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Immigrants vs. Aliens: The Global Invasion-Giveaway Continues

Jeremiah Johnson
January 25th, 2018
Comments (58)
Read by 3,509 people


The United States was a nation founded by immigrants, and immigration has always had a clear-cut path toward American citizenship. The United States was built by successive waves of immigrants who came to America in search of a better life. There is a difference between being an immigrant and being an illegal alien. Immigrants follow the rules of the nation they emigrate to and pursue a legitimate path toward permanent citizenship or toward legal employment in the country. Illegal aliens bypass all legal systems in place…rules designed to protect citizens of the country in numerous ways.

For the past 100 years, the United States has pursued a laissez-faire policy toward illegal aliens. Much of this was because American businesses and industries such as farming and mining, for example, wanted illegal aliens to come here. They wanted to pay them under the table, avoiding the taxes and withholding, and circumventing the minimum wage. The public was also complicit: turning a blind eye, provided that it didn’t directly affect them.

But it did…and year after year, tens of thousands of illegal aliens crossed our borders and started their new lives in America…at the expense of American citizens. Now it has changed into something completely different:

Now it is a part of the socialist playbook based on Cloward and Piven, and Alinsky’s actions and doctrines to destroy the United States from within; it has become a global movement toward the goal of global governance.

This is not immigration, either in the U.S. or worldwide. It is the planned, systematic destruction of national identities and sovereignties. This is being accomplished in several manners:

  1. The religious differences are so pronounced between these aliens who are Muslims and the citizens of the traditionally-Christian nations of Europe that underlying tensions are one step away from warfare between citizens and aliens.
  2. Laws in these countries are being “restructured” to facilitate the insertion of these aliens against the host-citizens’ wills.
  3. The efforts (globally) are coordinated and funded by a consortium of oligarchs and politicians who are utilizing the chaos, confusion, and instability to destroy the nations and push them toward global governance.
  4. Armies of NGO’s (Nongovernmental Organizations) under the guises of “humanitarian efforts” or “political dialogue” are in reality “embassies” and front-man representatives to carry out the planned dissolution of national borders and recruit citizenry in the form of “5th columnists” to destroy these nations from within.

The world of George Orwell’s “1984” solidifies more by the day: increased surveillance, decreasing freedoms, and tensions throughout the world to keep whole populations unbalanced while fueling the war machine with money…taxed monies…of the global Military Industrial complex.

Van Jones: “Top down, bottom up.”

Encouraging “revolutions” by the stupid, uncomprehending youth, who all believe the nonsense of “making a difference” when what they are doing is playing the parts of puppets in the globalists’ hands. Guess what?  The globalists will round up the “new Bohemians,” and shoot them in the back of the head in the end.

Hungary and Czechoslovakia are now the only nations with leaders that are standing up against the tide of the invasion of Europe: the planned and purposed insertion of illegal aliens into Europe’s nations. All of this is designed to destroy the homogeneity of the populations, destroy the borders, language, culture, and religions of the nations, and enable the removal of national boundaries…thus creating gigantic, corporate “continents” for “juntas” of oligarchs and politicos to rule over.

Gefira released a piece on 1/19/18 entitled The Incredible Shrinking Population: By 2080 Italians Will Be a Minority in Their Own Nation. The article points out that mass “migration” from Asia and Africa will overwhelm and overshadow a population that already has a lowered birth rate. The article is a “representative slice” of the whole pie, as this is being duplicated in every nation in Europe except for those two previously mentioned.

The President is enforcing the laws, and the illegals in the U.S. are being deported. There is another side to the seesaw that bears mention, however, as “every rose has its thorn.” The “thorn” here being this:

The illegals being deported from the United States are not “evicted” at a rate to make a dent, and the screws are tightening down on scrutinizing individual citizens: a step away from such things as a national ID card and a permanent police state.

The evil genius of the globalists is their capability to “seesaw” the game, and as they accomplish one thing (perhaps hidden), if it appears to be “good” or in opposition to their plans? Under closer scrutiny, it shows a hidden agenda, a purpose that seems good on the surface but upon closer examination can be changed to serve nefarious intentions. Thus, it is with the fostered insertions of illegal aliens into the countries of Europe and the United States. The ironic part is that these aliens are unwitting tools whom the globalists could care less about and are just using. Once the world is under their rule, the aliens will be dealt with in the manner outlined with the “young revolutionaries” before…along with the rest of the citizens that cannot be made compliant in the global governance coming closer to fruition every day.

Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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Author: Jeremiah Johnson
Views: Read by 3,509 people
Date: January 25th, 2018

Copyright Information: This content has been contributed to SHTFplan by a third-party or has been republished with permission from the author. Please contact the author directly for republishing information.


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  1. Menzoberranzan says:

    The scum illegals coming here now do not want to do anything but get a free ride from us. The immigrants built America argument does not apply. These are law-breaking invaders.

    • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

      Menzo, bullets work on illegals just like anyone else.

      • Menzoberranzan says:

        May come to that.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart says:

          Menzo, it WILL come to that. If/when they force our hands in the matter, they have no idea of the hell they’ll be unleashing onto themselves.

          • JustMe says:

            I’d wager it will not come to that, but rather a slow fizzle. We will wake up one day, and it will be over, a fait accompli. It has been in progress for over a century now, and people have done next to nothing to stop it.

            There is unlikely to be any resounding event that will cause people to wake up, grow spines and brains, and actually do something to secure any kind of positive future. People fear being ostracized more than they fear seeing their people be annihilated.

            The cretins behind the destruction of Western Civilization are not restrained by morality or rules of decency, unlike the people whom they are steam-rolling. Our people’s sense of morality, and decency will die with them, because most of them will refuse to stand, ever.

            • SAPOSNIKOFF says:

              US POPULATION = 323 MILLION





          • laura ann says:

            Our leaders (like the EU leaders) are allowing these invaders in who want us dead or enslaved. Europeans did nothing. soon to be full blown sharia law. Will Americans stand up? If so, only few will and the masses will remain apathetic nihilists. Millennial brats want communism to rule because they were raised to be stupid and lazy.

        • Justice7 says:

          The West has been invaded and white people ARE in the fight for their respective countries and their lives. We have been invaded without a shot being fired.

          I am ashamed that I have witnessed this and done nothing. My grandchildren have the right to dig up my grave and curse my name. Because I have helped condemn my descendants to the hell that will be the collectivist NWO.

          Freedom requires sacrifice and I was unwilling to sacrifice anything. Only recently have I at least boycotted certain stores, cut of cable and internet service, and deprive Hollywood of my time and money.

      • So do concentration camps, and dry showers.

    • TharSheBlows says:

      Only idiots think this country was founded on Immigration.  6 Million Native Americans already was living here for 5000 years before the Unwelcomed Europeans arrived with their sickness, diseases and murderous ways back in the 1500’s, stealing land grabs and raping the women and wildlife and nature to fill their bellies.  The United States was founded on invasion squatting and genocide of the real Native Indian Americans.   This low shallow narrow minded John Wayne mentality today, reflect the ignorance Public schools teach to continue to dumb down the gullible and naïve.   Only when you really learn American History you can appreciate how great it was before the Europeans arrived.  In the 1800’s to deprive the natives of their food source Gen Custer in the 1800’s slaughtered over 50 to 60 Million Buffalo that roomed freely on the great Plaines of America, which was considered the Serengeti of North America, then with only about 200 Buffalo left, they moved the remaining Indians and Buffalo onto relocation Reservations or also known as Prison FEMA Camps, kidnapping their children for years and placing them in boarding schools and indoctrinating them into the same dumbed down mentality as J Johnson is speaking of here today in this dumbed down article.      Our US Constitution was founded on the Guiding principles of the Iroquois Nation and Mohawk Native Americans way of equal rights and democracy.  You want History, I will teach ya some.   F*ck people are so fricken stupid.   Formerly Crack Summ Skulls.


      • TharSheBlows says:

        For the idiots who are lazy. Watch this video about American History. America today is one big FEMA Prison Camp.
        Russell Means: Welcome to the American Reservation Prison Camp (Full Length)

        ht tps://

      • Old Guy says:

        It was those dumb Indians fault for being on my land before I got here. Actually the Native americans was a warrior society. Never progressed beyond stone age technology. The Souix where relative newcomers to the plains having been driven west by the other tribes. They invaded Crow land. And to this day crow and Sioux are not friends. And yes manifest destiny prevailed and the stronger better armed White man took over. And today its the white race that is under attack. the white race is being demonized in the newspapers and media. Just as the native was in the 1800,s. Sitting Bull who wasn’t a War Chief. He was a Hunkpapa medicine man. he stated a people will be dominate on a land. And a stronger peoplw will come and take that land from them . That’s just the way things are. Lile the slavery bull shit. Trying to place blame on todays generation for the sins of past generations is bullshit. Not anyone alive today was ever a slave. Not anyone alive today ever owned any slaves. No anyone alive now ever killed any native people. But its come full the 1800,s it was the only good indian is a dead indian. And now its actually being stated that the only good white person is a dead white person.

        • TharSheBlows says:

          The US Government owns 340 Million Tax Paying Slaves. Welcome to the club. Land of the FEE, and Home of the SLAVE. YOU ARE TATOOED WITH A SOCIAL SECURITY INMATE NUMBER. You are not free you are a slave. Try not paying your taxes and you will get your beatings, thrown in jail and all your belongings taken away.

        • Rhonda says:


      • Archivist says:

        You are incorrect on many accounts. There are more Indians living in the US now than there were back in the 1500s. The oldest deed in my area is from an Indian to one of my wife’s ancestors. The first white people in my area bought land from the Indians. They didn’t steal it, unless you count screwing England out of it.

        And you think it was great back when it was just Indians killing each other over hunting grounds?

        You are so lacking in information that I guess you could be called stupid.

        • TharSheBlows says:

          No lack of ignorance here. And not all Indians lived in tents. It was geographic specific. In the NE it was long houses. Plains yes teepees, out west adobe and stone atructures. Indians grew corn squash beans and fished and hunted. But hey you watched okent if John Wayne movies for your history lessons eh? Like I said dumbed down ignorant white public schools. Lol. What do facts matter to you?

      • Menzoberranzan says:

        Indians were fucking cannibal savages that lived in tents, dumb-fuck.

      • Ketchupondemand says:

        Native Amerindians made moccasins out of the skin off the backs of the tribes they conquered and killed.
        They’d be real good politicians nowadays..
        I think it worked out well, Mr. TSBlows.

      • JustMe says:

        If it was’nt for the Ice Age, “Native Americans” would still be in Mongolia. And, the descendants of the people who were here before them might still be alive.

      • Yahooie says:

        There is a book called “1491” written by Charles C. Mann. This book describes the Americas before Columbus discovered the New World. It describes the assorted native societies and how they functioned. It’s a book I read and did not consign to the used book sale. It’s fun to dip back into it from time to time.

    • Heartless says:

      I feel like copying and pasting my last post (not yet let out of the queue.) – wipe Islam off the earth. After all, it is their goal for all Christians is it not? Only way to win a war is to fight it better and with the same basic goal. Victory or death.

      • Old Guy says:

        heartless I agree with you. And im not a Christian or a muzzie. Im think most white folks don’t even realize that war is being waged against them. I would bet my great great grandchildren If there are any? will be speaking Spanish as their only language.

    • Prepper says:

      It seems people here realize the problems in our society but are afraid to call out the source of the problems – JEWS! Jews own America and Europe and are behind the brown people invasion on our countries.

      I understand this website would be shutdown if you criticize jews. That is the most taboo thing one can do in western society. Because after all, jews have never done anything wrong ever.

  2. Bert says:

    Immigration is the only thing that grew the EU/US economies since the year 2000, also all that entitlement and welfare costs… increased the national debt 400% since 2000. If immigration stops, the increase in additional new entitlement would stop, the economy would stall and begin to fall into a deflationary spiral!!

  3. Bert says:

    USA 40 million additional mooochers were added to the population since 2000, and all that $16 TRILLION in additional entitlement ALL CREATED AS DEBT ended up on Wall Street!!

    • TharSheBlows says:

      Bert is correct. Also 25% of the entire Federal Prison Inmate population today are illegal immigrants. Why the F@ck are we housing and feeding these criminals. Export them back to their country of origin ASAP.

  4. Bert says:

    AND AS A BONUS, in 12 years from now, not only will you be feeding the current 40 million moooochers, but each one of them will multiply by two as they all have ADDITIONAL BASTARD MISTAKES that the US taxpayer will have to feed, house, educate, provide endless medical to the massive obese moochers and incarcerate their bastard father-less swines.

  5. Concerned-Citizen! says:

    We must take EXTREME actions in response to all of this or this country will absolutely FAIL, it is reaching that point folks. I am disgusted by this place now and its garbage policies and the DemoRATS and the ultra Liberal buffoons.

  6. Billy says:

    Whoever can’t see there is a plan to destroy the borders, language, religion, political systems, and culture of Europe, the English speaking world, and the US is blind or stupid or both. And their are lots of fellow citizens in our countries willfully aiding in our destruction. Skip the diversity nonsense, it may be good in theory but not on practice. It is really only the US, Europe, and English speaking world that embraces diversity, most of the rest of the world despises it but yet insists we must be. For example, Muslim hordes are flooding into Europe, they state again and again they are not there to integrate, not there to assimilate, they say they are there to take over, to eradicate all traces of European civilization. The Muslims insist on having their own schools and mosques here in the US, but church construction and open Christian worship is not allowed in most Muslim countries. The Arabs could not defeat the Europeans in a theater of war, but will defeat them through the womb.
    I have been in Canada many times all over from the Halifax tto Vancouver, and have met many people who have told me their country is committing slow suicide with their insane liberal immigration and cultural policies. So when we see and hear all of Canada fully supports the gov’t it is just bullsh*t, it is propaganda.
    If an immigrant wants to come here that’s fine, I don’t care where they come from, they must fully assimilate, they must adopt our language and culture as the primary one, and they must be loyal to their new country. Or else, why be here except to extract resources as most do now.

  7. Carron says:

    What makes the Hungarians and Czechs so much smarter than the rest of the world? The people of the US are just as smart and realize the Deep State’s agenda, but have let the wrong people get in power. Now it will take violence of war to remedy this predicament. That is the only answer, unless the second coming of Jesus happens.

  8. the blame-e says:

    “A country without secure borders can make no claims of sovereignty.” This is why “open borders” is so important to the globalists.

    If all you are taking in are “shit holes” than all you will ever be, and all you will ever become, is a “shit hole.” It is the story of the lowest common denominator. The real truth is that with over population, open borders makes all countries “shit holes” — which is exactly what the globalists want.

    We are already seeing this in Europe. Look at Great Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, Sweden, all the Scandinavian countries, Italy, Greece. “Europia” (the European Union), is already a dystopia.

    The flood of illegals and undocumented “migrants” flooding into the U.S. are also Europeans fleeing the globalist destruction of their homelands. And like the Mexicans, and South Americans, and Haitians, and Puerto Ricans, all they have to do is get here, and they can disappear.

  9. Good article, in spite of what others have said, I enjoyed reading it.

    The people we call Native Americans are not the Original Americans. The Vikings (Germans) were the first seafaring Europeans who came to the Americas. But even before this, the white man was here and some Native Americans were indeed white. They lived in tents, wore loincloths, played the drums, sent up smoke signals, created forms of government, and had traditions and their own unique culture. They frequently acted as guides for early American settlers. But the earliest white Native Americans were attacked and died at the hands of hostile competitors. For, unlike the one-sided story of the woe-is-me Natives, Native Americans were just as brutal, unfair, cruel, and selfish as the General Custers.

    In order to bury the evidence, the campgrounds of white Native Americans, was covered with cement by the Clinton Administration.

    _ As for the sins of the white settlers, at least they left Native Americans some land. And they attempted to assimilate, not murder them all. As always, this is the thanks white people get for cutting some slack to the people they conquered.



  10. Old Guy says:

    My wife is 1/4 native American. Her 5th great Grandfather was given a land grant in Arkansas for his service in the war of 1812. And he came here a old man with grown sons. There where very few women. And When the Removal of the Five Civilized Tribes passed thru there region. Two of the Sons obtained Brides from the exodious. one got a Creek and the other got a Cherokee. And there children married half breed children of other early settlers who also obtained Brides in that same manner. They never where in the Dawes Rolls and are listed as Black Dutch on the Census Records. And who moved those folks west? The supreme court said no. But the military went ahead and relocated them anyway. Even way back then it was the military who where in charge. And that really hasn’t changed since. Forget Trump. Forget the courts or politicians. Our only hope aside from some type of divine intervention is that our military decides to stem the flow and purge the USA of illegal invaders. Now if our military has the goal of Purging the White folks from the nation stick a fork in us we are done.

  11. Squanto and Pocahontas (not Elizabeth Warren) are viewed by many Native Americans as traitors. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and other “open borders” advocates will one day be viewed in the same light. Have any of you decided what kind of mobile home you will be living in and what kind of souvenirs you can sell?

  12. TharSheBlows says:

    This is why many Smart White people want to go find some land in the woods and live off the land and grid free to recapture the real way of living in peace and nobody bothering them. Been living off the grid for nearly 3 years and I find a lot of peace as I simplified my life, debt free. Sure some usual expenses and property taxes, but drinking a glass of wine looking out the window and seeing deer doing the same thing they have done for hundreds of centuries living in harmony with the rest of nature. Man is the only creature on this earth that hates, is jealous, kills its own and destroys the rest of the planet for greed and power. I cant stand people.

  13. aljamo says:

    Nobody is convincing me that the white man did not wipe out most of the native population in North and South America. The same mindset of the Globalists today.

  14. Lisa Just Lisa says:

    White people were killed, viciously, and white women were raped by “native americans”, all the time!! How many white FAMILIES were SCALPED by these peace loving, native Americans?! White Europeans came here unwillingly, after the puritans, as this was a penal colony, just like Australia! Gee…I guess defending yourself, as WHITE people was taboo, even then

  15. Old Guy says:

    Of course the white man wiped out the natives. So what/ Big Deal? Every great civilization became great by conquest. In north America the cliff dwellers ,Mandans and other tribes where already wiped out before any white European had ever set foot in the west. But as I stated before it wasn’t the present generation of white man who is responsible. It was a war and the spoils of war go to the winner. If you don’t like that so what? I certainly do not like the great numbers of illegals and things like sanctuary citys and states. But there isn’t anything I can do about it. And there certainly will never be any political solution That would satisfy me. So I will just have to lump it. and hope some day the military decides to remove the illegal scum.

  16. aljamo says:

    Old Guy.. great civilization is a reach of epic proportions. The ancestors of that generation presently threaten all life on the planet.

  17. Well, since some people are so concerned about American Indians, let’s ask the question. How did unrestricted immigration affect the American Indians? About the same as it’s going to affect us. Real bad. The destruction of the West by changing the demographics from White to mostly non-White has been the openly stated plan of the Marxists since about 1920. Antonio Gramsci and others within the so called Frankfort School in Germany originated the plan. Marx was also rabidly anti-family. The Marxists have done a wonderful job destroying Western families. White couples are averaging only one White child per couple. That’s clearly not enough to sustain the White population. It’s actually an extinction event in progress.

  18. Carron says:

    Are the Russians okay with the Deep States agenda of open boarders? Putin expecting to be one of the chosen Globalist Rulers perhaps?

  19. Buckhed says:

    I love ready the public school/MSM accounts of those peace loving salt of the Earth Natives . Never did a damn thing to anyone.Of course when you talk to a Native on the reservation they love to talk about their former warrior culture and how they ruled.

    Yes…those peaceful Natives….I wonder who did the Crow Creek Massacre ? Musta’ been the one killer tribe that existed in America.

  20. When the population in one part of Earth exceeds the capacity to provide for that population, migration occurs to less densely populated areas. This is what doomed the Indian cultures. The Western world has not reproduced to the same degree as the rest of the world. Now it is our turn to struggle for our existence.

  21. southside says:

    Very well written post,JJ. Now tell me: what side will your active duty brothers take when shtf?

  22. SumTingWong says:

    If you won’t legally become a citizen as outlined by law, follow the Bill of Rights and Constitution, learn to speak English, and assimilate into American culture forsaking the land from which you fled; then, I could care less what your label is — get out of the USA.

  23. Expectations-GT1 says:

    The U.S. is currently in the process of getting in the aliens and, in truth, using the wall to keep the ”slaves” – us AND the aliens, in the awful circle known as a Neofeudalist system. This situation is currently metaphorical puppetry, slavery, and (in some cases) assassination.

    Don’t be surprised if some “angered” force blows up and invades Washington D.C. because of the United States hegemony.

  24. Tucker says:

    The United States was a nation founded by immigrants, and immigration has always had a clear-cut path toward American citizenship.”

    This is one of the biggest and most moronic LIES that has ever been told. America was NOT founded by ‘immigrants’ – because there wasn’t even a nation established on the North American continent to immigrate into. America was founded by colonialists, not immigrants. They colonized North America and then fought for their freedom from Great Britain and then created a nation where one did not previously exist.

    And, as for all these nauseating, spineless, effeminate SJW cucks and soy boys who are eaten up with self-hatred and infected with Hollywood induced White guilt over how our steel balled White ancestors met, fought, and after nearly 400 years of determined effort – defeated the various tribes of savage, sadistic, murdering Indians in what was clearly a rematch (Hit Youtube and watch the Ice Age Columbus videos) – the facts of life on this planet are simple. Different tribes of humans have been battling each other for control and dominance over geographic territory, water, food, resources and for women since the dawn of time. In every battle, there are winners and there are losers.

    In the case of establishing the ownership rights to North America – our White ancestors were the winners and laid claim to this continent by right of conquest. If you SJW cucks feel guilty about that, then I have some advice for you. Find yourself a native Indian and sign over all of your property and give them every dime you have in your bank account.

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