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Ebola Spreading: Infections Up 800% In Last Week: Officials Race To Track Down 400 Possible Contacts

Mac Slavo
May 19th, 2017
Comments (165)


Last week three suspected Ebola infections were detected in a remote region of the Congo. Since then, World Health Organization officials have been scrambling to contain the virus.

Their efforts appear to have failed.

The contagion continues to spread, and though it’s nowhere near the 11,000 people who were infected during the outbreak in 2014, the infection rate has spiked over 800% in just the last seven days, with at least nine new cases reported in the last 24 hours:

The number of suspected cases of Ebola has risen to 29 from nine in less than a week in an isolated part of Democratic Republic of Congo, where three people have died from the disease since April 22, the World Health Organization said on Thursday.

The risk from the outbreak is “high at the national level,” the W.H.O. said, because the disease was so severe and was spreading in a remote area in northeastern Congo with “suboptimal surveillance” and limited access to health care.

“Risk at the regional level is moderate due to the proximity of international borders and the recent influx of refugees from Central African Republic,” the organization said, but it nonetheless described the global risk as low because the area is so remote. (NY Times)

The 2014 outbreak likewise started in a remote region of Africa, but containment efforts were ineffective and the virus eventually spread to the United States and Europe.


According to W.H.O., about 400 people have come into contact with the 29 people infected and officials are attempting to track them down for monitoring.

Protective gear has been dispatched to health workers and a mobile lab is being constructed and then deployed to the area. Immediate repairs to air strips and telecommunications are also being carried out. The first six months of the operation are expected to cost $10 million…

With the help of the UN, the first search teams, led by the DRC’s Ministry of Health, flew into Likati yesterday. Their immediate priority is to follow the 400 plus contacts of the suspected Ebola cases. (U.N. News Centre)

As we learned in 2014, all it takes is one infected individual to make it through an airport checkpoint.

With international travel via airports, trains and cars available throughout the region, a single infected individual on an airplane could infect scores of others, who in turn could infect scores more.

The following Ebola model from Yaneer Bar-Yam, who has successfully simulated and predicted such events as the rise of the Arab Spring, shows how an Ebola contagion may look.

The above model is based on Ebola’s current infection rates and doesn’t take into account its possible evolution as it spreads from human-to-human.

According to scientists, the 2014 strain began hyper evolving, to the point that had it not been contained and continued to spread through human contact, it could have gone airborne, making it as easy to catch as a common cold.

In response to this unprecedented threat, US government officials began preparing for mass casualties, reportedly going so far as to develop plans for Community Care Centers where infected individuals, or those suspected of infections, would be detained indefinitely.

As the Ebola contagion spread across the globe, the panicked populace rushed to stockpile emergency supplies like freeze dried foods, bio-protective body suits and gas masks.

The concern, of course, was that a virus with a 90% fatality rate after infection would make its way to local American communities. As Tess Pennington notes in her Pandemic Preparedness Guide, once it’s within 50 miles of where you live, it’s time to worry and take immediate steps to isolate your family from the threat, because most people won’t realize how serious of a situation they are in:

Looking back at the Black Plague, those living in high populated areas were hit hardest by this pandemic.  The Black Death is estimated to have killed 30–60 percent of Europe’s population. Given our vast array of transportation systems, modern society causes infectious disease to spread far more rapidly compared to any other time in recorded history; and because pandemics are fast moving, vaccinations would be useless. Further, in regards to the world’s transportation system, the morbidity rate in a future pandemic could result in millions seeking medical care at the same time thus overwhelming hospitals and emergency departments.

When an outbreak occurs, many will remain in a state of denial about any approaching epidemics. Simply put, most people believe themselves to be invincible to negative situations and do not like the idea change of any kind. They will remain in this state until they realize they are unable to deny it to themselves any longer. Being prepared before the mass come out of their daze will ensure that you are better prepared before the hoards run to the store to stock up.

Perhaps containment procedures being implemented in the Congo by W.H.O. will be more effective this time around than they were in 2014.

But what if they’re not? What if the virus mutates and goes airborne?

Plan accordingly.


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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: May 19th, 2017
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. John says:

    The 2014 strain began hyper evolving?

    More likely a secret Bio-Lab has perfected their weapon of mass depopulation!

    If it goes Airborne, its by design.

    • No argument there, John!



      • buttcrackofdoom says:

        i just heard trey gowdy’s son was found dead in a dumpster and 2 muslims being held…can’t find anything on it yet….anybody else hear anything?

        • Nexus789 says:

          I would put money on it being fake. There is so much of that stuff floating around.

          • buttcrackofdoom says:

            8 hours later, and still nothing in the news, so i apologize for helping to spread a fake(i hope) story.

            • YellowPokaDotBikini says:

              That’s Fake News about Trey Gowdy’s son. Yee gads you believe everything you read.

              Well this story is true. This POS Podesta deserves a Firing Squad for being a Traitor to the USA.

              John Podesta Received $35 Million from Russia While Advising Clinton and Obama
              05-21-2017 • DC Closthesline

              Oh that right, the real Russian Connection of Payoffs, Bribes and Looting of our Assets to sell off to Russia while these POS Traitors stuff their pockets full of cash for personal gain and access. Where it the Justice system here? WHERE ARE YOU FBI? SLEEPIN AGAIN? $8 Billion dollar annual budget and all they can do is find some phony patsy to create a fake terror attack. Lock them up and shoot them. All of them.

        • KY Mom says:

          To me, the scariest part of the Ebola virus is that it can “hide” in the body LONG after one has “recovered”. Relapsing Ebola can restart the cycle of infection.

          Apparently, those recovering from Ebola are not virus free after 21 days, as the CDC told everyone in the U.S. in 2014.

          Ebola virus found in semen six months after recovery: WHO – 11/22/15

          “He has provided a semen sample which has tested… POSITIVE for Ebola, 175 days after his negative blood test,”

          The UN health agency had previously said the virus had been detected in semen around three months after a patient had been declared Ebola free.”
          ht tp://news.yahoo.com/ebola-virus-found-semen-six-months-recovery-104351981.html

          Ebola relapses – the virus CAN HIDE in inaccessible corners of the body – 10/21/15
          (Ebola) “virus that CAN HIDE in inaccessible corners of the body – such as the spinal fluid or eyeball.”

          Doctors and health officials in Sierra Leone told Reuters that a handful of mystery deaths among discharged patients may also be types of Ebola relapses, stirring fear that the deadly virus may last far longer than previously thought in the body, causing other potentially lethal complications.

          “Relapsing Ebola might affect 10 percent of all recovered patients.”

          “the live virus was detected among the roughly 20 survivors treated in Europe and the United States.”

          ht tp://www.foxnews.com/health/2015/10/21/mystery-deaths-in-sierra-leone-spread-fear-ebola-relapses/

      • from 9 to 27 is not an %800 increase, unless my math is off..

    • Marie in Upstate says:

      If it becomes airborne, and therefore deliberate, it won’t be depopulation. It will be the end.

      No one within the country borders, (other then maybe those in underground bunkers who don’t come out for air) will survive. Why would they want all or even most of us dead?

      We pay their salaries and keep them afloat and alive. I could see depopulation, and no doubt that’s what they are aiming for, but spreading it so most of us die just doesn’t sound likely or realistic.

      • TEST says:

        The truth is, Marie, that minds matter more than mouths, and that absurd, ignorant former catastrophic global cooler turned catastrophic global warming Paul Ehrlich a(nd his BIG GREEN MONEY types) LOST his famed bet with Julian Simon,

        Malthusianism is for dupes. A study at Johns Hopkins Univ. found that FORTY percent of food in the US is wasted. How about starting with issues like that?

    • TEST says:

      Now that Ebola has come to the U.S. in, of all places, Texas, Speaking of Ebola, leftist fascism and good ol’ erroneous Malthusianism, then there is our own Joseph Mengele wannabe, Dr. Eric Pianka

      When Dr. Pianka was named by the academy as a Distinguished Texas Scientist in 2006, he stated that the AIDS virus was not killing off the surplus human population quickly enough. What he said was needed was to have Ebola eliminate 5.8 billion of the world’s then-6 billion people. Even more bizarre — and scary — is that his speech received a standing ovation at the academy’s annual meeting, at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas.

      Indeed, as LifeSiteNews reported, quoting the Seguin Gazette, Dr. Pianka also stated, “Every one of you who gets to survive has to bury nine.” .

      Continuing in his speech, Pianka said, “[Disease] will control the scourge of humanity. We’re looking forward to a huge collapse. We’ve grown fat, apathetic and miserable,” he continued, describing the world as a “fat, human biomass.”

      Apparently, tjockskalle (Swedish for fathead) Pianka excludes himself, like to ALL of the fascist left, from that fat human biomass.

      Remember: H8TE is bad, unless the fascist left brownshirts do it – then it is “justified.” Male patriarchy is bad – unless it’s some vile leftist holding a “Rape Melania” sign – then it is “understandable.” People dying in droves is fine to the left – as long as it isn’t THEM. Illegal immigration is fine – as long as the Hollywierd Learjet leftists don’t have to house them in THEIR zillion room mansions. Environmentalism is great, as long at the leftists is Beverly Hills can keep THEIR pools full (or like my idiot hypocrite neighbors next door, spray THEIR grass with pesticide and herbicide, while I NEVER do that – I pick my weeds by hand. Same house where the woman is on “disability” – but goes jogging a couple miles every day or two.

      • maybe the disability is mental or involves partial blindness or something like that.

        • BlackMoe says:

          As in partially-blind liberals?

        • TEST says:

          Fair enough, Christine, and good point. The problem is, unfortunately not that. Not sure how one could go jogging on city streets with a visual disability, but whatever… Besides, her husband is not on disability even it it were the case. The “disability,” if you will, is self-righteousness that always characterizes the left. The issue that I am pointing out is HYPOCRISY of the left (e.g., the Hollywierd Learjet leftists). This hypocrisy is EXTREMELY significant in that is shows that the left ***does not understand human nature.**** This is why von Mises called his book “Human Action” – meaning that a zillion human actions per second is a far better predictor of value and price than some idiot in a central planning office in Moscow of DC, totally disconnected from reality, coming up with their idiotic 5 yr plans. This is why Solzhenitsyn called Communism (and its ugly cousin socialism) a “Christian heresy.” Viz, ***they do not have an understanding of human nature, and their presuppositions are flawed at the get-go.***

          Respectfully speaking Christine, let me ask you this. If you are in Paris, France, and want to drive your car to Paris Texas, can you do it? Of course not, as your ASSUMPTIONS are flawed, your **map is incorrect.***

          Same with socialism and communism. But even above and beyond that Christine, tell me, how *can* everyone live off of everyone else? Heck, the Pilgrims even tried that, and almost starved to death doing it. Why do we keep repeating the same PROVEN failed nostrum?

          Thank you for questioning me, however. Iron sharpens iron, so good to submit my stuff for “peer review” by folks like you

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        TEST, the left are a bunch of ‘fat human biomass’.

    • durangokidd says:


      This is the GREEK version of Argentina, courtesy of the NWO Right. Argentina is the NWO Left version of Greece. Keep prepping. Buy food, water, ammo. Dump stocks, especially Junior Mining Stocks.

      When SHTF, management will spend your equity. 🙁

      • TEST says:

        Speaking of Greece and more failed socialist promises, recall this famous quote: “If a bomb ever drops on Berlin, you can call me Meyer” – Herman Goering, 1939

        This quote has several variations, but the original quote by National SOCIALIST Resichsmarschall Hermann Göring was given in a speech to his Luftwaffe in Sept. 1939. “No enemy bomber can reach the Ruhr,” he assured them. “If one reaches the Ruhr, my name is not Göring. Meyer, along with similar spellings, is a very common German name, meaning “higher, superior or mayor.” Some sources, for added irony, later re-quoted his boast as “If one enemy bomb falls on Berlin, you can call me Meyer.” Later on, once reality set in, Germans started sarcastically calling air raid sirens “Meyer’s trumpets,”

        Here’s where the National Socialist promises ended up, in pictures. http://www.spiegel.de/fotostrecke/photo-gallery-a-devastated-berlin-fotostrecke-54631.html Like all socialism, which promises, as Bastiat said, for everyone to be able to live off of everyone else, if it doesn’t end up like these pix of 1945 Berlin, it ends up like 1995 Detroit (last Republican mayor ~1960), or 2015 Venezuela, or 2015 Zimbabwe, or Greece or the USSR (which one wag called “a Chad (the central African impoverished country), but with missiles” …. But, as you can surmise from the leftists, THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT… and they will be using YOUR money for their latest Goering-esque “sure thing.”

        The problem with socialism is that it is arrogant AND ignorant. Bad combination, don’t ya think?

    • jeffglobal says:

      “The Ebola Breakout Coincided With UN Vaccine Campaigns.”


      Has USAID been vaccinating people again? Or was it the UN this time?

      Remember everyone, take your vaccines. My dad got his flu shot this last winter, he was 82 years old, 2 days in the hospital, 5 days he was dead. Sept 14th 2016. Peace, dad.

    • TEST says:

      The 1974 Club of Rome report titled, Mankind at the Turning Point stated, “The real enemy then, is humanity itself.” Their solution was simple – engineer a massive reduction in population and utterly change the socio-economic system through centralized planning via total government control. And yes, this does smack of being called “The Final Solution” to me, too. This “man is the enemy” was reiterated by the Club of Rome in 1993, as well, when they stated in their The First Global Revolution, downloadable at http://www.scribd.com/doc/2297152/Alexander-King-Bertrand-Schneider-The-First-Global-Revolution-Club-of-Rome-1993-Edition that “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill….All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”

      “We came up with the idea??” In other words, a conclusion had already been reached, and now they needed to create a “reason” to support their unsupported – and as Julian Simon provisionally demonstrated, possibly false – a priori assumptions. Do not try this technique in any school paper you may attempt, or you will be failed!

      As Robert Zubrin observed, to the Malthusians and their evil spawn, the global warmers, “… each new life is unwelcome, each unregulated thought or act is menace, every person is fundamentally the enemy of every other person, and each race or nation is the enemy of every other race or nation.” Perhaps it is put most clearly by the World Wildlife Fund Living Plant Report of 2012, which Lewis Page summarizes in the May 16, 2012 edition of the Register that “economic growth should be abandoned, (and) citizens of the world’s wealthy nations should prepare for poverty.” The rich, of course, are especially bad – and that means especially you, Americans and Westerners – as the Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit, by Rosalyn McKeown, found at http://www.esdtoolkit.org/ tells us: “Generally, more highly educated people who have higher incomes, consume more resources than poorly educated people, who tend to have lower incomes. In this case, more education increases the threat to sustainability.” But do recall, of course, that the “lifestyles of the rich and famous” Hollywood Learjet leftists, Geo Soros, Al Gore the billion dollar a month vacation Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama, etc are all exempt, naturally!

      Of course, individual rights are verboten, given the Malthusian threat to the earth. As Harvey Ruvin, Vice-chair of International Committee for Local Environment Initiatives (ICLEI), a group that wants to impose the green agenda on everyone has noted, “Individual rights must take a back seat to the collective.” Pol Pot, move over. (Incidentally, the Malthusians might want to get a clue, as between 30 and 50 percent of all food produced globally, equivalent to two billion tons, is thrown away each year according to a recent report written by the UK-based Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME), titled ‘Global Food; Waste Not, Want Not’, found at http://www.imeche.org/Libraries/Reports/IMechE_Global_Food_Report.sflb.ashx. Of course, per the usually PC Time Magazine, the Malthusians are doubly wrong, as “…it turns out the world’s population isn’t growing nearly as fast as it once did. In fact, experts say the rate of population growth will continue to slow and that the total population will eventually — likely within our lifetimes — fall.” http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/01/11/overcrowding-nah-the-worlds-population-may-actually-be-declining/

      All this misses, of course, the simple dictum of Julian Simon: “The most important benefit of population size and growth is the increase it brings to the stock of useful knowledge. Minds matter economically as much as, or more than, hands or mouths.”
      This is the same Julian Simon that bet global coolers Paul Ehrlich and current-warmer-then-global cooler John Holdren that the price of chromium, copper, nickel, tin, and tungsten would go down, not up, by Sept. 29, 1990. In fact, all five commodities – which Ehrlich selected – went down by the targeted date. In Oct. 1990, Ehrlich mailed Julian Simon a check for $576.07 to settle the wager. No word if current unelected Obama science czar Holdren chipped in any dough or not. But – as the last refuge of scientific (or economic) scoundrels – of course, “this time will be different.” See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon%E2%80%93Ehrlich_wager for the Wikipedia summary of this wager.

    • Orion says:

      About time SOMETHING did something about something…. Think of Ebola as Mother Natures way of shedding fleas….

      • TEST says:

        But of course, YOU are not flea, are you.

        Your sentiment is nothing more than what the worst of the Nazis expressed. I’m sure you would have been a wunderkind on Joseph Mengele’s team

  2. oops says:

    Heck, who has time to care about this when we have the Russians interfering in US elections.
    Russians are way more of a threat.
    Those monuments all over the south need to be taken down they are creating a bigger problem.
    One more o:k hand sign and I just may scream.
    Threats of wall building are way more scary.
    So many people using their privilege, OMG.
    White boards hanging in classrooms are offensive.
    Old people using up all the healthcare money.
    Kids drug out of school by cops for deportation.
    Fascists, Nazi in the WH funded by Putin.
    Potus needs impeaching.
    Potus stopping women from making choices.

  3. Sandy Burglar says:

    Yep, let’s sensationalize the headline by saying 800%, instead of some 24 new cases. Far from a pandemic.

    • PatriotGuy says:

      What’s so sensationalized about it? Seems as if every story you read, you’re either putting it down or injecting your sarcasm.

      You never contribute anything proactive to the forum. You’re a troll, plain and simple: just posting to cause dissent.

      Thanks for nothing. Then again, thanks for exposing yourself as a troll.

      • because he got criticism sense that you have not, fucktard left white, grow up, the prepper lifestyle and the money flowing from any website making cash with it depend on bad news and way to present fact. 1 case = 100 of case, 8 more people = 800% raise.

        800% is scary, 8 cases is not.

        grow the fuck up. stupid..

      • Wilson says:

        If Sandy B. wants to voice dissent what is wrong with that?

        ” Seems as if every story you read, you’re either putting it down or injecting your sarcasm.

        You never contribute anything proactive to the forum. You’re a troll, plain and simple: just posting to cause dissent.”

        I thought Sandy was new, I’m not aware of all of her other comments.

    • Bildew says:

      Yeah, 9 expanded by 800% is 72. Someone was absent from math when percentages were covered. ?

    • Nomadic says:


      ON MAY 22-31 ~2017

      “Seventieth World Health Assembly

      The World Health Assembly(NWO) are to determine the policies of WHO, appoint the Director-General, supervise financial policies, and review and approve the proposed programme budget.


      • Nomadic says:

        Sometimes when you’re up for budget review …. the math can get a little fuzzy…
        ?..::: There were 8 80 cases reported in the last 24 2.4 hours.
        ?..::: Yeah Yeah …. That’s the ticket…. 80 cases in the last 2.4 hours…

    • Smokey says:

      So just minimize it? They may have a secret way of determing per cent of rise, but lets just use 9 cases morphing into 29 cases. That’s still over 220%

  4. Anonymous says:

    Read the book, “The Hot Zone” to see how really horrible it is… I had to put the book down at times because too scary and upsetting to read!! anyhow if you see what occurred in the past (its nonfiction!!) its easier, I think, to act more appropriately. ;(

  5. Anonymous says:

    Still, Sandy, 9 new cases in just the last 24 hours!!!! and 400 people came in contact with those 9 people– it doesn’t take long to become exponentially higher.

    take fish in a fish bowl… You have 3 fish– no problem. but if they mate and produce 6 new fish and a month later, EACH OF THOSE 6 FISH MATE AND PRODUCE 6 FISH EACH MATING PAIR– How many fish do you have in a month??? A TON!!! THATS EXPONENTIAL GROWTH!!!!

    • Neal Jensen says:

      Exponential growth is not the same thing as exponential infection. Ebola infected materials aren’t growing per we but they can infect through casual unaware contact. The Hot Zone reference is what people need to read..ebola contamination and spread is not the same thing as exponential breeding rates as reproduction is not needed, just contact with infected materials or surfaces. Transmission is accomplished by people asymptomatic in early stages but highly infectious leaving behind infectious fluids on common use surfaces like light switches door knobs elevator buttons armrests door handles and push pads toilets etc. The most highly bacteria and virus contaminated materials IN THE PUBLIC REALM are menus and ketchup bottles. Look it up…

  6. Anonymous says:

    and then, a month later, each of those fish mate again, the numbers add up, not linearly– but exponentially… exponential sh– can wipe you out in no-time!

    there was scientific experiment with organisms in a petri dish–forgot all the details, but was truly amazing!!! (illustrating exponential growth!!)

  7. Anticommie says:

    Another std produced by the african sex fiends. Quarantine the whole continent now and forever. Or not. The Divine comeuppance on the sadomite west is overdue.

  8. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    I just heard something disturbing that’s going on in my city..involving a pubic appointed official. This person is working directly with the cabal under obama trying to take over texas.. The reason why i know the info is true, look who just called for the impeachment of Trump, a texas state rep.The source told me that if anything happens to Trump, that they are expecting literally a civil war, and that Texas will be one of the major battle ground areas for the so called war, soldiers will be coming accross into texas.. Guys, things are heating up What i heard was not anything new, or anything that you all don’t know about it, the difference is that the said war will be starting in August and peaking around October, and i dont know if or when it will start, just telling you what i heard, and i find the post about the financial collapse starting in August interesting, and i was told that they are crashing the economy, purposely to try to use it against Trump.. Then it gets worse, the source told me that another source told him, that his source who works for some company was told by that source that they are expecting a complete take down or our power grid by the october time frame that will be done purposely to trigger the war..bullshit? I can’t prove it, and the issue i am having is that my reliable source told me something similar recently. Hey guys, the real preppers, get ready and keep making preps and adjustments. I am shutting down my business by years end, and going off grid. the situation according to the source is that we are in more danger now than ever before..chinese soldiers have been pre positioned in north Texas, and all over west Texas, and will be launching attacks on civilians with muslim 5th column armies..we will be getting attacked from the west, the north and the south, in from Mexico. I believed this because one of my trust worthy sources was threatened by a PLA soldier in north Texas last year. We in Texas have been completely surrounded…We have and extremely serious situation going on in our state right, and this is real.


    • DMONIC says:

      HICKS- start taking your meds. You are a fucking NUTCASE!! There are NO PLA soldiers, VC, Russians, Aussies, UKies, JAPS, Canadadians, Icelanders, Indonesians, Ukrainians, SPARTANS or ANYONE ELSE in Houston trying to take it over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Get a fucking grip already!!!!

      • old one says:

        HCKS is a Houston-area LE officer. Be advised that he no nutcase or fool. Read and consider what he is saying.

        • Anonymous5 says:

          @old one…

          So police departments are hiring semi-illiterate paranoid scxhophrenics now?

        • DMONIC says:

          HICKS IS a nutcase. I highly doubt he is a LE officer. Hes been ranting and raving about chicoms and everything else here in the Houston area, which is TOTAL BS. I can see with my own two eyes. I travel all over TX for work, and extensively in Houston and I have not seen ONE SINGLE indication of this “military coup” about to take place.

          Dudes crazy and just looking for attention.

          Grandee has a good point- this one might be an imposter, but it doesnt negate the fact HICKS is Nucking Futz!

          • MadderNU says:

            Travel all over Texas doing what? Dude, you’re a POS, face facts. You’re a low-life who never contributes anything productive to these sites.

            Traveling all over Texas, huh? While your wife is doing everyone, right? Asshole.

          • Ketchupondemand says:

            He meant to say it was a “PLAY” soldier.

          • Braveheart1776 says:

            DMONIC, I sincerely hope HCKS is wrong and nothing happens anywhere in the US. But I do know he’s right to continue prepping and taking the right measures to protect himself and his loved ones. He’s not doing anything different than what we’re doing. What would you have him do, become complacent and stop prepping? Would you do that yourself? No, I doubt that. We all know something can happen and probably will this year. I, for one, refuse to attack HCKS. Just what if he turns out to be right and you to be wrong? Are you willing to go get caught with your pants down? I hope not for your sake.

    • grandee says:

      not sure this is HCKS

      grammer’s pretty good for him

      impostor alert ?!?!

    • Marie in Upstate says:

      HCKS Trumps’ approval ratings are at an all-time low for a president, especially for this early in the presidency. Yes, a grid take-down will initiate a lot of civil unrest no doubt, but Trump being impeached will not, given that he only has a 36% approval rating at this point.

      Out of that 36% it’s not realistic that all or even most of his supporters will actively fight back because some won’t have the ability or the where-with-all to do so. Trump supporters are a minority, and by the end of the year will only comprise about 1/3 of registered voters. Okay, given the population, approx 330 million, even 20% equates to a large number of people who can unite. But they still are not the majority and will be taken down by ready to aim-fire-shoot type of militaristic LE/police forces.

      It seems that about 7 or 8 posts ago you were all down on Trump. One day he’s your President the next post/thread you’re all down on him. Make up your mind.

      And BTW, I checked your older posts from last year “this will happen in November”, etc., and then the month comes and goes and nothing happens. So far none of your other 50 predictions have come true. Not one.

      • Gandhi says:

        36%=fake news. I love trump

      • oops says:

        Keeping boiling frogs in the pot simply takes skill and patience. Along with loads of distractions! So while you are watching the one hand start looking at the other, key info.

        You can’t see the forest for the trees? Study up. Critical thinking skills are just not taught it has to be developed.
        Balfour Treaty
        1917 Revolution
        The extra long list starts here UN WHO etc…

        Multi-pronged plans take time… Start asking yourself (Who what, when, where, why, and how). Just be prepared, there have been and remains some super sick folks in the world. Mental degeneracy know no bounds and they are in charge.
        Simply too much info out know for you not to be able to put this together. Have Fun!

      • rabbitone says:

        Marie, “…Trumps’ approval ratings are at an all-time low for a president…”
        Here we ago again. Anyone who believes MSM polls is suspect brain dead or a liberal troll. The MSM is spewing statistic after statistic to convince people Trump has to go. Why? Because Trump is not bought and the rest are!!! It is lies…lies…lies. The oligarchy is scared to death Trump will ruin their little confidence game and actually drain parts of their swamp.

        Socialism is dying everywhere. That is why we prep – to mitigate the risks. I ask liberals a simple questions like “…If times are so good in socialist utopias like Europe why did Mario Draghi and the ECB buy up 40% of sovereign bonds of Europe and is still buying? Why is their more than $7 trillion in bonds with negative yields? …” No one ever answers…

      • TEST says:

        I’m sorry, Marie, but you need to delve deeper. These polls are typical leftist fake news. How so? Simple? Like all leftists, they are lazy and intentionally stupid. These polls ask adults how they would vote, who they approve of. What THEY DIDN’T ASK WAS WHETHER THEY *WERE* CITIZENS, WHETHER THEY VOTED IN THE LAST ELECTION, WHETHER THEY REGULARLY VOTE, etc. When you do THAT poll (and a few did, I think Rasmussen was own), the result is Trump would have the same percentage that he won the election with.

        To be sure, there are a lot of fascist leftists out there. But it is NOT what they lying, leftist media’s latest round of Goebbelian propaganda is. Please read further, and don’t fall for the leftist disinformation lies.

      • TEST says:

        Rasmussen was **one***

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        Marie, uh, I think you’re off on your numbers concerning trump supporters and law enforcement. Only an estimated 2,000,000 law enforcers from local to federal levels all over this land. There’s also 100,000,000 gun owners out there. Both camps contain a vast MAJORITY of trump supporters. They don’t have to be a majority of the total population. They can defeat the Hillary/Obama supporters and any other threats out there. And the approval rating for Trump comes from MSM. I don’t know about you, but I trust anything coming from MSM.

    • YellowPokaDotBikini says:

      Hcks’ last place of residence before he was kicked out.

  9. DMONIC says:

    WOW. Seriously people?? This is worse than good ‘ol Jeremiah’s bullshit. EBOLA wont kill us, only the unprepared. Its easy to protect from. This isnt like the TV show “Contagion”.

    OH wait, I should probably buy gold, silver and more books from the annoying ads here though, right!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • Warchild Dammit! says:

      I should “buy more gold,silver and books”,only if you have your basics covered,or,and use ad block on your browser!

      Obola,back in the news again,good times!

  10. grandee says:

    Venezuela update. Study it. Coming to an America near you.

    Once people start to see dead bodies, and dead bodies begin to appear, then everyone will begin to stay at home.

    – Venezuelan Army Division General José Rafael Torrealba Pérez



  11. Anonymous says:

    News like this takes the focus off the real parasites.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The same ebola that was forecasted to bring Christmas to a screeching halt in 2014.

  13. Nopitypartyhere says:

    Hi guys

    Long time, no chat. I am saying this in all seriousness. No tinfoil hats, just the facts. I listen to Sirius XM patriot. For the last 2 weeks Mark Levin, today Newt Gengrich and some other patriots (Dan Bongino for example) are PUBLICLY sounding the alarm of an all out WAR by the deep state. I know we have all known, but for them to be pyblicaly calling it a WAR and not rhetorically speaking is serious when you are talking conservative media. Newt Gengrich was in Europe giving lectures for the last week. In Short he said he came to the realization that America is EXACTY where Germany and Italy were in the early 1930’s. He said republicans better get off their Assad and save this damn country because we are at WAR. XM is FREE through the end of next week. If you have an XM radio it’s channel 125. There’s not enough room here to write all that needs to be written. Much needs doing. Farm is growing and ten beehives demand my attention in the next 2 hrs before sun sets and rain moves in.

    Some of you guys who brag about your lists, I hope you have everything in order. may be time to start prioritizing the needs of Lady Liberty. I think I see her winking as Paul revere comes Riding down the Boston Post road with a Lantern!

    Brave, it’s almost time for you to move to jawgia


    • nameless says:

      Republicans not likely to save the country. Whenever they control the white house and the
      congress it usually leads to a Democrap landslide in the next election. You are looking at
      a possible Democrap majority in the senate. Next president is likely to be somebody even
      more left than Bernie Sanders. Much will happen in the next 3 and a half years to ignite the
      left. They hate Trump with a passion. There will not be enough conservatives to get Trump
      ( or Pence ) re-elected. If you think the last election was ugly, wait until the mid-terms.
      Deep state will resort to anything to get Trump out of there. Impeachment or worse.
      Intelligence agencies and central banks far more powerful than the presidency. Give Trump
      credit. The MSM is worn out trying to cover him. They have to manufacture phony claims
      to counter anything he does.

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      Nopitypartyhere, good to hear from you. I just finished a 2-week ‘vacation’ in GA last weekend. Next trip scheduled for August but ready to go sooner if circumstances dictate. Sounds like your farm is really coming along nicely. As long as conditions are still ‘normal’ I still have to make a living. I still expect the left to ‘step up their activities’. Going to be a long, hot summer.

  14. The so called refugees are the diseased.

    Trump is working to stop the influx of border crossers. Down by 73%; not bad, but not good enough. We should have 0 (zero) illegals.

    There is a no travel ban to The Congo, isn’t there? Or, is that racist? I’m so fed up with all this treacherous importation of people from the jungle, and from the sand box.


  15. Asshat says:

    If they can use this Ebola weapon on the useless eaters to cull the herd just maybe America can be great again. That would free up$ and land for those worthy. Killing off the parasites just makes sense. The infestation is out of control call the exterminator.

    • Anonymous5 says:


      Unfortunately, Ebola (or any other contagion for that matter) does not know the difference between the useless eaters and those who are productive.

      If there is going to be a culling…I’d prefer something a little more discriminating.

  16. Jim in Va. says:

    guess I’m not going to Texas for vacation with all those Chicoms and Jihadists there. I’ll stay here in the mountains and wait for them here. Yawwwwn.

  17. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    Fuck you demonic. Your mouth is only big because you are not looking looking at me in person. In fact your would not dare talk to me like that because you would be so afraid of me. A you are nothing but Butt air stinking up the atmosphere.

    Jim in the VA. You mentioned awhile back that you are a Mason.. Tell in masonry. What is a bank.?.. Define it right from the books that all masons possess..

    My friend is a 32 MD degree.. Come on Mason. Prove to me that your the real deal. Lets see you put me in my place..


    • James w Herendeen says:

      HCKS’ 32 is no better than any other degree. Being 3rd degree Mason is what counts. all Masons are equal. If YOU were a Mason you might know what I was talking about instead of mouthing somebody else’s opinion. Having said that, lets move on, we’re both preppers…LETS PREP!

    • James w Herendeen says:

      HCKS; I can prove to ant Mason that I am one,I don’t have to prove it to anyone else. Any mason would know by word or sign that I am one.Since you are not one it would be pointless. Become one yourself then I could prove it to you.

      • Jim in Va. says:

        HCKS.The only people i have to prove that I’m a Mason to are other Masons and there are words and signs to do so. I have no reason or desire to do so to anybody else. If you need to know then become a Mason and you would know too. Beyond that we are both preppers..lets prep!

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      HCKS, ignore DMONIC. He’s just another useless troll.

    • Anonymous says:

      HCKS – ad hominem attacks on others are the result of your distorted logic.

      Hiding behind a keyboard whilst offering long distance violence shows a startling lack of emotional maturity.

      Please, when propounding your “off the wall” theories, give some verifiable truths (not clips from rubbish fantasy films).

      Without facts, your twisted thinking and appalling mangling of the English language only enhances the majority opinion of you as terminally unhinged.

  18. Brian says:

    The health authorities have to win every battle when there is an outbreak. Ebola only has to escape just once. The question is more when than if.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Saw Jimmy Page on Austin City Limits recently. Dude should be doing Geritol commercials.

  20. nameless says:

    Not worried about Ebola. The future of this country does not look good. Millennials are not
    buying houses because they like to pay 19 dollars for avocado toast. If I was sunk with
    student loan debt and living in mommy’s basement I would not be paying 19 bucks for
    freaking avocado toast. Zuckerberg, Oprah and The Rock want to run for president in the
    next election. Millennials and the dumbass low information types will make one of them
    our next president. Expect massive voter registration drives in the ghettos. All the hipsters
    wearing skinny jeans and holding Starbucks cups will be getting the lib votes out in the
    swing states. Enjoy your next few months of Rino rule in gubmint. We are so phucked.

  21. Angry Beaver says:

    Hey everyone,
    Haven’t written in a while,been busy with work family. I do however have an off topic question; is anyone out there familiar with the chec made CZ 858.?
    have a chance to buy one.from what I understand they are basically neutered Ak-47. Semi auto only and I have to pin the magazine at 5 rounds. Any fellow Canadians out there that can tell me what a fair price

    • Gandhi says:

      AK47s suck, too communist for me.

    • Smokey says:

      If you can live with the 5 rounds, you’re good to go. The AK is a good battle rifle and your laws may preclude a lot of types being available.

      Check to see if entire AK mags will fit and run, then stock up next time down here.

      • Angry Beaver says:

        To unpinned the mags is no problem I can even order the selector switch the weapon is marked cz 858 from my research it’s old cold war Russian hardware retooled for international sale. And only a handful were let in Canada. The SKS is extremely popular here as I said we can’t get our hands on “the black gun” colt was going to release the c-7and c-8 to the public but it got shit down in Parliament.

  22. Traitor Hator says:

    I wonder how many people said the Spanish flu was fear porn when it first started ? And the Black Death? And AIDS. The parinoid survive? The preppers survive? Isn’t it obvious? Take no precautions. Don’t wash your hands. Don’t worry be happy. Don’t use a rubber. Your just paranoid. There nothing to worry about? The stupid should be culled? Let nature take its course. Stop trying to save the Tares. They need to go. As soon as possible.

    • Nailbanger says:

      Totally agree

    • Smokey says:

      You gotta wonder just how many know-it-all preppers got their families and neighbors killed.

      I’ve said this before, don’t let your ego get your family killed. If you prep, then prep, don’t stop because you think you know better.

    • Faux Liberte' says:

      We all have free will to make choices. In a world where man fears his own shadow, of what falls from the sky, comes from the ground or what do with his neighbors? He’s still in full control of his mental faculty and decisions.

      In this world, being ignorant, mean and lazy leads to a poor life style and early death. Note: You only have to possess a combination of two of those three traits to experience hard times. That is, you can be mean and still be intelligent. But mean and ignorance combined will land you into trouble.

      Therefore, you can be on welfare, but still recognize the dangers of dependency and what ever it takes to get off of it. It always comes down to choice and acting upon it. Even inaction or choosing to do nothing is still making a choice.

      Do we blame the dealers, the politicians and the priests for our bad choices? Because drugs, free programs and ignorant belief systems all fall under the same control of dependency. Don’t they? (Try getting someone off of one of these control systems and note the similarities in their rejecting your help -it’s an interesting experiment in psychology).

      We’re all junkies of one form or another. We all “Victims of comfort”. Whatever ‘comfort’ that is, there’s plenty to choose from.

      I suggest looking into the mirror and getting right with yourself and then start paying attention to what’s really going on around you.

  23. PJ London says:

    AFRICOM has hundreds of Soldiers and SF troops scattered around.
    To bring Democracy and Capitalism to the poor benighted masses.

    “The Kibali gold mine is located in the northeast of the Democratic Republic
    of Congo (DRC), approximately 560 kilometres northeast of the capital of the
    Orientale province, Kisangani, 150 kilometres west of the Ugandan border town of
    Arua and 1 800 kilometres from the Kenyan port of Mombasa. Kibali gold mine
    is owned by Kibali Goldmines SPRL which is a joint venture company between
    Randgold Resources (45%), AngloGold Ashanti (45%) and Société Miniére de
    Kilo-Moto (SOKIMO) (10%). The project was developed and is now operated
    by Randgold.”

    [Redacted : List of 50 minerals first discovered in the Congo ]:

    “The remaining provinces of Congo do not contain such spectacular associations, with the exception of the rich diamantiferous deposits exploited in the kimberlites, the eluviums and alluviums of the region of Mbuji-Maji ( mainly industrial diamonds ) and the gold mines of the Upper Congo ( Kilo-Moto ).”

    “The only thing wrong with the Congo is that it is full of Congolese.”
    “Well we can easily cure that.”
    ” No we are using that in Yemen. We better use Ebola again.”

  24. Old Guy says:

    EBOLA is a west African disease. It will not become a pandemic. Havent visited this site for a week. And Guess what? I haven’t missed a durn thing. Too much Doom Porn & speculation and not any reliable hard facts that prove anything.

  25. Neal Jensen says:

    Keep in mind, once weaponized bio agent is out there and spreading, NOBODY CONTROLS IT. Either you survive it are naturally immune to it by luck or you are dead from it. It cannot be recalled or “contained” but rather runs its course and dies out with the victims until another chance infection occurs where a isolated pocket survives and a new means or vectors picks it up and starts the spread over again, like real ebola did in the 70s.

  26. Fed up goy says:

    So the JUSA Army infectious disease lab has been busy again doing the bidding of the zog and their Khazarian masters.

  27. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    Marie is upstate.. I see your point and things are constantly changing..I heard something yesterday and the source is very serious.. I got name of a public servant, politician here locally that did some really bad things and the situation is very serious, extremely serious.. I now now based on what I heard that something will happen. November is last year, something big did happen.. A lot of these sources that I hqv come across have told me things that have invited trouble, one of them told it to me on the phone, I met up with him and a Russian and chinese female came up in public right in the hey 6 Copperfield area of Houston, and started to film me with they person, the incident spooked him so bad, he and girlfriend, and his friend with his girlfriend got up and left after I confronted the Russian and chi-com female, I also has and incident with a Russian spersnatz in the galleria. Not only did they do that they blocked my number.. I told hik not to tell me on the phone.. Then he told me. It was bad info..I still haven’t told this site what I heard..Why did you not bring up that post.about Russians threatening women in Houston. My lesbian female buddy was really scared to death of the guy so much that she literally had to stand behind my shoulder, shaking and she is military.

    I think you are a NSA troll.. Your job is to discredit me every chance you get.. This site is read by many and a lot of folks don’t post here, they read the info and they keep prepping.. Of course you are here to call bullshit on me again..You Marie is a fraud, a tolql fraud trying to silence me. Nice try you NSA troll, you failed again..


    Fucking trolls, dont you love em.

  28. Ghettocop says:

    OH NO! Should I buy gold to protect me from Ebola??

  29. king tut says:

    Hey just rember the tyson food plants in and around
    the usa imployees hunrdreds of muslims and
    somilians to handel the meats ect. that get put on your
    tables and they are bearly past for virus like ebola
    good luck to all

  30. Agent76 says:

    Feb 1, 2016 Ebola Vaccine Pioneer Joked About Using Bioweapons to Cull Human Population

    This article is from 2014, but it has substance giving today’s situation with the Zika Virus. This man is caught making jokes about culling large numbers of human population. He also states that all you have to do is use genetic engineering to achieve this.


    • Agent 76:

      Good post. Thanks for the video.

      The vaccines currently given to children if taken at all, should be broken down into single disease per shot. The MMR measles, mumps, rubella is too many and overloads the immune system causing a ferocious attempt by the immune system to fight the virus. This causes inflammation, which in turn causes the brain to swell and this causes brain damage. If the child’s immune system is weak, the response will be safe. If the immune system is strong and healthy, the response will be great. Therefore, only the best of the best, the healthiest will have a sufficiently strong immune system response with related inflammation and swelling of the brain to cause brain damage.

      Do you understand? Vaccines target the healthiest babies and make them brain damaged/autistic.

      This is criminal and it is still happening to American children today.


    • TEST says:

      I see all these idiot yard signs around me, We are Not Afraid,” invariably put up the the local leftist. Trust me, these ignoramuses WILL be afraid when THEIR town is turned into Malmö or Götebörg, Sweden, or the radical Muslims come marching in to San Francisco to implement Sharia law on the radical gays, or into NYC to implement the same on the radical feminists.

      The monumental stupidity of leftists is simply astounding.

  31. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    The big club and him.. Can I tell you something.. I get plenty of good pussy and you jerk off everyday.. One of us stupid. Attractive women fuck me. Okay Why are you on this website. Why are you on this fucking website?.. Everything o say is bullshit, then why are you here.. Idiots are on here making claims to be a Mason and can t answer a simple question. You think chinese are not her buying up Texas and buying up all our fucking land.. you think Russians and soldiers are not here.. Do you talk to cops, you have friends host at cops. Or are you too scared to be friends with cops.? Which one is it. Sounds to me like you are trolls.. Everytime I mention Chinese soldiers I am getting attacked by trolls. Everytime I mentioned Steve Quayle and David Hodges verifying from cop sources I keep getting attacked on this site..if I am such a fraud. Then I will gladly tell Mac right now..

    Mac if you feel that I am fraud, I will stop posting on this post..Let me know… if the community feels it’s for the best, I will stop immediately after your comment to ban me..

    Let everyone figure it out..i will literally stop.. Let me tell you non believers and trolls something. If you think that things are going to improve in this country, then you are stupid.. This will never happen, it has gotten progressively worse, a lot worse.. Business is bad right now in Houston. It’s. A fact of life.. People cannot get jobs they can’t even get a shitty job anywherethat show bad it is..Trump just landed in saudia Arabia he just attacked syria.. I just backed up the president and everyone of my sources is saying that WW3 has already stated and it will be going full scale.. And people are coming on here calling bullshit.. We WW1 We had WW2. We had Vietnam and are still having gulf wars.. I know soldiers who have returned from Afghanistan.. Soldiers tell me that they like me because I listen and that when they talk to family members that they are stupid and Okay understand what is going on..
    The real preppers on here. You all need to get even more ready, it’s not the civilians you have to worry about its invasion that is about to go down right here in Texas..


    • Menzoberranzan says:

      HCKS don’t go nowhere man. There are many stupid trolls on here and some preppers still don’t believe things are as bad as they really are. We are all fixing to live a fucking nightmare but at least I know it’s coming and my mind is prepared for the horrors that will come.

    • Plan twice, prep once says:

      You rock.

      Are some of your posts unbelievable, absolutely, we live in unbelievable times.

      I’d never quit my day job over date setters, but I may take short vacations!

      Stay frosty.

      We bought time with the Trump win, I think we bought more time with the truth of the Seth Rich murder.

      Each time I though we might hit the wall, truth has won the day.

      Praise be to Jesus, the son of the living God. Have faith brother.

    • The Big Club says:

      I get plenty of good pussy and you jerk off everyday.
      Now that is a nice opening statement reflecting your intellect and ability to engage in debate.

      One of us stupid..
      not hard to tell which one that is..

      About the foreign troops on our soil you say are everywhere, care to offer some pics or maybe a video or do I just take the word of an obvious raving lunatic?

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      HCKS, I’ll echo what Menzo said and say don’t go anywhere. Don’t let any of these stupid trolls drive you away. I’ve had attacks on me left and right since I first started posting here in July 2012 and I’m still around. My 5th anniversary here comes up in July. I admire your spirit. I always enjoy your posts. You don’t have to stop coming here just because some troll thinks you should. F#$% the trolls. Nobody owes any of them a damn thing.

    • Anonymous5 says:


      It’s great to be young and insane, isn’t it?

  32. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    Poor danish woman.. If she was walking her dog with me, those muslims would have sever injury, and i would have them go on thier knees to apologize if that was my woman.


  33. Typhus (the disease that killed people during WW2) is spread by fleas and lice.

    It is spread fast and it can waste a person away like AIDS.

    It’s back.

    Lavender in your garden cuts down on fleas.

    __ Preppers get info on which plants discourage insects. Plant alliums, marigolds, nasturtiums, ect.


  34. Plan twice, prep once says:

    Tomorrow is the last day of the second biggest gun show in PA for 2017.

    Just saying, if you notice a plainly dressed guy, average height and weight, enjoying the show a bit more than most, it might be me,

    Google Oaks Gun Show.

    I love these shows, shop till you drop!

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      PTPO, you sound just like me when I go to gun shows. I’m like a kid in a candy store, LOL. The last one in my area was in April and next one not until July {SIGH}.

    • PO'd Patriot says:

      Been to the outdoor show in Harrisburg a few times but never have heard of this one. Will be headed up to the Green Dragon soon.

      • Plan twice, prep once says:

        The Shows in Pa that I go to are produced by Eagle Arms Productions. You can find the show schedule at: EagleShows.com They put on 15 to 20 shows a year all over the state.

        I’ve also gone to shows in Virginia put on by: showmastersgunshows.com

        The PA shows were bigger, with a broader selection of goods.

  35. Traitor Hator says:

    I wonder at this point our only hope is genetically selective bio weapons?

  36. Traitor Hator says:

    When being attacked by a Ebola infected canible you might want to consider stopping power a top priority. Ask Selco , sell your clothes and get a shotgun. Or learn to make under extreme pressure head shots?

  37. Templar 1 says:

    I prep, period!
    It was the gun grab stuff when berry was in office that got me started.
    I have bought and handed out approximately a hundred pocket constitutions to everyone I know. I can tell you this,,, not one person has engaged me on a single topic included in the document. Not one. These are both libturds and conservatives.
    No one reads anymore!!

    I have preached the need to be the first line of defense for your family to everyone,, and no one listens. I am done.

    I hang with a group of so called preppers and all they do is bitch and drink beer. Some are armed to the teeth but very few practice. Everyone thinks they will be ok and a few say they would rather be dead than deal with the aftermath of anything. I understand that but do not subscribe.

    Bioweapons are real, so is mother nature, $hit has hit the fan before and will again, just a matter of time.

    Humans may be the bioweapons of choice currently,, way too many on hand. This is just like not letting a fire in the forest burn, eventually this leads to a fire that cannot be put out (libturds???).
    One spark (virus) and the whole damn thing burns out of control, the strong will survive just as in nature.
    I am a conservative, but I say, fund planned parenthood (not abortions as this is a choice that should not come from public funds), keep birth control out there. This like a small fire clearing away the unwanted scrub brush. This, especially in areas where a book has never been read, critical thinking is absent and hard work and integrity is never taught.
    When you cannot read, cannot think with any clarity and have no morals the only thing left to do is fight and fuck and as a result, overcrowded areas of people who cannot take care of themselves. Does this conjure up any images of areas of large populations in anyone’s minds???? Hmmmmm

    We have the unique option as a thinking (keyword, THINKING) people to be ready and strong.
    The threats are real the only variable is the way it will manifest.
    Stay ready, keep your skill sets sharp, be the first line of defense for you and yours!

  38. Rebel Son says:


    Anyone on here ever get Ebola ?
    Anyone know of anyone directly that ever got it?

    Mac says there’s a shit load of people that read this forum every day

    I’m waiting for personal first or second hand prof

    Otherwise I call Bull Spit

  39. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    Plan Twice prep Once.. Thanks for backing me up.. The thread that Mac posted.. The zioniatr regime that runs Israel is getting ready to distroy Assad and start a war with Syria and IRAN.. This is the ingredient for WW3.. Yet I am getting may ass criticized for fake info..Nopityparty.. A good pair buddy. Good to know that a few of us on here need to remind us what could happen on US soil. When a potential revolutionay war is brewing on US soil.. yet trolls tell me about medication and therapy.


    No troll will ever make to the local DUMBS..

  40. Asshat says:

    Built a leanto solar drying fire wood storage shed today. Built it off an existing shed.Came out real nice put the clear corrugated panels on the roof. Cost about a deuce in material. Hold a full cord plus a little more. Freed up space in my shed big time. Had all the wood in there taking up a lot of space. Got the veggies in the ground last week didn’t take long took a digging fork and turned the dirt over easy. All my composting has paid off the dirt is black rich moist full of giant worms. Got good soil up here in New England to begin with just rocky in most places. Gonna build a water tank system that collects water from roof of my sheds and pipe it to garden this was on the agenda it’s just want to get better tanks.

  41. Brian says:

    Some diseases are symptomless but the infected person is contagious. Ebola is this type of disease. It is spread by body fluids(blood, sweat, feces) even if the carrier is a corpse. In a pandemic, everyone avoids people with symptoms (coughing, sneezing, fever, etc) but this isn’t enough. The best preventative is to take three asprins, go to your bugout location, and avoid contact with everyone.

  42. Hammer's Thor says:

    Evening folks… This little Jewel was on Drudge: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/isis-iraq-chemical-weapons-nazi-experiments-human-guinea-pigs-a7747156.html
    Hope you have your gardens planted…

  43. Traitor Hator says:

    Just watched the movie . Quarantine. It’s about someone in a apartment complex takes there dog to the vet. And they quarantine the whole complex. It was pretty good. I didn’t know about rabies in humans its incurable if not stopped in time. A genetically modified rabies. Sounds worse the anything else because of the violent insanity.

  44. Obama passed special rules for admittance of “refugees” from ebola stricken countries. Gotta wonder of ebola is ‘exploding” in order to keep the flow coming to our country?

  45. anthony barbuto says:

    the gov’t has lied to us all. they told us that ebola is NOT transferred via air but it is. Read the book ” The Hot Zone” which tells all about ebola and attempts to find the source in Africa. I have some pandemic kits. These are quality surgical masks which will stop air borne disease. One kit has two masks that will stop pathogens, two masks which will stop dust only ( good for smoke and the stench of the dead once they pile up) and a bottle of 5% strength alcohol to disinfect hands. These kits come in plastic bags and are for use for DOD workers…$5 ea plus shipping…contact me….barbuto at opt on line.net

  46. The so called refugees are the diseased.

    Trump is working to stop the influx of border crossers. Down by 73%; not bad, but not good enough. We should have 0 (zero) illegals.

    There is a no travel ban to The Congo, isn’t there? Or, is that racist? I’m so fed up with all this treacherous importation of people from the jungle, and from the sand box