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Debt Is the Achilles Heel of the Globalist Establishment… and Pulling Your Money out of the Banking System Is the Way to Deal a Death Blow to Tyranny

JD Heyes
January 17th, 2019
Comments (55)

This article was originally published by JD Heyes at NaturalNews.com

After U.S. markets peaked in September nearly two years after Donald Trump’s victory came with the promise (and delivery) of pro-growth policies, investors got a scare in December when several factors combined with interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve to drive down indexes.

The Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and the S&P 500 all finished the year lower than they were in September. Worse, there are predictions that 2019 could hit markets harder. 

Bank of America just polled 234 panelists who manage more than $645 billion in investments where they think global growth is heading over the next 12 months, and 60 percent said it will be negative. 

On top of this potential nightmare scenario is the fact that governments around the world comprising the largest economies have nearly all become debtor nations that are one economic calamity away from global collapse.

As noted by Robert Gore at The Burning Platform blog, France’s Yellow Vest protesters may have inadvertently hit upon a way to bring about the collapse of the fiat money and debt system that is sustaining the very governments which increasingly suppress the people they are supposed to serve.

Gore notes that in recent days the French protesters — whom, you recall, took to the streets in response to a massive gasoline tax pushed by President Emmanuel Macron to fund France’s contributions to combat “global warming” agreed to at the Paris Accords in 2015 — have advocated a run on the country’s banks. Such a run, if it occurs, could actually start a chain reaction that would spread to other ostensibly wealthy countries including the United States.

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“Whether they realize it or not, they’re playing with nuclear warheads that could annihilate not just the French, but Europe’s and the entire world’s financial system,” Gore writes. 

“Because inextricably linked to the ends of contemporary governments ? how much they can screw up the lives of those who must live under them—is the question of means ? how do they fund their misrule? The short answer is taxes and debt,” he added.

Collapsing the corrupt banking system will deal a death blow to tyranny

Since President Richard Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard in 1971, our monetary system has been based on fiat currency and debt. That matters because the dollar is considered the world’s reserve currency; nearly all nations trade in it for commodities and use it to pay bills because it’s believed to be the most stable. (Related: CONVERGENCE: The inescapable explanation that connects all world events unfolding now… can you handle the cosmic truth?)

Fiat currency is not tied to any tangible asset, like precious metals, so our government — and other governments — can create as much debt as they desire (debt by fiat). And they have. 

The global economic system is based on this fiat debt. Currencies have values that are assigned to them given certain market conditions, economic indicators, and other factors. When those are perceived to be doing well, currency values go up, and vice versa when the indicators are ‘down.’

So, how does a run on a single bank in France “turn into a loose yarn that once pulled, unravels the whole sweater?” Gore wrote.

“The bank tries to increase its liquid funds, drawing on whatever lines of emergency credit it may have, and to convert it’s illiquid assets into liquid assets, calling in loans. This pressures other banks and financial institutions, who draw on their lines of credit and call their loans and so on until the system collapses,” he writes. 

And the more indebted economic systems are, the more vulnerable to collapse in a crisis.

“Bankruptcy is a when, not an if,” noted Gore. “Debt is the Achilles heel of the world’s governments. A widespread run on financial institutions will dramatically reduce credit availability and raise interest rates, and it will shut off credit entirely for some of them. Under those circumstances, tax revenues will shrink as well.” 

The way to undo the system, then, is to initiate its collapse — as the Yellow Vests are advocating — as a way to break the cycle of encroaching tyranny.

Read more about the shrinking money supply at MoneySupply.news.

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Author: JD Heyes
Date: January 17th, 2019
Website: https://www.naturalnews.com/index.html

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  1. yourdaddy says:

    How large of a run would the French have to induce? And is that even possible using social networking? Even if they were able to get 1 Million Frenchman to withdraw $1000 Cash, that is only $1Billion Francs. And they would have to coordinate that withdrawal in the same time frame…Seems far-fetched to me. What say you?

    • Eisenkreutz says:

      Beer is made from hops. Hops are a feminizing agent. Drinking beer is not manly. Drink clear hard liquors.

    • Bi11braske says:

      They, like many first world banking systems, use a fractional reserve system. In the U.S. for every 10 dollars removed from the banking system 100 dollars of “deposits” is destroyed (in the form of lost debt creation ability). Given the same rules 1 million people removing 1billion in real deposits would destroy 10billion in interest bearing income for the banks. Remember for the banks everything is reversed. A deposit is a liability for them and a debt is an asset!

      • Old Guy says:

        A deposit is a liability for them and a debt is an asset! You are 100% correct. for a bank to function it mush have borrowers. the depositors are a irritant. they would rather not have to mess with cash & depositors. and do nothing but issue government guaranteed loans.

    • TharSheBlows says:

      You know that FAKE FDIC Insurance scam they claim.

      The Federal Reserve only has Deposit insurance coverage for $25 Billion Dollars in persons deposits. You know what the total Deposit amount is at US Banks? $12 Trillion. Gee what could possibly go wrong there.

      Just that factoid should cause mass bank with/drawls.

      Or are you just excited about the bail in, using your money to support the banks mismanagement when this ponzi scheme pig with lipstick implodes? Any person keeping any wealth or money in any bank is a fool. Or at least, just keep a low amount in there to pay bills. Take the rest of your wealth out of the bank and go buy Silver. The Price is right. And its about to explode upwards with Gold. The brakes are coming off. Buy Low Sell High.

  2. Paranoid says:

    Off Target, but has anyone else heard of the FBI secret plan to protect the President, in Congress, by putting snipers in the Gallery, they have orders to shoot Nancy and Chuckie if he is endangered? Seems reasonable to me

  3. rellik says:

    “The way to undo the system, then, is to initiate its collapse — as the Yellow Vests are advocating — as a way to break the cycle of encroaching tyranny.”

    This is called 4GW.
    Grass roots warfare.
    What is really missing is
    the mission planing and execution
    supported by logistics that effective
    warriors need.

  4. I would bet that the bank sponsored this bs in order to put blame on the people who will suffer most from a collapse of the world economy. Print National fiat currency like Kennedy and Hitler and forget about a collapse. Follow the lead by Iceland. They seem to be doing OK.

    • Frank Thoughts says:

      I totally agree. The yellow vests are just agent provocateurs and fascists. Ordinary people would be screwed if they did that, seizing up the food system and making people homeless as the banks foreclosed on their homes.

      Iceland is the right model. Jail the bankers and support people over banks. The problem for diverse societies is the lack of social cohesion and cultural norms that Iceland has. There are no drivebys in Iceland, or shiftless knee grows and radical moo slimes.

      And France has it bad with both those groups. Neither group contributes much to France’s wealth and most live on welfare. Any crisis would just increase government spending for these dirt bags, wasting public money feeding and housing low IQ trash. Better to instead replace the Macaroon with Le Pen and deport the problems.

      • Why do experienced “world travelers”, such as you Frank T, keep on using Iceland as a model of fiscal and moral excellence? You’re using, as an example, a country with a total population of 339,000 people – the size of a middling town. It’s GDP is a mere 24 billion dollars, based mainly on one product – fishing.

        You may as well comment on how wonderful Hicksville (pop 420,000) is managed!

  5. Old Codger says:


    Every one should start a ‘run’ on their bank, and then we can drag all the world’s banks into insolvency.
    That will stop business credit in its tracks and bring the entire world economy to a HALT!

  6. captbarty says:

    Collapse is coming eventually, considering the increasing debt.

    Those who take out their money will have it, and the last laugh, while the saving suckers with money in the bank will lose it. Remember, the minute you deposit the money, the bank owns it, and it is just a liability that goes away when the bank collapses. You are an unsecured creditor, standing in line behind secured creditors (who come first). Maybe a bail-in will be used, it’s already been done in other countries: the depositors “take a haircut.”

    • TheGuy says:


      Here’s the problem.

      You will have “it”. What will “it” be at that point? Asswipe.

      Buy PM’s? Heh remember what happened last time? Give it up or 10 years in jail, that’s what happened last time.

  7. IvyMike says:

    Those who believe economic collapse will end tyranny are mistaken, economic collapse will see the beginning of a tyranny they can’t imagine.

  8. Maranatha says:

    No magic utopia emerges from intentionally collapsing world markets.

    People are basically selfish. Selfishness is mediated by fervent faith in Jesus Christ into altruism. Ancestral skills empowers by practical means. Supplies give you a buffer to cope. Genuine belief in natural rights liberty, profit, and private property emerge from constitutional republics.

    You insanely want anarchy and chaos. This only benefits sociopaths and psychopaths who prey first on the People with them eventually preying upon each other.

    The average person has abandoned Christianity, the republic, ancestral skills, and has no supplies. They lack even $500. So how would this plan work? It wouldn’t.

  9. Maranatha says:

    The Founding Fathers, federalists and antifederalists, saw America as a wealthy nation of landowners who lived in states. These states would be loosely tied together and the political control would be in state legislatures. The federal government would coin money, manage foreign policies through treaties, and be in control of a limited standing continental army/navy.

    The federalists abandoned that in the Whiskey Rebellion of 1791-1794 then completely in the War of Northern Aggression in 1865.

    If there is anarchy, no rule of law, no federal government to speak of to fulfill its responsibilities, and no way to coordinate the US military, then I would suggest that Kentuckians would be better served by seceding from
    the Union…as it’s just an illusion at that point.

    Good lucky to you Yankee office workers amd leftist kooks.

  10. Genius says:

    DAMMIT MAC! Take down those silver ads! I can’t stop buying it! “Hi my name is Genius and I’m a silver addict.” I guess it’s better than drugs though lol. They have some really cool designs from old US coins. Anyway, Each payday I take 90% of my currency out of the bank. I pretty much am forced into direct deposit. If my check is 2000 I take 1500 out asap and spend the rest on internet purchases and SILVER. My next purchase might be a FORKLIFT!

    • Karl V. says:

      You might want to see if Golden State Mint still has any of the ‘Trivium’ silver rounds in stock. Beautiful design; and a must for those of us with Argentophilia combined with Toxic Masculinity.

      • Karl V. says:

        I checked and the Trivium rounds are indeed still offered. The price is a little high — about $3 over spot — but even if you buy some of the less expensive bullion and only get a few of the Trivium rounds, don’t pass up the opportunity. The picture doesn’t do them justice… they are drop-dead gorgeous.

        Speaking of Justice, GSM has a new Ag round with that title! This one looks like a stunner too.

  11. alotov says:

    …or it could be that the powers that should not be, orchestrated some form of crisis to give some legitimate excuse to killing paper currency, and then moving over to sdr’s or some form of crypto-currency – controlled by them in the same way of course; is it not that only about 2% – at least it is in the UK – of the currency is paper? so what good will pulling cash out of the bank really do, its not like pulling out the electronic money that makes up 98% of the currency is it?

    • Maranatha says:

      The central theme of the Illuminati is Ordo ab chao (Order out of chaos). They create a problem on purpose, and then it creates chaos, then these Luciferians offer a solution.

      It doesn’t matter than it worked better before they created the conflict!

      Just like Obamacare!

  12. Roger D says:

    Chuck Baldwin cut to the chase. Paraphrasing Baldwin, “Short of divine intervention, there are only two ways for Americans to get our God-given liberty back. George Washington’s way or Robert E. Lee’s way.”

    Who is Chuck Baldwin? He was the Constitution Party’s nominee for President. But most had to vote for McCain because he had an ‘R’ after his name. How did that work out?
    I vote for Lee’s way. Who wants the 51% who voted to RE-ELECT a Marxist in their republic?

  13. captbarty says:

    Even in “Lee Country” there is plenty of cleaning to be done. I don’t think the replay of that, even if successful, will turn out the way many envision.

  14. “Cutting off your nose to spite your face!”. This is like committing suicide to make someone who has mistreated you to feel regret. Why make a bad situation even worse?

  15. Beaumont 2.0 says:

    “Fiat currency is not tied to any tangible asset…”

    Then, what is the French govt supposed to lose.

  16. Mr. Natural says:

    I remember money. I wish I had some in the bank to withdraw.

  17. TheGuy says:

    Great plan, except you’ll die first.

    And by die I mean DIE. I can eat good on very little but you’re talking about a Weimar scenario with that shit. What do you think the .gov will do to people that deliberately fucked it, help them??

    Money will turn into toilet paper inside of a week.

    Now… what might be an ACTUAL plan is to see if it’s possible to drop your income down 2 tax brackets. Everyone, on a mass scale.
    This will hurt like a mofo and probably wreck the economy pretty bad but at least in that scenario the .gov can pick programs to cut. Whit will get real bad but you’ll probably live…

  18. M Edward says:

    …. “and Pulling Your Money out of the Banking System Is the Way to Deal a Death Blow to Tyranny”

    No, actually that would be the excuse they need to eliminate cash and force everyone into ‘cashless’ system. Then we’re all f**cked.

  19. Debt is not the Achilles heal of the Globalist. It’s the baby they birthed to infect the whole world to kill it. And out of it’s ashes will come their new hybrid global economic and political system. Their system! They are planning a “trigger event” to blame the crash on and seizing just about everything by bail-ins and after that prop up gold just like FDR did. They get rich, we get screed. Politics don’t matter, it’s the economy, stupid!

  20. the other Anon says:

    Yeah but y’all still support Trump.


  21. Old Guy says:

    Runs on USA banks would do nothing. They don’t have that much cash on hand. Its all digital dollars. If there was a bank run they would pay you with a bank draft after they ran out of cash. Banks don’t need your deposits. Banks get their money from the fed at almost zero % interest. And the fed creates it out of thin air. The only way to inflict damage on a bank is to not borrow money from them. All loans are government insured and if the borrower defaults the government pays the bank. however if a bank hasn’t any borrowers it will soon be out of business. a bank can get by without a single depositor. And they will never run out of depositors any how. Because those government checks like Social security are deposited directly into the bank.

  22. Old Guy says:

    Some of my fathers generation where playing big shot with borrowed money They where bragging about becoming wealthy. My great Grandfather told them if borrowing money at high interest was such a good deal. Why was that 3ew Banker the richest man in town?