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Is This Supposed To Be Funny?: Trump’s Severed Head Featured In New Kathy Griffin Photo Shoot ***GRAPHIC IMAGERY***

Daniel Lang
May 30th, 2017
Comments (109)

Over the past few months, we’ve all seen plenty of has-been celebrities make ugly, and often violent statements toward President Trump. But what you’re about to see takes the cake.

On Tuesday, images of a photo shoot involving “comedian” Kathy Griffin surfaced, which show her holding up a fake bloody Trump head. The photos were taken by Tyler Shields, who is known for producing shocking images. Since then, both liberals and conservatives have condemned the stunt, and many Trump supporters have called for her arrest.

It’s hard to fathom the kind of warped mind that would think this is provocative, edgy, or funny. It’s just gross. This is yet another example of an anti-trump celebrity who has no sense of class or self-awareness.

But let’s not get carried away. All of these Trump supporters who are calling for her arrest are being a bit too sensitive. That’s exactly the sort of thing that the regressive left is often guilty of. They’re the ones who have a reputation for being hypersensitive, and calling for the arrests of people they disagree with (it should be noted that neither Kathy Griffin nor Tyler Shields have actually called for Trump’s death).

Instead, Trump supporters should be focusing on the hypocrisy of this. What would have happened if a conservative publicly held up a bloody head of President Obama? In all likelihood the Left would be foaming at the mouth. That person would be called a racist and a fascist, and the public outcry would probably ruin his career. The braying leftists would demand an apology, which he would give, even though it probably wouldn’t fully repair his career. He would be slammed with death threats. And yes, people would call for his arrest.

Instead of freaking out about this, Trump supporters need to calmly call this out for what it is. It’s disgusting and sad. It’s a desperate cry for attention and relevance. And it’s a perfect example of how leftists are painfully unfunny.

Here’s what’s really going on with this stunt: When you come to hate someone with a burning passion, you lose all sense of proportion and civility, and it becomes impossible to have a sense of humor about the person you hate. That’s because real comedy never comes from a place of hatred, which explains why the far-left is teeming with a bunch of humorless killjoys. They’re so consumed with hatred and self-righteous rage that they can neither take a joke, nor make a joke.

What Kathy Griffin just did, is basically the left’s reaction to Trump’s presidency in a nutshell.

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Author: Daniel Lang
Date: May 30th, 2017
Website: https://www.shtfplan.com

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  1. patriotrose says:

    will she be around long enough to be arrested ?

    • laeagle says:

      Sad, So Sad!

      To me this exemplifies how the Libtards have aligned themselves with ISIS. They are disavowing her for show only. Al Franken stands with her which tells me he is not afraid of the bad publicity but perhaps this will come back to haunt him! I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more such stunts as the globalists and the global-warming groupies and Demonrat Oblosers go berserk as President Trump pulls out of the Paris Climate Deal! The divide between the above mentioned and the Silent Majority Middle America has never been so deep or wide. The chasm may never be bridged again.

      Louisiana Eagle

  2. Traitor Hator says:

    Let us see the domestic enemy? What else have we prepped for? Cowboy up?The window of opportunity is our salvation? Look up and rejoice your redemption is now?

  3. Traitor Hator says:

    Why are these Nazis laughing. Because we will soon know the truth? And we are learning the hard way?

  4. I think it’s great. Just put the caption under it:

    No Radical Muslims and no Saudi Mosques either.
    Remember what happened to the little girls in Britian.

    Or something to that effect, you know, something funny.


    • JustMe says:

      Imagine if anyone did this to their precious parasite, Hillary…

      An apology does’nt get it. I’m sick of these creatures and their crap.

      • Nailbanger says:

        I think thsts exactly what we should all do, effigys of their peeps, fill em with buckshot

        • Gandhi says:

          Don’t worry, the liberals can threaten to kill who ever they want. After they get into trouble “then” they can apologize. After they send their message to unstable people that murder is funny and good, then, they can apologize. Then they keep doing it. Our Feds are only concerned with keeping the tax slaves in slavery. They are too cowardly to stop these “important ” people from committing treason. They have free speech but if you go on TV and say Feds are wasting our taxes and people will no longer pay taxes and see what happens?

        • GiveThemLead says:

          Not sure why we post here when stuck in moderation for days, then 2 more articles are posted before the old comments even get posted. Is this a No Free Speech Zone?

          • Plan twice, prep once says:

            To avoid moderation, use the same handle with an email address (it can be a fake), but always be consistent in both of those items. After a week or two the system will recognize you and you are in.

            Certain words trigger moderation, avoid those. They include foul or derogatory terms used to describe people, groups and religions.

            We just came off a three day holiday weekend. The boss deserves some time off on holidays, so take it easy on holidays. Our Naughty remarks will likely just sit until the moderator finishes with the family barbecue.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

          Nailbanger, agreed. If that had been done to their precious Hillary, you can imagine the outrage. Just another example of how vile and disgusting libturds are. Kathy Griffin needs to have an ‘accident’.

      • GiveThemLead says:

        Throw the C*nt in prison for a year, and see if she pulls that stunt again.

  5. Traitor Hator says:

    Read rev. 2:9,3:9 John 8:44 and Mattew 25. And decide for yourself?

  6. Traitor Hator says:

    Look at these people ? And pick a side? And live for eternity with the consequences of your pick?

  7. Anonymous says:

    A limelight hound and a physically ugly one at that. This one must spend hours thinking how to be even more crude and disgusting than she already is.

  8. California Resident says:

    The caption should read,


  9. lisa says:

    i think she made a bad choice here, actually kathy is usually quite funny. but the idea that “real comedy never comes from a place of hatred.” sorry, a lot of comedy actually comes from a place of hatred. have you ever watched a comedy act? seems not.

  10. Upstate New Yorker says:

    I already saw this on Drudge Report and the Daily Mail. No, Kathy, you are FAR from being funny. Your stunt is tasteless, vulgar, and crude. I think you’re a DOLT. I want someone to carry around an imitation head, of your head, portay it for all to see, and see how you like it…

    • MIDDLE FINGER says:

      Kathy you are nothing but a frustrated OLD HAGG that needs the MEAT THROWN TO YA.

      But you are a real TURN OFF that is why FRANK ditched your ass
      and became a MGTOW.

      I wonder Kathy if you had the FBI drop by ???????
      Or the SECRET SERVICE ?????????

    • MIDDLE FINGER says:



    • WhereEaglesDare says:

      This is Totally over the top……And Yes if we would have done this to ” Oloser ” we would have the secret service, Fbi, and no telling who else up our rears! This is BullShit!!!!!

  11. Upstate New Yorker says:

    You are lucky to live in the U.S., a communist country would shoot you.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Griffin the psychotic clown.

  13. Upstate New Yorker says:

    How low will they go? Deeper than a sewer, good old Kath apologized, but I can’t stand her (even more) , I never, ever have watched her, and I’ll start a movement so nobody watches her again.

    • buttcrackofdoom says:

      i’m with YOU on this one!

    • TEST says:

      I would join UNYer, but I stopped watching this unfunny leftist YEARS ago.

    • Neal Jensen says:

      Her apology was token and joke as well.

      • Copenhagen says:

        How would Kathy react if someone done a video showing a faux severed head of one of her loved one’s? Would she still think it was a cute,funny joke??? Some things you don’t joke about,and that’s one of them.The ONLY thing Kathy is sorry for is her little stunt landed her in hot water and recieved so much negative feedback from the public.Losing her job may stung a bit,but who’s to say she wasn’t paid a shitload of $$$ to do that video?.Kathy’s half assed apology was pathetic..She came out wearing no makeup,looking like shit and had that poor little ole’ me attitude..Kathy can take her half assed apology and shove it straight up her ass.It’s way past time to stop letting people off the hook for doing criminal acts just because they apoligize afterwards..

  14. Stormy says:

    She’s never been funny, just sad. Watch her on the old Seinfeld. Desperate to be funny. Very sad case.

  15. Upstate New Yorker says:

    Rant over.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Griffin pulled this stunt because she can. Just like all the other herd celebs that verbalized harm against Trump. These hive dwellers are managed and will be protected from legal action.

    • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

      anonymous, you can imagine the outrage if that had been done to Obama. NAACP, Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter, Conressional Black Caucus, and all the ape celebs would rage about it for weeks.

  17. southside says:

    Daniel Lang,thank you for a non hysterical well thought post. A rarity on this site

  18. SASQUATCH says:

    can you hear the rapping of a hammer you so-called tolerant P.O.S.’s? If you can’t, listen as the sound grows because that is the sound of we patriots of this country nailing another nail in your coffins.So keep on pushing. You lost the election because AMERICANS are waking up to your socialistic gibberish and are beginning to understand who the real threat to them and their children are.You have pushed your agenda for over a hundred years and by using the popular phrase”think of the children”. By doing this while we conservatives thought of it as a reasonable statement to help our kids ;your plan was to make sure you got them into schools where your socialistic teachers could indoctrinate our youth.I give you credit for it you did a great job of that.BUT you did not get all of them and now the fight is on GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!

  19. PO'd Patriot says:

    Could you imagine the lefts reaction if someone did the same thing with the previous knuckle dragger’s mock melon.

  20. Upstate New Yorker says:

    I hope her career is ruined for good. Very well thought out written article.

  21. the blame-e says:

    When the head is returned to its body, an autopsy will confirm once again who is responsible for the murder of a whole country.

    All those eager to express their hatred for Americans who voted against them (any way they can), the Democrats and the Clintons will even sacrifice one of their own — Kathy Griffin — to see how much treason and subversion the country will tolerate before it returns the favor.

    Hillary Clinton, Kathy Griffin, and Maxine Waters all prove one thing. Karma is a bitch.

  22. Warchild Dammit! says:

    She was always a person in background celebrity wise,this will help push her farther back.As for a arrest,nah,this falls under the free(stupid)speech arena,hopefully helps her disappear from public eye for good.

    • Gandhi says:

      Actually, free speech does not cover her recruitment of jihad. She is the new jihad Jane. I bet she has a militia group that is planning attacks at antifa demonstrations against conservatives by bashing true free speech advocates with bicycle locks.

    • Whatever works says:

      This is not free-speech nor should it be covered as such . It is an incitement to violence . Just as you cannot shout fire in a crowded theater , you cannot hold aloft the severed bloody head of the US sitting president and call it free-speech . There are limits and this is one .

      • Warchild Dammit! says:

        Actually,this is free speech,she did not say she would cut off Trumps head nor asked others to.

        I hate the bitch,did before this nonsense but love free speech protections no matter how stupid or hateful,this was not a threat nor asking others to cause harm,just a sick bitch.

        Trump said his son was horrified(rightfully so) but why the hell is a young kid getting access easy to net when dad potus,a lot worse things said about him.

  23. oops says:

    Griffin belongs to the Democratic Socialist Party of Communist America. As a member acts of direct or indirect violence are required as parts of revolutionary tactics. These scientifically proven mental degenerates will not stop until they have their Communist Utopia here in the US! They mean to kill all white people starting with excluding/demonizing white males.
    The Clintons started this in the public schools with boys after taking away recess and mixing vaccines. Karl Marx hated white Christian people and espoused their genocide. Historical record documents this.
    This movement started well over 100 years ago and has been in the US for about the same time.

    It is no surprise that Hollywood types conduct direct/indirect action using their notoriety or that MSM is the Communist mouthpiece. Both of these sectors follow Marx and the Manifesto tenants.

    But the final joke will be on Griffin and the Communists because the society they have become accustom will collapse when WASP’s are gone. Why, because WASP’s did build that! Good Luck with that IDIOTS!

  24. watching and waiting says:

    Just another picture of how indifferent, how mean, how disrespectful, some in this country have become.

    Another snake from the swamp exposed.

    Is it not amazing how much evil has surfaced since Trump has been elected.

    A lot of evil spirits being exposed.

  25. ColoradoKid says:

    Just another no-talent, never-was, liberal hack desperately trying to remain relevant.

    Don’t feed the trolls, as much as it pisses you off.

  26. John says:

    I didn’t know Kathy Griffin was a Muslim!

  27. Archivist says:

    The Secret Service has taken notice of this.

    • Plan twice, prep once says:

      I’m certain Cathy did not do this alone, nor in a vacuum, who was the artist that made the head, who were the writers, who were the cameramen, producers etc.

      The Secret Service needs to investigate this, identify each of these people, identify their links to known terrorists, check their public statements and social media statements.

      Threats against the president are no joke. Stupid stunts are very expensive and terribly distracting to the Secret Service.

      The law needs to be upgraded, so the Secret Service can charge gag threats like this, and hit all the perpetrators with huge fines to discourage this behavior.

  28. Jim in Va. says:

    I guess a very unfunny comedian got desperate for attention(the wrong kind). ISIS called and asked if she wanted a job butchering Christians.

  29. Neal Jensen says:

    Leftists scumbags doing what they do best, TERRORISZING others to come to their mindset…

    Its backfiring, and these dangerous libtards need to be me REMOVED from society permanently. END OF STORY.

  30. Ketchupondemand says:

    She’s trying to jump start her career, worthless piece of crap that she is.
    Another example of the hypocrisy of the lunatic, psychopathic left.

    The problem is there are so many of them, it will jump start her career.
    Look for her to be on the late night talk shows.
    That moron Colbert will be begging her to be on.

  31. Warchild Dammit! says:

    Actually Ketchup,believe this back fired on her and will cut her “paid appearances”,just ignore her,tis free speech though dumb as hell.Let her fade into oblivion.

  32. Waiting says:

    I don’t know how anyone could possibly think this is funny. To take the beheading of a person, any person, and treat it in such a cavalier manner is so disrespectful to humanity. I guess she, Kathy Griffin, had no thought as to the impact this would have on family members who have gone through such an atrocity. She has really shown her stupidity this time. Not only was this traumatic to the families of victims of beheadings, but probably also traumatic to the Trump family to have seen this picture. I know it had an impact on me, so I can only imagine the unsettling impact on the Trump family. Does the “left” really want to talk about “hate speech”? The “left” is the most hate spewing group there is. I speak of war concerning the defense of our Constitutional Rights; I even speak of bloodshed that goes with war, but never detailing the manner of death; and I would never use the gruesome method of beheading. Separating the head from the body seems so ungodly. Griffin can apologize all she wants, but this image is unforgiveable. I cannot think of anything she could do to redeem herself.

  33. patriotrose says:

    if there is any justice she will have to go into hiding

  34. Whatever works says:

    While the “hypocrisy” and this is important, the call for the death of a president , which is what this is, is of far more importance

    It would make no difference to me which presidents severed bloody head was being held aloft . This is illegal and beyond the pale. It isn’t free-speech and it isn’t funny .

    It isn’t edgy and it isn’t controversial.


    She should spend some quality time in jail to bring this point home. The photographer should too.

    SEND A MESSAGE. Treason ain’t cool.

  35. Ron Ahrens says:

    60% of graphic hedonistic satanic debauchery porno is consumed by New Babylonian American toxic dump drunken bums.

    The New Babylonian American dumbed down toxic dump drunken bums play extremely graphic, bloody, and violent video games ALL DAY LONG, where they imagine and play out their violent fantasies of killing everything that moves.

    The New Babylonian American toxic dump drunken bum cowards watch and participate in violent “bread and circuses” sporting events, like cage fighting and football where blood is always flying and human brains are being bashed in.

    The New Babylonian American toxic dump drunken bums listen to violent music lyrics, and the dumbed down cowards watch blood and gut spewing satanic Zombie movies where humans are being eaten and the blood is flying all over.

    ALL OF THIS INSANITY, BLOODY CHAOS, AND VIOLENCE BEING PORTRAYED DAILY AND CONSTANTLY IN COLLAPSING POLICE STATE HELL ON EARTH NEW BABYLON AMERICAN and now the cowards pussies and toxic dump drunken bums are complaining about this stupid joke directed at the vice peddling pussy grabbing psychpath Orange Satan Trump???????? Really, are you that dumbed down and to this point of complete insanity Trumpbot cowards?????

  36. Anonymous says:

    This is a threat. Inciting violence and definitely hate. That was offensive and imho a crime. She should be arrested.

  37. Cathy griffin has no class what about that piece of shit you guys put in the White House are you kidding me there nothing about trump that says he’s honest,morel,are just you guys are part of the problem you back the biggest joke that has ever been elected president in this country give me a break it’s dumb asses like you that believe in that piece of shit that what really bothers me when the pitchforks come out witch side will you be on

  38. Beaumont says:

    I have a hard time, saying it has socially-redeeming value, because it’s intentionally tacky. It’s kitsch, like when Joan Rivers talked about her underwear.

    But, he’s ultimately, only a human.

    The whole point of this website is that he is not divine providence. You don’t place your faith in him, much less, religiously, or you wouldn’t be here.

    There are mentally-unstable people, on both sides of this argument, but I consider it facetious. She knew it was in bad taste.

    • Ron Ahrens says:

      NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING is more SICK than a vice peddling genocide supporting psychopath puppet, who admits he likes to grab young girls pussies, and the psychopath is the puppet head of the New Babylon criminal treasonous US Government and nuclear weapons, NOTHING more SICK than that!!!!!

      • Waiting says:

        That was over eleven years ago. So someone should pay for a mistake their whole life? Can you throw the first stone?

      • DeplorableBitterClinger says:

        Trump was talking about grabbing grown women’s pussies, and with their permission. His point was that if you’re rich, they’ll let you. Hell, as rich as he is, plenty of smoking hott chicks beg him to do it.

  39. By Design, Over Time says:

    This crosses the line. There comes a point when enough is enough and this is too much.

    What message is she sending? Unity? Compassion? Tolerance?

    I don’t deal with “Left” or “Right”; Repulacrats are all the same and until we as a Nation get that, we are doomed.

    Common sense must prevail or we lose this country. Support the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    • DeplorableBitterClinger says:

      I think it’s great. Let the leftists display their true feelings and intent for all to see.

      Kind of like their whole gun control obsession. Even people who don’t really like guns now ask “What do they have in mind that they don’t want me to be able to resist?”

  40. Storm says:

    Sadistically twisted & vile… if it had been a conservative national news outlet(not that any such media exists) & Obama head what would be the response?

  41. It was not meant to be entertainment. Calling it entertainment was the legal cover for the act. This was a well thought out political provocation. This act is consistent with all of the screaming and ranting over Trump. The MSM is setting the stage for the violence the left intends to commit.

  42. GrandpaSpeaks says:

    She was just yelling theater in a crowded fire. But you know in your heart that the deep state revels in this. It confirms their maneuvers have overwhelmed us.

  43. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    I may talk shit about President Trump and I may not agree with his policies, and like I said before, I still like him a lot and I still believe he is still the best choice for president. I like his personality, his attitude, and his stage presence. No one could be a better representative of the United States that Donald Trump.

    I support him on alot of issues and he has lost my support overall. I still do not believe that Trump is against the cabal, and still believe that he is in it with them. Maybe in time Trump will prove to us that he is in for interest as a people, but time will have to prove that.

    That woman should be arrested. Looks like the left is getting out of control. Then again, Ted Turner own CNN, and told Oprah Winfrey that he planned to kill 90% of all humans on the planet by 2020. Oparah Winfrey, threw up, passed out at the meeting. This was according to Jay Weidner’s source. Dr Jim Garrow found out from his source that Oparah was busy buying up Real Estate in the middle of up north bum phuck Canada, and is building underground bunkers and will be leaving the US. Griffin is sick piece of shit and needs to removed from society.


    Fucking people.

  44. marty says:

    This ugly twat needs a beating.

  45. Agent76 says:

    The video above has been censored and here it is uncensored for now.

    May 30, 2017 Kathy Griffin Beheads Trump In Disgusting Photo


  46. One proud average American says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading this site and MOST of your comments for a couple of years now but never felt the need to comment because you all are very good at covering every side of the arguments but when I saw this last night and now on this great site I felt the need to finally speak up so hear it goes…….Are you F***ing kidding me how does this classless B**** think this is funny, look I understand that a lot of snowflakes out there are freaked out that Donald Trump won but GET OVER IT now I didn’t vote for President Obama and I sure as hell didn’t like his policies but he was still my president and I still had respect for the office, you snowflakes, press, Hollywood types have lost it I’ve never seen anything like what is happening at this time in history you bunch of crazies act like you can say or do anything you want to President Trump and his family with no consequences and think it’s your right because you live in the greatest nation in the world. Well folks let me tell you everything we do HAS consequences and I sure hope this B**** gets a quick visit from KARMA and Kathy this ones going to cost you hon your career was already on life support but I’m pretty sure your going to be a HOT POTATOE for a while where no one is going to want to touch you, we as Americans finally have to stand up and say alright enough is enough you bunch of crazies WE WILL NOT LET YOU DIVIDE US ANY LONGER, folks I don’t care if you love Donald Trump or hate him the man is in office for at least four years if you love him get out and vote for another four years if you hate him get out and vote for whomever the dems put up that’s how my beloved country works and final thought President Trump ran and won to try to fix this country not for the money he’s got it not for the fame he’s got that not to live in the whitehouse his places are nicer certainly not for the popularity he’s less popular now than when he was just THE DONALD truthfully the First Lady HAS to be asking President Trump NOW WHY DID YOU WANT TO DO THIS oh yea to try to FIX this great nation we all live in!!!!!!! So to Hollywood and the mainstream media F*CKOOF you all don’t know sh** of how a average American lives and try’s to provide for his/her family STOP trying to tell us what we should do and think just try to act in movies and entertain us and will the media just try to write truthfull stories and stop trying to spin your narrative of the day and while I’m at it whitehouse press pool LAY OFF SPICY he’s got the second hardest job in the whitehouse trying to babysit you snowflakes and one more thing while I’m on my soapbox parents if someone did this to you and your 10 year old son or daughter saw this would that be acceptable NO but for some crazy reason people can trash Trump and it’s just good humor well this is one Proud American who’s had enough……..Average American and small business and one PROUD AS HELL TEAM TRUMP SUPPORTER

  47. TEST says:

    Well, at least she is funnier than “Votes in car trunk” Al Fwanken… in the same way that anything is above absolute 0 Kelvin.

    Some good news. Look, Trump ain’t perfect. We get it. But in terms of draining the swamp, some moves in a positive direction HAVE been made. Gorsuch of SOTU is just SLIGHTLY better than vile Ruth Bader Ginsberg, dontcha think? Pruitt is dismantling the fascists at the EPA, which was one of THE most dangerous things destroying America. Funding for abortions internationally is halted. And now this: Trump to exit the BIG GREEN MONEY faux global warming agreement. When you consider that the Financial Stability Board estimated there would be $73 freaking TRILLION dollars spent on this scam over the next 15 yrs, you see the significance of this.

    fFACT notes “The UN’s Paris Climate Agreement imposes massive economic burdens, redistributes fortunes, lines the pockets of profiteers and dictators all while having little or no impact on the temperature of the Earth. It will impoverish people and pressure the environment. It is the most expensive all-pain, no-gain scenario imaginable.”

    • Waiting says:

      HCKS, I always read your post with interest. I read everyone’s post with interest, because I am always trying to learn. I found your posts enlightening and I believe you when you say there are Chinese troops in Texas. I’m very interested in that because I live in Oklahoma. Just like your post today with the attached link, I will definitely read it. We’re in this together HCKS.

    • Warchild Dammit! says:

      Simple Hcks,don’t let em take your firearms.

    • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

      HCKS, don’t let anyone take your guns. After you kill the gun grabbers, take whatever they have. Every little bit helps.

  48. TEST says:

    Where’s all the outcry over H8TE speech, bullying and violence?????

    Oh, wait, my bad. With leftists, this evil is “justified” and “understandable.”

    Actually stuff like this is good in that there are a WHOLE lot of folks you never hear or read about who see this hypocrisy, filth and garbage, and are utterly alienated from the fascist left by it. So, keep it up, Kathy!

  49. Kevin2 says:

    These people are supposed to be the generational offspring of the Civil Rights & Vietnam War protestors. Dr King would be appalled. The lefts clamoring for Russian hatred shows just how effective the CIA and other possibly unknown rogue elements financed by the globalists can be. They have infiltrated and redirected an entire movement and circled it back 180 degrees without the brain dead followers even realizing it. The “Peace Lovers” love war and injustice is fine as long as its directed at the enemy TPTB dictate. I cringed when Sec of State John Kerry, onetime President of Vietnam Veterans Against The War, consistently advocated military action against nations that posed no threat to the US. There is nothing more vile in politics than hypocrites. There is no greater hypocrite than he.

  50. To be perfectly honest, I don’t see a problem with her stunt. It’s tasteless for sure but it matches Trumps bloodlust around the world — murdering men, women and children by the score.

  51. Nomadic says:

    Hoe lives next door to Kim Kartrashian and Kunta Kinte West…..need I say more?
    However if a meteor was just needing a place to crash .. I cant think of no better place

  52. Tsar Bomba says:

    CNN ‘terminates’ Kathy Griffin’s hosting duties on New Year’s Eve program


    Now that’s funny…

  53. Rebel Son says:


    i have heard some say that they would like to have all the politicians and heads of states skulls on top of fence posts at the end of this all…. what makes trump any different?

    not a dam thing

    yup shes not funny
    yup its probably not right

    but, these fuctards running our country need a serious wake up call

    every dam one of them and all those pedophiles in gov. too

  54. Weapon says:

    This is treason, she needs to go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200

  55. Macman says:

    For celebrities, they say that any coverage/attention, good or bad, is good in the long run. I figure this C**t looked at it that way. Maybe these assholes will finally learn that most of America has had enough of the lies, hypocrisy and B.S.!

  56. Traitor Hator says:

    Might be a good time to bury a 22 pistol and a brick in the woods?

  57. A couple of years ago I was shocked and appalled when this creature was simulating oral sex on Anderson Cooper. It was New Year’s Eve, but early in the evening when kids would still be up watching tv. CNN had no problem with that – go figure why simulating an execution got ’em all steamed up.

    As George Carlin said in his infamous “Seven Words You Can’t Say on Television” bit:

    “OK Sheriff, we’re gonna fuck you slow . . .”

  58. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    One Proud average American sums it up. That is the current generalization of local events that are up in everyone faces, expect for the libtards.


    As for the UN, molon labe. Get your ass shredded with .223/5.56 when you get here.