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“I Am Going to Hunt That Son of a Bitch Down Like a ‘Coon”

Mac Slavo
June 12th, 2010
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Dean Blanchard, aka the Lousiana Shrimp King, is losing millions of dollars because of the oil leak, and he has some sharp words for BP’s CEO Tony Hayward:

“He took away everything I love most in the world. I am going to hunt that son of a bitch down like a ‘coon.”

“He wants his life back after all he has done to us? The hell with him.”

According to the UK Guardian, Blanchard’s company accounts for 11% of the US shrimp supply and his only job now is to deliver fuel and water to BP clean up crews.

Mr. Blanchard is itching for a fight, and rightly so. With the media’s focus currently on plugging the leak, how many barrels are actually spewing, and the adverse effects on wildlife, no one is talking about the economic impact.

Mr. Blanchard’s firm employs the services of over 6000 fisherman, so it is safe to assume that they, too, have lost their livelihood. It is highly likely that millions of people are going to be severly hurt economically, ranging from those who catch our seafood, to those who transport, then cook,  and then serve the food, as well as all of the periphery businesses that depend on the gulf coast. Add to that the imminent price increase of seafood, and subsequently other foods that will need to compensate for lack of supply, and you’ll have an already stretched consumer having to cough up even more money for an important food staple: meat.

This is not only an environmental and ecological disaster, but likely an economic catastrophe that is not yet fully understood.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Views: Read by 207 people
Date: June 12th, 2010
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Rick Blaine says:


    We may not even have gotten to the tip of the iceberg of this debacle.

  2. Paul Revere says:

    Hey Blanchard, you forgot to mention Obama.  He’s the other coon in this drama. 

    Let’s not forget that Il Duce took $72,000. from BP before he was placed into the Oval office by his handlers.   

    Obama is a accessory to this environmental fiasco by his actions…….and his inactions.

    Don’t let the so called ‘president’ get off the hook.       



  3. dwayne chandler says:

    Comments…..I certainly hope he doesn’t like to hunt
    alone and is looking for company.

  4. wheedle says:

    It’s a good time to be a lawyer.
    Of course, as events continue to spiral downward and corporations fight tooth and nail to recover losses in the courtrooms, the average American citizen will struggle to put food on the table.When the mass awakening occurs, food will be on top of everyone’s list.
    Millionaires like Blanchard are still in a position to prepare a comfortable life for himself when the SHTF. If I had his money I’d have a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C,,,,,,,,,,.It will be survival of the fittest at every level of society.

  5. Axel says:

    Calling a black man a coon, eh?  Stay classy, Paul Revere.

  6. Tip of the iceberg indeed, Rick. Naked Capitalism had this posted re: damage below the seabed: http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2010/06/guest-post-bp-official-admits-to-damage-beneath-the-sea-floor.html

    But all is not lost! Outside The (Cardboard) Box reports BP’s latest sure-fire solution to this lingering disaster:  http://outsidethe-cardboard-box.tumblr.com/post/675864356/bp-grasping-at-strings


  7. Joey Tavares says:

    Funny.  First hearing of the ‘race’ thing from you, Axel.

    Farm Boy here.  Of some African descent.  Been known to hunt coons, meself, the wee buggers.

    Axel.  Move on…

  8. deborah says:

    I would refer to Obama as a zebra not a coon.

  9. Axel says:

    Joey, I’m sure this will go over your head, but it needs to be said regardless: being a farm boy, having some African descent, or hunting raccoons… none of these things justify one’s use of a racial slur.   

    Perhaps you’re the one who needs to move on… 

  10. Stan says:

    As much as we may disagree with Obama, lets not sink to the level that the democrats did when Bush was president.  Stick to the issues and leave personal attacks behind

  11. Axel, In 1976 I sat in the Astrodome in Houston watching a baseball game.   A southern gentleman dressed in white who looked remarkably like Col Sanders of KFC fame sat just over my shoulder.  We struck up a conversation and shortly told who we were and where we hailed from… I from the low country of SC, and he from Southern Louisiana.  The comment that struck me most and I still remember vividly was that he called himself an “ole coonass”.  A term he dearly loved and was quite proud of.

    I myself am of Melungeon decent (mix of Cherokee / black / white) and Indian (from the Island of Mauritius) on my mother’s side and English on my fathers… My people have been in this country since before the US Government existed here, migrating before 1750.

    My extended families skin color ranges from deep brown (black) to fair redheads, but mostly olive complexions.  In fact I have cousins – siblings, 2 of whch would pass as black, the 3rd being a fair skinned red head – same parents. When the census comes knocking how do I answer my ethnic background?   I look white… so I am white??? How about my cousins?

    I become angry at the government’s attempt at “pigeon holing” me into a race/creed.  I am simply an American. 

    The rest is nothing more then a racist government effort to segment a population unnecessarily.

    I take pride in who I am and see nothing racist in the statements made in this thread…

    Too many people are much too thin-skinned when it comes chastising others’ words.

    And Joey, my grandpa and I used to go coon hunting (with our coon dog) in the rice fields of the low country all night long.

    My grandmother would cook up two coons a year, but no more! My grandfather would skin and tan the hides… Sold them for $5 each back in the early 1960’s…

    Axel – take a chill pill… and stop impeding folks right to free speech! Who made you the free speech cop? I don’t like what lots of folks say… but the last I recalled, they still have the right to say it.

    PS: If you had ever gone coon hunting you’d understand the context of the comments in the both the article and the responses to it.

  12. Joey Tavares says:

    I didn’t take it as a racial slur until that was brought up.

    Having shot coons and all…


  13. Joey Tavares says:

    Mostly it was a pellet gun, for clearing.  Does that still count?

  14. clusterfox says:

    i’ll bet a genuine kentucky coonskin cap compete with bushy tail that dean blanchard and his wealthy shrimp bed raiding buddies gave yearly megabuck campaign contributions to the democrat and republican oil jigolos that caused this problem by their lack of pertinent regulations and foowup oversight.

    dean ‘ole buddy now you’ll see what it’s like at the bottom of the foodchain like the rest of us.

  15. imp says:

    Yeah, let’s have white and black people at each others’ throats, meanwhile all those once independent fishermen will soon be debt slaves working at garnished minimum wages on behalf of another ethnic group, which will end up owning their boats.

  16. SouthernBelle says:

    Well I can say with certainty that it is having a huge negative effect already.  Just came back from the Gulf Coast, the normally always busy business’ were mistakenly thought to be closed from the lack of cars.  A maintenance man from the condo we were renting said they had 40 cancellations this week from his 17 properties – its like they were thrown back into winter living on whats leftover from last summer.  This will affect so many more people than even we realize…  

  17. F THE ROYALS says:

    people who see race in everything are racists

    down with Obama and BP and the UK and the NWO

  18. Ld Elon says:

    Axel stop being so touchy, it was obvious he meant raccoons.

  19. ehswan says:

     The best way to ” hunt this coon” is to deprive him of food:  Don’t buy its products.  Comments…..

  20. zukadu says:

    We have too many IRS agents and not enough people actually investigating to see if current rules and regulations are being followed adequately in the MMS, FDA, FTC, and Home Land Security.
    Lets demand those new “agents” be employed where they can actually serve the American people! 

  21. brian Freeman says:

    Boycott? Yes! I’m not buying their stuff.
    Here is a partial list of products and services. Anything missing?

    BP Lubricants (bp)
    Technology that stimulates innovation
    Find details of our range of lubricants, read about our environmental services and track down your local BP distributor

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  22. Do y’all think for yourselves?

    Why is BP even drilling a mile deep in water and 4 miles beneath the crust?

    Because the silly idiots in gummint prohibit it in shallow waters, and they love Saudi Arabia bucks.

    And idiots like Blanchard blame BP.

    Somebody is sucking up all the stupid pills.  But hey, it makes for nice, sensationalist news and blame.  Are there adults out there?

  23. Bonnie says:

    “Blanchard itching for a fight”…ding..wrong! It was the BP il men that were itching for the fight. Provocked it..started it.

    May they get their just comeuppance. 

    “.that millions of people are going to be severly hurt economically”……..more like, “gone”….”dead in the water”- pun deliberate.

  24. George Wanker Bush says:

    It is true that the government of the US has fallen victim to outside forces from both the Business World and foreign lobby groups. However, the number one item destroying the US is public COMPLACENCY, LAZINESS, IGNORANCE and APATHY.

    That’s right!
    The WE THE PEOPLE are the employer.
    Obama and his government are the employees.
    So why is the employer allowing the employees to run the show?

    WAKE THE FloCK UP!!!!

  25. robertsgt40 says:

    At some point words will serve no purpose.  Everyone has a snapping point at which they will just act.  I am 100% behind this guy.  As with the rest of the nation it’s only a matter of time before the only solution will be tar, feathers and pitch forks.

  26. Joey Tavares says:

    If I may…

    WE THE PEOPLE have been subjugated for thousands of years by classist aristocrats, who haven’t stopped forcing themselves down the throats of the plebes just because the electronic age arrived.

    When there’s DIEBOLD, and an election to quell the four-year riots of the oppressed, the subjugated are NOT to blame.

    That’s just falling into ‘their’ trap…

  27. sjdude says:

    Kris Kristofferson: “Busted flat in Baton Rouge… Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose…”, from Me and Bobby Mcgee

    When a man’s entire livelihood has been ruined by another, who can judge his actions? If I were a BP executive, I would stay the hell out of Louisiana. I would stay out of Florida, too. There are now, and will be soon, too many folks there with “nothin’ left to lose”.

  28. CLUSTERFOX says:

    this underwater vulcanic  blast of oil and gas is beyond any of our frames of reference to appreciate. it may not be able to be stopped until all the pressurized oil and gas  blows out.

    thanks BP

  29. Hermes says:

    Here’s a picture of  Blanchard : 
    Looks to me like just another good ole’ boy.
    Clusterfox said:  “I bet ….  that dean blanchard and his wealthy shrimp bed raiding buddies gave yearly megabuck campaign contributions to the democrat and republican oil jigolos…..dean ‘ole buddy now you’ll see what it’s like at the bottom of the foodchain like the rest of us.”  I’m sure that you know that lots of folks have made small fortunes through hard work, varying luck, and some risk as well. Forgive me if you just meant it in a joking fashion. It’s just that when you said, “dean blanchard and his wealthy shrimp bed raiding buddies,” it sort of made it sound like he was doing something wrong or outright immoral. (Like he was some kind of pirate) Maybe its just me. I don’t really agree with Dean Blanchard about the CEO being the world’s woes, but I can see where he’s coming from. I’d just venture to guess (based on the picture I linked to above) that Dean Blanchard knows a little bit about the bottom of the food chain and I’m sure he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. I could just be making an assumption based on all the other coon asses I’ve met over the years.
    Though Cluster I do know where your coming from. The  good ole’ bottom of the food chain is quite large here in Louisiana (probably in the rest of the US too). When you throw around terms like “Wealthy Shrimp RAIDERS” it makes Blanchard sound like some kind of Shrimp Kingpin, or some kind of Elite and privileged aristocrat. You almost sounded a little jealous or at least like you took at least a little pleasure in his moans. My old boss wasn’t an educated man in the formal sense ( academia is truly isolated from the real world/economy), but he started a small window/door /fastener(bolts,screws,rebar,all thread) business sometime in the 60’s in the Baton Rouge area. He worked hard and slowly built it up over the years. He went to a little country high school in Plaquemine, LA.  Eventually when the local housing market and other small businesses started really expanding he happened to be one of a relatively small group of window/door/fastener distributors. So he made a nice bit of money for himself. Not sure how much, but somewhere in the low millions, which used to be a bit more money than it is today. Although its still a pretty penny to most people. I can remember a guy making a comment about my boss being rich and basically implying that he didn’t know what the Bottom of the Food Chain felt like. But I digress.  Once again I’ve rambled for a few minutes straight and not really made much of a point.

  30. double wit says:

    jb…got that right, if the enviro libturds allowed near shore drilling , this probably would never have happened, or if it had, it would be mush easier to stop and/or clean up.  An inconvenient truth that is rarely mentioned as that would deflect the blame from their “enemies” to them. It would go against their agenda, which isn’t about fuzzy bunnies or rainbow unicorns.

  31. Hermes says:

    Hey, double wit I’ve honestly never heard that there are any restrictions on shallow water drilling in the Gulf. Now I do know that there are limited operating leases off the coast of California as well as the East coast. Oh yeah and Florida too.  I’ve subscribed to Offshore, a magazine solely dedicated to covering essentially ALL global exploration, drilling, production, rig manufacture, and the list goes on. It’s an awesome magazine that my dad has been getting for about 5 years or so now. I’m kinda hooked on the magazine since I started just casually flipping through it, to where I now generally read it front to back.
    Its common knowledge that offshore oil production didn’t just jump into the deepwater arena. It started in the shallow water and in the beginning it generally involved drilling wells into reservoirs already producing on land. Eventually as the technology as well as the technical manpower built a larger nucleus, oil prospectors began drilling wildcat wells offshore (often in water as shallow as 6ft).  Last month I read an article about the renewed interest of a few oil companies in old shallow water leases. I can’t find the magazine right now, but it mentioned that with the array of new 3d seismic, magnetic, aerial surveying, etc.., that these companies are going to move back into the shallows to search for oil/gas.
    Deepwater is some hardcore shit. My dad has worked a little in the gulf, but mostly overseas (West Africa:  Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, also in Trinidad, and once offshore South Korea) in the deepwater.  Since the accident, a common thread I’ve heard in news stories(blogs, articles, comments sections) goes basically along the lines whether we should really be in 5000 ft of water and drilling 10’s of thousands of feet underground. Then the articles go on to illustrate how clueless many writers, journalists, bloggers, etc. are about energy production. Lets say that they sat and read an issue of Oil and Gas journal, or maybe Offshore, then they would realize how many wells are actually drilled every month around the world. As my dad has told me that you’ll run into lazy f#cks, assholes, politicking nepotists, cheap and greed operators (BP?), insolent or even corrupt safety men(gifts/benefits to look the other way – MMS) incompetent son in laws, and every other type of problem person found in other industries.You’ve also go a good number of hard working, knowledgeable, experienced, safety minded, and generally decent professionals who care about doing a good job right.  You combine all those folks together and sometimes shit happens. 

  32. Hermes (and y’all)  🙂

    The very first problem in all of this, is gummint.  The last problem is gummint.  The problem in-between is . . .  you guessed it . . .


    I believe Deepwater was a true accident, but given the fact that the Bammster is screwing this pooch for all he’s worth and more, and certain that in one hour he will use Deepwater as the excuse to give Algore an orgasm . . . carbon tax.

    There isn’t a single oil company that could not make it 30 days without income.

    They should shut off the spigot.

    That would turn the Bammster into, at worst, a Republican, and at best, a true libertarian.