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Elected and Above the Law: Bill “Would Exempt Lawmakers from Prosecution of Nearly Any Crimes”

Mac Slavo
February 9th, 2015
Comments (145)


This one is just too rich. The arrogance and absurdity is over the top.

Granted, most of the political class is already de facto above the law to begin with.

But now, a lawmaker in Oklahoma has introduced a bill to officially give most lawmakers, judges, appointees and holders of high office immunity from prosecution.

The bill proposes to strip away the ability of a local level prosecutor, such as a district attorney, from being able to bring charges against anyone holding a government position. The text reads:

“The jurisdiction of a prosecution against a principal in the commission of a public offense, when such principal is a state elected official, state legislator, district court judicial officer, appellate judicial officer or an appointee of a state board or state commission at the time of the commission of the offense, is within the sole and exclusive prosecutorial authority of the Attorney General of Oklahoma. Such an action must be filed in the county of residence of the state officer.”

Under the legislation, only an Attorney General would be able to bring charges against such a person, who would effectively live in a separate class of citizens who are above the law. So long as they are in office, any “public offense” would not be considered a punishable crime.

As Counter Current News reported, this has at least one local prosecutor up in arms over the abuse of power:

“It’s a big deal to me. I’m upset and concerned,” Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater explained. “This bill creates a different class of citizens that would be protected from the normal prosecution process.”

“I am suspicious … that is what this is really about,” Prater added.

The only justification offered for this outrageous and odious piece of “legislation” (for how can one make a law exempting one’s self and peers from the law?) is to combat ‘politically-motivated’ “malicious prosecution,” as in the case of former Texas Governor Rick Perry, who is being prosecuted for abuse-of-power (or how the irony twists round-and-round in this case).

So, to prevent abuse-of-power in frivolously prosecuting elected or appointed officials for alleged abuse-of-power, these officials should have immunity from the law to begin with?

And corruption already runs rampant in the halls of Congress, both on the state and federal level.

If Oklahoma adopted this law, it would likely only be a matter of time before other states do so as well. Washington would be on this yesterday, if possible.

This would absolutely cement the culture of corruption in politics, giving carte blanche for all sorts of behavior and all manner of deals involving conflicts of interest. The politicians could do almost anything – and so long as they tow the party line (of the two-headed, single party system), they would operate under total immunity.

But as for everyone else, not so much, of course.

The little people will continue to get the squeeze, facing prosecution and significant financial penalties for even petty crimes and misdemeanors, as well as imposed mandatory insurance policies, increased taxes and much more, generally laid upon these taxpayers by appointed and elected officials doing favors for their corporate lobbyist partners-in-crime.

That’s why the U.S. has the largest prison population in the world, with more than 2 million people behind bars.

That’s why the U.S. has a guilty-until-proven-innocent system in place, with more than 72 government-sanctioned non-criminal reasons to suspect some of being a potential terrorist.

That’s why the U.S. operates under a nightmare scenario where civil asset forfeit seizure “laws” have been used to steal people’s homes and property, even when they have not been charged with a crime.

This is how the other side lives.

While it is true that there are plenty of ‘bad guys’ committing some awfully heinous crimes, it is also true that there are far too many laws – in a country that was once founded on freedom, but is now swallowed up in bureaucracy – resulting in prisons filled with offenders who’ve committed non-violent crimes, victimless crimes and even petty and sometimes bizarre offenses.

And there are plenty of corrupt officials enforcing this system, but many of the judges and LEOs don’t even agree with the laws they are enforcing and sentences they are handing out (some of which are mandatory under statute).

Those same judges and LEOs would be powerless to arrest the politicians who made these laws – even if it were clear that laws were broken and abuses occurred. Even if they wanted to, not that I’m holding my breath.

Enter the trump card – an entire deck of get-out-of-jail-free cards.

What do you think about that?

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: February 9th, 2015
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. falloutboy says:

    the reset button cannot be pushed soon enough

  2. Acid Etch says:


    Any of you fucking sheeple morons who think false flags are goofy conspiracy theories, read and learn.

    It’s extremely common.

    After all, nearly all of the populace wants to be left in peace but for the zebras in power provoking matters to suit the bankers and industrialists (who are all headed by zebras too).

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is nothing! obullshit and his ilk have been doing this for 6 years now.
    Holder won’t do anything to the Panthers at the elect booths, gun running, the list goes on and on.
    “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. we see this all the time. Just another brick in the wall!

  4. kfilly says:

    This is just sickening. Parasites enriching themselves through criminal behavior. Most Amerikans still don’t care.

  5. I guess state lawmakers want the same benefits as the feds do.
    Let’s start by locking them all up and having them prove why should get out.

  6. hammerhead says:

    They must have something to hide in Oklahoma , why else would these polititians circle their wagons like this ?
    This is crazy bizzare , if I lived in OK , I would start making some noise about this one >

    • oicu812 says:

      It’s just another sign of the times.

      If you are caucasian, and not working for the governments, state and fed, possibly county; or connected with LE by employment or as a snitch/VFD/First Responder/Paramedics/etc……You are on the outside of “their” circle, looking in. Or in other words, you must be guilty of something until you can prove your innocence.

      All immigrants of color, illegal or not, and especially muzzies, get a free pass to commit crimes against others.

      But, you call yourself a christian and show blood in your face (Adamic race/bloodline), you are an enemy to them.

      They are NWO slaves, but don’t know it yet. They have a short lifespan ahead. Their world looks all cozy and secure as they appear to have control over the masses.
      When the order of the reckoning begins, it will be too late for the workers of iniquity and their little game is over, struck out in the last inning, and the losers are gone forever, their chance is gone forever too. All those ill gotten gains from the hands of the common folks and true christians, will not mean diddly squat to the Redeemer in Charge.

  7. SterlingSilver says:

    Sometimes I really think a violent civil war is what they want and will stop at no ends to start it.

    If politicians can pass a law that forces us peasants into an unconstitutional “mandate” like Obamacare, passing a law that indemnifies them from their own crimes isn’t a far reach.

    • Enemy of the State says:

      They want a civil war .. We don’t
      What we want is a revolution
      Yes there is a difference please look it up

      • SterlingSilver says:

        I am educated in the difference between and civil war and a revolution and I unequivocally disdain the idea of revolution. Installing a new regime backed by the same oligarch that destroyed things this cycle is counterproductive. That’s all a revolution would get us.

        A restoration to our Republic is what is in order. Not installing a new set of rules and a new set of douche bags — which is all revolution would get you.

        If a Restoration comes by way of a civil uprising, hopefully this would be the refreshing of that tree of liberty that needs refreshing from time to time with blood of patriots and tyrants.

        • the renegade braveheart says:

          SS, I couldn’t agree more. Very good post.

        • Calgagus says:

          Go Galt.
          Support anti consumerism as much as possible.
          Take away as much of their power as you can.
          Quit facebook and google. They are fascist groups supported by the govt.

        • Enemy of the State says:

          what ever

          you see it your way I see it mine.. but we both see it slipping away

          I full well know what a revolution is and a civil war and the differences

          what makes you think if we had a revolution that we wouldnt kill off the Oligarch?.. because if we didnt it wouldnt be a successful revolution

          trust me take the time to understand the difference between a job well done and a fuck up, I think than you will understand we want a revolution not a civil war.. I dont want to fight my brothers and sisters.. i want to fight this tyrannic government and thats what a revolution is

          • SterlingSilver says:

            If you want to live, you WILL be fighting your “brothers and sisters”. More than half of them are buying off on the idea of wealth redistribution which is socialism leading to communism. If those are your brothers and sisters, I hope you can sit down to the table and calmly explain that their non-production has led to their hunger and pain. I’m sure they’ll understand.

            Make a sandwich and read a book.

    • Kulafarmer says:

      These fucking piece of shit politicians didnt read obolacsre but were sure to exempt themselves and their staff from it,,,
      Hence, last year, was the last year, want it? Come n get it you fucking government turds!

  8. MommaD says:

    I sure hope the people of OK stand up and say no to this!!! This is outrageous!

  9. Sgt. Dale says:

    This is nothing. Obullshit has ilk have been doing this for 6 years now. Hold won’t bring prosecution against the law breakers, but he will go after people that arte not in his klick. What so different from the turds running thi9ng, After all aren’t starting a new dark ages, and thst was what the PTB did.

    • Kulafarmer says:

      Sarge, ya gotta stop posting and driving!

      • Sgt. Dale says:

        I’ve got medicine head. Damn head cold and I took some stuff for night time around 10:30 and I can’t get my sh$%to together. I’m going to just lay around today. I don’t take a lot of meds so it hits me hard. I’ve just started to start feeling a little right. Maybe its left? WTH!
        No way I’m going to drive. It wouldn’t be safe.

  10. Jim Bob says:

    ” that arte not in his klick”. Do you mean people that aren’t in his clique? LOL!

    • AGENT SKINHEAD says:

      JB… NEVER… Underestimate the pleasure of a well defined swift klick! to the head. Tis a lifesaver in some circumstances. White Power 4 ever.

    • oicu812 says:

      “click” you say?

      Reminds me of the time I dated this rednecky little country bumpkin for a while. She was a looker with her big hair and round bottom. She had her own tanning bed and kept her tight, 5′ 7″ frame tanned from head to toe, and all points in between.

      One time after we had been together for about three months, and were making out, she asked if I would kiss her click. I said “your what”? She says, “you know, my click” and nodded towards her crotch.

      I said, “Oh your clit”, and she said, “yea, that’s right, my click”. I didn’t bother trying to explain.

      She was uneducated and not a very good conversationalist, but when a good looking woman can draw the proverbial golf ball thru the proverbial garden hose, it doesn’t really matter about conversation, until many months have passed without much hassle.

  11. Colorado Kid says:

    Communism is for the people, not the communist.
    -Andrew Wilkow

  12. No, really, if they keep this up, there will be only *ONE* way to deal with them. You all know what I am talking about. They better completely wipe that off the books because when the way I am speaking of becomes S.O.P. then the S.O.B.’s will be toast. They need to be careful what they do. They may be immune to the defacto color of law but not the law of physics (specifically, those applying to moving objects).

  13. confederate says:

    If this bill passes, within a short period of time look for these “officials” to be “mysteriously” eliminated through direct or indirect assassination.

  14. In unrelated news, pitchfork, torch, and good hemp rope futures are way up.

  15. Stolz Vorfahren says:

    Did John Corzine go to Jail? Did the masters of the scums aka the banksters end up in jail? This is nothing new so focus on solution Vs complains.

  16. PO'd Patriot says:

    Yeah whatever. They still can’t ever escape the backdoor justice that awaits them. When things take off, their screams (nor our laughter) won’t be heard above the din.

    Then I’m gonna celebrate, dance and get drunker than a monkey.

  17. tishie says:

    Card Blanche to do anything they want, like Cancer cells growing on an unsuspecting patient.

  18. Northern Reb says:

    Sounds like that old boy can out of Illinois, most of the politicians in this state think they are above the law.
    That the same crap that they are doing here , and have been for years!;-{
    Run for office and get away with murder!!!!
    S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

  19. Nels says:

    Two important things left out: 1) name of the proposer and 2) number of the bill

  20. Pissed.......... says:

    I got just the ticket for these assholes……………… http://www.gifbin.com/bin/1238157980_scanners_-_head_explosion.gif

  21. slingshot says:

    “It doesn’t matter anymore”.

    Paid Political Announcement for the Election of Hillary Clinton, for President.

  22. 21Bravo says:

    Time to buy some rope…..

  23. Washington DC already has this shitty type of legislation, even though it is not a written and passed law: With Eric Holder, “Old Fast and Furious” himself, making the decisions on who and what to prosecute on a federal level, most of the putrid senators and reps have nothing to fear…..while not above the law, they are literally above prosecution! On the state and local level: In Calif, state police don;t usually arrest, harass or ask for prosecution against elected officials….they keep a hoover book and blackmail the shit out of politicians when negotiating for wages and benefits….I could go on, but in a nutshell, laws of this type suck!

    • Tonto says:

      2013 In America, if you are part of the “justice” system, you are above it. San Antonio, Texas – Last month, a judge who pleaded for special treatment during her DWI arrest had her case dismissed and has been able to keep her job.
      A Texas appeals court judge named Nora Longoria was caught going just over the speed limit while traveling drunk in her Lexus late one evening. When she was pulled over by police she immediately flashed her badge and told them that she was a judge.

      She admitted drinking at least 5 beers before driving, expecting her badge would grant extra rights, like the right to drive drunk. It is important to point out that if she said she had 5, she probably had 12. On November 20th, her pleas were answered by Judge Rolando Cantu of Hidalgo County, when he dismissed her case. According to Hidalgo County DA Rene Guerra, there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute because Longoria refused a breathalyzer, and did not “seem drunk” on the video.

  24. slingshot says:

    Words of Wisdom. ;0)

    Do as I say. Not as I do.

    Judge to Defendant. I don’t blame you for your crime. I blame you for getting caught.

  25. Kulafarmer says:

    Yea, let them believe that, if this flys so can copper jacketed lead at distance,
    Read fourth gen warfare on Sipsey,
    Add the usual prefix

  26. Kulafarmer says:

    Nullify their actions with flying lead,,,,
    That wont even take III%

  27. Old Fart says:

    No wonder they want rid of the 2nd Amendment. They are afraid their corruption might lead to old fashioned justice.

  28. Aurelius says:

    Forever, we debate the reasons why the Republic died. I cannot see why an inquiring mind cannot understand when there is so much information available on the net. For reasons that I’m not so sure of any longer,I will offer this quote from a great American who once lived for those who still care,”The only really fundamental question is whether our race still has the will to live or is so biologically degenerate that it will choose extinction- to be absorbed in a pollutant and pestilential mass of mongrels,while the triumphant Jews keep their holy race pure and predatory” Revilo P. Oliver. To those who are successfully and completely indoctrinated in the WW2 lies, the EVIL Germans and the non existent mass murder of the Jews, God bless you but I have no words for you. To you others, I will say simply, prepare as you never have before! Evil times are before us and only righteous, well stocked people will survive the extreme unpleasantness that is coming.

    • Kevin2 says:

      That “Non Existent Mass Murder” was witnessed by my friends father that was a 14 year old Polish Catholic forced into slave labor that survived by loading the corpses into and ash from the ovens. My Uncle liberated a couple of camps having landed fortunately on Utah beach with the 4th ID.

      Two words for you

      FUCK YOU

      • Aurelius says:

        It’s very seldom that I respond to replies to my post’s, which are seldom in themselves, but I am curious as to your reply with the Negroid like vulgarity at the end, without, I might add, an exclamation point at the end. Do you presume that by the term,”non existent mass murder”,I was declaring that horrible things never happened? No, my dear mindless one, truly horrible things happened in that horrible war and hundreds of thousands of poor innocent Jews died in that conflict. They died though, not because of a State sponsored genocidal intention to murder them, but because of the intentions of the Allied command, which ignored and disapproved of the Red Cross request to feed and deliver medical assistance to the camps, as per the request of the ever EVIL Heinrich Himmeler, who asked the Red Cross to “Help Save Our Jews! Help, of which, was not forthcoming because that was totally against Allied policy.

        • DAMed in NY says:

          You are so full of shit…..and your own agenda.

        • Kevin2 says:

          They were murdered in a systematic mass murder incorporating the well noted German efficiency in said goal.

          Hundreds of thousands? Try millions. They intentionally knocked several hundred thousand non Jewish civilians.

          Take your anti semitism elsewhere.

        • HoodedHeretic says:

          U had me right up until U went Negroid. WTF Dog??? U need 2B losing that “All Niccas are crocks” mentality B4 some1 calls U out as a Hook nose counter intell whose ridin on the NUTT sacks of every culture and People’s U’ve ever came in contact with.

      • Jubilee says:

        Kevin, I’m not sure who’s sicker, him or the 9 others who agree with him. It shows how people will believe what they’re predisposed to instead of the facts. Eisenhower specifically wanted film and photographic documentation of it because he said that 50 years in the future someone is going to come long and say this never happened. I guess we’ll now be told General Eisenhower was a liar and part of the big zog takeover of the world.

        • Aurelius says:

          Jubilee; Facts? You know of facts? You know nothing of facts! Yes, the films showed hundreds of bodies and there were thousands and thousands more of bodies that had died of typhus and starvation because the Allied powers refused to allow food and medical supplies to enter the camps. Allied pilots machined gunned kids on bicycles in the last months of the war so no supplies whatever entered the camps. As for your hero Eisenhower, this bastard hero of yours oversaw the starvation of one and a half million German POW’s who lived in fields with no shelter whatever, no food whatever and no clothing to ward off the cold. As I’m sure you are a great American patriot as Kevin is, I ask the question, why the hell do not know these easily attained facts?

          • Jubilee says:


            Allow me to explain the facts about your messiah, Himmler. He tried to make a deal with the allies at the end of the war to save himself from justice. This mighty SS storm trooper himself in the end, was nothing more than a coward. This should prove ample evidence of your admiration for him, you both share the same trait. Go ahead and reply however you wish as I will make no further replies to you but will add I hope you get some type of mental health counseling soon, you really need it more than anybody else I’ve ever read on ANY blog. Good day.

            • Aurelius says:

              Jubilee; I assume you thought me a Nazi or an admirer of Nazis by the position I took but let me be clear so as to erase your righteous indignation. I am an anarchist that despises all lies from all governments. I admire no Nazis nor do I admire any Democrats or Republicans as I suppose you might. They are all liars as they must be to complete their agenda. The one virtue of Nazi Germany was that Hitler had as his greatest goal, the complete and utter destruction of International Communism. He failed, because all of the nations of the West, France, Great Britain and the United States were all controlled by International Jewry. That control of which I speak is many times stronger than it was those many years ago and it remains doubtful, totally doubtful, that Western Civilization will survive the Jewish onslaught. There was once a revolution long ago, that declared that a man came into this world a freeborn individual who never had to worry about a government usurping his God given rights because that Government had Constitutional restrictions that it obeyed to the letter! The Bill of Rights worked for so many years and it was so wonderful for so many generations of Americans but now I, as an aging American, realize that those days have passed and that the current generation of Americans have no idea of what America once meant to Americans and to the entire world. There is very little that one can say because truth is so successfully countered by the main stream media and what is delivered by that media is believed by 98% of the populace. God help us all!

  29. Copperhead says:

    Let them pull all the laws they want out of their ASS, but let it be known they will now pass muster in the COMMON MAN’S COURT, and that is where they will be tried after the smoke clears.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, SSDD,SSDP (same s–t different people).We will be given the same line of BS too.- just you wait, things will be different the other guy/party gets elected! Well, how well is this working out? Seems to me were getting more of the same.

  31. Asshat says:

    It’s innocent till proven guilty the criminals in jail have more rights than you. Why would the lawmakers convict themselves they would be fools they are above the law because they made the game we the people should be totally pissed off . We should drag them out of their houses in the middle of the night and beat the day lights out of them. The law don’t matter to we the people.

  32. Ian Duncan says:

    It isn’t that they are above the law, more accurately there is NO LAW for them.

  33. Just sayin' says:

    A Chinese billionare mafioso was just executed today and they are supposed to be going after his billionare political friends that helped with his crimes.

    No bankers or politicians go to prison here or get their ill gotten assests taken or end up on death row.

  34. Asshat says:

    Gov knows it’s coming apart they are trying to cover their asses. Dirty bastards . Up here in the northeast the snow has been putting a hurt on companies profits I love it anything to bring it down faster is what I’m for. We know it’s coming so why not help it along. We can rebuild sooner I’m not getting any younger. My company has not been able to get the deliveries off the trucks. Safety first you know. The freight is backing up big time they got serious problems. I’m just waiting to go in and find the gate locked. I don’t care myself I’ve only been there 2 years I can start over again no big deal. If I was a lawmaker I would exempt myself too. I’ve seen the governors kids throw party’s and get in trouble and it’s squashed never to be brought up again above the law hell yeah. This is not new where I live tell me some thing I don’t know that is outrageous. Die without a will it goes to the state. Your family won’t see a dime without a will the states lawyers will defend the state. You will lose it’s once to be the boss these are the perks. We are not any different than the Soviet Union we are all servants of the state . I do it for the Soviet Union just say it you know you wanna.

    • Kevin2 says:

      “anything to bring it down faster is what I’m for”

      You have no idea how wrong you are. Absolute starvation poverty with not only mass mobs of desperate people but de-facto gangs operating under the color of law taking what they want including your wife and daughter is what you’ll see.

      Instant third world with an in your face level of corruption formerly reserved for behind the scenes will be the norm. Fuggly would best describe it.

      No thanks. I’m rooting for them to successfully kick the can down the road for as long as possible.

  35. Kevin2 says:

    They’re not satisfied with luxurious pensions and medical plans that are unavailable to their constituents. They have been increasing the rules upon and decreasing the lawful responses from the citizenry over injustice. They now desire to codify protection from prosecution for themselves. This is not bypassing the intent of the US Constitution but rather the Magna Carta as they have become de-facto royalty.

    A couple of thousand years ago the question was asked, “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” Which translated is: “Who watches the watchmen?”, or accepted as, “Who protects us from our protectors?” In two millennium that question still goes unanswered.

    • the renegade braveheart says:

      kevin2, the answer to the 2nd question is, ‘WE PROTECT OURSELVES FROM THE ‘ALLEGED’ PROTECTORS. It is our natural right to do so. Can’t help with the 1st question.

  36. swinging richard says:

    How about we execute anyone that was elected to public office for crimes they might have committed, lies they might have told, or abuses of power they might have considered. Sarcasm off.

  37. conservative lady says:

    Oh hell no

  38. Ms.X says:

    Psychiatric evaluations and personality testing should be a mandatory prerequisite for anyone involved in the law-making or justice system. A requirement like this would weed out the undesirables. Sociopaths and psychopaths always reveal themselves if you know what to look for.

  39. James Woroble Jr says:

    Relax. A temporary disappointment at most. Its not the end of history.

    Tens of thousands of these types went kicking and screaming, with their expensive puffy shirts, faux facial mole and powered wigs, to the Guillotine during the French Revolution.

    As Mark Twain stated, ‘History doesn’t repeat itself, but it surely rhymes’.

    There’s no doubt with what is about to unfold that this new gang of tyrants, criminals and traitors will also be dealt with as history dictates. Only the mechanisms and devices of the implementation of justice will be different.

  40. Ben Dhere says:

    Psychiatric testing is BULL, who is going to determine what’s normal? Slimy politicians? Phony scientists?

    This story though, reminds me of what I was thinking about the other day, about the various cop shows, etc., on television. Decades ago it was not unusual to see one of these shows where organized crime, or something like that, would go to great expense to put one of their own through college, etc., in order to be placed in a position such as a judgeship, or a cop, or legislator. You just don’t see that kind of story anymore, could it be because almost ALL judges, cops, legislators are infiltrators for some criminal boss? And they just don’t want people getting it into their heads that U.S. has been heavily infiltrated. Could that be why you don’t see that king of show anymore?

    If movie makers wanted to make the biggest grossing movie ever…it would be…Friday the 13th, Jason goes to Washington!. Who wouldn’t be willing to pay high ticket prices to see politicians in D.C. get hacked up by Jason with a big carving knife. I know I would.

  41. Grampa says:

    The people are the law. When the people move to bring about justice history has proven that no man is above the peoples law and no one can escape it.

  42. Truth says:

    I read this often and always see people using the term “sheeple” but in reality who is the fool? The one who knows the truth or the one oblivious to it? The only way this country will change is if the majority really wants it to. We need a hero who will be the face of democracy to rise up and conquer the degenerates currently in office. This country has measures in place that give the people the right to evict the powers that be, if only we used that authority. We have grown into a weak shell of our former selves. We need a reboot and The only way it can happen if the people use the power we always had. Governments should fear the wrath of the people because they themselves should be one of us. I will change this country back to what it was meant to be the land of the brave and home of the free.

    • Richard Head says:


      Though I agree with you I get so tired of hearing about democracy we don’t need a hero for democracy, democracy is what we are seeing now, the many trying to take away the rights of the few.

      We need a hero that will stand up for LIBERTY, WE all must stand ourselves for LIBERTY. individual freaking liberty!! God-given rights….You know the stuff our Republic was founded on. But yes I will stand with you, but as I’ve said in many previous posts, that can be a hard thing to get people to do. I’ve attended many rallies and events and lectures, and the turn out is almost always disappointing to me. Its also generally dominated by baby boomers and older vets. Most people and especially millennials don’t seem to care enough to do much more than bitch on their computers and talk about how we should shoot people “IF” they try to take our rights away, while failing to realize we LET them take our rights away years ago, in the name of democracy.

      “Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery…..”
      -Patrick Henry

  43. Truth says:

    This is our country who will stand next to me to get it back? Btw not talking terrorism people that solves nothing

  44. D Bro says:

    This bill was pulled over a week ago due to local heat by the people. That is what it takes to control these officials. Keep the pressure on all your local officials.