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Facebook Purges Over 800 Accounts With Millions Of Followers; Prominent Conservatives Vanish

Tyler Durden
October 12th, 2018
Zero Hedge
Comments (53)

This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

SHTFplan Editor’s note: Many prominent Libertarian and alternative media pages were also removed from Facebook without warning. Some were removed from Twitter as well, leading many to believe this is a coordinated purge. The Free Thought Project, The Anti-Media, and Press For Truth are all independent media sites (non-partisan) that were removed from both Facebook and Twitter.


Just in time for midterms, Facebook has removed 559 pages and 251 accounts they claim have been spreading misinformation and spam. Several of the pages however – some with millions of followers, were pro-Trump conservatives who had spent years cultivating their followings.

Facebook claims that “domestic actors” have been creating “fake pages and accounts to attract people with shocking political news,” reports Bloomberg.

“The people behind the activity also post the same clickbait posts in dozens of Facebook Groups, often hundreds of times in a short period, to drum up traffic for their websites,” Facebook said in a Thursday blog post. “And they often use their fake accounts to generate fake likes and shares. This artificially inflates engagement for their inauthentic pages and the posts they share, misleading people about their popularity and improving their ranking in news feed.”

Some pages Facebook removed had large followings of real and fake accounts. Nation in Distress, a conservative meme page, was followed by more than 3 million people, according to the Internet Archive, which stores historical versions of websites and other online content. –Bloomberg

That said, not all of the accounts with large followings were conservative; Reverb Press, for example, had over 700,000 followers and constantly attacked President Trump and Republicans, who they referred to as “cheating scumbags.”

A third left-leaning page, Reasonable People Unite, posted a screen shot of a Twitter user who said, “Somewhere in America, a teenage girl is listening to her parents defend Brett Kavanaugh and she is thinking to herself, if something like that happens to me, I have nowhere to go.” –WaPo

The digital nanny state strikes again…

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Author: Tyler Durden
Date: October 12th, 2018
Website: https://www.zerohedge.com/

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  1. Mrbud says:

    Go f!*! yourself facebook. The purge is underway. Be prepared for any eventuality.

  2. Deplorable Neal Jensen says:

    The greatest tyranny ALWAYS comes from the well monied MONOPOLIES who impose THEIR VALUES AND WILL because out of lack of choices otherwise. Nice to see the full brunt of Communism finally raises its ugly head. Now if only Americans had the will and spine to crush this serpents head….but sigh, I don’t believe so.

  3. Beaumont says:

    Disbelief and confusion, when I tell people that anyone can buy computer parts in a magazine.

    Some were going to college for this.


    Dad – You Can’t Polish A Turd



  5. nekahnetah3 says:

    Clearly, we are now seeing the unmasking of the real “facebook”.

    A subtle snake that has suckered millions through social vanity and simple habit. What a shameful application of ‘free enterprise’ once posing as a enlarging free human contact!

    A full boycott of this evil entity! Fight back America!

  6. TharSheBlows says:

    Fraud Book is going down, they are on Trumps Target list for Anti-trust violations. Their days are numbers and that skinny tall red headed Z-I-O-N-I-S-T CEO Zuckerfraud who stole the Facebook idea from a college classmate, will be bankrupt in no time. Watch this Deep state domino be dismantled shortly. Stay tuned.

    I have never went on this FB site, nor subscribed, and stay away as far as I can, from this Spy Site, Facial Recognition tool for the Feds, and so should you.

    • Sgt. Dale says:

      Good to see you made it thru the storm.

    • Norrak says:

      I have several layers of duck tape over my computer’s camera, always have from the beginning. They at least will not have my help in getting facial recognition from me. I am sure though, they, the PTB, have probably done this via other sources, traffic light cameras, and just from all the other cameras posted in cities, turn pikes, and stores, and of course your driver’s license.

  7. aljamo says:

    It is concerning that every opinion you type is collected and stored and can be used against you if needed. Isn’t this why the internet was created in the first place? It wasn’t about a free exchange of thought and info thus the the loss of net neutrality. Too much truth has been exposed leading to the reality that much anger boils over publicly on the net that threatens the existing crumbling lies of our glorious leaders. The result is expanding censorship by the police state revealing the true nature of plans against freedom of speech and assembly.

    • TharSheBlows says:

      Even this site now when you click to post a comment it remembers your Moniker name and password automatically. Somebody is storing that attached to your IP addy.

      • TharSheBlows says:

        What really Pissed me off last year during the Hurricane Irma here in FL, Our Local FL CO Sheriffs office was posting all their Storm updates on Facebook. I called and said, look A-holes, we don’t go on Fraudbook, how about you get with the program and create a public website. I said WTF you have to belong to Facebook to get public hurricane Emergency updates? Fn A-holes. I reamed them a good one. They replied, well we just wanted to reach as many people as possible. I said, How about try the Public Radio Airwaves, or TV or your own emergency website where you don’t need to log into and a password to get Emergency info. Like WTF?

      • Make it a more difficult for them.
        Use TOR.

  8. the blame-e says:

    Facebook is a tool of the Deep State. You know how bad and how evil and how deep the Deep State goes when MSM requires you to use Facebook to post comments on their site.

    After the algorithm scandal you would have thought morality and ethics would have dictated that Facebook was dropped from all MSM. But no.

  9. Anonymous says:

    People think about the things they talk about.

    Control what the people can talk about, control what they can think about.

  10. Zuckit says:

    I have encouraged people in my circle for about the past 8 years. Delete your FB, Twitter, you name it accounts. They are a rot on our country.

  11. 1deplorable says:

    I really do believe/hope that Democrat voters will see through all this control of the internet as the means of shutting up the last venue of free speech of the people.

    Part of me believes there will be larger than average turn out for midterm elections. I believe it will be for the same reason voters came out to vote for Trump. The swamp creatures have got to be stopped from taking control of high up government positions.

    The public social platforms are showing they are not for the people as they want the people to think. I believe those hand in hand with socialists to take control of this country are going to see their dastardly deeds backfire on themselves. Twitter Twits, Google gestapo, Facecrap and all those with their self proclaimed rights to censor the internet are going to see that the people aren’t as stupid as they think they are.

    You can bet if the far left socialist progressive dumborats lose the votes and power that they will bring blood to the streets. They will show they have no respect for the voters voting them out of power positions. Yeah that’s how patriotic they are and couldn’t give a rats tail what the people want.

    I was told in a dream that the swamp critters and those feeding the swamp critters will be exposed due to what takes place in the coming midterm elections. This midterm election process can be monitored since the past laws prohibiting it have expired. This along with greater than average voter turn out could be all that saves the midterm elections from being stolen. Even Hillary knows if enough people get out and vote against progressives that what they expected to happen will not happen.

    The coming midterm elections could well be a do or die situation for those wanting to bring in the New World Order progressive socialism. If the votes don’t go their way then expect all hell to break loose all across this country.

  12. Jim in Va. says:

    People are dropping these sites and the more that do it will dispel their power and the ability to make money. also, some outfit will come along and challenge them and ultimately take their customers. Happens all the time….ask Sears,KMart.

  13. Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank?
    Do you know?

    Who owns ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX ???

    Who owns virtually all book and magazine publishers?

    Who owns politicians?

    Who owns Facebook?

    Who owns you?


  14. Preacher says:

    Quite frankly, FckBurger can kiss my ass

  15. kingfish says:

    It is easy to imagine into the future when sites like this one and Alex Jones and hundreds of other conservative sites are not only just kicked off social media but will be kicked of their host and shut down if they cant find another host of which probably could be rigged so as for them to be unable to find another. In that scenario they are just now teasing us and testing the waters to see how far they can go. We need to find out who can stop this madness, if it can be stopped, or if their is anybody who can start some type of social media that would be a proponent of freedom instead of this rapidly expanding censorship of conservatives. kf

  16. Sgt. Dale says:

    Not gone yet, but it won’t be long until I am.

  17. kay123 says:

    I have never used FB. I sometimes wonder
    why the FB, G00gle, twatter, and other
    communist sites are shown on the bottom page of
    so many sites.
    Don’t those logos have access to
    the files of anyone who opens them???
    I want “Freedom Watch” or Mark Meadows
    “Freedom Foundation” to start a commentary
    site for only conservatives.

    Those sites named above are trying desperately to
    divide this country and prevent their Dumbacratic base
    from learning anything that contradicts their Demon crap
    We need to fight fire with a bigger fire.

    If they take our sites down…..we take down the demon craps.

    Obumhole Davis started this stuff as soon as he got elected in 2008.
    Let’s not have a repeat of that communist manifesto.
    We have a NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN…….as long as we can keep him.
    We need him to clean out the swamp for at least 6 more years.

  18. What I find funny is that Twitter has followed suit (from what I can tell, all those twitter links are gone too)

    Are they ‘sharing’ black lists?

  19. Archivist says:

    There is an alternative site called Minds. It is just getting underway.

    ht tps://www.minds.com

    One good conservative poster I’ve seen there calls herself Votivationnation.

  20. Bill McGill says:

    Just in time for midterms, Facebook has removed 559 pages and 251 accounts…
    And then compromised the personal information of 29 million others.

  21. Dragyn88 says:

    Frankly, if you ever used social media you deserve to be deleted. Humans need to be HUMAN, and meet face to face, not “publishing” every aspect of their lives online.

    I’m about to go dark myself, from all email accounts, etc.

    Something really bad is coming. I can feel it ….


    Yeah man, they really screwed us bigtime. We had 20+ pages admined by veterans on our payroll. We are going to fight this assault on free speech. We are conservatives that simply reported news and this is what we get? This is WAR! #MAGA

  23. Roger D says:

    Patriots need their own version of Facebook!

    Have you checked out https://freezoxee.com yet?

    Matt Bracken is asking patriots to try this alternative to Facebook.

    Social without Zuck or the Googlees.
    Social without totalitarian meatbots or digibots.
    Social with those who have banned by Big Social.

  24. In a nation where there is no clear line between the corporation and the government, all censorship is government censorship. Deep state.

  25. There was a Pentagon program that was called Life Log. The day it shut down was the day that Facebook started. They are one and the same. Get it yet? Deep state.

  26. The NSA gathers all electronic data. All of it. They use it to create an algorithm for each and every American. I don’t have to explain why this is a very bad idea. My government needs to know this, why? Contrary to what people think, this info is available to certain private entities and foreign governments. China already uses their data mining operations to create “social scores” for their people. The social scores are used to punish or reward their people. Our social scores are being determined right now. By our government. For the same purpose. Get it? Deep state.

    • Kevin2 says:


      We can unsafely say that the social scores of this blog / BB participants are close to the upper or lower range depending on the scale. We’re working our way to getting on that sometime in the future “most wanted list” of political dissidents. Throughout history some of the greatest people had that distinction and a few come to mind, Sakharov, Lech Walesa, Vaclav Havel, Solzhenitsyn and of course our own Founding Fathers.

  27. Jakartaman says:

    We are at war with the liberal socialist one world communist
    The billionaire social media creeps need to be broken up.
    Hello FCC

    • Kevin2 says:


      “Billionaire” and communist are conflicting descriptors. TPTB / globalist financiers, are not communists, they’re fascists who employ communists as human resource managers. Warburg, Rockefeller, Rothschild and Mr Soros are certainly not communists.

      • Beaumont says:

        I’ve talked to strangers, some of whom were legitimately bad people.

        And, I’ve read banned books.

        In the Communist Manifesto, I got the idea that Marx was an adamant historian, compiling the methods of state, common to all civilizations. He even used figures of speech from the Christian Bible. (Nowadays, this would be considered rude, in some circles, or they would not know the meaning of a parable.)

        He attempted to remove all culture or bias, to make it procedural, as scientific as possible.

        He takes all this same infrastructure, and intellectual property, and even worshipful feelings, but for his own worldview or noble lie.

        In unexceptional cases, when I looked-in on these people, in photos and video, etc, it was like a parallel universe. Like any modern govt, with a couple of details changed.

        They had middle class cronyists, in familiar situations, sometimes called NEP men.

        Under normalization, which is to say stability, every civilization had the same basic fixtures, since ancient times. They ask the same existential questions, and, where they have existed for longer, were more eloquent and more detailed.

        There are people like this, in every country and every historical period, imo.

  28. kay123 says:

    Look up Mark Meadows he is chairman of the Freedom CAUCUS.
    Not the one I suggested above, which is bogus.
    Other favorites are:
    Judicial Watch…org.
    the conservative treehouse… comi
    breitbart …com
    all of these are reliable, true sites for news.
    Thank you Mac, for all you do but you
    just can’t be everywhere there is breaking news.
    Things often change overnight now, and by next
    mid-morning, it is old news. The comments may be 3 days old
    before (or if ) they are even read.
    But…fear not …you still have the BEST free comment
    site on the web!!
    For that we are greatful.