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    Digital Lock Down: Google and Facebook Take Aim At ‘Fake News’ Websites: “The Establishment Is Scared Sh*tless”

    Mac Slavo
    November 15th, 2016
    Comments (88)
    Read by 14,489 people


    In the runup to the 2016 election Matt Drudge linked to reports that Hillary Clinton’s health was faltering. For weeks the ‘rumors’ were denied by mainstream media, especially left-leaning web sites.

    As the election drew closer, The Huffington Post and other partisan web sites claimed that Clinton had an unbeatable lead. On November 4th, just days before the election, Huff Post went so far as to suggest that Clinton had a 98% chance of winning the election. All the while, alternative media researchers, journalists, commentators and bloggers were highlighting the fact that polls actually showed a dead even race, with Trump leading in some cases.

    When Wikileaks released tens of thousands of emails, the propaganda went into full swing with claims that the emails sourced from the DNC and Clinton Campaign were fake, even though numerous third-party organizations certified their validity.

    If you were to ask the experts, Drudge Report, Infowars, Breitbart, The Daily Sheeple, Stone Cold Truth, SGT Report, Alt-Market, Daisy Luther, TruthStream Media and scores of other alternative news web sites were peddling fiction. In fact, “peddling fiction” is the exact terminology used by President Obama to marginalize the detailed economic reports being disseminated by Alternative Financial web sites like Zero Hedge.

    The fiction narrative, first championed by entrenched media personalities, was pushed across social media by millions of anxious Hillary fans. According to them, everything coming from independent media was a lie – it was fake.

    As it turns out, Clinton’s health problems were confirmed when she was recorded stumbling and wobbling following a September 11th ceremony in New York. The Wikileaks were, in fact legit. Trump won by an electoral landslide. And the economy continues its downward spiral.

    One report after another being disseminated by what left-leaning pundits call “fake news websites” has been confirmed as accurate, proving that there was a concerted effort to stifle open discourse and real journalism.

    Hillary Clinton made mention of it in her Deplorables speech, warning that a lot of fake information was being released through purported “racist” web sites across the web.

    And if she had her way, no one would have ever read anything but positive information about her, while everything else was disappeared Orwellian-style, never to reach the masses that eventually elected Donald Trump to the Presidency.

    What this year’s Presidential election has proven is that alternative media is a force to be reckoned with, and the establishment is scared shitless.

    But they won’t let it happen again.

    Earlier this year President Obama turned control of the internet over to the United Nations, effectively eliminating free speech protections enjoyed by citizen journalists in America. It may have sounded crazy when we sounded the alarm before the internet takeover, but today’s actions by Google and Facebook provide further evidence that the establishment media and Deep State politicians are preparing a digital lock down on any and all information that has not been approved by an as of yet unknown Truth Panel.

    A Facebook spokesman said it will explicitly ban sites that traffic in fake news from using the Facebook Audience Network, saying they fall under the category of misleading, illegal or deceptive sites already barred. The audience network places ads on other websites and mobile apps.

    Earlier Monday, Google said it plans to prevent Google ads from being placed “on pages that misrepresent, misstate, or conceal information about the publisher, the publisher’s content, or the primary purpose” of the website. The policy would cover sites that distribute false news, a Google spokeswoman said.
    False news stories, particularly those that spread widely on Facebook, became an issue during the recent presidential election. Google experienced its own mishap on Sunday when a story on a right-wing blog erroneously stating Donald Trump won the popular vote appeared atop some Google search results.

    “While implied, we have updated the policy to explicitly clarify that this applies to fake news,” the Facebook spokesman said. “We vigorously enforce our policies and take swift action against sites and apps that are found to be in violation. Our team will continue to closely vet all prospective publishers and monitor existing ones to ensure compliance.”

    Full report

    The moves by Google and Facebook follow a recent de-monitzation effort at Youtube that has also targeted alternative media. As noted in their “Advertiser Friendly Content Guidelines,” they appear to be targeting exactly the issues often covered by alternative media by directly banning:

    Content that is considered “not advertiser-friendly” includes, but is not limited to:

    • Controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown

    So basically, anything newsworthy is no longer advertiser friendly, and these organizations will now determine whose news will or won’t be seen based on what is sure to be proprietary algorithms and secretive human curation.

    The bottom line is this: the time and energy required to produce the amount of video content and investigative journalism that we saw during the election is astronomical. Thousands of journalists, bloggers and concerned citizens spent countless hours reporting the news the mainstream media wouldn’t. Many of those people depend on advertising revenue to cover their most basic website maintenance costs, as well as their monthly mortgages and the food they put on their dinner tables.

    The aim with policies like this, which will no doubt be overseen by establishment hacks, is to quite literally starve independent media. In turn, they will starve the people of the information they so desperately need to understand what is being done to them.

    This is only the beginning. The lock down will continue.

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Views: Read by 14,489 people
    Date: November 15th, 2016

    Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.


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    1. Cypher says:

      Yeah, internet’s new owners probably want it cracked down on.

      Any word on an alterweb yet?

      • C3po says:

        Look at Maidsafe or Synereo. They are already working on this. Hope they will be ready,when the shit really hits the fan.

      • Acid Etch says:

        Why whites are more productive than Asians although Asians have marginally higher IQ score.

        • Anonymous says:

          Alternative websites can’t provide complete truth because they all contradict each other on certain issues, while corroborating other issues.

          For example, climate change: Daily Sheeple insists its a “hoax’ as per that fruitcake in congress called it. Daily Sheeple is mistaken– they are clueless on this issue. However, they are probably correct on other issues.

          Paul Craig Roberts (an excellent website) corroborates most of the stories on this website (SHTF) but PCR agrees that climate change is a real threat (It IS!! I studied it meticulously for years!!) So they can’t all be 100% correct because they all differ/contradict each other on certain issues.

          However, the real issue is freedom of speech. PCR has no advertising yet does quite well. Hopefully this tactic by the NWO will backfire on them.

          • Anonymous says:

            Also, take for example, Acid Itch, who often provides bull-shit statistics. Everyone has a right to their own stupid opinion (even Acid shit–as gross and incompetent as he is!!!)

          • durangokidd says:

            In other news, let me point out that the Chinese Yuan continues it slide, despite depleting its FX (read US TREASURIES) at an astounding rate to strengthen the currency; and contrary to the alarmists here who believed that a “gold backed yuan” would decimate the USD. LMAO !!!

            In response, someone here said months ago, and repeated that mantra again and again,that the Chinese Yuan would be “confetti”.

            Who was that Masked Man ??? 🙂


          • TEST says:

            Not that the BIG GREEN MONEY global warmers have the intellectual acumen to grasp this, but for the intellectually honest, re. AGW:

            Oswald Bergman wrote in the Chemical & Engineering News, Oct. 23, 2006 about the self-limiting nature of global warming, outlining the Stefan-Boltzman law (see also Wien’s law). This law of blackbody radiation says that energy, or E, which is emitted from from a body with a temperature, or T, is proportional to the fourth power of the temperature, or E=oT4 . What does this mean? Since the average in-radiation from the sun at any specific location at the same time of year is pretty much a constant, “any heating due to a greenhouse effect would be expected to reach a self-limiting equilibrium very quickly after only a modest rise in temperature. The reason is that ‘out-radiation’ will overpower the greenhouse effect after a very small temperature rise because of the enormous countervailing effect of the Stefan-Boltzman law.”

            I’ll bet you won’t see this fact anywhere, anytime, in the popular media. In a similar vein, Dr. Richard Lindzen of MIT notes “studies rarely consider that the impact of carbon on temperature goes down—not up—the more carbon accumulates in the atmosphere. Even if emissions were the sole cause of the recent temperature rise—a dubious proposition—future increases wouldn’t be as steep as the climb in emissions” and cites another fact: he believes clouds and water vapor will counteract greenhouse emissions. Dr. Lindzen discussed this, along with Dr. Spencer and others, at the 4th Annual Global Climate Warming Conference in May, 2010 (details available at, where they noted climate system has a negative feedback mechanism — a dampening effect on carbon dioxide-caused warming rather and suggest that a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide will produce a warming of no more than 0.5 degrees Celsius, well within natural variation.

            An article by well-known weatherman John Coleman at also discusses the forcing, or runaway global warming phenomenon at noting “It is true that CO2 can absorb heat a little faster than nitrogen and oxygen but it becomes no hotter because it cannot absorb any more heat than there is available to the other gases. This is against the laws of thermodynamics. All gases share their heat with the other gases. Gas molecules fly around and are constantly colliding with other gas molecules so they immediately lose any excess heat to other molecules during these collisions. That’s why the air is all one temperature in any limited volume.• Even if CO2 levels were many times higher, radiative heating physics shows that it would make virtually no difference to temperature because it has a very limited heating ability. With CO2, the more there is, the less it heats because it quickly becomes saturated. For a detailed explanation go to:” As evidence, the article cites Venus and Mars, that have atmospheres that are almost entirely CO2 (97%), yet have no runaway global warming, as well as noting that in the past the Earth has had CO2 concentrations hundreds of times higher, yet there were ice ages at the same time.

          • TEST says:

            It is horribly painful to read people who actually believe in AGW. Not withstanding that there has been ZERO global warming since 1998 (don’t let fact get in the way!), truth is:

            Farley Mowat, the noted Canadian leftist and Greenpeace activist, wrote in his book West Viking (written while we were still in the global cooling scare) that there were probably at least dwarf forests growing in Greenland when the Vikings arrived in 985 AD and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History reports “… Erik the Red discovered two areas of southwest Greenland which were suitable for farming, with grasslands and small stands of alder and birch.” You will note that it is too cold today for any type of forests to grow in Greenland, and there is zero ability to farm, unless modern technologies are utilized – and even then, crop selection is very minimal. Mowat also reported the Arctic pack ice was much less in that Viking discovery era than today. Dr. Fred Singer writes that when the Vikings first settled Greenland, they grew vegetables, and it was warm enough to allow the population to grow to 3,000 people and by 1100 AD the place was thriving enough that they had their own bishop and twelve churches. Nature reported in a 2010 article that clamshell studies also confirm Norse records. Meanwhile, the Archeological Survey of Canada has also noted around “A.D. 1000, a warmer climate resulted in the tree line advancing 100 kilometres north of its present position.”

            Indeed, when I was visiting Iceland at Skaftafell Nat’l Park two years ago, Icelandic historians know from extant deeds – and have put in the displays at the park – that somewhere around FORTY old Viking era farms are currently buried under the Vatnajokull glacier system (the largest in the world outside of Greenland and Antarctica). In other words, it was simply much warmer in the Icelandic settlement era than it is today. We are routinely informed of the melting of Greenland glaciers today at lower altitudes, but demonstrably there are at bare minimum low altitude glaciers in roughly the same geographic area that had seen more melting and more pronounced glacial recession one thousand years ago than we see today. Al Gore may want to visit Skaftafell National Park in Iceland on one of his many jet-setting, carbon burning trips to check the facts himself. More evidence: There are records of grape growing occurring in places in northern Europe back during this optimum where they can’t grow today. Gregory McNamee, in the Weather Guide Calendar (Accord Publishing, 2002) noted that wine connoisseurs might have gone to England for fine vintages (can’t grow fine vintage grapes there today!), that heat loving trees like beeches carpeted Europe far into Scandinavia, and Viking ships crossed iceberg free oceans to ice free harbors in Iceland…”.

            On the other side of the world, research by Panin and Nefedov in 2010, where they analyzed rivers and lakes in the Upper Volga and Upper Zapadnaya Dvina areas in Russia, also found evidence of a Medieval climatic optimum in that part of the world Even worse for the warmers, recent research has found evidence for the Medieval Climatic Optimum in the central Peruvian Andes – see, southern South America, see, China, see,, where the author XJ Zhou notes “temperatures in the Medieval Warm Period are comparable to those in the current warm period over China,” and Antarctica, Li, Y., Cole-Dai, J. and Zhou, L. 2009. Glaciochemical evidence in an East Antarctica ice core of a recent (AD 1450-1850) neoglacial episode. Journal of Geophysical Research 114: 10.1029/2008JD011091 (summarized at

          • TEST says:

            One final comment on the utter stupidity of the AGW BIG GREEN MONEY scam:

            Amazingly, there is even clear evidence of the LIA and MWP in Antarctica- see as well as Western Canada, as illustrated by the picture of a white spruce found on Canada’s Arctic Ocean. This picea glauca (white spruce) stump on the Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula in tundra,
            is *****some 100km north of the current treeline****. Photo by Professor Ritchie (University of Toronto). Radiocarbon date was 4940 ±140 years Before Present (BP), and was featured in Hubert Lamb’s classic work Climate, Present, Past and Future. See for this picture, as well as other AGW info.

            Similarly, two recent papers, reported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, one in Earth-Science Reviews and the other is in Chinese Science Bulletin, reported studies of “key chemical contents in micro-drilled giant clams shells and coral samples to demonstrate that in the South China Sea the warm period of the Middle Ages was warmer than the present. The scientists examined surveys of the ratio of strontium to calcium content and heavy oxygen isotopes, both are sensitive recorders of sea surface temperatures past and present. The aragonite bicarbonate of the Tridacna gigas clam-shell is so fine-grained that daily growth-lines are exposed by micro-drilling with an exceptionally fine drill-bit, allowing an exceptionally detailed time-series of sea-temperature changes to be compiled – a feat of detection worthy of Sherlock Holmes himself. By using overlaps between successive generations of giant clams and corals, the three scientists – Hong Yan of the Institute of Earth Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Willie Soon of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and Yuhong Wang of Fudan University, Shanghai – reconstructed a record of sea-surface temperature changes going back 2500 years. The Roman and Mediaeval Warm Periods both showed up prominently in the western Pacific and East Asia. Sea surface temperatures varied considerably over the 2500-year period.” Dr. Soon concludes :” “The UN’s climate panel should never have trusted the claim that the medieval warm period was mainly a European phenomenon. It was clearly warm in South China Sea, too.”

            Finally, another study, by earth sciences professor Zunli Lu (formerly of Oxford, now at Syracuse Univ.), studied samples of crystal called ikaite, which forms in cold water, and will melt at room temperature. Samples were taken by Lu and colleagues, examined for variation caused by temperature fluctuations during formation, and dated. The result? Lu writes: “This ikaite record qualitatively supports that both the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age extended to the Antarctic Peninsula.” What does this mean? It means that the MWP was not simply a localized event in northern Europe, or even the northern hemisphere. And if it was as warm 1,000 years ago as now all over the world, Al Gore is simply wrong. Study summary by the UK Register at

          • Salty says:

            Trolls Trolling for trolls sake….. Sounds like a plant to me…

            • TEST says:

              Sorry, Salty, that you can’t stand the truth, with links there for your verification. I am a consultant, so have time between gigs for a few weeks. I am a regular reader of SHTF as anyone can attest. The above is just a small snippet of a 400 page, 700 footnote paper I have done on the AGW scam, with my purpose here being to expose the **trillion dollar*** BIG GREEN MONEY scam that is perhaps THE main vehicle to impose socialist world gov’t on us all.

              Of a truth, it sounds like YOU, yourself, are the fraud trolo, with all you have to say is some ad hominem horsemanure.

              I call BS on your post, and challenge you to actually READ and research any of the facts noted. But of course you won’t, as the real trolls like yourself are devoid of any intellectual honesty, aren’t you?

              Quod erat demonstrandum.

          • Dallaschief says:

            Climate change may be real but manmade global warming is bullshit!

            • Struth says:

              And the ‘man-made’ climate change agenda is a good distraction for the REAL damage man is doing to the environment via factory farming, pollution, mining, overfishing, etc etc

              TEST, I would love to read your entire work, is it available somewhere?

      • boyo says:

        John McAfee had an idea called D-Central that has not gotten past the coke induced paranoia phase.

        Content Warning: We need a chuckle

    2. T4R2 says:


      Can it get any better?

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        All of the social media were already notorious for their censorship. Now it only becomes worse. It also depends on what they mean by ‘fake news’. We all know that FAKE news comes from the MSM. The ALTERNATIVE media tells the TRUTH.

        • TEST says:

          BH, in a word, Edward Bernays, the father of modern advertising, nephew of Sigmund Freud. Here is Bernays earlier last century, who explains precisely the media scam came to be:

          “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.

          This is reminiscent of Richard Salant, head of CBS News until a few years back, who stated once: “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”

    3. Yes indeed. The monopoly has served the few for so long, they feel entitled to control the flow of information come hell or high water.

      I say. Don’t become discouraged. Just keep documenting what you observe. We will have to come up with new technologies or revert to passing information at Tuperware parties.


    4. Frank Thoughts says:

      This is very true and kicked into high gear as of September 2015 when there was a visible change in access to information online as a result of Google algo changes. They are squeezing the pipe in various ways: changing algos, making people pay more and more to get less and less search engine placement, removal of anonymity which then opens people up to lawsuits and copyright charges, removal of blog search, etc.

      The best way to fight back is to set up new free web resources. You Tube is just a video platform. When it first launched, it was very expensive to get that level of server space to host video. But, now the technology has advanced and access to server space has come down in cost. Google is clever but now censors more than it reveals. China and Russia are creating new firewalled versions of the internet. Use that to offer new services and content. As long as you do not mention China, it is cool what you put there. Same for Russia: if it is pointing at the West, they are groovy with whatever content is on there.

    5. Eman says:

      It is mind blowing to see this actually going down and I truly apologize if this has been noted because I have no time to scan every comment I actually have a job in this wonderful booming economy(its sarcasm friends) but has anybody noticed that there has been little or no mention of or reporting of a little thing we like to call “Radical Islamic Terrorism” lately? Guess what? Now that everybody more or less knows D.T. is gonna run stuff…after the BLM and commies have a chance to get it rolling the sleepers will probably make an appearance. I hate to say it but a wise enemy lets others fight their battles for them.

      • Frank Thoughts says:

        It is now clear who was behind the Islamic terrorism since it pretty well shutdown across the Western world during the run-up to the US election. Talk about SCREAMING it is run out of the US by somebody or something.

        As for civil unrest, this reminds me of the 70s in Europe. We have a hardcore ideology on both sides – the ‘liberty’ movement with their guns, constitution, real money and bibles, and the left, with its love-a-Muslim, black grievance nonsense, and whiny students wanting everything for free.

        When you have two ideologies that have no common ground or common vision, conflict and violence will erupt. This tends to manifest in civil unrest – strikes, sit-downs, riots, sabotage etc. – and terrorism – factions, militias, kidnappings, torture, murder hits etc. We already have had the civil unrest and we have had the assassinations of police officers. None of this is a good trend and we are only at the beginning. As the British can attest, once you have tit-for-tat killings and the police and military having to step in the middle, then you have a decade or more of violent unrest ahead before it can be calmed down.

        And it takes exceptional politicians to chill things out and forge a politics that gets buy-in from everyone again. I do not see the US there anymore. Obama took what was an impressive and non-racial vote of confidence in 2008 – he truly spoke across the races – and allowed it to be captured by black racists and nationalists with an axe to grind. This made the final term one of increasing racial antipathy and violence, ie: BLM.

        But there is no future in a black-focused political vision, no matter the legitimacy or not of complaints. Demographics showed black Americans on the decline and failing compared to the rising groups of Asians and Latin Americans. They tried to rush in Africans to boost the numbers and to make Muslims honorary ‘blacks’ but this is also a failed strategy. Antipathy towards blacks by Asians and Latin Americans is often worse than white-black. And Muslims do not have a great history of loving blacks either.

        The noise we are getting now is the strategy coming up against reality. It won’t end well because people are very deluded. At some point down the road, a fissure will erupt between blacks and Asians, Latin Americans and Muslims, as all those groups will realize they have a greater stake in a normal economy and society, since they do better in it anyway.

    6. Eman says:

      Something I think needs to be said. The breakdown of the protestors…per Sun Tsu. “…know your enemy…”we have a cadre of college educated idiots who believe they are on a crusade to right all the wrongs of the country that nurtured them to begin with. This is the enemy’s cannon fodder. There is a smaller group of hard core “minorities” who have been fed a pathology of victimhood but who also have experienced the reality their self fulfilling prophecy has led them into. There are the anachists and sociopaths who just want to destroy, and there are the vampire trendys who just love the thrill of the mob. Its why people go to rock concerts….but this is deadly serious. Figuring out percentages even roughly will help determine a course to victory, though the front line is law enforcement. Busy times ahead for you. The decieved will insult you but the puppeteers will kill you. Expect it as time goes on. I cant believe Im saying this but I salute you. My prayer follows you all.

    7. I fail to see the connection between Obama’s executive action, disturbing as that may be, with Google and Facebook’s actions.

      On the other hand, there are too many sites with a profit motive, and the content is hand picked to drive traffic.

      Good riddance.

      When turning a buck is the only reason you’re sitting behind a keyboard, it’s time to find something constructive to do.

    8. Winston says:

      FACEBOOK is a PUBLIC SPACE therefore it has no right or legal option to censor participants. FACEBOOK is a PUBLICLY TRADED company, NOT a “private entity” and it solicits PUBLIC memberships.
      Just as cake bakers HAVE to bake homosexual cakes, and wedding planners HAVE to “accept” homosexual weddings, SUCKERberg has to accept opinions, videos, and pictures he does not like.
      The same applies to ALL “social media”, YOUTUBE, and search engines.
      A lowly COUNTY CLERK was jailed for refusing to “do her duty” by not issuing homosexuals marriage licenses The Baker, Planner, and Clerk SHOULD have just said: “You homosexuals VIOLATE COMMUNITY GUIDLINES” !!!

    9. HMULLER says:

      That Michael Snyder character at Economic Collapse is no better than the MSM fascists. I’ve been banned for life from commenting because I disagreed with his opinion once.

    10. Enemy of the State says:

      Why are we so willing to hurt each other, yet so unwilling to confront the machine?

      • BlackMoe says:

        Because we have too much to sacrifice to confront the machine of tyranny. However, the more they take from us, the less we’ll have to sacrifice. Take away our 2nd Amendment protected rights, that will be the last straw for sure.

    11. KY Mom says:

      Trump Or No Trump – Why The Next 8 Years Will Be The Worst Economic Period In US History

      “Regardless who was chosen as president for the next two terms, 80% of the population growth in the US will come from 65+yr/olds. This is the inverse from Bill Clinton’s presidency which was the benefactor of the strongest demographic and population changes.

      The Fed has been dropping rates ever since to incentivize the decelerating growth among the young to spend more… but the population growth to consume(r) our way out of this debt bubble is never coming.”

      “However, the chart shows both sides of the equation…the annual GDP growth and the annual federal debt incurred, spent, and (thus counted as part of the growth) to achieve the purported growth.”

      “Over the last eight years, the Obama economy (as measured by GDP) grew $3.9 trillion and federal debt grew by $9.6 trillion…said otherwise, GDP contracted $5.7 trillion when all the new debt is subtracted.

      Essentially, America is a nation of renters that never intend to pay off our national debt but pay perpetual rent on this debt. Unfortunately the rent will only keep going up so long as debt grows significantly faster than the economy that is the basis of tax collection.”

      • Frank Thoughts says:

        Good points: and the two solutions they have to get growth and grow the economy are … drum roll please… Muslims and Africans, and exporting toxic American business models and toxic American digital unicorns.

        The first growth option – Muslims and Africans – forgets how difficult it is integrate these individuals, let alone get them to be productive and earn their keep. This means welfare, crime, health (many Muslims end up becoming diabetics and have to have their limbs lopped off, meaning they live the rest of their lives on disability) and other expenses will shoot up (as they already are). As for Brand America: that thing is so damn toxic now all over the world. Even US puppet states of the EU are demanding tax money from companies and making it more difficult for US companies to continue to rape and pillage with their bs funding models.

        So, yeah, good luck with getting the growth to cover the debt payments.

        • Frank Thoughts,
          Founding fathers invented a new form of government without inventing a new business form compatible with it. We are a schizo country trying to accommodate a democratic type of government and a despotic form of business a/k/a corporatism.
          There have been a few new business models showing up, but also experiments, like our government.
          Oligarchy, not socialism, is what is happening in the US, and any review of where the money goes proves it.
          Most media, left, right, center, is about divide and conquer. Breitbart is a good example since it is in the news these days. Robert Mercer, a billionaire hedge fund guy bought into Breitbart, and put Bannon and Conway into Trump’s campaign. All to beat Clinton, who favored a transaction tax on high volume computerized stock traders, including Mercer. Mercer went after (unsuccessfully) McCain for the same reason. Mercer supported Ted Cruz, installed Conway, then made Cruz eat Trump shit publicly.
          The Koch brothers co-opted the tea party.
          Divide and conquer is classic war and used against Americans endlessly. For this reason, I do not buy into hate speech and hating my fellow Americans whether I agree with them or not. Basically, the Bigs are controlling and manipulative to such an extent that most people are deluded to the point of insanity.
          The weapons of mass destruction corporations are using were developed by the marketing industry, and are very effective.
          Hate hate hate is sold to us to keep globalism moving forward with the end result of two economic classes, unbelievable riches and poverty and degradation.
          The unbelievable riches group is very small, and the rest are controlled through hatred for other subject groups. Keeps our noses out of the 0.1% asses.

    12. Captain Crunch says:

      They SHOULD be scared shîtless

      MSM is bad for you

    13. blackjack says:

      The fight is not over. They failed by the vote, which is the socialist way, from what we have see in the streets after the elections, they have decided to try force which is the communist way. The globalist are going to fight back.

    14. waiting says:

      When we no longer have freedom of speech and censorship there will be no need to have the internet or newspapers. Then where will MSM get their money from; there will be no one interested in what they have to say. Then the advertisers will not spend money to take out ads. I suggest everyone stop taking their newspapers now, and tell them why. If and when this happens, I will cut my internet off. I already cut my newspaper off a year ago. I have already called MSM television stations and told them I will no longer watch them and will write their sponsors and tell why I no longer watch those stations. That’s how you hurt them, in their pocketbook.

    15. Oh, shit… on steroids.

    16. If anybody thought the fight was over with the election, they were wrong. The election was merely a call to arms for the commies and black racists. This is the beginning of the civil war. Whether you want it or not. It will not leave you alone. It will find you. There will be no neutral parties. Oh, by the way, you don’t have enough ammo.

      • Equorial says:

        If it is to be a full blown affair then nobody has enough ammo, save for the very few 1% that actually have plenty.

        *What you’ll need depends on where you live to some degree, right now anyway.

        Hard to imagine it actually becoming worse, when it is non-existent at the moment (except for a bad ‘incident’ and a lot of empty threats).

        One thing that is “striking” is that the news is suddenly filled with a new type of violence, such as a motorist stopping to shoot a man kicking a deputies ass. Shot him to death.

        You can’t tell me the cops don’t appreciate us “gun toters” for ‘taking their six’ in a heartbeat. Since we now know they weren’t going to back up The Democrats you watch ALLLLL the ‘cop bullshit’ stop. No more ambushes will be “staged” – but the demorats may well keep it “alive and well” giving the cops all the more reason to target their asses, and they would.

    17. Wait, does anyone here actually still use Facebook or Google??
      Startpage is a good search engine.

      • Equorial says:

        I killed Facebook years before it got ugly, and once I discovered exactly how much Google was truly “recording” I stopped using them as well. Following that, all that is built into Windows and Windows products is beyond ridiculous (spyware), and so we went Linux/Unix and never looked back.

        We can actually surf totally anonymously “in a private pipe” using full encryption.

        StartPage is a GREAT engine I agree. DuckDuckGo dot com is another good’un that doesn’t keep your history or remotely try.

        We only surf using Firefox, to each their own on Browsers though. I most stick to a text-only Browser which makes for a screaming connection (usually).

    18. Ron Ahrens says:

      They know the arrests and Nuremberg Style Trials are IMMINENT for this Globalist Fascist PEDOPHILE RING of genocidal psychopaths.

    19. I know noone missed me, but I visit 13 sites each day and this is the only one that freezes/stalls/locks up and won’t allow me to delete the window.
      Right now, it is difficult to type as it is stalling the letters typed.
      I use OS Windows 7; but still have no problem with any other sites.

      I miss reading the comments here.

      • Frank Thoughts says:

        For all sorts of reasons, the web is actually a series of walled gardens and is not the open ‘hop-a-click-around-the- world’ internet we mistakenly believe. Most of the heavy walled garden stuff was put in place in 2015, on the orders of the White House. This means what Americans often see is not what foreigners see, and vice versa.

        Important to know they weaponized the internet in 2014 and so it is a battle space like any other. That means if they do not like you or what you do, they are free to launch an attack on you in any way they wish. That can take many forms: they can squeeze the pipe (slow your bandwidth), they can make your computer shut down, they can make it stutter so you have to shut it down, they can divert you to fake sites, they can even fry your computer if you really piss them off.

        The true nature of ALL US-based web services has been data harvesting and social control. The economic model does not matter (it is bogus anyway based on fake market valuations of fake companies that were ALL started with either DARPA or CIA funding).

        Has anyone really got a good job from any of these things? Maybe some but one thing for sure is that many have had their lives and reputations ruined by these sites. Think of the adult dating and hook-up sites that get introduced into a country, hoover up all the illicit affairs of the locals and then get ‘hacked’ and all the data dumped online. Why does this happen? Well, what better way to totally screw a society and mess up relationships and get blackmail material on people. Makes the country easy to control.

        This is why more and more countries are setting up separate internets they can control. The Chinese already have this and the Russians are also setting it up; so are the Brazilians. The Chinese already block most American web services and I can see other countries doing the same. The European Union has already started this in some form.

        In a few years, it won’t matter what valuation a Silicon Valley ‘unicorn’ gets; nobody will touch them or let them in their country.

      • Warchild Dammit! says:

        Yes JJ,get rid of windows,complete wipe of computer,install a open source operating system like Linux,mint would be a good version for web surfing/commenting/shopping/streaming ect.

        I really liked windows thru the XP days,after that fuck em and their invasive bullshit,same with apples(rotten to he core!).

        • rellik says:

          JJ and WD,
          Linux is OK. I run Ubuntu 14.04 with a gnome desktop( I hate the Unity). It is pretty close to WIN XP in appearance.
          That being said you have to be a bit of a computer Geek to use Linux or deal with the unexpected features that exist. Two computers are handy if you need to troubleshoot a “feature”.
          but I suspect most guys on this site aren’t computer types.
          A possible solution for win 7 is to use Firefox as your browser, get the addon “Web developer” and use that tool bar to disable images and disable Java script. This will give mostly text only, and speed you up.
          Enable images and Java scripts as needed for video streaming or if you want to watch advertisements.
          Good luck!

      • Equorial says:

        JJ: It’s just that the servers are being updated, and there is a shortage of bandwidths for everyone trying to use the servers during the interim. It’ll get better (except during high load periods) I would guess.

    20. 2isone says:

      I posted a youtube “snowflake” video yesterday, and all of a sudden was blocked from commenting… and my video was blocked from publication. But a similarly long video about my gardening or other concerns uploads just fine. They are asking for phone numbers, text addresses to confirm accounts. Info gathering, folks.

    21. rednek101 says:

      IMHO…what we need is a modernized Sedition Act. Maybe a 2 year prison stint coupled with $50K fine would dampen the libtard press’ spirits a bit.

      “SECTION II. Punishes seditious writings.
      1. Definition of offence:

      To write, print, utter or publish, or cause it to be done, or assist in it, any false, scandalous, and malicious writing against the government of the United States, or either House of Congress, or the President, with intent to defame, or bring either into contempt or disrepute, or to excite against either the hatred of the people of the United States, or to stir up sedition, or to excite unlawful combinations against the government, or to resist it, or to aid or encourage hostile designs of foreign nations.

      2. Grade of offence:

      A misdemeanour.

      3. Punishment:

      Fine not exceeding $2000, and imprisonment not exceeding two years.

    22. Brian says:

      When the Establishment goes “sh*tless”, the sh*t lands on those lower down meaning the middle and lower class. They should at least yell “Look out below!” but they don’t. They even cheat at golf. Instead of “fore”, they yell three and seven/eights.

    23. TEST says:

      Who uses police state approved Facebook anymore?

      Want to expose all your personal info willingly and completely unconcerned about basic privacy? Want to contribute yet more to Learjet leftist Zuckerberg’s billions in his bank account? Use FB.

    24. watching and waiting says:


      Many of you probably know this but….

      The term Hollywood where lefties with a few righties gather. Many of you have posted your thoughts on those people and of course some of you have posted your dear thoughts regarding folks from Hollywood.

      Anyway, I just learn this but the term Holly is applied to real a tree, a holly tree. I think there is a term holly for something else. But a tree made of wood.
      Thus Holly Wood. The best part. The Holly tree produces the wood used by wiccans, magicians and such to cast spells and such.

      Some who have posted here in regard to movies preceding a natural disaster or a potential disaster
      or even parts of the movie and the disaster itself paralleled, seemed like the movie showed us what was coming in the future.

      Just a thought… But remember this those who practice in the occult have access to the supernatural, the spirit world.

    25. OregonBuzz says:

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”. – Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Nazi Propaganda

      • Equorial says:

        Then are saying that the “past government” is needful of hiding everything they’ve done for the past 16 years, even though most everyone now knows that all that has happened was “staged by The USA” and TPTB plus all the others that we are supposed to trust with our very lives?

        Eyah…. that’s sounds about right.

    26. -george says:

      From the article: “Google experienced its own mishap on Sunday when a story on a right-wing blog erroneously stating Donald Trump won the popular vote appeared atop some Google search results”.

      Remove some 3 million improper votes by illegal and “dead” voters, and Trump does win the popular vote!

    27. Enemy of the State says:

      MSM is the one scared shitless .. they just got shown the door
      and how irrelevant their take is on everything .. at least for the ones waking up or fully awake

    28. Cool Mo D says:

      Good riddance to the likes of you clowns.

    29. When CNN was getting in the reports live, when Trump rallied past Clinton, I typed into the IPhone as the reports came in and as soon as I typed Trump surges to Lead, my IPhone simply turned off. Although I have had trouble with other interruptions and erase of data, the phone has never turned off completely.

      They don’t want independet transfer of information. I will subscribe to David Duke’s Newsletter hard copy. That should piss them off good. More people will be starting news rags. Some might actually be good.


    30. KY Mom says:

      Who’s behind the Portland riots? 60% of arrested anti-Trump protesters were from out of state.


      • Equorial says:

        The United States Government was behind 100% of those riots, laundered by Soros down to paid actors. Lots of them. (Look how fast they disappeared).

        Now they are playing arsonist (it appears) and are setting “mini-blazes” in the driest areas of the SouthEast USA, which is well into a 3-month drought, perhaps longer.

        Even an artesian well will lower before recovering, so we are surely “down” an amazing amount of water. (But how to do determine the “water table” in the mountains)? I don’t think you can, but I do know a lake that usually fills all summer evaporated to a dry hole this year. (Great place to go four-wheeling, the whole lake bed except for springs that get muddied up a bit).

    31. Anonymous says:

      CHANGE OF TOPIC: Obama has just announced, in no uncertain terms, that he is going to “fight” Trump in all acts of repealing the unconstitutional EO’s that Obama “put into motion” via EOs, and without Congressional approval (which makes 90% of it worthless and irrelevant at Trump’s “word”).

      Obama intends to “put the pressure on Trump using (supposedly), United Nations (bullshit laws that we are not bound to), New World Order billionaires (George Soros is already on his team), and of course The Clinton’s have also pledged their undying support.

      Since nothing, at this time, has been planned (as this was an upset they didn’t see coming – -meaning Trump actually won despite their cheating), it means (judging from Obama’s “overall tone” that We The People, even though WE DO NOT FUCKING WANT OBAMAS NOR HILLARYS BULLSHIT – – they are going to be actively working like hell to keep their God-be-damned regulations and twisted ideas “burnt into law with more being proposed” (strictly to fuck up Trump, and to ensure that Demorats run the earth by allowing Muslims to take it over (or let’s say, allowing “terrorists to keep the peace” in areas of civil unrest

      Say Mac, perhaps it would be advantageous to have a ‘column’ of posts, on that topic, that “progresses” with time (only keeping one month in arrears?perhaps?). Dunno. Food for thought since that is one topic that obviously isn’t going away (it is hard to believe there are USA people who knowingly wish to elect someone who wishes to lead them directly into a Nuclear War by striking Russia FIRST)! *Which they’ll do only after everyone has either been disarmed or killed for failure to comply.

      Sounds strangely familiar doesn’t it? Sounds to me as though “TPTB” are going to incite a Civil War (when has Obama FAILED to take advantage of anything that MIGHT favor him or wreck the nation)? Answer: Never failed

      Looks like the “armies” we shall be fighting will be the very people of our very own nation …the ones HELL-BENT on allowing Politicians and George Soros and folks like The Clinton Clan to arrange their beheadings.

      Right now, if WE were protesting Hillary, we’d be shot in the streets on a daily basis. But because these protests are favorable to Obama’s agenda, even now, he’s going to capitalize upon all of it (hell, they are PAID ACTORS and a president of the USA is being allowed to fucking incite riots in hopes of rendering harm to “his opposers.”

      I think despite the outcome of the Elections, that it still remains needful to do away with The Federal Government. They actually think they are in full control of everything (when the fact is that they are as far from being Constitutional as they can go). It has now become beyond ridiculous to the point they break laws IN OUR FACES AND FLANT IT (just as Hillary has done, and now we learn Trump isn’t “going after her” after all).

      I’ll bet cha somebody will and does…

    32. Equorial says:

      CHANGE OF TOPIC: Obama has just announced, in no uncertain terms, that he is going to “fight” Trump in all acts of repealing the unconstitutional EO’s that Obama “put into motion” via EOs, and without Congressional approval (which makes 90% of it worthless and irrelevant at Trump’s “word”).

      Obama intends to “put the pressure on Trump using (supposedly), United Nations (bullshit laws that we are not bound to), New World Order billionaires (George Soros is already on his team), and of course The Clinton’s have also pledged their undying support.

      Since nothing, at this time, has been planned (as this was an upset they didn’t see coming – -meaning Trump actually won despite their cheating), it means (judging from Obama’s “overall tone” that We The People, even though WE DO NOT FUCKING WANT OBAMAS NOR HILLARYS BULLSHIT – – they are going to be actively working like hell to keep their God-be-damned regulations and twisted ideas “burnt into law with more being proposed” (strictly to fuck up Trump, and to ensure that Demorats run the earth by allowing Muslims to take it over (or let’s say, allowing “terrorists to keep the peace” in areas of civil unrest

      Say Mac, perhaps it would be advantageous to have a ‘column’ of posts, on that topic, that “progresses” with time (only keeping one month in arrears?perhaps?). Dunno. Food for thought since that is one topic that obviously isn’t going away (it is hard to believe there are USA people who knowingly wish to elect someone who wishes to lead them directly into a Nuclear War by striking Russia FIRST)! *Which they’ll do only after everyone has either been disarmed or killed for failure to comply.

      Sounds strangely familiar doesn’t it? Sounds to me as though “TPTB” are going to incite a Civil War (when has Obama FAILED to take advantage of anything that MIGHT favor him or wreck the nation)? Answer: Never failed

      Looks like the “armies” we shall be fighting will be the very people of our very own nation …the ones HELL-BENT on allowing Politicians and George Soros and folks like The Clinton Clan to arrange their beheadings.

      Right now, if WE were protesting Hillary, we’d be shot in the streets on a daily basis. But because these protests are favorable to Obama’s agenda, even now, he’s going to capitalize upon all of it (hell, they are PAID ACTORS and a president of the USA is being allowed to fucking incite riots in hopes of rendering harm to “his opposers.”

      I think despite the outcome of the Elections, that it still remains needful to do away with The Federal Government. They actually think they are in full control of everything (when the fact is that they are as far from being Constitutional as they can go). It has now become beyond ridiculous to the point they break laws IN OUR FACES AND FLAUNT IT (just as Hillary has done, and now we learn Trump isn’t “going after her” after all).

      So, we won the battle but we are going to lose the war if we do not permanently eradicate The Democrats and “their endless doings.” Look at the F’ing mess John Kerry has left for the next Secretary of State!!!! Ridiculous shit has been promised that even Obama did not authorize, so most all topics are VERY heated in DC and Obama’s Administration right now.

      I’ll bet cha somebody will and does…

    33. Until the Banksters world Monoply comes down, nothing we do will work.

      Just the way it is. In my opinion.


    34. What about the world banking system?

    35. TEST says:


      So much H8TE and violence from the left, and so little time and space to report it! Oh yeah: 46 sec. vid of all the Soros buses that bussed people in to riot. How perfectly thoughtful of Georgie to PAY for these folks!
      1. Idaho Trump electors are reporting a “barrage” of harassing phone calls, emails, and social media messages from liberals threatening them to become a “faithless elector” and cast their votes for Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump. “A lot of ’em use bad, rough language,” state-elector Layne Bangerter told the Spokesman Review. “Nothing I feel intimidated over. But we’re watching it very closely.” One of the more disturbing aspects of the left-wing onslaught against these electors is that they have access to their home phone numbers, email addresses, and potentially, home addresses. “They’ve got our home phone numbers, our cell numbers, our emails, our Facebook,” Bangerter said. “We’re just getting an orchestrated barrage from the left.” The Spokesman Review notes that while Bangerter is taking the harassment in stride, other electors do feel intimidated: Idaho’s other three Trump electors are Jennifer Locke, of Coeur d’Alene, Caleb Lakey, of Kuna, and former state Sen. Melinda Smyser, R-Parma. “Caleb told me he had over 200 and something when he checked this morning,” Bangerter said. Locke said, “It is concerning to me. It does feel like some level of intimidation…“They’re not even from this state – it’s Oregon, New York, California, Massachusetts, a lot of these is where I’m getting messages from,” she said.Bangerter,… (another elector) said he’s received around 40 messages on Facebook alone. “They attack my religion, they attack my politics, they tell me that I must be a terrible father, I must be a terrible American, they use foul language – every swear word,” he said. “They’re just trying to steal this thing. They won’t be able to do it, but they’re trying.” Bangerter said the messages have included automated robo-calls.
      2. Close minded leftists at Babson College (nope, I don’t know where that is either) demand pro-Trump classmates be expelled. “repressive tolerance” theory of modern progressives. “Liberating tolerance would mean intolerance against movements from the right and toleration of movements from the left,” Marcuse pontificated. “Certain things cannot be said, certain ideas cannot be expressed, certain policies cannot be proposed.”
      3. Here is a mother punishing her son for voting for Trump in a elementary school mock election Utterly staggering. Story at I kept thinking this HAS to be a spoof, but I don’t think so. I think this horrible mother actually was proud of what she was doing, which is why she video taped it. I’m just shocked she knew how to operate her Obamaphone.
      4. Some tidbits of H8TE from the left, from another entry at Joe Miller’s site : A Black Lives Matter ‘anti-bullying’ advocate pushed an elderly Trump supporter to ground, cutting his head, outside Trump Tower in NYC; In Oakland, demonstrators spray painted “Kill Trump” graffiti. Demonstrators in Dallas dragged and kicked an effigy of Trump and smashed windows; In New Orleans, the famous Lee Circle monument was completely covered in graffiti, and the phrase “Die whites die” spray painted in surrounding areas. An effigy of Trump was burned and a bank’s windows shattered; in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, but they were violent. According to KIRO 7, “they set fires, blocked traffic and threw bottles; Protesters in Oakland started fires in street intersections and in dumpsters. One led to the closure of a Bay Area Rapid Transit station. Buildings were smashed, and a federal building was set on fire. “Full communism” was spray painted on a Wells Fargo bank in downtown Oakland. Protesters smashed a police car and put it on fire; In Los Angeles, hundreds of protesters marched onto the busy 101 freeway Thursday night, bringing traffic to a stop. They vandalized property, threw bottles and launched fireworks. They burned a giant papier-mache Trump head. A woman in Los Angeles assaulted a police officer, hitting him on the head with handcuffs. On Wednesday night, 28 were arrested; ortland, Oregon. On Thursday, over 4,000 demonstrators showed up to riot, setting a dumpster on fire and vandalizing 19 cars at a dealership in Northeast Portland. Anarchists joined the protest and vandalized buildings, kicked cars, attacked drivers, and knocked out power. One driver reported her windshield smashed. Many were armed with bats and threw projectiles at police officers

      Interestingly Todd Walther, spokesman for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police, told CNN that 70 percent of those arrested in Charlotte had out-of-state IDs. Blocks of buses were caught on video in Chicago busing in protesters from Wisconsin.

    36. TEST says:

      This article represents famed lefty Herbert Marcuse, who popularized the fascist “repressive tolerance” theory of modern progressives.

      “Liberating tolerance would mean intolerance against movements from the right and toleration of movements from the left,” Marcuse pontificated. “Certain things cannot be said, certain ideas cannot be expressed, certain policies cannot be proposed.”

    37. swinging richard says:

      Truth is the friend of an honest man.

    38. mallardhen says:

      Sounds like a plan to me.

    39. GregoC says:

      So FB and Google are shutting themselves down, is that how I read this? They are as big a fake news site as you can get. Or is it just opinions that they want to suppress?

    40. Chris Ma says:

      But your an altenative media as well and you have more advertising on your web than most you mention

    41. Frank Thoughts says:

      Google has been shutting itself down for the past three years. Notice how the range of content it searches has been narrowed every six months. “First they came for the blogs, then the instant Twitter…”

      Google has become more an Indian start-up peddling ads than an actual intelligent search engine. The curtain hiding the wizard is coming down: and behind the curtain is a bunch of Indian guys being funded by a bunch of charlatans peddling shares on the stock market.

      • Info of Value to YOU says:

        You MUST Avoid Google search engine and other Google products:
        Instead use these more private Search Engines:

        These search engines are supposedly more secure for privacy.
        Also Make sure to use use https://

        Read up on Dr. Dr. Katherine Albrecht – CASPIAN Founder

        Avoid Microsoft Windows NEVER upgrade to windows 10.
        Avoid Apple OS

        Use Linux for web surfing, email. Linux Mint might be a good choice.

    42. James says:

      Google, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are all owned by the CIA/NAS along with Microsoft and now they want payback for all the free software and services we have all become addicted too.

      Anyone that runs a website and won’t host googles spyware scripts gets hidden on the back pages of any google search results and Microsoft is now locking developers out of windows and we are not allowed to even remove some data from the windows registry.

      Keep an eyee on your windows SSL certificates, look for ones from DOD to know if you have been visited and also note that they sometimes delete these certificates after use but you can catch them if you keep a log on your windows certificates to record tehm before they get deleted.

      Make no mistake windows is a virus ran by the USA government

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