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New Study Claims Air Pollution Is Making Us Less Intelligent

Mac Slavo
August 28th, 2018
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According to a new study, high amounts of pollution in the air is dumbing down the world’s population. The new research indicates that the damage to a society of toxic air is far deeper than the well-known impacts on physical health, and it appears to be a precursor to a ban on certain vehicles.

This particular study’s research was conducted in China because their air quality is horrendous. It’s about three times above the World Health Organizations guidelines, according to a report on this study done by The Guardian.  But the findings are relevant across the world because about 95% of the global population breathing what scientists have said is “unsafe air”.

This study went in depth and found that high pollution levels led to significant drops in test scores in language and arithmetic, with the average impact equivalent to having lost a year of the person’s education and the effect is much worse on some of the most vulnerable people in our society: the elderly. “Polluted air can cause everyone to reduce their level of education by one year, which is huge,” said Xi Chen at Yale School of Public Health in the United States. Chen is also a member of the research team. “But we know the effect is worse for the elderly, especially those over 64, and for men, and for those with low education. If we calculate [the loss] for those, it may be a few years of education.”

The Guardian reported on previous research that has discovered that the air pollution harms cognitive performance in students, but this is the first study that has examined people of all ages and the different effects between men and women. The damage done in human intelligence was worst for those over 64 years old, with serious consequences, said Chen. “We usually make the most critical financial decisions in old age,” Chen added. Rebecca Daniels, from the UK public health charity Medact, said: “This report’s findings are extremely worrying.”

A recent study found toxic air was linked to “extremely high mortality” in people with mental disordersand earlier work linked it to increased mental illness in children, while another analysis found those living near busy roads had an increased risk of dementia.

The new work, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, analyzed language and arithmetic tests conducted as part of the China Family Panel Studies on 20,000 people across the nation between 2010 and 2014. The scientists compared the test results with records of nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide pollution.

They found the longer people were exposed to dirty air, the bigger the damage to intelligence, with language ability more harmed than mathematical ability and men more harmed than women. The researchers said this may result from differences in how male and female brains work. –The Guardian

“It is because high air pollution can potentially be associated with oxidative stress, neuroinflammation, and neurodegeneration of humans,” said Derrick Ho, at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  Ho’s research team discovered similar preliminary findings when looking at air pollution and cognition.

Aarash Saleh, a registrar in respiratory medicine in the United Kingdom is a part of the Doctors Against Diesel campaign, which seeks to ban vehicles that use diesel fuel.  “This study adds to the concerning bank of evidence showing that exposure to air pollution can worsen our cognitive function. Road traffic is the biggest contributor to air pollution in residential areas and the government needs to act urgently to remove heavily-polluting vehicles from our roads.”

The undercurrent of this study appears to be trying to get the public to agree to allow their mode of transportation to be regulated and dictated to them by the “Big Brother” governments of the globe.  But where does the enslavement end if the elites can control and ban anything and everything they want?

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: August 28th, 2018
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Mr. Natural says:

    It seems to be working, except on me of course.

  2. goofygal says:

    there are things making us less intelligent but it isnt air pollution

  3. rellik says:

    That would explain why most cities are full of Democrats/socialists/communists.

  4. john stiner says:

    New Study Claims Air Pollution Is Making Us Less Intelligent

    Uhhh? puff…pufff…pas


  5. Moses Strongbear says:

    Did the study consider demographic changes in population due to immigration of less intelligence and less eduacated people Did they consider use of illegal drugs by the population increasing. Easy to see where that is going from the start.

    • Genius says:

      And did they include flouride and GMO’s and pharma drugs and pesticides/herbicides and public education and MSM media and EMF/cell phone radiation and nutritionally bankrupt food and the plethora of chemicals in food and water and the culture of it’s cool to be stupid and….

  6. Kevin2 says:

    Dr Paul Oppenheimer, the project manager for the Manhattan Project was a heavy smoker. You can’t get more air pollution than that. I seriously doubt the validity of the study.

  7. repr sleepr says:

    Well duuuuhhh,……

  8. “Air Pollution Is Making Us Less Intelligent” LOL! So is the “Prince of the Power of the Air” with his controlled media spewing filth from the media, tv news, etc. So are his minions who speak lies and come to kill, steal and destroy.

    We need to get geared up to WIN and Go out and do so rapidly. Get your “End Times Toolkit” and Go do Good Works >>> https://153wordsofgod.wordpress.com/end-times-signs-and-prophecy/

  9. “it appears to be a precursor to a ban on certain vehicles”

    (((They))) want to get us out of our cars.

    WTF: Do they think we’re stupid ??


  10. Is this what they mean by “ridin’ dirty?”


  11. Sgt. Dale says:

    Bull Shit.
    Our air in the US is cleaner than it was in the 50 60 and 70’s.

    Now that I think about it they maybe right. Look at all the Libtard Commies Professors around us today. I take it back they are right.

  12. The Deplorable Renegade says:

    Sarge, uh, it’s the govt. propaganda from the MSM, “educational institutions”, etc. {SNORT} GMAFB!

  13. Traitor Hator says:

    I see statistics that Asians and anaskanazi Jews are the most intelligent. Then open my eyes and see the condition of the country’s they run. What total children of Satan lies. Statistically these people should not be allowed to vote? They are genetically curupt on a level that can’t be corrected for hundreds of generations. And if you disagree, show me one country run by their kind that isn’t a third world shit hole , or a police state? And if you disagree with reality , you are the domestic enemy , and will soon be dealt with.

  14. kay123 says:

    Maybe it is from all the AD drugs to kill thoughts in kids,
    before they are allowed to think.

    Maybe it is the methane gases coming from the big
    city “swamps” of politicians spreading lies.

    Anything that destroys oxygen quality…. destroys brain cells.

    But trying to find anyone who gives a rats a••, is harder to find
    than hens teeth ……everyday…

  15. blinky says:

    Government schools are making us less intelligent.
    Not public schools anymore. Government, free lunch schools.
    They put stupid pills in the little milk cartons.

  16. Terry says:

    Is DIESEL FUEL really the main contributor to toxic air?! I can think of ONE ENORMOUS CONTRIBUTOR right now, which we already KNOW reduces and destroys cognitive function. Anybody want to make a guess?

    Chemtrails. It is the aluminum rich, heavy metal particulate spray all over, people. Come on now. I find it hard to believe nobody puts this stuff together. Its almost like this stuff HASNT BEEN PROVEN repeatedly, or something!

  17. PJ London says:

    90% of all ‘scientific’ studies are funded by companies with an agenda and are designed to ‘prove’ the specific outcome desired. For a number of years there has been an assault on diesel fuelled vehicles. This is just the latest.
    The concept that having little schooling makes one more susceptible to declining intelligence as a result of ‘toxic’ air could not be dreamt up by the Monty Python crew.
    They will ban diesel vehicles and the reason is the same as all bans, money. There is more profit in petrol fuel than diesel fuel.

    • Norrak says:

      Diesel fuels impact peoples breathing more than the regular petrol fuel. I know because I have asthma and when I get stuck in traffic behind or be side a diesel burning vehicle I go into an immediate attack, the regular petrol fuels affect me too, but not to the degree of diesel. Both are bad for breathing. And the chem-trails, and for all chemicals released into the air we are paying with our health. Our air quality today in the US is at its worst ever.

  18. lolzngiggles says:

    Yet not one mention of chem trails. If you lose 1 year of indoctrination education, it may be a good thing lol.

  19. Maranatha says:

    If you go back in history prior to the energy crisis of the Seventies, then energy costs were relatively low and ceilings were high. They typically had drafty fireplaces and poor insulation.

    To cope afterward, fireplace inserts and woodburning stoves and Russian style thermal mass stoves were put in. Ceilings were lowered and ceiling fans installed. Homes were insulated and WRAPPED to reduce air exchange.

    Well there is a cost as that means that every fabric with flame retardant, drapes, rugs, plastics …all of these off-gas chemicals.

    Try this sometime. Do an internet search on common disinfectants versus air pollution. Many are extremely hazardous and many magnitudes WORSE than known air pollutants.

    Now on top of these two manmade issues you have MOLD. Since the air exchange is not happening, then molds build up. Luckily it can be easily treated for most with apple cider vinegar with the “mother” ie the bacteria that naturally occurs in it. The most likely trouble spots are the bathroom’s humidity not getting elimated, so get a dehumidifier. And the most likely mold area is in window unit air conditioners.

    Then there is the rotten habit in postmodern people neglecting getting off their lardbutts and getting some fresh air and exercise.

    Here is a similar analagy. The reason your body resists infections is due to blood circulating white blood cells, lymph, and the musculoskeletal pump that is required to get stagnate blood up through the veins in your legs.The heart alone can’t pump these fluids but needs some routine exercise. What happened was people today do not exercise and get some fresh air and sunshine. That is why their veins in their legs get incompetent and they acquire varicose veins.

    Well, the same is true in your lungs. In the East, people naturally breath using their diaphragm and this vastly increases total lung capacity. But in the West, people breathe mostly with their chest and this reduces lung capacity.

    Watch any good martial artist and they will breathe with their diaphragm. Otherwise in combat, their chest will be heaving as they are oxygen starved.

    So the air pollution is not new; it’s mostly alterations in how we buildhomes, being sedentary, and being careless.