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Flu Outbreak: Medicine Shortages And A Rising Death Toll In California

Mac Slavo
January 8th, 2018
Comments (63)


A severe flu outbreak has struck California making the medicine used to treat the illness sparse, and filling emergency rooms with those suffering from the symptoms. The death toll is also rising rapidly as more and more people are succumbing to the virus.

According to the LA Times, health officials said Friday that 27 people younger than 65 have died of the flu in California since October, compared with three at the same time last year. Nationwide and in California, flu activity spiked sharply in late December and continues to grow. For example, the emergency room at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica typically treats about 140 patients a day, but at least one day this week had more than 200 patients mostly because of the flu, said the ER’s medical director, Dr. Wally Ghurabi. “The Northridge earthquake was the last time we saw over 200 patients,” Ghurabi said.

The flu season normally peaks in February, but experts claim that this year, it’s peaking early, and that’s why there have been so many flu victims.  The flu season is typically worst around February but can reach its height anytime from October to April. Though influenza had only killed three Californians at this time last year, it had taken 68 lives by the end of February, according to state data.

Many California doctors, however, maintain that the recent surge has been unusually severe. “Rates of influenza are even exceeding last year, and last year was one of the worst flu seasons in the last decade,” said Dr. Randy Bergen, clinical lead of the flu vaccine program for Kaiser Permanente in Northern California.

State health officials also said Friday that there was no region of the state where people were being spared from the flu. In Riverside and San Bernardino counties, ambulance services have been severely strained because of the number of flu calls coming in, local health officials said. “The ambulances have to wait … and if they’re waiting there, they can’t be out on calls,” said Jose Arballo Jr., spokesman for the Riverside County Department of Public Health.

Plus, emergency rooms are so crowded that ambulances arriving at hospitals can’t immediately unload their patients, so they’re unable to leave for incoming 911 calls.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: January 8th, 2018
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Heartless says:

    Again and again – we all see just how well socialism in practice, opening borders to any yea-who who wants in… works out. Like always, I feel for the innocent; but, I really could care less about the liberals who are suffering. It’d be like feeling sorry for a guy who hit his thumb with a hammer and then immediately just whacked it again, and again, and again….

  2. Just Saying says:

    Excellent. Just over 39 million more to go.

  3. Gandhi says:

    enjoy the fear mongering, line up to get your chinese made poisonous vaccinations.

  4. John Stiner says:

    Nobody cares about Commiefornia.

  5. Hog Jowl Homestead says:

    What? they ran out of Tamiflu. If you have the Flu stay home and get better theres nothing they can do for you.

  6. Blake says:

    Tamiflu is mostly bullshit anyway. Shortens the duration of the symptoms by a few days. If we’re being honest the people being killed by the flu should have died long ago anyway. Either way, welcome to the new norm of socialized medicine. I know on the east coast we’re facing shortages of SEVERAL mess. Dialysis, Ativan, morphine, normal saline (yep, salt water) and several other I’ve fluids. Turns out Puerto Rico supplies a large amount of our medicines, at least that’s what I’m told. Last year we had to import normal saline from Spain due to shortages.

  7. Menzoberranzan says:

    You let in 50 gazillion scum illegals and wonder why the hospitals are overrun and sickness abounds. I wouldn’t go there again if you paid me well.

  8. NOT OF THIS WORLD says:

    Beware The Flu Shot Propaganda Push! – Friendly Vaccine Reminders

    ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNgdMwL7isA

  9. KookyKarl says:

    I was with a hot boy in San Fran last night
    Ewwww he gave me the fancy pants fever!

  10. Archivist says:

    I don’t care about the flu medicine shortage. And that’s just silly calling an ambulance when you have the flu.

    The important thing is that the local grocery store posted signs today in the meat section saying that there’s a shortage of bacon.

    That’s serious!

  11. KookyKarl says:

    Not of this world … Now that’s a turn on! It sounds like around the world .
    Who wants to go around the world with Kooky Karl? Huh?

  12. aljamo says:

    Every store I enter has hacking coughing customers and store workers doing their best to spread sickness with no regard for anyone else. Stay home you idiots.

    • Yertost says:

      Why should I stay home?! I’m protected from the meagers’ illnesses! Learn to protect yourself and live free!

    • Archivist says:

      They mostly have jobs with no sick leave, so they can’t afford to stay home. I only had one job in my 30+ years that had sick leave, and then they changed it to combine it with our vacation time.

      • Babycatcher says:

        For all who have to work without sick leave, please bring and wear a mask if you can get away with it. Even if you are well. In Seoul South Korea, healthy people wear masks to protect themselves from sick people in the subways, stores, etc. and I can see gloves coming back into fashion. Not as a fashion statement so much, but if you shake hands with someone *you* won’t get sick. We elbow bump at church.

  13. The sure fire cure for the flu:
    Chicken bones cooked for 48 hours with a tablespoon of high acid white vinegar into broth, add garlic, onion, turmeric, black pepper, parsley, and a touch of sea salt. Follow up with lemon and honey in high quality water.
    Sweat out the flu bug under a 1000 thread count sheet.
    If that doesn’t work, call a doctor who makes house calls and gives a full body message.


    • Yertost says:

      Does that come with a rub and a tug? Hehe

    • Chilly McGwillis says:

      Ditto that, B-ster. Heavy on the garlic and turmeric. Good old black tea will flush out a lot of that shit. Never heard of a full body message, but I might pay some little petite Asian lady
      to walk on my back.

    • AUBroker says:

      Whats a full body MESSAGE?

    • Gandhi says:

      granny clampet used her XXX elixir.

    • Wile e. Coyote says:

      Have you made pine needle tea? I have a few times and I dress it up with sugar and vanilla extract. Supposed to be loaded with vitamin c. I don’t know if you have the flu and drink it if it will shorten the flu but it couldn’t hurt to drink it during flu season. Ive got a few books on natural remedies I want to study on. I think nature can really help with medical issues.

    • Deplorable Neal Jensen says:

      EXACTLY (although the massage part is dubious) and lots of water and vitamin C. everyone is brainwashed to believe the man made pills is the saving grace….but smart people know that rest fluids and GOOD DIET BEFORE AND AFTER getting sick is the best prevention and cure. you don’t want to get sick, practice EXCELLENT personal hygiene, namely wash your hands with hot water and soap before eating and touching any mucus membrane associated with your face. a diet of WHOLE FRESH foods fruits and vegetables, homemade without the artificial preservatives and chemicals is closest to natural eating without burdening the body with toxic man made chemicals.

  14. Yertost says:

    What?!!! Medicine shortage?!!! Please explain your definition of “medicine”! There is no shortage of pure water, Colloidal Silver, peppers, onions, garlic, peroxide, and so on! Only the diet coke- drinkin, processed food- eatin, dolts getting their flu shots are the ones dying! Good riddance to ya’s!!!

  15. Asshat says:

    Flu is overhyped I’ve gotten it a few times. Makes you feel like shit you get over it though. Never got a flu shot in my life. I don’t take the big pharma poison. Most illnesses you can ride out. People are wimps any little bit of misery they run to doctors and get their chemical fix. These folks will be hurting and bitching about how they feel after an event. You will be able to identify them by the whining and excuses for why they can’t function without their meds. Learn to struggle now. id bet the average North Korean is way tougher than the average pussy American. They struggle and deal with it and don’t bitch about how they are hungry. Fat drive up window americunts cry about the food being cold. foreigners laugh at us Americans cus we are soft and spoiled entitled. People can’t even shovel their driveway without having a coronary. Out of shape and lazy pay people to do the hard stuff they should do themselves then they bitch about the cost.

  16. Plan twice, prep once says:


    If you have a viral infection like the flu the, most effective thing the doctor will give you is a bill for the visit. Placebos are more effective than Tamaflu.

    You are at a greater risk of picking up a different infection at a doctors office than of finding a cure.

    The common cold has a cure, it’s called coldeze lozenges. At the first sign of cold like symptoms take Coldeze, if after two days it keeps getting worse, it’s not a cold or you’d be getting better already. If the coldeze help, keep taking them until you are over it, otherwise stop.

    If you are getting worse watch your temperature, any consistent fever likely means a bacterial infection, see a doctor. A temperature that varies up and down (without something like Tylenol or ibuprofen) likely means it’s viral. Treat it like the flu, rest, fluids, keep warm, humidify the air and just take care of yourself until you are over it. There are antiviral drugs
    Iike Tamaflu, but for most people and most viruses, they are ineffective.

    • Hog Jowl Homestead says:

      ^ This right here

      Alls you are going to get is a Bill. My wife (nurse) said dozens came in the ER for flu and brought there family with them. Then they all sat together in the waiting room, then triadge and because of the wait all share the bathroom in the lobby. If you feel like your bad enough to go to the hospital Tamiflu will shave a day offat best, that extra day you can go back to work will cost you three days pay.

    • Deplorable Neal Jensen says:


  17. Anonymous says:

    Off topic. Mac- the brilliant heads in the Pentagon are now considering a “bloody nose”
    attack on North Korea (Zero Hedge). Un-fucking-believe-able. Absolutely dumbfounded.

  18. awed bawl says:

    All viruses can be cured with vitamin C.


  19. ROBBO says:

    Damaged mitochondria from elevated insulin caused by endlessly high sugars and processed carbs….

  20. anon says:

    Who is the ugly faggoty looking individual that is constantly at the beginning of the comment section here with the bitcoin message underneath? Wasn’t Hillary Clinton bad enough? Why do I come here? Oh, that’s right I want to learn how to prep.

  21. Traitor Hator says:

    Read the accumulating fukashima radiation would be visible when the hospitals start filling up, and radiation sickness has Flu like symptoms? It’s now been almost 7 years . Maybe it’s all just a vaccine selling push ? Time will tell?

    • Plan twice, prep once says:

      Japan has total government run healthcare. Doctors in Japan are forbidden from putting radiation poisoning or radiation induced illnesses on medical reports or death certificates. If Japanese doctors don’t follow the rules, they will be unemployed for life.

      If Japanese children come to a doctor with radiation induced thyroid cancer or leukemia, they just call it a nonspecific cancer. They never mention radiation.

      The level of exposure found in Japan is deadly, but it takes 10 to 20 years to kill you. Right now children are the only ones showing symptoms and dying, their parents will follow in a few years.

      With the extended delay between exposure and death, it’s hard to prove it was radiation induced. After the huge wave of death from Fukushima is done, the cause will be statistically undeniable, but what does it matter at that point. It will still be a few years before we are well into the bell curve of death that Fukushima will produce.

      Fukushima by the way continues to leak as much radiation into the ocean as it was leaking in the weeks after the initial meltdown. The melted down reactors continue to actually run at lower levels, and it is actively creating new isotopes, except there is no confinement. Groundwater is what cools this reactor and that just flows into the ocean along with all kinds of fallout.

  22. watching and waiting says:

    off post comment;

    We had about 6 inches of snow here in NC where I live but the point I want to make is that it smelled bad.

    It has smelled more like kerosene.

    Had a bad smell.

    Yesterday, the chem trails back with a vengeance.

    Stan Deyo’s wife reports he obtained the flu shot and contracted a serious case of Pneumonia.

    My mother obtained the flu shot and in the arm the shot was given, she couldn’t lift it above her shoulder and I know of at least one person who suffered a stroke.

    I did not get the flu shot, but I have increased my consumption of Vitamin C plus, since I am exposed to people who are afflicted I keep alcohol nearby to wipe down items they touch plus use medicals gloves.

  23. Deplorable Neal Jensen says:

    What they don’t tell you is Rising death toll due to COMPLICATIONS FROM THE FLU…

    See also (google CYTOKINE STORMING and how to stop it from sending your immune system into overdrive leading to pneumonia and dry land drowning and death.

    Also avoiding the over the counter NSAIDs that suppress fever (natural virus fighting action of the body) and allows the the virus to replicate faster because the body cannot use its best defense (temperature regulation) to fight the virus.

    People ignore the anecdotal evidence of WHY the 1918 Flu killed like it did, but they miss that the advent of aspirin (then proclaimed to be the cure all miracle drug…where do we hear that ALL THE TIME NOW..TV)came out at the same time and aspirin does WHAT? Supresses fever and body temperature regulation allowing the virus to multiply and overwhelm the immune system.

  24. Deplorable Neal Jensen says:

    Horse pill sized chewable Vitamin C, plenty of water, light broth soups with veggies, Lemon Honey tea. Honey is a natural antibiotic and is a simple sugar that the body can process with limited insulin reaction (insulin reaction and resistance which impedes effective immune functions), last forever storage wise, tastes good and supports immune system response.

    All manufactured foods that have sugar or modern sugar variants and complex starches that are converted into sugars create insulin responses from the liver and pancreas, and adversely affect immune functions, and thickens the blood slowing circulation and oxygen processing (essential for optimal cell functioning to fight of the virus, and eliminate cell wastes).

  25. Deplorable Neal Jensen says:

    I forget one other thing…AVOID HIGH CONCENTRATIONS OF FLU VIRUS AND ITS MUTATED VERSIONS…meaning stay the hell away from high concentrations of sick people…

    Duh, so stupid you have to tell people this crap like you think it would a no brainer…but no, they take a “cold remedy” and then go out shopping at the mall, get Starbucks, go to the office and cough all over everyone else, spreading the yearly plague…Gee, I wonder why so many people die each year….

  26. Old Guy says:

    Its a strain that our bodies don’t have a natural immunity to. Like the 1918 Spanish flu that The solders brought home with them. That flu killed a whole lot of folks. Its the influx of these Thypoid Mary scum from other places that have brought this flu. Nothing to do but tough it out. you will get better or you will die. going to the doctor will not change anything.

    • Deplorable Neal Jensen says:

      the 1918 Spanish flu ORIGINATED in Kansas with US Army forces. Kansas is home to one of the largest Bioweapons labs…Spanish Flu was an oops, it got away from us experiment.

    • Deplorable Neal Jensen says:

      the 1918 Spanish flu ORIGINATED in Kansas with US Army forces. Kansas is home to one of the largest Bioweapons labs…Spanish Flu was an oops, it got away from us experiment.

  27. JayJay says:

    For $8 a bottle, keep Elderberry Syrup on hand(mine’s in the freezer); start taking 2 TB every 2 hours if you suspect contamination from flu.
    People today are stupid, esp. those with insurance.
    ER?? Ambulance?? Yes–for the elderly, the flu can be deadly.
    I have never had a case of flu, never a flu shot, never a cold; I am 67, female, and take no prescriptions.
    I haven’t left the house since November 6th.
    I am a prepper.

  28. southside says:

    I work at a prison where inmates cough,sneeze,and pick their noses and wipe it all over the place. We’re not allowed to wear masks ’cause admin says it would hurt the feelings of the inmates.If we take sick leave we get in trouble. Looking for another job.

  29. Phoenix says:

    Another article about a flu outbreak with NO MENTION of how many patients received the vaccine! Now, why is that?

  30. the people dying were probably the ones who already had a flu shot. ted talks with bill gates on you tube he talks how they are going to lower the population with vaccines. looks like it might be starting in California

  31. the blame-e says:

    This flu story isn’t just fake news. This is the “fakiest.”

    So, 27 Californians have died so far from the flu. Big whoopty-doo. That means, with the current population of 39,250,00 million people, factor in a death rate 1 out of every . . . Well, you get the idea.

    The flu season is typically 60- to 90-days — not 100-years. Regardless, you need a lot more Californians dying mighty quick to be using words like “severe” or “epidemic.”

    It’s bad enough when MSM pulls that fake news crap.

  32. Chilly McGwillis says:

    More worried about the Indonesian gobstoppers than the flu. 🙂