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UPDATE: Ebola Alert: CDC Teams Mobilized and Dispatched to Dallas

Mac Slavo
September 29th, 2014
Comments (240)


The Centers for Disease Control have been mobilized and are dispatching teams to Dallas, TX.

Zachary Thompson, the director of the Dallas County Health & Human Services, says the Center for Disease Control is mobilizing as if the patient tested positive for the virus.

However, he said Dallas County is ready if the patient’s results come back positive.

“This is not Africa,” Thompson said. “We have a great infrastructure to deal with an outbreak.”


Note to readers: There has been no confirmation that the patient isolated in Dallas is infected with Ebola. CDC testing labs will reportedly have results sometime today. 


The virus that has infected nearly 10,000 people in West Africa and killed over 3,000 so far this year may now be in America.

Multiple news sources are reporting that an individual showing symptoms of the Ebola virus has been admitted to a hospital in Dallas, Texas. The patient, whose travel history suggests he or she may have been exposed to the virus, has been isolated and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas says it is following testing and quarantine procedures outlined by the Centers for Disease Control.

Test samples have been sent to the CDC and preliminary test results are expected Tuesday morning.

In a statement released Monday evening, a spokesperson for Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas said the patient is undergoing evaluation for Ebola based on the patient’s symptoms and recent travel history.

Further details on the patient were not released due to medical confidentiality and personal privacy reasons.

“The hospital is following all Centers for Disease Control and Texas Department of Heath recommendations to ensure the safety of patients, hospital staff, volunteers, physicians and visitors,” according to the hospital’s statement. (Source: NBC DFW & MyFox)

Over the past month several patients have been admitted to U.S. hospitals in California, New York, and Georgia reporting symptoms similar to Ebola but test results in all cases have thus far shown negative for the virus.

But that hasn’t stopped the CDC from preparing guidelines for hospitals around the country with instructions on how to identify suspected cases, testing recommendations, and quarantine procedures. Earlier this year, in anticipation of a potential pandemic, the U.S. government distributed Ebola Bio Detection kits to National Guard units in all 50 states. In September the State Department ordered 160,000 protective HAZMAT suits for aid workers in Africa and other regions that may eventually see infections.

Independent research models have suggested the possibility that up to 100,000 people may be infected with the virus by the end of this year. The World Health Organization has warned that up to one million people in Africa could be infected with the virus by early next year if it continues spreading at its current pace. And most terrifying is a contagion model developed by researchers at MIT and the New England Complex Systems Institute which suggests that even a single infected individual travelling through a major airport hub has the potential to start the virus on a doomsday course that would eventually touch all corners of the globe:

Health care workers around the world have been mobilized and the director of the CDC said in early September that the window of opportunity for containing Ebola was closing rapidly. President Obama has deployed 3,000 U.S. soldiers as part of a recovery team sent to Africa to help control the spread of the virus.

But, as evidenced by research models, concerns from global health care workers and the real possibility of an Ebola infection on U.S. soil, it may already be too late.

What is not being said publicly about the virus but is a major concern behind closed doors is that Ebola’s hyper-evolution is unprecedented and there is widespread concern that it could go airborne much like a common cold or flu. The CDC has admitted that it can be transmitted through the air in the form of water droplets already, but they have yet to admit that it is an airborne contagion.

As we’ve seen in Africa, health care workers seem unable to contain the virus. Whether or not the virus has infected the individual in Dallas, there is a real possibility that it will eventually make its way to the United States. Since there is no cure, the only way to survive such an outbreak is to avoid it.

“Taking preventative action now is critical,” says The Prepper’s Blueprint author Tess Pennington. “Because once it’s confirmed in the United States people are going to panic and medical supplies will disappear from the shelves within a matter of hours.”

Pennington provides a checklist for a basic pandemic preparedness supply list at her web site and recommends, among other things:

She also recommends building a well stocked sick room and stocking up on other essential supplies that may disappear in an emergency.

As of this writing no Ebola infection “in the wild” has been detected in the United States. We’ll keep readers posted on the results from Dallas as soon as they become available. Keep in mind, however, that tens of thousands of aid workers around the world have been mobilized. They are expecting this to keep spreading. The only way to have a chance against a virus without a cure or vaccine is to not contract it. Take preventative measures now.


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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: September 29th, 2014
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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    • SterlingSilver says:

      You know the second you set up a sick room, grab a tyvek suit, a couple of masks, and purell, you’ll be on the domestic extremist homegrown violent terrorist (DEHVT)list.

      • FreeSlave says:

        Martial Law to commence anytime before 2016. Heil Obama!! Dear Leader for Life!

        The United States of ObamaScare!

        • sixpack says:

          Wouldn’t it be a hoot if TPTB miscalculated this crisis?

          Western populations are not as immunodeficient as South Africans. What if they went to all the expense and trouble to get prepared for an ebola crisis in the U.S. that just doesn’t materialize, despite them actually importing it for that purpose?

          ROFLMAO! They’ve got all the fear and gear in place, yet, NO OUTBREAK!

          Keep getting your vitamins guys, especially C, D3 and B12. Eat some goldenseal root and/or whatever your favorite immune system boosters are.

          Survive long enough to be a pain in TPTB’s ass… and maybe long enough to figure out how to fight back.

          • Winston Smith says:

            I wouldn’t call it funny, I’d call it fortuitous. Also, this isn’t affecting the nation of South Africa. It’s affecting Western Africa.

            As far as it goes, I have stated before that I do not believe that we will see the kind of outbreak here that we have seen in Africa. Most Americans subscribe to the germ theory of disease and aren’t going to go to their local, friendly witch doctor for ebola. The game changer would be if it were to become airborne, not just aerosolized. That’s the point where martial law becomes an inevitability if it is not contained early. Whether this would be by conspiracy or necessity is a matter of debate, but whatever the reason the government would have little choice at that point. At best, it would be a locked down quarantine and at worst everyone gets thrown in the FEMA Camps…err community relocation centers. I tend to think it would be a mix of the two as it would be easier to implement than putting a third of a billion people in prison camps.

          • Mongo Pissed says:

            And take your colloidal silver. I had my gallbladder out yesterday morning. Hemp-oil and vinegar on a vein and some Ibuprofen to get to sleep replaced the useless Vicodin Rx. I just walked the ravine behind my house, flushing a covey of quail. A healthy body is it’s own best defense.

            BTW, anyone know where the Enterovirus affecting children in 48 States, and now paralyzing them, came from?

          • Anonymous says:

            It’s really about a compelled vaccine. That’s what I’d worry about.

          • Anonymous says:

            Avocado is good for the immune system, as well as Vitamin C… I take vitamin C daily because our bodies can’t make it themselves, like other animals, and so we need a lot– stress is a cause of disease and C helps alleviate the negative results of stress.

            Also, 1 spoon sugar suppresses your immune system for 3 hours so AVOID sugar!!

            Salads, onions, and garlic are good for the immune system… that’s why they say if you want to be healthy, jog from salad bar to salad bar…

          • Old Guy says:

            you may have a valid point. For a short time the African Boer goats where the hot item around here. Then it became apparent that this is the wrong part of the world for them to thrive. They easily where overcame by the diseases & parasites the native deer and goats that have been here for centurys carry. and they up and died or required special hothouse treatment. Now everyone is buying Kiko bucks from New Zeland to strengthen the hardiness. Its possible that Ebola cant survive here.

          • Bruce Wayne says:

            more likely that this was calculated because even 4th graders could have told you that it was purely a numbers game that eventually, as people keep going to and from Africa, that one of them, and logically it has been a Liberian that has brought the thing back with him as well as having had 3 weeks now to give it to others around him.

            Those others will now have plenty of time to have given it to even more…………stay away from africans..they are likely infected and sex is the most likely method of transmition, but any contact can spread the deadly disease…if you love your familly, stay way away from Africans for as long as possible.

            Oh and don’t forget to thank obummer for ebola and isis

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

        Silver Crushed now at $16.89 as of 12:40 PM Tuesday Sept 30th. OUCH Gold at $1208.
        This was a huge Pump and Dump PM’s by the Pros to fleece the gullible. Glad I sold all of my silver at $42 March of 2012 Like in any stock or commodoty you need to pay attention to the charts. They are the road map. I see $10 Silver very soon.

        • Winston Smith says:

          My target number is $15 an ounce, but you may be right. However, I am a buyer when it goes down that much as I don’t see it lasting for too long. Then again, never underestimate the power of the dark side to suppress the price of real money relative to fiat. Doing so will only leave you broke.

        • sixpack says:

          From a quick glance at those 24 hour graphs, it looks to me like PMs hit low price points around midnight, then go back up by 6 am. Just an observation…

      • DMONIC says:

        you do know that you can pay with cash, right?

      • Anonymous says:

        it has just been confirmed as ebola

    • Mountain Trekker says:

      I see silver is now in the 17 dollar range. Any one know what old silver dollars are selling for. I love those things. Trekker Out. Wish I Had Some!

    • Mclovin says:

      It was probably one of the cab drivers.

    • I’ve been reading so much about Ebola lately I’m starting to develop the symptoms …. nah, not really, but it does look like I’m coming down with the flu!!

      I am certain sure Ebola will reach our respective shores, as well as Europe, but I am hopeful it will not be devastating like in West Africa.

      Cant be sure though can we? So it stands to reason we should prep for this eventuality as well – after all, isn’t that what we do?


      • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

        Just stay away from the Ghettos, and anything or any place Medical services related where the infested people will go.

        These infested morons will wander into these ER Areas seeking help and end up infecting everybody in the entire area. Stay away from any and all public transportation, carry antiseptic wipes for our hands and avoid touching anything like door handles that everybody else touches. Wash your hands immediately first thing when you get home and make sure our kids are all up to date on their shots.

      • maddog says:

        There you are Aussie. Haven’t seen you post and was a little worried.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just visited your website (its cute!) I was wondering– does it cost anything to have a website? how do you go about getting one set up?

    • Zach Paul says:

      I don’t give a rat’s patutie if we have a great infrastructure. This virus should not have gotten here in the first place. It’s a hideous disease and not everyone lives through it.

  1. logicrazy says:

    A few more concrete details are needed…

    • Agreed — and hopefully in the morning we will be updating this with new info that confirms this is NOT Ebola…

      Because if this thing is confirmed, then who knows how many people this person came into contact with before he/she got to the hospital. YIKES.

      • maddog says:

        Since the doctors and healthcare workers are becoming sick with ebola even with all their protective equipment and knowledge it appears to be very easy to contract. I think the CDC and others officials are not telling the truth and are hiding the real infection routes. If it comes to the US we better work together here at SHTFplan and the rest of the prepper community for our safety because the government and LSM will be useless at best and dangerous at worst.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

          Another reason why I don’t date Nurses or School Teachers. Why invite that pack of diseases into my home. If your spouse in in health care take precautions and don’t be wearing your daily hospital scrubs home and infecting your house hold. Think People Think!! Take your shoes off outside and leave them outside before you enter. Tracking that crime and disease through your house.

        • Anonymous says:

          yeah, I wish there were more preppers on the east coast– seems you’ll are mostly out west… need some friends who feel as I do.

      • buttcrackofdoom says:

        can’t help but wonder. does it HAVE to take nearly 24 hours to do this testing?…sounds like somebody’s stalling to ME….just sayin’.

      • Exactly Mac. It’s already being claimed that the virus may become endemic in Africa which means a lot more than one million people may contract the virus. All we can hope for now is that the virus mutates into a less lethal strain, but I don’t see that happening.

      • Anonymous says:

        I keep trying to stop biting my nails… maybe this will help me overcome that very bad habit!!!

    • Stan522 says:

      Is it me, or does it just seem like our nations leaders want this here…….?

      • maddog says:

        Its to go with the Obama Flu killing our kids across the country as we speak.

        • sharpin la says:

          The virus going around is not impacting the unvaccinated. Do not vaccinate. It is a false paradigm.

          • Anon 1970 says:

            Are you certain of this? Do you have any sources?

            I am worried because, though we are healthy, and my children unvaxed, one of my children and myself have asthma. So, I am trying to keep all my children away from the public right now. I have still not cleared a bug I got weeks ago. My lungs are just not good right now.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

        This Eboli Scare feeds into TP2B as a Fear method to keep people home like Martial Law. Its a distraction as they LOOT all our Nations Resources for themselves.

        When one hand is waving around trying to distract you, look to see what the other hand is doing. Most likely picking your pockets.

      • passinwiththewind says:

        Whether they helped to create the current ebola virus or not, it does appear that they are trying to capitalize on it.

        “Never let a crisis go to waste”……

        ..and apparently this is just enough of a crisis for them to start/propagate, the propaganda/media scare.

        Frankly, I am more worried about my rights and freedoms becoming “infringed upon”, because of it; than I am of the actual virus, or contracting it.

        Once they/TPTB have the masses brainwashed, (almost there), it will be very easy to pass any legislation to push a faux-vaccine/other incurable viruses/tracking chip/genetic modification cocktail into the bodies of the sheeple.

        i watched the sheeple doing the drive-up “flu” vaccinations the other day, in Idaho maybe?; Those fools had no idea what was being injected into their bodies. All they knew was what the MSM and the indoctrinated health care workers told them. They believed them so much that they drove up smiling and grinning the whole time and drove away thinking, “look what i got for free”.

        Those kind of freebies can, and will, come back to bite those idiots, I’m afraid.

        Anyways, that is how brainwashed the general public has become nowadays. Antichrist won’t have any trouble getting folks to line up to take his mark, because thay are getting primed by TPTB now.

        I will never, willingly, take a vaccine or chip shot, ever. I had rather end my flesh life and answer to God for murder, than be imprisioned by demonic forces here on earth.

        Ya’ll think about it.

        • okjim says:

          “Never let a crisis go to waste”…
          Correct! So, if it does not arrive naturally they will “make” it arrive. They cannot afford to waste all of that money and they need the crisis to declare martial law! Then they can “legally” shoot you if you refuse the, so called, vaccine. So, which is better – death from the vaccine or death from lead? I think I’d opt for the lead, and try my best to give them some too.

      • Mike in Va says:


        I don’t think it is you. If they wanted to make sure it did not get here then restrict travel and close the border. That will never happen.

      • Stan I figure that’s why Obama sent 3000 troops there. That’s 3000 more chances of it making it back to the states when they come home

        • Stan522 says:

          I spoke candidly with several Marine’s a few weeks ago about obama’s order to send 3,000 troops to Africa to “fight” Ebola. Although they are sending in the Army, they all fear that this deadly disease will make it’s way back to the US to family and friends. They don’t understand why go to Africa, but not “fight” the greater threat in ISIS.

    • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

      OH My: Fence Jumper: Reports: White House intruder made it far past the front door
      Sep 29th 2014 6:12PM

      WASHINGTON (AP) — The intruder who climbed a fence made it farther inside the White House than the Secret Service has publicly acknowledged, the Washington Post and New York Times newspapers reported Monday. The disclosures came on the eve of a congressional oversight hearing with the director of the embattled agency assigned to protect the president’s life.
      Citing unnamed sources – three people familiar with the incident and a congressional aide – the newspapers said Omar J. Gonzalez ran past the guard at the front door and into the East Room, which is about halfway across the first floor of the building. Gonzalez was eventually “tackled” by a counter-assault agent, according to the Post, which was first to report the news.
      In the hours after the fence-jumper incident, Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan told The Associated Press that the suspect had been apprehended just inside the North Portico doors of the White House.
      The Secret Service also said that night that the suspect had been unarmed – an assertion that was revealed to be false the next day when officials acknowledged Gonzalez had a knife with him when he was apprehended.

      Link to full story: http://www.aol.com/article/2014/09/29/reports-white-house-intruder-made-it-far-past-the-front-door/20969459/?icid=maing-grid7%7Cmain5%7Cdl15%7Csec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D537865

      This does not surprise me. They can’t even keep Drugs out of the High Security Prisons. Inmates are also commonly caught with Cell phones. Imagine what this WH Fence Jumper could have brought into the WH in a pouch, a bag. He also had a folding knife on him when caught.

    • Rachael says:

      A very important detail is that all tests have Sensitivities and specificities.
      Sensitivity is if you have a known population of people with a specific illness, if the sensitivity of the test is 68%. Then if you have 100 people with a given disease for that test, 68 will test positive and 32 will test negative, false negatives.

      Specificity is if you have a test with a specificity of 74%. Then if you have 100 positive tests, 26 of those people that test positive will not have the disease, they will be false positives.

      Thus just because some one tests positive it does not mean 100% that they have the illness! and just because someone tests negative it does not 100% mean that they do not have the illness.

  2. buttcrackofdoom says:


  3. rodeph golem says:


    i am sooooooooo scared…





    lol ;0)


  4. Jim in Va. says:

    Keep your fingers crossed…..

  5. incognito says:

    Copy that Mac. Thanks for the heads up and recommended course of action.

    We are long overdue for a good plague.

  6. TX Granny says:

    I’ve read on other sites that the previous possible cases in the US weren’t determined to be NOT ebola using the 24 test sent to the CDC – they were diagnosed using a set of guidelines developed by the CDC, whereby the list of symptoms exhibited by the patient were used to rule out ebola. I cannot substantiate the information – other than state that all of the links I’ve read so far except THIS ONE did NOT mention sending samples to the CDC for a diagnosis.

    I’m way too close to this case (by distance, I mean), and I have lots of family in the Dallas area. I honestly thought the first case might be in Houston, but can’t say I’ll be too surprised if it’s Dallas. Our leaders in w-dc haven’t been too happy with our TX independent mind-set. What better way to neutralize both our attitudes and weapons than to have us all on medical quarantine!! Kill us off and make more room for all those sweet kids waiting to come across the border!!!

    • sixpack says:

      And don’t think for a minute that things like geographical attitudes don’t factor into the criteria.

      • TrotterOtter says:

        You are correct. Another factor is simple sanitation. Traditional morning for family where the breakouts are currently, involve grasping at and weeping all over the dead body before burial. The leaking dead are just as contagious as an alive victim that is secreting. Many also flee town and continue to spread the virus fearing the men in white suits.

    • Guero says:

      Revenge for Richard Dowling’s Bioweapon (Yellow Fever) attack in September, 1867, that killed the military governor of Texas?

  7. Texas Tea says:

    well, isn’t this just great! I spend every day working and prepping to hopefully keep my family safe when the SHTF, but now I have to also fight a germ I cannot see…a plague that kills! It made me think of all the people I had contact with today….just ONE day of normal activities- we knew all along it would take only ONE person in the U.S. to go undetected for only ONE day and it’s over…or should I say it’s just beginning. As our fearless leaders perfect their golf game and work tirelessly to cover their butts from whatever scandal they are involved in, we the people are once again left to fend for ourselves. I am not into fear mongering- just the facts. If this ends up being true we are in some deep trouble… And if it turns out that this person does not have Ebola we should consider this a wake-up call. The clock is ticking- we are running out of time on many fronts. Please be safe and prepare the best you can. God bless y’all!

  8. John says:

    Well maybe we now know what all those “FEMA coffins” were being stockpiled for….

  9. DBGStone says:

    Saw this reported on WFAA news from Dallas this evening… Just wonderful. I can only imagine how many people this individual came in contact with if they traveled thru DFW International. Prepped, loaded and prayin’ in Fort Worth.

    • Mclovin says:

      DBG, if any city has the collective mindset to weather a pandemic it’s Fort Worth!

      • DBGStone says:

        Just made a quick recon run around the area…. checked Kroger, Wal-Mart, Albertsons, etc… no signs of mass hysteria, filled up the truck, nobody at the pumps… If I see anything developing, I’ll post. And I do agree with you Mc, ty.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

          DBGS- Watch what it will be like at Grocery stores, when they crash the EBT System Nationwide for a month. Cause the Government ran out of money. lol We all better have at least 90-days (3 full months) of food stocked up. You don’t want to be wandering out of any grocery store with a grocery cart full of food. The hungry will be sitting out in the parking lot like pochers, ready to pounce on you.

        • buttcrackofdoom says:

          off topic, but a friend of mine was in cabo san lucas last week and there was a hurricane…he tells me he saw a costco and another store(walmart?) emptied by looters…says he has pictures on his celphone of it…he doesnt really seem awake to me, but he just experienced FIRSTHAND what it will be like soon in america. he feared for his LIFE so much that he hired a big van for 4500 dollars to drive his family out of there.

  10. Socrates says:

    Interesting tidbit: One of the earlier areas to issue ‘Guidelines’ for dealing with the Ebola threat was the South West Texas Regional Advisory Council.

    h t tp://www.strac.org/index.php/ebola

    What are the odds of Patient Zero showing up in that area first? Pretty Good apparently.

  11. Prepper says:

    From what I have read, Ebola kills people who are malnourished, dehydrated, lack proper hygiene, and live in squalid conditions. Four American workers who contracted Ebola survived. The trillion dollar question is how Ebola will affect those who eat nutritious food, take anti-viral supplements, drink adequate amounts of non-tainted water, and practice good hygiene. This question has not yet been answered but my impression is that the risk in the developed world is not that great.

    As you may have guessed from my name, I strongly believe in preparing for things just in case. So I hope people take Tess Pennington’s list seriously (along with other preps) but I don’t see Ebola being as serious as some are suggesting. Maybe I’m biased because I go to great lengths to keep my immune system fully charged and figure others are doing the same.

    I wish the best for the patient in Dallas but a stronger wish is that all preppers boost their vitamin D level, learn about antiviral essential oils and natural foods, stock up on necessities, and learn multiple ways to keep your immune system on high alert. Most of the world doesn’t like to think about these things but I like to believe that SHTFplan readers are more proactive.

  12. Libertarianmajority says:

    Can ebola survive fire? There’s the cure!

  13. Scott C says:

    If they want to depopulate us, there are many cleaner way to do it, but no. They want the big headlines.
    “In breaking news tonight, the Ebola virus has escaped the TX hospital where patient zero was being treated. Officials now say …..(down goes the grid).

  14. Ebola Stew says:

    Good thing American Airlines largest hub is not in Dallas…

    • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

      And you sure don’t want to be flying on any Malaysian aircraft these days.

    • Sgt. Dale says:

      Do you really think it came from a flight and not just by walking across t5he border? Just asking!

      • Ebola Stew says:

        Yes, the first will come by dedicated medical flights but pose less risk because of oversight, the second from business and personal flights posing the most risk at this stage. Third from everywhere else if it is not contained quickly.

        The CDC insists on keeping commercial flights open to and from the infected regions for their logistics. Over 100 million dollars has already been spent and the UN is asking for more than 1 billion. With this money and military participation they can arrange dedicated air transport.

        With the current situation, The first spread of EVD in US will most likely come from infected business and personal travelers on commercial air flights.

  15. Sierra Dave says:

    Well. The big question is this. If you’re in Texas and you think you have it. Do you take a one way drive to D.C.?

  16. Old Guy says:

    Im still not worried I don’t give a rats ass about Ebola. Like the litter along the roadside. Or graffiti painted on everything. Im
    indifferent ebola Is something I chose to not concern me. I might get it & I might die? However there is no cure or prevention so why engage in a futile action?

    • PO'd Patriot says:

      Good one gramps!

    • buttcrackofdoom says:

      no prevention? REALLY? i can think of MANY ways to lessen my chances of getting ebola. yeesh!

      • Old Guy says:

        lessen & prevent are two different things. The health care workers who caught it where taking every avenue possible to lessen their chances and they failed. I remember how the bird flu was supposed to kill everyone? prepping against ebola is as futile as prepping against a nuclear war or Yellowstone erupting. unless your isolated in outer space you cannot be 100% sure you wont be effected.

        • buttcrackofdoom says:

          the health care workers were HANDLING the patients….i personally don’t see myself handling a person with ebola, but if i DO, i sure as hell wouldn’t be “LESSENING” my chances of catching it. it’s a CHOICE. stay the EFF away from people! that’s something i CAN(and WILL) do to lessen my chances.

          • buttcrackofdoom says:

            take yer “nothing i can do about it attitude” elsewhere.

            • Billy Hill says:

              Who the fuck are you to say who can have their opinions here and who cannot?


              • buttcrackofdoom says:

                dumbshit hillbilly. isn’t the REASON you come here, to make PLANS to not let something like that blindside you? yet you side with someone that has a defeatist attitude? sorry, i don’t like people that give up without a fight….or a PLAN. i stick by what i said, thumbs down all you want.

              • Billy Hill says:

                You’re a douchebagofdoom because you think it’s up to you to tell people what they should opine about when they’re here.

                That’s not your fucking business so STFU about what other people think.

                You’re part of the problem of socialism: You think everyone should think like you and if they don’t you invite them to change (or leave).

                YOU leave if you don’t like what someone on here says.

            • Mary miles says:

              Is it possible that the colliadial silver that you can make with silver would help ??
              Just asking

    • Anonymous says:

      If you ever read “the Hot Zone” you would change your mind, old man… scariest book I ever read!

  17. HOME BOY says:

    Is this Ebola ?

    Or Zombie Apocalypses ?

  18. usta b younger says:

    a second armed jumper just made it inside the whitehouse.

  19. Eagle 1 says:

    Crap. And I work at an airport.

    • Eagle 1 says:

      And apparently I’m disliked because I work at an airport. Or the person who dislikes the post either can’t put two and two together that this virus could come in on a plane or they just don’t like me in general. Either way, they are pathetic. Am I the only one here who gets tired of keyboard warriors spouting their stuff (including myself) I just wanna do something about this to stop this crash of my country. We can’t even agree on the fact that the sky is falling. If we are that divided, there is no hope for this country. Eppe’s son was right.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe they gave you a thumbs down because it sounded scary and they were expressing concern… as is “ugh! not good situation to be in!”

      • Hunter says:

        Eagle 1–

        You know, one has wonder sometimes at the lunacy inherent to this so called ‘global economy, global community bullshit etc..

        ..I would assume that airport security and hiring practices at manifold (3rd world) West African airports, close to or located in the “Ebola hot-zones”..is sub-par, per our TSA hoodlums..er guidelines…yes?

        With that in mind and coupled w/ the recently opined quotes in various media..that many West Africans believe that the current epidemic, is due to a USA / E.U. plot to depopulate the region w/ weaponized Ebola!
        So as to loot their country’s vast mineral wealth!


        That said-

        ..suppose some orphaned / widower / disgruntled baggage handler in Lagos or elsewhere, has the ‘ass’ for some payback and liberally splashes virus contaminated urine or other bodily fluids on the suitcases (whilst loading / transporting such) on some flight bound for Europe or the USA.

        That scenario could be a real bitch, methinks!!!

        • lonelonemum says:

          To be fair if you take a brief look at the history of the native Australian or North American, (or more recently Botswana) then you can see where a West African might get the idea that depopulation of their region is on the agenda. This may or not be misguided but doctors without borders also disagree with the other agencies plans to move victims to facilities currently being built with US money. DWB feel that this risks spreading infection, and that these new facilities may become contamination centres, so it’s not just uneducated locals who are sceptical of the official response.

          It’s often struck me as odd, coming from a globally dispersed extended family as I do – why only Western liberals seem completely ignorant of the NWO? In other places the terms used to describe mankinds would be enslavers are different (e.g the illuminati, or the imposter jews) but the man in the street seems to have more of a clue iykiwm and be less in denial that there is a plot for a global plantation, that 9/11 was an attack by Americans on Americans, that Central banking and usery is a BAD idea etc, etc.

          The white liberal refusal to accept that people in power might have less than good intentions will be the downfall of us all. In the US these fools would see you all disarmed and defenceless, in the UK they refuse to accept that our Island is too small to support continued mass immigration in a sustainable manner.

  20. Liberty_Lover says:

    Well this is just great. I live within an hour of Dallas, TX. It’s a crying shame my rifle is rendered useless against such a threat to the security of mine and myself.

    • Walt Kowalski says:


      Not so fast. If we have a pandemic in this country, how long do you think it will be before the store shelves are empty?

      You may soon have the zombie hordes pounding at your door trying to take YOUR stuff because THEY don’t have anything.

      You may need that rifle yet.

  21. tayronachan says:

    It’s just a matter of time.

  22. Jersey Tom says:

    Hey Everyone,

    I have been visiting thwe site for several years now and have never posted. I enjoy the articles and comments. I have been an active prepper since 2012. Only one of my friends preps and I have not been able to find any groups in NJ. Does anyone have any reccomendations? My girlfriend and myself fear the worst and we have a one year old daughter as well. I have a horrible feeling that life is going to change dramatically within the next 6 months. My brother is a Major in the army and works closely with Nato. He evaluates foreign infantries while stationed in Germany. He said that all of the countries that border Russia have been drilling extensively and doing field manuevers at his location. Any help with finding a group/ people would be greatly appreciated.

    Over and out – Jersey Tom

  23. Chicken Biggy says:

    My little brother says the sky is falling–again! There’s Ebola-a, Ebola-b, and Ebola-c, it’s mutated and can now be spread by just looking at someone, and it can even spread over the internet. It infects fools with hysteria who read these dipshit articles and believe them. Watch out, you’re all next!!!

  24. swinging richard says:

    Easy air travel and no screening procedures. We are making it easy for epidemics to spread around the globe. Surprised it has taken this long.

  25. Nopittypartyhere says:

    On a positive note a dr I’ve known for years and has been a staunch anti gunner came to me today for information in pistol classes and permits. One person at a time we CaN make a difference!

    • Walt Kowalski says:

      Hate to burst your bubble….but he most likely didn’t come to you because of anything you’ve said. He’s just been smacked between the eyes by reality.

      I saw the same thing during the LA Riots in the early nineties. I had a staunch anti-gunner come to me and asked to borrow a gun.

      It take a lot for some people to wake up. Some never do.

      Those folks are called “victims”.

  26. Walt Kowalski says:

    I live in the DFW area.

    I was taking a walk Sunday evening at a nearby park where there is a large pavilion. As I passed by it, I noticed that a large group of African-Americans (really…African-Americans…not just a group of black people), was assembled in the pavilion having a picnic. They had a sound system set up and all seemed to be having a great time. I think it was probably some kind of church function. The thing that I noticed though that really caught my interest, was the heavy African accent of one of the folks talking on the sound system. I couldn’t identify the particular accent…so I don’t know if these folks were Kenyan, Nigerian, Liberian or whatever. But I could not help the thought going through my mind….wondering if any of them had been to any of the countries affected by the Ebola outbreak lately…or if they had family in the affected areas. And I realized that any of them could have been over there within the previous 24 hour period.

    Call me paranoid. Call me xenophobic. Call me racist. That’s ok. (an ad hominem is always an effective argument, isn’t it?) But no one can deny that this virus is just a plane ride away.

    A generation ago, the possibilities of this virus spreading outside of Africa were far less likely than today. Just the reality of modern air travel has vastly increased the odds of this virus (or any virus for that matter) making its way around the world. But the increased number of immigrants….coming from these third-world regions has magnified it. These people have families still living in those areas. And many of them travel back and forth frequently from here to their homeland.

    This is one of the reasons that I am not optimistic about the virus remaining in Africa. And also why I’m not optimistic that they will be able to contain it once it reaches our shores. They simply have no way of effectively tracking everyone coming into this country. It’s virtually impossible to prevent it.

    • maddog says:

      We’ll just have to add them to the target list with the muslims.

    • Hunter says:

      Walt K–

      Dude..the next time some PC asshole attempts to paint you w/ the ‘racist tag’…do what I do:

      ..smile and say;

      “..So? What’s your point? Of course I’m an advocate of my race! We created Western Civilization, of which you..are currently benefiting from..and if you’re uncomfortable w/ such..leave!”


      Which usually results in foaming orifices, cursing and bug-eyed disbelief from the accuser.

      ..and if you have a public audience..calmly look them over and say:

      “..see..they can be ‘trained’ after all!” -(then walk away)–

      Trust me…it works!


      ..all the best to you, sir!

  27. Wagondriver says:

    Here in Texas, seems we are being attacked by multiple diseases. You got the Davis, the jackson. All the Islam boot camps and now ebola. Keep prepping
    Stay safe. Standing by in the river city.

  28. Paid Government Troll says:

    Relax. The US Govt developed the Ebola cure and vaccine alongside the virus in 2011. And you can get your Ebola, flu, and pneumonia shots all at the same time, and a lollipop too if you’re good. See, that wasn’t so bad.

    • Paid Government Troll says:

      Furthermore, if you’re not a doctor, you have no business making medical decisions, including your own. We’ll need to update the laws so that anyone refusing appropriate medical care is guilty of practicing medicine without a license, a felony.

      • Walt Kowalski says:

        As I’ve stated before regarding mandatory vaccination…..

        They can kill me or leave me alone. I will not be taking any vaccine……period.

        If they decide to leave me alone…..fine….Don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’.

        If they decide they have to force me, then they will have to kill me….and then vaccinate me.

        My advice, is that they bring more than one body bag.

        • hmmmmm says:

          Do you have children??
          LEOs have been warned for some time to get home quickly if an emergency occurs–the families of these are the first to take to the FEMA camps. As blackmail.

      • Kulafarmer says:

        Good luck with that

  29. Socrates says:

    “They simply have no way of effectively tracking everyone coming into this country. It’s virtually impossible to prevent it.”

    -Enter the ‘Mark of the Beast’.
    People *will* receive little RFID implants that hold your personal information, medical history, etc.
    They will use the epidemic as a launch pad for emergency medical reasons, ushering in the ability to ‘track everyone’. Throw in WWIII and economic collapse and Big Brother will take good care of you.

    It really isn’t that far-fetched…

    • passinwiththewind says:

      and Socrates,

      not that far off, either. Be it 15 months or fifteen years, that ain’t long to go.

      Unless you are seven years old and desperately wanting to be a teenager with driver’s license. It seems like it takes forever for that day to arrive. Then you want to be 21 so you can be independant and buy alcohol, legally. Then you want to chill for a while and the world to slow down.

      But suddenly, you wake up one morning and 30 years have come and gone and it seems like it was all just a dream as you look at the wrinkled up person in the mirror.
      You then scratch your bald head and wonder where all the hair has gone.

      As you walk to the kitchen to roust up a cup of coffee, you reach back to scratch your ass and eureka!
      “there is where all my hair moved to”.

  30. Sgt. Dale says:

    The American is far more healthy than an person in the effected regions of Africa. Chances are it Ebola does take effect in the USA it is a Weapon that was released. It is or will be mutated by TPTRB.

    Obullshit is just waiting for this to break out. Dear leader would love to do nothing else but set in the white house from 0900hrs to 1100hrs, and give orders, so he can play golf the rest of the day.

    If it does break out you can bet we will see martial law in those areas. Then look out, the people in the zone won’t take it and the loved ones outside the zone won’t
    take it. Then Obullshit will have his wish of the USA falling apart. I could see the turd laughing about it.

    Stay as healthy as you can folks. Please take care of yourself.


    • James allen Stamulis says:

      right on Sgt. this is treason by everyone who let illegals into our country.

    • Walt Kowalski says:

      The average American is an obese coach potato who pigs out on fast food and is overly medicated with xanex, paxil or other mood altering drugs that help them manage their pathetic lives while they watch the NFL and Dancing with the Stars.

      They are no more resistant to a viral plague than the people in west Africa. And in some cases….maybe less so.

  31. Native Born American says:

    Just a matter of time. Why do you think all those military war machines have been placed in the hands of local police forces?

  32. The Prophet says:

    Americans may be healthier than most of the world but almost half the people now in the US are third worlders. And a lot of them are carrying tropical diseases. There are places very near me that are actually third world places in the US. No English spoken.

  33. Anonymous says:

    don’t ya hate dbl posts?

  34. James allen Stamulis says:

    With Obama, Progressives and Rino’s putting illegals in every state in our country at a time when the ebola virus is spreading is tantamount to intentionally creating a genocide of America!If this happens each and everyone involved in this breaking of our immigration laws will be subject to execution by We The People so help us GOD!Sorry folks but this is treason of the highest order in the name of being so called humane!

  35. Walt Kowalski says:

    Ebola kills 50-70% of the people it infects.

    I seriously doubt that hygiene or even adequate nutrition have much effect in preventing infection. Medical personnel wearing protective gear are getting it. Are they malnourished? Failing to practice good hygiene?

    It would seem that what determines whether you live or die, is how much supportive care you receive. If you are ONE patient in a facility, there will be a staff there who can provide that care. If there are dozens…or hundreds…or thousands of infected, the level of that care degrades very quickly. And that’s when the percentage of those who succumb to the virus rises dramatically.

    This particular outbreak was initially displaying a roughly 50% death rate. It now has risen to 70%. Is it because the virus is more deadly? No. They just have exhausted their available resources in both manpower and material to fight it. They are turning patients away.

    The reality……they won’t be able to build enough facilities and import enough medical staff quickly enough to curb this. The ONLY thing that will stop this epidemic is total isolation of the region so that the virus burns itself out…..i.e…..it runs out of available hosts.

    If Ebola “gets into the wild” in this country, the result will inevitably be the same. Eventually….it will overwhelm available resources.

    The only way you will avoid dying from it, is to not become infected in the first place. It is very doubtful that the kind of treatment required to survive this disease will be available to the average person.

    Dr. Brantly survived because he had a TEAM of highly trained medical personnel working with him 24 hours a day. He literally had the finest medical treatment available. And even then…..he barely made it.

    Keeping your immune system strong goes without saying. But I doubt that with this virus, it will be adequate to prevent infection if you are exposed. Hopefully…..I’m wrong about this. But I don’t think I am.

    The ONLY sure preventative is to not be exposed to the virus.

    So….the best preparation is to be prepared to hunker down and not leave your home….for ANYTHING. And then hope that the rest of the population and TPTB leave you alone.

  36. The Prophet says:

    The near southwest side of Chicago, called “Little Village”, looks like a scene from Tijuana. Double parked “beaters” causing traffic to move at a snails pace. Sidewalk vendors the entire length of the sidewalk, blocking pedestrian traffic. What seems like a million little kids running all over the place. Gangbangers all over, working for the Mexican drug cartels. Nightly shootouts. And all of this is just outside of the Cook County main court complex and county jail. Welcome to America. Politicians and gangs are all connected. Literally. Stolen cars, stolen ID’s, stolen future. And this is just one of such neighborhoods like it in Chicago.

    • Walt Kowalski says:

      I had occasion to be in So. Cal. about 4 years ago for my son’s wedding. The ceremony took place at a nice hotel resort near Cabrillo Beach. To get to the resort, you have to pass through San Pedro.

      After the ceremony and reception, I had to drive through San Pedro about 11pm on a Saturday night. Just watching the people on the street, the thought that went through my mind was….”When SHTF, this place is going to explode.”

      And there are communities in So. Cal. that are a lot worse.

      We look at what is going on in Liberia with the civil unrest and economic destruction and think “it could never happen here”.

      Don’t kid yourself. It can. And it will.

      Of course I know I’m preaching to the choir.

    • ReadyRNot says:

      Yup, you’re right Prophet. Chicago is becoming one big cess pool of people, poverty and prisons. The gangs have the politicians in their pockets, and don’t even drive through Cabrini Green…you’re taking your life in your hands day or night. The cops don’t even go there anymore. Avoid the big cities, head for the hills. Prep while you still can, stay away from people. That’s all we can do.

  37. westslope says:

    eppe has said posting here is like an addiction. Well, coming here for a laugh has turned into an addiction too. For everyone jonesing, let me help. BTW: I tell this joke as someone who served proudly in the 82nd Airborne, a long time ago. Enjoy.
    A guy walks into a bar wearing an Army uniform with an Airborne patch on the sleeve.
    The bartender sets a beer on the bar and says,”So, you’re Airborne, huh?”
    The soldier responds,”Well, kinda’.”
    The bartender says,”What do you mean “kinda'”? Either you’re Airborne, or you ain’t.”
    “Well, when it was time to make my first jump, I freaked out and froze in the door, I couldn’t move. After a few seconds the biggest, blackest, meanest, jumpmaster I’ve ever seen stepped up behind me and said,”Either you jump out that door right now, or when we land I’m gonna f!*k you right up the ass sweetheart.””
    The bartender asks,”So, did you jump?”
    “Yeah, a little at first.”

    And also,
    What do you call Harry Reid in a tree full of monkeys?
    Branch manager

  38. Cellar Spider says:

    Tip: When attaching plastic sheeting to a wooden frame, make sure you have index cards and RTV blue non-hardening sealant.

    Cut an index card into 6 equal rectangles, then for each planned staple, squirt a dab of RTV on one side of the index card, and put the index card square between the staple gun and the plastic (RTV sealant against the plastic. Then staple.

    For waterproof applications, have a notched putty knife and drag RTV over the index card square thereby making a somewhat waterproof application.

    For each staple, the index card square will then carry the weight of the attachment thereby avoiding ripping of plastic over time.

    This may seem obvious to some but for others, it might not be…especially the newbies.

  39. ArmyVet502nd says:

    I live near there in North Texas. Apparently the CDC is now sending a team to Dallas “just in case”. My ass, they know it’s positive and are getting a jump start to the area… Time to batten down the hatches folks. Take care and God Bless……

  40. DBGStone says:

    Local news saying now test results may not be available until Wednesday. I’m wondering if this delay is legit or just stalling until TPTB get their story straight. Patient is in “strict isolation” and being evaluated based on symptoms and recent travel to Africa. Well, the “good news” is the MSM is saying this isn’t Africa, and hospitals in USA are better prepared to handle this type of situation, so there’s no danger to the rest of the DFW metroplex. Yep, ok.

  41. Burt Gummer says:

    Invest in HEPA fiters for your home. Many have UV lights in them as well to further purify the air. If it goes airborne, the filters will clear off the shelves FAST. Get some now (plus a bunch of extra filters) while you still can. Just a prudent prep item in my book. Book is now getting pretty thick though…

  42. This is going to be a long, unnerving fall / winter season….my new name is Howard Hughes…… (heavy sigh)

  43. Robert Alfonso Forbes says:

    It is all about controlling the “goyim” idiots.
    I used may full name.
    Come and get me you “Jewish bastards”!
    I don’t need Jericho’s wall!
    The Watchman is watching you!

  44. The Ebola virus may well mutate – or be engineered – into something airborne, but do not confuse droplet transmission with airborne. Airborne particles can hover in the air for hours or more, and be carried on air currents. Droplet transmission only goes as far as a person can sneeze or cough, and infect whoever touches the droplets for as long as the virus stays alive outside the body. That can be a huge problem, to be sure, but it is not nearly as serious as truly airborne transmission. If this were airborne yet, we’d be seeing cases in the millions already, and one sick person on a plane would result in the entire passenger list and crew getting sick.

  45. SaddleTramp says:

    I’ve been a lurker here for several years and this is my first post. Thanks to Mac for all he does.

    But JFYI: For those of you who are seriously interested, the Pandemic Flu Information forum has been tracking Ebola and several other pre-pandemic diseases for some time. Excellent and highly recommended news and prep info you can definitely use. (Don’t be put off by the strange URL. It really is PFI.)


  46. Liberty_Lover says:

    I have been on this sight since around the time JOG went off grid. I have yet to comment on any articles up until this one.
    A little bit about myself: I am 20 years old and recently bought my first rifle (ak47). I am a new prepper so any and all advice will be appreciated.

    And Walt Kowalski, I completely agree with you.

    • Walt Kowalski says:

      Ok….it’s confirmed…

      So now the questions…..

      1. How long has he been contagious?

      2. Who has he exposed?

      3. When did the exposure occur?

      4. How many people were exposed that cannot be traced because they are unknown…and there is no way to know or find out who they are?

      This person may have been very aware of the virus and may have immediately taken himself/herself to the hospital immediately….or they may have been in denial and gone for several days before going to the hospital.

      At this point, we don’t even know the circumstances of how this person even went to the hospital. Was it on his/her own accord? Or did they have to be transported by ambulance? Or did they go to a regular doctor or urgent care center first? Who was exposed at those locations if they did?

      Lots and lots of unanswered questions. And how those questions are answered may determine whether or not this is an isolated incident/infection…or if this becomes a nightmare.

      • Walt Kowalski says:

        Ok….just watching the CDC press conference…

        The person infected evidently began to display symptoms on September 24th, and was not hospitalized until the 28th.

        That’s 4 days where he was symptomatic….and we can assume contagious.

        So again…..who did he come in contact with during that time? Have they all been located…and are they in isolation too?

        • Ishimo says:

          Four days is a lot of opportunity to come in contact with other people. What if he went to a mall and was coughing and/or sneezing? A grocery store and left the virus on a shopping cart. What if he coughed or sneezed in the produce section? Rode in a cab and infected the driver and/or left the virus in the cab for future passengers. Rode on a bus and infected others on the bus. I could think of a thousand other possible scenarios for those four days.

          But the CDC says there is absolutely no chance what so ever that he could have ever possibly done any of this and that it is absolutely contained so we don’t have to worry. Right? Right?

        • Ishimo says:

          Four days is a lot of opportunity to come in contact with other people. What if he went to a mall and was coughing and/or sneezing? A grocery store and left the virus on a shopping cart. What if he coughed or sneezed in the produce section? Rode in a cab and infected the driver and/or left the virus in the cab for future passengers. Rode on a bus and infected others on the bus. I could think of a thousand other possible scenarios for those four days.

          But the CDC says there is absolutely no chance what so ever that he could have ever possibly done any of this and that it is absolutely contained so we don’t have to worry. Right? Right?

  47. DBGStome says:

    WFAA local news in Dallas is reporting CDC is confirming patient has Ebola. You can find it on WFAA.com.

  48. On my local news, they just confirmed this case as positive

  49. Anonymous says:

    “First CONFIRMED case of Ebola in US”– Zero Hedge. Epocalypse is next…

  50. Frostbyte says:

    yes, the case in Dallas has been confirmed to be Ebola. I am an employee at a houston region hospital and we have already received e-mails regarding the potential of the rapid spread of ebola due to the unknown number of people who may have come in contact with the patient in Dallas and also where they may have traveled from there. The e-mail seemed like a media press release though in how it stated that “the isolation of a patient in terms of ebola is contact isolation… something that all health care workers are used to and proficient at…” uhhh…. what? Contact isolation involving hazmat suits and goggles? This may not be as bad as we think, or… it could be MUCH worse. The fact that we are getting these e-mails also as a pacification of the healthcare workers is alarming to me. I don’t trust anyone with power to be truthful or forthcoming with 100% of the available information. I’m not saying to panic, but definitely make sure you are as healthy as possible. And don’t smoke. If you do smoke, quit. Smoking makes your mucus membranes in your mouth, nose, throat and lungs much more welcoming to droplets that may come from an infected person. Stay safe people.

  51. withoutabisquit says:

    Hi, Liberty Lover. For someone just starting, there are plenty of links here. But for practical information from your “mom” – I have a son who is 22.
    1. Go to the Dentist and have your teeth checked.
    2. Got a pain in your body? Have it checked now.
    3. Are you staying put where you live, or are you leaving and going somewhere when TSHTF? This will help you with multiple decisions.
    4. If you are staying put, go get toilet paper, and cans of food you can open and eat cold. Also, bottled water when you see the SH… is hitting.
    5. If you are leaving your current residence when the SHTF, pack boxes of food and have them by your door so you can pack them in your car in 5 minutes.
    6. Have a backpack in your car in case you end up on foot

    This is basic and quick – by no means complete. God Bless.

  52. Socrates says:

    It’s official:

    CDC Confirms First Ebola Case Diagnosed In The US, In Dallas Hospital – Press Conference Live Feed
    As experts (as opposed to President Obama) had warned, the probability of Ebola coming to the US is around 20% by year-end. So it should not be a total surprise that:

    The patient recently returned (via plane) from traveling from Liberia, West Africa. This perhaps explains why CDC was “taking precautions in the US” as we noted previously. And don’t forget the administration’s interference in Ebola treatments.

    Press Conference (due to start at 530ET) via NBC News

  53. Tacoma says:

    Ebola confirmed in dallas tx

  54. White Fox says:

    Don’t buy the Tyveks, those are permeable to air and vapor. Dupont says so on its site. Tychem is the one for chemical and biological protection. And also get sprayer tanks for the bleach.

  55. TheOreganoRouter.onion.it says:

    This United States Government is behind this whole thing

  56. John Shoemaker says:

    I assume this person flew into the U.S.A.
    What about all the people that may of had contact with this person BEFORE he any symptoms appeared.
    They could spread this to others, friends,and family members without even knowing they have it.

  57. Percy Peckerfield says:

    Honestly I won’t be afraid of Ebola unless it goes airborne.

  58. Margaret says:

    If the WHO (who ARE the, anyway?) did not do the JOB in the early days of this colossal human
    Trajedy, and mobilize money and equipment to Africa, whilst there was still time to contain
    …why shoud we trust them with their “guidelines”? Which shockingly, but predictably, does
    Not include quarantine at entry points of all countries…sadly, the only way to stp the spread of Ebola, is to occidental the countries affected. Otherwise here will be mass deths irked wide.
    And marshal law here…
    The only reasonable thing to do if they really wanted to stop the spread…, would have been to stop all commercial flights, leaving the hit zones…and quarantine everyone who’s been therewhobsomehow gtd out..for the 21 days.

    Hopefully, we,THEPEOPLE (novel concept, I know)…can speak out loudly enough to get
    Our government, at ,least, to implement the quarantine at airports immediately,,,

    Unless, they not care hw far it spreads…after all once our fellow citizens are dying all around us,
    We may well be ‘happy’ to take that mandatory chemical into our bodies…
    Think of the money some people will make from that…worldwide innoculations…

  59. This is just what the bastards want to control the worlds population by seeing to that the worlds population is reduced to 500 million.Do they think we are so stupid that we dont see through their plans???Sometime ago there was a conference on reducing the worlds population. One Bard said the best way to control the worlds population is air borne ebola.They all cheered.