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For First Time In Years, North Korea Cancels Its Annual ‘Anti-America’ Rally

Mac Slavo
June 26th, 2018
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Could peace with tyrannical North Korea really be happening? It seems like it could be, as North Korea has canceled its annual “anti-America” rally for the first time in several years.

According to American Military News, the rally served as one of North Korea’s most symbolic and political events, held annually on July 27 in remembrance of the start of the Korean War. North Korea historically celebrated the day as a national holiday called “Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War.”  The rally included events focused on the Korean War, complete with nationalist fervor and anti-U.S. postage stamps.

Last year’s event included a reported 100,000 attendees in Kim Il Sung Square, according to the Associated Press.  Officials had no on-the-record comment on the decision not to hold the event this year. But Associated Press staff in the North Korean capital confirmed Monday that it would not be held.

North Korea has also noticeably toned down its anti-American rhetoric over the past several months to create a more conciliatory atmosphere. In the wake of meetings with President Donald Trump, it seems like peace is possible with the Communist regime, at least for the time being.  The cancellation of the rally looks to be, on the surface anyway, a solid and major attempt to avoid souring and reduce the tensions which will help increase dialogue.

But horrifyingly, more than 70% of leftist in America don’t actually want peace with North Korea.

TV Poll: 71% of Liberals Don’t Want Peace With North Korea Because Trump Would Take Credit

But for those who actually are anti-war and don’t think it’s necessary to send nukes flying just to make one man look bad, this rally’s cancellation could be the start of a peaceful and diplomatic relationship with North Korea.

While North Korea has cut back on its criticism of the current U.S. administration, the tyrannical regime has also stepped up its attacks on “capitalist values” in general. According to the Associated Press, this is an oblique warning that its diplomatic outreach to the world should not be taken to mean it’s ready to throw away its socialist ideals anytime soon.



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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: June 26th, 2018
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Trump has made more progress with NK than anyone in the last 75 years has (which would be about enough to list on the back of a postage stamp before Trump came along.)

  2. Stuart says:

    The Art of the Deal.

  3. Jim in Va. says:

    Dems can’t stand it!

  4. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    Mac, the entire earth will collapse to environmental fallout, and crustal shifting in the next 25 years, according to friend, you know who., this happened over 9,000 + years ago, that forced the pyramid builders Homo Capensis, the humans, the other others ones, bred by the annunaki, Yes, the pyramid builders, to go underground. Its not ww3 what we have to worry about, the chi-coms feel that they will get the chance to take down the US, during the fallout of yellow stone, and now their is another area of the US, some area near Massachusets, I think that’s why he said, that will go off with Yellowstone destroying the entire US, Canadian south areas leading to total destruction of the entire US continent and all live leading to a mere 1,500,000 males and barely 5,000 surviving females on the surface of the US between now and 2025-30 timeframe. Trump is not telling the public about what he knows and is keeping us distracted with other bullshit. America wont be getting great, it will be getting fucked by environmental destruction. Dallas Tx is in the fallout zone, I may have to relocated to Upper states on the East coast area. The best area to be in really Colorado, but the problem is that the cabal knows that everyone will he heading there, so they massed chi-coms soldiers in the area intentionally to take out patriots. We are in a lot of trouble in the country all over, its that serious. I don’t know how the hell I am going to survive this, and the chi-com and Russian keep burning out the wooded areas of Colorado intentionally to prevent people from bugging out. The athmosphere Oxygen levels dropping all over the coastal areas of the Texas, Florida and California and air is replaced by corbon and other toxic gases from the oceans underwater volcanoes. HAWAII is done, gone, will be totally inhabitable, and rellik is calling me names and is already dead and does not know it. The atmosphere will be red from the all the meter impacts of Planet X, The planet has a trail of asteroids that break off every time the planets sun passes by, and the crustal shifting all over the planet, including parts of Europe, this thing will be planet wide. Africa is the safest place to be. The scientist explained this to me. He said, every wonder why so many animals are in Africa, its where most life survives all the past pole shifts, its higher up, one of the highest and toughfest crustal areas of the planet and that why the british and rothchild familes colonized it. Mac, I don’t know what type of plan you have in place, but I am telling you the God honest truth man, its not looking good.


  5. Patrick says:

    As things heat up like this I always know that good things are happening and it is driving the herders crazy.

  6. How long before North Koreans discover our slack immigration policy? Should we dole out a hundred thousand H1b Visas? Would it be ok if North Koreans bought a shopping center in your town? Will they assimilate? What’s wrong with North Korean College Professors teaching our children white guilt. After all, America split up Korea and we deserve to be punished for our racist capitalism. No?

    See ya in five years. Bet ya your lunch, millions of those little Asians will be living here and causing a whole new set of problems.



  7. Anonymous says:

    It’s not what it seems. But do, keep dreaming.

  8. Thats so sweet of them canceling their anti American festivities . Guess everything is just peachy now. Give me a friggin break please cus that is some weak shit….

  9. The Deplorable Braveheart says:

    Godsoldier, good points. While I’d love to think it’s real, I’m realistic enough to know that it’s still COMMUNISTS that Trump is dealing with. And you can be sure that China and maybe even Russia are lurking in the background calling the shots on this whole affair. China is NK’s closest ally and trading partner. NK can’t even fart without asking the Chinese first. It’s a safe bet that all those meetings Porky had with Xi Jinping were to hammer out a strategy for what I suspect is NK/China DECEPTION. I don’t believe for one minute that the tiger {Porky} has changed his stripes. I don’t see him releasing any political prisoners, making any political or economic reforms, etc. I still think all of this is as bogus as the day is long.

  10. aljamo says:

    All BS for show. Now Trump cancelling his warmongering planned military parade show of ignorance would be worth touting. Isn’t that military show what communist nations do? You know there are no threats to America besides the inside threat branching out of Washington D.C. wasting and pilfering trillions while this nations true needs go unmet and civil liberties are under threat. Nothing of important matter has been changed nor has the swamp been drained even a drop, rather the corruption has been covered up deeper. So keep on thinking you have won anything, quite the opposite. The war of terror is just getting started and Americans are the biggest targets. Stripping away the safety net that people have paid into their entire working lives reveals the true nature of the beasts in charge. The rest of the shit flowing out of D.C. is pure brainwashing by master bullshitters.

  11. aljamo says:

    HCKS..the latest I’ve read said that Niburu won’t be here for another 700-1000 years. At that rate if Methusela was born today he might live his supposed reported Bible lifespan.

  12. Sgt. Dale says:

    This is good news. I HOPE!

    • Mountain Trekker says:

      I’m with you Sarge, I wouldn’t trust Kim as far as I could throw him, but any dialogue could be a step in the right direction. We’ve been in this stalemate for over 60 years so it’s always good to pray for peace, but stay strong and keep your guard up. Trekker Out.

  13. southside says:

    Trust but verify

  14. The Deplorable Braveheart says:

    Verify first to make damn sure you can trust.

  15. No big deal. The Democrats will make up for it.