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Money Manager: ‘The Chaos Coming To The Markets Is Here’

Mac Slavo
February 21st, 2018
Comments (29)
Read by 5,751 people

Money manager Michael Pento says that profound chaos surrounding the economy is coming. The insolvency is becoming clear, and soon, we will no longer be able to sweep the problem under the rug.

Sitting down with USA Watchdog’s Greg Hunter, Pento discussed the chaos people predicting in the markets and says that it’s already here. Pento is the author of the book titled The Coming Bond Market Collapse, as well as a financial expert and he says the media is lying when they say the economy is doing well.

“There are so many things that can go wrong with rising interest rates.  First of all, you have to understand that the permabulls that you hear on CNBC will tell you there is nothing wrong with rising interest rates.  It is a symbol of growth.  If you look at industrial production and retail sales for January, they were negative.  So, rising rates are occurring, not because of growth, they are caused by insolvency concerns.  That is the key metric here, and they are credit risks and insolvency concerns.”


“For the first time in 40 years, you are going to have bond prices and equity prices in free-fall. That happened in the 1970’s, but it’s going to be worse because in the 1970’s, you didn’t have an insolvency concern. . . The chaos coming to markets is here. It’s not going away, and it’s not going to be brushed under the rug. It’s not going to stay on the sidelines for another few years. The years from 2007 to 2017 were the years central banks were buying everything. There was no volatility, and stocks just went up. Those days have ended, and the volatility is only going to become much more profound.”

Hunter then asks Pento to explain who is insolvent.  The answer isn’t calming in the least.

“They’re all insolvent. Europe is insolvent. The United States is insolvent. We have $21 trillion of national debt…it’s seven times our revenue. So we are technically insolvent. And you haven’t seen anything yet because as interest rates rise, debt service expenses rise. The ECB is insolvent, certainly, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Bank of Japan is insolvent.  I’ll tell you who else is insolvent…you asked me what’s gonna happen.  So, as interest rates rise from 1.4 from where they were in the summer of 2016, to well about 4 %, and I think it can go much higher…I think the end game here is that central banks are going to come back and buy everything.

What we’re gonna have here is a collapse in the bond market…and as interest rates rise, it’s not just treasuries that are gonna blow up.”

Pento is not the first market analyst to show a grave concern over insolvency. The U.S. deficit is beyond any control at this point. But Hunter presses Pento after he uses the term “unwinding” to describe the dire economic situation the government has gotten us into.  Hunter asks if there are people whose debt is just going to be wiped out and if at some point, the debt is going to go to “zippo.”

“According to the Bank for International Settlements, 10% of all corporations don’t have enough…to cover interest expenses. That’s ten percent of the world’s corporations. So, how have they even existed in the past eight, nine, years? By issuing debt to pay debt. So when yields rise, it’s very likely that a high percentage, maybe even all ten percent of these (they call them zombie corporations) go out of business.”

“That would be millions of jobs globally!” Hunter said. And there’s no way out.  The central banks are now out of options.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Views: Read by 5,751 people
Date: February 21st, 2018

Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Been hearing predictions of doom, usually from gold sellers but a few other prophets of doom selling something else too, for so long I really don’t pay attention to anything other than improving my personal circumstances anymore.

    Markets of all kinds go up and go down on a regular basis, but total doom never results from it.

    • Like your name huh? People like you have no concept of Debt to GDP or the Mystery of Jekel Island moreover you don’t know GOD’s Word the Bible, otherwise you would realize where we are headed as a Nation.
      Continue to CYA and follow your path, I’ll certainly pray for you.

  2. Diffpeoplethanin1776 says:

    Hey Mac where is the article about trump using a bump stock ban for polictal gain.. restricting ownership or access to a firearm accessory, punishing the responsible for the political capital he can grab in the moment. I don’t have one and so don’t confuse my gripe. I’m just curious where the article is. I notice all the conservative sites I used to follow and still do to check the propaganda, that none seem to be bothered to report at all on this. It’s for the kids though right.

    • This site had this little blurb, so at least one person sees things as they are.

      “Pro-2nd Amendment” DJT Unfurls His True Colors

      This headline hit the news Tuesday afternoon: Trump pushes ban on ‘bump stocks’ — devices that turn weapons into ‘machine guns’. President Donald J. Trump (DJT) has clearly made a major political compromise to his promised pro-gun stance. Take the time to re-read my October 2017 SurvivalBlog article: The Legislative Entrepreneur: Investing in Some Key AR Parts. If you have any interest in owning a binary trigger, then get a couple of them on order TODAY. The chances are now quite high that the BATFE will ban their manufacture. But if they do, there will probably be a Grandfather Clause, allowing folks to keep what they already own. I predict that if they are banned, that “pre-ban” (grandfathered) binary triggers will skyrocket in price.

      Most gun parts dealers sold out of binary triggers yesterday evening, but I noticed that Valley Food Storage has some Franklin Armory BFS-III binary triggers for AR-15 in stock, at $429.99 each. And I heard that Ready Made Resources still has a few Tac-Con 3MR triggers for AR-15/AR-10 in stock at $379 each.

  3. Heartless says:

    Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente, Mannarino, Hunter…. all have been saying basically the same thing. But when? I don’t know about all of you out there; but, I strive to plan and apply facts as a guide to decisions. We’ve all (I’ll dare to assume) put away the 3B’s, most likely some metals, various other items we feel we’d need in the event of a collapse. So? Until I hear some predictive point in time I must ignore any further doom and gloom/bubble and bust news. Sure, it’ll happen; but again, when? Give a time or a range at least.

  4. KY Mom says:

    I guess the Obama “recovery” is over.

    Am I reading between the lines? Are the Banks trying to warn us of what they see coming? It makes me wonder.

    15 survival tips for the next recession
    “how to prepare for the next economic downturn…”
    ht tps://

  5. TheGuy says:

    Wonders if I work for a zombie co.

    … yeah most likely.


    So how do you look up if a specific corporation is issuing debt to buy debt?

  6. Greywar says:

    Please take a look at for the real economy.

  7. Genius says:

    I think silver is at the bottom now. Time to stack some more. Good deals from JM and Silver dot come here. Perhaps I will dig out my prospecting equipment this summer and go exploring. It is fun and good exercise and you can find cool relicks too. You can find joolery, coins, old tools, all kinds of stuff. Scan old mine walls for hidden viens that in older days weren’t able to be discovered. Check out washes that have had recent heavy water in them (turns up or washes down new gold). If your out of debt, downturns are not that big of a problem….

    • Genius says:

      Seriously? Moderation? Let me change the wording…

      I think silver is at the bottom now. Time to stack some more. Good deals from JM and Silver dot come here. Perhaps I will dig out my prospecting equipment this summer and go exploring. It is fun and good exercise and you can find cool relicks too. You can find ***lery, coins, old tools, all kinds of stuff. Scan old mine walls for hidden viens that in older days weren’t able to be discovered. Check out washes that have had recent heavy water in them (turns up or washes down new gold). If your out of debt, downturns are not that big of a problem….

  8. The entire banking “system” is an illegal criminal scam from its inception. By creating a collapse they can go in and steal the assets of a Country. Rothschild, who owns this private bank said he buys when there is blood in the streets. Partly figurative and partly literal as war and actual blood also lines the pockets of the Rothschilds and their family under other last names, as well as their friends and co-conspirators.

    Who has the legal right to mint coin? Not this cartel. But they do. Who has the right to issue legal tender? Not this criminal cartel central bank. But they do.

    Since 1913 when most of Congress was away on Christmas Vacation, a soon-to-be in-law of the Rothschilds sneaked a bill in. So, it started out dirty and it is still dirty. It is robbery.


  9. Concerned Citizen says:

    We should tell all creditors to fuck off, we are NOT paying you dick!! Credit crds haha, not paying you jack. Student loans, nope, not paying dick. Mortgages have to be paid I guess or your ass is on the street but the other stuff, forget, fuck off you damn crooked cartel shit heads. Enough is enough with this racket.

  10. watching and waiting says:

    Not really concerned about the markets.
    Each person has to decide what to do about their individual portfolio if they have one.

    I am certain that a disaster is coming because people are expecting one, then it will happen. But I have faith in a higher power and store rice, beans, water, bullets,batteries, etc… knowing that probably I will not be fed by The Ravens, but from the stores I have made, as you for that day or days.

  11. Old Guy says:

    Yes I heard the same collapse cry wolf stuff for over a decade. It will not collapse until they want to collapse it.

  12. message for Smokie says:

    Weeping and gnashing of teeth is coming before this year is over.
    Make every dollar count.

  13. Traitor Hator says:

    The money changers again? Seems whiping them wasn’t good enough? Please do more at your second coming, as promised.

  14. message for Smokie says:

    I’m floating my rubber inner tube to someplace more sane.
    I’ll send you a postcard when I get there.
    When I see lots of exotic women wearing thongs on the beach, I will have arrived.

  15. the blame-e says:

    You have got to believe this guy.

    Seven years ago former Speaker of the House, John “Boner” Boehner said: “We’re broke.” That was seven (7) years ago. And nothing has changed.

    President Donald Trump just okayed a $700-Billion dollar increase in defense spending. Where is the money coming from?

    President Donald Trump is looking for a trillion dollars in infrastructure spending. Where is the money going to come from?

    The IRS is collecting record taxes and is still coming up billions short of plugging a chronic budget deficit. Yeah, I know — what budget? All we have are Continuing Resolutions (CRs) anymore.

    And President Donald Trump just got “the biggest tax cut in history.” But it’s not.

    Public and private pensions “under-funded” (meaning broke). Social Security. Broke.

    Somebody just warned that when the next recession comes there will be no safety net (meaning unemployment insurance).

    Regardless of what your political persuasion is, these are the facts.

    • Genius says:

      Do some thinking. 700 billion in defense? Underfunded pensions? WAR IS COMING SOON. The people will be fucked, the war machine will go into high gear! Get ready for your offspring to be drafted and killed. I will just bug out and listen to the action on radio. Good job humanity! This is your opus….

    • Kevin2 says:

      They create money out of thin air. In doing so the US is never broke as long as the money is accepted at value. To keep this going occasionally a country which decides to use an alternate currency for global transactions gets a reminder, “Nice country you have here, wouldn’t want someone else running it would you”? If “persuasion” doesn’t work then covert activity undermines the leadership putting someone more acceptable to globalist interests in power. If the leadership grip is too strong the US military pays them a visit.

  16. Yuri says:

    I was going to comment on the topic at hand, so I thought I’d look at a couple of numbers related to the national debt.

    Instead, I’d like to ask a favor of those here.

    I know that search engines like Google provide rigged results (i.e., selecting which resulting links they want to appear and in what order); but, I don’t really know all the particulars of how that operates.

    The favor I’d like to ask is if folks here would, if they’re bored or curious, put the following search terms into two or three different search engines and tell me if you notice anything unusual, new, or curious.

    The terms are:

    “interest on national debt”


    “national debt by year”

    Oh, and maybe results of some of the “related searches” by the search engines.


  17. Don’t be fooled….they can continue playing this Ponzi scheme much longer, until hyperinflation kicks in. Then the collapse. Then WAR.!!! timeframe? Only the shadow knows.


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