.

                • smokey says:

                  ‘Kebab’ is an Arabic word.

                  • Menzoberranzan says:

                    We’ll serve islamic savage kebabs to the sympathizers then.

                  • BlackMoe says:

                    Pork kebabs, that is.

                  • Nuke em Duke says:

                    There is NO HOPE for you people!!
                    Why CANT YOU SEE that “Islam” isn’t trying to take over this world?
                    It is IMBECILLIC AMERICAN NEO CONS / NEO LIBS that push the big “ISLAM BOOGIE MAN” in your face day after day……and you have FALLEN FOR IT HOOK, LINE & SINKER!!!
                    The dumbness is ASTOUNDING IN THE EXTREME.
                    The USA is a nation at WAR WITH THE VERY PLANET IT EXISTS ON.
                    PHUCKING WAKE UP………..
                    Stop blaming “Islam” for the very problems your nation has envoked upon this planet.
                    “Americanism” (stealing resources of sovereign nations and having the media set up “Boogie Men) has killed FAR MORE people than any supposed “Islamic terrorists”.
                    Again, respectfully, I urge you to WAKE THE PHUCK UP.
                    You are being played like a fiddle.

                  • Menzoberranzan says:

                    NeD- You are a stupid ass.

                  • apache54 says:

                    nuke en duke,
                    sorry buddy, i have been ALL over the world almost in EVERY country!! and i have met and lived with muslims, and to a certain extent you are correct, BUT here is the kicker the ones that are muslims, and did not follow the true Koran teachings were the only ones i could trust, they were muslims NOT because they really believed in it they were because they had to be to LIVE there!! YOU better read the Koran!! it is PERFECTLY CLEAR either your a muslim or your NOT and they HAVE to kill anyone that is not, it is stupid idiots like you who never venture from your couch and TV and THINK they are smart who are gonna get us all killed!! I’ll tell you what why don’t you let me buy you and your wife and kids plane tickets to a muslim country of my choice and lets see how long you live!! have you even read the Koran, i bet NO, because if you did you would not be running your mouth like the idiot you are!!everyone is entitled to there opinion, but you need to KNOW what your talking about BEFORE you make a opinion!! and evidently you have not done any research into muslims!!

                  • BlackMoe says:

                    Hey Nuke em duke, have some bacon. Pork chops? Screw any camels lately?

                  • Nuke em Duke says:

                    Apache 54,
                    I have travelled all over the world in my business dealings, including the Muslim countries.
                    They are humans, just like us.
                    Laugh at jokes
                    Cry when loved ones die
                    Cry tears of joy when children join their families
                    Defend their friends
                    Attack their enemies.
                    EVERYTHING WE DO…..THEY DO.
                    I have read the Koran. I have also read the Bible.
                    Both books have verses that are abhorrent in violence.
                    Both books have passages of incredible beauty.
                    Both books insist that THEIRS is the only way to God.
                    Let me tell you this though, Apache……the way forward is NOT FURTHER SLAUGHTER OF EACH OTHER.
                    I genuinely feel sorry for anyone caught up in that mindset, for they WILL NEVER know peace.
                    Anyway…’s Australia Day today, so I am going to kick back now with an icy beer on this perfect Summers day and enjoying watching Australia v Pakistan cricket match.
                    Best wishes to you and yours.

                    Nuke em Duke,
                    East Coast of Oz Beer Enjoyer.

              • PakRat says:

                I am a hard learner when it comes to languages. I think it will take several dozen or more, I will dispose of them when finished I will be sure to distribute the lead evenly so none can accuse me of being unfair.

              • Chale Vato, Russian, comrade

            • awed bawl says:

              If they learn ingles does that mean they no longer have injun genetics?

              To assimilate one must have White genetics. . .

              Please revisit the Naturalization Act of 1790:

              >>>Alternately known as the Nationality Act, the Naturalization Act of 1790 restricted citizenship to “any alien, being a free white person” who had been in the U.S. for two years.<<<

            • Menzoberranzan says:

              I want to see the scum illegal “dreamers” all deported back to friggin mexico. Our kids have to pay for college.

        • Nailbanger says:

          That is going t be a GREAT WALL!!!!!
          Itll be yuge!
          GO TRUMP
          GO TRUMP
          WOOP WOOP

          • buttcrackofdoom says:

            those last two sentences say it ALL!

            • Nailbanger says:

              Hey bud,,,
              Where ya going to mover to when the lefties leave the union?
              Thats going to work out so well for those stupid turds,,,,

              • buttcrackofdoom says:

                arizona, utah, new mexico, nevada, oregon……oh, wait…..those places are INFECTED with californicaters too…..drat!…we really ARE screwed.

                • apache54 says:

                  those states are infected, but NOT totally, I live in one of those states and know lots of others in the other surrounding states, there are LOTS of us who are not infected and when the time comes, we will clean out our states, so don’t fret we are here and just keep a low profile, except sometimes my mouth will shoot some lead into the stupes at times!! LOL as you have seen! LOL

                  • buttcrackofdoom says:

                    what makes you think there aren’t a LOT of conservatives left in california?….there’s a shit-load of us here too….but when yer outnumbered……………as evidenced by the close-call the NATION had, when they damn-near elected the cunt…..better not get toooo smug, LOL.

              • buttcrackofdoom says:

                keeee-REISTE! i just hear the guvnuh signed a bill doubling our already too high gas tax, and i think another doubling the DMV fees…..we GOTTA get out of this place, if it’s the last thing we eeevver doooo…..coming to a theatre near YOU! hawaiiyuh ant immune. ALL states are broke, all big cities are broke, fedjul gubmint is broke….and the citizens are broke….hold onta yer BUTTS!

            • buttcrackofdoom says:

              understanding how modern liberals think. this is a 45 minute youtube, and i found it fascinating. if you ever wondered what’s the difference between a conservative and a liberal, this guy explains it very well. send it to all your friends to get them educated….especially the young ones….and remember, if you’re not a liberal at 25, you have no heart. if you’re not a conservative at 45, you have no BRAIN.

              • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

                BCOD, that video is a good way for me to fall asleep, LOL!

                • buttcrackofdoom says:

                  i don’t know, braveheart, i hate to see you discourage ANYone from watching it….it really IS a great piece. i couldn’t STOP watching it.

                  • The Deplorable Braveheartx says:

                    BCOD, I don’t care if someone else watches it. Just givin my take on it. I saw a report at Breitbart that said Trump signed an EO to stop all funding for NPR and PBS. Limbs are already furious over it. In my younger days, at night when I had trouble sleeping, I would tune in my bedside clock radio to the local NPR station. It didn’t take long for me to fall asleep. LOL. Say what you will, but NPR or any libturd media source is a sleep-aid.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

            ENGLISH-ONLY WEBSITE! WOOHOO! That’s the way it was for my wife and her family when they came here from Cuba back in the 60s and for all other foreigners. That’s the way it should be again. DO YOU HEAR THAT, FOREIGNERS? LEARN OUR LANGUAGE, ASSIMILATE, RESPECT OUT CULTURE AND TRADITIONS, FOLLOW OUR LAWS. IN OTHER WORDS, YOU PLAY THE GAME OUR WAY IF YOU WANT TO STAY HERE. IF NOT, THEN GO HOME. GO TRUMP!

        • he, he, he……this will happen…excellent president trump…just excellent…..

      • durangokidd says:

        E PLURIBUS UNUM. One out of many. One people have ONE language. One Constitution. One Flag to symbolize that unity.

        The Bible says that when GOD wanted to confuse the people of the earth who were seeking to reach into Heaven with the Tower of Babel, he struck them with a curse.

        The curse of many languages.

        United under GOD, with one language, one Constitution, and one Flag to symbolize our unity with personal liberty and justice for ALL (no one is to big to jail), America is invincible.

        Read Washington’s Vision. 🙂

        • He also divided the original one land mass thus making separate continents, with different languages, and that is because He knows different cultures have a problem. He meant for us to be separate because of what they declared upon building the tower of Babel.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

          DK, AMEN to your comments.

        • Nuke em Duke says:

          Respectfully, does this mean that EVERYONE should speak ONE language, say, English, to please “God”?
          Pfffttt!……come on mate!
          If there is one “language” that is universal to all people, I would say it is “love”.
          Moreover, I would imagine that if “God” wanted us all to speak the same “language”, surely “love” would be it.
          Thoughts sir? (of which I in advance respect)

          Nuke em Duke
          East Coast
          51st State of Eternal War & Phucking Liesville

      • apache54 says:

        AMEN to that!!

      • Marie says:

        Wow. This is great. Only two days in and he’s doing a lot.
        Did you know you can send President Trump an email? It’s on the Whitehouse website. Look under Contact. I sent one and told him i love him and i voted for him. Wow , he sure did a lot in TWO days!

      • What a great start to a presidency ! Then exact opposite of BHO, Hillary and the mindless feable Dem establishment of cuckolds !

      • fuzzbuster says:

        Up yours Pendejo! I’m a whiteboy and some of my best friends speak Spanish including English and personally I don’t see what the big deal is except that our new President is a Cabron.

    2. Sgt. Dale says:

      ABOUT “F”ING TIME!!!!

      This the USA speak American English. FOOL.

      Can you imagine how much money the US could save if everything was in English????? Might be able to fund S.S. for a few more years.


      • Nailbanger says:

        Wont get any SS anyway by the time i get there,
        My solution,,,
        Keep what I make NOW
        big ole middle finger

      • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

        Sarge, I also applaud this move. FANTASTIC! None of us have any obligation whatsoever to learn the languages, customs, etc. of any of the foreign groups who enter this country. We don’t have to change anything about this nation to make any foreigners happy. It’s called REASSERTING OUR NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY! The foreigners have been put on notice. We’re saving our culture and heritage. If there’s something they don’t like about this nation, THEN JUST LEAVE! There’s planes, ship, buses, and trains that leave this country every day. I’m starting to feel better about being an American again.

      • TrumpsDeplorable says:

        For Spanish Press “1”. If you don’t know what that means, Sorry about your Luck. Now hustle your ass back over the border. When they do “press 1” it says learn English or go home hombre. Your days are numbered as there is a New Sherriff in Town.

    3. Ketchupondemand says:

      Good point.
      Until someone comes along and calls it speaking American.
      Bound to happen.

    4. Nailbanger says:

      Ive had people tell me i need to learn to speak spanish, or speak mandarin or whatever the chinese speak,,,
      I live in the USA,
      We speak ENGLISH!
      The people told me, oh its so you can do business with people who dont speak english,,,,
      My response

      • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

        Nailbanger, BRAVO! This is the USA. We speak English and no other language. If the f#$%ers won’t learn English, then I won’t even give them the time of day. I only do business with my fellow Americans anyway.

      • Ray m says:

        I agree with you. being a conservative former californian, you almost cant find a job in some areas if you dont speak spanish. the dmv has forms in every language. How the hell can you read road signs and stuff if you cant read english? You saw highway exits became numbered… guess why?

    5. aljamo says:

      While Trump is at it clearing the mumbo jumbo attempted English language mishmash chatter he should also get rid of the horribly broken English that is spoken half the time when I get a foreign voice on the phone. Now I just ask them do you have anyone available who does not speak broken English. That pisses them off.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

        Aljamo, LMAO! Good one! Every time I hear some foreigner speaking broken English I can’t help but laugh at them. That also pisses them off. I only speak English and nothing else.

    6. Jim in Va. says:

      When I go to another country I make n attempt to speak their language. If I moved there I would learn their language. I expect the same here of others. Its not my responsibility to learn theirs.

    7. PO'd Patriot says:

      Si’! (LMAO)

    8. This Texan Has Had Enough says:

      If English were the language on all government forms it would save a lot of money for something more worthwhile. MAGA!

    9. Faux Liberté says:

      That doesn’t mean speaking Spanglish, Muslish, or Political Correctlish, either. However, grunts, finger pointing and cash are still acceptable.

    10. GrandpaSpeaks says:

      Bilingualism is a mistake. It gives politicians another route to scoot out of annoying questions. Look at Canadas Trudeau two when asked a question in English about his own pay to play scheme. He answered in French. There is a reason for all those doe eyed looks up north. But it gets lost in translation.

      • Frank Thoughts says:

        Very good point: politicians feed on divide and rule and segmenting the population. They exploit race, ethnicity and language to do this. The last thing they want is for a black guy who speaks Spanish to be able to communicate with a white guy who speaks English.

        Trudeau is the worst example of this sort of politician. Kissing Muslims, refusing to answer in English, banging on about French rights – a people fairly defeated on the battlefield according to the rules of war, as in, shut the f up about being French.

        I think it is about time a President stopped kissing ethnic pooty and start kicking it. The government has wasted vast sums trying to placate angry Muslims and Mexicans ducking under labor laws.

      • smokey says:

        Canada spends 7% of it’s public funds on bilingual compliance.

        • Frank Thoughts says:

          Very good point: and they spend next to nothing on supporting the languages of the actual first inhabitants of Canada, the First Nations. To recap, Canada spends vast sums on accommodating the French language: it has made it nearly impossible for anyone who isn’t French to work for the civil service and rise up the ranks (thus mediocrities like Trudeau who speaks neither language very well flourish), all to placate a WHITE European group of people defeated during COLONIAL wars fair and square on the battlefield.

          On top of this, their province has not been the source of prosperity in Canada for decades. It is heavily dependent on welfare and is considered the most corrupt place in the country. Instead, it has mostly been migrants from Asia who have brought dynamism to Canada.

          English is the common lingua franca that links everyone. For that reason, it should be the only official language.

    11. It’s about frigid time. Now get rid of the telephone selections. I live in America, I shouldn’t have to press 1 for english. MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN.

      • grandee says:

        Leave messages about English only or ask for the manager/supervisor.

        Let them know if they want your business–speak English.

        No more #1 #2 or whatever.

        We can be the change agent !

    12. Kevin2 says:

      My own father, born in the USA months after after his parents legally arrived from Italy flunked first grade because he couldn’t speak English. He was sent a tutor a few times a week, bingo he spoke English without any accent. This was back in the 1920s. My father spoke to his mother, born in Italy in English as she learned the language and rudimentary read English too. My mother born in the USA from Polish immigrant parents could read, write and speak Polish and of course English without accent.

      Dice Man Clay said, “If you can’t speak the language get the fu#k out of the country”.

    13. It’s about time! It feels great that we have a President with some back bone. GO Trump!!

    14. Justme123 says:

      Wow….. I didn’t vote Trump in the primaries, but man, I’m REALLY starting to like this guy!!

    15. Ralph says:

      Look Online, It says they are working as fast as they can to bring the Spanish site back up.

    16. blackjack says:

      I am concerned about the environment with all the changes Trump is making. The liberal tears will pollute the rivers and cause the sea level to rise.

    17. Don’t forget how much it costs to FORCE our education and legal systems to cater to people who are not willing or able to learn to speak English. This MUST be one of many MANDATORY requirements for entry into the US for all immigrant’s before they can set foot on US soil.

    18. Plan twice, prep once says:

      It was Obama’s intention to make as many immigrants as possible directly into citizens without following immigration law.

      Under legal immigration learning the language is a general requirement. By circumventing the law Obama has created large immigrant population pockets that become isolated within America by culture and language barriers. Isolated people fit perfectly into the Democrat mold that makes the entitlement world slaves to the democrats. These ilegal immigrants can now be lined up to receive government assistance, and an entire bureaucracy can be built around supporting these people, who will invariable fail at becoming part of American society.

      Obama, Hillary and the progressive plan requires Americans to be divided in order to enslave them.

      • You are 100% correct. They can even Force employers to hire these non-English speaking emigrants who can’t speak English and can not be taught what they were even hired to do much less how to properly do the jobs that they were hired for and can not be terminated without facing discrimination lawsuits. If he company does not have a certain percentage of their specific demographic group as employees they cannot qualify for govt. contracts.

    19. Brian says:

      The wall sounds great but unless you bakc it up with a whole lot of agents and electronic surveillance, you isn’t a serious obstacle. As long as that border is, it will be nearly impossible to find tunnels. When you pass a law, you have to enforce it.

    20. gatheringbird says:

      I also read today that as Obama was leaving the Whitehouse President Trumps people were removing all of the Muslim prayer rugs and anything else that pertained to any religion other than Christianity. I love Donald Trump!

    21. awed bawl says:

      El nuevo sitio web de no tiene contenido en español. Visitar la antigua dirección de la Casa Blanca para el contenido ‘en Español’ trae a los internautas a una página de error.

      El recién nombrado presidente hizo un punto durante la temporada primaria republicana de su preferencia por los inmigrantes para aprender inglés, burlándose del ex gobernador de la Florida Jeb Bush por hablar español en la campaña electoral.

      “Tenemos un país donde asimilar, hay que hablar inglés”, declaró Trump durante un debate de septiembre de 2015.

      “Tenemos que tener la asimilación para tener un país”, agregó Trump. “Tenemos que tener asimilación. … Este es un país donde hablamos inglés, no español. ‘

      Entonces, el candidato Trump le dijo a ABC News semanas antes que “mientras estamos en esta nación, deberíamos estar hablando inglés”.

      Trump pronunció sólo palabra en español durante los 23 debates y foros televisados ​​en los que participó, y no le ayudó.

      “Tenemos hombres malos aquí, y los vamos a sacar”, dijo en un debate de octubre con Hillary Clinton, refiriéndose a los inmigrantes ilegales que permanecieron en Estados Unidos a pesar de las condenas por crímenes violentos.

      El presidente y director ejecutivo de Estados Unidos, el defensor más importante de la nación para hacer del inglés el idioma oficial de Estados Unidos, dijo a que el gobierno de Trump no debería dar ninguna dispensación especial a los hispanohablantes.

      ‘Tal vez si lo van a hacer en español, también deberían usar todas las 323 lenguas habladas en los Estados Unidos, ¿verdad?’, Preguntó Mauro Mujica. -¿Por qué sólo uno y no los otros 322?

    22. Uslabor says:

      Hey whities, this is just a small bump in the road to a multi-lingual society. Soon white folk is gonna be the minorities, and many third world languages will make english a second or third language.

      Trump is going to serve his class of billionaires, the trump bubble will burst, and working class white folk will be left holding thebag.

    23. No Comprende:

      I would like to see Latin become the required language for all students. It opens the door to a carreer in Law or Medicine. Latin is the basis of all Romance Languages including Spanish.

      Our children need phonics in the early years. Dictionary skills are the basis for reading comprehension. Every student needs a dictionary.

      The third language is music. Students need to read and write music. Music is Mathmatics.

      Manners, classical European Art, ballet: these are our culture. Demand every student learns.

      Again: Thank you President Trump.


      • Martial Arts is not European, but it teaches discipline and restraint with strength and bravery at the same time. Make this required. The kids will get into physical as well as psychological condition. Other Countries do this and have more civility and mutual respect.

        Throw in some boxing just to Americanize the experience. This will work well to balance out ballet instruction. Believe it or not these sports and dance are compatible. They all teach discipline, condition the mind and body.


        • smokey says:

          I boxed and fenced two years in college, both are fine sports and much better than too much exposure to team sports, or none at all. You learn that YOU can personally do something, all by yourself.

          Those smokers down at the Legion and VFW halls, though, for the price of a couple of textbooks, now, that was fun.

    24. Old Guy says:

      Yes it irritates me that we have to accodomate the Spanish speaking folks. And On the face of it it appears a great thing to demand everyone speak English. personally I like it. But theres a catch. We don’t have a national language any more than a national religion? So creating a national language starts us down a slippery slope. just a step away from demanding a national religion. Back in the early 1900,s Native American children where forcibly taken from their parents and shipped hundreds of miles away to attend (School)? If they spoke their native language or practiced their native religion they where severely punished. Read the Book titled The Education of Little Tree. So we allow Trump to create a national Language. Ant its ok at this time because its the politically correct thing at this time. Then we get a different president and using the Democratic Mob Rule politically correct precident he decides to dictate a different language or a different religion. What we are supposed to have is a Republic where the god given rights of the few out weigh the wishes and wants of the many. Even if the few is just one person and the many is everyone else. the saying be careful of what you wish for because you just might get it applies in this instance.

      • I would disagree that we don’t have a national language. This country has been based on the English language since the constitution was written. I have no problem with someone seeking their own language, but do not come here and expect us to support your language.

    25. James says:

      Those multiculturaliscts are probably having a hissy fit right now lol

    26. the Lone Ranger says:

      I’d like Mr. Trump to investigate if a famous fast food ‘icon’ really does show human DNA in it’s ‘meat’ as one study I read online 2-3 weeks ago claimed.

    27. AnneMarie says:

      Yes, Spanish is not an official language in the US; but sometimes it’s a courtesy to use several languages on the main government website, as some other countries do, for outsiders wanting information.

    28. Excellent, I am so happy that my joy and delight know no bounds!
      However I was promised deportations in mass, I am waiting!

    29. Plan twice, prep once says:

      I’ve a few friends who are Indian immigrants, they hate the British for the years on brutal colonialism. The one good thing the British did was take a nation that spoke hundreds of dialects and make English the required language of schools and business. India was so bad that people living in one valley couldn’t cross a mountain into the next valley and understand the people there. The British brought the nation of India together and gave them one language that let anyone that grew up anywhere to not only communicate with each other, but also the rest of the world. Between the British empire and the rise of America, India had an inside track because the entire nation knew English.

      When the Internet exploded onto the scene and India began to join the tech world, their knowledge of English made it possible. Without English speaking Indians there would be no tech support centers in India, and certainly no IT programming centers working for US companies.

      90% of the Spanish speaking world lives on object poverty, their language has been barrier for hundreds of years now. Notice Democrats in the US encourage Hispanics to reject English. How’s that working out? Noting against Hispanics, but Spain was the reserve currency and the most powerful global force… about 400 years ago, until they took on to much debt like the US is doing now!

      English is the language of modern science, computer programming, communications, finance, business. Why do democrats insist America abandon the English Language? Yeah that question is obvious and rhetorical.

      To quote from return of the Jedi, “It’s a trap”!

      Until the day a non English speaking nation becomes the reserve currency of international trade, and the largest economic force on planet earth, then anyone rejecting English is, well just freaking crazy or incredibly stupid, or they have another really bad political agenda.

      President Donald J. Trump is 100% correct, again!

      • Plan twice, prep once says:

        By the way the Chinese realized language could be a barrier as well. The Red Chinese Communist Party chose Cantonese as the nations one language, ant made it law. China too was a nation with many dialects and had similar problems as India where people in one village couldn’t understand those in another village. Amazing that Cantonese was actually a minority language, but it was the language spoken by the most Chinese involved in international trade.

        The modernization of China could not have been accomplished without bringing the nation together with one language.

        Again why do liberal, progressive, democrats and RINO republicans continue to want to splinter our nation over what language to speak?

      • Frank Thoughts says:

        Very good point: English is the modern prosperity code. Even the Chinese, the latest contenders for global influence, aspire to speak and communicate in English. They know…

        Yes, Latin is a good tool for higher learning and is useful for understanding root origins of words in science. But nobody speaks it very well except for a few elite paedo networks.

        What is key is to lay down a standard and make sure all young people meet it. Rather than wasting resources accommodating every minority language group on the planet, focus on having students who are very articulate in the English language, who are cultured, well turned out, well behaved, and they then will have the discipline and ability to pick up other languages and knowledge on their own steam. Trust me, a pig ignorant black kid with no respect for reading, history, science, knowledge etc., with his pants around his knees, just isn’t going to be of any use to anyone just because somebody once tried to teach them some words in Swahili and made them wear a dashiki on Kwanza.

        • Frank……how many languages can you speak?
          Phucking one?
          I’ll give ya 12 months to say, pick up and speak ANY other language other than English on this Earth. (And I can only speak English……but I don’t insist all others MUST)
          Can’t do it Frankie Boy?
          Hey…….I’ve got my 2nd Amendment rights you know.
          I don’t like people who say, ” do as I say, not as I am ABLE to do”
          Those people need to be weeded out, Frank.

    30. Old Guy says:

      Heck I cant understand the british and Scottish tv shows on Net Flix. If it wasn’t close captioned I couldn’t understand them. And most Yankees cant understand what us hill folks are saying. The Mennonites I know often use a dialect that is german sounding. My family uses code words that when spoken in a certain context means something different than what we say.

    31. Anonymous says:

      New White House Website Is English Only: “This Is A Country Where We Speak English, Not Spanish”
      It’s about time!
      Another thing; Spanish Radio & Television, should be outlawed!
      My parents were immigrants; they had to learn English!
      They Did!!!

    32. Old Guy says:

      Yes indeed the mob rule Democracy can demand that English be the official language. But those Spanish speaking folks are out breeding the English speaking folks. Yep whites have one or two children. The Mexicans have litters. Almost all are good catholics and don’t use birth control. Just you wait until they become a majority. What comes around goes around.

      • Plan twice, prep once says:

        My point above is, English is the the language of modern science technology, finance and the dollar is the reserve currency of international trade.

        Of course poorly educated immigrants can swarm the nation and with a large enough voting block, tear it down and change its culture and laws.

        If these people couldn’t build up the nations they abandoned, what chance do they have of rebuilding America after they tear it apart.

        All of South America keeps repeatedly experimenting with communism, then socialism, then Marxism. How’s that worked out? South America was settled a more than a hundred years before North America, it is still a crime ridden, drug infested pool of ignorance and poverty. And these immigrants seem as a group to want to continue to bring with them their experiment with communism, then socialism, then Marxism, the venue of poverty.

    33. kloklok says:

      Going back to the stone age pretty fast! Poor ignorant people, they blindly defend their country without knowing their history! Go for it, the devil is waiting at the bottom of the pit!

    34. Nebraksa Blue says:

      English, mother f—ker! Do you speak it?!

    35. If you cant speak English you have no place in America!

    36. First off, the translation for islam? “is lame”. According to the sharia law, it is ok to decieve and lie to infidels and is encouraged. These terrorists will tell you anything to further their cause. Look up TAQUIA and it will explain everything. These maggot muslims tout peace while wanting to stick a knife in your back. NEVER EVER trust a frickin muslim piece of _hit!

    37. kloklok says:

      Just one fact, there are in the world more Spanish speaking people than english.

    38. You guys applause Trump too soon 😀

      White House promises website will restore Spanish content: ‘We’re just building up’

      “Aguirre Ferre, a former bilingual media personality who headed Spanish-language communications for the Republican National Committee before joining Trump’s White House, said the new administration is building out more content in both English and Spanish.”

    39. Persnickety says:

      Many parts of the western United States were once part of Mexico. The US acquired the land after the war and via the Compra de Gadsden (kind of like the Louisiana Purchase). As a result without ever crossing the border, many Spanish-speaking Mexicans suddenly were in the United States. Many of these people have lived here as long as or before the settlers in Plymouth, MA.
      There were treaties such as the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and other deals like the Compra de Gadsden that allowed for people affected by the outcome of the war to be able to maintain their culture and customs. I think that includes speaking Spanish.
      Look it up. The more you know…

    40. We speak English. We almost made the official language German. During the Revolutionary War, the English under the influence of Amshel Rothschild, hired the German Army of professional soldiers paid to fight (the army paid by a loan from Rothschild made him super rich). When the German soldiers were done with the fighting for England, most stayed. Germany was crowded and in America a man could have hundreds of acres for free. The majority of citizens therefore were German, not English. In the 1940’s, 52% of US citizens were German.



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