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    “Maybe It’s The Calm Before The Storm” – President Trump Makes Ominous Warning While Meeting With Top Military Leaders

    Alex Thomas
    October 6th, 2017
    Comments (38)
    Read by 9,074 people


    President Trump, speaking ahead of a planned dinner with his top military leaders, told reporters late Thursday night that the meeting could be the “calm before the storm,” a statement that has many wondering if some sort of major military action is set to begin in the near future.

    As reporters were brought into the White House State Dining Room, Trump addressed them while gesturing to the officers who stood next to him – and then he dropped a bombshell that has triggered establishment media outlets across the country.

    “You guys know what this represents,” Trump asked the assembled reporters who then asked the president to tell them.

    “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm,” he replied before repeating the same line after the press pushed for more details.

    This statement has predictably infuriated the mainstream press, who believe it is their divine right to be given whatever information they demand while at the same time openly working against the same White House they expect information from.

    “We have the world’s greatest military people in this room, I will tell you that, Trump continued. “Thank you all for coming, thank you.”

    As Trump attempted to wrap up the impromptu moment with reporters, he was asked, “What storm Mr. President?”

    “You’ll find out,” Trump responded.

    Obviously one has to wonder what the president meant by his comments. On one hand we already know that he loves to troll and confuse the mainstream press (which he has done here once again) but on the other we know that tensions with North Korea are at an all-time high and that he may also be planning to pull out of the Obama era Iran nuclear deal.

    Openly anti-Trump CNN reporter Jim Acosta Tweeted less than an hour ago that the White House has suggested that Trump’s comments should be taken very seriously.

    Stay tuned in the coming days as we will be covering whatever “storm” is on the horizon and, unlike the establishment press, we will not be doing so from a specific anti-Trump perspective that denies reality while working for the goals of the globalist world order.

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    Author: Alex Thomas
    Views: Read by 9,074 people
    Date: October 6th, 2017

    Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.


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    1. TANGO 1776 says:

      The “Storm” has been coming for quite awhile. Loose lips, sink ships. Prepare!

    2. babycatcher says:

      This oughta be interesting. I like the way he pulls the press’s chains!

    3. chickenhawk says:

      My concern it may be referencing an op against the American people.

    4. Bert says:

      US won’t do a thing until after NK makes the first mass killing, and NK isn’t going to do it. I’m not the slightest concerned about this. The greater threat to America is the invasion and the explosion of the national debt which goes to pay for these illegals, food, medical, education, etc. No one ever talks about the illegal aliens that come to America at age 62 and automatically collect social security, and qualifies for SSI, free medical and nursing care, title XIX, all local, state and federal entitlement programs. That is what you should be worried about, as the govt must keep the illegals coming in order to have a positive GDP number. Wall Street would fall 40% if the US deported them all. The entitlement programs of the USA is a $1 trillion annual large chunk of wall street revenue. Yet you worry about Planet X, Crop Circles, UFOs, Yellowstone, NK all the while the culture and economy of the USA is so far underwater this nation is cooked, there is no hope unless some future leaders cut the creation of new debt.

    5. aljamo says:

      I don’t believe anything Trump says anyway. Yet another controlled puppet told what to say and when to say it. He clearly works for the enemies of the American people. Las Vegas shows every sign of the latest false flag. Fake news spewing out a preset dialogue of the typical lone nut killer hysteria. Mostly this event has been wiped from the news and filled with frivolous banter stories. Trump is well aware the official explanation is all lies.

    6. The Hammer says:

      I am out of town for a couple days. Hope he waits until I am back at the compound!

    7. Jim in Va. says:

      Trump leaves all our enemies and allies looking over their shoulders and off balance. Good strategy and he is probably laughing about it. It costs nothing and leaves them scrambling.

    8. Philosopher Deplorabilis says:

      October 10th is a big celebration day for NK. Will rocket boy celebrate? Based on his past actions the probability is high. Trump is biding his time.

      I wouldn’t mind if the left coast was sacrificed. Especially Commiefornia, Potland, or Seattle.

    9. watching and waiting says:

      He is right in so many ways and not necessarily North Korea.

    10. Plan twice, prep once says:

      The way the presidents remark was pointed at a member of the press makes me think Trump’s remark has to do with the Senate Russia/collusion investigation.

      I understand the investigation is days from being closed down and the final report issued. The investigation results will vindicate Trump, but condemn the MSM who drove these investigations. The media repeatedly released fake news stories that misdirected and perpetuated investigations, forcing them to investigate untrue allegations.

      The Main Stream Media’s roll essentially constituted obstruction of justice by producing false accusations that kept investigators from looking at other real crimes, like who really released DNC emails and why?

      I suspect it’s going to be tectonic and put the left on the run for the crimes they have been conspiring on and openly committing.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

        PTPO, the MSM has been crying “RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA” for the past year. I’d LOVE to see them stop that but I have my doubts. I’m apprehensive about Trump’s ‘calm before the storm’ remark. I’d still rather see China or Russia deal with NK.

    11. Valley Boy says:

      Hey Bert! Well said, well said indeed! I love this country more then anywhere else on earth, but have felt for some time it has been circling the drain. Call it bleeding cash, indiscriminate spending, or just call it plain not giving a f#&*! We as a country take care of so many of those that do not need the help and then there are countless elderly, children, and veterans that fall through the cracks! I agree with you Bert, something needs to be done about every one of the points you made before it is too late! That is, if it isn’t too late already! All of you who have frequented this site for quite a long time have known there is something coming down the pike and that when that big push comes to shove, we will all be on our own! Government can not even fix it’s own mess, how are they going to take care of us?!The fix is in people! Prep like you have never prepped before! Prep, pray, and keep your powder dry! Valley Boy out!

      • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

        VB, same here. I’m sick to death of seeing DC going the extra 1000 miles to take care of foreigners and other minority groups but won’t do a damn thing for the white people who need help. This whole evil rotten system can’t come crashing down fast enough for me.

    12. Traitor Hator says:

      Seems like maybe part of the reason for doing NK . Is that China is selling oil for the yuan instead of the dollar ? And China has interests in NK . As they did in the 1950s. As Husain, Kadafi, and Iran and Venezuela were selling oil for other then US dollars. The FEDs gotta get their cut . Or the Sampson option?

    13. vocalpatriot says:

      OH STOOOOOOOOPPP already!!!
      Lame comment about nothing in particular…that’s it folks.
      Stop looking for the skeleton in trumps closet…he doesn’t hide one, he embraces his, gets advise from it…you ain’t playing “gotcha” with trump…just sayin’

    14. always deplorable says:

      Just a question was the Jeremiah Johnson that was killed in niger the same one who pens here?

    15. Sgt. Dale says:

      This ought to keep the Bad Guy thinking.

    16. Why does Acosta still have a white house press pass?

    17. still waiting since 2007....... says:

      Should i hide in my bunker yet?

    18. Nomadic says:

      Happy Afghanistan War Day(or not)
      It’s has been 16 years since the launch of Operation Enduring Freedom – Oct.7 2001

      linked below-
      The names of those who will not be joining us today in commemoration of this momentous occasion as they have died on the battlefield or the ramparts thereof.

      The green on blue and non hostile (friendly fire) casualties are the worst for me but respectfully grieve for all who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
      Oct. 7 2017


      ht tp://

    19. lena says:

      he’s not going to start something now.

      winter is starting and vets of the Korean war can tell you war in north korea in winter would be extremely difficult.

      further, the winter Olympics are in south korea in 2018; those are done the minute after the usa drops one bomb or knocks out one rocket.

      if trump is going to attack north korea, I’d be putting money down on march 2018.

    20. Bobbie says:

      I think Trump has proof the Democrats are acting with ISIS to terrorize Americans and he is going to put a stop to it! They are trying to cause a revolution.

    21. KY Mom says:

      Speaking of storms…

      State Of Emergency Declared Across Southeastern US As Hurricane Nate Looms

      Mandatory evacuations in some areas of Louisiana.

      “In addition, the US Coast Guard has suspended marine traffic activity as of 8 am local time for sector Mobile, which includes the ports of Gulfport and Pascagoula in Mississippi, Mobile, Ala., and Pensacola, Fla., in preparation for Hurricane Nate, according to an agency bulletin.

      Staff at offshore oil rigs in the Gulf were ordered to evacuate, leaving nearly three-quarters of US Gulf of Mexico oil production was offline ahead of the storm. American Midstream Partners LP’s Destin gas pipeline and Enbridge Inc.’s Nautilus and Manta Ray lines are evacuating staff from Gulf platforms.”

      ht tp://

    22. Gotta love it how easily Trump can pull PRAVDA/MSMs chain these days. I will openly tell you all what I think and how I reacted next Tuesday Oct, 10. Trump may be giving you an opportunity of life time. I expect next week to be very eventful.

    23. A few days delayed, but I have been watching it all from an excellent perspective. We are reaching the turning point this week in all markets. It is all about perspective and that has changed in a big way as the new fed appointee will be another big factor soon in the overall psychological affect of the extreme highs we are seeing for a very long while now. This week I opened new positions to short the SP/NAS/and Russell and will be building them all going forward into 2018 spring dates. The time has arrived and you have been given the correct information. There is no way these markets can stay where they are in the current circumstances.


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