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Here’s How This Bus Driver Handled a Young Refugee Punk: “Kept Beating Him Senseless”

Mac Slavo
February 1st, 2016
Comments (219)
Read by 25,264 people


Despite what official government mouthpieces may be spouting, the people are not going to put up with violent behavior and assault from any so-called refugees, hailing from Syria or anywhere else.

The populations of various European countries have sounded off about their outrage over a pattern of incidents involving young men from these groups – carrying out rapes in mass, hurling insulting language at women on the streets or otherwise treating people of the existing culture like dirt.

With pepper spray sold out in places like Germany, and police speaking out about the cover-up of these incidents, people are fighting back.


As Right Side News reported, this Sicilian bus driver didn’t take kindly to being insulted and attacked for not letting a young Muslim man onto a bus for free. Without missing a beat, the driver beat back the assailant, before beating him up to teach him a lesson… and send a message other would-be refugee punks:

When the Sicilian driver didn’t want to hear it and told him to go buy a ticket, the young Muslim erupted, yelling an expletive and punching the driver in the face.

The incident took place in Palermo in Sicily, which has been besieged by Muslims coming through Libya since Hillary and Obama threw that nation into chaos by helping Al Queda-linked rebels kill Mohamar Gadaffi.

Delivering punch after punch to the entitled Muslim, the driver kept beating the idiot senseless until he was compliant enough to be removed from the bus.

For once, an empowered fight back against a growing subculture of thuggery and abuse among recent refugee migrants.

All across Europe, people are recognizing that the powers that be are not willing to do anything to stop the pattern of rapes, so people are fighting back on a one-on-one basis instead. Either that, or everyone in Sicily lives up to the grandiose mafia stereotypes.

More likely, those who are in this group of men are in for a rude awakening as Western civilization shows that it will not tolerate such behavior, no matter what the politically correct lingo is supposed to be.

Read more:

Germany In Shock After “Monstrous” Attacks, Rape By 1,000 Men “Of Arab Or North African Origin”

Germany Sells Out Of Pepper Spray As “Frightened Germans Buy Protection Against Refugees”

Cultural Clash to Destroy the West: Refugees Systematically “Playing Rape Game Across Europe”

Sweden Covered-Up Systematic Rape During Festival Because Migrants “Awkward to Write About”

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Author: Mac Slavo
Views: Read by 25,264 people
Date: February 1st, 2016

Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.


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  1. charlie2dogs says:

    maybe its time to drive these animals out of your country

    • Warchild Dammit!w says:

      Charlie,a few more bus drivers and done!Check French video at the end of that one,tis great!l

      • JustMe says:

        In Germany, the marxists have told the people : “Diversity is more important than your security”

        What that really means is White Genocide, whether you like it or not…

      • didndonuffin says:

        Think that one French guy is the only one with a gun? The likes of H&K, Glock, and Steyr are based in the Austria-Germany area. Does anyone suppose a few of their wares may have been spirited out of the plants? I imagine there’s a blossoming market for smuggled firearms in Europe.

        • flechettes says:

          Just knife them in the guts

          • Genius says:

            Some Russian Germans beat some muslim rapists to death the other day. Baseball anyone? These pieces of shit are starting to get what they deserve! Try that shit with me and mine and you’ll pray for just a beating. I can think of some wicked ways to dispose of trash 🙂

          • Genius says:

            Some Russian Germans beat some muslim rapists to death the other day. Baseball anyone? These pieces of shit are starting to get what they deserve! Try that shit with me and mine and you’ll pray for just a beating. I can think of some wicked ways to dispose of trash 🙂

      • smokey says:

        The one where the Frenchman carrying a pistol fends off the group of six migrants? Two of them were carrying bats.

        Should be shown on the nightly news for a week.

        • Hugh Janus says:

          Note that the French guy had a store-bought holster and seemed to be used to carrying. Doesn’t look like this guy has hastily acquired his gun in recent weeks. There is more ‘intolerant’ resistance than most of us hear about.

          The savage probably didn’t see the gun, but had a pretty good idea of what would happen if he tried to close on his intended victim.

          Merkel and her fellow traitors (In Europe and USA) want everyone to believe they are powerless in the presence of these supermen. muslim vermin fold at the first sign of resistance.

          The “Daesh Hunter” is thought by some to be a Kurdish woman. Some poor unarmed schmuck will be dressed up, tortured, and beheaded and the world will be told of the demise of the sniper.

    • Acid Etch says:


      See the link. Obama is colonizing Idaho, Montana, North Dakota and Kansas with Muslims as we speak. The locals are staging protests.

      I refuse to hear bullshit baby boomer phrases like “white flight” “high crime area” “failing school system” “poverty stricken” “functionally illiterate” “public safety” “empowerment” “discrimination” or anything similar.

      All this horseshit really means is “run away from non-white people because they fuck shit up.” It takes a minimum average IQ of 90 in a population to maintain a technologically advanced civilization. Africans are in the 60-70 range, other non-whites 70-80, whites at 100, japs and chinks 105.

      Contrary to popular belief, Mizrahi Jews are at 90, Sephardic at 100, and only Ashkenazi Jews are above whites at 110. This stats prove that white genetics are more important than the literary traditions of Judaism in forming intelligence.

      From what I hear Sicilians are loud, rude, belligerent, and take pride in ripping off tourists.

      • Philosopher says:

        I saw that article too. I went through links I have saved from the past year.

      • and acid etch has exactly 0% of bigotry lol.

      • Philosopher says:

        And your IQ is 10. Just another racist and hater. Disgusting.

        • eppe says:

          Phil, we ALL are racist and haters to some degree. Not getting on your case.
          I have read Eisen\ Acid for a few years.
          He really has a higher IQ.
          He may hate boomers, me included, but he does make sense and posts good stuff.
          Read the archives, then reassess him.

          Be well all…

          • Philosopher says:

            That may very well be the case. But I don’t view people of another color an existential threat. I do view Islam as an existential threat because I consider it to be a supremacist political ideology that is dangerous and life threatening.

            I wanted other people on this site, and the creator, Mac, to know where I stand. And I do not stand with racists. Period. I put those nutjobs in the same box as the commies.

            Totalitarians, whether on the far left or the far right, are disgusting.

            • eppe says:

              Phil, I had 3 14yo blacks try to jump me at 10yo.
              Leaves an impression. So I never will be put in that position again…
              What are you scared of?
              I just told you mine.
              Had you looked in the archives to see what I mean?
              Everyone is racist, you said once you are female.
              Would you hold a grudge if you were raped?
              I would…

              • Philosopher says:

                Oh I have been raped. Life goes on. Do I hate all men? No. I do not.

              • Philosopher says:

                No need to apologize. Life goes on. If you live long enough, things happen. As I said, do I blame all men? No. Do I hate all men? No. That would be ridiculous. I am a strong woman. I am also an armed woman so take that for what it is worth.

                • eppe says:

                  Phil, yes you are strong.
                  I like that, shows character.
                  I was just stating that Eisencrutz? has
                  Posted very good sites.
                  He may be an odd man out, but can voice his opine, like all of us.

                  Eyes open no fear…

                • eppe says:

                  Damn, I am taking up for Acid???

                • Philosopher says:

                  I refuse to be some wilting lily. The reason I have character is because my family taught me that it is how you behave that matters. I am independent with regard to my thinking and my beliefs. I don’t fit in with any group mentality. I never have.

                  The whole IQ stuff that AE posted I consider nothing but racist bullshit and propaganda. Intelligence is due to a number of factors, including genetics, environment, and pure chance.

                  I only have a ninth grade education. Flunked the tenth grade for two years. Joined the Army at 17 (yes my parents had to sign me in). Took the entire GED tests in one day (at my first duty station) and scored in the top percentiles.

                  I learned to read at the age of 4. I was reading adult fiction by the time I was 12, 13. Got a BA degree in philosophy, and a minor in Latin, when I was in my thirties. I still read, a lot. Right now I am reading “Enemy of the State” by Tommy Robinson and also read Matt Bracken’s Series by the same name back in December.

                  Well, as I said above, life goes on. I refuse to allow other people to define who I am or my abilities. I am strong because the alternative is to be weak. Not my cuppa tea.

                • eppe says:

                  Phil, that is what makes this site so cool.

                  Anyone can post anything.

                  I have no idea who you are.

                  You could be Jay Jay from 5 years ago.

                  I have kept ‘ eppe’ for 7 years now.

                  How many monickers have others had???

                • Acid Etch says:



                • sixpack says:

                  Philosopher sounds a lot like me.

              • Philosopher says:

                Eppe: I am new to this site. The regular news sites get boring and I am sick of the pablum that the MSM considers news. I like that we are pretty free to say pretty much anything. I keep coming back because Mac hasn’t given me the boot from the site. I appreciate that.

              • Acid Etch says:

                Eppe, I grow on you. Kinda like a wart on your wrinkled old ass.


            • Acid Etch says:

              Listen to me you stupid fucking cunt:

              Washington, Oregon, Vermont, and Maine are nice places to live despite their socialist leanings.

              Communists are not as major a threat as non-whites.

              Detroit, St. Louis, Atlanta, New Orleans, Chicago et al. used to be 80%+ white and were great places to live. Now they are 80%+ black and epic shitholes. Detroit used to have the highest GDP per capita in America. Now 50% of people in Detroit are functionally illiterate. Read “Escape from Detroit”.

              60% of blacks in South Africa, including the king of the powerful Zulu tribe, say that life was better under apartheid, and the statistics show that black wealth and life expectancy were higher under apartheid. Watch “The Truth About South Africa” on youtube.

              Haiti was the wealthiest country in the fucking western hemisphere under white rule. Then they had a successful slave rebellion, achieved black rule, and now they are the poorest country in the hemisphere.



              THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A NON-WHITE CITY ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH THAT WASNT A FUCKING SHITHOLE (except for the high IQ east Asians, who Hitler called “honorary whites”).



              • passinwiththewind says:

                How’s the….”I have become Christian” thing working out for you AE?

                Apparently you were not sincere.
                I see the original atheist has reared his ugly head again. ^^

              • Kevin2 says:

                “Detroit, St. Louis, Atlanta, New Orleans, Chicago et al. used to be 80%+ white and were great places to live.”

                The root cause isn’t race but rather gainful employment and its replacement welfare. When Detroit had a thriving auto manufacturing base the black neighborhoods were ok. Harlem NJ was ok too, likewise Camden NJ. The Free Trade agreements both formal and decades aimed at key industries eviscerated the likes of the Steel Industry. The results are obvious.

                Whites fled the cities as the jobs disappeared, blacks with far lower incomes replaced them with far fewer job opportunities. Blacks have a more difficult time adapting to the far fewer good jobs that now require a strong Science and Math background both genetically and more importantly culturally. As a group they put little emphasis on education. This education wall is blocking all but the best of the best today as fewer opportunities remain. I see the education / advancement pecking order blow. Scientific and Medicine Awards such as the Nobel Peace Prize, will validate my observations.

                #4 is climbing upward

                1. Jews
                2. Asians including India
                3. Whites
                4. Hispanics
                5. Blacks

              • Philosopher says:

                Fvck you! You dumb cocksucking faggot why don’t you go bend over for your favorite boy and take it hard up the ass since you know you like it that way. Maybe your butt buddy will do a reach around but probably not.

                Fvcktard go to bloody fucking hell you moron.

                The only cunt in this conversation is you fuckface.

                I suggest you look up the meaning of the word philosopher. “A lover of knowledge.” There, saved you the trouble. Better than being a troglodyte or Neanderthal like you. Those are permanent conditions.

            • WhoKnewIt.. says:

              Philosopher must be an ALCU lovin’, Liberal Mooselimb black woman that loves Obama’s immigration policies.. That’s my take with her rant about screaming racism..


            • TRUTH BE TOLD says:

              So wait… you say it may very well be the case that all are racist but then you say your not…. makes no sense

        • Old Gringo says:

          Racist & Hater. A child’s words. No longer effective nino

        • Winston Smith says:

          I have no disagreement with your arguments. I too dislike all racists. However, I am not going to say that I would feel comfortable walking through a poor minority neighborhood where I’d stick out like a cue ball. Many of them hold racial animosity towards whites and would gladly attack me because of my race. Then again, it’s also not wise to let your guard down around poor whites either. Many of them are on drugs and can be unpredictable. (In my line of work I deal with all of them, at night, in their neighborhoods, so I speak from experience.)

          I also agree with you on Islam. Not all of them are violent terrorists, but many harbor sympathies towards those who are. Therefore, while I will never be the one to initiate violence, I will nevertheless keep my guard up when I know they are around me. Being prepared to defend one’s self is only rational in this screwed up world we live in.

          • Philosopher says:

            WS: Yes. To everything you said. I am a realist.

            I just read a story about a convert to the religion of peace that stole his father’s gun, killed his 70-plus year old neighbor, took money from the old man and planned on buying a gun and shooting up a concert. Apprently in the midst of all of this the guy was found by the FBI and was trying to get a hit done on his family. The kid has been arrested. Good.

            Link was on the site:

        • didndonuffin says:

          Keep talking about ‘raysis’ whites. No other race is at all apologetic about putting their tribal roots first. I wonder what “La Raza’ means? I don’t hate other races, but unlike philosopher, I’m not going to kiss their asses, either. Now get your ‘Coexist’ bumper sticker attached to your Prius.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        Acid, I’d still take a Sicilian over a sandnigger any day. kudos to that Sicilian for putting that muzzie in his place.

      • C. B. says:

        You are a racist person, and have you given anybody an IQ test including the white race. I am not for Muslim terriosts but to classify all others with low IQ’s is insane. Anything to make yourself superior. Can’t you come up with something other than an IQ as an explanation for their behavior?

      • I dont know where you get your IQ numbers But I must disagree.
        I spent years when I was young working for the red cross and one of my jobs was administering IQ tests to people all over Africa, Eastern Europe and the middle east.
        Intelligence is your ability to process data. Dont confuse intelligence with education or Innate Talent. There are a lot of really dumb, well educated people out there. Intelligence is closely related to memory. The better the memory, the higher the Perceived intelligence.
        Most people we tested were pretty much the same. The deferring factor tended to be memory rather than education.
        In places where there was ongoing strife or war, people scored lower due to their memory being poor at the time. We retested some of these people years after and their IQ was back up to normal.
        People who grew up in the countryside tended to have better memory and higher intelligence than people who grew up in cities.
        In other words. People in general have the same average IQ.

        • Gonetoolong says:

          What a crock of shit. You are blind as a bat to not be able to see differences in overall intelligence of races. People are not equal. If it is understood that physically one race can be superior (think NBA, NFL, etc.) then why can’t their be differences in mental abilities when speaking averages only. Yes I concede that Ben Carson edges me out in IQ, but, the majority of blacks do not. Exceptions to the rule are just that. I have several really good black friends, but I don’t jade my thoughts out of the desire to be politically correct.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        Acid, you’re sounding like a libturd with the phrases we use. Those phrases on right on the mark. The rest of your post I agree with.

      • Frank Thoughts says:

        Evidence-based experience does back you up. Where is the African ‘Japan’ or ‘China’ for that matter? When was the last time anyone bought an African car, computer, or anything complex?

      • Anonymous says:

        After living in Sicily for 18 months I don’t agree. Sicilian are some of the warmest most welcoming people I’ve met in my life.Just don’t piece em off!

    • Acid Etch says:

      This is one of the most interesting hostile environments colonized by white people:

      If patriarchy is wrong, why are children of single moms twice as likely to wind up in jail and five times more likely to bear a teenage pregnancy?

      Laboratory animals display the same euphoria-seeking behavior as humans with all drugs with the exception of hallucinogens.

      • Philosopher says:

        Those were fairly tame, Acid.

        This is the most horrific documentary I have ever seen. Vice News, documentary about “The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia.” This is the sole African country established by the US. The president of Liberia is Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who was educated at Harvard.

        Here is the link:

      • sixpack says:

        So even animals are smart enough to avoid acid? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

        • passinwiththewind says:

          I think he is still playing with gerbils.

          Science now shows that the Black Death Plague may have been linked to gerbils instead of rats.

          Maybe the queers of the fourteenth century were doing the gerbil chase thing, and caused it.

          Just sayin’.

  2. Warchild Dammit! says:

    Well,instinct kicks in,check video of guy in France with youth group thinking about attacking him,will happen all over the US if they pull that shit here,but with deadly consequences.Ahhhh…..,ain’t life grand?!

  3. ponomo says:

    Obama’s kin in France….getting their noses broken.

  4. Justice says:

    The “Elite” don’t give a damn about us!

    I just started taking Tactical Knife Fighting classes, but I’m to old to become “Street Fighting Man”. Also, please note that knives are extremely dangerous weapons. Especially, in the hands of someone who is trained they are as effective as a firearm at close range.

    Don’t forget the 21 foot rule. Someone can close 20 feet before most police can draw their weapon and fire. Think about that and if someone can get within 10 or 15 feet they can stab me before I can draw a pistol and fire.

    • Justice says:

      The 21 Foot Rule – The 21 foot rule states that the average person with a knife or sword can get to and cut a person in about the same time that the average person can draw and fire a handgun.

      In the time it takes the average officer to recognize a threat, draw his sidearm and fire 2 rounds at center mass, an average subject charging at the officer with a knife or other cutting or stabbing weapon can cover a distance of 21 feet.

      • Warchild Dammit! says:

        Justice,due to double tap you are more comfortable with a firearm!Knives are scary business as a weapon,with two trained knife fighters usually one if not both dead and survivor in ICU.I saw on WSRA site a guy who is teaching a Kali seminar for a week in Phillipenes in June,world still together want to go?I am serious,any one else interested that could pull it off.Flights not bad and living quarters there reasonable.It hits the fan can think of much worse places to be,any one hear interested?

      • Acid Etch says:

        We ran the drill in martial arts class many times with rubber weapons. The rubber knife secreted ink.

        Never once, from a conversational distance, did the gun beat the knife. And by far most fights start from a conversational distance.

        I have seen it demonstrated numerous times.

      • PO'd Patriot says:

        I like the 600 yard rule best.

      • Enemy of the State says:

        until they come across a guy that can throw that knife in pin point accuracy in less than 1/2 a second

        in yer eye

        i practice daily

        • Philosopher says:

          In the dark? Because I can point and shoot my shotgun in the dark and be assured that I will hit my target. No problem.

          • Enemy of the State says:

            If I throw 10 at a time at once
            I can also hold a flashlight in my other hand to blind him while I do it

            Gotta challenge yourself to new ways to defend yourself out there
            Sometimes a gun just ain’t the right tool

            • Philosopher says:

              Whatever. I don’t have time for that bullshit anymore. If you like playing with knives, and you practice, good. My advantage is most people have no idea where I have been and what I have done and are clueless about my skill set. I studied martial arts for several years for several hours a day. Don’t ask me who and what form and what style. NUNYA. My last lesson was the lesson of death. Master choked me within an inch of my life. How long until you black out? How long until you start drooling? How many pounds of pressure to crush someone’s larynx? Not long and not much are the answers. Not only was my body trained but so was my mind. It is the mental training that has stayed with me. Situational awareness. Objects in the area that can be used as weapons. My favorite weapon, kept nearby, is a cast iron pig with wings. It is cute until I use it to smash in someone’s skull. Unarmed my favorite weapons are my knees and my elbows. 12-pounds of pressure to crush someone’s larynx. A swing with my elbow is even easier. Good luck to any moron that thinks they will get away with raping me, ever again. One of us is going to end up in the emergency room.

    • Justice says:

      Check out this link, it’s a real eye opener. Knife vs Gun – The 21 Foot Rule – Great Demonstration

      • TRUTH BE TOLD says:

        Gun vs knife? Lololol really…yeah a guy WITH a knife ready vs a guy with a gun who doesnt know whats going on….

        With this setup a the guy with a knife would defeat a tank

    • jpl_texas says:

      Justice; thanks for the tips. Your mind is the most powerful weapon. Remember, old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill every time. And buddy up !!!

      Damn the elites!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m female and never heard of knife classes. Maybe I could get a video. You gave me a fabulous idea. I always wanted to get good with those throwing stars but heard that is illegal so I gave that pursuit up.

      • Justice says:

        Anonymous, you might want to try these DVD’s on Knife Fighting.

        Haganah F.I.G.H.T. Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting Fundamentals And Combatives $15.00 at Amazon


        Haganah F.I.G.H.T. Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting Advanced Tactics

        Remember, please get practice knives or use wooden spoons.

      • passinwiththewind says:

        I have throwing knives and can absolutely say that a knife can be drawn from a sheath mounted just behind the back of the neck, and thrown at an oncoming threat, quicker than a gun can be drawn from a holster, cocked, and fired accurately.

        The knife may not be as lethal, but can stop a threat just long enough to pull your gun, a bigger knife, or make a run.

        • Hugh Janus says:

          Sure, it’s quicker to draw a knife than a gun. This rule only holds if the knife or sword is already out and the gun is not. And any gun I carry doesn’t require cocking before firing. If the gun is already in battery, the drill changes. I believe the FBI says most gunfights occur at less than 21feet and with the gun already in hand.

      • Enemy of the State says:

        its only “illegal” because it scares them

        show me the law, and Ill eviscerate it

  5. USMC1982 says:

    I got news for the muslime slimeballs, That is nothing compared to what is waiting for them here in the US.

    • Philosopher says:

      They are being shipped into small towns across the US by the State Department and various charities.

      • Robin Sage says:

        And we have who to thank for this ?

        Our esteemed leaders

        And what are we going to do about it ?
        Sadly nothing as it appears

        We will wait and some will take it out on those that come here
        Rather than who brought them here

        We’re so fucked

        • Philosopher says:

          Thanks to the US State Department and Catholic Charities and Lutheran Charities. The State Department is paying those non-profits big money to ruin small towns.

          • Braveheart1776 says:

            The Catholic Diocese USA has been bringing in up to 200000 refugees from all over the world to the US for the past 4 decades that I’m aware of. The Catholic religion’s doctrines are what I have a problem with, NOT the good people of the Catholic Church who have been misled. My wife was one of those “recovering catholics” when I first met her and it took forever to get her to open up about why she left them. The catholics support policies that hurt this country; that’s another gripe I have about them.

    • CuzzinJim says:

      Not that I don’t agree with you in theory, but they are such a protected class here now, that we would be the ones labeled as rascists and violent. Our “elected” officials have made sure of that. They should all be rounded up and sent back to their third world shitholes and NEVER be allowed to set foot in America again. They don’t assimilate, they want their ideology to be what governs us, and until we make fundamental change, we are doomed. Our potus coddles them as the “religion of peace” and anyone with a brain bigger than a BB knows better. I’m afraid America is over my friend…..

  6. jpl_texas says:

    I’ve seen people ignorantly and brainlessly hugging and kissing these refugees as they arrive; having no idea of there character or reputation – not knowing if they’re embracing a murderer, thief, or rapist. Handing out food, money, clothing, electronics – hell, i’m going to go over there myself. And then you see these thugs totally tearing up property, assaulting / harassing people, and having total contempt for the culture they are invading. They should be herded together and kicked out. Close the borders and give no quarter!!!


    • Philosopher says:

      The war in Syria has been ongoing for five years and is a civil war. Many people are blaming this internal conflict on the US but that is only because it is easy to make the US a scapegoat and blame us for everything. I think the Syrian civil war is none of our business. Let them figure it out.

      • jpl_texas says:

        I agree that it’s not our business; but believe that it was instigated by the West after they couldn’t impose a regime change. Create debtor nations; Western politicians are the mercenaries of the central banks.

      • passinwiththewind says:

        Do the research and math and see who was behind the regime changes in Egypt and Libya, and Iraq. Afghanistan hasn’t been as easy for them.

        The dark side of the political arena, in this once great nation, is doing the dirty work for the Sunni regime. That is precisely what is going on in Syria. The muzzy bros in the hood, want to lead the charge to middle east, and eventually world, dominance.

        It is biblical and it is happening now for these last days judgments against a sinful world. There is no turning it around nor a turning back. The seeds of destruction have been planted and the roots are locked in place.

        Since 2001, about 10,000 visas connected to possible muzzie terrorists have been pulled in the ussag. Those rag heads have blended into the nooks and crannies of America, and they can’t be found. More have come here legally and are infiltrating our Churches and communities.

        They are stockpiling burner phones and have plans for a day of jihad on American soil. When the word goes out they will all come out of the woodwork and kill as many as they can before being killed as martyrs.

        Blood in the streets, and martial law, could be seen and felt as early as this year. It is all planned and God has allowed it here because America as a whole, has turned their backs on Him. Don’t believe it; just look at what percentage is casting a vote for socialism and more legalized sin, coming from the left, and some from the right as well.

        The writing is on the wall and it is written with blood.

  7. Plan twice, prep once says:

    Problem with Muslims is in a few days a half dozen of this punks relatives and friends will show up and either beat the bus driver within an inch of his life, or just kill him. If those six fail, they’ll send a dozen.

    • jpl_texas says:

      There is only one way to mitigate a recurrence …. eliminate the threat.

    • rellik says:

      If this were America,
      find out where the Moslem
      prays. Lock the door at prayer time
      set the Mosque on fire and shoot
      anybody that comes out and anybody
      that tries to extinguish the fire.
      Repeat until disease is

    • Kevin2 says:

      Plan twice, prep once

      Italians, real Italians (not just having a vowel at the end of your name) are tight knit, very tight knit. If that happens they will disappear and no one will have seen anything especially in Italy. Family isn’t everything its the only thing.

      • Plan twice, prep once says:

        Muslims are all about vendetta, but your are right, Sicilians perfected it!

        It’s like “Aliens vs Preditors”. Time to make some popcorn and sit back.

        • lonelonmum says:

          Sicilians are essentially North Africans so yes family/clan is all & it’s historically very poor and consequently hard working. That won by dint of sheer hard work is always most valued, so no they aren’t gonna take no shit. It’s not a smart move to disrespect their women folk either – most traditionally working class communities take objection to that where ever you go in the world.
          Behave decently and they will treat you wonderfully, behave like a mad dog and they’ll simply put you down before the infection can spread.

          • Kevin2 says:

            There is no doubt that 250 years ago some Guido knocked up Maria and didn’t marry her thus sparking a Hatfield & McCoy Sicilian style that still lasts to some degree. When those people are angry, trust me, you don’t want to be on the receiving end. I’m Italian American and even they are a lot like blacks with the exception of stressing hard work, education and most importantly family. They love women and they have a great capacity for violence if they believe it is warranted. The black “He dissed me” is “Respecta”. Given climbing the social economic ladder and leaning out the DNA with a Smith and Jones in the bloodline those “Italians” just have a vowel at the end of their name. Go to the heart of South Phila, deal with Italians that three generations removed from Italy who can still speak the language and do that and it would get ugly real quick. They better have a camera as evidence because the neighborhood has collective amnesia in those situations.

            • Just Gypsy says:

              Ok,this is really true. Your post hit close to home.

              One of my grandfathers was 2nd gen. Italian from Italy. So, I do the DNA bit, 6% Italian and I really do have a Smith and Jones in my tree (dilution goes both ways).

              I also learned that there are people in America (from me and my DH’s DNA) whose families go back to 1500’s, 1600s, that have more native DNA than our native relatives in Europe.

              My DH has more Scandanvian (sp?) DNA (percentage wise) than the natives; I do too, only mine is British Isles and I’m only 1% more than the natives. I’m a mutt, how did that happen?

              Our families (lots of lines/crosses) have been in America a LONG time, and we have more of the native European genes in us than the Europeans from our native lands do?

              That’s what our data tells us (and ours isn’t showing any African or Native American, like you would think it would, but test only went back 2000 years, so).

              I don’t know, DNA distribution just seems more complicated than I previously thought. Then add in culture, as you stated (pure culture, not American diluted) and it’s food for thought.

              • Just Gypsy,
                DNA is a funny thing, family story is I am 1/4 Apache and 3/4 Irish but DNA says 1/4 Irish and 3/4 Northern European. Not an ounce of other races, which surprised me, even with my red hair. Not even Neanderthal, which is showing up. They gave a thousand cousins I never heard of… at first I thought I might be adopted, but dad’s family showed up. Amazing stuff.

                • Just Gypsy says:

                  I hear yeah sister, we were told we had Native American in us too, doesn’t show up on the DNA! We also have red heads in the family. Yes, DNA is something alright.

                • Just Gypsy,
                  Amazed you had a similar experience, I was very disappointed! After I hit post, I started looking online to see if I could figure out what Northern European means in a genetic sense, I assumed Viking or somesuch. I found out that it genetically includes two strains and includes all north areas all the way to Russia. It also said that American Indians share the same genetic history. I will look into it further and let you know.

  8. Sierra Dave says:

    I’m curious what insult the Muslim called the bus driver. probably a racist insult.

  9. lonelonmum says:

    Take it from a Brit – knives are not to be underestimated. Our crime stats are testament to that.

  10. John_Allen says:

    The crime and rioting aren’t isolated incidents. They aren’t particular to a few delinquent individuals. Giving them a job or a lecture in French manners won’t change anything. It follows a pattern straight out of Mohammed’s life. Across time and distance, Mohammed is the model for the Muslim.

    ht_tp://www.politicalislam.c_om on Youtube


    From Ibn Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah, The Life of Mohammed, translated by A. Guillaume, Oxford University Press, c1982.

    The Life of Mohammed, The Sira, Bill Warner, Editor, Center for the Study of Political Islam, c 2010

    Mohammed is the perfect Muslim, the model for every Muslim everywhere. Early in his public career, in Mecca, he was a peaceful religious teacher.

    When his influential protector Uncle Abu Talib, who had taken in the thrice-orphaned child died, the tolerant and polytheistic Meccans decided they had had enough of him.
    They kicked him out. He [ immigrated ] to Medina. The violent part of his life began.

    Ishaq, Sirat marginal note 168:

    “Some of the Quraysh went to Abu Talib, Mohammed’s uncle and tribal protector, and said to him, “Your nephew has cursed our gods, insulted our religion, mocked our way of life, criticized our civilization, attacked our virtues, and said that our forefathers were ignorant and in error. You must stop him or let us stop him. We will rid you of him.”

    Abu Talib gave them a soft reply and sent them away.

    The street crime, the rioting, is not random. It is the early stage of a clash of civilzations.

    A clash that has murdered 270 million people across 1400 years, and annihilated scores of civilzations. The violence continues. The media buries most of it. I wonder why.

    The busdriver did the right thing. The refugees recognize no law but Islam. If you want to retain your liberty you need to understand their gameplan.

    From: Muhammad Ibn Ismail Al-Bukhari Hadith of Sahih Bukhari,:

    The Hadith, the Sunna of Mohammed, Bill Warner, Editor,
    Center for the Study of Political Islam, c 2010.

    A hadith is a short eye-witness account of what Mohammed said or did. Those, not civil law or Kafir opinion, is the Muslim’s highest authority.

  11. slingshot says:

    Ring his bell. Ring his bell

    Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.

    Do you thing Allahu Akbar is going around in his head.

    He thought he was getting on the short bus. Hahaha!

  12. swinging richard says:

    Wonder why the bus driver stopped beating the little dodo? He was still breathing.

  13. Sgt. Rock says:

    Loved it. It’s good to see people take a stand. I noticed no passengers got up to help though.

  14. Philosopher says:

    There was an interesting article about this matter on the Economic Collapse Blog today as well:

    After reading some of the comments there I realized that many people are not well informed about this matter. Here are some links I have saved from various articles since I started paying attention, last year:

    This is one of the best articles I have read on how the US State Department uses local Christian groups and charities to move people into towns and cities across the US:

    Is your town on the list? Don’t believe there is a list? Go to the US State Department and look up the program this article discusses. Here is the list: https://fellowshipofminds.file

    Please pay special attention to the various charities that are in charge in each location in the above link! It is a PDF so you can save it as a PDF file and print it out. Excellent article to take to church and hand out to others.

    Most Muslims in the US are on welfare: https://muslimstatistics.wordp

    This is a planned invasion also called “hijrah.” Read this article, with excerpts in English and Arabic from the Koran to learn what this word means and why no Gulf states are taking in any refugees: https://themuslimissue.wordpre

    Daily updates and statistics from around the world on Muslim violence:

    This is an excellent article: https://muslimstatistics.wordp

    This site has daily news from Europe about the Muslim invasion. Non-English videos and articles are translated into English:

    I am also reading the book by Tommy Robinson, “Enemy of the State.” It is stunning to read how this guys home town of Luton, England, has been destroyed.

  15. slingshot says:

    We all may be laughing at this but the fact is, it is on its way to America. We are not talking about the Knock Out Game. Worse. The Government is going to use Political Correctness and Hate Crime Laws against anyone who stands up to these beasts. Obama will turn a blind eye and go to another Mosque to show his support for Islam.

    Hope the Goodie Two Shoes get a taste of it.

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      Slingshot, let anyone try to use PC crap or a “hate crime law” on me and they’ll get the dirt nap.

      • slingshot says:


        Florida is going to have a bad run in with these people.
        I had a run in with a Arab about two years ago. Wondered what the fuck is up with this guy. Now I am fully aware.
        Just like up in Minnesota. When they get enough in one are they will call for Sharia Law.

        First they will say they want the schools to teach children about Islam in the schools to diversify.

        Bullshit they want converts. Next the children will be calling their parents Infidels.

  16. markinaz says:

    YES, Simple Basic Logical Human Nature, go into a petulant frenzy when I say NO and then verbally and physically assault me, I am going to hit you back and some BOY!

  17. Philosopher says:

    There is another excellent article on the site, Gates of Vienna. www dot gatesofvienna dot net

    The title of the article is, “Is There a Partition in Sweden’s Future?

    Posted on January 31, 2016 by Baron Bodissey

    Our Indian correspondent Krutya sends his observations about the European “refugee” crisis, and specifically the situation in Sweden. He includes a series of questions about the problems associated with Muslim integration in the West, and invites input from Gates of Vienna readers.

    Sweden – The partition of India

    Sweden’s Refugee/Immigration Challenge

    It may go the way India went in 1947: to partition

    by Krutya

    Here is a short excerpt from the article: “Islam as we know it was never a spiritual path, but a political statement. In large numbers, Islam shows no mercy towards the other. In small numbers they successfully play the victim and appeal to the same modern values of liberal-mindedness that they so disdain to introduce in Islamic culture. I fear that Sweden may have opened its doors too widely and carelessly without fully knowing the history of Islam’s propensity to violently and totally eliminate the native culture wherever it finds a home.”

    The above quote mirrors similar claims made in Tommy Robinson’s new book, “Enemy of the State” where Robinson talks about how his home town, in Luton, England, which has been basically destroyed by Muslims that refuse to assimilate.

  18. Slap Happy says:

    OK, true story:

    1985, Dallas TX. I’m in a sales training class lasting 4 weeks (@60students). By the end of the training several of the girls want to celebrate. I paired up with one of the girls and we all went out to dinner @ the Reunion Tower. Revolving restaurant. Lots of fun.

    My date and I are waiting @ street level for rest of the crew, people going to get the vans, etc. I suggest a walk around the block. As we’re walking I find myself drawn in a particular direction. OMG!! It’s Daley Plaza!!

    It was all there; the Book Depository, the Grassy Knoll (since removed?)…. It was poorly lit, very dark, oppressive. I felt a chill go down my spine, looked down at my date and said, ‘we should be getting back’.

    As we turned I noticed 5 ‘youths’ that could have been The Sodomite in Chief’s sons advancing towards us in a predatory crouching posture. I should mention my date was @ 5’2″, 100 lbs, little cocktail dress & high heels. Her arm was in mine and God bless her, she was gazing up into my eyes. Thank goodness. No way could have I allowed her to understand the danger I had placed her in. The fear she would have telegraphed would have exacerbated an already difficult situation. Fortunately I was wearing a jacket and as I maintained eye contact with her, I moved my right hand up under jacket as if to handle my (imaginary) piece. The bluff worked. Hey, it was Texas after all.

    They five scumbags immediately shifted from a predatory posture in to a relaxed saunter. As we passed I nodded to them, they acknowledged me and the little girl was none the wiser.

    I have not made that mistake in the intervening 30 1/2 years.

    I think about it as I reflect on the scum the western gov’t’s insist on importing.

    Next time I won’t be bluffing.

    Slap Happy. Standing Watch.

  19. Rick says:

    Dang! That did my heart good to watch that video. I am beaming. Bursting with energy and excitement. Man! I loved that! Kick his nasty Muslim ass until he submits then throw his puny butt off the bus. He should have thrown about 15 more punches on his filthy face in my opinion and made him crawl off the bus, if he was able. Nice.

  20. WhoKnewIt.. says:

    President Trump will export all this ILLEGALS slime crap out of America and make her great again. Can’t wait to see all this NWO PC crap extinguished. Trump Support Rally in FL this weekend, in the mostly white declared Muslem Free Zone. Its great living among like minded patriots. And where the Free Speech Protected Confederate Flag still proudly flies.

  21. John_Allen says:

    There’s a centuries-tested protocol for how Islam subverts a society. It never varies. Why tamper with perfection? They don’t start by dynamiting Christian churches and closing secular government. That comes when they’re quite a bit more established.

    The blueprint is found in Mohammed’s life. ht_tp://www.politicalislam._com

    Does your public school make provision for Muslim students to have ritual cleaning sinks in the bathrooms and time to pray? Must’nt bother Mustafa with Algebra I if he’s hauled out his pray rug to pray.

    That isn’t about exercising their religion. That’s about showing their dominance over, their contempt for, us Kafir. But you’d have to have some background in Islam to know that.

    Do they cover Islam in a way or at a depth they don’t cover Judeo-Christianity in lectures or homework?

    Do Muslim shops or restaurants want to have food service workforce trained in halal?
    Left unopposed, halal will replace existing food health standards.

    By the time it gets so far that having a gunfight would be necessary, and without criminal consequences, it’s far advanced.

    No, mainstream Islam doesn’t “respect People of the Book.” No, you and they do NOT worship the same god. They see Jesus as only human and as a signpost toward
    Mohammed. Is that how you see Him?

    The peace part of “religion of peace” comes when they’ve conquered our society and have taken control. It’s the “peace” of slavery.

    Islam in its relation to us Kafir [any non-Muslim] isn’t religious, it’s political.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said John.

    • Philosopher says:

      I agree with everything you said. That is what I have come to learn about this death cult. It is a political cult and difficult to beat once they have a foothold. I don’t see any way to win against them given the current level of ignorance of the public. I will never feel save or comfortable around any Muslims, ever. I don’t want them as friends and I don’t want them as neighbor’s.

      • Carol Mar says:

        Right P., don’t trust them and avoid if you can.
        Ten years ago when we lived in a subdivision near Washington DC, our neighbors on one side were a Bangladesh-born couple with two young boys. The wife and I became “friends”. We did some shopping together, I helped her with some of her household projects, visited in each other’s homes. I and my kids went to one of their parties, in which all the men gathered together in the downstairs floor, which had its own rec room, kitchen and bathroom, the women stayed upstairs, and the young kids went back and forth between the floors. The traditional food was wonderful, the saris the women wore were gorgeous. But soon I noticed that, after initial introductions,
        all the women other than my “friend” either did not look at me, or gave me dirty looks.
        The family that lived on the other side of my “friend’s” house was originally from Pakistan, and do you think those two families were friendly with each other? Not at all, in fact the Pakis antagonized the Banglideshis in various ways, the worst of which was to throw empty beer bottles into their yard, = major insult! So here was an example of the well-known propensity of Muslims to subdivide into different, battling groups.
        The bad Paki kids later insulted a black kid in the neighborhood with the N word, and my daughter and I were called over by the black mom and aunt to witness their confrontation over this with the Paki parents. The black ladies yelled and made threatening gestures, and the Paki parents stood there, saying polite words of apology, but all the while smiling in a cold-blooded way.
        One day I noticed a couple dozen men wearing skullcaps sitting around a table in an empty field a block away from us, and the idea hit me that there was probably going to be a mosque built there. A couple years later, one was built there. Sometimes,, must have been during holy days of theirs, cars were parked all up and down our street because the parking lot wasn’t big enough for all of them.
        A while after we moved from there, and made curious by the constant increase in bad news from the Muslim-influenced parts of the world, I began to read books and articles and the Koran itself “to try to figure out what was going on.” Now I know I was witnessing part of the ongoing invasion of the West, and my pal was doing the Taqqiyah thing with me!

  22. George Freeman III says:

    Like a boss.

  23. Muhammad says:

    That was excellent! A great beatdown indeed!

  24. Porky Pig says:

    I soooooooo enjoyed watching that video.
    Should have stuffed a Ham Sandwich in his mouth and poured pigs blood over that fools head!

  25. TRUTH BE TOLD says:



  26. freetrapper says:

    When muzzies start their crap here we need to bring the old American custom. Scalp-em , below the belt and sendem to alla!!!

  27. Red Hawk says:

    Your government is selling you out
    And this is what’s important ?

    Your kids and grand kids are getting fucked by the bankers and lawyers
    And we’re playing with this shit ?

    Son of a bitch

  28. Ronald Ahrens says:

    The keyboard coward boot lickers just peck, peck, peck away as Globalist Corporate Fascists use their Police State Mercenaries to murder at will..Are you proud of yourselves drunken boot licking keyboard cowards…Are you proud of the fascist Police State nightmare you drunken bum cowards are leaving the children you should of NEVER had???

  29. 10mm says:

    Maybe the Sweeds and germans can learn something from this instead of being social misfits.

  30. Enemy of the State says:

    Love the video

    Like a Boss!

    this guy should get employee of the year award , and early retirement

    sure could teach this country a thing or two on how to deal with assholes of any kind

  31. luagha says:

    The line is, “Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!”

  32. Of course in this country, the bus driver would have charges filed against him for assault….AND a filthy commi atoineee would sue the city (his employer) for civil damages…..AND the US Justice Dept would file fed charges for violating the civil rights of the Muslim.!!!!

  33. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    All you red necks and violent extremist.. what the hell is wrong with you guys, so violent, what are you going to a rag headed Muslim comes up to you and punches you in he face, shoot the guy? I am far worst, that too easy, red necks like me simply breaks the guys arms and one leg, then I drag his ass our to the street and body slam the muslim phuck’s head into the pavement, then I call be cops.. come on guys be nice..

    Oh, by the way I am just waiting on Mac to post the ultimate and of the Phucking world as we know it.. I bet Sarge, Brave and you boys want to hear it.. I have some very positive news and some bad news.. first for the bad.



  34. Enemy of the State says:

    on the Zika Hoax

    “Now we have a January 27 Associated Press story out of Rio, published in SFGate: ‘270 of 4,180 suspected microcephaly cases confirmed.’ That’s called a clue, in case you’re wondering. Of the previously touted 4,180 cases of microcephaly in Brazil, the actual number of confirmed cases so far is, well, only 270. Bang. But wait, there’s more. AP: ‘Brazilian officials said the babies with the defect [microcephaly] and their mothers are being tested to see if they had been infected. Six of the 270 confirmed microcephaly cases were found to have the [Zika] virus.’ Bang, bang, bang. Out of all the microcephaly cases re-examined in Brazil, only six have the Zika virus. That constitutes zero proof that Zika has anything to do with microcephaly.”

    ht tp://

    yep run and get your zika vaccine ( the actual problem coming to a walgreens near you,,ummmm as soon as they can make the poison they want to inject into you)

  35. straight shooter says:

    Man I got WOOD on this one.
    I bet this bus driver was a Marine 😉
    I wish this bus driver had a pistol and blew this piece of shit away.

    Take note HODGIES, WE HERE IN THE U.S. are not going to put up with your SHIT.

    You come here and think you are going to take over and think SHARIA LAW is going to happen GUESS AGAIN.

    Because we are going to FUCK YOU UP.

  36. Enemy of the State says:


    the 9mm the Feds say was found on LaVoys body was a plant

    it was reported stolen 2 years ago


    and no he didnt steal it, the Feds did

  37. Enemy of the State says:

    “On Sunday evening, January 31, 2016, I interviewed Shawna Cox on The Common Sense Show. Her conversation with me was filled with exuberance, the same kind of exuberance that one would experience from a traumatic “fight or flight” experience.

    After being shot at over 100 times, and lucky to be alive, Shawna was taken into custody. Shawna addresses the question posed and listed above, as she revealed to my audience some very detailed information which is also confirmed from the public accounts of 18 year old Victoria Sharp.

    This may be Shawna Cox’s final interview to the media. During the course of the 30 minute interview, she told me she fully expected to be the victim of a gag order issued by a federal judge when she appears in court on Monday to face federal charges of impeding federal officers.

    Shawna Cox, working through the health reporter of The Common Sense Show, Katy Whelan, reached out to me on Saturday evening. The interview, itself, was primarily about the harrowing events on January 26th in which LaVoy Finicum was executed by the FBI.

    The Purpose of the Trip
    Ammon Bundy and his companions were on their way to meet with the Sheriff from nearby John Day and commingle with local ranchers who stood in support of their cause. Music and festivities were also the order of the day. This is why 18-year-old singer, Victoria Sharp, was accompanying the party as they tried to make their way to John Day.

    First Encounter
    As the two cars, comprising the caravan, were making their way to John Day. they were pulled over at the first roadblock. At first, neither side did anything in what could be described as a silent stand-off. The occupants of the vehicles were not given any instructions (e.g. to exit the vehicle, etc.). Finally, in an attempt to show peaceful intent, Ryan Payne put both hands out of the truck through the open window, to show he was not armed, and he was promptly shot at with the bullet striking metal of the truck between the window and the mirror.



    A Fateful Decision
    At that point, the driver of the first vehicle, Lavoy Finicum made a fateful decision to escape the gunfire and reach the protection of the Sheriff waiting for them at John Day.

    As Finicum sped away, federal authorities were in pursuit. Very quickly, they came upon a second roadblock. Cox stated that it was at that point that Payne begged Finicum to pull over and he kept saying that we have to reach the Sheriff.

    The Second Roadblock
    Upon reaching the second roadblock, Finicum attempted to swerve to the side of the road and the truck was stuck in a snowbank.

    According to Cox, Finicum exited the vehicle with his hands up and said:

    “We have women in the car don’t shoot!:

    According to Cox, and her account is backed up by Victoria Sharp, Finicum had his hands in the air as he faced the FBI agents who were stationed in the trees and said:

    “We are going to the Sheriff….well, just go ahead and shoot me.” This was all said with his hands in the air. Finicum was immediately shot several times and was shot at repeatedly while he lie in the snow dying.

    Attempted Second Degree Murder of the Occupants in the Truck
    Immediately, the occupants had red lasers on their bodies as the scurried for cover in the truck. Immediately after Finicum was killed, the truck came under fire. No orders were issued to the occupants, and as it was at the first roadblock, firing bullets at the occupants of the truck was the first order of the day.

    Cox believes that the vehicle was struck at least one hundred times. Both women were hysterically screaming to “please stop shooting” as the two women were begging for their lives.

    This entire event, complete with two roadblocks, unprovoked gunfire and FBI agents in the trees could only be described as an “old west ambush”.

    With no movement in the truck, and after firing over 100 rounds, the FBI finally issued its first order to surrender. They ordered the male occupants out of the vehicle, followed by the females.

    The Arrests
    I have had multiple law enforcement personnel write to me and express shock and horror that the FBI never attempted to check on the status of Finicum.

    Victoria Sharp was not charged and arrested and was dumped at a Safeway parking lot with no money and only the clothes on her back. Shawna Cox was charged with impeding federal officers (I am still scratching my head on this one trying to make sense of the charge.

    As a footnote, and as a precondition of her release, Shawna Cox was ordered to have all guns at her Utah home removed. After the guns were removed, her son-in-law, sitting in close proximity to the guns was suddenly and mysteriously caught in a fire in which all the guns and ammunition went up in smoke. Shawna’s son-in-law was killed in the event.

    Please consider the fact that Victoria Sharp is an 18 year old kid who was not even part of the dispute. She was there to musically perform in John Day and the FBI attempted to murder this girl without so much as an opportunity to surrender peacefully.

    What did these seven occupants do to warrant a “shoot first order”? They did nothing, but they were never given the opportunity to surrender before being fired upon, on two different occasions. And as Shawna Cox put it “Lavoy was murdered in cold blood by the FBI, he had his hands in the air until he was shot”.

    Shawna added, as a footnote, that when the last man was taken into custody, they were asked if there were any others left in the truck. They responded that they were the last. The FBI promptly proceeded to fire over 100 more rounds into the vehicle after the vehicle was vacated.

    Is this the kind of country that you want to live in? Steve Quayle was correct when he said on my show, regarding his new book, that the Nazi’s won the war and it can be accurately stated that the Lavoy Finicum was murdered by the American version of the Gestapo.”

  38. The problem is that Western Civilization has shown that it will tolerate savage behavior: that such savagery will cow large numbers of us. Worse, the “authorities” not only won’t act against it for fear of being called naughty names, they threaten to prosecute those, like our intrepid bus driver, who will act against it.

    We facilitate the law of the jungle to the extent that we fail to rise against savagery. Yet our “authorities” actually seem protective of the savages. More than coincidence? Your Curmudgeon Emeritus reports; you decide.

  39. Infidel-2 says:

    I pledge allegiance to the flag
    (Are there men left who will hold true to a pledge? We have become a people of lies led by liars.)
    Of the United States of America
    (Are we any longer individual states in union or are we all subjects of the Federal government?)
    And to the Republic
    (Our Republic is gone and a corporation stands in its place attempting to placate the masses with de facto rule.)
    For which it stands
    (The flag can only stand for something if the people stand for something, the people no longer stand for anything and the Nation has fallen.)
    One Nation under God
    (Are we a nation? A nation must have borders which we do not, and we are not under God but we have put God under; under our feet, under our selfish desires, under the dust of the memories of a once great nation.)
    (We are grossly divided and the division grows wider each day.)
    With liberty
    (Liberty, like America past is now a memory, liberty left when we evicted God from our Nation.)
    And justice for all
    (Justice vanished with liberty and with God. Justice is only found in the justice of God Almighty and a righteous people who follow that God. “For all” only includes all the politically chosen)
    The pledge of allegiance to the flag, though not part of our founding documents reiterated the patriotic feelings of most Americans. It is now but a forgotten verse, part of the history of a once great nation that marched into destruction as did all the great nations of history. We marched into destruction, we did not fall. To fall would imply that it was without intent. Our destruction has come with intent. The elements all great Nations of history had in common was their destruction and demise came with the loss of morals, the loss of integrity, the loss of liberties and the loss of faith in God. Alex de Tocqueville said “America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” When America finds God we will once again find the forgotten America.
    Randy Conway

    We The Few!!

  40. Infidel-2 says:

    Folks the BDI just keeps sinking by the bow, not long before wide spread shortages really start to appear all over the country. Get what you need now, while you still can.

    We The Few!!

  41. KY Mom says:

    9 questions about the Zika virus you were too embarrassed to ask

    “the virus has been spreading throughout the Western Hemisphere at a rapid rate, carried by a type of mosquito that feeds on and thrives alongside humans.

    More than 20 countries are currently battling outbreaks, and Zika is expected to reach nearly every corner of the Americas this year (save for Canada and Chile, which aren’t home to the mosquito in question).”

    MSN dot com

  42. slingshot says:

    Cliven Bundy issued a notice to Harney County Sheriff David Ward via Certified Mail and informed him that they would continue to occupy the Malhaur National Wildlife Refuge.

    Read more at freedom outpost. Dated Feb. 1

    Signed affidavit by Bundy

  43. Euragon says:

    That’s how Millennials need to be treated!

  44. slingshot says:

    PPN stared to arrive Sat. at refuge. Towns people will protest against the gathering at refuge. Bundy has made demands to Law enforcement.

  45. southside says:

    Figures the bus driver was Sicilian,no Italian would have the guts to do that

  46. Frank Thoughts says:

    How dumb and lazy are white people these days? With modern technology (the very thing the Muslims are using to scam their way into Europe and on to welfare) it is possible to notify other whites when one is being assaulted. When it happens, people need to swarm on the perps and take them out. Demographics: there is (just) still a majority of whites left in Europe. It is a narrow window but they can still restore law and order if they work together. Stop using apps to get laid and send pictures of cats; use them to defend women and girls. Become a man, or lay down as an Islamic catamite. Your choice…

  47. That was absolutely epic! The bus driver knows how to handle his business.

  48. Mike says:

    I’ve always found bus drivers to be reasonable people.

    I’d like to have this one as president!


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