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Daughter Pelosi Mocks Gadsden: “Don’t Tread on My Obamacare”

Mac Slavo
March 21st, 2014
Comments (166)

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Christine Pelosi, the daughter of California Senator Nancy Pelosi, seems to be right on board with the movement to further centralize all aspects of American life.

In a recent Twitter post Pelosi proudly displayed a knock-off image of the famed Gadsden Flag, which has been a hallmark of the liberty movement in America since its inception amidst the American Revolution in 1775.

In support of the health care initiative championed by her mother, the younger Pelosi released the following image to show her unwavering support for the mandated legislation that has thus far tripled prices for most working Americans and left millions more with no insurance coverage.

The image, being offered as a bumper sticker, replaces the traditional Gadsden snake with a coiled stethoscope:


She followed up the tweet a day later urging Americans to sign up for what she calls “affordable health insurance.”

Apparently, Ms. Pelosi hasn’t had time to remove the silver spoon from her mouth to actually check the facts. If she had, she’d understand that Obamacare is anything but affordable. And with just 11 days left to sign up, chances are that the majority of Americans will end up as part of the uninsured.

Ms. Pelosi has apparently forgotten that the legislation itself was passed without any review whatsoever. In fact, not even Nancy Pelosi read the bill before she voted for it and advised Americans that Congress had to first pass the bill before we were able to find out what was actually in it:

The younger Pelosi’s tweets instigated an almost immediate outrage from other twitter users, as noted by Biz Pac:

Mommy Pelosi must be so proud.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: March 21st, 2014

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This woman and her mother make me sick.

    They have no concept of “affordable”

  2. inflamed boil says:

    Already the younger Pelosi has been instructed in the finer points of Witchcraft.

  3. Buzzfix says:

    If the old bat stays away from my gun. I’ll stay away from her stethoscope and we’ll call it even. :/

  4. KyOrphan says:

    Anyone who claims to be an American, and then basically shits on one
    of her sacred symbols with something… well, like that, is a prime example
    of how stupid some people are.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I will never sneak up to the top of the freedom tower again.

    I will never sneak up to the top of the freedom tower again.

  6. SoapDish says:

    Just another fine example of a pathetic puke taking up valuable resources and space.

    B Aware, B Awake, B alive

    • John W. says:

      When mom and dad are worth over a hundred million they get to do whatever they want. The strange part is how there are so many multi millionaires that are communists. makes you wonder.

  7. posseecom says:

    It was bad enough as other regimes had their singular dear leaders faces plastered on all forms of media 24/7..

    but Mac.. please,please please..

    must we endure a disgusting array of butt ugly,lying, cheating,stealing,,traitorous neanderthals who oppose everything we once held dear?

    that includes pelosi,reid,boxer,boehner,moochelle,barry,as frontrunners..and all their siblings and extended families

    never mind the entire scotus and the other 535 cotus,yellin, bernanke,dimon,blankfein and all their ilk…

    every time I hear or see their images,voices,videos, and quotes I become physically and mentally ill….and then must consume increased amounts of adult libations to ward off the onset of disgust..

    you ,sir, are contributing to my demise by such posts..

    I must insist that you cease and desist any further pictures and videos of any of the aforementioned enemies of the state…

    My mental and physical health is at risk otherwise.




  8. Progressives, liberals specifically, are vile reprehensible creatures hell bent on destroying societies. Destroying one segment of society isn’t enough for them. They’re not satisfied until it’s completely wrecked. After crapping in their own nests and destroying their quality of life, they covetously look to greener pastures with envy, and quietly infiltrate, leaving a trail of misery in their wake. The process starts all over again.

    In my opinion, the more progressive societies become, the less courageous, intelligent, pioneering, exploratory, industrial, and patriotic we become. Progressivism and liberalism makes us forget the greatness of who we were and who we are destined to become. So disgusted.

  9. Thomas says:

    Echoes of “Let them eat cake?”

    • Socrates says:

      Sure is. And we know how well that turned out for Marie, don’t we? Guillotine would actually be an improvement for that ugly reptile, however.

      • Lurker says:

        Just had a bad vision form in the back of my mind…

        In Africa there are some strange witchdoctor superstitions… One is that if you chop of the head of a snake it will grow back unless you burn all the parts of the snake.

        Just imagine having to look at two pelosi heads??? Just as well I have not yet eaten today because that thought turns my stomach.

    • angryinadk says:

      The quote was “let them eat cakes” they were the burned unpalatable ends of the loaves of bread. The good for the rich, the in-edible for the masses. Same as today. Hope the outcome is the same today.

  10. Charley Waite says:

    Woof! Looked her up and, sad to say, Mom is the better looking one. Proceed with caution, especially after eating.

  11. wncmountainboy says:

    “Don’t tread on…my healthcare.”

    Coming from the mouth of one belonging to a VERY wealthy family that probably is self-insured.
    This entire sham isn’t about healthcare(which isn’t the same as insurance anyway). It’s about the oligarchy in this country turning all of the rest of us into modern serfs.

    “Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.” T.J.

  12. PO'd Patriot says:

    I would of watched the vid but I just ate breakfast. I’m glad that Pisslosi left Maryland, road her broom out to California and stayed. Maryland would do a lot better if more of her ilk did the same. I just keep on believing that I’m in a very target rich environment.

  13. Fuck the Democrats and fuck the Republicans. The Constitution is covered in both elephant shit and donkey crap.
    Raise the righteous sword of libertarianism (small “l”) to slay the evil communists and bring back the free market where gold and silver soar to new heights and SHTF planners can be rich and rule the nation and have first choice of all the beautiful women and drive the fastest cars and say fuck you to the lazy people and the FSA. lol.

    Oh yeah, fuck the Fed, too.

    I see the eastern commenters get close to the top of the stack, today…rare thing.

    • Warchild Dammit says:

      Agree JR

    • Sgt. Dale says:

      Don’t hold back let us know how you really feel!!!

    • rede2lead says:

      I concur wholeheartedly.

      Mom was Dem and my father was a Rep… I get along with my dad and hardly speak to my mom. This isn’t a reason for the non-communication but it makes it easier to justify.

      Decided when I was very young that I was somewhere between the two but didn’t care for overbearing authority or being told how to live by people who aren’t looking out for our best interests.

      I consider myself a constitutional libertarian.
      “Diligently plotting to take over the world… and leave you alone.”

      Once you’re a wolf it’s impossible to sheep.

  14. watching and waiting says:

    Obamacare was doomed to fail from the beginning.

    I believe the objective is the single payer system.

    In regard to this person….well…stupid is….. stupid does…..

  15. Really??? says:

    Just amazing we’re not at a second CW yet, just amazing.

    • Warchild Dammit says:

      Really,there is a civil war going on,has been for decades,just has not gotten to the point of open violence country wide,just specific govt. raids ect. for most part.I would say the insanity of the Waco raid along with the insanity response of the Oklahoma bombing would qualify as civil war,unfortunately believe this insanity will become the norm,not the rare.

    • John W. says:

      The real push for tyranny will start when they get another thirty million immigrants landed in this country mostly from countries where they are used to dictators. Once the numerical advantage is strongly in their favor they will move. Anyone want to bet on Mexico moving to annex the Southwest before Obama leave office? I would give it better than fifty-fifty.

  16. River-Rat says:

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    From my files, no author on it. BUT THX to whom ever.

  17. they have no clue..they are not even subscribers so their words don’t mean a dam thing

    sign up and use for it out of your own pocket..get very ill and see how well it works ..than come talk to us about your experience, other than that..shut your pie hole bitch!

  18. Prepping Preacher says:

    stupid is as stupid does

  19. Ohio Tom says:

    The progressive/socialist “left” has no idea what the US Constitution represents, nor the people who support it. They never look at facts or doubt their “collective” opinion. But they boldly display their own ignorance, and stupidity in the things they do. They are not about the ideals they pretend to uphold, such as tolerance and understanding. This is proof how they mock, discredit, and try to destroy anyone who does not agree with their point of view.

  20. rednek101 says:

    Pelosi….isn’t that Romanian for whacko? I think?

  21. Scripture states that in the end days, children would rule!!! Isaiah 3 v.4. Sadly their child-like minds and actions put us all in danger.

    • rednek101 says:

      “At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child – miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.” — P.J. O’Rourke

  22. Baracalypse says:

    The Pelousys are less of a threat to America than an electorate who continue to give them power.

  23. Logicrazy says:

    A good example of why these folks should not be allowed to breed. You can’t fix stupid when its bred into them…

  24. Sgt. Dale says:

    What a TURD!

    Her mother will never get Obulshit care, she is exempt. Her daughter is not on Obullshit care because her mommy is a billionaire, and she will never see Obullshit care or have to pay for it.

    Can we make it a law that if you deface and an American or a Gadsden or Stars and Bars flag. You have to live with Obullshit for the rest of his or your life.?

    Please take it way! My cost have almost doubled from last year. Another thing I have and don’t use. Don’t need it. It would be cheaper for me to pay out of the pocket. Then again I may have to go to the Doc. for this pain I have in my A#$ from Obullshit care.


    • Warchild Dammit says:

      Sarge,while agree is a disgusting way to treat Gadsen cannot support any law that criminalizes defacing it/stars and stripes/whatever as am a firm believer in freedom including freedom of speech no matter how irritating/annoying,too slippery a slope to go down.The flags and other symbols that represent freedom to folks can stand fine on their own and folks who deface for own agenda just lose a lot of support.The little pelosi twat just trying to irrate folks and it is working,just fly/wear your don’t tread on me with pride and stick it back in the idiots faces and then just move forward with your life,they are not worth much thinking about

      • Calgacus says:

        I think the commie dems are trying to now rebrand the Gadsden flag and reclaim it as their own. That flag is powerful and has a strong message.
        So dont doubt the true intensions of the commie dems. Theyre desperate and hope to confuse through mixed messaging.

        Someone needs to draw another flag w/ the snake swallowing the Ass.

      • Sgt. Dale says:

        I used this as an example as to what they would do if the shoe was on the other foot. I do support freedom of speech.
        I do have a problem when someone defaces or burns an American Flag, Stars And Bars or Gadsden flag.
        If some dose this in front of me I will more than likely loose it and beat the shit out of them.
        I lost two cousins in the Nam, 1 uncle in WW2 and my fathers was wounded in Korea My great Grand father fought in the war against Northern aggression. Fighting for this country and the Flags that represents this country. So that is how I feel. It hurts me badly when someone defaces any American flag.
        As a Patriot I have to draw a line some where, or they will walk all over us.

        • Warchild Dammit says:

          Sarge,debated the whole flag as a political protest tool with my grandfather who was a 20 year vet with WW2 and Korea under his belt and my uncle(his son)another 20 year vet with nam under his belt.We all agreed though obnoxious the flag(whatever flag or symbol)must stand on it’s own which it does just fine.As much as it would have hurt was seriously considering if passed flag law against using as protest tool going to dc and burning a flag in front of the white house,luckily that law didn’t pass,we need to keep all forms of protest open and legal though if you want a personal battle with someone ,well that is also a right I suppose,have a field day with em!I on other hand have hung my do not tread on home and wear the shirt with the same representation,not going to waste time on pelosis,rather improve skills as I am sure you understand.

          • Sgt. Dale says:

            Well my friend thanks for the debate. I guess we will leave it at that.
            Its good to have friends here that can debate with out getting STUPID.
            It was an honor to debate with you. Again THANKS.

            • Warchild Dammit says:

              Always nice to chat with yas,on a side note even with broken thumb enjoying the hell out of new crossbow,another toy addiction is building I believe.I want this damn splint off so can get the bow going also,I like choices!

      • Shootit says:

        Here are a few case rulings that would apply to most everything Obuttfkr and their crowd have tried lay on “WE THE PEOPLE”

        ex post facto
        Art 1, § 9 and Art. 1 § 10. see, e.g. Collins v. Youngblood, 497 US 37 (1990) and California Dep’t of Corrections v. Morales, 514 US 499 (1995).
        18 USC § 241 – Conspiracy against rights
        18 USC § 242 – Deprivation of rights under color of law
        42 USC § 1983 – Civil action for deprivation of rights
        For a crime to exist, there must be an injured party. There can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon one because of this exercise of Constitutional rights.”- Sherar v. Cullen, 481 F. 945.

        in Eisner v. Macomber, 252 U.S. 189 (1920), to wit:
        Congress … cannot by legislation alter the Constitution, from which alone it derives its power to legislate, and within whose limitations alone that power can be lawfully exercised.

        U.S. v Mersky (1960) 361 U.S. 431 a statute that regulates without constitutional authority is a nullity even though it be published in the books, recognized by the police and lowers courts, and even though it be unchallenged for decades.

        The Legislature, either by amending or otherwise, may not nullify a constitutional provision
        Rost v. Municipal Court of Southern Judicial District of San Mateo (1960)

        Brookfield Construction Co. v. Stewart, 284 F.Supp 94: “An officer who acts in violation of the Constitution ceases to represent the government.”

        “When an act of the legislature is repugnant or contrary to the constitution, it is, ipso facto, void.” 2 Pet. R. 522; 12 Wheat.

    • John W. says:

      They have a very upscale Bed and Breakfast in Napa Valley about three hundred a night and some upscale restaurants in the Bay area. All are non union and her restaurants were specially exempted from Obamacare. Nice to be the Queen.

  25. Be informed says:

    This article that I translated from

    It shows just how the U.S. has been planning all along to attempt to box in Russia and how the U.S. and west really instigated this whole thing in Ukraine. This was written just after BO became the new president back on Dec 26, 2008.
    Under the new U.S. President Barack Obama in the Crimea will be implemented scenario of armed conflict. ” It is the American scenario , and under Obama the probability is much higher than under McCain, ” – said at a roundtable in Kiev, Russian political scientist Andrei Okara , said ” New Region ” .

    Expert explains : “It became clear when it was announced that what people will represent the Obama team . These are people whose professional registration – Wall Street. These people are engaged in a technology called ” technologies of controlled chaos . ”

    According to Okara , after Georgia area ” controlled chaos ” in the first place , was to be the Ukraine, namely – Crimea . ” This is the point of a fire , including global conflicts that escalate into a world war , which, unfortunately , is one of the scenarios , the implementation of which at the moment from the real ” – says the analyst.

    His colleague from the Ukrainian Institute of Russia Andrey Blinov agree that Russia is not interested in such a conflict . ” When people talk about the war in the Crimea or in the hamlet St. Michael , I believe that this scenario is marginal . A question more active economic participation of Russian capital is very likely. But it depends on when the crisis is over . If in 2010 , while Russia will be much weaker , “- said the expert .

    U.S. ambitions toward Crimea confirmed and signed recently the Ukrainian- American Charter on Strategic Partnership . The Charter provides for the unconditional recognition of the sovereignty of Ukraine and its integration into NATO , increased U.S. presence in the Crimea and other forms of cooperation . U.S. Ambassador William Taylor in Kiev , however, reassured : ” The Charter does not oblige any one of the two parties to assist military means .” And he added, if the boundaries are violated , ” we will meet and discuss our next steps .”

    In the second section of the paper devoted to defense and security , said the interest of both countries to ” a strong, independent , democratic Ukraine ” , whose integration into European structures “is a mutual priority.” This section reiterates that Ukraine will join NATO . In the meantime , ” recognizing the global threat to stability in the world, to prevent them Ukraine and the United States will strengthen their cooperation in defense and security issues ,” – said the Ambassador. In addition, Taylor mentioned and concrete steps to improve the level of training and military supplies for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

    The fifth section is devoted to the expansion of human contacts and cooperation in the field of culture : Ukraine, as follows from the text ( as submitted by Taylor ) , ” welcomes the intention of the United States to increase its diplomatic presence in the Crimea .” Format presence on the peninsula is still under discussion , ” but it may be a structure with certain consular functions .”

    The document also refers to the support of Kiev against Moscow on withdrawal of Russian Black Sea Fleet from Crimea .

    The fact that Crimea is the most promising ground for destabilization beneficial both Americans and official Kyiv , observers say not the first month . Periodically pop up in the media , various scenarios by which the Ukrainian ” Democrats ” try to blow this ” powder keg ” redirecting claims to Russia . Proclivities pro-Russian activists Peninsula (like attempts to regain the Crimea to Russia through the court ) at the same time severely punished , but to complete victory over SBU ” dissidents ” , judging by the numerous symptoms , far away.

    Provocations on the ” Crimean direction ” really can not be avoided , we are convinced , in turn , Ukrainian Communists . U.S. prepares to throw to the east ( aiming at this , of course, in Russia ) , but first they need to break the pro-Russian Crimea , ex – speaker of the Crimean parliament , Verkhovna Rada deputy Leonid Grach . Scheduled for next year open a representative office in Simferopol U.S. – the same series .

    The fact that Ukraine is in range of the attention of the new U.S. president, analysts have stated previously. Obama will counterbalance Russia Ukraine , said political analyst Sergei Taran : ” The first time the Ukrainians may be neglected by the United States, as Obama will be busy with internal problems the United States. But in the long term efforts of the U.S. Obama will resume his authority in Europe , and in the long term, the new U.S. administration will pay particular attention to Ukraine, which could be a counterbalance to Russia in the region, and in the future – even counterbalance the old Europe example of modern Poland . ”

    Ukraine will remain for the United States deterrent to Russia , agrees Ukrainian political analyst Andrei Yermolaev . According to him, Ukraine for American policy has been and remains instrumental object that is used in a rather cynical strategies.

    Most ” visionary ” already hard rehearsing for the upcoming bout Crimea: from the opera – held recently in Kiev command post exercise on ” Actions volunteer units on the Crimean theater of operations after the Russian military aggression .” Organizers merrymaking ( National Salvation Committee , which includes the party ” Brotherhood ” and ” New Force” and association ” Northern Brotherhood ” ) argue that the conflict between Ukraine and Russia , which will be held no later than 2011 , the entire burden of resistance will be on voluntary organizations . Scenario Campaign General Staff of the Armed Forces has already been developed , sure ” roleplayers ” .

    5 and 1/2 years ago World War 3 was being hashed and premeditated out.

  26. slingshot says:


    Once laws were written to protect the law abiding people. Now they protect the criminal. I assure you if they will do these things to our children, It Is Criminal.

    But if you beat his ass, you go to jail.
    If you kill them, you go to jail.

    You can not get rid of these dingbats. The law protects them. They hang around and nothing is done. You can be label a racist an extremist, a nut case because you disagree with them or their agenda. Threaten you with child protection agency and dream up all sort of law crap to do to you.


    More people equals more assholes, equals more shit you have to put up with, and the shit never stops.

    This reply to another article only shows the maniacal thirst for power and control they desire.

  27. Be informed says:

    India, in the Nicobar Islands just had a 6.6 earthqauke 30 minutes ago. This is one of the warned areas for a major earthquake by March 26. This is the northern Australian plate that I have been very concerned over. More precursor earthquake activity should show where more larger quakes are due.

  28. Sgt. Dale says:

    When it comes to polousi’s daughter. They trough out the baby and kept the after birth!!

  29. Uzziel says:

    *Tread – tread; stomp, stomp – STOMP!!*

    Now what, b****!?

  30. The turd doesn’t fall far from the ass…

  31. Satori says:

    interesting but not unexpected development

    Petrodollar Alert: Putin Prepares To Announce “Holy Grail” Gas Deal With China

  32. Sadly what this really means is “don’t mess with my slavery” promoting centralized power is death to liberty.

  33. thc0655 says:

    Not that it matters to this story, but Nancy Pelosi is a Representative, a Congresswoman (not a US Senator, though she’s easy to confuse with that other Californian Sen. Dianne Feinstein).

  34. ridiculous says:

    A lawyer, an Illegal Alien, a Pathological Liar, a Muslim, a Communist, and a Black Guy walk into a BAR.

    bartender says:
    “what’ll it be, Mr. President?”

  35. JayJay says:

    Wichita spending too much of budget to defend bad cops??
    We’ll stops that S**t right now!!! 🙁

    The Kansas House Standing Committee on Corrections and Juvenile Justice has introduced a bill that will require private citizens who file complaints against police officers to sign an affidavit, acknowledging that if their allegations are proven false, they can be charged with perjury, which is a felony charge

    And, this bill would allow police departments to arrest the people who file complaints against police officers.

    • soon, none of any of this will matter, because when the rule of law is decimated to the point of no longer being for the people, we will still have the final vote ..if we choose to, that’s going to be the catch

    • Miss DeeDee says:

      If this legislation passes muster should not a LEO be charged with pergury if a defendant he has arrested is found innocent in a court of law. Thus making the the officer a fellon.
      — Miss Dee Dee

  36. aljamo says:

    Pelosi signed the ACA without reading it because she knew which side her bread is buttered on. None of our reps read these bills before voting for them. If anyone votes for either party, you deserve what you get. No votes would leave the same mess though. The only way out is hordes of angry citizens marching on the corrupt. We sure are a patient people.

  37. Satori says:

    can ya see Sheriff Andy or Barney Fife doing this ???

    Hawaii police want legal right to have sex with prostitutes — for the sake of their work

  38. interesting article adn speaks to the fracturing I spoke of this morning on a different thread.

    I just hate the right/republican – left/democrat paradigm talk.

    • Even TPTB recognize that the subject of what you speak (the myth of the left/right/dem/rep paradigm) is DANGEROUS!

      What was it, the MICAP report, if you read deep into it, they were fingering people (like you, and me) that believe that the LRDR paradigm was a divide and conquer strategy used by TPTB to keep us diverted from the real problem were “potential terrorists”.

      Whoa! Watch out for those Anti-Left/Right paradigm guys! They’re dangerous! …right. They don’t like it when you finally understand the BS they’re spewing.

      There are only two divisions:


      This is why: If there ceases to be the fake left/right paradigm, we might see the real problem: Too Much Government. And, we all might want this:

  39. Clark says:

    Jeopardy Answer: Nancy Pelosi
    And the Answer is: What do you get when you cross a manic sycophant with a clueless narcisist?

  40. Anonymous says:

    The blind leading the blind. Classic !!!

  41. Hahahahaha. A total disregard or ignorance for what the Gadsen flag is and represents. Does it really surprise anyone? I mean, she might as well have taken and coiled chains, legirons and shackles in there with it.

    She communicated it, I’m just translating it:

    Don’t Tread On My Slavery

    What a perverted message. What a stupid moron. Its so laughable. Mom’s raised a little crazy, just like her. She must be so proud.

  42. “Apparently, Ms. Pelosi hasn’t had time to remove the silver spoon from her mouth to actually check the facts. If she had, she’d understand that Obamacare is anything but affordable.”

    Oh, no, Mr. Slavo! It is VERY affordable. Very affordable to those who don’t contribute anything to society. Yep. If you’re on the dole its just damned near free.

    This is THE LARGEST WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION SCHEME EVER DIVISED. I have to give them credit. They even decieved their own people. …and while we criticize them, I don’t think you realize: these ignorant sheep REALLY BELIEVE we’re LYING TO THEM!!! Yes! They think that we’re part of that mythical “Right Wing Conspiracy” that so racist and anti-whatever, that we’d actually lie about this stuff.

    Its amazing how people will believe a lie so strongly that it becomes a delusion. DemocratCare, aka Obama(Don’t)Care this in a Biblical proportion. Hmmm. I wonder? Is this “The strong delusion…” talked about in Revalations? Wow! Hmmm.

  43. Scott G. says:

    Don’t tread on her Obamacare? Fine!! Just so long as she doesn’t force her Obamacare on people who don’t want it!!

  44. Northern Reb says:

    The flag has a saying on it DON’T TREAD ON ME.
    That tells me a couple of things
    1- she can not read
    2- she might be blind
    3- she is brain dead
    4- she is stupid
    5- she is a Pelosi

    S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

  45. rednek101 says:

    Well um yah “Pedro”….A quote from history “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

    Remember it’s not the color of your skin, it’s how you operate and social norms that will soon come under fire. Literally possibly. If a person’s belief’s are that they should be able to live off of someone else’s labor, they’re gonna get slammed, and quite hard.

    I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.
    – Abraham Lincoln

    So ummm “Pedro”…are you right? Maybe I’ll vote for you. If not, pick your poison.

  46. noplayin says:

    Don’t think you useless tards can tread on my paycheck! Not gonna happen. If everyone else is smart they would feel the same way. Wake Up America.

  47. the man says:

    Hey Pelosi bitches.

    I’m creating a new venture.
    It will be a one man show.
    Full and complete automation.
    Zero jobs for the Obummer losers.
    Let them starve.

    The new reality…
    The ones that can start businesses…often rightwing repubs.
    will NOT, NOT, NOT be creating any jobs for your people.

    You enslave us with excessive payroll taxes and now Obama care.
    Fuck off from a pure capitalist.

    BTW.. I love this collapse.
    It’s easy to get a table at a restaurant.
    Drinks are two for one.

    And the ladies can tell a man with a job, money and who is going place.

    One lady on online dating stated she was looking for a repub. as they are the ones to have a better life.

    It’s just as easy to love a rich guy than a poor one.

    My new sport is watching the economy collapse.

    Shift your mind.
    Enjoy the collapse.
    Great deals on hotels, air, and travel.

    If you want stuff.. hit craisgslist for folks that are selling their stuff off for cash.

  48. thai_nomi says:

    that betch is so batshit crazy, she probably sleeps upside down –referring to momma pelosi.