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Does Hillary Clinton Want To Have A 2020 Rematch Against Trump?

Mac Slavo
July 9th, 2018
Comments (43)

Hillary Clinton may be plotting a secret rematch between herself and president Donald Trump in 2020, according to one speculative report. It wouldn’t be out of the question for a politician as corrupt as Hillary to try it again, but will she?

According to an opinion piece published by the New York Post, Hillary Clinton just might want to be the Democrat nominee to face off against Trump in a mere two years, and once again, vying for the presidency.

The messages convey a sense of urgency and are coming with increasing frequency. They are short, focused reactions to the latest “outrage” committed by President Trump.

Some end by asking for money, some urge participation in protests. All read as if they are sent from the official headquarters of the resistance. –Michael Goodwin, The New York Post

The article went on to tout Hillary Clinton’s money-making ability and ability to distribute said money among groups that lobby for liberal causes before writing this:

Not long ago, I told a group of friends, all liberal Dems, that I believed she was keeping open the possibility of a rematch against Trump, and might already have decided to run.

It was unanimous — they were horrified. “I would not give her a single cent,” one man, formerly a big donor to Clinton, said emphatically.  –Michael Goodwin, The New York Post

According to the Daily Mail, the corrupt democrat has been appearing at high-profile events, such as those for the Clinton Foundation and at Oxford University. In addition to these such events, she’s taken to asking for donations to causes she supports. The New York Post notes that five times in the last month alone, Clinton let supporters know her super PAC was working against Trump. She has also stayed at the top of her supporters’ email inbox. Hillary has been using her email to rail against Trump’s controversial “zero tolerance” immigration policy earlier this month.

She’s certainly and unfortunately not gone yet, and her continued public appearances have fueled the fires of speculation that she’s ready to try to take on Donald Trump once again.


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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: July 9th, 2018
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. YohanSmythe says:

    “… to face off against Trump in a mere two years, and once again, vying for the pregnancy.”


  2. Frank Thoughts says:

    There is no better proof that Trump is a fraud (and so is Qanon). Both Hillary and Obama are ALWAYS visiting other countries and receiving a heroes welcome. They are not only very wealthy as it is but they are both building their empires outside the US so that they are even wealthier for 2020. If Trump had anything on them and the courage to act, he would have done so by now. That Trump spends his days Tweeting and yelling does not bode well for any come-uppence for corrupt Democrats.

    I am not surprised Hillary will campaign in 2020. It is not that far away and she is on fire. She is also very funny when she talks about Trump which is bringing out another side to her and I think this will address her more serious reputation that held her back the last time.

    • Vet1 says:

      Imagine Hillary appointing two new Supreme Court judges, numerous sitting federal judges and signing global treaties replacing the Constitution????

      Trump has been a God send compared to the socialist (formerly the demorat) party…

      I think Clinton’s are toxic and their global investors who lined her up to walk into the presidency will not trust her but inbred inability to succeed again…

    • Stuart says:

      You obviously reside in some parallel universe. Either that or the dosage of your Lithium needs adjusting.

    • Qanon…same as it always was.

      Omega, NESERA, the Iraqi Dinar RV, Qanon Storm…all internet scams.

    • TheGuy says:

      If only “she is on fire” could be taken literally…

      Scum of the earth…

    • Anonymous says:

      FT – Agree with your first paragraph, but the second one not so much. I now believe Trump is a fraud who deceived us. But Hillary is not in the best of health. She’s not well enough, physically or psychologically, to win the election/lead the country. Medical conditions tend to get worse, not better.

      The anti-Trumpers may not approve of him but that doesn’t mean they approve of her. At this point in Trump’s presidency, many voters don’t like either of them.

  3. Blankone says:

    She is evil….Enough said..I didnt vote for Trump as much as I voted against Hitlery..

  4. Stuart says:

    Of course the Hildabeast is going to run for something. She has no life outside of politics and that is the only way to keep the money flowing towards her.

    She’s over but being an egotistical narcissist, she will never acknowledge that fact.

  5. redyellowblackdog says:

    So, the democrats are considering running a two time loser in 2020? LOL.

    That said, the first thing Hillary should say in her campaign should be, “How is it I am here running for President? Wasn’t that liar Trump going to LOCK ME UP?”.

    I urge everyone to vote Trump in 2020, but really, Hillary belongs in prison.

    • Frank Thoughts says:

      I can see it now: she will come on stage in a Mao suit wearing her Spanx and adult Depends and laugh and cackle as she rhetorically asks the audience: “He said he was going to lock up ‘corrupt Hillary’???? But, here I am!!!!” Audience goes ‘whoop, whoop!!!!!!: You go sista!!!’.

      “He said I ate babies in the bottom of a pizzeria in DC????!! That’s the President?? So unfit for office, so unfit. But we have another chance to kick that crooked real estate developer and game show host out of the White House in 2020: let’s do it!!!”

  6. Kevin2 says:

    We can only pray that Hillary gets the nod. My bet is on Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. He attended the last Bilderberg Group meeting. Why? Governor Bill Clinton attended one too then got the Democrat nomination. Hickenlooper splits the gun issue with the veneer of pro gun “Hell I hunt, I’m in Colorado”. He is a progressive that can shroud himself in the appearance of a conservative Democrat, “Hell I’m from Colorado, the west, with country values”.

    Watch and see.

  7. aljamo says:

    Any candidate that makes the ticket will suck out loud. Congress or the president. Voting is to make it appear that you have a choice, you don’t.

    • Kevin2 says:

      What you say is true but TPTB doesn’t generally micro manage. That is the wiggle room area that voting counts. If Democrats had continuously held the Presidency and both Houses the 2nd Amendment would have been history. Conversely TPTB pushed for a direct US Military attack upon Syria but Obama only gave them ISIS. Thats the “wiggle Room” we get. If McCain was in Syria would have been Iraq. Once again, thats the “wiggle room” Presidents have.

    • Old Guy says:

      ajamo. your mistaken. Agreed their isn’t any viable political or ballot box solution. But Trumps victory gave the establishment a giant middle finger. His election at the very least bought us some time. His election has brought the left’s hidden agenda out into the open. The left commies are now up front and vocal about what they really desire. And that’s wide open borders. abolish the Counstiution and become a socialist democracy. Voting isn’t a cure but its all we have. If you don’t vote you haven’t any right to complain.

    • Stuart says:

      Tell that to Donald Trump.

  8. James D says:

    It won’t matter which mannequin they prop up there (see weekend at bernies). Trump will win in a landslide!

  9. The Deplorable Braveheart says:

    I’m back after a weekend of target practice and drills. I say Hillary won’t make it to 2020 because of her health issues. She’s now having to wear a back brace just so she can walk and still needs assistance for that. Still taking a doctor and nurse with her everywhere she goes. During the 2016 campaign, Trump was barnstorming his way all over the country. At the height of the campaign he was averaging sometimes 4 campaign stops a day and some weeks didn’t even take a day off from campaigning. The hildebitch would make one appearance somewhere and then HAD TO GO HOME AND TAKE A NAP! She had medical personnel with her everywhere she went. There were constant rumors about her health. One member of her Secret Service detail let it leak out that she has Parkinson’s disease. I’ve never seen any other candidate for any political office travel around with medical personnel everywhere they go. She has no problem still traveling around blaming everyb ody but herself for her loss. SHE FAILED TO MOUNT AN EFFECTIVE CAMPAIGN NOT TO MENTION THAT NO ONE WITH ANY SENSE REALLY WANTS HER! Trump was in top health and mounted a most effective campaign. I don’t see the hildebitch trying for office again. Her condition will get worse and worse between now and then. Bank on it.

    • Yahooie says:

      She might be building the campaign chest for whatever puppet the Klintoons decide to put up for election. Maybe Bammy, too. O and C have never had much love lost between them.

      Just some thought particles drifting through. I could be chasing the wrong rabbit.

  10. Old Guy says:

    I was of the opinion there wasn’t any tangible difference between a republican and a dimocrap. And its true that in many instances there isn’t any real difference between the cantdiates. However there are great differences in the citizens who vote for one or the other. Most of The Dimocraps tend to be commie liberal parasites who think they are always right. They believe the rules and laws do not apply to them. They don’t respect the bill of rights or any election result or court decision that they disagree with. Yep Hellery needs to be locked up but im not holding my breath.

    • Yahooie says:

      Dims never refrain from using our founding documents–or the Bible for that matter–to bash us over the head to convince us of their “good intentions.”

      Definitely a case of it’s good for thee but not for me.

  11. RickE. says:

    If our justice department would do its job, this would be a moot point! Hillary has perpetrated enough crimes to jail her for several lifetimes!
    Why in the hell hasn’t this old sea hag been indicted??!

  12. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is whispering in Hillary’s ear, that if she runs she will win. Then RBG can retire at last.

  13. This is just a joke
    Hillary will not be in any Physical or Mental condition to run.
    That said it would be sooo sweet to have her get Pumbled again.

    Liberalism is a demented satanic Cult

  14. True Grit says:

    And then she can nominate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

  15. Old Guy says:

    I also think Hellery is too physically and mentally sick to be president. But Regan had Altzimers when he was president?

  16. Sheep Dog says:

    This bitch is pure evil.
    She will become more public as time progresses to evoke mistrust, cast doubts and encourage devisiveness. It is what the Clintons do. She could care less about the USA, it is her political agenda FIRST.

    Chelsea 2024, a chip off the block.

    Trump 2020

  17. Morris says:

    I wish MooChelle Obama would run against for the Democrat nomination. That would make for some lively debates. 🙂