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It’s Just The Beginning: Martial Law Declared In Paris; Borders Sealed; Weapons Caches Found In Camps

Mac Slavo
November 13th, 2015
Comments (490)


A Friday night in Paris, France turned into a bloody rampage when at least two Muslim men armed with assault rifles left 160 dead and scores wounded. Some reports also indicate that suicide bombers were to blame for multiple explosions heard by witnesses.

A de facto state of Martial Law now exists in France, with mandatory curfews and the country’s borders sealed for the first time since the 1962 Algerian war. Paris authorities also announced a closure of all schools and universities in the French capital. Armored vehicles have been deployed around the city.

This is likely only the beginning for a wave of terror that could sweep the region in coming months and years. With hundreds of thousands of unidentified, fighting-age men having entered European borders in the last six months, the zones’ citizens from Germany to Hungary are, quite literally, up in arms.

In October we reported that Europeans were scrambling for guns amid the Islamic immigrant invasion and that Austrians were so desperate for personal protection that long guns across the entire country sold out within weeks.

In early November officials reportedly found a weapons cache at a Swedish migrant center, suggesting that citizens panicking to get firearms was completely justified.

Just hours before the Parisian massacre Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban blasted European Union member states, claiming that there is a “master plan” for a political takeover of the continent:

The migrant invasion to Europe from the Middle East and Africa may be part of a left-wing plot to pack the continent with sympathetic voters, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has told Swiss magazine dieWeltwoche

Now, Mr. Orban has ramped up his rhetoric, insisting that there is a “master plan” by left-wing activists on both sides of the Atlantic, specifically pointing to “radical American Democrats” for their involvement, and the fact that Western, Judeo-Christian culture is being ignored in the whole debate.

“Nobody has raised the question whether this is about our very existence, our cultural identity, our way of life.

On Thursday EU Commissioner Franz Timmermans warned member states that failure to resolve the immigration issue could realistically lead to war across the entire region.

While the saying goes “good fences make good neighbors,” it appears the leadership of The EU is starting to get frustrated with the lack of acquiescence among some of the ‘union’s’ newer or more marginal members. In a somewhat stunning statement, following ongoing and contentious meetings to discuss solutions to the migrant ‘problem’, EU Commissioner Timmermanns appeared to warn disagreeable member states, “There is an alternative to everything. I believe in EU cooperation because of all other forms in history have been tried to help Europeans get on better, and with the exception of this one, all other forms have led to war – so let’s stick to this one.”

The latest attacks in Paris are not isolated incidents. Thousands of immigrants have disappeared from refugee camps and weapons caches have been found in several locations. A trend of terror may be set to explode across Europe.

This could lead to cultural and religious clashes between Christians and Muslims, and eventually a breakdown of order and civility between member states.

Europe has claimed that they would sit out the next World War.

Ironically, it may once again start on their soil.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: November 13th, 2015
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Blackjack says:

    Today-ISIS tweeted that “American blood is Sweetest and we will taste it soon” Americans will not die as easy as the French

    • Blackjack says:

      They wont like my blood, eat lots of bacon and drink plenty of rum.

      • SterlingSilver says:

        Thats making a stand Blackjack! I like it

          • Them Guys says:

            Last Paris riots were payback for france officials voted against jewish state of israel and voted in favor of Palestinians….RT TV Juest said that an Upcoming vote next week on some type Syrian issue is being ignored due to the france chaos…Plus next month is next G-20 meetings, also being ignored for same reason.

            Perhaps This time around instead of wait to see How france officials votes on syrian issues…The plans got switched to create mass payback to make certain france votes correctly this time eh?

            IE: the France Versions of the 1967 USS Liberty Navel ship attacks by Israeli fighter jets and attack torpedo boats attempting to kill all 300 usa navy men, then have usa and euro jewish controlled MSM TV claim it was Egypt that did it!….AKA another WWIII attempt Failure by the mid east state who’s state slogan moto is…

            “Thru Deception You Shall Cause Wars”!( Israeli state motto slogan).

            Is this really 1967 style uss liberty but the 2015 France version? Stranger things has occured whenever Mass deception has been employed eh…See John,8:44 for better explainations.

            • napalm says:

              Satanyahu and Israel have issued several threats against France in recent weeks- if they don’t obey the Zionist agenda on France, Arabs in M.E. etc
              Here is the result. FRIDAY 13th date is the signature on the event, DUH. When we see Rothschild palaces (w/ them inside), we will know it is a genuine, peoples uprising against evil and oppression. Until then? Just more Robespierre Jacobin garbage w/ updated frontmen

              • napalm says:

                I meant to say: “when we see Rothschild palaces blown up- with them inside- and not mysteriously absent when it happens”.
                Wake up folks. Christ revealed the true enemy 2000 yrs ago, and it hasn’t changed yet

                • Son of Liberty says:

                  Where do you fellas come up with this garbage? Still babies and sucking their thumbs I see – it’s amazing what comes out of those thumbs. Wonder where their thumbs have been to get this stuff?

                  Pay attention to the real perps are people, it’s NOT the Israeli’s, it’s the Muslims. Get a grip, because until you do attention will be diverted from the truth and reality just as clearly as the far left loonies do through their media empowered political propaganda.


                  Son of Liberty

                • Lone wolverine says:

                  The children of satan. In the synagogue of satan. And satans greatest weapon is the lie. We’ve been brainwashed into thinking otherwise. Ashamed to say what’s true. Look around Jesus was right they are the children of satan.

                • Lone wolverine says:

                  Jesus the most famous man in all history is where we come up with this garbage . Not from you .wonder were their thumbs have been .you perverts always come up with some filth in your response . It seems to be your prime directive.

                • Lone wolverine says:

                  Get a grip. Still sucking our thumbs . You government employees seem to be well trained . Using all the right slogans? Your day will come.

                • Lone wolverine says:

                  In studies the rothchilds have 500 trillion in assets . That’s 80 thousand dollars per every man woman and child on the planet. Wealth distribution is socialism Let them strangle the planet to get more. We wil all be better off that way. They need the money .

                • Lone wolverine says:

                  Get a grip. Who owns 96% of our media. Garbage truth. Wonder were our thumbs have been? Loonies in the media . Who owns the media? Diverted from the truth? Our owned media is the only one that can divert us from the truth? Hope your government paycheck will save you.

                • Hunter says:

                  Well said Napalm…ditto, TG.

              • Joseph says:

                The plan has been written since before the US civil war. Lets look at the evidence, first the U.N. invented by the America after WWII, but before then was the League of Nations. The IMF is American made, all of the trade agreements American influenced…take a look at Albert Pyke’s writings about a New World Order…I know you have heard the term. The ultimate goal is to have Islam against Christianity and Judaism, it looks like its beginning.

            • passinwiththewind says:

              So in other words you believe Israel had something to do with these muzzie murderers, or is totally responsible?

              I can’t follow that kind of thinking on this deal.

              • The Truth says:

                Yep… some folks just automatically play the blame game and Israel is one of their favorite targets… This is the way I “follow” such idiotic statements. Pray, prep, protect and eat lots of bacon…

                • Winters says:

                  Yeah, this moron has been talking the same crap here for years. Everything is the Jews fault, everything, no exceptions. He probably has access to a computer at the asylum for therapy reasons, probably the only contact he has with the outside world.

                • Straw man rubbish, Winters. Whine all you want, but nobody here has ever said everything is the Jews fault, but the Jews deserve to take the blame for what they believe and do of their own free will. For at least the last two hundred years the Jews have been disproportionately responsible for wars, revolution, genocide, democide, pornography, abortion, homosexualization, feminism, and economic crimes against humanity AND the Anti-Christ Himself will come from the Jews, be supported by the Jews as “Messiah,” and invite the End of the World. Deal with it.

                • buggymak110 says:

                  Love the part of the bacon !!!!! LMAO.

                • Lone wolverine says:

                  Jesus blamed them but I guess your much smarter then him. Satans greatest weapon is the lie go ahead believe it see what it gets you.

                • Lone wolverine says:

                  The blame game . Another nice slogan . The children of satan strike again. Believe them not Washington,Jeferson, Franklin. And everyone else through out history. Satans greatest weapon is the lie.

                • Hunter says:

                  Well said John-Q. Kudos!

              • smokey says:

                There is no thought involved, just irrational hatred.

                • Where have you been?

                  ISIS is a creation and tool of Israel, the Sunni Saudis, and the occupied US government.

                  The official 9/11 conspiracy theory puts Muslims as the patsies, yet Israeli fingerprints are all over that. Did you learn nothing from that false flag?

                  Who benefits from the Paris attack? Within an hour martial law was enacted and there are the other benefits for Zionism listed by ThemGuys. Mission accomplished.

                  Will you never learn about false flags? The Paris bloodbath was just another extension of Operation Gladio.

                • smokey says:

                  You just posted some irrational hatred, thanks for clearing up your sanity for the rest of us.

                  The drivel doesn’t even pass the smell test, it’s totally off the wall batshit nutbag insane. Tell us all how little old Israel controls the world and superpowers dance at the end of their puppeteer strings, will you? That’s really intelligent theory. While you’re at it, tell us how a few million Jews are going to remain alive and well after the world of 9 billion people turns into the 3rd World Islamic hellhole you claim they are so evilly working towards happens. Somehow I don’t think you’ve really thought your conspiracy bullshit through to any logical conclusion. Nothing happens in a vacuum, except the one inside your heads.

                  We all know you can string buzz words like ‘false flag’ and ‘patsy’ together, and ask rhetorical questions like a mentor to a student, just like a roomful of chimps with typewriters, and get Pavlovian agreement from some folks, but it doesn’t result in rational discourse or sane exposition to anyone else.

                • Lone wolverine says:

                  Read what the smartest people in history have said about the oos and tell us their wrong and your right. The children of satan in the synagogue of satan. Now tell us Jesus was wrong and your right. Then you must be the greatest genius of all time.

                • Lone wolverine says:

                  Then Jesus calling them the children of satan was irrational hatred?

              • Hunter says:

                Ok…how ’bout attempting to think like an intelligence agent, begin asking some obvious questions:

                1.) ..who benefits from this episode?

                2,) ..what’s their motive & reasoning for conducting this operation?

                3.) ..what’re the political / economic / social ramifications?

                4.) ..is there a military angle?

                5.) ..does the ‘suspect state or organization’ have a past record of similar undertakings?

                6.) ..what are the consequences for the patsy?

                7.) ..is there a secondary agenda / goal, inherent & set-up within the 1st incident..that will require a follow-up operation?

                8.) ..etc…etc.


                The one “state or criminal-enterprise” (if you prefer), that fits hand-in-glove w/ the 11/13/15 Paris event is, israel. For a brief background reminder of its past proven endeavors, please research the following:

                The King David Hotel bombing.
                The Dir Yassim slaughter.
                The Lavon affair.
                The Berlin Disco Bombing. (Blamed on Libya)
                The London & Madrid train bombings.

                ..although, to be fair..a couple of the said terror-incidents, likely involved non-mossad players, as well.

                Should you require additional assistance, per using “LOGIC” & not emotion, as a lens thru which to analyze this subject…just ask.

                I’ll be glad to help!!!

                • Hunter says:

                  Damn…I forgot to mention israel’s massacre of U.S. Navy sailors aboard the USS Liberty, back in 1967…

                  ..f**king bastards even machine-gunned our guys who were blown overboard, in the water…

                • Lone wolverine says:

                  Irrational hatred, clearing up your sanity, drivel, bat shit nut bag insane , smell test, conspiracy bullshit, rational discourse . I hope your government paycheck is worth eternal damnation.

              • Typical deep denial from Passin’.

                For at least 2 years we have known that the Israelis (and their puppet US government) have been funding, training, and providing air support for ISIS/ISIL/IS—and before that Al Queda.

                Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the so-called ”Caliph,” the head of ISIS/ISIL/IS was born Elliot Shimon.

                The USA is so indebted to the Jewish dynastic banksters that the USA is their slave.

                Passin’, it is overdue for your to develop a love for the truth. 2 Thessalonians 2:10

            • grandee says:

              Them Guys says:
              “Thru Deception You Shall Cause Wars”!
              (Israeli state motto slogan)

              from Wikipedia
              Israel: No official motto.

              others i could find:
              ‘Zachor’ (to remember)
              ‘Never Again’

              • I am amused, but not surprised, at the Wikipedia mistranslation of the Mossad motto: בתחבולות תעשה לך מלחמה‎ .

                Run Google Translate yourself: “Deceit is essential in warfare”

                Wikipedia’s version: “For by wise guidance you can wage your war.”

                • Winters says:

                  YOU are amused? What, pray tell, do you think we are at the slobbering drivel them guys tries to pass off as ” facts”. It’s simple, pick out a Neo Nazi website, find simple rhetoric that fits the group you want to hate, and remember, all you need are accusations, not facts, then go back to your favorite comment section, post your new found ” facts”, and scream bloody murder when people see through your game and don’t simply follow your idiocy. It gets old, when that’s all you ever have to say, you expose yourselves as simple nutcases with no life other then your blind hatred.

            • Tavi says:

              “navel” is a belly button

            • Lone wolverine says:

              In the Talmud the Jews say Jesus is boiling in a jar of sewage . Go ahead back these people . Pick a side . And live with the consequences

          • KY Mom says:

            “Immigration without assimilation is not immigration; it’s an invasion.”
            -Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal

            It is estimated the “refugees” going to Europe are 90-95% young Middle Eastern men.

            “Refugees” in Europe young, fit and overwhelmingly male

            “If these were real refugees, where are the women? Where are the elderly people? Where are the weak and the sick?”
            “this is not a refugee crisis.

            This is a hijrah, a migration to Islamize a new land.”

            The numbers arriving have overwhelmed Europe, not sustainable

            35 MILLION migrants heading to Europe, says Hungary as it builds second fence

            Islamists in Germany trying to recruit young refugees

          • Genius says:


            • slingshot says:

              Obama moves to bring more Syrian refugee’s to the USA

              On Drudge.

            • Nobama says:

              In mourning for the innocent French lives lost, I had French Toast for breakfast this morning.

              But I wonder really how innocent those lost really were. Were they liberal-minded fools that supported their leader’s strong anti-gun stance? If so, they got what came to them and I feel little pitty. If not, why didn’t they stand up and fight for their rights?

              Oh, I also added bacon in thoughts of the Islime ragheads.

              • slingshot says:

                Students from Mizzou are angry that the French Killings stole their spotlight in the news.

                Little Pissypants Bitches. GFY.

                On Drudge.

              • passinwiththewind says:

                I very much dislike liberals and their ignorance, and the list goes on and on; however, celebrating or insinuating that they may have had it coming to them, even if all of them were young liberals, is not a good thing to be tied to.

                That is getting into God’s business; until….they bring, or seek, direct harm to me or mine. That isn’t happening, because i will not give up my guns, as long as i have a breath left in me.

              • smokey says:

                Why don’t you just call the victims ‘little Eichmanns’ like Prof. Churchill in Colorado did?

                Blaming the victims for being murdered is not rational behavior.

            • H Muller says:

              It’s a good thing none of those French people had guns. Guns are dangerous; some terrorist might have been hurt! Obama will probably make a speech now about how stronger gun laws will keep guns out of the hands of terrorists. Unless of course Obama & his minions decide to personally hand out weapons to narco-terrorists as in “Operation Fast and Furious”.

              Secondly, it’s a pity the American sheeple believe their mainstream whore media and don’t know what most of the world already knows: ISIS is the creation of the CIA and Israeli Mossad.

              • javelin says:

                Yes–because it makes perfect sense that Israel would want some rabid, muslim caliphate murderers at their large northern border instead of the peaceful secularist Assad.

                Guess it was Israel that overthrew Mumbarak in Egypt after 40+ years of peace also and tried to instill the Muslim Brotherhood in power there…

                When will you people figure it out–our muzzie president’s ultimate goal IS the destruction of Israel.

                • H Muller says:

                  Kind of interesting that while ISIS says Israel is the big enemy they’ve never attacked Israel, even though ISIS is close enough (in Syria and the Sinai) to strike Israel. Interesting that ISIS carries Israeli field rations and American made weapons, odd that the ISIS wounded are treated in Israeli military hospitals.
                  But keeping drinking that Zionist koolaid, javelin!

                • Hitemharder says:

                  Our POS mooselim “for animals” el presidente is a radical Islamist, and has been working to expand the caliphate since day 1. Who pushed Mubarek out? Who killed Kadafi?

                  It’s all part of the plan, except Assad won’t cooperate……thank God for the Russians!

                • smokey says:

                  No kidding, Assad was perfectly willing to expend a couple squadrons of tanks or aircraft every ten years or so to keep the population happy and himself in power, and the Israelis were perfectly happy with that arrangement.

                  Now the Israelis have to be continually mobilized for war with the crazies. Not good for their economy or anything else.

                  But, of course, if you hate Jews, it doesn’t matter what reality looks like, just make stuff up.

                  They make exactly the same talking points as the muslim crazies do, almost word for word.

            • Anonymous says:

              Now comes the world-wide gun roundup. Everyone’s guns, that is, except those of government and their “ISIS” shock troops. It has begun.

        • KY Mom says:

          Europe has let in tens of thousands of refugees (INVADERS) who are young men. European leaders have pushed the anti-gun propaganda for decades now. This is the result when a population is nearly totally disarmed.

          Obama has plans to resettle tens of thousands of these refugees in the U.S.

          Taxpayer bill to resettle 35,000 Mideast refugees: $2.3 billion
          “It costs U.S. taxpayers nearly $65,000 to resettle ONE Middle Eastern refugee over the first five years, which is 12 times what it would cost to care for that same refugee in a neighboring country in the region, according to a new study.

          The Center for Immigration Studies cites “heavy welfare use” as the main reason why refugees are so costly to resettle. This flies in the face of oft-quoted comments by U.S. mayors who claim refugees add to their tax base and promote economic growth, making for a more “culturally diverse” and “economically resilient” city.

          The CIS study indicates they are more of a drain on the economy than a boost.

          The $64,370 cost to U.S. taxpayers over five years is a “conservative estimate” presented in a new study released by CIS’ chief researcher and statistician.”

        • Dogged Infidels
          When Europe had the faith, it could defeat the Muslim hordes, but now? – one long retreat.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        Blackjack, welcome. The ISIS turds won’t have an easy time over here UNLESS they’re attacking libturds who support gun control. They’ll get hot lead from me instead of my blood. Once I take one out, I’ll pour some BBQ sauce on the bastard. That’ll stop him from entering that ’72 virgin paradise’.

        • Blackjack says:

          I use gun oil with bacon fat in it sends them right to hell.

        • Texasprepper says:

          They will start their attacks at the colleges. They will go for the softest of soft targets where the brainwashed little liberals will sit down and sing kum-by-ya before the muslims tell them, BOOM, BYE Y’ALL. What’s ironic is those that do the most to protect and coddle the radicals will be the first to be slaughtered by them..

              • Mountain Trekker says:

                Just remember, a conceal carry permit in your wallet is useless, if you don’t have the real thing on your belt. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

                • Warchild Dammit! says:

                  MT,agree having something on you is important,as for a permit,eh,they can’t read when they are dead.Try as I might even with decoder ring have yet to find in 2nd anything regarding perrmits,N.H. does not require one open but no matter what just carry folks.I will say your pistol/bfr will not stop a bomb/attack ect. but might diminish the bodycount.Gun free countries people in general have been mentally neutered,that is what allows this shit to happen,freedom fries anyone?!

                • Nobama says:

                  That is important with or without the unconstitutional permit.

                • Menzoberranzan says:

                  Screw the handguns unless it’s all there is. Better carry semi-auto rifles and much ammo in your vehicle too. 2nd Amendment is my ccw. Don’t be a sheeple and pay and beg for a right you already have. I know so many that are plum proud of that permission slip from their masters. It’s friggin sickening.

                • Lone wolverine says:

                  It could be argued that getting a consealed weapon permit is complying with an unconstitutional law and therefore treason? If you don’t want soldiers to obey illegal orders don’t obey illegal laws? And you apply for a consealed weapon permit which makes it worse? Your asking to obey an blatantly illegal law? If you want to obey unconstitutional laws you are a traitor ? Or just stupid or a coward? You might get a fine or go to jail ? What a terrible price to pay. Better just do what your told. Like a European

                • Trail Head says:

                  Right on Trekker…Wouldn’t hurt to have one in your pocket too.
                  Semper Paratus (Operation Deep Freeze 70-71)

                • smokey says:

                  If you want to argue a CCW permit is treason, go right ahead, it’s a nonsensical argument that will not hold water in any court or debate in the country.

                  Treason is defined in the Constitution, and has nothing to do with a carry permit.

                  Don’t let your ego make a felon out of you. If you think your life and the nation will be improved by that, go right ahead. Intelligent people choose their battles carefully, and carry permit requirements are not one of them. If you don’t agree with the law, work towards getting it changed in your state.

          • Julie Briggs says:

            If and when it starts happening here the libtards will beg the government to do something to keep them safer and the government will respond by taking more of our rights away which is the agenda in the first place.

            The government creates the problem then offers the solution to the reaction. We will continue the march towards the NWO. The NWO is hip and cool as long as it is their party in office.

            The hegelian dialectic

            • apache54 says:

              Julie B
              i would imagine that this is part of the plan to get our guns, using the pretense (it is to protect us), I for one will give them all my guns when they run out of bullets! ALL of history shows when the guns have been taken away it is the last straw before we will be doomed forever, and they are trying hard to get us! elections coming up will be the final part as to how it is going to happen!
              Stay safe and keep eyes open,something is coming and soon to a area near you!

              • Genius says:

                apache, But this time it’s different right? lol.
                J.B. The hegelian dialect has worked great throughout history. I cannot believe people are so stupid they haven’t caught on to it yet. Gotta get back to shawn hannity now (joking) 🙂

            • Nobama says:

              When I see something like this happen and see all the media attention so focused on only that it makes me wonder what is really happening behind the smoke screen.

              This is a huge diversion to get the public and media attention away from something else even more sinister. This was not planned and orchestrated by a group of rag heads. This goes much higher than that.

              • Lone wolverine says:

                Maybe they’ll blame it on Assad. Then they can get his gold. All 140 tons. Can’t get enough of that yellow stuff.

              • Richard Head says:

                nobama I feel the same way. I also got noticed they picked a nice date for it 11/13, just has a nice ring to it.

                They will use this fear to convince nations and people that the one thing that will somehow help this is perpetual war in the middle east. Muslims make a great boogeyman because they’ve been fighting each other for centuries so when you invade and flood enough weapons in there, they won’t back down and you get enough explosions and body count to make for good tv on fox news and thereby furthering the M.I.C. and stripping the people of their rights for their own safety of course.

                Islam is a cancer on the world, quite frankly I can’t stand the religion and most everyone of the sneaky lying bastards that practice it. But make no mistake, radical islam is not our real enemy. TPTB are needing more war, so they pick the dirty little sandbox trash that they know will fight back.

                It’s Syria or bust!

              • smokey says:

                You don’t think 8 muslims could attack 4 places at once in the city they live in? Just how stupid do you think they are?

            • Kulafarmer says:

              The libturds will scream for gun control like they always do,
              The hardware will be the LAST thing they get

            • Lone wolverine says:

              Nonsensical shall not be infringed is that nonsensical too? If I don’t agree with the law ? Our constitution the highest law doesn’t agree with it. The constitution doesn’t hold any water in any court or any debate in this country? Work towards getting a blatantly unconstitutional law changed? Is that what we’ve come to.? I’m a felon and your our hero? Intelligent people chose their battles carefully? What’s more important to you then our constitution ? Is shall not be infringed too hard for you to understand? Only our enemy wants us defenseless . If you require a permit you can say no to a permit. Infringement ? I hope your government check is worth it. If you want to infringe on our rights your the enemy.

          • TPSnodgrass says:

            Thinning the herd in the hallowed halls of Academia isn’t really a crime is it? Just trying to “understand” the “conceptualization of the jihadi mind” here…bully for them IF they hit the Ivy League Gun Free “Safe Zones” first. Would serve them right. A little “ethnic cleansing” in academia can’t be bad for morale in this country at all, rhetorically speaking of course.
            That or storming the halls of MSNBC or CNN would be an excellent soft target choice as well and guarantee them major media coverage at the same time.

          • Braveheart1776 says:

            Texasprepper, I agree. Socialist revolutions ALWAYS devour their most devoted supporters first. Never fails. Those idiotic kids have no idea what’s coming to their doorsteps.

        • Bubba-J says:

          72 virgin, could mean a 72 year old virgin, or 72 virgin males, OR 72 virgin camels. That sounds about right for mohamed.

        • OrganicGrower says:

          Brave, Illinois is trying an outright gun ban. Glad I moved out of that stupid state

          • Braveheart1776 says:

            OG, links to any articles on that? Not necessarily doubting your post considering today’s political climate, but some links would help. If true. then sounds like all the gun owners in IL need to march on the state capitol.

          • smokey says:

            Didn’t the state just get CCW in the city of Chicago? What ban are you talking about?

            I’ll bet you a dozen states have gun ban bills sitting in their legislatures at any given time, but none of them are going anywhere. Isn’t going to happen.

        • OrganicGrower says:

          Where are my posts?

      • bill says:

        dip all your ammo in bacon grease and make it well known, just like perishing did many years ago

      • Mike Radant says:

        Don’t forget that Jews have a major role in the muzzie invasion of Europe. Jews advocate multi-culti for everyone else. But how many refugees has Israel taken? Hint:0. In fact Israel sends them on to Europe!


        • Lone wolverine says:

          We need major house cleaning. After the collapse if we pick and chose it will just start up again. Like the movie The Colony. Give them an option a bullet or a long walk. If we don’t our grandchildren will have to deal with this again and maybe loose. Sorry folks we came here got rid of the savages and built a decent nation and you will not get the chance to turn it into your third world hell hole homeland. You’ve demonstrated your inability to maintain a first world environment in every city you’ve taken over so it’s time for you to go one way or another.

      • Mongoose says:

        And I odds are shoot better than they do, so it will take a lot of their blood to taste mine.

      • Jason L says:

        Not to mention it’s tainted with the sweet taste of freedom. Terrorists are allergic to freedom.

      • kiljoy616 says:

        lol, lets not forget all the lead poison we have at our disposal. Unlike the French which seem to have learned nothing of the past.

    • Acid Etch says:






        • skittle shittin unicorn says:

          its worse then just muzzies folks
          its all the F*&%ing blacks and yes i know this is racist its meant to be

          i saw a beautiful example fri of the full blown race war starting at a local grocery store

          this young black ass hole stood in line screaming out his filth towards whites Asians and Mexicans in line every thing from the Asians eating ramen to the Mexican and his choice of beans and tortillas

          he was told by 2 or 3 people to shut up and he screamed back this is MY FU*&ing country and i will do what i want when i want and all you white and brown ass holes can go to hell. and his anger knew no boundary”s or limits he screamed about every one taking his country and making it a White country
          and forcing his people and family into slavery again

          if i had been carrying i might have put a 45 HP expanding round into his empty rage filled skull but i might have missed his BB sized brain and hit some one else
          besides the state i live in has a non escalating rule re gun fights LOL

          folks we are about to face a race war in this country and no amount of BS or talking is going to stop it
          i am not sure if it will happen in 2015 or 2016

          but it is going to happen

          Ovomit is the main cause of all this rage among the ebt blacks but some of it is because of the Muslim brotherhood and the nation of islam groups
          and we have both here in the south west and not just in tulsa ok

          Louis Farrakhan Nation of islam brother hood is very big here and they stand on the corner and beg for money in their $ 500.00 suits and fancy shoes

          they try selling me crap at stop lights and when they approach my car all they get is the muzzle of my 1911

          on the edge of the door Just enough for them to see it but not any one else
          never saw them run so f*&king fast LMAO

          they wave their papers they also sell in our face with headlines like RACE WAR ON BLACKS
          and White Race war
          Black Genocide

          ever since the shooting in SC i carry about 6 or 7 Stars and Bars flags ( cheap printed ones ) and if some a hole black idiot gives me any shit or the nation of islam guys start walking up i hold it up and that also scares the shit out of them even if its folded and lying on the dash board

          we have to fight these A holes folks or we are done.

          does this make me a racist ? you bet your ass it does but they have caused every bit of it

          MY ancestors settled in the colonies in 1750 or 1760 and have fought in every war since and that includes WWI WWII Nam korea and both Iraq wars
          they fought on both sides in the civil war and the Spanish American war so don’t tell me i have zero rights. like most here we ALL have rights and if WE don’t start using them we will lose them and it will be no one fault but ours

          IF you can afford it today or this week BUY a NEW gun ( or 2 or 3 )
          or buy a couple of used like i plan to do when the gun stores open.
          and really piss off a liberal and make one a Black gun.
          HELL make them all black

          stop worrying about Europe and France they got what they deserve.
          they are the ones who want socialism and no guns
          and now they are paying for that mistake

          skittle shittin unicorn

          KNOW your enemy

      • Aren’t you Acidman of /GGrevolt/?

      • sixpack says:


        Comment prend des fusils travaillant en France?

        • grandee says:

          What makes working guns in France?

          • Them Guys says:

            WOW! Smokin Gun eh! Just seen This article listed at Left screen SHTF ad for Daily Coin website…Check the Proof for “ISIS”…and Keep in Mind what aint usually reported in such articles is the Vast controller Role played by…The jewish State of Israel, as they calls it.

            Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US “Created” ISIS As A “Tool” To Overthrow Syria’s President Assad

            by The Tyler(s), zero hedge…

            (not from begining of article)..

            used as a facade by the US to achieve its own geopolitical and national interests over the past two decades, so ISIS was nothing more than al Qaeda 2.0, there was no actual evidence of just this.

            That may all have changed now when a declassified secret US government document obtained by the public interest law firm, Judicial Watch, shows that Western governments deliberately allied with al-Qaeda and other Islamist extremist groups to topple Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad.

            According to investigative reporter Nafeez Ahmed in Medium, the “leaked document reveals that in coordination with the Gulf states and Turkey, the West intentionally sponsored violent Islamist groups to destabilize Assad, despite anticipating that doing so could lead to the emergence of an ‘Islamic State’ in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

            According to the newly declassified US document, the Pentagon foresaw the likely rise of the ‘Islamic State’ as a direct consequence of the strategy, but described this outcome as a strategic opportunity to “isolate the Syrian regime.”

            The secret Pentagon document thus provides extraordinary confirmation that the US-led coalition currently fighting ISIS, had three years ago welcomed the emergence of an extremist “Salafist Principality” in the region as a way to undermine Assad, and block off the strategic expansion of Iran. Crucially, Iraq is labeled as an integral part of this “Shia expansion.”

            Further on, the document reveals that Pentagon analysts were acutely aware of the dire risks of this strategy, yet ploughed ahead anyway.

            Complete Article at Daily Coin website, LINK in AD left side page SHTF.

            Like I stated I see zero mention of AIPAC and just insignificant slight mention of Israel in story…That is Typical…But You all should by now know code words such as TPTB or Eliets or 1% er’s-Top Ruler Billionaires etc etc actually means…AIPAC/jewish state israel period. And of course their Banksterboys also!

            • smokey says:

              Yeah, right, tell us another fairy tale about secret Pentagon documents that only you and some nutjob website know about.

              If this were remotely true, the media would be all over it.

              • Nathan says:

                Smokey, there’s no rational discussion with assholes like him, he finds shit on nutcake websites to fit his hate against Jews and tries to pass it off as fact. He’s not playing with a full deck, likely for years.

                • Lone wolverine says:

                  Read what famous people have said about the oos. And tell me your right and their wrong?

                • Nathan says:

                  Lone wolverine,

                  If you possessed half of a brain you might be considered to become dangerous. Look at what ” famous people” say about the Jews? What’s the problem, can’t think of any to call by name? Maybe you should think a little instead of machine gun repetition of postings all the time, it may make you more credible, but don’t hold your breath. You strike me as the kind that can be led by the nose anywhere by simply waving a Bible in your face, a book, in fact, which has multiple chapters missing in it which by the very nature of that fact makes it highly flawed to begin with, but hey, YOU know all there is to know about it, right?

              • ChicagoRefugee says:

                With Dear Leader in charge?

                Thank you though. I needed a good laugh.

              • nigtshiftsucks says:

                Well I guess you don’t know that 6 companies own 90% of the MSM.So the rich own the govt and the rich own the MSM so whatever they want you to think then thats what they will tell you.WAKE UP don’t trust the MSM,it will make you look stupid if you do.

              • H Muller says:

                “If this were remotely true, the media would be all over it.”

                You believe the mainstream media, smokey? You’ve just lost all credibility. Only a FOX News kool-aid drinker or a government planted troll would advocate belief in the corporate media. The biggest nut jobs are people who support the Globalist agenda.

              • Lone wolverine says:

                Our bought and payed for media ? Who’s paying you for this? Is this the new government jobs we’ve been hearing about? Paid enemy pro actors ? No one believes you here . You are just wasting everyone’s time. Go get a real job . If you can find one in the country your kind has created.

                • Nathan says:

                  You know what wolverine, you and your buddies are right. NOTHING reported on any news channel ANYWHERE in the United Sates is true. It’s ALL A LIE! Everything, all the time, those stories about the cops shooting a rancher, a 6 year old kid with autism, all of them LIES! Why? Because they were reported by a MSM outlet, that’s why! All the stories about Muslim attacks, and crime in general, ALL LIES! So, you can’t have your cake and eat it too now can you? No, at least not for an adult, only little kids. So by virtue of your OWN statements, everything I just said is a lie, including the attack in Paris 2 days ago, all lies, nothing more, because it was reported an the ” bough and paid for media”. So don’t worry about anything, it’s all a big Jewish LIE!

            • Anonymous says:

              The U.S. Government created “ISIS” as a decoy for Americans to confuse with the real Free Syrians who are trying to rid themselves of oilman Assad and establish a real libertarian society in Syria.

              • Hunter says:


                The israeli mossad, the CIA & MI-6 were/are the creators/trainers. The Saudi’s are the paymasters and the Turks supply the conduit for supplies/weaponry.

                ..and per your assessment of Syrians desiring a “real libertarian” society in Syria….again bullshit, ’tis mere propaganda/lies/political cover…so the real MONSTER in the neighborhood (israel), can steal yet more land from the Syrian people.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        Acid, damn good points plus I like your sarcasm in the first sentence of your post.

      • apache54 says:

        Acid E,
        GOOD ONE!!!

      • Plain Old American says:

        Totally agree AE.

    • javelin says:

      When do we take the offensive? How long can we wait on leaders to realize that there are no “moderate” muslims.

      Is it time to visit the local mosque ( every town in America has at least one now) and let them know that they are REALLY not welcome TO LIVE here?

      We need a leader, someone to stand up and say..” Countrymen, now is the time to drive back the invaders and cleanse our land!!”

    • slingshot says:


      Who do you trust?

      We have seen what the Islamic Religion perpetrates.
      Their followers want Sharia Law to rule the world. Their religion allows them to lie to the Infidel and we know damn well there are many here now that dance and celebrate for the destruction of our country.

      So what do we do with the ones that are here already? Can we trust Them. To whom is their allegiance?

      If you judge them by their past actions, one could consider them a threat as bad or worse than our government.

      This is becoming a multi front war. Those that fail to prep will find themselves in the Meat grinder.

      • Blackjack says:

        I trust neither Islam or the Government. The Koran is nothing more than a 6th century manual for conquest. I am well prepped to defend myself, there will be no rules of engagement on American soil.

      • javelin says:

        No we can’t trust them— their allegiance is to Islam and the satanic moon god allah and his pedophilic, murdering rapist moo-ham-mad.
        Just as the muslim in chief in the white house said, “I will stand with the muslims should the political winds change.’

        do you expect that the millions of muslims who stay on the fringes of our society, waiting, will support the western ideals and society that they barely participate in now?

        • slingshot says:


          As an Example.

          There are two communities that have live harmoniously for years besides each other. One Muslim and the other Christian. Both live under state law. As the political and Religious winds blow. One begins to make war on the other because that is what their religious teachings proclaim is right.
          Should the Christians use the State Laws to settle the war, remain peaceful, even as the frequency and destruction increases. When would it be right for Christians to disreguard the state law, defend themselves and wage War on the enemy, to the point of either killing them all or forcing them from our country.

          You can also ask how long and to what extent the Local Government is willing to absorb the destruction and death of its towns people.

    • Critterbrabber says:

      Frighin sandmiggers

    • I dunno about this tell them to go to go the ghettos. they will get skinned alive by MS-13, The bloods and the crypts….If they go to the country side they will feel the rage of the rednecks… Gun free zones I bet like NYC and Chicago…..might happened where theres a lot of sheep and you can’t defend yourself

    • kevin says:

      well said i know ways that make the REAL dracula look like a cub scout i and will bet the first time some muslim runs across what i would do they would run screaming in horror and and fear

    • ChicagoRefugee says:

      They will in Gun Free Zones – like your average college campus. Afterwards, students will hold a candlelight vigil for Peace (and gun control.)

    • AmericaWILLbestopped says:

      ISIS is funded, supplied and controlled from America.
      It is the filth of the American dream of CONTROLLING EVERYTHING in its final death throes.
      Try that Paris shit on Russia, and America will be zinging molten glass within 30 minutes.

    • straight shooter says:















      P.S. FUCK YOU

    • Lone wolverine says:

      Their right about one thing . American blood is the sweetest .Come and try to get it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    peaceful religion…

  3. Wilson says:

    but, but Islam is such a peaceful religion.

  4. taxdn2poverty says:

    Al Gore was at the Eiffel Tower doing a global warming skit and ISIS kills over 150 people in Paris and misses the Bastard. Thanks a lot ISIS!

  5. Anonamous says says:

    We need more gunsmiths ASAP, will be in greater demand than ever,answer the call…..

  6. ghr2293 says:

    all of this as I was showing my co-workers the youtube video the forced collective suicide of europe and then my brother but found that the audio had been muted as if to shut the vid down so people could not be informed as to whats going on in europe. these people are animals and the left and global Kabal is doing their level best to throw the world into chaos. Ive been called every name in the book for trying to wake people up to this reality even by my own mother who is trapped by the normalcy bias. I sure hope this wakes people up.

    • AGENT SKINHEAD says:

      Hmmmm, agreed.
      It’s hard not to come across as a hate filled fascist when mentioning the very real danger that we all face from these free-radicals!
      Islam and its moronic devotees is a friggin’ pain in the friggin’ ass.
      Best to uproot the problem before it gets itself established.
      Keep going bud.

    • Nexus789 says:

      Disparaging to animals. Animals generally only kill to survive. They are degenerates and sub human.

  7. HBOMB says:

    Tell ISIS I bleed napalm.

  8. Dana says:

    I can’t believe people are falling for this crap AGAIN! This is NOT a Muslim v. Christian war, it is the bankers war between the have’s and the have-not’s. They are trying to get the Muslims and Christians to kill each other. How can people not see this???

    • Acid Etch says:

      You’re wrong. Moose limbs would suck even without the bankers.

      • BadAmerican says:

        @acid itch and All:

        Good Day Eisen.

        ISIS is a CIA-Mossad-Mi6 front. Just because a few ragheads claim responsibility, just means you are buying in to the theater. Notice how quickly their video made it to prime time. Video produced prior to attack. Planned and payed for by TPTB.

        It is a psy-op. Chances are good that the bombings and killings were done by fellow frenchmen or allies. If ISIS operations happen in the USA, bet your ass it has a gov’t stamp of approval.

        False Flag to instill fear. It has Global Corp written all over it. Isreal is in the backyard of ISIS, yet remains unscathed? >>>>Pul-eeease<<<<<

        It is the mussies.
        It is the blacks.
        It is the whites.
        It is the Christians.
        It is the Confederate Flag.
        It is the The Constitution.
        It is the guns.
        It is gender inequality.
        It is racial inequality.
        it is economic inequality.

        Starting to get the picture? Do not feed the beast.

        Prep, plan accordingly and stay frosty for whatever Trojan Horse they throw our way. This is what we do and why we do it.


        Stop being distracted.
        Stop pissing in everyone's ear 'cuz you disagree.


        Thank you in advance for you loyalty and service to your fellow Freemen and Patriots.

        We….Band of Brothers…….BA.

      • Anonymous says:

        And it’s been going on for 1400 years, longer than any current bankers have been around.

        • Anonymous:

          The Banksters are the modern Pharasies. Two thousand and fifteen or so years ago a carpenter from Nazareth got so angry he turned over bushels. He took a whip to the men whom he accused – “made my house a den of thieves”, and kicked them out.

          Goldman Sachs run by a den of thieves, is the true power in/of America. Nothing happens without their approval. Instead of writing to your Congressman, write Goldman Sachs. Money talks and that’s the truth. Now why would GS want violent Arab Muslims to infiltrate Christian America? Could they be holding a grudge for 2,00 years? Yes. You can bet your sweet Christian ass.

    • Conni Lingus says:

      Dana–Oh yea, it’s soooo hard to get muslimes to kill somebody.

      Muslimes are ENRAGED!!!! Has there ever been a headline that read Muslims staged a quiet, orderly protest ?

    • TheDude says:

      People will always see precisely what they want to see.

    • Mayaman says:

      Dana is the only one speaking sense. As the rest run for their guns and ammo the people in the trade and the taxman are rubbing their hands together. A cozy little war in the middle East / Europe will suit the bigwigs over there.

    • Richard Head says:

      I’m with you dana, as I stated in comment above

      They will use this fear to convince nations and people that the one thing that will somehow help this is perpetual war in the middle east. Muslims make a great boogeyman because they’ve been fighting each other for centuries so when you invade and flood enough weapons in there, they won’t back down and you get enough explosions and body count to make for good tv on fox news and thereby furthering the M.I.C. and stripping the people of their rights for their own safety of course.

      Islam is a cancer on a free society, and it makes for a good enemy, but they are not THE enemy. We are being lied to! Most people seem to realize that on most days. But it amazes me how even the most awake people will fall right in line with the script everytime something big enough happens and the media flood us with bs scenes of WAR!

      • Lone wolverine says:

        Most don’t care if their good or bad . We have very high unemployment we don’t need more people. I see these foreigners everywhere who’s letting them in . Only our enemies would.

        • During Bush’s war on terrorism he opened the floodgates to Moose immigration. We have a full house because of him. Obama deported more illegals than all modern Presidents combined UNTIL he got a protest from the Chamber of Commerce signed by 100 corporations. This is not “liberal” that is said to divide and conquer this country. I never met a liberal who buys into illegal immigration. If you can’t see the enemy, you can nuke entire countries without changing anything.

      • Anonymous says:

        “THE” enemy isn’t human.

        But it’s the humans that do his bidding causing our problems.

        Which is most of us in one way or another and to one degree or another.

    • kiwi says:

      u dam yanks are so brainwashed

    • Hello Hunter,

      I apologize for being off topic.

      I have black bear in my Food Forest and have not explored all the way to the top to look at the plant life and check for caves. It is part of a wildlife corridor. I don’t want to kill a bear at this time but don’t want to be mauled either. I have bear sign even around my house. I make a lot of extra noise to encourage the bear to amble off when I am in the vicinity. If I had to shoot, what would be enough firepower?

      I may have a puma and bobcats, they have been seen by others. I heard the puma once but don’t see scat so am not on its regular run, maybe when the mule deer are here every afternoon in the winter.

      Of course it could be a defensive weapon as well so maybe not completely off topic?

      • Hunter says:


        Well ma’am, based on the clues you’ve provided..per the local flora/fauna, I ascertain that you live in the Western US..likely the Northern areas or Northwestern Canada/Alaska (possibly).

        ..and since you didn’t identify ‘what species’ of bear you’re dealing with, I’m gonna assume a worst case scenario & call it a Grizzly.

        That said, your minimum carry should be a pump 12ga. riot-gun w/ extended mag..alternately loaded w/ 00-buck & rifled slugs (staggered in the tube).
        Said weapon must have quality swivels & a good/strong sling..a quality recoil pad @ the butt-stock, would be beneficial also.

        ..most importantly, YOU MUST PRACTICE shooting it alot (try #7’s on skeet), insomuch as the handling of it becomes second nature to you…and be sure to buy QUALITY!!!!!! (Mossberg is a good starting point).

        …Btw, my niece(age 24) & daughter (age 29) are both approx 110lbs. Yet they both use 12ga. pumps, when competing w/ us males @ family shindigs…during the summer months…and yes, both are superior shooters compared to some of the guys.

        ..handgun selection = .44mag(minimum) 4-6in. barrel.
        ..however, be forewarned as most women find the grips are too large/uncomfortable and the recoil too vicious.

        Hope this of benefit to your query.
        Good-luck, ma’am.

        • Thank you kind sir. My bears are black bears in the mountains of New Mexico. I grew up hunting and fishing in the backwoods of Oregon and Alaska. My dad carried a 300 magnum for grizzlies that I could not handle. I was on the rifle team shooting 22 LR and sure did beat the boyz. I am now 61 with a shoulder injury. Not the same same. My son inherited the family gun collection but it was on the line of 30.30 or 30.06. I have a 38 handgun that I shoot well. I went into a gun store and felt overwhelmed. Don’t want to go because mountain living did not come with my good paying city job. I want to go up and see if I have caves (common hereabouts) but that pesky black bear might get rowdy if he’s living in one on my property instead of a mile away. I wrote down your suggestions and will start there. Again, thanks.

          • Hunter says:

            Whoa…wait a minute ma’am!

            If you’re dealing w/ Black bear & puma’s…that old 30-30 will do just fine. 150gr. Winchester or Remington soft-nose will take care of either critter.

            Ditto, you can likely drop down in handgun caliber also..a 4in. barrel 357mag. w/ 125gr.HP or 158gr.HP/softpoints will get the job done.

            ..however, shot placement w/ the 357mag., becomes more critical..lessor so w/ the 30-30..as compared to the 12ga.


            You know in my younger days, I spent some quality time up in the Pecos Wilderness…what a beautiful scenic State New Mexico is!!!

            Caught my first rainbow trout there..Bluewater Lake ’68.

            • Hey Hunter,
              30.30 it is then. I make noise to encourage the bear to amble off but he did spend a couple days in my shed in a late snowstorm last winter. Had to run him off. I have eaten bear so he needs to watch himself! But my dad shot it, not me. I just helped gut it out and eat it. I have been in New Mexico 3 years creating a food forest in the pinyon-juniper forest. My 5 acres is part of a wildlife corridor. This a beautiful state. I haven’t been to the Pecos Wilderness yet. I have a ton of sightseeing to do still. I feel fine about a 3030… I am hearing about guns I have never seen before. I am not any kind of military person. I can definitely shoot a regular rifle.
              Thank you.

  9. Who could have possibly seen *this* coming?

    Oh, right, everybody that isn’t a clueless moron.

    Coming here next. Be ready.

  10. Anonymous says:

    People of the world.
    How about bringing back an order to end the destruction
    Known as the CRUSADERS
    Started because of muslams killing and persecuating christians and jews back in the days of old

    • grandee says:

      So long as you don’t call them

      Christian CRUSADERS.

      Anyone who kills in the name of Christ is not a Christian.

      But I get your point

      • Nobama says:

        Grandee you are so wrong. Killing non-beleivers in the name of Christ has been the very doctrine of Christianity for thousands of years.

        • I’m sorry, can you post a link to the “doctrine” of killing. Maybe some verses in the New Testament. I’ve never read anything in the Bible(you know, the founding document for Christians) that condones or encourages “killing in the name of Christ”. Evidence please. And don’t list events, you mentioned doctrine. In order to pin a “doctrine” to a religion, it has to be written down. Also, if said doctrine isn’t present in the founding documents of the religion, can you honestly say that said doctrine is actually a part of that religion?

          • Genius says:

            Well since you mention it how about this:
            You will know them by the fruits of their labor.

            • Absolutely! If they read the Bible, follow the teachings of Jesus and bear the fruits of the Spirit, they are Christians. Anything else is just flawed people using religion for their own ends, aka, Crusades, Spanish Inquisition. Nothing in the Bible condoned the acts during those events.

          • ” I have not come to destroy the Law but to fulfill it”.

            Jesus did not teach people to be defenseless.

            “Sell your coat, and buy a sword.” Jesus said.

            Our enemies pick and choose those parts that suit their agenda. The Kings and Popes wanted the people to be compliant, docile servants. All rulers use superstition, ignorance, fear and emotion to control the masses. They simply don’t possess enough manpower to enforce every law. That is why TV is so effective. Emotion trumps reason. Stop watching TV. When you get angry or have any strong emotion, you can not reason. Push away. Gather facts. Listen with an open mind. Change your mind when new information shows that your ideas are wrong. Keep evolving. Keep learning. Allow for others to disagree without anger. Some of these are easier said than done, but that’s the goal.

      • Lone wolverine says:

        Didn’t Christ say sell your clothes to buy a sword. Didn’t he drive the money changers out of the temple using violence. Didn’t he call them the children of satan. What do you do with the children of satan.? Let them run loose? That was then this is now. The new messiah will rule with an iron rod and his robe will be red with blood. This is the new beginning . No more Mr. Nice guy.

        • Wow, so many leaps in logic here. First, the “buying a sword” comment was not a verse aimed at Christendom. It was Jesus setting up the scene for his arrest. It was a fulfillment of prophesy. Peter draws one of two swords and cuts off a guy’s ear and Jesus says “Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.”(Matthew 26:52). Does that sound like Jesus was encouraging taking up the sword?

          And the leap from calling them “children of satan” and then ASSUMING that meant to kill them?

          And Jesus using violence to cleanse the temple? He was one man with a whip, over turning tables and setting animals free. Do you think he was running people down and beating them bloody? He was causing a ruckus! You have to get physical in order to do that. I’ve never read one verse that even comes close to Jesus requesting Christians kill in his name. It is even dicey whether he condoned self-defense!

          • Anonymous says:

            Any bloodthirsty madman that runs up on me or those I care about will soon find themselves on a one way trip to HELL. It’s a Christian responsibility to defend innocents and not stand there and watch the slaughter.

          • Anonymous says:

            Yea there sure was a ruckus when Anananias and Sapphira dropped over dead.

          • Lone wolverine says:

            The next messiah is suppose to be quite different . We will see who the evil are? The ones telling us to lay down and be slaughtered . Or the ones telling us to defend ourselves

          • Hunter says:

            Renee..per your:

            “..It is even dicey whether he condoned self-defense!”

            You’re having one of those ‘estrogen episodes’..yes? And its interfering w/ your ability to recall the Savior’s advice to his disciples per:..

            -(quote)- “..if ye have not a sword, sell your coat & buy one”

            Its in the Book of Luke, if I recall correctly.

            His words, not mine!

            • Carol says:


              You’re really arrogant, aren’t you? You think by twisting quotes from the Bible you can convince people they’re wrong and only you know what’s true. If you’re going to argue with people using that technique, they should dismiss you outright. You seem to think nobody else has a right to exercise what they think the Bible means, no, the bible means only what you think it does, nobody has a right to their own views and opinions. Now, where have I heard this kind of thinking before…

              • Hunter says:


                Actually ma’am…your post merely proves my point, per hormone induced feelings (a female & liberal limp-wristed semi-male endeavor), as opposed to “cold/hard logic” analysis (usually, an Alpha-male domain)…

                Btw, I did NOT twist scripture one iota..said quoted verse is readily verified in your(?) KJV bible.
                ‘Tis up to your (apparently) lackadaisical ass, to find it..so get busy.

                And per your allusion to individual interpretation of scripture, being an acceptable path to embracing GOD(?)…well, take that up w/ him…’cuz I believe the last thing CHRIST desired..was a situation where “everybody” was granted license to be a theologian..ergo, a ‘Reverend’, who’re divinely qualified to interpret, his intent/wishes/advice & desires…as doing such would merely give the nut cases everywhere…

                …free reign to pervert…his word!!!(**)

                ..and Lord knows, we have enough of those sons-o-bitches as it is…see Rev. Sharpton / Jackson & cretins like Hagee for details!!!

                Lastly, focusing on the ‘arrogant’ accusation..well:

                …you betcha your ass lady!!!
                ..’cuz its backed up w/ a real set & a ship-load of facts, truths, history and GOD given free will that’s tempered w/ scripture & the study, thereof.

                Have a pleasant evening ma’am!!!!!!!!!!


                (**)…as if we don’t suffer as much from already!!!

                • Here We Go Again says:

                  ” To give the nutcases free reign to pervert his word” Like you’re not included in the biggest nutcase group of all are you? BTW, where the HELL did you learn English composition, you need remedial lessons big time. How to construct a basic sentence, then paragraphs, then the proper use of punctuation, unless you want to portray yourself as a nut, in which case you’re successful beyond all your expectations.

                • Hunter says:

                  Aaah..go fuck yourself ‘grammer-nazi’. Chickenshits like you are a dime a dozen hereabouts.

                • Here We Go Again says:

                  AWWWWWWW, did I make the little ” cunt hair” cry? It’s funny that YOU all of all people use the term grammar NAZI when you are the biggest sucker of Nazi cock anywhere! And of course, YOU would be an expert of chicken shit, having been one for all of your miserable ancient life. With help from above we will be spared from you shortly, the sooner the better.

          • Redoubt:

            Have you ever read the “other Bible”. Those scriptures which were conducive to the aims of the rulers made their way into the final version. Anything that showed Jesus’ true powerful human nature was conviently left out. Jesus was a revolutionary fighter. Not a mambee pambee push over.

        • Anonymous says:

          You are correct. Not only is the battle physical but spiritual too. Things are really ramping up and plenty of chaos being devised behind the scenes.

        • grandee says:

          The deal with the temple cleansing:

          Jesus was driving out the money changers because they were running the “Concessions”-where the people had to buy only temple stock for sacrifice (cause theirs was deemed not good enough) – that was the way they cheated the people in the temple.

          The very first Priest Jesus was taken to at His trials was Annas. John 18:13 ¶ And led him away to Annas first; for he was father in law to Caiaphas, which was the high priest that same year.

          Annas ran the concessions at the temple.

          Jesus touched Annas’ pocketbook that day when He cleansed the temple. Annas lost a lot of money when Jesus set the animals free. Jesus use of “violence” was never against people, His hand never did that. But He knew how to make a point by touching a man’s finances.

          When it came time to crucify Jesus, Annas wanted first crack at Him. Because of the money he’d lost that day.

  11. smooze says:

    Do I pay the light bill or get more ammo….I’ve got flashlights n candles… 😉

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      Get more ammo if you can. You’ll need all you can get for the war that’s coming to these shores.

      • slingshot says:

        What many fail to understand is that these people have nothing to lose. They have bombed, shot at, Tortured, family killed and injured, raped and stoned to death. Life is short and in many cases CHEAP. Driven by hate. They do not need much to make them feel they have a Righteous Reason or Cause to do unthinkable acts. Supported by religious doctrine.
        They are willing to die!

        Remember that when they start shouting Allahu Arkbar.

      • Anonymous says:

        bravefart, you had better get out of monkeyphus Tenn. you are surrounded by 1.5 million darkies that will draw a bead on you first time they see your white ass when tshtf.

    • john stiner says:

      The ammo will make enough of a flash to keep the room lit, so buy the ammo.

  12. Realtime Prep says:

    Hey I thought assault weapons are against the law in Paris???? Guess they need stricter gun control! OH WAIT, if a citizen was actually armed, the death toll might of only been 3 cuz after the first one was shot, the two doing the shooting are going down!

  13. Godsoldier says:

    The hardest part of it all for our gov when they strike (isis) here in the USA will be turning off the switch in otherwords ending the hunting season that would start and even thors who are morally stricken would turn a blind eye and not see nothing because this is America and we are patriots and besides everyone wants to be on the winning team

  14. Godsoldier says:

    Just use your ammo on the first one then pick up his ammo and use it on the rest of them then get ammo from them and so on and so on besides them getting shot with own ammo smitens them even more hell just capture them castrate them then tell them no need to die now cus you are no good to the 13 virgins alla promised you and they gonna laugh at ya when you go

  15. Rockmanr says:

    Saracens and Moors have tried to invade Europe over the centuries but this is the first time the leaders of Europe have helped them do it. The only realistic solution is open wat between6 the peoples. One or the other will dominate Stop the invasion and send them back with a warning not to come back. It is pure survival now The fate of Europe will be deceided for centuries to come

  16. Da Yooper says:

    what are the odds that wallmart sells out of ammo tomorrow?

  17. CommonCents says:

    When it starts here in the U.S., God help us all cause the Bystander-in-chief won’t.

  18. greasemonkoid says:

    You’ve heard of survival of the fittest, it’s evident that survival of the most intelligent is the new game. Liberal gungrabbers will be the first to get wiped out should this proliferate to the US.

    If the feds attempt to strip us of our defense, they are no less an enemy that a herd of muslims.

    • Anonymous says:

      Muck the fuzzies.

    • I don’t agree with all this nonsense about liberals hating guns. Every liberal I know is well armed. This is the US silly people. Corporate owned media and corporate owned government want gun control to protect their fearful owners. You folks are buying into one of their favorite divide and conquer memes… it’s da libruls! Stop buying in. I am liberal and most of my friends are. Why can I see this is nonsense and you cannot? Liberals are also prepping, also armed, creating gardens, building small businesses that will support us after the crash… but we are not promising to shoot conservatives on sight… you tell me, should we be ready to shoot you Americans on sight?

      • slingshot says:


        Do as I say and not what I do.

        Many Liberals are packing guns. They just don’t want others to have them. Also their views are opposite conservatives so the truth will come out in the end.

        If you have that, “I know what is good for you attitude”.

        Then Gear Up.

        • Attaching liberals to gun control is just smack from corporate-owned media. Divide and conquer. You heard it here first. Calling to recreate slavery is not conservative it is just smack from corporate-owned media. Divide and conquer. Not one of my conservative friends or acquaintances want slavery. The corporate masters want gun control and theywant the blame on liberals. The corporate masters want slavery and they want to blame conservatives. I am sure there are a few crazy conservatives who want slavery for “others”. I work in sales and spend a lot of time with each customer getting their products installed. I hear the gamut. I do not hear that most people want the crazy and extreme policies being put in place to enslave us. My best conservative friend claims to be libertarian but had a neighborhood problem and wanted someone in government come fix it. I called her on that. She had to laugh. Sure I hear crazy stuff out of her sometimes.I call it fear. She is afraid to confront the dragon so she confronts the kitty cat. I advocate for Americans to hang together. I call me a liberal because I will never call for throwing gram and gramps under the bus to feed the maw of corporate welfare and corporate crime. That makes me soft I guess. When the SHTF I hope my Food Forest can feed me and a dozen others… liberal or conservative. Try not to shoot me on your way over for fresh chicken eggs.

      • Anonymous says:

        Rebecca= Fool, Socialist. liberals also created the laws that enforce gun control. Liberals believe laws are for everyone except themselves. I hate libs. If you were on fire, I wouldn’t piss one you to put you out. You are 75% they reason we are in this shit.

        • I live in a conservative area and I am the only one managing to grow food. Shoot if you must but you might have to run through all my well armed conservative neighbors that are counting on food. Before you hit my gun. I am showing some of the ladies how to get edibles out of this harsh mountain. We are Americans and killing each other suits the corporate masters just fine.

      • Nobama says:

        Rebecca, true that some liberals possess firearms too, but they also don’t want anyone else too own them.

        • Lone wolverine says:

          Seems even the libs.. Are waking up .but do you trust them after what they’ve been doing . Who’s letting these people in . Who voted for this guy twice? We can’t afford to trust them . They’ll just start up again . If we pick and choose we are doomed . They all have to go even if it’s your daughter or son or best friend its come down to that.

          • Lone wolverine:

            Now that is rediculous. You think a sane person would kill their kids because they voted for some jack ass? Please. I think you need a cold shower, a cold beer, and a not to cold piece of hamburger. I’m surprised and disappointed you would make such a thoughtless and silly remark.

            • Don’t trust anyone who voted for Obama? I voted for him because I hoped he would end Bush’s Deferred Prosecution Agreements that turned corporate crime into “business as usual” allowing them to become the largest criminal organizations this planet has ever seen. All sanctioned by Bush and Obama. And if liberals don’t trust anyone who voted for Bush… twice? Civil war that accomplishes nothing but putting us under martial law with tanks in the streets. Did you as a conservative vote for Deferred Prosecution Agreements? I doubt it. You voted for Bush. Did I as a liberal vote for TPP or gun control? Of course not. I voted for Obama. Every vote is now for corporate rule because conservative and liberal no longer exist… only what corporations want. In other words the banksters and oil magnates and KochMachine. We vote and get a new slant on the new world order under corporate rule.

      • On the Path says:

        Rebecca – I call BS on liberals hating guns. My liberal family members despise them. In fact 2 weeks ago one of them asked me if I would kill someone to defend myself. She looked at me and said, no not me, I guess it’s my time if that happens. Are you kidding me? Milk toast brains with no value for life, even her own or her grandchildren.

        But yet her mentality (and other’s like her I know) is radical towards anyone that believes differently than they believe, from government’s role in society to all the social justice issues they want to force us and our children and grandchildren to embrace.

        • And I know stupid and radical conservatives. No matter how bizarre government policies, corporate-owned media can find some nitwit to espoused it to get their face on TV. If your relative are uncomfortable with guns it might be because YOU scare them with crazy talk. My family all own guns but don’t indulge in threats to other Americans. Serious dude, some of you threaten to kill me because I voted against Deferred Prosecution Agreements, martial law, stealing 3 trillion from social security for the military – industrial complex, bombing Syria on behalf of big oil, and allowing the KochMachine and Monsanto to poison our children. Call me crazy because Democrats in power used to back those things. Now they are bankster owned and pro the New World Order just like the Republicans in power have been since Reagan. Watch any old speech by Reagan and pick out his two corporate “handlers.” Anything they didn’t care about was decided by his astrologer. There is NO party that is not corporate owned.

      • passinwiththewind says:

        So let’s see, you are a liberal and have no problem with people owning guns, but you “do” have a “problem” with Christians that believe God’s Word, and killing the innocent and unborn (unless they can keep them alive long enough to harvest their brains) is a very big sin, and should be illegal?

        That doesn’t add up, but it’s your choice to risk eternity for a stupid argument.

      • Lone wolverine says:

        I don’t trust anyone using the word nonsense. Who are you to say what is absolute. We are all trying to find the truth. Nonsense is not an opinion . You are stating an absolute . So you are wrong.

  19. AnneMarie says:

    Whatever is really going on, it’s time to hightail it out of the cities. Wonder what the next target will be.

    • Babycatcher55 says:

      Got that right! Truer words were never spoken!

    • sixpack says:

      Somewhere where a bunch of clueless sheeple hang out…where people like US wouldn’t even think about being, for more than 10 seconds.

      • skittle shittin unicorn says:

        star bucks whole foods any trendy wine shop

        or any mall or holiday fun run with powdered paint being thrown in the air at the finish line
        so they can post pics to Face book 40 times showing how “THEY ” won the race

        after all its a week before thanksgiving and lord knows all the dumb ass idiots have to run out and buy cheap Chinese crap on credit cards that they spend the next year paying down ( not off )

        its sooo damn important for big business to take folks away from there family on thanksgiving and Christmas. and then fire Jan 1st

        and for what ???

        crap electronics that the kids will sell 3 weeks later ?
        some BS video game mommy and daddy paid $ 50.00 the kids will complete before dinner and sell for $ 10.00 store credit ??

        or yet another trendy item that is useless and gets tossed or sold at a yard sale or donated 4 moths later

        consumer greed and corporate greed are one in the same
        and why we owe china 15 lifetimes worth of money that will NEVER be paid off

        Skittle shittin unicorn

        • I by most of my hard goods at thrift stores. Ditto clothing because it cheaper than sewing… but I buy fabric at the thrift store and stash it for retirement. I get most of my food from my Food Forest. I get some of my heat from a passive solar heater I built for one east window and one west window. The more self-sufficient we are, the stronger we are.

  20. NorseMan says:

    Only a matter of time before the U.S. goes Boom too. Time to put a hazmat suit in your trunk, turn on your situational awareness, and start avoiding large crowds at visible or political locations. If you are in a big city, brush up the resume and find a job in a small town.

  21. CommonCents says:

    In a video clip on the evenings news they announced that they plan to take over the world, or as they put it, “the entire continent.” I wonder when they head this way if they will target Canada before the U.S., or vice versa.

    • AGENT SKINHEAD says:

      That’ll all depend on who’s most sympathetic towards the poor hard-done-bye muslims plight.

      Take no shit, Islam is out for world dominance.

      The sooner people get a grip on this reality the safer we’ll all be.

    • Them Guys says:

      Just beware of ANY similar news on tv if from either Rita Katz or Pam Geller…aka Mossad/Hasbaratts agents.

      Rita Katz is owner of website of “Site” terrorist infos or something close to that…Pam Geller is more of a fox tv hangerouter regular highly trained Propagandist Neocon swindler…Rits Katz Site agency is what has produced the too many to count Now Proven Hoax, scammed Beheadings yutube Videos and the famous yutube video that FOX TV showed over a year ago casued such an Upraor to cover up Hillerys roles in the deaths of Libian usa ambasador and special Opps military team there…Ritas entire video back then was Proven a fraud faked terrorist video designed much like 9/11 events to stir gullible americans emotional based crys for more War!…do NOT fall for either womans propagandas do own research for truth.

  22. rednek101 says:

    I have to ask the question: WTF were the idiots thinking would happen when they invited, with open arms, the very people who have sworn to kill them with impunity? There’s not a normal human on this planet that didn’t see this coming. WTF were they thinking. When “Ackmed” was told he would get a free ride to Europe, the first thing that entered his mind was “Soon I get my 40 virgins. Thanks for the ride dumb asses”.

    • Conni Lingus says:

      The ‘leaders’ in most of Europe are cut from the same traitor cloth as Obama. Look up a YT video showing Merkel just after being elected. She is given a German flag and can’t get rid of it fast enough.

    • sixpack says:

      The elites, behind their body guards and gated communities, figured Ackhmed and co. would do just what they will do – come after the rest of us.

      • Exactly. This is not a liberal vs. conservative thing it is elite vs. 99 percent thing so they can bring down the hounds of hell on us all. The GEORGIA GUIDESTONES tell exactly what the elite have in mind for the rest of us. All the divide and conquer articles just keep us in chaos and bondage until we hit their version of Nazi ovens. We won’t stop it until we wake up and see who owns the media and who owns our government.

        • passinwiththewind says:

          I for one do realize it, and prep accordingly. It’s too late to turn back now…..because of liberal ideology. You know the kind that wants a crook and evil monster in the White House again…aka billery.

          Tell me you won’t vote for her.

          • sixpack says:

            I wouldn’t vote for that bitch, if she was the only one on the ballot.

          • I tell you right now that I see NOT EVEN ONE CANDIDATE THAT IS ANYONE BUT A CORPORATE SHILL FOR THE ONE WORLD ORDER THAT WILL ENSLAVE AMERICANS. That includes every Democrat and every Republican on stage. I am a liberal who cares about gram and gramps and the massive money they paid into social security. I am a liberal because I can grow food without destroying the soil. I am a liberal because I hate corporations that take our tax money and use it to offshore our jobs. I am a liberal because I am willing to feed conservative neighbors even though they probably would let me die when the SHTF… except they know I can feed them. Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.

    • skeptic says:

      Holy shit. I was thinking of converting to Muslim religion but the only thing that doesn’t seem to be clear is the exact number of virgins one would be entitled to for a suicide bombing! is it 40? 38? 72? 6? 72 is a sweet number that could keep me occupied for a good while. 6 on the other hand, well, that getting blown to smithereens think is quite painful—-

    • inez valentine escondido says:

      Well, communist party usa / democrats want to flood the USA with those animal cavemen goat bangers because they want chaos and mayhem in the streets so they can take advantage of the situation and pretend to offer a solution to keep everyone safer which will really be the taking of more rights, manipulation, and control. Lock us down in a possible martial law situation while telling us its for our safety. barry soetoro and his NWO buds would like to keep him in the white house for an extended period of time to further carry out his executive orders to shift us under un globalist control. the democrat party and even many DC republicans are taking a wrecking ball the the republic in every way they possibly can.

      The Muslims and possibly the illegal alien mexicans are the useful idiots that they will use to overthrow the US Constitution and the American people. The real insurectionists are the ones controlling DC. The Klinton’s the Soetoro’s and his communist CFR administration, the bankster families,the communists/ nwo globalists are useing the muslims to carry out their dirty work. Communist new world order globalist democrats and the RINO NEO-CON DC republicans and Muslims both have similar agendas to destroy the USA and keep everyone in a constant state of perpetual war, keep everyone divided and distractedand fighting over social issues.

      • IMHO one reason for importing so many people from fascist countries is to weaken a democracy they don’t believe in… They grew up with corruption and will never error fight for rule by law. They are here to break the back of American earning power and rule by law.

  23. rednek101 says:

    Don’t know snopes credibility….note the video has already been removed.
    ht tp://www.snopes.com/greek-customs-weapons-refugees-furniture/

  24. WarVet says:

    Europe’s already toast.
    They’re coming here next.
    They’re in for quite a shock when they find out that, unlike European countries, Americans are armed, know how to shoot, and are not afraid of a fight!
    “Those who sow the wind, will reap the whirlwind!”

    • Nobama says:

      Not in the cities of Seattle, Chicago, NYC, and DC. Cities like those are all like Paris, majority liberal and with no defense to stand up to events like this.

      • Don’t kid yourself. Seattle is armed to the teeth and has a young population. They are Americans.. I lived there. Chicago I don’t know but they are obviously armed if you count the killings. No reason to think black people would not shoot IS since they are often in the military and DC is heavily black. Disarming Americans is a corporate-government deal just like illegal aliens is corporate-government. Our government only does what the corporate masters tell them to. We are talking global megacorporations.

        • James says:

          Seems to me, the blacks are being trained mentally and spiritually, by Farrackan and BlackLIESmatter, to join the Muzzies in raping and killing Whitey. There’s rumor they celebrated the Paris attack, and are pissed about the attention being directed away from their whine fest. I would not doubt this, rumor or not. The degree of racism they claim exists in America is far from the truth. It exists, but we WERE closer to equality in all areas than ever before. Now, I see white people begging them to apply for a job with their companies so they can flat turn them down, and that they will give jobs to Hispanics or Asians to fill their racial quota demand. Affirmative action has been about as good for them as Welfare has. They have become mentally and physically addicted to Government, and, of course, it’s whitey’s fault.

      • smokey says:

        About 4% of the adults in Washington state have CCW permits. Lower percentage in Seattle, but there’s still quite a few people carrying. The question is, are they carrying at the big concert or show that will be targeted?

        Two active shooters began up here in the past couple of years, and were ended by a person with a CCW. One in Clackamas, Oregon and another at a church.

        • Anonymous says:

          Rebecca, I bet you believe in gun free zones too. Guns are allowed in schools and college campuses in a few states….the ones that never have these shooting sprees.

        • Lone wolverine says:

          The CCW people will be the first to be rounded up . How can anyone think otherwise . You signed your own death sentence . You think their gonna let you armed gun nuts run wild? You are their greatest threat. And it’s too late to suck up . Your fate is sealed . You wonderful law abiding people. As Alexander solshenitzen said don’t get taken alive its a fate worse than death. Die fighting or starving to death its your choice. With a lot of torture on the side. You are an evil gun totter who wants to hurt people. That’s how they will justify your death. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    • laura m. says:

      Resettled here in 180 communities already. (see refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com) Some are embedded jihadists. Politicians (congressmen, etc) are the scum of the earth as they take gov payoffs for letting them in, even local politicians are bought off for allowing them in their towns. Soon coordinated evens will happen here, and majority of dumb Americans will wonder why. America like Europe will eventually be a caliphate, as there are too few patriots, mostly over 60, to turn the tide. America’s future is zero. Avoid the cities and towns with Muslim settlements. check website to see cities. The shadow gov. wants all national bountries gone and countries trashed for the UN agenda of total control. Mass killings and burials using jihadists to kill off many is on the agenda soon.

  25. CommonCents says:

    The media needs to stop downplaying these attacks. None of these attackers are acting on their own. These attacks are well thought out and planned. Any attack being carried out on behalf of, or in the name of ISIS, should be referred to as an ISIS terrorist attack.

    All psychopaths are dangerous, but these psychopaths are extraordinarily dangerous. It is no longer if ISIS will attack Americans on American soil but when, and when they do it will be up to the American people to defend the country. We certainly can’t count on our government, especially with an invertebrate in charge.

    Know the enemy and where they are located; google “mosque near me”, as it has been reported that is where they meet and plan — possibly their headquarters for terrorism.

  26. AlaskanGuard says:

    Not in my house! Locked and loaded in Alaska. I’m a vet. I went to Iraq 3 times. I will not be afraid on my home turf.

    • Mr Smith says:

      Then you will also know that we kill a hundred times more Muslims than they ever kill of us !

      Your govenment did 9/11 but even if you play along with the offical story that most of the terrorists came from Saudi Arabia then you need to think about why we are now giving weapons to the House of Saudi knowing that they are suporting ISIS.

      Another thing you need to ask yourself is why has your government been letting so many immigrants into the country ?

      I have no love for Islam at all but it’s clear to me that Israel wants land in Syria and they don’t care how many people get killed in the process, they want Assad out so they can steel more land.

      • Hunter says:

        BINGO, …Mr Smith.

        Please reference their banner & notice the two blue, horizontal stripes..one above & one below the six-pointed “star of Ramphen”.

        Each stripe represents river boundaries, per their greater israel dreams.
        The rivers = ..the Nile & the Euphrates.

        • Lone wolverine says:

          Hunters right . That star has no connection to King David. The children of satan are using daddies greatest weapon. The Lie. They are not Jews . They call themselves Jews to get sympathy It’s a great idea to manipulate the people. Some say they are Kazars. But who knows. Jesus said they call themselves Jews but their not their the children of satan. Their imposters. So they can get away with anything.

    • Genius says:

      Why did you go to iraq 3 times?

  27. Anonymous says:

    “Union” is conquest by the arrogant and surrender by the fearful. If Europe, like America, is to be a “land of the free”, it must be a “home of the brave”. There is no substitute for the liberty of individual sovereignty over only oneself, and defense of oneself from those who won’t govern only themselves but, who insist on ruling over others. That lust to rule over others is the “master plan” that these “refugee” invasions are staged by which to enforce that “plan” by the very martial law to “protect” the sheepishly non-self-defending.

  28. Bobby Bill says:

    you do not go into an alley fight bound by the Marquis of Queensbury Rules. The peoples of Europe have been utterly sold out by their rulers, although I wonder if this was discussed and put into place at the InterAlpen Hotel earlier this year. They weren’t gathered to discuss how to Build-a-Burger. Europe face extinction without taking unprecedented action. While I would rather not advocate violence towards anybody, I’m hard-pressed to see an alternative if the European Union will not do an historic about-face and condemn cultural suicide masquerading as political correctness. They need to evict the Muslims just as America should have done a Stalin and forcibly removed the tens of millions of criminal invaders, rather than granting them amnesty and benefits. It will not happen, and the benighted citizen will be left with The Rule Of Law, which translates to the utterly indecent rape of all their privacies, thuggery at gathering places like airports, and imprisonment at an increasingly low threshold of dissent.

    • Frank Thoughts says:

      I am afraid you are right: what will happen is this: they will crack down hard on ordinary people. Embarrassing and harassing searches at all public buildings/places, mass surveillance and arrests and harassment for the smallest ‘transgression’. On top of this, they will double down on opening borders to Muslims and illegal migrants. Expect to be told to hold two thoughts at once: support endless and vague wars abroad; to love and embrace Muslims at home. It will lead to a state of perpetual insanity and bipolar, psychological breakdown in Western populations. This is a sophisticated psychological warfare attack on people in the West.

      Here is a 10-point plan that would eventually end this threat and reduce the risk (not that any Western government will do it):

      1) End all uncontrolled entry by people into Western countries. Subject everyone to proper and thorough border checks
      2) For those already in countries and living in camps etc., go to those camps and dismantle them and then run checks on them with the goal of mass deporting the ones who should not be there
      3) People need to realize the police and military will not be able to protect them in active attacks and they will need to get prepared themselves. Get fit, get alert
      4) Stop voting for quisling and enabling politicians and stop believing their empty words and pablum
      5) Don’t believe a hashtag is an effective response
      6) Face facts: we can’t have open trade and contact with this countries
      7) Don’t holiday in these places or use their airlines etc.
      8) Stop enabling their financing
      9) Stop enabling their laws
      10) Read up on Islam and its fissures

  29. AGENT SKINHEAD says:

    Radical Muslims want to kill you.

    Moderate Muslims want radical Muslims to kill you.

    Behind every burka there’s a smirking Allah praising radical tonight.

  30. Biggunner says:

    History is once again trying to repeat itself… The French are toast (sarcasm),they’ve always been invaded thruout history. The Muslim terrorists are going there first because they know it’s a soft target….then they will regroup and head for the next target…and the next.. And when they finally get to our shores (if they’re not already here) they will find me “locked, cocked and ready to rock”… If you were in need I would give you the shirt off my back, if you are here to hurt me, the ones I love and this great nation then I will be the stuff of your nightmares…. And I am but one of many. We Americans as history speaks again can be slow to light the fuse, but go ahead awaken the sleeping bear and see what happens……….

  31. Stars & Bars says:

    Barry’s X-mas list
    #1 Allow more military age male Commies from Central America in to over load system (Cloward & Piven)
    #2 Open up the prisons to increase crime
    #3 Encourage riots on College campuses
    #4 Spread distrust of Police
    #5 Defund military/train in crowd control
    #6 Cause economic collapse to encourage unrest
    #7 Sit back and watch America tear Herself apart

    #8 Declare Martial Law/ Become President for Life

  32. Virginia Web Site says:

    Kaine Urges President To Allow More Syrian Refugees To Resettle In U.S.
    Thursday, May 21, 2015


  33. Tucker says:

    “Now, Mr. Orban has ramped up his rhetoric, insisting that there is a “master plan” by left-wing activists on both sides of the Atlantic, specifically pointing to “radical American Democrats” for their involvement, and the fact that Western, Judeo-Christian culture is being ignored in the whole debate.”

    As much as I admire and appreciate Viktor Orban’s gift in leveling the finger of blame at ‘American Democrats’ – who, without any question, are the modern face of EVIL on STEROIDS – Mr. Orban could greatly improve my admiration and respect for him by also fingering the jews who are the leading promoters of this global wide White European Genocide agenda. Oh, and let me not also be 100 percent fair in my analysis – and point out that the sleazy, slimy, nauseating ‘cuckservative’ maggots here in the USA – rat turds like Jeb Bush, John Kascich, Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Rand Paul, the entire Bush Crime Family top to bottom, and even Ted Cruz – who said in one of the early GOP debates that he had no problem with having 7.2 billion savages from the primitive third world moving to America as long as they did it ‘legally’ – these sonsabitches are just as guilty of conspiring to genocide White Europeans here in America as is the loathsome Angela Merkel is in Germany.

    Oh, and notice that the cucks named above are all ‘White’, at least superficially so. Thus, I have to ask if it is only an innocent coincidence – that in addition to being despicable race traitors – they all share one other interesting characteristic?

    Such as none of them being able to pass a breathanalyzer test that checked their saliva for the presence of hebrew body fluids.

    A fact that is a circular trail which takes us right back to the jewish leading role in the White European Genocide Agenda, does it not? Conclusion: To get support and financial backing from billionaire jews – a politician has to be in favor of White Genocide.

  34. Mr Smith says:

    Russia is the target IMHO

    We are being primed so that Europe has an excuse to go into Syria on the pretect of taking out ISIS when in fact we are going after Assad loyal forces.

    Russia has shown the USA how to bomb ISIS after it played games for years with them and they can go clen up Libya or Iraq of ISIS fighters if they want too but no, they want in to Syria so they can steel land and give it to Isreal.

    You can bety our press will forget to remind us who was supplying weapons to the so called moderate rebels in Syria that left the FSA/Al-Nusra and joined ISIS.

    We are being played people

  35. John WV says:

    It’s coming to America!
    ISIS is planing an “American Tet Offensive”.
    They will target multiple cites in every State, hundreds maybe even thousandth of attacks all on the same day.
    Small towns as well as large, so no one will feel safe.
    They will pick soft targets like Schools, Shopping Malls, anywhere large groups of unarmed people hang out.
    They have stated their goal of killing “Millions of Children” to bring America to its knees.
    My Advice: Buy a Gun and Lot’s and Lot’s of Ammo!!!

  36. canuck says:

    This is strange…syrian war about hegemony…syrian proxy between west and others…yet they fight back by killing sheeple in france who have no say in it whatsoever. What are they hoping to gain? All that will happen is escalation. This is no false flag either as far as i can tell, and if this leads to martial law, it will make it harder for their takeover. None of it makes sense yet in term of achieving their muslim goals. Can anyone explain?

  37. Warchild Dammit! says:

    This is what happens when the elite have armed protection and citizens have their country declared a “gun free zone”.

    Freedom Fries/French Toast/Sacreu Bleu/Merde,that is all!

  38. watching and waiting says:

    Possible to see incidents at our sporting events.

    Possible to see incidents at our schools and churches.

    Get ready.

    No fear porn.

    Because this is going world wide.

    Why? They are trying to bring forth their Muslim Messiah by creating chaos world wide.

    The occupant in the white house is clueless.

    • Nobama says:

      The occupant in the White House is not clueless, he is well aware of what’s going on because he is part of the team plotting and commanding it.

    • grandee says:

      Absolutely Correct watching and waiting ! !

      The 12th imam can not come until there is chaos in the world.

      So they are doing their best to bring it on.

      Also why they like posting all the gory details. They are pushing us visually to get the show on the road.

  39. Whirled Peas says:

    Europe has gone bonkers. Can we be far behind.


  40. Them Guys says:

    Add #9 and #10 to above hobammy List: #9-Give NuyytYahoo the vast cash increase per year for israel he requested Two days ago at whitehouse meeting…IE Israel wants the promiced $3 Billion per year for TEN tears increased to $5-Billion per year for Ten years!

    Then #10-Hobbamy must ask Israel/NuttyYahoo for the Next ten issues hobammy is to act on and accomplish for his usa master race handlers aka jewish state of israel/AIPAC.

    And for everybody with no more than an fox news edjewcation of current and past events…to really know in advance what will occure when this hits usa…READ real factual events done by Same perps now doing it Again in EU and soon Here in America, as was done BY same tribe group when done in 1917 Russia, then ALL eastern europe.

    That only caused a grand total innocent deaths of between documented 250-Million Whites/christians to maybe as many as close to a THIRD of a Billion Deaths before it ended close to 75 yrs after 1917.

    And after reading Koran for tips be Certain to check out the 66-Volume set books of Babylonian Talmudism, since That Is the top Main major Manual for actions You see occure Now in EU. Yes Truth such as this Is difficult when it goes against 99% of everything You was ever taught to believe. Especially about those You was taught to consider the worlds greatest Victim bunch to ever exist. But it Is truth and yes You need Know it or perish for lack of Wisdom to Discern…Them what disagree? Tell it to Christ and the Apostle NT writers since it is They who first gave such sound advice to empower You.

    • Winters says:

      I used to think you were the biggest idiot on this site. Now I think you’re the biggest idiot in the world. You should move further North, all the way to the pole, where you can be surrounded by everyone who thinks you’re actually intelligent.

      • Genius says:

        Winters, care to prove him wrong? Didn’t think so. Maybe your brain is frozen.

        • Winters says:

          What I would like is for him to prove himself correct, not post some nonsensical drivel and try to claim it’s true. Maybe it’s true for him and yourself, but it takes a lot more then simply wanting to believe something is the truth and it actually being the truth. Hopefully you will understand this.

          • Lone wolverine says:

            Nonsensical drivel . Another government slogan . We are not stupid enough to believe you. Your time will come very soon.

            • Winters says:


              You’re an idiot, plain and simple. Your reference to ” my time” coming soon” means what exactly. More biblical babble? is THAT your reply to my wanting proof from your idiot hero? A juvenile threat from an infantile mind? If that’s all you’ve got offer as rebuttal, go back to your playpen and let your other troll buddies take up the argument. I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

              • Lone wolverine says:

                Your time will come to see who the true idiots are. If there is a God you might be making the biggest mistake of your life . For many it’s hard to separate good and evil. Do we let our people be slaughtered or do we use violence and kill to defend them? What would a God. Want? Who can be sure of anything? My idiot hero is possibly the most famous idiot hero of all time. Compare the things he did and said to your hero. Who knows what is the truth . Anyone that says they do must be a God. We are all idiots plain and simple.

                • Winters says:

                  Lone wolverine,

                  Let me correct myself here, I didn’t make my self clear enough earlier. I do not mean God is your idiot hero, I mean then guys is your idiot hero. My mistake for not being clearer on the matter.

      • Them Guys says:

        And I think You are not only a newest troll idiot but also a PAID by Israel Mossad Hasbaratt agent paid to disrupt webiste forums whenever folks post info negative to israel or jews….So…Just get Out and Kiss my White Ass Jewboy!

        I bet you hold to the tribal usual per: they claim reason they got Booted from every of at least 109 nations since 245 AD era..is because it was ALWAYS that jews equals 100% innocent Victims while ALL Goys within said 109 nations are ALL “evil bad nazis” right?

        And You expect Us to actually believe such crap explainations?!!!!!!!!….YOU types ARE the synagouge of Satan and yes…Virginia! Vampires Are Real! an entire tribe of real vampire parasitic trouble maker kommies.

        • Winters says:

          Well, the head idiot finally surfaces for debate himself, what took you so long? Do you really think you can force me to leave with your childish tirades? Or are your acid flashbacks acting up again? Perhaps it’s the result of falling off your bike and landing on your head too many times. Why don’t you tell us that story about how you’re going to become wealthy by selling water from Lake Huron to people, especially without getting strung up by them when they are thirsty and you think they’ll pay you in precious metals. Yeah, they’ll be paying you in metals alright, just not the ones you want.

    • Hunter says:

      Nice post, TG.

      The guys @ Veterans Today(dot-com)..have done an excellent job of chronicling israel’s consuming the blood & treasure of gullible-goyim ‘Murica, since ’48.

      BTW..they’re a good source for research data/facts..check their archives when you get a chance.

      Also, check-out Michael Hoffman’s site, if you desire to go ‘deep down the rabbit hole’ per the wickedness of the evil ones.

  41. Anonymous says:

    seems to me that the French and german people have two enemies their govt and the muslins

  42. At the Last Straw says:

    Taken from a SQ- Q Alert:

    Thanks are to the author of this quote.

  43. Illini Warrior says:

    Where and to Whom does an American address their “I told you so” for rubbing “it” into those conceited & ignorant French?

  44. Houst/cypress/Katy/shtf says:


    It’s now obvious why they are sending sh….t kids of those so called refugees to the US,so that they can full the same crap that just went down in Paris over here as a pretext to declare martial..paris is the beta test to see how much they can get away with. The Paris government is 100% behind that attack. Its all about declaring Martial law..remember you can’t get into the UN unless you take a luciferian initiation..if that many troops get deployed in Houston or any city in Texas after a planned false flag..the outcome will change the course of history as we know it..we have already have lesbian mayor on national TV calling christians in Texas right wing extremist..i am sure that the aggressive bulldike… can’t wait till the administration pulls a false flag in Houston or somewhere in Texas.. all you fusion center Agency ass clown trolls coming in here talking crap me, you popularity is quickly fading as you run out of your unless stupid comments..I Cannot tell you how many red necks are carrying around their AR’S with then in their cars a trucks in Houston. According to them, my tribe, is that they know when the sh….t will hit the fan, since we hey dont plan on accepting leadership from the UN, the so called they create the crisis and then they fix it meaning martial law.

    That’s why I trust what Major ED Dames told the public. The 2016 election will be cancelled. They are hell bent on creating the conditions to stop it a trigger shtf end game. They Muslim. Jihadist in the United nations know that of another president is inaugurated, that they people will never accept the tyrany into 2017.. they will rise up and revolution will commense. Then the Russian, Chinese Nato, Mexican army and the planed Cuban amfibian assault in water form Cuba..you phucks. Come to my city, with your promise of our girls daughters a wife’s then you have written your death sentence. I know I posted some crazy comments up until a few seconds days ago about met carving up soldiers when I catch them, now you look at paris and ask yourself the question, of what if they pulled that crap here declared martial law then Came after the Patriots. That literally means revolution war will commense in my city. It’s scary but I accept the reality if it..I am not advocating aby rise up but know for a fact that they rise up is enevitable.



    Jihadist will be shot on site in by us, the cops and the citizenry..

  45. Anonymous says:

    I heard on the radio this AM that the death toll was up to 180, probably with more wounded still to die.

    And not a one of those stupid Frenchie surrender monkeys even bothered to shoot back.

    I guess they just thought running away would work, the same way they tried and found out it didn’t work in WWII.

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      anon, they’re getting what they deserve. What did they think would happen when they let in all of those sandniggers. 10% of their entire population are muzzies now. There’s certain parts of Paris the French police don’t go into without a MILITARY ESCORT. the muzzies live by their own sharia law and totally ignore French law and the French just let them get away with it. They’re reaping what they’ve sown.

  46. TEST says:

    Islam, the religion of pieces. HUMAN pieces, sadly

    Here’s an idea: I am totally for non-violence; however, self-defense is permissible, and thus gun ownership important. Why not let it be known that you are rubbing your bullets in bacon grease before using them?

    • Braveheart1776 says:


    • Them Guys says:

      Wow! and from The Main whinner who always claims any talk or postings about israel or jews is always Hate based!

      You never did renounce fully your prior confirmed Liberal leanings eh…Typical lib inspired hypocracy. OR Hatred against any Others non jew aka the Goyim is acceptable.

  47. hillbilly SC says:

    Just a thought…

    At least they found John McCain’s 5 moderate “good guys” that would not turn to ISIS. 🙁

    Stupid is, as stupid does!!!

    Y’all play nice. 🙂

  48. TEST says:


    Those extremely strict gun control laws in Paris sure helped, didn’t they! Kinda like the extremely strict gun control laws in Chicago. It’s not for nothing that former gun control advocate, Dr. John Lott of Univ. of Chicago, after doing his research, penned “More Guns, Less Crime.” I am 100% for non-violence – but self-defense is permissible, and thus gun ownership important – exactly as Lott describes.

    Washington Post on French gun control laws at https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2015/01/09/france-has-strict-gun-laws-why-didnt-that-save-charlie-hebdo-victims/ states “French gun laws date back to April 18, 1939, though they have been amended a number of times since. They are certainly tough: There is no right to bear arms for the French, and to own a gun, you need a hunting or sporting license which needs to be repeatedly renewed and requires apsychological evaluation.

    According to Gun Policy, a project by the University of Sydney, the punishment for illegally having a gun is a maximum of seven years in prison and a fine. As The Post’s Thomas Gibbons-Neff notes, the men who attacked Charlie Hebdo appeared to be carrying two different types of Kalashnikov rifles. Such weapons are highly restricted and require extremely stringent background checks to buy (CNN describes it as rivaling the “clearance work done by the FBI for anybody employed at the White House”). How did the attackers get the guns? Almost certainly illegally .”

    Gee…d’ya think??
    While smaller in scale, compare this to those jihadist attacks in Garland TX (http://freedomoutpost.com/2015/05/guns-the-difference-between-the-garland-texas-jihad-and-charlie-hebdo-attacks/) or that beheading in Oklahoma (https://news.yahoo.com/police-woman-beheaded-oklahoma-workplace-144459291.html a year or ago, stopped by armed civilians with concealed carry licenses.

  49. Kyrathyel says:

    I have thought for a while, that Thanksgiving Weekend would be the perfect time to attack the US. Lots of people will be standing in the Mall with their credit cards out and bargains the only thought in mind. I have no plans to leave my BOL.

    • I don’t know what BOB is but I am staying home and winterizing my garden.

      • 2isone says:

        Rebecca- a BOL is a bug out location, somewhere to go if things get dangerous where you live. That could be a cabin, campsite, marina, etc. where you have the basic necessities stocked.
        A BOB is a bug out bag that usually goes with you in a vehicle or on a carry pack when you leave a dangerous area. It contains enough food, firestarting devices, water purification tabs or filters, etc.to get you out of Dodge quickly if you have to leave. Everyone should have one.

    • smokey says:

      ISIS is threatening attacks here, no better time for them than during the holidays, that’s exactly what they are thinking.

      Avoid the Macy’s parade this year and carry at the mall.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        Smokey, I have the feeling the sandniggers will hit us soon. I’ll give you a better scenario; what if they struck numerous stores and malls on BLACK FRIDAY? Talk about ‘target-rich environments’.

        • Them Guys says:

          Know in Advance Where any such attaks may happen..Just keep track of any place FOX/MSM Tells You the FBI or DHS plans to hold the “Next Exersize” at!….For That is the key to knowing where next! Based upon ALL Prior such events gone wrong eh.

          • Dana says:

            I see that you see yourself as the only fount of truth about anything, nobody has a point of view except yourself. To me, it’s people like you who have always been dangerous, history provides many examples.

          • smokey says:

            OK, Them Guys, you just tell us where the next attack is going to happen based on your reading of the tea leaves that only you can see, then go sign on with the FBI or something, they can use a clairvoyant like yourself.

            • Winters says:

              Good call smokey, but we already know what answer to that one is. He can’t say jack shit about when, where, or what, but he knows that the ” Jews” will be the cause of it. This is what becomes of ex bikers from the 60’s who overdosed on LSD too many time, along with hitting their head on the pavement, he has to make everything he doesn’t like somebody’s fault but his own.

  50. Lone wolverine says:

    Study why the shores of Tripoli are in the Marine Corp song . We’ve been fighting these rats forever.

  51. Lone wolverine says:

    Look around any country that lets in any third world people is doomed . We’ve always let in first world and second world but never third world until the Barbara learner specter types were let in and forced the gates open to the third world. Her group needs to go regardless of what they call themselves . Jesus said they call themselves ooos but they are the children of satan. And look what they are doing and tell me he was wrong.

  52. tazweiss says:

    As I tell my friends. It’s not pronounced “reh-few-gee”. It’s pronounced “in-vay-shun”.
    Look at the demographics and the time line.

  53. Woogie says:

    Actually the French and a few other countries proved the leftist plot backfired. They are leaning right wing now.

    With Minnesota one of the hotbeds of Islamists going to terror training camps and out leader letting them come back, the Mall of America is a perfect target.

    • This is not a leftist plot it is an elite plot. Lefties right in is a corporate owned media divide and conquer ploy to separate Americans. This concept didn’t even exist when I was young. It is part of fulfilling the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES for the elite. Stop falling for it!

      • Old Guy says:

        Rebecca is correct. Look at the big picture.

        • Genius says:

          If we MUST have govt. then I agree with the guidestones. Exacly what do you not agree with?











          I am for anarchy but this sounds better than the shit we have now.

          • Frank Thoughts says:

            Those are rational, scientific and beautiful words. We need a new set of principles and ideas that reflect the fragile planet we live on and also acknowledge the cancer of over-population, especially amongst the least mentally capable.

            It is no coincidence the least rational people and ideas are flourishing, whilst the most rational are being overwhelmed. There is a cancer on this planet and it’s out-of-control humanity. Even if Islam were to prevail lording over the world’s population with a caliphate, it would not last long. Such a thing would be quickly plagued with food shortages, water shortages and over-population and urban blight and disease. The ignorance would be stultifying and debilitating. More books are published in English every week than have been published in Arabic for the last 100 years.

          • eppe says:

            Abraham sure screwed up the world when he impregnated Hagar…

            The 1st line means 13 out of 14 people on earth will have to die. The rest is common sense.
            Been there twice, weird feeling to know TPTB are talking about us…

            Be well all…

            • passinwiththewind says:

              It actually started with Eve, when she spread her legs for the Flying Serpent/aka Satan morphed.

              It got worse when Adam “also partook of the fruit/Satan”, via a homosexual act, and then blamed it on Eve.

              Abraham was at fault because he listened to Sara, and cast Hagar and Ishmael out of the land. Ishmael never forgot and his hatred of the Caucasian race, has been running through the blood of muzzies ever since, with a lot of help from Allah/Satan.

              • grandee says:

                I doubt that rendition is theologically sound.

                Original sin is not sexual.

                It’s disobedience to God’s Word.

                Same as every man today, without Salvation.

                • passinwiththewind says:

                  Where do you think the term “… I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” came from?

                  And… what does this mean if it is not a reference to sex….

                  Mat 13:38
                  The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one;…

                  These tares are the seed line (from Cain/Satan) of those that, Them Guys, and JQP, and a few others make reference to all the time. Even though they are over zealous in their understanding and “blanket” cover all of the House of Judah/Israel the nation, as being of the Synagogue of Satan; they are correct on many of those families that fit the ‘elites’ description, such as banksters/rothschilds/etc.

                  The theology teaching on this is a modernized, cleaned up, politically and seminary correct type of teaching. The tentacles of the kenites have slinked into the Seminaries and the Scripture lawyers books, whereby the seek to change times and laws, and many newer versions of the KJV Bible where they have secretly changed the original meaning that God intended.
                  I can prove it, but it is a topic for another discussion.

                  Yes, the main theme of the reason Adam and Eve where thrown out of the Garden is because of disobedience. However; the result of that disobedience was sexual sin. That sexual sin was not in the acts of such between Adam and Eve, because God intended for that to bring about the Adamic/Caucasian/Israelite bloodlines through which Christ would be born.

                  If you want the heavily watered down version, than by all means, follow it; but, it doesn’t change what really took place. The lies about eating an apple causing the sin, is just that, lies. It is not, nor ever was about an edible fruit.

                  When taken back to the original Hebrew, the root of the word is pretty clear in that it speaks of “dangling fruit”, as in “sperma” or the seed of Satan.

                  Have you not ever read this….. 1Jo 3:12
                  Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him? Because his own works were evil, and his brother’s righteous.

                  Cain’s offspring is none other than the Kenites, which in the original Hebrew is translated….Offspring of Cain…not Canaanites (of Noah’s son and his mother). Two distinct lines that further along in history did mingle.

                  Also, look up the geneology of Adam/Seth in Genesis. There, or anywhere else, you will not find Cain’s geneology, because it is given in the verses above.

                  Cain and Able were twins (not identical) brothers by two different fathers. Adam was the father of Abel, and Satan was the father of Cain. Medical science proves that a woman can be impregnated twice, by different men and carry, and birth, those two as twins by different fathers.

                  Was there another way for Eve to be impregnated by Satan, other than direct copulation? yes, but we are not privy to any such genetic embryo manipulations taking place in the Garden. Could Satan pull it off in the medical science sense? yes, I believe so, but i believe it was more of a natural event, because Eve said she was beguiled= “wholly seduced”, by the serpent. Anyone with a fifth grade education can figure out what that means, which is the final and ultimate act of seduction….to have sex/copulate.

                  One more point. If one digs deeper into the Hebrew texts, it is obvious that the Tree of Life, was the Son of God in the role of the King of Heaven and Earth, King Melchizedek. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil was Satan, whom roamed the earth until, Christ ordered him, “get thee behind me Satan”.

                  This lays it out plain and simple….Gen 2:9
                  And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

                  Don’t mis-translate the words when it says of every tree you shall eat, to mean they were to have sex with The Son Of God, it just means that they were to have an intimate Spiritual experience with Him, as to learn and interact with love, and companionship..

                  I am not trying to change anyone’s mind, but i am laying out what is actually the truth, and is in the Word.
                  The average bible reader can’t rightly divide the word to understand and accept the truth that God has written, so they just compromise to accept man’s theology. If it is over a person’s head, than they should put it on a shelf until they receive guidance in understanding through prayer.

                • passinwiththewind says:

                  I left out the best part of which you may try to deny is about sex, but there is overwhelming support throughout the bible to support the fact that is about that initial sex act.

                  Gen 3:15
                  And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

                  This is a direct comment, from God, to Satan, after he committed his act
                  in the Garden.
                  “Seed” here is not of the herb/fruit bearing type because it does not fit. The seed definition that fits, from the Strong’s Concordance, which takes it back to the original Hebrew texts, is ….seed
                  semen virile
                  offspring, descendants, posterity, children
                  of moral quality…aka as sperma masculine.

                  Lev 18:20
                  Moreover thou shalt not lie carnally (H2233) with thy neighbour’s wife, to defile thyself with her.

                  Here it has the exact same meaning for “carnally”….semen/sperma.

                  “Bruise his heel”, is in reference to Satan and his workers of inequity, bringing forth Christ to the Crucifixion.

                  “bruise thy head” is a direct announcement of a future event whereby Christ will crush the head of satan/serpent, and throw him into the lake of fire.

                  Satan’s main objective for bringing his seed line into the mix was to infiltrate and corrupt the seed line through which Christ would later be born into/through.

                  After God “marked” Cain, that seed line could never be fully brought to fruition, so Satan used his powers to bring forth the fallen angels/Nephilim, to infiltrate/corrupt the Adamic bloodline. Corrupt through hybridization it did well.

                  That was almost accomplished, and then there was Noah and his son, Shem, and his pure blood/Adamic wife. The bloodline continued all the way to Christ. So it may not seem “theologically sound” to those that want the watered down and pc versions of what happened, but it did happen as God explained.

                  The seminary wants to propagate the pc deception by calling it the “serpent seed heresy”. More proof that the tentacles of kenite deception run far, wide, and deep.

                  No problem, because the truth is just on the horizon when we change into those spirit bodies and regain the 90% of total recall that was blocked by God for the duration of this flesh age.

                • AGENT SKINHEAD says:

                  You know about some serious shit and I for one am glad you’re here to throw some light on dark shady happenings.
                  Be well.

                • grandee says:

                  Passin, think a minute please.

                  “aka as sperma masculine.”

                  “…and her seed”

                  seed of a woman???

                  Think about it now, what you said below.

                • grandee says:

                  “The lies about eating an apple causing the sin, is just that, lies. It is not, nor ever was about an edible fruit.”

                  I didn’t say eating an apple/fruit caused the sin.
                  There was nothing WRONG with the fruit.

                  Disobedience to the word of God caused the sin
                  Ge 2:6 ¶ And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:
                  Ge 2:17 But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die

                  Sex has nothing to do with it.

                • passinwiththewind says:

                  You are absolutely correct to stand by your comments and ideas.

                  I stand by mine as well, and the whole truth and nothing but the truth, will play out in the end. Hopefully my piece here helps those with an open mind, seek further understanding from the word, and not get locked into man’s theological/seminary doctrines. The only thing that could change the possible outcome of Christ being born into a pure bloodline/perfect pedigree, was a sex act by Satan, and his fallen angels. They did not succeed, as we know.

          • Anonymous says:

            Do you really think you will be allowed to be free in this utopian new order? You can embrace this one world shit but I won’t.

            • Genius says:

              Anon, did you read it? It says protect nations as in we have nations. Freedom requires responsibility and you will have as much freedom as you show responsibility for. No one world crap but the installment of NATURAL LAW. Do you know what natural law even is???

          • smokey says:

            The Guidestones are meaningless, fanciful, superficial drivel. Nothing but ten fortune cookies carved in stone. Hippie pothead ruminations from the 1970s.

            • Genius says:

              As opposed to what smokie? What we have now? The math is simple for even an idiot. Do much deep thinking or common sense or critical thinking or do you just watch football and drink beer?

              • smokey says:

                Sorry, Genius, I don’t drink beer and don’t watch ball games. I do a lot of thinking, and one thought is that you are not a genius, despite your handle. Any high school student able to think for themself can recognize the Guidestones for the utter bullshit they are. It’s meaningless drivel, buzz words linked together in some utopian pipe dream, about as intelligent as the lyrics to a John Lennon song.

                Go sing ‘Kumbayah’ to yourself, the rest of us don’t swallow that kind of crap. I learned at an early age to never let anyone impose their belief system on me, no matter what it is. I come to my own conclusions and don’t suffer fools gladly.

                I swear half the people on this forum would get their world view from a Road Runner cartoon, given the drivel that’s posted here as gospel and truth for us poor mortals.

                • ExRegAF says:

                  Likewise Smoke; good points/pst.

                • Billy says:


                  Thank you for setting the record straight. We need more people who can call things what they are, not what they want them to be. Guys like genius want everybody to accept their views on everything as fact, or they turn to simple insult against those who disagree with them. In reality, it’s not as easy as comment section chatter, trying to get a point of view across is more difficult than ” my way or the highway” style of debate.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Genius is a Idaho transplant(kicked out) living in another state where weed is legal and he probably smokes a lot of it.

                • Genius says:

                  It is not kumbaya it is a perfectly logical form of government that is far superior to what we have now. But evidently you think it is some hippie bullshit and would rather keep the self destructing, warring, all out death machine we have now huh? You haven’t pointed out a single thing in it that you disagree with nor have you made a single option to it. Lets hear what you think would be a good system that is long term sustainable. I am not some greenie freak but I am for good stewardship and responsibility. If you paid attention I said I was more of an anarchist but we cannot have that evidently as people are not responsible enough. Instead of blanket rejection and no alternative presented and no points presented (your piss poor unintelligent response) why don’t YOU be the genius and give us your alternative? Same goes for the other mental midgets that posted agreeing with you. I gladly want to hear what you have to say 🙂

                • Billy says:

                  So, by ” intelligent” response you mean like posting a marc passio video and claiming it’s all factual?

                • Genius says:

                  Anon, Now theres an intelligent post! Did you come up with that all by yourself?

                • Genius says:

                  wow billy, how do you come to that conclusion? Whos mouth have I put words in? You know when you lie here I will bust your ass and expose you. People here hate liars and will call you on the carpet everytime. Better be careful with the bullshit.

              • Genius says:

                Speaking of not factual Billy, where did I say it was???
                I SAID it was thought provoking. He says do your own research on things you want to know about as any truth seeker would. Putting words in other peoples mouths is the work of an idiot.

          • the Lone Ranger says:

            The Georgia Guidestones are lies put forth by those who follow the evil guy.

            They are contra to our God-given rights and liberties.

            They are all about control and control is a weapon of the evil guy.

            In short, they are exactly what the one world order wants: no religion, no reproduction, death and chaos, and no liberty. Those who wrote them bought into lies. Just as global warming is a lie! Carbon dioxide does not cause temperature to rise. That’s a proven scientific fact. Since 1880, the temperature of our planet has risen only 1.5 degrees! Carbon footprint vocabulary is a bunch of words designed to inflict control over the majority of all of us and is based on total lies.

            On the other hand, those who follow and live out the TEN COMMANDMENTS and who do so faithfully, and who repent of their sin, and who ask for forgiveness, belong to CHRIST.

            Those who do not follow or live out the Ten Commandments follow the evil guy who hates all humans and wants all of us dead and in Hell with him. Those guidestones are the carefully masked paths to death.

            Therefore, each of the 7.5 BILLION of us have to make a choice: the lordship of Satan or the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

            Choose wisely, because one will bring you eternity with the devil, and the other Eternal Life with Christ.

            May God bless you all, because all the other guy gives is mayhem, terrorism, chaos, destruction, and death.

            “St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, oh Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, by the Divine Power of God, cast into Hell Satan, and all the evil spirits who prowl around the world seeking the ruin of souls, Amen.”

            – the Lone Ranger

            • Genius says:

              Lone, where does it say no religion or liberty or any of the things you said? If this doctrine was kept and true it would be a very good system. As far as reproduction that is a no brainer, there are waaaay to many humans on this planet. Do the math on human consumption and resources and pollution and times that by 7 billion and then times that over the next 1000 years.

              Speaking of lies and control mechanisms, Can you prove the bible is really the word of god? Can you prove jesus ever existed? Are all the people that never heard of jesus in hell now?

              Do you think that living under a doctrine like the stones would be better or worse than the crap humanity has been under since the beginning of history? How long do you think humans can continue multiplying and consuming and polluting until the tipping point when everything dies? I sure don’t want to be around and if you seriously THINK about it and pay attention to the shit happening already we don’t have that far to go.

              • Genius says:

                The stones reflect personal responsibility. Natural law is included (be responsible for your actions and harm no others) including the earth. Any and all forms of government are succeptible to evil takeover unless the people are responsible. This has been proven throughout time. Please tell me what you disagree with and don’t say population otherwise I will think you agree with the documentary “idiocracy” . Thanks

                • smokey says:

                  Tell us another fairy tale about how all this utopian drivel is going to occur without some intervention from a level of authority higher than you.

                  Pie in the sky. Unicorns and rainbows. Childish belief systems are just that, childish. You can bet there some amoral adults out there just waiting for the children like yourselves to line up and beg for them to rule over them. You’re being used as a ‘useful fool’ and seem to agree with it entirely. Start thinking for yourself.

                • Genius says:

                  smokey, I DO think for myself and yes I DO think the stones make an excellent guide and I DO not think it can be achieved short of the virtual anihilation of the human race as a start over system. Like I always say, people are too stupid to be free and they never have been and I doubt ever will be. You are obviously not smart enough to post anything but blanket rejection with no points whatsoever. Show us your brainpower and give us an alternative and dissect the stones guide point by point. And I am more of an anarchist by the way (which you probably don’t even know the meaning of) so let’s hear something intelligent from you. Waiting……

                • smokey says:

                  I know what anarchists are, thank you. You just explain to all the readers how you intend on furthering the loss of 85% of the world’s population to meet your insane dream of ‘stewardship and responsibility’ for the Mother Gaia earth.

                  First, tell us all why the number of 500,000,000 was selected as the Guidestone gospel, instead of say, 483,000,000, or 1.232 billion. Show us the science behind the curtain, since it’s such a rational and responsible statement that enlightened individuals such as yourself believe it so strongly. It’s a totally bogus number, picked out of thin air, and flies in the face of numerous scientific studies that show the earth can support a population in the billions, perhaps as many as twelve billion. To just blithely choose life or death for hundreds of millions of people for no rational basis in fact is appallingly grotesque. If you want to see evil incarnate, just look for the people claiming they have a superior system of government and can save an elite portion of mankind and the planet at the same time.

                • Genius says:

                  smokey, I don’t need some BS govt. statistics it is just common sense. The population will die off one way or another because of resource depletion or war. Since people will not limit thier breeding to responsible levels one or the other is going to happen. The 500 million number seems to be about right in my opinion. What number do you think would be good for the long term perpetuation of the human race?

                  Think of it like this: You have 1 billion dollars to spend. That is a finite number. Would you say “oh boy I have a ton of money lets spend it as fast as we can” Or would you say “I had better make this last as long as I can so my decendants will have some money too”

                  See it’s common sense. Make it last or spend it foolishly and end in the worst possible nightmare bankruptcy imaginable. What is the arguement?

              • passinwiththewind says:

                I will not try to insult your intelligence by teaching what is in the Word.

                You have your ideas and understandings and so do others. That is OK. But I want to contradict you a little on the population thing.
                You say… ” Do the math on human consumption and resources and pollution and times that by 7 billion and then times that over the next 1000 years.”

                I agree that the world most likely would not be able to sustain itself at the current destructive rate. However; by God’s own word, it won’t have to in it’s current state.

                I know it is hard for you and others to believe, but God created all souls many, many millions of years ago, maybe billions.

                Due to the overthrow by Satan, God brought in this flesh age, to give those who followed Satan earlier, a chance to make a choice…plain and simple, this thing called life is a test.

                God also put a time stamp on this age. One of the markers is that we are to understand the Parable of the fig tree, the fig tree being representative of the Nation of Israel as of 1948.

                Christ said that this generation that lives to see the end times things after the fig tree is re-established, will also see Him coming to finish this Age. A generation is most likely 100 years. I don’t believe we will get to within 14 to 15 years of that time; just my opinion by markers, etc.

                When all souls have been born in the flesh, which means being conceived in the womb, then the end of birthing is finished and the end of this age is upon us.

                All souls must be brought forth from above. However; and this is the key point, not all will have a chance at salvation in this age because of abortions,still births, etc., or being born into a bloodline that doesn’t teach true Christianity from God’s word. Some children are taken at an early age because they, from their lives in the first Heaven and Earth Age, are just too good for this world. That doesn’t cover abortions because that is not God’s doings. All souls in Heaven/Paradise/Holding places/purgatory, are in full adult spirit bodies. These ignorant preachers that say to mothers that they will see there babies again are lying. There is no aging in that dimension where the spirit bodies are, so there can be no little babies. sorry momma’s, you got a problem with truth, you need to take it up with God.

                When the end of this age comes, and Christ is here, all that are here will be changed at the twinkling of an eye. Changed into spirit bodies, as fully mature adults, to ever be with the Lord. What kind of God would keep a baby, as a baby for eternity? Anyways, this change we all go through is what the deceived preachers and ear ticklers, call the pre-trib rapture…the any moment, flyaway to escape tribulation, feel good, doctrine. It is the doctrine introduced by the Devil, to deceive the masses, and it is working. In the, not too distant future, the people with understanding will see just what this ‘rapture lie’, is all about and how and why Satan concocted it.

                These children of God that didn;t make it the first time, are not doomed and their fate is not sealed, if they never had a chance. That is what the Millennium/thousand year reign is for, teaching. Contrary to what some preachers and seminaries teach, there will be no flesh children born, nor any births in the Millennium..flesh is gone and done when Christ returns, period.

                One more point about your question…” Are all the people that never heard of jesus in hell now?”

                Answer…NO. There are two sides of Paradise, one is for those that die and are written down as First Resurrected, in the Book of Life..aka God’s records; and are already fully redeemed and are given access into the side of the Gulf where Abraham is.
                It may be Heaven, or a Divine and Holy holding area.

                The other side is not a pleasant place to be, but it is not Hell, and Satan is not there running around in red long handled underwear with a pitch fork. it is definitely a holding place for the souls that did not make it because of several factors.
                If they did not get a chance at redemption, and where not sanctified from the “First” Heaven and Earth age, or this age, then they will be correctly taught in the Millennium. There are no second chances and the liberals that know the Bible but refuse to live by it, since they support killing of innocents and promoting homosexuality, well you get the picture…no second chances…God is fair, and pc thinking is out of His realm of thinking. No fence straddling on these issues when judgment comes down.

                That is the only reason God has not already destroyed Satan. God will use him one final time at the end of the thousand years of teaching…to test and try those souls before the Great White Throne Judgment comes about.

                After that Judging, and the Lake of Fire, it will be finished and the Eternity will begin. The eternity will not have liberals or muzzies. it will not be a place where there is pollution. It will be on the Renewed and Revived Earth, and God’s Throne will be in Jerusalem. Anyone that has a problem with the House of Judah, and Jerusalem, will not be around to bitch or condemn people that they do not know what is in their heart, like they do today. There will be no religion. There will be no sex, nor homosexuals, or baby killers from this age that have not repented and been redeemed.

                The King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, will be there in his true role as the Tree of Life, that continually gives support, and all there will Love Him and our Heavenly Father forever.

                • pwtw, I agree that souls/life is created by a universal intelligence or god if you want to call it that. But religions call it jesus, mohammed, allah, buddah, or whatever name they put on it and attach a set of rules to give them control. Religion was the first form of government. The universe gives you free will and you are governed by universal natural law. Karma is an example of natural law. I believe we are souls that are here to experience all manner of different things on an endless ascention. There is no 1 master that rules over us there is just natural law and the consequences of going against it.

                  Why would I want to believe a book written by men? What happened to the people that died throughout the ages and never heard of your god or christ? I seriously doubt I will be going to hell for not buying into the buybull thing. Open your mind and see things from outside the box and be open to new things and question what you have been taught. I will provide a link, just click on my name on this post and actually listen to what this man has to say. A lot of podcast archives that cover many topics and are very thought provoking. Let me know what you think…

                • Lone wolverine says:

                  We’re have all these Obama voters come from all of a sudden .? These posts with all there politically correct. Brainwash words. They must be government trained propaganda people notice how their working together . Supporting each others bias claims twisting logic. Mac I hope you can see this. These must be the higher paid ones. You can see their much sharper than the normal troll. I have a full time job . I don’t have all day to combat like they do. Mac do something . Can anyone else see this? Or em I loosin it?

                • Genius says:

                  lone, ha ha ha I don’t vote because I do not consent to have anyone rule over me. This is a free speech zone so say something intelligent or stfu. I see you are just like a lot of people here, have nothing to say but put down truth and logic. Why don’t you at least get a clue and have a real response before you post? Do you have any real points you would like to add or just your whiney ass stupid remarks?

              • Anonymous says:

                How do you propose that the damage done to this planet is cleaned up. How does radiation and dead zones in the ocean get fixed? Nature is experiencing mass die off due to toxic elements and some species are near extinction due to human overkill. WHO is really after all the resources on this planet? Who is behind making collecting rainwater a crime? For starters it’s global corporations. Utopia will never exist on this planet.

                • AGENT SKINHEAD says:


                  I’ll side with passin and his Jesus.

                  Don’t like what’s on offer from the others.

                  Guess there’s loads of stuff going on around & about that we’re not privy to eh.

                • passinwiththewind says:

                  You are right,anon…

                  This planet as we know it now, is toast, and it ain’t from the climate change that B sanders says is the cause for ISIL.

                  However; after Armageddon, the cleansing will take place and all things shall be restored by the Creator.

                  Sadly, people like Genius, which I respect his decision, are gonna be in for one hell of a shock when they see Satan coming in the clouds, playing the role of Antichrist, saying he has come to rapture his followers from the chaos that is ensuing.

                  Just when he has deceived the majority of the world, and the One world religion is just about complete, the real Christ returns, and things get real interesting at that point.

                  Sadly, we have a lot of shit to wade through until then, unless we just retreat to some remote area, without communications, and live free until the end.

                • Genius says:

                  Anon I agree. Global corporations ARE trying to get all the resources as they will be the only thing that matters in the future they are not stupid it will give them total control.

                  As far as cleaning up the massive destruction already done I don’t think it can be. If the population wasn’t so huge there would NOT be the disasters we have now because their wouldn’t be the demand for things like offshore drilling, nuclear power, wars for oil, wars for farmland, wars for resources of every kind.

                  You are right, eutopia will never be as humans are irresponsible and crave control and power. The stones if they were followed and not run by power freaks would be good BUT that won’t happen. Like I said, war or resource depletion will cull the herd dramatically. It is just the logical conclusion.

    • CommonCents says:

      Woogie – Any place where there’s a large concentration of people is dangerous, especially if there’s also a lack of preparedness and strong leadership.

  54. diogenese says:

    A perfect example of the saying

  55. Warchild Dammit! says:

    We need as a world to send these folks back to their countries,kill those that will attack us,and then,leave em be.We do need,must kill those that allowed these folks,hell,encouraged/bribed them along with their minions/supporters,yes,am talking a purge of epic proportions,only thing that will save western civilisation.

  56. Old Guy says:

    Ive been watching the 100 on TV. And there is some truth in it. The Elete plan to bunker in safety in places like Mt Weather. And they could care less about anyone but themselves. Their plans are for countinuation of Government. They really do plan to reduce the entire world population and really don’t care how that goal is accomplished. Those places like Mt Weather need to become their toombs. They want religious war, race war, ethnic cleansing and to destroy the world economy. Like spoiled children if they don’t get their way they will set off the nukes. So If us surface dwellers are nuked any surviving need to go ring the bells of those hiding in places like Mt Weather. We cant let them re emerge.

  57. Them Hogs says:

    Brietbart is reporting that the Germans stopped a Paris bound car on 11/5 packed with AK’s, Grenades, and TNT. So either there is a second cell in France, or these savages found another source for arms.

    As Crusader/King Richard the Lion Hearted said, “Kill them all, let God sort them out”.

    Watch out fur dem hogs!

  58. areyouready? says:

    ht tp://shoebat.com/2015/11/13/an-entire-multitude-of-french-men-enraged-at-the-islamic-slaughter-of-french-people-enter-muslim-refugee-camp-and-set-the-whole-place-on-fire/

    Fire has reportedly broken out at the ‘jungle’ refugee camp in the port of Calais in the hours following the terror attacks in Paris. The anti-migrant group known as ‘The Angry of Calais’ posted videos of the inferno on Facebook.

    One video appears to show emergency services vehicles arriving at the camp, which houses around around 6,000 migrants – mainly young men from Syria and North Africa

    And one more point..where was NSA in all this??

  59. Most people haven’t got a clue as to how big a risk this is. They sit back and expect the government to protect them. The truth is, no one can protect you from terrorists like ISIS except you. You need to realize that it will happen again and there is nothing you or anyone else can do to stop it. They have a deep desire to wipe out all western civilization and will do everything they can to accomplish this goal. People need to realize that there is no preventing someone from strapping a bomb to themselves and detonating it in a public place. Even if we deport everyone we can find, seal the borders and no one gets in, you will have the radicalized citizens that take up their cause and attack from within. It will happen again here in America and probably sooner than later. There are people already in this country, willing to walk into a building and blow themselves up, just for the joy of killing Americans. You don’t know who they are and can not pick them out on the street. If you want to protect yourself, the only way to do it is stay out of probable target areas. Stay away from huge crowds, theme parks, major sports arenas, ETC. These people don’t want to blow up one or two people. They want major impact, killing as many as they can with a single attack and will hit where they can get the most casualties. We do not attend any major events, go to big entertainment spots or any place that we deem a possible target of opportunity. If I want to watch a sporting event, it will be on my TV in the safety of my home. I carry a firearm 24/7/365, but I realize that it will do me little good in one of these style attacks. The best you can do is assess the situation and ask yourself is being here worth dying for.

    • Frank Thoughts says:

      Yes, the problem is their intent. They are hardcore and believe their death is salvation. It is like the insect-aliens in Starship Troopers. There is no point trying to argue with them. When they decide to go, all you can do is kill them.

      Their belief system has no place for anyone who is not a total zealot. They even write of wiping out most of humanity to get to the pure essence of the core of true followers of Islam. How can you compromise with that?

      Weak, quisling and bought-off politicians (the sort who literally would sell their grandmother into prostitution if they could win the primaries) will never protect us. This is something that comes down to the individual; they must be mentally sharp, physically tough and prepared (if I see another white man with spindly wrists or rolls of fat and a double chin, I will despair). This is no time for waddling around like a lazy-ass to the fridge and watching football all day long.

  60. GrandpaSpeaks says:

    We are not the country our Constitution describes. They are not what they profess. A religion of peace versus a culture of force. Which liar will prevail?

  61. 1vet says:

    oBOLA wants to accelerate Syrian refugees coming to America???

    I guess if you perpetuate tyranny – big balls out, broad daylight ugly, everyone will keep their mouths shut to hold onto what is theirs?.

    Our government is importing the exact same terrorist here as they brought into France. Germany is arresting those who speak out against the invaders. Invaders? The media is burying the rapes and robberies.

    Bet your ass on it! The only thing we have up on over there is that we have not submitted to gun confiscation. That’s exactly what they are salivating for and I say f*ck ’em!

    I’m not being walked to the ditch and shot in the back of the head or have my noggin lopped off by some muslim a**hole invader.

    You’ll have to stand in front of me and “COME AND TAKE IT!!!!!!!~

  62. Ketchupondemand says:

    Gee, I’d love to “join the discussion” as written above, but I’ve been blocked for 3 days now. No moderation, just deleted. thank you very much, mac.
    Worst. Run. Website. Ever.

  63. 1vet says:

    When did we arrive to this place as a country?????

    I’m prepped, my neighbors are prepped, Texas is prepped!!!

    Yea, there are sheeple, but there are still many Americans that when threatened, will rise to the occasion and bring on WAR….

  64. Kevin2 says:

    Is there any credible report on the type of weapons used by the terrorists?

    • smokey says:

      Nail bombs that may have been fashioned into hand grenades, hand grenades of some type, suicide vests, and AK47s, fully automatic, with 30-round magazines, lots of them.

      None of the weapons came from a French gun shop, it’s been smuggled in.

    • Nobama says:

      1. barrel shrouds
      2. bayonet mounts
      3. pistol grips
      4. threaded muzzles
      5. telescoping stocks
      6. detachable magazines
      7. flash suppressors

      You know, all those evil things that liberals are afraid of even though they have no clue what they are.

  65. AnneMarie says:

    Mr. Hollande didn’t seem too terribly angry in his speech, unless he was trying to restrain himself (maybe it didn’t go entirely as planned). Now Ms. Merkel says people need to show “charity and tolerance”. These NWOers are nuts and they are traitors to their own citizens. They probably knew beforehand that this attack would happen. Pretty sure the G20 big shots will be having a big banquet somewhere in Turkey to celebrate this latest event – the NWO is closing in.

    • smokey says:

      Hollande didn’t jump up and down, but he did seal the national borders and put troops on the streets, so he’s taking action instead of words.

      Merkel, however, is clearly in denial. She just saw nearly 200 people pay with their lives for her insane vision of a European society filled with muslims, and her response is bright evidence that she is not rational. A sane leader would see that her ideology was wrong and take steps to amend her gross mistake, but not Merkel. She is trying to keep her deck chair from floating off the Titanic, but it’s not working.

  66. Nam Marine says:

    Bring it on Muslimes ! We are waiting for you !

    • lena says:

      Don’t worry, it’s coming.

      Do you think that muslims, who now have small populations in pockets of nearly every city in the western world of over a million people aren’t on day going to do the same thing somewhere close to you ? If you think they are not, you are wrong.

      Much like illegal immigration has made places all over the usa less safe, so will muslims; except they will be more violent. All you have to do is read the Koran. Any muslim, not radical muslium; any muslim that follows it will be a threat and it’s not going to decrease. You can tell this because there is not one group of muslims shouting it down, anywhere.

      I predict a future for Europe where news like is being seen today to become a regular thing with the usa to follow the same fate within the next 10 years.

  67. citizen says:

    As the world slowly slides into complete anarchy we wait.

    Our sons and daughters thinking they are protecting us are stationed in far away places. They are not to blame. They follow orders. They would much rather hold the line here so we could sleep peacefully at night

    our defenses are spread thin. Ripe to be attacked. So the call goes out to all Americans. Young, old, male, female, black, white or brown. Prepare for battle, the likes of which has never been seen in the history of mankind.

    If you don’t have a weapon, this is the last call. Clean them, disassemble them, know them well, for they will keep you alive. Prepare your mind for what needs to be done. No one wants to take out the trash.

    Our enemy wants us dead. Women, children, innocents. They had no problem slaughtering those in France. Tell your kids you love them and keep them firmly in your mind.
    The commandments do not say do not kill. They say do not murder. Huge difference.

    Prepare to defend our country brothers and sisters. Choose now. You will die if you don’t fight, your children’s only chance to survive depends on you.
    Know why you must fight.

    I do not fear the storm……
    I AM THE STORM!!!!

    • Genius says:

      “Our sons and daughters thinking they are protecting us are stationed in far away places. They are not to blame. They follow orders. They would much rather hold the line here so we could sleep peacefully at night”


      • lena says:

        yep. the old redneck phrase, America, love it or leave it; should have been applied to every immigrant since 1950. if you’re not a 100% red, white and blue American within 10 years; you need to leave. sure, all those 1900 European immigrants kept their heritage but they were all eager to learn English, drop their native language in public, would sign up for the military in a heartbeat and only put out the American flag.
        but no, liberals pushed and the majority just kept caving in and now we’re closer to becoming a third world country than returning to a JFK or Reagan type of America.

        • Frank Thoughts says:

          Agree: first ten years in the US, you have to get a buzz cut and do time in the Marines. Pretty well the only thing that should come out of your mouth are the words ‘Yes, Sir!, No, Sir! I do not know sir!” Pledge allegiance, stick a flag in your window, and learn some history and show some respect. That’s it: no “Oh, I do not like this free apartment, get me one with a bigger TV, oh, I do not like the amount of credits on my EBT card, I want more, Oh, this is not halal: I want only halal chicken!!!!!!!”

        • The old immigrants usually did not learn much English but their children did. They kept in small communities of their own. One problem with Mexican immigrants is their children travel across the border enough and they intermarriage back into illegals so much that a large percentage don’t really become American and they self identify as Mexican Catholics until they need social services. I learned Spanish and lived in Mexico a while. Mexico allowed me no services whatsoever. No education for my son and no Healthcare and no job. I had to bring money in not take money out. I was not allowed to own land either.

        • Hunter says:


          This country is irreparable, insomuch as wicked judeo-satanic diversity/multi-culturalism, has taken root & established dominance in govt, academia, finance/economics, media and yes….even the command structure of our military (due to recent Bawk Obama purges, of our officer corps).

          ..further up this thread-line..”Genius”..referenced a multi-pronged agenda encompassing (IMO):

          1.) ..global ‘depopulation’, especially of the Caucasian race. Because we’ve kicked them out / arrested their progress, in too many countries / locations (+96 and counting)..in the past.

          2.) ..the eradication of Christianity & Islam via, provoking each, to eliminate the other via fratricidal war(s).

          3.) ..thus, leaving the religion of the pharisees & its devotees, in sole control of whatever is left…(they actually brag & admit to such, in their own publications & in speeches/conversations among themselves).


          They’re close to achieving their desires, but..they’re not quite there yet.

          ..funny thing, I see manifold folks referencing “The End”, whilst citing the Book of Revelations, as proof of their convictions…OK !?!

          ..isn’t it odd that the USA is devoid of mention in said Book?

          ..that is unless you entertain the idea that, the USA is Babylon the harlot (code-speak)..in St. John’s writings.

          • I saw a film that nearly convinced me that the US is Babylon. Then again, the British Empire could have been Babylon in its time. This has been predicted for every generation for 2000 years. I think it makes those who believe it very apathetic, dangerously so. If it is the end times, nothing we do will matter. If it is not, then everything we do matters. I will take the doing. Never mind that I am a 61 year old woman, but I do work every day on my Food Forest, and encourage all to reestablish a semblance of food security in this country. It is what I am qualified to do. The biggest thing left is not ISIS, but shining the light of day on our corporate-owned government and the evil therein because fixing that problem is going to take a good percentage of our 320 million people. Even 65000 Muslim murders cannot withstand the people of this country. Obama ‘ s policies are not “liberal” any more than Huckabee ‘ s call to round up poor people and sell them into slavery is “conservative.” Nor is Trump’s declaration that $7.25 an hour is too much already because slaves are cheaper. Are you seeing the thread? Cruz and his war on the elderly because slaves aren’t allowed to love and care about the welfare of their parents and grandparents. TPP that will put a corporate council over all governments. I abhor ISIS but it is not our real enemy any more than a few welfare queens are.

    • lena says:

      me too. I got three muslims on my floor, if one of them so much as starts off with allah, as it allah Akbar; I’m going to be on top of them removing their eyeballs with my fingers.

      I have carried knives, as in more than one; on me for a while now. I think it’s getting time to add a firearm.

      • Hunter says:

        Don’t delay ma’am..and if I may, allow me to recommend a .357 snubnose.
        If the recoil is a bit too much, load it w/ .38+p…110gr.HP if you can find them(rare)…otherwise, use 125gr.HP’s.

        Good luck!

    • Kulafarmer says:

      I may not be the storm,
      But i damn sure could rain on someones parade,,,

  68. slingshot says:

    New Orleans get Syrian Refugee’s

    Catholic Charities are doing it again.

    On Drudge.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Government, through their “ISIS” shock troops, has fired the first shot, as government has already done over and over again.

  70. citizen says:

    We know where their nation state is. Why don’t we just nuke the fuckers and get this party started? Turn our military loose, no rules but one. if it moves there kill it. That’s how you stop a cancer.

  71. Frank Thoughts says:

    It is now being talked about in Europe the invocation of NATO Article 5 is coming. That means we are going to war in Syria. That means it is balls and all time. Conscription will be necessary because Russia is not going to take having their boy (Assad) taken out lightly. If you have a Millennial daughter or son, make sure they get up tomorrow and go for a run, do 60 push ups, and get themselves fit and ready. Induction is tough: straight to Parris Island on a night bus. The yelling starts right away. They shave your head and strip you of everything you had from civilian life. It is then 6 weeks of shear hell where you will be broken down and built back up again. But at the end you will not recognize that aimless, shiftless Millennial you put on the bus. A straight backed, proud young son or daughter in an indigo uniform before you: fit, strong and ready to serve.

    • Kulafarmer says:

      Yea, who comes back in a box
      And for what?

      • Genius says:

        For the enrichment of the elite kula. And depopulation. I know that you know that 😉 NOTE TO YOUNG PEOPLE: If they try and draft you, take up your tools and fight for YOUR country and YOUR people do not help out the ones that hate you and enslave you. If your going to die, die fighting the real enemy! Stay here with us and do the right thing… or be a coward assed buttlicker and go die for them.

    • Old Guy says:

      Strong and ready to die as cannon fodder for the NWO.

      • 1vet says:

        I never thought America would degenerate into the piss pot it’s become…

        I remember coming out of AIT in the Army wanting to wear my jump boots and beret on leave…

        I remember coming back from Iraq and everyone walking past me: looking round,feeling like I didn’t belong…

        I guess it’s been a lot of years since America shined?

        I remember her from the memories of my youth and maybe she was diminished even in those years, but I didn’t see it…

        Amerika is severely f*cking up bringing the enemy into her home. Our government no longer serves the people in any way, shape or form…

        Increasing entitlement programs for refugees,on our dime, enticing them to our shores…

        …is treason…

        • Hopefully it makes you think about who you really served and who benefited from your sacrifice. People make mistakes and are mislead all the time. I sincerely hope you learned from your experience and pass it on to others.

  72. Dennis Richmond says:

    Our Government is the ones that Created this mess in the first place !!! They knew this was going to happen just as they know that there is 32 training sites all around the US and are doing Nothing about them WHY ? Unless this is all Planed ? And still Obama and many more in the Government and the UN are forcing more and more Muslims into or Country WHY??? This is the push to eliminate 90% of the worlds population ! With the US Citizens being armed and they aren’t quite sure how to disarm us yet they have been trying to get a Civil/Race war going here for a while but it’s Not working ! That’s WHY all the Muslims are being brought in ! To get the Ball rolling !!!

    • passinwiththewind says:

      When they push billery upon us, we just “thought” the Obominable one was bad.

      She has not conscience and will kill/have killed, any one standing in her way, just as easily as an abortion doctor does it.

      Gun confiscation and martial law will consume everyone but her cronies and queers.

  73. slingshot says:

    Heraldo Rivera’s daughter was in the sports stadium when it was attacked. Getting a little close to home.
    Never liked him. Too much of a sneaky bastard.

  74. Beano McReano says:

    You must realize this was all PLANNED. There is no excuse for letting millions of migrants to just come for free and stay!

  75. Asshat says:

    The French don’t need guns their gov will protect them. The terrorist just didn’t know the gun policy I’m sure if they did it would’ve totally stopped their will to kill innocent people. What happened to the police protecting your life. What a joke gov cannot protect you nor do they want to they want people unarmed because they know the criminals will prey on them then gov will step in like the hero of the day. Laws don’t matter to evil people especially if they want to die in battle then blow your self up when you’ve taken it as far as you can. Stupid gov don’t take the threats of we want to kill you serious. People should be totally fuckin pissed at govs failure to take a declaration of war on them seriously. I’ve said it before the aggressor that storms you has the advantage and is gonna be victorious. How many times has the defender really emerged alive from the attack. Almost all are dead to talk about it that’s why you never hear about successful defense stance. I put my $ on the offense in the success dept everytime. Anti war equals victim status IMHO. This is why we are at this point. Something should’ve been done long ago.

    • CommonCents says:

      Asshat – That’s why it’s out of control because that’s what happens with spineless leadership in power. These psychopaths in power don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves. They do NOTHING unless they stand to benefit enormously–the psychopath’s mentality. They want to keep us divided, dis-empowered, impoverished and fearful… that’s what they want because then we are easier to control.

      You’re right. Something should have been done long ago, but this is why it wasn’t and this is how they want it.

  76. SIMPLE answer is to ban asylum from ALL islamic countries.
    Examine all muslims in European countries, check their dna & fingerprints & if they have committed ANY crime that carries a jail term, then DEPORT them.
    Introduce firing squad to execute convicted terrorists with bullets dipped in pig blood.
    Deport their families as well!
    That will terrify these Islamic extremists!

    • smokey says:

      Don’t bother dipping the bullets, that’s just wasting time. Better to pelletize their bodies and use them for hog fuel. Kind of an environmental justice thing, you know? It’s good for the environment, and poetic justice at the same time.

      Use everything but the squeal.

  77. SICK OF IT ALL says:

    I thought they were JV

    • smokey says:

      They were JV right up until the attacks. Now we can deal with them right down to the last Frenchman or something.

      Totally in denial about what they were and are capable of, and how to deal with it as well. Merkel-on-the-Potomoc is what we have.

  78. notu says:

    barry is smirking and saying good job my brothers

  79. steven jacobs says:

    I thought open borders was a human right. What happened?

  80. Bond says:

    Bomb all Muslim nations now! Sodomize and behead all Muzzies, where ever they are! Nuke Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Jordan, Saudi Arabia. Then Mexico!

  81. Clive says:

    France should do, what France does best.
    Unconditionally surrender!

  82. Anonamous says says:

    Looks like Trump got it right,bomb the hell out of them ! Look at Paris,Our safety in this country is not a priviledge it is a Right and should be top priority for our president! These people should be in camps near their country! Waiting to immigrate back home where they belong!…..

  83. Anonymous says:

    And Obummer continues his rant of bringing these murderers to our country. And he isn’t insane , as was stated by the many ?Obama for chains, LOCK, and LOAD people , we are next.

  84. nlightened2 says:

    Islamic State just wants to bring all the peace and love that they have brought to the middle east to Europe………. Whether they want it or not.

    (Your BS alarm should be going off right about …..now.)

  85. rednek101 says:

    So it appears the French do have a pair…a model response for all having to fight immigrant trash. You bring it to us, we bring to you X10.

    ht tp://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/calais-migrant-camp-fire-france-6830330

    • lena says:

      The French are also bombing the crap out of suspected isis camps in Syria.

      Meanwhile the three democrat candidates spent last nites debate tripping on themselves trying to be the one that could be the nicest person a muslim would ever meet.

      Holy crap ! the French are now tougher than America.

      I don’t know if Obama is a muslim, a socialist, a elitist or some combination of all three but he is beyond pathetic at this point, what an embarrassment to the country and the world.

      • Obama is owned by the banksters. He has protected them his entire presidency. Even the top donations from law firms were funneled. His obsession with gun control only reflects Wall Street fears of an uprising. His desire to legalize aliens only came after he deported more than any President in modern history. Bush and his AG instituted Deferred Prosecution Agreements whereby the banksters stayed out of jail for the exact behavior that brought the global economy down. That means Obama and Holder could have put them in jail without trial because they were on what amounted to supervised parole. Instead, Obama and Holder continued Deferred Prosecution Agreements and Holder never touched the banksters. Obama is not incompetent. He is a Constitutional attorney owned by the banksters.

  86. Steven M. McGrath says:

    The invaders are really Fighting/Breeding age men. – Think about it. – Just saying.

  87. Go to U-tube and watch the video by Benjamin Freedman. Very insightful. Also check out the site for David Duke. There are some really creative cartoons. I learned more in fifteen minutes from a cartoon. I am still learning how to use my smart phone. These sites could be lost so make copies or take notes. “History is not what you think.” Michael Jackson….

  88. Amy Goodman says:

    This attack but is being used as a psyop and propaganda in order to get Americans angary at the enemy to coax people into supporting a proxy war to overthrow Syria and engage us into WW3 with Russia.

    If they don’t get the support they want they’ll institute a draft and force conscription. Hopefully if thid turns out to be true, Americans must resist.

    The battle for freedom and liberty is not going to be off in some far away distant land; the battle for freedom and liberty is going to be right here at home on our own soil. Dont be dupt into believing otherwise. The government here in the USA is doing to us what the french government is doing to its own people.The compromised US federal government is flooding us with these Muslim enemy combatants her. It is only a matter of time before these animals start coordinating these attacks on We The People.

  89. Lone wolverine says:

    They will put federal police uniforms on these people and send them to us. They think they will win. They will piss us off so bad we will wipe them out. Completely man woman and their future Obama voting kids. O of course we will wait till their 18 .