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Incoming Asteroid Passing Extremely Close: “If It Doesn’t Hit Earth, May Strike Something Around Us!”

Mac Slavo
March 4th, 2016
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It’s not worth panicking over, but it is at least worth mentioning the “chance” that a giant asteroid could hit the planet.

Its calculated trajectory varies, with reports claiming it will arrive March 5, or between the 7th and 8th, and will hurl as close as 11,000 miles away from Earth, but that’s about as close as anything close to its size has come on record.

Lexi Morgan at Intellihub.com explains:

NASA has now updated its Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s close approach data to reflect a 22 hour window of uncertainty regarding asteroid 2013 TX68, which is currently set to nearly graze Earth.

NASA hopes the massive chunk of rock will pass safely by Earth at a distance of around 18,000 miles between the dates of Mar. 7, at 1 p.m. and Mar. 8, until 11 a.m. Eastern Time.

It’s also worthy to note that even if the asteroid safety passes the planet, it still has the potential to collide with the moon, orbiting satellites, the International Space Station or other space-based platforms.

The Sun story adds additional details:

NASA has admitted there is a chance the asteroid 2013 TX68, a 100ft-wide rock which is currently heading towards us, could impact earth.

The asteroid is due to pass earth on March 5 by as close as 11,000 miles however NASA says there is “a chance” it could actually hurtle into our planet on September 28, 2017.

But NASA puts the odds of this happening at “no more than 1-in-250-million.”


NASA has said it could be anywhere between 9 million miles and 11,000 miles. This large range is due to a wide range of possible trajectories since it was tracked for only a short time after discovery.

Though there’s only a fraction of a chance that we will be entering a doomsday scenario ripped from the pages of Hollywood in a period of just a few days from now, scientists also point out that it could wreak havoc on the moon, or satellite and man-made space infrastructure.

So, there could be noteworthy damage. Maybe.

Regardless, it is a reminder of the fragility and mortality of our condition here. There are many disturbing forces, and there is little reason to remain well adjusted to them.

Russia has just unveiled a plan to use ICBMs to blow up smaller asteroids/meteors that more frequently pelt their homeland. Chelyabinsk took an unexpected hit last year.

NASA has previously announced a nearly identical plan for United States defense against possible threats from space. The Daily Mail reported:

Dramatic proof that any of these can strike Earth came on 15 February last year, when an unknown object exploded high above Chelyabinsk, Russia, with 20 – 30 times the energy of the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

The resulting shock wave caused widespread damage and injuries, making it the largest known natural object to have entered the atmosphere since the 1908 Tunguska event, which destroyed a forest area of Siberia.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Russian government is going to revamp some of its intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) in order to blow up asteroids before they reach Earth.


Apparently, the nuclear-armed ICBMs would be used to target asteroids with a 20 to 50 meter diameter (approximately 65 to 164 feet). Asteroids of these sizes are difficult to detect, and using an ICBM to take them out before they hit Earth would be the last line of defense preventing a potential catastrophe.

In an age where space has been weaponized, along with weather and climate, and foreign relations have returned to Cold War tensions, that could have layers of hidden intention as well.

“Unfortunately, we only know about roughly 1% of those asteroids that get down to the 30-meter size, so there’s a tremendous amount out there that we have yet to discover,” said Jason Kessler, NASA’s man in charge of identifying potential asteroid threats, to CNN.

Anyway, there could be surprises. Russia has certainly taken note of what could and has happened.

H/t Intellihub.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: March 4th, 2016
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. 2 DOGS says:

    today there are 2 near earth asteroids at 1LD and 1.8LD

  2. Angry Old White Guy says:


    Jerry Delemus of Rochester, NH was arrested yesterday at his home by FBI agents for charges steming from his involvment at the Bundy ranch in Nevada.

    ht tp://www.wmur.com/politics/prominent-conservative-activist-on-seacoast-facing-federal-charges/38319664

  3. WhoWTFKnows... says:

    Its really just a Democrat Turd, that was kicked off the planet years ago. What goes around come around like a boomerang. Get out your umbrella.. It looks just like Hillary….

    -WWTI… BTW/ I have XL Hands..

  4. Duck-n-Dive says:

    I N C O M I N G !!! Phewwwwwwy… That was close.

  5. buggymak110 says:

    If it doesn’t crash on earth at least some chunks crashes at the white house !!!!!

  6. Enemy of the State says:

    maybe it will hit Hillary’s fat ass

    yeah I know that was immature , but so is she

  7. incognito says:

    Seeing a lot of chatter about the return of Nibiru dragging a whole minefield of debris with it. Every 3,600 years the small solar system with it’s brown dwarf sun passes through flipping the poles on earth, causing floods and earthquakes. We all know these are very much on the rise.

    There’s a lot more, but even people here would say it sounds crazy. I’ve come to understand that there are secrets in our DNA and that we were created…. to mine gold… (Genesis 1:26) and what have we been up to?

    Don’t think too much.

  8. Sgt. Dale says:

    A big rock falling from the sky. There nothing we can do. My M1A won’t shoot it down. I just hope I can use my prepps.


    • I’m with you. No use worrying about that which you can not change. Just hope if it falls that it hits on the other side of the world and keep prepping. Hell, maybe it will turn out to be a blessing and land right on North Korea.

      • buttcrackofdoom says:

        of COARSE there’s a point in worrying about things you “can’t change”…if it hits earth and makes a nuclear winter…it might only last a year or two…and many will survive, providing you DID something to prepare for it….those doomsayers that can only see an END, instead of thinking through MANY different scenarios, are fukin’ up the works…it aint THIS, or THAT, that’s gonna happen…there are MANY different things that could happen, some bad, some not so bad.

  9. incognito says:

    Zecharia Sitchin was the linguist that deciphered the Ancient Sumerian’s Cuneiform tablets. This was in the 50’s and it’s been long covered up. All the governments of the world are taking it very seriously though. Trillions have been spent on bunkers around the globe.

    Love to see a story on this.

  10. Taxdn2poverty says:

    I call advertisement bullshit on the whole article. Another scare tactic for the weak minded since the economic collapse didn’t happen by the end of the year (2015). This is Biblical fact and will not change to accommodate the downward spiral of sales within the prepper community. The first trumpet of Revelation is a worldwide shower of small meteors that burn up all the green grass and one third of the trees. After that the asteroid that spawned the meteor shower hits the ocean and destroys one third of all the ships and coastlines in the world. Until then folks stop believing the bullshit that you are being served on a platter and get a life. The end is not yet. Unless of course all the green grass gets burned before Tuesday, which is damned unlikely. Again it’s all bullshit for idiots willing to spend their money on trinkets of teotwawki. thanks.

    • passinwiththewind says:

      These things you speak of, which are in Rev. 8, at the First Trump, may be due to CMEs from the Sun, instead of asteroids. Enough asteroids to cover all the earth and burn up all the grass would mostly eliminate mankind.
      It could also make the waters bitter due to the changes in chemical components that are present today that make it safe for life. The grass is not totally destroyed, but just scorched and the roots are still in place.

      The reason i say this is because at the fifth trump in Rev 9:1-12, the grass is back again and the locust army is warned not to hurt the grass, trees, nor kill mankind. This trump is back to back with the sixth.

      The sixth trump signifies the full on push for the beast/nwo system and the entrance of Satan as Antichrist (the Messiah returned) to set the world straight through prosperity (forgiveness of debts), and Peace (a one world-all inclusive religious system).
      I believe the shortened time for the fifth and sixth trump is a five month time frame…”shortened” by Christ, for the elect’s sake; from the original 3 1/2 years originally given. The 42 months of tribulation is still in full affect, but not with Satan and his armies present. Their time has been drastically cut short, “less no flesh saved”..

      The seventh and final trump, signifies the march of troops against the land of Israel/Jerusalem, and the return of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The role of Satan as Antichrist is over, as well as any further attempts at a one world system of gov and religion. Hence the offices of antichrist ( false messiah ) and false prophet (one world religious leader), are thrown alive into the Lake of Fire.

      There may have been a deceptive antichrist (obama as UN leader) and deceptive false prophet (pope as all inclusive religion leader), that has mysteriously dissapeared, to deceive the sheeple/nwo followers, that they were those two spoken of by John in Rev 19:20. But; these two flesh beings are not the actual offices of the real Antichrist….Satan, as the spurious messiah.

      Jesus Christ eliminates the enemies of Jerusalem and brings about an end to flesh life, forever. All flesh, even that of animals, is melted away from the earth. Death of the flesh has totally been swallowed up in Victory, and the Millennial Kingdom begins.

      Those written in the Book of Life, have been totally redeemed and take part in the First Resurrection at this time. Those that made their calculations on a pre-trib rapture are still here in wonderment and embarrassment. Some of those that did not worship the Beast and his system will take part in this First Resurrection and Marriage Supper of the lamb.

      The remainder, that did not have a chance at salvation, will be taught and tested at the end of the thousand years and if found worthy…will take part in the final resurrection. The remainder of those that still follow Satan, along with those that followed him during this flesh Age, will take part in the second death, death of the soul, in the lake of fire.

  11. Winston Smith says:

    It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

  12. Seminole Wind says:

    According to “Jihad Watch”, some Jihadi gunmen walked into a Nursing Home in Yemen today and shot down 4 Nuns and a bunch of Old Folks. Sad but true.

    Now back to the “Looney Tunes”.

  13. grandee says:

    I knew it! I knew it!

    DH leaves for two weeks of work in Atlanta and it’s teotwawki.

  14. TEST says:

    OK, fine. But just a quick question. In the picture above, why didn’t all the ocean water pour into that big old hole?

    Just sayin… 😉

    One other observation:

    No need for the asteroid. Obungler has already done more damage than any asteroid could ever do. (And BTW, I remember watching a lot of Battlestar Galactica when young, starring Lorne Greene, formerly of Bonanza. I understand he felt an asteroid is what one got from sitting in the saddle too long. Again, just sayin…

    • That Would be right says:

      Test, I saw what you saw but it is an optical delusion…..
      Rock directly center of picture with earth behind is what is shown.
      No gravity defying hole…..except if shot is micro second after impact???

    • TEST —->That’s not a hole in the earth in the pic …it’s an asteroid placed ‘over’ the planet and just ‘looks like’ it is a hole, when it’s just another rock quite distanced from the planet

  15. aljamo says:

    I hope it hits on the 7th, the nicest BD present I could imagine.

    • Kulafarmer says:

      Thats really about all that can be said for sure,,
      Add it to the long long long list of things we have absolutely no control over.

      • rellik says:

        11,000 miles is pretty close. Our geosynchronous satellites are ~22,000 miles up. Luckily the rock is only 30 meters across. It is a big earth, recently a rock blew over the Atlantic. Nobody saw it and they don’t how big it was, other than it was pretty big.
        My list of disasters we have absolutely no control over, but commonly occur here, in order of most to least likely to cause a SHTF event;

        Democrat voters
        Wild fires

        Did I leave anything out?
        I’m not worried about a 30 meter rock.

  16. I’ll bet a piece of it breaks off and kills that IT technician that ran Hillary’s secret email server – who was recently given immunity from prosecution.

    • Plain Old American says:

      Or Trump.

    • hammerhead says:

      I’ll bet that tech dude takes some pills , puts on a blue dress and swan dives from the tenth floor .
      Probably with three self inflicted gunshot wounds in his head.

      • Unreconstructed Southron says:

        I could make some money buying some life insurance on him.

        But it takes money to make money.

      • kynase says:

        And a knife wound to the back and neck, all self inflicted, of course.

      • ah yes. “Died of natural causes.” (Just like Scalia).

      • Funny how those things can happen. I was called to a house one day for an unattended death. Found a guy laying in bed, dead, with a large hole in the top of his head and an electric drill laying beside him covered in blood. The coroner ruled it was suicide, even though a 1/2 inch drill bit had been drilled all the way into the top of his head and then pulled back out. The only other people present was his brother and sister and she had just been released from the state mental hospital. I always suspected that they covered it up, because they didn’t want to have to admit she should have never been released.

    • TEST says:

      AC, *THAT* was funny. All those “unfortunate” deaths of anyone who opposes Slick and his “bimbo eruptions” moll….

      Heck, maybe a piece might even hit Vince Foster’s grave, d’ya think? But probably the chance of that is only about that of a once in a zillion cattle futures trade, right?

  17. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:



    Interesting timing isn’t it. March, April 2016.. I wonder where these extra solar bodies popped up from, and what could possibly near by carrying that tail of aste-roids. Nibiru? or someting else. Lets just watch and see what will happen, since i already know that we will be getting this sh..t beat of this planet that we are on. It will be either minor or severe, this is what i was told. Lets see what will happen. And one more thing, If we make it the elections, sometime in the next few months, LET ME REMIND YOU ALL THAT I TOLD YOU THAT I WAS INFORMED THAT DONALD TRUMP WILL BE GOING INTO THE WHITE HOUSE WITH TED CRUZ AS HIS VP, SINCE I WAS TOLD THIS EVENT BEFORE TRUMP ANNOUNCED HE WAS RUNNING. Who the phuck will believe this. Why? the two seem so distant attacking each other. yet they talk behind and the scenes, worked it all out before both of them started to run.

    Once this is announced by Mr Cruz himself publically, people on this site will be listenig a little closer to what i am talking about. Trolls will be having meetings with agency ass clown leaders as to what the phuck are we going to do about this website and this HCKS asshole that wont shut up. Come on trolls, attack me, tell me that this wont happpen, as you cancel out your self permanently, this time. You might as well pick the handle Anonymous.. Because your phucked. You trolls are going to get your asses handed to you big time from my peers on this site. In fact i feel sorry for you asses if Trump./Cruz goes on the same ticket just like what i said. Rubio is busy fantazing about gay anal sex, Yet he feels that the people need crap like him the white house, blowing his way to the top and continung the caos and current legacy.

    The others have bailed. Romney is a total phucking joke, thinking that he can suddenly jump into the race, attack Trump, or worst start supporting Hitlery. Either way, no one will listen to crap from the establishment stooge romney. He only looked trustworthy because he was racing against his oponent. Nothing i have said has happened, so its time to deliver the facts and see it manifest infront us. This opens up a whole set of more info for me to leak out and let the public know more about the the Extra Terrestrial contact that is taking place in my city and State. Tell me you agency assclown trolls, tell it to me right now, Donald Trump and Cruz as Vp will not be happening and wont be announced. Talk to your agency ass clown shift supervisor. Yikes, your phucked..



    Donald Trump/Ted Cruz for the VP, PERIOD. Prove me wrong.

  18. 2isone says:

    EG1 and DN2 flying by tomorrow at 1.1 and 1.8 LDs respectively. One discovered on Feb. 28th and on on March 2nd. Eventually, one of these rocks is going to pop us a good one. If you don’t care, good for you. I like to know when crap is flying past my head, regardless of what I can “do” about it. Always another chance to say “I love you” or “I’m sorry”, or have a glass of wine and sit on the porch together and watch the show. Chelyabinsk is just a recent example of a non-catastrophic visit by a foreign object, but destructive nevertheless.


    If they fire something like this what about a EMB hitting EARTH ???????????????

  20. nexusxyz says:

    Is Bruce Willis available…he’s good at entertaining bullcrap and gets paid for it.

  21. Simmon says:

    I wonder now if Russia’s test firing of 16 ICBMS from a sub has anything to do with this?

  22. Scavenger says:

    Why the focus on 2013 TX68 when 2016 EB1 is the same size, same velocity, more than twice as close with a condition code 8?

  23. Tucker says:

    Sure would be great if there were some way to launch a tractor beam, latch on to this asteroid, and then pull it down so it would land smack dab in the center of downtown Tel Aviv.

    Imagine a world where there would never again be another world war? Imagine a world where every historic White European nation would no longer be forced to do battle with a diabolically evil and Satanic race of creatures who are hell bent on engineering the genocide of all White Europeans and the systematic destruction of every historic White European nation?

    Imagine the money the entire world could save by no longer being extorted and bled dry by usurious vampires who have an unquenchable thirst to conjure up one excuse or pretext after another to fleece the last dime out of the pockets of the last gentile on Earth?

  24. Well then, let’s take my tractor and strap a big ole 10×10 beam to her and go fetch that thang, Tucker!

  25. knightindullarmor says:

    the problem with tx68 is the high degree of uncertainty.

    if you look at spaceweather dot com, you can click the name of an asteroid and get the data on it.

    the condition code is what is alarming. objects are given a range from 0 (absolute certainty of it’s orbit, for example, the moon) to 9 (no fricking clue – could be within a hundred million miles of it’s estimated trajectory).

    tx68 has been between a 7 and an 8 which means that even nasa is relatively clueless.

    also of note, is that 4 or 5 days ago, tx68 miss distance was estimated at 0.0044 LD (about 1000 miles from earth), but today it is estimated at 13 LD (2.5 million miles from earth).

    why is this alarming?

    #1 condition code upgraded from 7 to 8 (even less certain)

    #2 the data never changed. last observation is still 10/2013. latest solution (best computer model guess) still 2/25/16.

    now, if the data didn’t change, and they are using the same computer model using the same input data and havent come up with any different ‘solutions’ since 2/25/16 – then why was the estimated miss 0.0044LD on 3/1/16 and as of 3/4/16 the estimated miss distance is 13LD?

    the obvious ‘cover up’ is what i find alarming and potentially worrying.

  26. Kevin2 says:

    For a mere $8.34 per month you can get asteroid insurance on your homeowners policy. For only $1.00 more per month you can get an End Of The World rider on your policy that covers everything including nuclear war or pandemic.

    • Winston Smith says:

      Yes, but what about a stampede of wild elephants on the fourth of July during a hail storm between the hours of 3:55 and 4:00 PM that happens to cause a black eye? Does it pay out a million dollars or are you also required to have a baby zebra run through your house?

  27. Gary Anderson says:

    Is this why the US test fired A ICBM the other day Was it just A test ?

  28. Northern Spirit says:

    Russia will Launch ICBM’s to destroy the Asteroid.They will be set to detonate Above 18,000 feet( Right above the US)Surprise,Surprise Surprise. We have the EMP the droids are looking for.

  29. Everybody head to the Jellison ranch!

  30. Pip-Boy says:

    An excellent book on the subject: Cannibal Reign, by Thomas Koloniar

  31. Wishmaster Demon Reaper says:

    I summon the real Wishmaster to deliver gifts in return for all your great works (WORLDS WORKS). Cannot wait.
    Fuck them all I wish the world for the dead. Aliens and Gods make it happen by sending 10 big asteroids targeting planet Earth and that it won’t even hurt if you destroy the Sun too.

    Go fight Russia or we all die!!

  32. Wishmaster Demon Reaper says:

    Go fight Russia or I’ll wish the world for the dead!

  33. Wishmaster Demon Reaper says:

    Everybody go to war don’t piss me off agaisnt Russia… .

  34. Anon says:

    Nice work Mac, you censor other posts but allow window lickers to post drool like the above 3 comments. This site has just hit a new low.