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‘Decoders’ Offer Dire Warnings About North Korea’s Nuclear Program

Mac Slavo
October 5th, 2017
Comments (22)


Experts outside the United States government are using North Korea’s propaganda videos to dissect and decode the rogue regime’s nuclear program. Decoders say that there are clues about the weapons advancement program hidden in their propaganda, and they are sounding the alarm.

A group of analysts at the Middlebury Institute’s Center for Nonproliferation Studies in Monterey, California are closely studying the propaganda photos and videos put out by the North Korean regime. They then apply new tools such as satellite imagery and 3-D mapping to the videos and photos so they can learn more about how the North continues to advance their weapons in the face of sanctions and growing opposition.

The analysists are finding amazingly detailed information about North Korea’s military capabilities and in this video, they walk us through the clues that reveal the capabilities of a North Korean missile. They will also show instances where they’ve found the North Koreans to be faking their weapons success.

The intense voices in North Korea’s videos make them seem legitimate, but the decoders have looked into what they can actually accomplish and what they cannot by simple decoding images used by the regime themselves.

Perhaps the most alarming revelation is that the decoders suggest that it’s likely that North Korea is using highly advanced machines to construct their missile components. This could make getting a powerful nuke more likely than originally thought. They also say that North Korea has a missile that can carry a warhead capable of hitting the mainland United States, “New York, LA.”

But they also point out the failures in the North Korean weapons advancement program and can identify where Kim Jong-Un is in several photos.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: October 5th, 2017
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Concerned-Citizen! says:

    Hmmmm the FAT lil boy needs to be dealt with, there is unfortunately no other way to handle this garbage! 20+ years this shit has been going on. Mr. President – it’s time to handle business on the FAT, lil, rocket queer.

  2. Frank Thoughts says:

    In order to undestand North Korea you have to understand where they are coming from. Their actions are rational and make sense in their context. They know the US takes out regimes it does not like. They know the US does not touch nuclear regimes.

    The philosophy they follow is only 1950s Communist in its outward appearance. In fact, they follow a Sparta-like, racial-ethno-nationalistic philosophy that sees foreigners as threats or races to be dominated. That is why they worship the military and being on hair-trigger alert for war with the US. They will do anything, and I mean anything, to preserve the regime and the nation. In short, they are like a crappy version of Nazi Germany – but with the nukes and the ICBMs.

    They have also prepared for this war since the 1950s. They know the US will hit them with nukes and so they have already factored that in. Any conflict with them will be an all-in affair: no half measures.

    Maybe that super-hot Nikki Haley needs to take those two flabby journalists to her workout class?

    • TheGuy says:

      In order to undestand North Korea you have to understand where they are coming from. Their actions are rational and make sense in their context. They know the US takes out regimes it does not like. They know the US does not touch nuclear regimes.

      … conventionally.

      But if you factor in covert bio warfare, their position is highly suicidal behavior.

      Little pandemic here, little pandemic there… pretty soon you’re talking about real casualties. Ok bigass gigantic pandemic.

      Borders are sealed already.

      They’re gift wrapping this for you.

  3. Sgt. Dale says:

    As members of SHTFP. There is nothing we can do to stop it from coming. The only thing we can do is prep, and help others to prep.

    I’m going to live my life like it is my last day on EARTH.


    • GrandpaSpeaks says:

      As so should every retired soldier. But would you support a second declaration of independence, this time, from the new world order? There must be something we can do. You have to give a little tug when you pass the torch sarge. To make sure they have a firm grip on it. Its been fumbled too much lately, almost unrecognizable. History is littered with fumbled torches.

    • jeff kershaw says:

      Sgt.Dale, do you think it will come to this, i have maintained my belief that any nuclear exchange would never happen, many other views appear to believe a nuke exchange is highly likely….

  4. GrandpaSpeaks says:

    Blowback from a shadow governments foreign policy was always bound to be mushroom like in shape. Only greed blinds one more than rage. They promulgate both to achieve their desire while surreptitiously enacting the mechanisms for control of redress. So as it has been, so it will be. Only the Constitution as written put constraints on this type of behavior. Greed and corruption have been allowed to negate its original intent. At this point our greatest loss is the ability to create a Constitutional Republic. A feeling I am sure revolutionary warriors must have also felt.

  5. Did they get them decoder rings in their box of Cracker Jacks?

    Propaganda for US public consumption. Manufacturing consent with the people for war. So what if they have a nuclear weapon. Maybe the empire would stop screwing with them if they realized Kim was capable of arming a nuclear warhead. Sanctions are an act of war.

    Seems like the empire only agitates war with small countries that are unable to defend themselves.

    Need some fresh foreign policy. The DC hacks should take a page from China. Instead of loan and drone they operate by trade and aid. But the dual citizens that populate the halls of criminal DC would never agree to it.

  6. TEST says:

    Further from the Arms Control Wonks site, re. NK possibly testing an H-bomb in teh Pacific: http://www.armscontrolwonk.com/archive/1204233/guest-post-consequences-of-testing-an-h-bomb-in-the-pacific/

    At least we can be thankful Detroit is not a target. Socialism and political correctness has destroyed that city MUCH more thoroughly than 100 h-bombs ever could.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The simple truth is. China has bankrolled this puppet state to insure a buffer zone.
    Now the dog on their leash has rabies..

    The U.S. Democratic / liberal adm(s) have caved repeatedly pouring in billions and food aid in past decades. N.K. has NOTHING that we or the modern world desires !!

  8. The simple truth is. China has bankrolled this puppet state to insure a buffer zone.
    Now the dog on their leash has rabies..

    The U.S. Democratic / liberal adm(s) have caved repeatedly pouring in billions and food aid in past decades. N.K. has NOTHING that we or the modern world desires !!

  9. The simple truth is. China has bankrolled this puppet state to insure a buffer zone.
    Now the dog on their leash has rabies..

    The U.S. Democratic / liberal adm(s) have caved repeatedly pouring in billions and food aid in past decades. N.K. has NOTHING that we or the modern world desires !!

  10. Anonymous says:

    NK is all bluff and bluster, they don’t really have the ability to hurt anyone and wouldn’t even if the did.

    All that talk from their leaders is just to keep their own people at bay, to keep them meekly subservient instead of uprising against them..

  11. Anonymous says:

    I REALLY don’t care– I don’t care about any of this news, mews… its all just distraction. I wondered before, what would kill us off… WW3, Financial collapse, Peak Oil, or Catastrophic climate change… Now I know: Mother Nature is going to do us all in before we have a chance to blow ourselves up…. everything else is just a side show/ temporary distraction.

  12. Anonymous says:


    From Lucy Lussier Nielsen via Betsy Alexander:
    Nelson M. Rosario

    My dad lives in #PuertoRico. I got to speak with him this morning. I say got to because there are tons of people who haven’t been able to reach loved ones, or have barely any communication with them.

    I explained to my dad what the President had said, that Puerto Ricans wanted everything done for them, that they couldn’t get their workers to work, and that the mayor of San Juan was playing politics when she got upset yesterday taking about how dire the situation on the island is.

    My dad didn’t say anything for a second, and just goes “Wow.” He then says “You know what, I’m gonna share one detail with you. Just one.”

    Now for context, my dad is helping with the rebuilding effort down there, and a lot of his friends are connected with the government, whether in elected office or appointed positions.

    So, my dad says “There is a medical center down here, and everyone that was in the Intensive Care Unit, died. Everyone. And that’s just one detail that I can tell you. That’s what should be tweeted at the President.”

    • babycatcher says:

      That doesn’t surprise me a bit. My guess would also be anyone who was on oxygen anywhere in the country. If you haven’t read One Second After, now might be a good time to read it. We will probably find out that the death toll is far higher than is being reported.

  13. KY Mom says:

    Which American Cities Will File Bankruptcy Next?

    “To add a little context to the map above, JP Morgan ranked every major city in the United States based on what percentage of their annual budgets are required just to fund interest payments on debt, pension contributions and other post retirement benefits.

    The results are staggering. To our great ‘shock’, Chicago residents win the award of “most screwed” with over 60% of their tax dollars going to fund debt and pension payments. Meanwhile, there are a dozen municipalities where over 50% of their annual budgets are used just to fund the maintenance cost of past expenditures.”

    ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-05/these-two-charts-depict-which-cities-will-file-bankruptcy-next

  14. Diana Manwaring says:

    What really gets me about North Korea is that the US refuses to shoot down their EMP satellites! Why?

    All the Trump Administration wants to do is impose sanction after sanction after sanction, which NEVER work.

    Sanctions didn’t work with Iran, and look where that got us. NOWHERE. In fact, Iran has been helping North Korea with its nukes.

    Sanctions don’t work, but they do give Lil’ Kim more time to develop his nuclear weapons program. And his other wmd’s including chemical and biological weapons.

    I say Trump should do a pre-emptive strike, starting with NK’s EMP satellites, and then his nuclear weapons facilities, or just shut the heck up.

    Diplomacy would be the preferred course of action but Lil’ Kim won’t respond.

    We haven’t been this close to WW3 since the Cuban Missile Crisis. If Trump keeps shooting off his mouth, WW3 will become a reality.

    We need to stop North Korea before Lil’ Kim decides his back is up against the wall and he takes everyone out along with him.

  15. Richard Steven Hack says:

    More bullshit…

    Some idiots think they can discern NK’s nuclear capability from looking at PR videos.

    Stupid on the face of it.

    To reiterate:

    1) North Korea can NOT hit the continental US with a nuclear warhead at this time. There is ZERO evidence that NK has EMP capability that can threaten the US mainland.

    2) NK will NEVER launch a unilateral attack – nuclear or otherwise – on the US, or Japan, and probably not even South Korea unless it looks like NK will be invaded by South Korea and/or the US.

    3) Kim is not insane. Even the CIA just admitted he is completely rational:

    CIA says North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is not crazy, but ‘very rational’

    4) The US and South Korea are highly likely to LOSE a war with North Korea, short of blanket nuclear weapon use. Even if the US/SK win a conventional war, there is likely to be a decades-long insurgency.

    5) It is extremely likely that China will enter the war on NK’s side if it looks like the US/SK are going to win a conventional war. China will never allow a US occupation of NK with US bases near their borders.

    6) The cost of a war with NK will be astronomical for the US and South Korea, in terms of money, troops lives lost, and civilian casualties on both sides of the border.

    Stop with the North Korea hysteria…

  16. jeff kershaw says:

    the war in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Vietnam, Korean,…..and countless others was never referred to as WW3… so why does the media and politicians refer to a war with NK as WW3 ?…i dont understand why it would be a “world war”….anybody ?

  17. southerner says:

    This generation has never experience a World War it’s going to be rude awakening. Most all of our world leaders that were round during WW2 have passed away. A World War is NOT a pretty site to experience. Let’s pray it doesn’t happen. American needs to put GOD back in our lives and hope a World War does happen.