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Gun Control Costs: Dick’s Sporting Goods Takes $150 Million Loss, CEO Is Perfectly Fine With It

Mac Slavo
April 1st, 2019
Comments (57)

Dick’s Sporting Goods took a hard Communist stance against guns in the wake of the school shooting at Majorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.  Since then, Dick’s has lost over $150 million, but the CEO is ok with it.

In the midst of the retail apocalypse, Dick’s CEO Ed Stack has decided it isn’t important to make money, it’s only important to be a flamboyant leftist. According to a Bloomberg report, that Dick’s lost about $150 million after the company publically came out for gun control, yet Stack continues to stand his ground. He addressed America’s gun policy, saying, “The system does not work. It’s important that when you know there’s something that’s not working, and it’s to the detriment of the public, you have to stand up.”

Dick’s quit selling their definition of “high capacity magazines” and “assault rifles” in the wake of the shooting in Parkland, Florida while a bunch of teenagers demanded perfectly innocent people give up their rights to suit the feelings of those upset. The company also raised its own personal minimum purchase age for long guns to 21, according to a report by Breitbart. 

But Stack should probably not be too comfortable with a loss of $150 million.  The retail apocalypse is upon us, and Dick’s could now be in the crosshairs, and they’ll probably be upset that that terminology was used. On April 17, 2018, Breitbart News reported that Dick’s would not be sending the unsold “assault rifles” and “high capacity” magazines back to manufacturers. Rather, they would destroy them wasting millions of dollars.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Will DESTROY All Guns Removed From Shelves

“Thoughts and prayers are not enough,” the company said in a statement. “We support and respect the Second Amendment, and we recognize and appreciate that the vast majority of gun owners in this country are responsible, law-abiding citizens. But we have to help solve the problem that’s in front of us.”

So they intend to destroy guns that good people would never use to harm anyone unless a self-defense situation warranted it.  That’s like castrating yourself because your neighbor has too many kids. But no one has ever accused a gun control activist of using logic.  –SHTFPlan

The result of the decision to pull the guns from the shelves and destroy them has resulted in a monetary loss that’s massive and noticeable. In the era of the “retail apocalypse,” look for this retailer to be added to the list of those closing stores or liquidating in 2019.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: April 1st, 2019
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Godsoldier says:

    They are too high priced any how. When shtf and they get looted and burned they will be wishing they sold more lol

    • Genius says:

      Well I know Mac reads my posts lol. It might take a day or 2 to make my links into articles. “Dicks” is appropriately named!

    • fishandmud says:

      I never bought a weapon from Dicks anyways but when there ammo went on sale I would spend a few dollars in there. I would also buy hard to find tackle but since the shooting, NOTHING, NADA, ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH. I only have a few dollars, every once in a while, but I have the power of those few dollars. I cut up my rewards card and laugh every time I drive by. There are plenty of other companies out there that want my money and I’ll give it to them. If everyone did the same thing, they would go out of business.

      • Genius says:

        Why not go 1 step further? If you have some spare time go stand out by the entrance with a big sign! Something like ” If you are a real American you will never shop here again!” Make these fags PAY! I would…

      • Plan twice, prep once says:

        I made the mistake of buying two rifles from Dicks. I found out they were selling my data to some really creepy foreign corporations/ governments and US government entities, and in my state gun laws require a lot of personal data on gun sales……

        I went with the low bid seller, should have stuck with a privately owned gun shop.

        I’m glad Dick’s went full on to sucking the great huge liberal Dic….. They won’t be missed.

        They lost a $150 million and didn’t blink. They are holding the dividend, must be in debt to do that, or they are using creative Book Keeping.

        Regardless, Dick’s are toast. If you own their stock sell it. Liberals are propping the stock up, but they have short memories.

        I had a few awesome dividend paying stocks. New regulations a few years ago allowed them to use dividends to buy back stock I held. I thought I was getting great dividends…. After taxes, I found the stock price crashing, and no cash dividend in my account. Instead I lost some of my foundation investment.

        I cashed out of all investments that tampered with dividends in this manor. I never looked back. Buyer beware, there’s some really scarry crap going on in the markets and how corporations adulterated dividends.

    • Dicks says:

      Dicks… because staying in business is not a requirement!

    • Anonymous says:

      God-Family-Jesus Christ son of God-God Bless America, we love America and the Constitution/Bill of Rights.
      – Dicks, Hates firearm owners.
      – StarBucks, Bum hangout acceptable to CEO.
      – NFL, What poor role models for children.
      – USA Media/Cable TV, they all LIE and are pathological against our elected President. So I canceled Cable service. Now we buy Gold-Silver-Long term food-Ammo, with those now available funds. And children’s homework gets done with fewer distractions.

      Cable was well over $200. (Now I feel foolish for giving Cable TV company all that money over the years. Gold was $265, Silver around $2.50, when we started investing. Imagine if all those cable payments made were in metals!)
      Please learn from my past stupidity. End TV.

      I realise the big corporations, run by leftist/communist, don’t care about our non patronage. But it makes us feel better. We do NOT butter AntiAmericans bread. Neither should you good people.

      One day perhaps we will make a dent in the corporations profits. Corps that seek to control us, or message AntiAMerican positions, don’t deserve your hard earned money.

      May God Bless all Freedom lovers that STAND.

  2. I won’t shop at Dicks for anything,sports equipment,clothing. With less gun sales they won’t need ammo or anything connected with firearms,no golf,baseball,football, camping,etc. anything they have can be bought on Amazon or Ebay. screw em.

    • The Deplorable Renegade says:

      Jim, I turned away from Dick’s right after Sandy Hook. They never had anything that really interested me anyway. Bass Pro Shops is my local source for survival gear, ammo, gun cleaning gear, etc. Their salespeople are knowledgeable and helpful. Never had any trouble there and never even had to return or exchange anything. So Dick’s doesn’t even care that eventually they’ll have to start closing stores and laying off people. Typical scum corporation; not caring about people.

  3. Stuart says:

    Less sales for Dicks = more sales for the good guys such as Cabelas, Academy, etc.

    Works for me. I never mind witnessing the suicide of the left.

    • The Deplorable Renegade says:

      FYI, Bass Pro bought Cabelas last year so they now carry some of Cabelas’ items in their stores and vice-versa. Academy is Ok for a backup source but I prefer BassPro/Cabelas.

      • Genius says:

        We have sportsman’s warehouse here. Not a very big one but I like it. Small town=small stores. I have been to Cabellas and Bass Pro and Sheels… WOW those are some COOL stores!. Dicks is nowhere to be found around here (thank god).

        • The Deplorable Renegade says:

          Genius, we have 1 sportsman’s warehouse in our area. It’s also a good backup store for what I normally get. Dick’s can go f#$% themselves!

  4. jakartaman says:

    Target, Kellogg’s, Dick’s, Starbuck’s etc

    who invest in these companies – oh like minded liberal globalist
    The Middle class probably not too much – but we are the ones that shop.
    continue the boycotts

    • Genius says:

      Oh man, I boycott EVERY ASSHOLE COMPANY I CAN! I don’t give a crap if it cost 10-20% more elsewhere, THE A-HOLES CAN SHOVE IT! I vote with my wallet ALL the time! Everyone else should too! God damm amazon/walmartians!

  5. Wojo says:

    When they say Dick…they mean it!

  6. rellik says:

    In gun owner circles Dicks doesn’t have a good reputation anyway. At the height of gun salesman Obama’s career when many kinds of ammunition became scarce, Dicks price gouged people really bad.
    BTW so did Cheaper than dirt.
    Many people quit shopping at Dicks for guns and ammo.
    I also read that gun sales only make up about 1.7% of Dicks profits. I could not find a second source to confirm that percentage. If true that is why the CEO can so flippantly dismiss gun owners as a customer.
    Back before I lost all my guns when I got drunk while gambling in a bar, I used to only buy at gun shows, from friends, or the few good guns shops in WA state.

  7. Seminole Wind says:

    I buy our ammo at either Midway USA or Natchez Shooters Supply. Just picked up another 1,000 rounds of PMC .223 fur da rifle.

    Dem hogs better watch out fur me!

  8. CAaT says:

    Virtue Signaling cost the company $150M Bucks. By all standards and measures, the CEO is failing the company, it’s investors, the board members and the employees. The CEOs job is to make money and create a positive path towards the future. Throwing away $150M and alienating current and future customers is not a recipe for success.

    Never mix politics and business is one old saying and advice all CEOs need to reconsider. Dicks Sporting Goods should replace it’s CEO and restock guns and ammo.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I know a couple of lesbians who always shop at Cabela’s because they don’t like dicks…

  10. repr sleepr says:

    And I am perfectly happy spending my money elsewhere. Don’t be Dick.

  11. I don’t know but I have an active imagination. Imagine if those guns were headed to enemies of white Christians.


  12. I live within farting distance of AIM.

    God Bless Cheap Ammo.

    F’ck D’cks

  13. kingfish says:

    Remember that Dicks also owns the Field and Stream stores. Imagine that,, a hunting and fishing store that hates gunowners??? KF

  14. Jimbob says:

    Everyone go to Dick’s and try on a pair of boots. When an associate asks if you need help, just tell them that you are seeing how they fit so you can buy a pair online from a retailer who supports the second amendment.

  15. Abaddon says:

    I never went to Dick’s Sporting Goods anyway. I will bet the shareholders are all very proud of him.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who sincerely believes that Dick’s is a real, competitive business, should not be trusted with their guns.

  17. Greywar says:

    They will go under. There living on borrowed money just like 90% of the companies out there. No Prob-Lama!

  18. Asshat says:

    Dicks is right there with Amazon on my shit list.

  19. Mike says:

    The CEO is an idiot to hurt his business for an agenda. An agenda to unarm our citizens and violate our constitution. Cannot understand how successful businesses self destruct over an ideology or political cause.

  20. Markus says:

    time to short the stock.it’s going to pennies.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I highly doubt they destroyed all those guns. Billionaire elites are armed to the teeth.

  22. southside says:

    Walmart is another place I would not go to to buy ammo or guns. If buying ammo,they want proof your 21 or over. Purchasing a weapon,they will not accept a ccw card in lieu of other ID.

  23. Steve E says:

    Dicks and Walmart get none of my dollars…
    Would like to see them both gone and bring the small shops back….

  24. Paul says:

    I hope they go out of buisiness, and the CEO loses everything and has to go get a job as a Wal-Mart greeter to make ends meet.

    Then, maybe he will have time to think about the foolishness of his leftist communist thinking.

  25. Dick’s is a clothing store, not much else. I don’t wear golf shorts, so no reason to go there.

  26. Montana Guy says:

    Oh the smugness of Dick’s. Earth to Mr. Stack, ‘We will never forget.’ Like Grandma used to say, ‘You made your bed, now lay in it’.

    • NewVegasBadger says:

      And, forgiveness is NOT an option. Dick’s is on my permanent shit list.
      Since I do not have a degree from Boston University in economics, I am puzzled; I thought companies were in business to make a profit. I fail to see how it is good business practice to lose money.

  27. Drouid says:

    I second sg ammo. Also check gunboat.net it lists who has what for ammo

  28. Anonymous says:

    Media, Law Enforcement / Judicial System and Business have assumed and defined responsibilities that have been abandoned with politicization. Interestingly this is all in the interests of “The Establishment”. The implication is that the “system” is controlled.

    “All the world is a stage”
    William Shakespeare

  29. NoodleldooN says:

    What I find amusing is none of the demonrats/libtards jumped in to help support dick financially to counter his dropping of firearms.
    I am so grateful to know that this whole group supports each other down to the last round!

  30. lolzngiggles says:

    Boycotting businesses which I have moral differences with is one of my favorite passive activities. Dicks lost my business a while ago after they stopped selling ar-15’s for whichever reason they had, only time they had a good sale was on the “black friday” which hasn’t been something I’ve wanted to do for 15 years, gosh I feel old lolz.