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Forget Free Speech Zones: “Take Him to That Pen Over There”

Mac Slavo
September 24th, 2012
Comments (167)

Make no mistake. We are living in an authoritarian police state.

Consider how local law enforcement agencies around the country respond when a group of individuals assembles to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Whether they’re protesting the abdication of individual rights at a Tea Party gathering or the corruption of Wall Street elites at Occupy Protests, the right of the people to assemble is no longer viewed as a Constitutional protection, but rather, a nuisance akin to a swine stampede.

Whether you agree with those who protest one abuse or another, the fact is that if they have the authority to do it to those with ideologies opposed to yours, they can (and will) also do it to you.

In New York this week disillusioned Americans from all walks of like gathered for another year of protests against the corruption on Wall Street.

They were met with fierce resistance from the New York Police Department and were indiscriminately herded into detention cells eloquently described by one  of New York’s finest as “pens,” such as those reserved for livestock:

Two of the seven protesters in the arrest van had blood covering on their faces.

When they got to me, a thuggish bully named Czark looked at the non-NYPD-issued media pass hanging from a lanyard around my neck. He was a White Shirt, or high ranking officer, with between 15 and 20 years on the force, signified by the three arrows on his sleeve.

“You’re press?”

“I’m a journalist.”

“You’re wearing this around your neck, like a press pass though, right?”

I informed him that I was a journalist and that I wasn’t going to say anything else until I spoke with my attorney. He took the press pass off from around my neck.

“This is some bullshit, right? I mean, what, you make this yourself?”

I said nothing, although the pass had been issued by [radio station] WBAI.

He took the pass, which has my photo on it, told me to get back in the van, and said he was going to check with their press department to see if I was a “real” journalist. He returned shortly after to inform me that, “No, you’re not in the database.” He looked at the gentle young cop who would be referred to as my arresting officer and said, “Take him to that pen over there.”

A form of authoritarianism has arrived in the US. I don’t say this because I was arrested, but because to look over the past 11 years and arrive at any other conclusion is delusional. Police routinely pre-arrest activists  before planned actions. Innocent men are held in cages with no hope of freedom.

Source: Truth Out

Forget free speech zones authorized under the government’s recently passed Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act. We’re entering a new level of tyranny, where not only is your right to assemble a criminal act, but the very thought of organizing assemblies has become an offense for which you can be detained without charge or trial.

Under the Patriot Act, and now the National Defense Authorization Act, any activity that threatens or is perceived to threaten the legitimacy and/or stability of our government can and will be deemed an act of domestic terrorism.

This is real. It’s happening now. And it’s only going to get worse as the dark cloud of the police state descends on America.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: September 24th, 2012
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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    • Ranger says:

      And there will only be ‘free speech zones’ for as long as WE allow them. Planet earth is OUR free speech zone. Try to silence me.

      • Odd Questioner says:

        They’ll have a pretty hard time actually doing it if you think about it…

        If just a handful of folks protest, the police can easily ‘control’ the situation. If tens of thousands protest? Suddenly the city is much more amenable towards talking, and is suddenly more able to ‘accommodate’ the protest. When the Occupy Portland march went on up here, not only were the cops suddenly the nicest folks you ever met, but even the mayor went way out of his way to say only kind words and to try and accommodate the crowd’s every whim and demand.

        Now imagine a situation where, oh I dunno, all of LA county (density: 6,900/sq. mile) decided to protest… As long as it remained peaceful, I doubt there would be much in the way of local police, or even national guard, trying to control much of anything. In fact, the 1994 LA riots pretty much proved that.

        • GregorKlusar says:

          They won’t have a hard time silencing the people. The people herd like sheep. Try to inform anyone about what is really going on in this country and they all get angry, make excuses claim we are crazy or that the government will solve everything blah blah blah. If there is a chance that information will disrupt their small, happy little world, they don’t want to know and worry. We here are a small minority compared to the rest of the people in America.

        • Odd Questioner says:

          “The people herd like sheep.”

          No, *many* people herd like sheep- however, many others do not.

          See also the aforementioned LA riots – how many of that mob do you think went along like sheep? It took the national guard nearly a week to quell it.

          I’m not trying to be a pedant, but I do want you to keep in mind that any generality is dangerous to make, and doubly so if you’re making any plans or contingencies based on them.

        • MoT says:

          Yes, generalities are all too easy to fall into and are a sign of laziness. Words have meaning and the last time I checked the government doesn’t respect them unless they can be twisted to serve their purposes.

      • Tina says:

        I will always live in a Free Thought Zone!

      • jat0638 says:

        Die Gedanken sind frei
        My thoughts freely flower
        Die Gedanken sind frei
        My thoughts give me power….

        … My thoughts will not cater
        to Duke or Dictator
        And Free Men will cry
        Die Gedanken sind frei!

        Protest song from Germany, written in the 1810s, frequesntly banned by whoever the current PTB happen to be. Used by the Order of the White Rose in Nazi Germany and other resistence movements. It seems appropriate here. The fight has been going on a long, long time.

      • spidermonkey says:

        I agree wholeheartedly. The government will take as many freedoms as they can until “WE THE PEOPLE” stop them. If WE ALL refused to be searched at the airport, ALL marched on WASHINGTON and protested the removal of our freedoms We would prevail.The problem is try to get EVERYONE to stand together on Any issue. The Middle class is to busy working to try and make ends meet. The Poor simply want their “guvment checks” to keep a comin and the rich are getting richer from all this. None of it will change until we begin to march and protest with LARGE STICKS!!!!!!!

      • JohnF12 says:

        Well… exactly. I mean, someone please explain to me what the hell a “free speech zone” is… and remember to explain, by the theory of spatial whatever, why that implies that everything outside those designated zones is a “non-free speech zone.” How can you take a right that’s supposed to be baked into the whole U.S. territory… and decide to limit it to only some roped off area surrounded by police?

    • possee says:

      Free speech zones?

      Ok I ‘m well aware..

      who has the time to protest yet alone provide if one even has a friggin job nowadays..ehh?

      We are well beyond protests in my opinion..

      it is already well past done..

      gear up

      prep up

      and get ready folks

      the handwriting is on the wall

      free speech is long gone



    • durango kidd says:

      This is to be expected from Bloomberg’s Buffoons. The ONLY city police department in the USA with an office in Israel.

      WTF??? !!!

      Can this be constitutional?

  1. burrrrrrrrrp says:


  2. Floyd Jackson says:

    Herd the sheep!

  3. Joe (another) says:

    I have to agree. I was arrested, thrown on the ground, and then thrown in jail when I tried to tell an officer he was breaking the law.

    • Gold Leader says:

      Everyone everywhere, get these criminal acts committed by the-powers-that-were on camera. You can dam a stream, you can dam a river, but you can’t dam a tsunami!

      Gold Leader standing by.

      • John Q. Public says:

        Archive video, take names, and badge numbers—Remember “just taking orders” kept nobody off the Nuremberg scaffold.

        For those who try to hide their identity, their own facial recognition software will be their undoing.

        • Gold Leader says:

          Yes indeed, JQP.

          Gold Leader standing by.

        • MoT says:

          Why not “photo bomb” these bastards with pictures and video showing each and every one and their actions. Put up web sites in other countries with domains that the feds can’t hijack and stream this crap to show each and every badge, face and number responsible. Keep score and make them look like the fascist goose-stepping thugs that they are.

  4. SilverFox says:

    I can’t help but to wonder if they really believe they are just “doing their job”. Or if they know they are intentionally and knowingly starting a civil war.

    • Iowa says:

      The cops know. And they will probably go straight to hell for not warning everyone they know about the economic collapse and martial law that is right around the corner.

      • SonOfSam says:

        Even in regimes where they didn’t even PRETEND to believe in human rights, people at all levels, even in “law” enforcement, could work to quietly cut the regime, to slow it down, to sabotage it. Hell, hasn’t anyone ever SEEN “Schindlers List”?

        So ultimately, it is the choice of everyone where they stand. You don’t have to be Rambo, you don’t have to be Superman. You DO have to know the difference between right and wrong, and you gotta damned well do something, even if its just the smallest sort of thing

        • Vlad the Impeller says:

          I wish everyone would read your post until it sinks in. It doesn’t take a single act that is mindless mayhem in a crowd to make a difference. It’s two million people who are looking for ways to screw with them without them even noticing. It’s four million people who are so f’ing fed up with the government that their conscience won’t allow them to remain passive. Hell, if everyone just took their IRS penalties and interest to the appeals level, the whole agency would grind to a halt. If you’re on a jury and the law is another one of their BS versions, sit tight and vote to acquit no matter what anyone else does. Hang the jury so the government has to spend the money and time to retry or just dismiss the case. Make them pay for every inch of our freedom with their time, money and effort.

          They are NOT invincible, they are NOT omniscient or omnipotent. Believe that BS and you’re as good as a slave already.

          This so-called “government” no longer is legitimate because it no longer reflects the values of the founding documents. It is a criminal syndicate that you owe ZERO allegiance to. The sooner it collapses the sooner we can at least try to forge something Constitutional out of the remains.

      • Sixpack says:

        I got the door, bro…

    • Highspeedloafer says:

      SilverFox, Its all just the same either way isn’t it. I believe they are a mixture of both. I know some good cops who occaisionaly question their orders and others who never do. At some point though we have to hope that they wake up and see what they are partaking in.

    • JustMe says:

      About 60 years ago, there was this war, and the oh-so-rightious victors put the losers on trial in a town called “Nuremburg”. It seems the oh-so-rightious victors told the losers that the excuse “I was just obeying orders” did’nt cut it, they were bound by a “higher moral authority”.

      Amazing is’nt it, how the victors have come full-circle, now actively employing former KGB agents, and non-US personel in the police apperatus. They can hold you at gunpoint as seen in the vid posted in the last topic, or simply shoot you, like the cop who shot the double-amputee in the wheelchair. All they have to say is “I felt threatened”, and they can kill you dead, SOL.

      We knew this was coming 20 years ago, and people did’nt believe it, did’nt want to hear it. And now, geuss what? George Orwell’s nightmare is coming true. The main reason it is coming true, is that not only do people take the easy path, avoiding any discomfort and/or warning if possible, but this was all laid out over 100 years ago. People did’nt want to face who is really behind it then, and they don’t want to face it now. Nor will people face what the real agenda is.

      In the coming changes, you will be lucky to have a “Free Speech Zone”…

    • RICO says:

      Yea, thats why the FED’s at all levels are stocking up on ammo, becasue they KNOW it’s going to be hell for THEM!But, as I have said before They gotta go home sometime….

    • Kevin2 says:

      They like the use of power and authority. They also have a great US verses THEM mentality. They know who US is and their superiors point out who is THEM. It’s a quasi military organization where thinking takes a big back seat to taking orders. In the end they make a good living and get a nice pension and on occasion can get away with all kinds of stuff. That’s the benefits that are not on paper.

    • Sixpack says:

      A war they already think they’ve won…

  5. George Gefferson says:

    Yeah, but you guys were all supporting this kind of BS right after 9/11.

    What took you 10 years?

  6. Iowa says:

    In Heaven, I bet the servants don’t make the rules. This wold is evil.

    • Ya'aqov ben Ya'aqov says:

      In a spiritually fallen world the evil rule!

      • Excerpt from a post far removed from this site:

        Why do you all keep allowing them to do this to you? Did you clearly state that you do not consent? No. Instead, you follow their instructions. When they ask you if you understand, ask, “Am I lawfully required to understand?” Stop falling for their word magic.

        Things to ask a cop:

        “Is it lawful for you to lie to me?”
        “Am I lawfully required to sign this?”
        “If I am lawfully required to sign this then what is the point?”
        “What will happen if I don’t sign this?”
        “Did you know if you threaten me for not signing this that makes my signature lawfully invalid?”
        “Are you following the law or are you following orders?”
        “Is there a law that says I can’t do this?”
        “Am I free to go?”
        “Am I under arrest?”
        “Why are you detaining me?”

        Keep asking and do not sign anything. When you sign, you contract under their rules. If you are threatened, sign “under duress” after your signature.

        Never Understand
        Never Sign (unless under duress)
        Never Give Consent

        They may unlawfully lock you up for a while, but, eventually, they will let you go. They won’t know what to do with you. They cannot prosecute you without your permission and you give it with your signature.

        • Facebook Page says:

          Number one is fuzzy. Supreme have stated untruths may be used in questioning. When BLM shows up to harass us sometime we have a document we carry and say if they will sign it we will happily sit and listen. Never once signed never had to listen to crap when we were lawfully doing all we were doing at the time. Few fines for digging in the wrong place but that just us being stupid. I/we got caught.

        • Odd Questioner says:

          Actually, the list can be far smaller:

          “I will say or sign nothing without a lawyer present on my behalf”

          “Am I under arrest? If not, why am I not free to go?”

          #1 stops any and all interrogations or demands to sign anything without a lawyer present on your behalf. Otherwise anything gained from the lawyerless interrogation is tainted evidence or is considered done under duress, thus can be thrown out. Just note that you have to make the demand first, and not consent. Otherwise, your consent will be recorded and you basically screwed up.

          #2 means that you can be held for a maximum of 72 hours (depending on state), and must be set free unless you are under arrest and have been arraigned. Otherwise you can sue them for quite a tidy sum.

          The one and only (and IMHO unconstitutional) thing you’re lawfully forced to do when pulled over is to take a breathalyzer test if asked. Oh, and you have to get out of the way if asked to for any obvious safety reasons.

        • Sixpack says:

          actually, there’s only three:

          “Am I under arrest?”
          “Am I free to go?”
          “Why are you detaining me?”

  7. Still not seeing it says:

    A lot of sheep will look at this and say, oh it was those bad people over there. Those bad wall street types. This would never happen to me or my group….I’m watching the sheep sit by and ignore hoping this isn’t going to get worse.
    I’m watching group after group tagged, tracked, numbered, and smeared, all in the name of freedom. Freedom from who or what? The boogeyman? Yes the boogeyman!!!! Fear created control. Fear created rights stealing, fear, fear,…market the fear…and give up your freedom so you can be safe….

  8. moman says:

    What goes around comes around!

  9. T.R. says:

    American Communist Party ” it is absolutely essencial that President Obama is reelected “

  10. Barlow says:

    It’s past time to hunker down…

  11. not likely says:

    Far too many Americans actually believe that these transgressions only involve *bad guys* — that what we here recognize as the unadulterated erosion of our fundamental rights is merely something that assists law enforcement in doing their jobs.

    The normalcy bias is even more frightening than the rise of martial law — when the full police-statehood is exercised, too many will still think it is for the best, in the interest of security.

    I am literally and truly saddened.

  12. OathKeeper says:

    cops, security, DHS and the TSA…all bad ass until you take the gun away..

  13. copperhead says:

    I truly FEAR is going to take the BULLET BOX to save this country. When do we start enough is enough, THE TIME HAS ARRIVED. Let’s give them their OCT. SURPISE!

  14. RICH99 says:

    Until humanity as a whole STANDS UP TO TYRANNY and stops just complaining about it , then it will only get worse so accept it or do something about it

  15. Anonymous says:

    I have a Ron Paul bumper sticker
    and a “Do Not Tread On Me ” sticker on my vehicle

    that makes me a “low level terrorist”

    take the test


    who could have possible thought that our country would ever fall this far ?

    see you guys in the holding pen !

  16. freespeach says:

    I’ll be surprised if the main stream Media reports on this. They never reported about the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act or about the National Defense Authorization Act. I know the news stations that I watch never said a word about it. They are so run by the PTB that they just want to keep us all in the dark.

    Thank God I found this site, so that I can continue read some real true news. May the Light so shine upon these writers to continue to bring us trust worthy news.

  17. Sowhatstheplan? says:

    Im sick of watching the good people of this world get PHANNY PHUCKED while the power hungry brats get away with tyranny!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Wow, now it’s Ruby Ridge by pointed finger, in the open streets by common “officers of the peace”. To protect and serve a new order of government that reflects not the ancestral right of the constitution, but on the will of political elites. Shame on us for letting it get this far. I fear being coined as one of those “domestic terrorists” because I am strapped/prepared and now wholeheartedly distrust my Government…..

  19. 7 3/4 tinfoil hat says:

    i’ll say it again…the cops are just another gang: better armed and carrying badges…God help us all!

  20. Rock says:

    By the way the U.N. small arms treaty passed so get ready.

    • slingshot says:

      Can you provide a link to the story.

      • JustMe says:

        UN Small Arms Treaty passes….


        The Grey State, coming to a nieghborhood near you…

        • Gregory8 says:

          JustMe: So it passed in the UN, who gives a rat’s ass? They’re an ineffectual bunch of clowns that have no jurisdiction here in America. For it to become law it would have to be presented by the President to the U.S. Senate for approval by a 2/3rds majority per Article 2, Section 2, paragraph 2 of the Constitution. That means that only 37 Senators have to vote no during a full session and the treaty is dead. Last time it was asked by one newspaper, more than 50 senators voiced their opposition to it. And current polls show the Republicans picking a couple of seats in the Senate for a ratio of 47R:53D + or – 1. The UN can go pound sand!

        • Facebook Page says:

          Once this story is verified. “Oh shit”.

        • JustMe says:


          Yes, what you say is technically true, but remember, we are dealing with marxists. Even if the Congress and Senate says NO en mass, Obummer can still sign an EO, and likely has one being written.

          Recall. Cliton signed an EO, that was supposed to be non-binding, for Agenda 21. From an Agenda 21 site:

          “In 1995, President Bill Clinton, in compliance with Agenda 21, signed Executive Order #12858 to create the President’s Council on Sustainable Development in order to “harmonize” US environmental policy with UN directives as outlined in Agenda 21.”

          They act like Agenda 21 is law, now, and there is nothing anyone who understands it can do about it. Raise the topic, and 99 out of 100 Amerikan sheeple think you’ve lost it. There is nothing stopping Obummer from following this precedent, and proceeding accordingly, and is very likely with a nudge from Hillary and the parasites…

  21. braveheart says:

    Mac, thank you for another excellent article. C, thank you for mentioning Friar John O’Connor and for that link to his videos. I attended a seminar at which he was a guest speaker in 1986 and he’s the one who opened my eyes to the NWO. No internet or infowars.com back then. he was a gold mine of information about the globalists and their plans for one-world government. Copperhead, i agree the bullets will have to start flying to take back this country, but let the other side make the first move and we will respond in righteous self-defense. Highspeedloafer, you’re right that not all cops and military will follow the NWO, but the ones that do better be ready to kiss their own asses goodbye. NOBODY TELLS ME WHAT I CAN OR CANNOT SAY CONCERNING ANY ISSUE OR ANYONE! THE ENTIRE COUNTRY IS A FREE SPEECH ZONE; I DON’T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS! There’s not one thing left out there government does anymore that has any legitimate basis to it. In my mind, the feds lost credibility and legitimacy with things like the social programs, affirmative action, Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC, TWA Flight 800, 9/11, etc. There’s no legitimate basis for at least 95% of the laws on the books today from local to fed level. I challenge anyone to try to interfere with my speech and see what happens to the person.

    • JRS says:

      Well said braveheart. And in this day of internet info the government can no longer hide in the shadows and do their dirty work. They have been outed. This is the very reason for the ever tightening grip of the police state.When all government loses legitimacy in the eyes of the people they know they will eventually lose control. It’s you against the state now.

      • copperhead says:

        JRS: The sign that will tell everyone it has truly arrived is when the net goes down. This the only way we have to stay informed, of what is going on. The minute the net stops, is the minute the party begins.

        • Chance says:

          In Darfur the government would shut off cell service to a village just before the gunships showed up. That was their way of keeping their actions from being known to the world. Kill everyone in the markets and who is left to tell the tale? Cell service or internet shutdown will be a big tell for us.

    • Gregory8 says:

      JustMe: An EO would mean all bets are off and then the gloves would also come off because they would be violating the 2nd amendment and the recent court cases upholding large parts of it. If he’s foolish enough to do that then he could very well be the last president we have of the USA as we know it. A move like that could easily send us into a violent breakup. But then again, that may be his plan all along. I just hope we’re both wrong.

  22. Daisy says:

    It’s a witch hunt!

    Fire up those stakes, boys, we’re burning Patriots!

  23. slingshot says:

    Tell me. Just what is the, “PAUL REVERE MOMENT”? What exactly would make you take up arms? Who will you depend on and trust to sound the alarm. You better make damn sure you know what you are doing. Some of you should research the armament and capabilities before you run headlong into a buzz saw. Remember they are making the laws to make it legal and we have not even seen the heavy stuff yet. I watched a SWAT team do thier thing in my neighborhood and they are really efficient.

  24. Cynthia says:

    Could someone please remind Obama where his behind would be if it were not for Martin Luther King and other protestors? Maybe he has forgotten? It’s mind boggling– his reaction to all this… talk of spinelessness! Geezsh!!

  25. slingshot says:

    Yepper. Let me know when we all gonna meet at Hooter’s.
    So we can have a few chicken wings and knock back a few Bud Lights as we plan this whole thing out.
    Oh, Howdy Ladies. ;0)

  26. possee says:

    The local cops in my small town of 12,000 are well aware of what’s coming..

    I practice at the same range they do and it is always packed..and shut down for LE training for 7 days straight starting the 1st week in October..
    Many officers and local prison guards are there all the time..

    They confide that something is in the air and are honing their skill sets as we civilians are as well..

    Most will stay home protecting their loved ones as we will be..not all..but most..

    My advice?

    Practice relentlessly your firearms skill sets like you have never done before..

    It just might save your and your loved ones lives..


  27. East coast guy says:

    These cops should ask themselves. When the day comes, where will I hide my uniform?

  28. Boss Hog says:

    Free Speech,
    Im not sure that it matters if no one is listening. Just think of how many folks you have tryed to wake up only to get scorned, laughed at, ridiculed and ostricised. Oh course I value my rights dwindling as they are but does it matter anymore the stage is set and no one except a few are paying attention.

    • Kevin2 says:

      Boss Hog

      They still have a full stomach. Change the dynamics and empty that stomach and it will be amazing how their ears and eyes work and their brain processes information.

      It’s kind of frightening to think that everything is contingent upon a few cheeseburgers.

      • Boss Hog says:

        Kevin2 couldnt have said it better myself, trouble is by that point when the last burger hits the spot, its too late as we all know. Then free speech will certainly not matter, however anyone giving out free cheeseburgers will have a captive audience of hundreds of millions to sway with whatever diatribe the care to banter.

  29. gwynmarilyn says:

    Marching is not going to get their attention. All these people want us for is to spend money or use credit. The only thing The Power that Be will notice is when we stop spending. Then their stock will not pay returns. When their stores do not empty out. That will happen one day any way, do it now.
    And they wont want to pay police to just sit around drink coffee. Stay home and read a book or watch TV. Let them wonder where all the people are.

  30. InTheWind says:

    The elites absolutely hate WBAI which is a member supported radio station in NY that addresses the corruption and scandal that goes on around the world. It’s also the home station of Democracy Now hosted by Amy Goodman who has won many prestigious awards around the world for shining light many subjects that you will NEVER hear on the msm.
    I’m not surprised the cop didn’t want to recognize the press pass and that is why I stay away from NY as much as possible.

  31. Cameraman says:

    The time is coming, when Leo must make a Choice, go with the Paymasters or with the People.They will need to HIDE their Uniforms, because they are TARGETS and they Know it…anybody working for the Corp. will be in the sights of Somebody for retribution! Civil War is the outcome of this dialed up War against the American People…an Joe in NC..Ain”t NOBODY shoving any gun up My or anyone elses Butt! Your ASSement is incorrect, First they have to TAKE My Gun and that is not going to Happen…
    Semper Fi

  32. copperhead says:

    GWY: Good point shut it down for a week,nothing moves. Stop everything come on we prepers have the food put back. Good way to see what they will do.

  33. GEO-LITHIC says:

    even worse than 1984 ! the terrorists won!

  34. Y'all Beware! says:


    What off the shelf products can we use to negate night vision and thermal imagery?


    Y’all Beware!

    • slingshot says:

      Road flares, space blankets

      • Facebook Page says:

        N No NoNoNoNO

        • slingshot says:

          Any bright light can be used against night vision and if you are using infra red you have to be careful against reflective surfaces. Generation 3 is extremely good and expensive. Generation 1+ does the job and there are good units for about $600. Military now has Gen 4.
          Now thermal is another story. Space blankets can be useful cover but will show up as a darker blog and stands out in foiliage. You have to put something solid between you and the device. You can also leave residual body heat on surfaces you touch with bare hands.
          Now they have a radar that pulses your home to reflect internals. Next thing you know, everyone will be putting aluminium in the walls.

        • Facebook Page says:

          It does not hide you from military grades. I Will agree that bright light interferes with night vision. But thats not hiding from it. I would just fire at it. Good distraction for a moment.

          Blankets do not hide shit. With my new units I Can see images thought standard walls. The blanket just look like a hot square if you are under it for a little while. And yes hand prints do stay for a moment.

          I will agree to disagree on this one. Agaist Gen 1 and low grade there is a defence.

        • Ryback says:

          Somebody is watching too many Predator movies, You think.

      • Ryback says:

        There you go Aluminized Mylar also known as an emergency survival blanket, $2.00 at any army surplus or camping store. IT DOES WORK!

    • Facebook Page says:

      Modern thermal is next to impossible to hide from. The new unit are the same size as a eotech. And I know from use they work. There are M4 mounted units that work on Double A batts now.

      The best defence is to have the same. Equals the playing field. After that it down to the skill of the fighters. Everyone not a fighter. So to win some will just need to be support. We must have plans. But they will have to wait. It be stupid to walk up to their doors.

  35. jasoncookies says:

    I see lots of powder on the ground. When will a spark fall?

  36. Kevin2 says:

    The reality is thuggery will not work in the long run. Technology being a two edge sword while tracking everyone is allowing video and audio to be recorded by citizens. The tide turned when the US public witnessed attack dogs being used upon black people in the south in the 1960s. Bull Conners won the battle but he lost the greater war of public opinion. When a pile of hungry Americans are brutalized in a protest in the future and the public sees it (and they sympathize because they’re getting hungry too) TPTB will loose legitimacy and with it the ability to successfully govern. The night stick and tear gas is a poor substitute for a responsible government. The more it’s used the less effective it is.

    President Lincoln said it correctly.

    “You can fool some of the people some of the time and all of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time”.

  37. Be informed says:

    Watch the dying spasms of the foundations of the constitution and watch the similar die off of the country as a whole. It is truly very disheartening to witness the simple non-caring of the very basics of freedom and liberty. It just doesn’t matter to the majority of the population if a bunch of people are hauled off like criminals for exercising their right to free speech. To the majority of the population their attention span is so short and so directed to pure horse manure meaningless news such as what happened in the entertainment world. Most people don’t care about freedom as long as it doesn’t interfere what makes their life as convenient as possible.

    Many protestors do nothing but bring about something that governments don’t want to surface. What is unbelievable is that when a tiny group speaks their mind, the government makes it more of an issue by their brutality of those exercising their freedom of speech. If the state just let them have their freedom, no one is going to listen in significant numbers anyway. The government is sh&* stupid because 99% of the population is too involved in crap for brains activities to spend much thought or time to listen or care what almost anyone that protest has to say. I know this is cynical but it is the truth. When the government sends in thugs to crack skulls all it does is infuriate a lot more people than would have done much to what was being protested in the firstplace.

    What I am really trying to say is the government is not even smart enough to realize that the best course of action is to let people speak their mind. The government rather strongarm a small number of people doing absolutely nothing wrong and get more protest going against government thuggery. This government is not only dying because it has become evil, but because it is going full swing and velocity right to stupid.

    • Kevin2 says:

      Be Informed

      Yep we agree with this. It’s just a governmental “Knee Jerk” reaction of “We will show THEM”.

      Ignorant SOBs.

    • JustMe says:

      Thier reactionary measures are by design, and a means of ramping up hostility. They no longer care what anyone says, or thinks about how they act. It’s about power, now. They want you to provoke you.

      A retired NY police officer described the changes. TPTB look for thier lackies by psychologically profiling them, picking the ones who will follow orders. They look for ones that will not hesitate to hurt you.

      To some of them, rounding up people who speak thier minds is probably good entertainment. To quote a swat team member when asked why he did that job: “It’s friggin’ fun!”

  38. REB says:

    Hey! You there!wheres your press pass? Oh sorry,I got it right here officer……here you go…What the hell!? thats a gun!…no sir… its my press pass…KABOOMMMSPLAT!….see? I press this and you let me pass…officer? oh guess you wouldnt care now anyhow eh?…anyone else wanna see my pass? ah,where’d everybody go?….ehehehehehe…muhmuhhahaahaha

    …coming soon to a confrontation near you!

    • Facebook Page says:

      Problem is you would see a hail of “passes” instantly. Chose your fight. Don’t waste your life when it wont make a shits difference. If you are going to lose your life. Please be sure to make it count (At least to the point where in that last second you are happy with your choice).

      I would prefer a hundred walk up to this Pass checkers. And say these are our passes today. And the reply (Ihope). You may pass, Have a nice day. Visit the gift shop on your way home please. Or do you mind if Igo with you. That would be great too.

      • REB says:

        Didnt say I recommend it,simply pointing out theres a reckoning coming,theres no other way,time for talking and negotiating with our “servents turned overlords” is about over if not already done…Im not a pessimist but unless something drastic happens to change the status quo,I see a backlash coming….

  39. joejoe says:

    They will need one dam big pen.

  40. possee says:

    Everything is planned

    Nothing is by accident

    Every law passed is intentional..with consequences as intended.

    Now that free speech is quarantined into zones to protect the red carpet gangs..politicians mostly..they will instigate provocateurs at every level to mark those who protest as terrorists as a whole..including the so called press (what’s left of it).. mainly the alt media folks who will and are being marginalized..

    Meanwhile back in suburbia and the urban sprawl, the millions of programmed middle class still sit comfortably watching the emmys,sitcoms,NFL..and the great debates now approaching..with not a care in the world.
    Nor do they care..nor will they ever..

    Either Mittens or Obamney is all the hope they need for now..and after that..just give them the bread and circus they so voraciously need and want..


  41. Lemmingsrnotusdamnit says:

    Using the Occupoopers as an example of free speech being denied is kind of ludicrous. How many times were they caught intentionally trying to get the police to attack them? How many rapes, acts of violence,and moral depravity do you need in front of your face to understand these were mainly communists, socialists, anarchists, and union goons wanting a complete overthrow of capitalism?

    When expressing your freedom of speech is causing unnecessary harm to other people and businesses in the area you have crossed the threshold of free speech into the land of thuggery.

    Saying these freaks are the moral equivalent of something like the Tea Party protests is a complete joke.

  42. Ann Wilson Kingsley says:

    I don’t understand what the problem is because we have no legitimate government: We have taxation without representation. Mac, I believe you were arrested by an illegitimate government that many of us do not recognize. The problem is that citizens are constantly being asked to prove their legitimacy while at the same time our current government has no legitimacy.

  43. L.A. says:

    The book 1984 is a dystopian piece of fiction, NOT AN INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Stop treating it like an instruction manual.