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Mystery: Researchers Have Spotted A Massive Structure Moving Under The Pacific Ocean: “2.5 Miles In Diameter And Surrounded By Tank Tracks”

Mac Slavo
March 3rd, 2017
Comments (88)
Read by 31,118 people
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There’s something lurking below the ocean and researchers can’t seem to agree on what it might be.

The object, which measures a massive 2.5 miles in diameter, is slowly moving about 3000 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. What’s more, it appears to have left a 40-mile long trail that looks like it was made by something resembling tank tracks.

What makes the following video of the object even more intriguing is that it looks to have moved along the ocean floor, only to disappear into what appears to be a purposeful blurring of its destination.

Video Report:

(Hattip SteveQuayle.com)

According to some researchers, the phenomenon appears to be naturally occurring with one observer noting that the large parallel lines are nothing more than tectonic fissures. “The curvy line is likely the pathway of a underwater current and deposition field of said current,” he argues.

But not everybody is convinced by this explanation. The Secure Team 10 research group, known for their investigations of unidentified objects including those of the flying variety, suggests the object is man-made:

There are certain areas of the ocean that are obviously blurred out. But what better place would there be for another race or another group of beings to hide than in the deep of our own oceans?

While we are up staring at the sky all day and worrying about what’s up there we have 90 per cent of our oceans unchartered.

We have no idea what’s there and we have a lot of mysterious UFO phenomena happening in our oceans.

Some of these tracks truly do seem to have been dug out by something.

We see a large circular object and an obvious path or trail created by it – and it disappears into a blurred out area – how convenient.

Though we can only speculate, the object spotted under the ocean points, once again, to the real possibility that the people of the world aren’t getting the full story.

What do you think – is this a naturally occurring phenomenon, a man-made vehicle, a military experiment, or perhaps a secret hideout for extraterrestrial life?


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Author: Mac Slavo
Views: Read by 31,118 people
Date: March 3rd, 2017
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to www.shtfplan.com. Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s just a big crab.

  2. I have one in my yard. Every now and then little green men emerge with signs, “GREEN lives MATTER”. Then they burn down a few houses, beat up the blacks, whites, Asians, even the Native Americans; before retreating to the rock they crawled out from under.

    __ ? __


    • Zeus says:

      Remember when the Japs planes were about to attack pearl harbor. The wave of aircraft were seen on radar but dismissed as a flock of birds. These could be bottom dwelling wales that dive deep or sharks or giant squid, Stingrays? Tank tracks, seriously? LMFAO!! Drop a line down with some bait and its game on baby. Deep sea fishing use electric reels to bring em up.

    • BlackMoe says:

      Quick, someone give those little green men EBT cards, Obolaphones, puppies and crayons before they all go libtard on us.

      • Mountain Trekker says:

        Mac I know you throw one of these in every now and then just to give us a break from the doom and gloom, but how about some prepper articles. Trekker Out

        • Yeah, right says:

          This is a prepper article. It’s telling you that you now need to go out and get a armor piercing spear gun too. Anyway this thing is fake. Do you see any fish in the video? I rest my case. I bet if Forrest Gump was out there I would also bet that he would pull this thing up. No shhrrrimp.

          And this could just be a giant abalone created by Fukushima. Or just regular baloney. Sorry. But you do know how films tend to predict things. Oh well, now there’s another swamp for Trump to drain. He did say he was going to expose all those bad people….and another Forrest quote….agaaain.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

        BlackMoe, I wouldn’t give the little green men a damned thing.

    • g from ca says:

      sounds like democrats

    • Klingon lives matter says:

      I may appear to be a white male, but I identify as a Native American muslim lesbian. If freaks can self-identify, so can I. I am now almost impossible to fire.

      • Warchild Dammit! says:

        Klingon,I am going back to school to get me degree in post modern/afro centric/underwater lesbian basket weaving.

        As many here will attest,I have self identified as a ring tailed lemur for months here and other sites.That said,will not need to use that to keep from being fired as my new degree will be the golden key to future prosperity!

  3. Sgt. Dale says:

    I have always said that there were civilizations more advanced than ours here and then something happened and we had to start over.

    Or these are creatures pre land living that have lived under the sea for millions of years. Remember we only live on 1/3 of the planet.


  4. Ken in Las Vegas, NV says:

    It’s very obvious that this is just another case of swamp gas– easy to confuse with all sorts of things…

  5. Mr Smith says:

    The ET freaks will grasp at any straws thrown to them and how do i know if the object is two miles wide or just a few center meters wide, i don’t

    Next we hear about silver going to the moon like we hear every week on SHTF but i’m still waiting

  6. Brian says:

    There is no need for an object that is 2.5 miles wide on the surface of a planet. What you are seeing is a field generated by a much smaller vehicle (the tracks). It only appears solid.

  7. UFOExperiencer says:

    Complete bunk. These guys are CONSTANTLY misreading videos on UFOs and such. The problem is that UFOs and other things are rare events and these guys have to come up with SOMETHING on a more regular basis to feed their content needs.

    The circle looks as though it is NEXT to the path, but not the cause of it. Also, when you zoom out, you see other striations. Clearly the ocean floor is a dynamic place with volcanic, tectonic and hydro-flow action.

  8. Clearly these are the Nazis that everyone thought were hiding in the Antarctic. The giveaway was the panzer tracks!

    • Wilson says:

      Exactly my thoughts. We recently read about lost or hidden civilizations in the Antarctica. There were “secret” trips to by politicians. Maybe those creatures in Antarctica know they have been discovered and now they are bugging out!!!!!

  9. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    Get the book written by William Tompkins, called Selected by Extra Terrestrials. This will answer all of your questions, and if think this is bullshit, then see projectcamelot.org, to listen his interview with Kerry Cassidy, and the fact that he then cut her off to disappear. You would literally shit to know what I know, and what know is a lot of shit before I read his book, its just confirmed what my scientist friend told me.


  10. Enemy of the State says:

    We the People should be surrounding DC, at least those of us who love and care about this worlds children

    ht tp://globalwarming-arclein.blogspot.ca/2017/03/the-pedophilia-problem.html

  11. Yeah, right says:

    It’s a giant sperm looking to impregnate mother earth.

    Maybe we don’t live under someone’s finger nail. Maybe we live somewhere else. Like we live on an egg and the universe is…….nevermind.

  12. joeybagofdonutsandbagels says:

    It’s the mothership from Nibiru doing an ocean floor probe. Happens once every 63,000
    years. They have to keep their records updated.

  13. That Would Be Right says:

    Ancient river bed.
    Circular object is sitting in the delta of river mouth.
    Similar round objects are seen about the place.
    A catastrophic earth explains this.

    • That Would Be Right says:

      Evidence that this was a river bed is seen by the shadows/ high walls on the strongest current side of the river.
      Inside bends are weak current flow and banks are flat and not well defined .
      Outside bends are strongest current flow and well defined cliffs.
      check your local creeks and rivers for same effect.
      I like looking for gold so this is part of that knowledge.

  14. TEST says:

    My guess is that it is a very large woman who has been imbibing of high fructose corn syrup drinks, after gorging on a bucketload of KFC chicken.

  15. Old Codger says:

    I blame George Bush myself!

  16. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    Jim in the Va. Jesass Koverist. Get real man. I know your just busting my ass a little, but man, I swear man, its all real. Some really serious shit is going on this planet. Go on projectcamelot.org and listen to that interview, with William Thompkins, and you will hear some hardcore shit.

    Yea right, all I can say is yea right. The funny thing about your comment is that the earth is literally phucked. Could this be the very evidence of a future earth ass rheaming that we have been preparing for. Does this happen before techtonic crustal shifting? The crust is getting ready to shift.

    I will show it to the scientist to get some intel, he knows insiders. I gotta give Mac credit, he is really keeping up. I don’t even know what the hell that is?


    • Jim in Va. says:

      HCKS; Too many things within eyesight to worry about that affect my life than something that people are speculating about. with all our problems here and around the world this is dead last on a long list to even think about.

  17. steven jacobs says:

    please stop-you are destroying your credibility

  18. tazweiss says:

    Scientists already know what it is or they don’t really care what it is. They have submersibles that can easily go to that depth. If they were really curious, they would take one of those submersibles and go down to take a close up, first hand look at it.

  19. PO'd Patriot says:

    Well they finally did it…..The Dinks have unleashed


  20. Cinema1 says:

    It is the Russians again.

  21. rellik says:

    “The object, which measures a massive 2.5 miles in diameter, is slowly moving about 3000 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean.”
    The video is BS. If you are less than 3/4 mile from something 2.5 miles in diameter it would look a little larger. If they can take pictures of the Titantic at 12,500 plus feet of depth, someone could easily fly down to this “anomaly”.

  22. something is wacked says:

    How come every time i go into a tall building i go into a closet. Push a button of the wall and the floors move up and down?

    • vocalpatriot says:

      because the buttons are attached to some very large springs on the other side of the earth…it’s all very teknikel and stuff, but that’s kinda how that all works..trust me!

  23. lost karma says:

    Maybe the round object started at a mountain peak (screen bottom) and rolled down hill to its resting place in a valley, all under water of course.

  24. B. L. Zeebub says:

    That is clearly the spiked tail of Satan. Is Hell located under the ocean floor?

  25. PO'd Patriot says:

    Could be some more poo heading to California from Mexico.

  26. Pro USA says:

    I think if it’s that huge it’s Rosie Odonald.

  27. watching and waiting says:

    There is a place in the desert in the western U.S.A
    where rocks move and leave a track like as shown here and it is possible that since there are currents probably there, that could be an answer that is moving this object, a very powerful current. If this is real.

    The rocks I mentioned are called death valley sailing stones.

    Best answer so far.

  28. major league tuna says:


  29. Anonymous says:

    Po d patriot
    Your mama is poo

  30. nlightened2 says:

    Who cares what it is. Blow it up. We’ll ask questions later.

  31. lena says:

    some days this place is better than the national enquirer.

  32. grandee says:

    cue syfy thriller music

  33. To the man with a hammer, EVERYTHING is a nail!

  34. Al Gore says it’s caused by Global Warming.

  35. anonymous4u4me says:

    It’s just mini hoonies they are harmless and this is nothing to get people upset or scared about.

  36. anonymous4u4me says:

    Its just minnie hoonies

  37. Nailbanger says:

    Its sasquach

  38. Old Guy says:

    yea right tank track on the ocean bottom. and the earth is hollow. The earth is flat. There is a alien base at the south pole. And Nasa landed men on the moon and brought them back unharmed in 1969. And some folks about 1/2 of the country think Hellery was a better choice than Trump. and they also think Obummer was the best president ever. people are so stupid and gullible its a wonder humans haven’t gone extinct?

  39. Geoman says:

    The mass of rock is geological and almost certainly of volcanic origin and most likely a site of basaltic lava eruption and maybe former submarine hydrothermal activity possibly involving deposition of copper – lead – zinc sulfides. Various other features on this image are not geological at all and can only be described as artificially created tracks. The object, assuming the scale is right, is so massive it cannot be man made. What it is I haven’t the slightest notion. However, the fact that these features are present around the volcanic outcrop is suggestive of some kind of possible mining activity. Whatever it is, it definitely requires investigation and an explanation.

  40. Burt Gummer says:

    It’s the final mutation phase of a Graboid! Nuke it!

  41. Beaumont says:

    imhblo, this is like the rocks, which move in Death Valley, leave tracks behind, and have been explained.

  42. Al Gore says:

    I found you Manbearpig.

  43. raygun says:

    There are Tectonic plates everywhere and in addition many fault lines/zones. The major Tectonic merger is the Pacific Ring of Fire, hundreds of active volcanoes on land and ocean bottom forming new islands.
    So, get a grip, everyone, it’s Nature at her finest.

  44. Berzrkr50 says:

    That’s nothing more than the Mother Ship, here to pick up Calypso Louie. He’s overdue for his trip to Niggatopia 3, in the galaxy BLMidiots…

  45. Instead of talking about it and imagining crap, just send a team of divers down there to check it out. Then you have a story. If it is aliens, find out what they want:()

  46. It could be a scam/crab….
    However, quraanic scripture has classified Satans to different types. One of it is ” Diving Satan”. which mean Diving Aliens as per west fantasy ….

  47. BILL MICHAEL says:

    This is similar to the massive volcanic crescent trail that extends southward from Boise to Twin Falls and then northward to Pocatello to Idaho Falls in the USA state of Idaho. This is where the giant underground volcano is that is expected to explode and wipe out all life on Earth as we know it one day. I do not remember the name of this formation but I have read about it and it is well understood by geologists.

  48. Cynical Bastard says:

    Call Dirk Pitt.

  49. Rockmanr says:

    At the end of WWII we were a nuclear power and worth knowing We had contact officially in 1946 at a meeting of world govts in SF The greys were put in a left over underground structure in Cherry Hill Novato calif between Plum st and Atherton Ave. Since then the place has been greatly expanded Hamilton AFB initially handled the expansions as the greys have been breeding and growing in numbers. They have expanded to other sites in the world. Why look in the ocean depths or the jungles of the world when you can drive up on Cherry Hill instead. GEt out and relieve your self on live space aliens Go to Google earth and along the north base of Cherry Hill opposite Olive school on the south side you will see circles and rectangles in the middle of no where Air vents and air scoops for the AC system. In black point a new facility has been built for a viable new species of human created by the greys with huge ears So why do they need us

  50. Thomas Smith says:

    Mining on the ocean floor.

  51. Russia better look out.

    The Democrat agenda was to takeover.
    By hook or by crook or by land, sky, or SEA…..

    Russia: keep a watch on the funny ocean.

  52. Hank says:

    There is nothing to describe a 2 1/2 mile long circle, circles are measured with a term called a “diameter”, the exact center is called the “center”, and the length around the circle is called the “circumference” A circle is never measured by its length, there fore this story and its author is a fabrication of one big lie.

  53. taxn2poverty says:

    I sincerely hope whoever wrote this article and did the video lives forever, because as long as you are alive i can only be the second most stupid person that ever lived.

  54. RobL says:

    The article says the item is 3000 feet down. At 2.5 miles across, it would be 13,200 feet across. This cannot be a picture of something 2.5 miles across from 3000 feet up. It should fill the picture. The photo frame is ostensibly 9 miles by 6 miles. From .568 mile up?

    I don’t think so.

  55. Yahooie says:

    Too bad that no coordinates were given so others could see this on Google maps. The Pacific Ocean is a large area to search just hoping to find this object so one could come their own conclusions.

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