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Hell On Earth: Major City Will RUN OUT Of Water In Less Than 95 Days

Mac Slavo
January 18th, 2018
Comments (126)

earthquake drought natural disaster

If you’ve ever needed a reason to store extra food and water, this just might be it.  Cape Town, South Africa is on schedule to run out of water in less than 95 days, and when they do, the government will turn off the taps.

“There are only 95 days left before we reach Day Zero,” the City of Cape Town announced on January 15 in a statement. “Day Zero has moved a day closer this week to April 21, 2018. Day Zero is when the City will be forced to turn off most of the taps.”

The coastal South African city has been battling droughts for nearly three years, amounting to the worst one in their history. With little rain on the horizon, the city has now ordered its 3.7 million residents to drastically cut their water consumption, take short stop-start showers, not wash their cars, and flush toilets as little as possible. If they don’t, all of their taps could be shut off by the government in April.

The city doesn’t appear to have any plan in place for such a SHTF event. But if the government cannot find a solution to the problem, Capetonians will be forced into “bread lines” for water. As if that isn’t scary enough, city residents will have a limit of 5.5 gallons of water a day that will only be given to them at specific government outposts around the city.

Cape Town’s mayor Patricia de Lille‏ tweeted: “I cannot stress it enough: all residents must save water and use less than 87 liters [19 gallons] per day… We must avoid Day Zero and saving water is the only way we can do this.” Not missing the opportunity to levy extra taxes on the populace, the city mayor has also impeded a “drought charge” in order to fund new water projects, such as constructing desalination plants.

The climate alarmists are out in full force too, quickly blaming the drought (natural occurrences throughout Earth’s history) on the junk science of “climate change.”

The earlier part of the drought in 2015 was largely blamed on the El Niño weather pattern, however, as the situation continues to worsen, experts are now pointing towards poor city management [government incompetence], a growing urban population, and – you guessed it – climate change. –IFLScience

Climate alarmists act like raising taxes in the name of global warming will somehow make the rain start falling. But preparing yourself for a situation such as this one requires storing your own water, and knowing how to properly filter water discovered.  More and more, humans are having to prepare themselves for the government incompetence that makes horrible situations like this so much worse.

Off-grid living expert Scott Hunt said:

The key to beating a drought has always been storage. Water storage can make the difference between a harvest or crop failure, life or death. There are many methods to storing water. Digging reservoirs or ponds to collect the water when it does rain.  Having buried cisterns will beat the effects of evaporation that accompany drought conditions. Using 55-gallon drums of treated water in your home can be a huge blessing when the tap runs dry or the source has been contaminated.

All of this can be done without the government, so you aren’t left waiting in line for your government rationed water.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: January 18th, 2018
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Menzoberranzan says:

    Who took over operations and turned that country into a first class shithole?

  2. Heartless says:

    “Major City Will RUN OUT Of Water In Less Than 95 Days”……… and the killing will begin.

    • Genius says:

      They ran out of brains 95 decades ago hence the water situation. Make a buck televising the chaos and fighting! I’d watch it lol.

    • The Terrible Triplett says:

      Nope, not the case on the ground in Cape Town.

      • Heartless says:

        TTT? What is not the case? You lost me with your remark.

        • Anonymous says:

          Chaos on the ground. It is a possibility, but there has been a town that has run out of water, and there was no violence. They simply made more plans.

          South African’s are quite adept at making a plan in crisis times. Yes, I know most believe when the popo hits the fan that they will be able to, but our history as a country, has that as a track record.

          Some businesses has sprung up selling water deliveries, the water is free, not the delivery. Sorts a lot of potential problems already.

          The problem ito collecting water at points will only really affecting the more affluent house owners in the suburbs, whom are also the largest consumers of water, not the majority of the population that resides in the squatter camps or townships.

          People they already have to do walk to central taps to collect their water, as does most of people living in the remote country sides.

          So nope, I do not think chaos will erupt.

  3. Rich says:

    The huge drop off in comments is quite telling!!!
    I told ya nothing was gonna happen

    • NEC_Wrangler says:

      frankly most of us are tired of the incessant ignorance and repeated calls to wipe some group or another out. This used to be a decent site for the sharing of quality information, and had a community feel in the comments. Now its just generally closed-minded fools spouting demagoguery and mental masterbation.

      Looks like TPTB have managed to turn another solid group into backbiting, infighting tools, and as long as we keep this up, we have no chnce of defeating the real enemy.

      I’m not long for this site myself.

  4. Kevin2 says:

    Climate change caused by man use of fossil fuel, necessitating the transfer of industrial capacity from the regulated developed world into the unregulated developing world can be typified by global warming, global cooling, or the most insidious, no change at all.

  5. The Deplorable Braveheart says:

    This is only one reason why we prep.

  6. Well, well, well; what a shock !! More genocide in South Africa.

    They might have put in desalination three years ago. But, actually that’s not the only option. Technology is a double edged sword; bringing us both good changes and not so good changes. Without going into detail, I’ll tell you something. We have the technology to solve this problem.


  7. jake says:

    +can anyone say desalination plants? –many countries already have desalination plants(and have had them for many years)–on top of that if we can pipe natural gas and oil thousands of miles, why cant we do that with water?–Im so sick and tired of this disinformation campaign regarding no water…its a complete farse–

    • NEC_Wrangler says:

      “pipe it in” from where, exactly?
      I’d love to know where in Africa they have an overabundance of water to send to Cape Town? Be sure to mention to the locals youre taking it for the city folk to water lawns and flush toilets. I’m sure that will go over well.

      Try that with the great lakes. Tell someone in Ohio that LA is having another drought and the rich need to keep their lawns watered. I’ll be one of the locals picking off feds and blowing up pumping stations.

    • The Terrible Triplett says:

      True. But if you have a Government led by the ANC, you have widespread theft of public monies and that, Sir, is the biggest problem in SA: Mismanagement from the President Down.

      Cape Town wants to install desalination plants but the opposing political parties, and government, will not allow that, broadly speaking.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s not going to happen.

    Wait 95 days and see (that would be in the last half of April, mark your calendar so you haven’t forgotten about it by the time it doesn’t happen).

  9. I have absolutely no sympathy for that kind of failure to plan. The politicians are ONLY mobilizing now when the water is nearly exhausted, society may revolt as a result, and politician’s safety is at risk. There is no reason, in this day and age, that any coastal city in the world should be under threat of running out of water.

  10. PO'd Patriot says:

    I got plenty where I’m at so therefor I don’t give a rats ass about the chimp population running out.

  11. Bill says:

    There is no such thing as a shortage of water, there is the same amount of water now as a million years ago. It is not a water shortage problem, it is not a climate problem, it is a public works problem. Population centers have been built in dry areas and even deserts, or in areas where historically there has always been little water. Many American cities are like this.
    There are many remedies. For one, the amount of rain falling on the surface of the earth is greater than 200 times what all of mankind uses, build reservoirs, dams, and drainage systems to capture rain water. One inch of rain on one acre of ground is about 27,500 gallons of water, in my small city [here in the South) after a rain within one hour 95% of the water is already running off into local streams and rivers into the ocean, that is billions and billions of gallons gone within an hour or two. Secondly, just as there are pipelines to transfer oil and natural gas, build them to transfer water from water rich areas. Third, it is easy to build salt water distillation facilities, yes they may be expensive to build but governments are going to have to decide what is important. As a bonus, waste to energy power plants can be built to supply power and steam to operate distillation plants.
    Geologically and climatically, regions of the earth have cycled from wet to dry, dry to wet for ages, mankind’s presence on the earth has not and cannot change that. Raising taxes, or becoming alarmist, or silly politics have no effect. Local water shortages are simply just another problem caused by government due to poor planning, or poor prioritizing, or just stupidity as usual. Let business and innovators fix the problem, I guarantee they can. But I suspect government would rather not fix the problem satisfactorily if it means they cannot maintain maniacal control. This isn’t the Cape Town regions first brush with drought, they just chose not to intelligently deal with it in the past. Like here in the US, the can is kicked down the road until it became a crisis.

  12. alliseeisashes says:

    Off topic, I know but i think that this ts a useful artical written by Selco


  13. Concerned Citizen says:

    South Africa should of NEVER turned the Gov’t over to the savage apes! WTF were they really thinking?? Another prime example of the utter and complete ruination large numbers of blacks cause period!

  14. Nailbanger says:

    And i should care about that shithole because?

    • Deplorable Neal Jensen says:

      The Elites culling begins in real time….prototype event coming to the liberal Blue Cities soon!

      OOOOHHH, the Antifa “Revolution” needs to be televised, after the cities are walled off/fenced in cameras installed….and popcorn poopers go into overtime production.

    • I can give you one reason:……..since we will end up providing support to them, doing what they should have done themselves. All of the do gooders (liberals/democrats/nwo) will bendover with taxes and other ideas from the far left. But you can be assured whatever they come up with…..either here or overthere, will be very costly to the average person.

  15. If rural California dumps the urban coastal cities and forms a new state, they will take most of the precipitation with them. Los Angeles and San Francisco would be in the same position as Capetown.

  16. I left this site in 2014 and then return to find such bigotry and hatred for those living outside the US borders. Shame on you all that comment the way you do. You know who you are. I am shocked coming back to this. This is a great website except for the comments.

    Mac, this has got to end. These bigots are not doing you any favors. I am appalled.

    The only place lower that I could go on the internet is a KKK website or some Aryan Nation website. Yes, I support freedom of speech but what is left of human decency and loving your neighbor as yourself? Many of you are hypocrites of the highest magnitude! Go back to Sunday school! Yes, some people need religion to keep them in line. As for me, I am not affiliated with any religion but I can recognize bigotry, hypocrisy, and hate. Sickening. Smarten up if you are just kidding around. Your words actually do hurt a lot of people, despite the anonymity of the internet.

    I am sure that Mac has better things to do than babysit people who do not want to abide by the commenting policy below. Enough is enough. Clean up your comments, ladies, and gents!

    • The Terrible Triplett says:

      CND, quite right. I was quite shocked. Sending us pi.. and all that.

      As a white South Africa living in Cape Town, I am quite astounded that there comments are allowed here. I myself have never seen such blatant racism in and around where I live in SA.

      And the reference to Monkeys … H&M recently made a innocent add, unfortunately it had a black kid in it, this was the end result: https://www.google.co.za/search?biw=1436&bih=881&ei=oCdiWs6jKsSFgAbFxaOQBw&q=h%26m+monkey&oq=H%26M+&gs_l=psy-ab.3.1.0i67k1j0i3k1j0j0i3k1j0i67k1j0l3j0i131k1l2.5353.6661.0.8467.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.4.700…0i131i67k1.0.d4lyy9BIO0A

      • Genius says:

        I guess you think truth is racist? Move to a black neighborhood and stay there ok. Better get rid of any gunz you have too. After all, were all the same right?

        • Genius is just a troll looking to stir up trouble. Pay him no mind, except to feel sorry for him. A black man will save his life one day, just wait and see!

          • Genius says:

            Ok pusscake, I have been here for 7 years and you just now come along with your BS? I don’t hate good black people, I hate the majority of blacks who are piles of human shit ok. Stir up trouble? Naaah just pointing out the truth (which evidently escapes you). Move along troll cause I will punk you out so easy because THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH!

      • CrackerJack says:

        Snowflakes can’t handle the truth so they hide in their safe space with crayons, play dough, and puppies, and watch fake news CNN.

        • The Terrible Triplett says:

          Sad but true. Most middle class snowflakes live in a bubble, having NO idea what is going on outside that bubble, even less what to do when that bubble bursts.

          However, the TRUTH IS THE TRUTH is only true from ones own perspective. Genius’es truth may be his, but it may not be mine, or 90% of the rest of SA or USA’s truth.

          Joke is, the majority of black people in SA are “good black people”. Good citizens in that they want to work, have families they care for, wanting to give them the best chance to succeed. Unfortunately Government does not want them to succeed for then they will be voted out.

    • awed bawl says:

      Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill

      The Free Market Foundation (FMF) and other analysts have warned that petty insults could be turned into crimes punishable by jail time under government’s proposed Hate Speech Bill.

      “The Constitution allows for the protection of only four specified characteristics – race, ethnicity, religion, gender – but the bill protects seventeen characteristics, including ‘culture’, ‘belief’, ‘occupation’, and ‘gender identity’.

      “Protecting characteristics such as ‘belief’ and ‘occupation’ from ‘insults’ will have perverted effects, whereby South Africans will be jailed for having opinions which are allowable in every other democratic society in the world.”

      As a result, saying something as harmless as ‘All politicians are thieving liars‘ or ‘All lawyers are blood-sucking parasites‘ will now be considered hate speech in terms of the new bill, notes the foundation.

      “The Hate Speech Bill, if passed unamended (especially without the inclusion of generous defences), will have a profound effect on our constitutional democracy. South Africa will become one of the few countries in the world where freedom of expression is regulated to this draconian extent.”


      • awed bawl says:

        hey bubba- there should be no regulation-

        Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    • Just Saying says:

      I know who I am. It is you that is the one that is confused. That’s the difference between us. You don’t know if you are a man or a woman. Republican or DemoRat. Gay or straight. Left or right. Should you be in the men’s room or the ladies room? Should you take your Xanax, Thorazine, or Prozac today or all 3 at once? Don’t know if you are right or wrong (you are wrong). Your just fucked up! End of story. We can’t help you. Go see a Shrink! No you don’t support freedom of speech. What a laugh! Nothing of the sort. The only time you support it, is when it serves your purposes.

      Looks like you have been gone for 4 years now. Hopefully you will leave again and not come back another 4 (or longer).

    • awed bawl says:

      Were you to enter a debate where ad-hominems [name-calling] were barred, and only facts permitted, you would be ground into sawdust in 5-10 minutes.

      Example: The brain size of true blacks [not coloureds] is five cubic inches smaller than for Whites. Their Median Intelligence Quotient is 67.

      Don’t let these folks get away with name-calling. They do it because it has worked- so far.

  17. Yahooie says:

    I clicked the link to the drought charge and found it is 10% based on the value of your property. Also, this will be paid monthly. So, if your residence is worth R400,000, then your monthly tax would be R25. This is from their website so I don’t know what ‘R’ means other than it’s currency. (Have a head cold so not up to researching further.)

    Dang politicians…they will find a way to tax snot some day.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Lack of planning. Too late for a desalination plant. Will the UN help those poor folks out?
    Is this part of the African Agenda 21 Plan? Hmmm.

  19. “The time has come to take the bull by the tail and face the situation!”. This was one of the lines of W.C. Fields. It comes to every country when they neglect the upkeep of their infrastructure. In Venezuela, it was the electric power industry. Too many jobs in that industry were filled by Maduro cronies who didn’t know their jobs. Maintenance/replacement was deferred. In the United States, there are all kinds of reports of the same thing in our roads and bridges. What money is being spent is spent on projects on a political basis rather than on need. We’re doing the same thing as South Africa.

    • The Terrible Triplett says:

      100% correct. Add top level theft of billions of South Africna Rands in corruption to that and you have what is happening in South Africa.

      We had a little taste of power outages a while ago, caused by the Gupta’s and government official in a struggle over the supply of coal. It cost the country billions and the job losses with companies closing, resulted in a oversupply of electricity today.

      It now turns out the the woes are not over, as Eskom, our utilities company, may be bankrupt, or heading towards it.

      Take our national carrier, SA Airways, also on its knees due to corruption.

      All under the watchful eye of our President, Jacob Zuma.

      Read the other comment I made above and below also. Maybe we are the next Valenzuela for if Cpt does run dry, it will affect the ENTIRE country in ways that most people do not see coming.

    • Texas Mushroom says:

      Put everything aside for a while and read “Atlas Shrugged.” It’s a long book but it’s exactly on target with what’s happening in the world today. Most people won’t read it because it’s too long and boring.

  20. There is a Cape Colony Independence movement, but the leaders of such are cucked to the nth degree. Their mild rebukes of the POS S.African ‘government’ is designed to not anger that black mob. They actually think they can vote themselves free of black rule and misrule. Yet to their credit, they are planting the seeds of independence. But that independence will need to be backed by the threat of armed force, and therein rests the problem. It will take guts.

    Should any declaration of independence be made, the rest of the world would try to isolate the new country, but there would be no real enthusiasm for such like that of the boycott of Rhodesia and White SA by idiot libtards in Europe and the US.

    The most ambitious of the independence movement wants to take in the northern cape as well. This would mean that half of South Africa would be lost to the new country.

    The little burg of Orania is a whites only settlement of Afrikaners who have created a successful escape from the madness of SA. Their rainfall is around 10″ per year but they have managed to thrive as a farming community. Orania is on the banks of a large river which their simple rural life as of yet has not despoiled.

    Good luck to Cape Independence.

  21. Who gives a damn. Just another shithole city in a shithole country. Hopefully it will meen less blacks on the face of earth.

    • JAS, you haven’t been paying attention to how this stuff works. They are going to send you millions more Africans to take care of.

      • The Terrible Triplett says:

        That is what happened during the last 2 decades of elections. The ANC carted poeple in by the busloads to Cape Town in order to try and win the elections, for the Western Cape is under DA (Democratic alliance) party rule.

        That caused a huge additional drain on scarce water resources, for Cape Town is one of the few province still working quite well.

        Conspiracy Theory from my side: If the Government (ANC) keeps on ignoring the fundign requests, it just could be a ploy to unseat the DA parties rule in Cape Town. Nefrious plot if that is true.

  22. The Terrible Triplett says:

    From a person (white) living in Cape Town, thanks for the offer CrackerJack, but we rather decline.

    Few corrections on the article:
    1) The problem has been coming for decades. The Government, the ANC Government, did not do anything about it. Cape Town did build more dams, out of municipal rates, but it was not enough.

    2) The government will not close the taps. The dams are empty.

    3) The Government (ANC), who is constitutionally responsible for all the countries water reserves, has no money left. Our esteemed Prezzi, the low dishonorable Zuma – with his best buddies the Gupta’s – being responsible. Google Gupta leaks. Even your FBI is investigating them.

    4) The municipal levy the Cape Town Municipal PROPOSED, was declined by the council this morning. The monies required to drill more boreholes, build desalination plants, grey-water recycling etc, now has to come from somewhere else, like other municipal project budgets like schools / housing etc.

    5) They have decided to impose heavy fines if people exceed 50l pppd, calculated on max 4 people per property. That gives households 6083.33l per property per month.

    6) 60% of Cape Tonians ignored all the warnings by not saving water. We have a map now: http://www.capetown.gov.za/Family%20and%20home/Residential-utility-services/Residential-water-and-sanitation-services/cape-town-water-map

    7) To store enough water per household with no to little rain, is an immense task. IF you use 6 kilo liters per month, you would need to have enough for +- 6 months to a year if there is no rain. We fall in a winter rainfall area, or at least, used to. So summer there is no rain, and quite hot to boot. That means 36 000 – 72 000 liters on 6000l per month you need to store.

    8) The water crisis is marred by political below the belt moves from various officials and other parties in MY opinion.


    • Genius says:

      I have a better solution! STOP HAVING FUCKIN’ KIDS!

      • The Terrible Triplett says:

        Interestingly, by not having enough kids, whites all over the world are slowly dying out because we are having less children per family to ensure our numbers.


        If you are living in the poorest of the poor living conditions, you can ensure your survival better to have as many children as you can because a lot of them will die due to famine, sickness etc with the strongest surviving to then look after you in your old age. It is mother natures retirement plan.

        However, having too many kids in the very low income groups, causes a lot of problems. To sort the problem, education, higher living standards. Sorting THAT is the international problem Genius.

    • Just Saying says:

      Looks like your people are spending too much time hoping the “Gubermint” is going fix all your problems. A lot “gimmie dat’s” here in the USA think the same thing. Forget that crap. All they are there for is to fill their pockets with your $’s. The only thing that is going to help you is “yourself”.

      • The Terrible Triplett says:

        So true Just Saying! That is exactly what is happening here.

        With Russian training in their youth, the ANC leaders learned that to stay in power, you need to keep the majority poor and hungry.

        But that is slowly changing. Zuma may not see the end of his 2nd term, for he is one of the “trained” ones.

  23. Over 4 thousand White farmers in South Africa have been murdered recently. There are accusations that the South African government has been involved. Now there is photographic evidence on the “western rifle shooters” blog. It shows black men in uniforms carrying a backpack with equipment that jams all cell towers so that no one can call for help during the attack. Check it out.

  24. The Terrible Triplett says:

    Latest on this subject:

    18 JANUARY 2018
    Day Zero now likely to happen – new emergency measures
    In summary:
     Day Zero is now likely
     60% of Capetonians won’t save water and we must now force them
     Punitive tariff to force high users to reduce demand
     50 litres per person per day for the next 150 days
     Drought Charge likely to be scrapped by Council
    We have reached a point of no return. Despite our urging for months, 60% of Capetonians are callously using more than 87 litres per day. It is quite unbelievable that a majority of people do not seem to care and are sending all of us headlong towards Day Zero. At this point we must assume that they will not change their behaviour and that the chance of reaching Day Zero on 21 April 2018 is now very likely.
    The people who are still wasting water seem to believe that Day Zero just can’t happen or that the City’s seven augmentation projects – set to produce around 200 million litres per day – will be enough to save us. This is not the case and, while our water augmentation programme will make Cape Town more water resilient in the future, it was never going to be enough to stop Day Zero.
    The crisis has reached a new severity, necessitating a series of new emergency measures:
    A punitive tariff
    We can no longer ask people to stop wasting water. We must force them. We have listened to the comments of thousands of residents asking for fairness.
    Council will on Friday be voting on a punitive tariff that will charge residents
    exponentially higher rates for water usage above 6 000 litres per month.
    The table below outlines the difference between the current and the
    proposed punitive tariffs:
    per month
    Current Tariffs –
    total household
    water bill
    New Tariff – total
    household water
    6 000 litres
    R28.44 R145.98
    10 500 litres R109.50 R390.82
    20 000 litres
    R361.06 R1 536.28
    35 000 litres
    R1 050.04 R6 939.57
    50 000 litres
    R2 888.81 R20 619.57
    I will personally fight to ensure that the proposed punitive tariff exempts those
    who are using less than 6 000 litres per month.
    Provision will be made for households larger than four people to ensure that
    they are not unfairly penalised. We ask residents to contact the City
    beforehand on [email protected] or enquire at their nearest walk-in
    The proposed Drought Charge is likely to be dropped after a massive outcry
    from Capetonians that it was unfair. I understand that response and it has
    personally been a tough lesson for the City. I just want you to know that the
    City proposed the charge because we wanted to keep delivering important
    and essential services during this crisis. I wanted to continue making Cape
    Town a city that delivers opportunities for all. We are now going to have to
    make deep cuts to important projects.
    50 litres per day for 150 days
    We will be moving to level 6B restrictions with a new limit of 50 litres per person
    per day to make up for the many months of missing the 500 million litre per
    day collective consumption target. The new restrictions will come into effect
    on 1 February 2018.
    The new daily collective consumption target is now 450 million litres per day.
    This will be in place for 150 days after which the City will reassess the situation.
    Level 6B restrictions will also limit irrigation using boreholes and wellpoints.
    Advanced Day Zero preparation
    The City has also advanced its planning for Day Zero with approximately 200
    sites having been assessed. The City will be announcing everyone’s local
    collection points from next week so that communities can begin preparing
    for that eventuality.
    We will also be making detailed Day Zero contingency plans available soon
    to answer all questions that residents and businesses might have.
    In terms of the City’s work, we have been working hard to reduce demand
    through advanced pressure management, massively ramping up the
    installation of water management devices at high consumption
    households. Our teams are also significantly intensifying the leak detection
    and repair programme, and we are rolling out education and awareness
    campaigns and extending our use of the treated effluent system which
    offsets the use of the drinking water for non-potable purposes.
    Teams are working around the clock to deliver the emergency plan for
    desalination, groundwater and water reuse. But, as I have already said, this
    alone will simply not be enough to avoid Day Zero without savings from all
    Cape Town, this is the moment where we can bring about the fundamental
    behaviour change that is needed to save us all from running out of water.
    The time to act for everyone’s sake is now. So if we reduce the demand
    enough now, we can still get our water delivered to our houses and not have
    to queue daily for our allocation.
    Issued by: Media Office, City of Cape Town
    Media enquiries: Zara Nicholson, Spokesperson for the Executive Mayor –
    Patricia de Lille, City of Cape Town

  25. The Terrible Triplett says:

    For those whom are interested, here is a lot of info of what has transpired in SA, how this country has been brought down, to where we are just just above junk status, having lost billions it is estimated, most of it done by a Indian family and there pet South African president:


  26. Sean says:

    If a large scale disaster like this happens, no water for Cape Town, we will feel the results here in America. Anyone with the means there will want to refugee to here. There will be enormous outbreaks of disease, which will spread to here. Cholera, typhoid, yellow fever, diarrhea extremis. There is no upside to this, and it can get very, very bad for the rest of the world. Most people here are not up to date on vaccinations against these diseases when they arrive. Nor do they know how to protect and clean their own water. The new zombies will be the people waiting to die from dysentery.

    • They don’t need the means to get here. American charities will transport them here. They are already transporting migrants to our borders and have been for some time. You see, the charities get paid good American tax dollars for every migrant they provide social services to. Some of these charities are making hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Example. Americans actually think that 100,000 little kids from central America walked 1000 miles to the Texas border by themselves. They were actually bused by the charities. The faster you get them here, the faster the charities collect the money from the taxpayers. Suckers.

    • The Terrible Triplett says:

      The people who have to money to immigrate to USA, are either already there or would prefer other countries. So on the level you have nothing to fear.

      To get a green card for the USA, next to impossible from SA.

      If you are poor … you have no chance.

      So you are safe Sean. 🙂

  27. Old Guy says:

    Cape town is just another Shithole. I don’t care if they die of thirst or hepatitis or whatever. Let the culling begin. And just maybe its possible that the tide of immigrants will begin to shrink. Trump has at this very moment enabled ICE to do their job. And they are at present rounding up illegals in Moonbeam Browns sanctuary state. And high profile traitors are being rounded up by the special forces and locked away at GITMO.

    • The Terrible Triplett says:

      Old Guy, do you even know where the Cape Town shit hole is?

      Ever Googled how it actually looks here, the bad AND the good?

      Did you know that there is a slogan being sang openly at political rallies by certain factions, chanting “One settler, one bullet”.

      It caused a American’s citizen (Amy Biehl’s) death, it is said.


      You also get “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer” regularly.

      It is said that America is a almighty powerful nation, well educated and informed, leaders of the free world.

      Your and others comments shows me a whole different picture. I am reminded of the same raw racism of blacks against whites in SA.

  28. African countries are in a population crisis. They are tripling their population every 30 years. No tripling of food crops. They are coming here. So, when you say that you don’t care what happens over there, you are in for a surprise. And they won’t be deported. They are being brought here legally. And for the record, Trump may only be in office for one term. Then the flood gates really open. Small thinking people always get surprised.

  29. Write this down. GEO Corporation, formerly known as Wackenhut Corporation, has a subsidiary that provides social services to migrants. They were one of the for profit charities that transported children from Central America to Texas. Info from Michael Savage radio show. Several months ago. Remember hearing about migrants staying at a luxury golf resort? GEO Corp. is also a real estate investment trust. They had a vacant golf resort available. So they double dipped and put the migrants in the luxury resort and billed the taxpayers. Don’t you just love it?

  30. Old Guy says:

    Did you know Putin is the richest man in the world. He imprisoned all of his political enemys. Then locked up the wealthy elete. and he told them you want to get out Putin gets Half. And Putin is spending that wealth on the citizens. If Trump does the same and locks his enemys up at GITMO actuallt gen Dunsford is the guy who is locking them up. Trump will win a second term. That December execuitive order and the forfeiture of assets when backed by the USA Military is quite formidable. Its simple innocent or not you get accused of being a sex pervert or a traitor. Your money is seized and you Go to GITMO to be found guilty by a Military Tribunal. There aint gonna be any DEM or republican traitors and Libs to run against Trump. Trump aint taking half he is taking 100%. You watch Paul Ryan will end up at GITMO.

  31. Charging fines and increasing rates(made in the name of encouraging conservation) simply increases the corruption. Corruption in government and the concentration of political power in too few hands leads to failing utilities.and poor governance. The people of Cape Town are screwed royally and we’re not far behind.

  32. The Terrible Triplett says:

    Joke is, link provided from https://preppersdailynews.com/, USA has it own set of water problems brewing.

    Learn from Cape Town.


  33. The world is covered in large bodies of water which is too saline to drink. What fresh water there is, is frozen or severely polluted. The population is growing and the need for water is reaching a crisis. Desalination and getting better use of gray water is not choice. If people thought the energy crisis is bad, wait until the fresh water crisis gets rolling.