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County Evicts Man From His Own Land For Living Without Water, Sewer, Electricity

Mac Slavo
December 16th, 2010
Comments (50)
Read by 1,786 people

Think you can do whatever you want on your land, even if it doesn’t violate the rights of others?

Think again.

72 year old Dick Thompson likes the simple life. He has no city electricity, water or sewage, and now the county has evicted him from his own land, about 36 acres, because he refuses to acquire these necessary services. The county attorney says, “Thompson is breaking too many rules, laws and ordinances” :

Mr. Thompson just wants to be left alone. Karl Denninger weighs in with his thoughts:

I’m sure that on that 38 acres there are more deer and other wildlife that whizzes and craps a larger volume (by far) than one man.  There’s no public safety issue here – this is one man, on his own property, with no evidence that he’s polluting anything around him, who simply wants to be left alone – and who clearly isn’t interested in “improving” his land and thus paying ten times as much in property taxes and “mandatory” services.

That’s really the rub here, isn’t it?  The county wants to evict him not due to any sort of danger, but rather because he refuses to build a big fat McMansion on that land and then suck down the kilowatts and pay for every gallon of water twice – one to deliver it, again to cart it away even if he chooses to do things with the water that don’t require those gallons to be carted away.

Show me where this individual is actually harming the public’s safety and I’ll agree with the jackboot of government coming in to tell him how he has to live.

Good luck living simply, living free, and living without being bothered in the New America.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Views: Read by 1,786 people
Date: December 16th, 2010

Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.


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  1. Cassie says:

    this is shocking; if they can do this to this poor man; everyone else in the town is next.  i was so outraged i called the mayor of the town, finally got ahold of the historical society and talked to a man that confirmed he’s bothering no one, he knew who his neighbors were and said they didn’t care if he was there, outrageous, outrageous, outrageous…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Who needs who here?  I’ll bet his taxes are paid up.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Put the name & number up if Mac approves.

  4. Bad Harriet says:

    This man probably feels like he is on vacation 24/7.
    If a man wants to live like it is 1492, more power to him. 

    Is his way of  living an eyesore to the neighbors?

    My power company wants to mandatory install remote controlled thermostats in all homes.  They claim it is so they can shut peoples AC off during peak times.    But, will it stop there?  Next they cut your heat off at 52 degrees.  We already have to pay a $7.50 monthly surcharge to pay for energy for “poor people” they call it “energy assistance!!”   What the fuck gives them the right to steal almost $100 a year from me and I get nothing in return!!

    • The water company in Maricopa, AZ has just been allowed to charge an initial flat fee each month of $92 JUST to have water service. I was gone all summer. Guess what? Still had to pay $92 a month and never used a drop. So what are all those hotels trying to ask people to help in conserving water? All BS!

  5. michelle says:

    So are they going to sell his land and give him the money (sorry we only got $120 for it) or just steal it from him?

    The whole neighborhood should camp out by the drive with their shotguns and shoot the sheriff for trespassing if he comes on the property.

    That would send a strong message!   This is a clear opportunity for a community to stand together and protect property rights.

    If the property is owned by him who cares what he’s doing on it as long as he’s not hurting anyone?  His animals look well cared for and he seems like he WAS healthy and happy enough in his circumstances.

    The founding fathers are rolling over in their graves.  The pioneers had no sewer, city water, or electricity, did they?  Seemed to get along just fine!

    This burns me up.

  6. Tempest says:

    I won’t be surprised when it is reported that the land was sold at auction and the winning bid was submitted by the nephew of some county official who happens to also be the original complainant of the so-called ‘violations’.

  7. Tom says:

    I don’t see him as poor.  He’s probably very happy left alone & loves animals.  I’ll bet they have tried to get him for animal abuse.  Something is not right here.  There is still Army bases that have outhouses’ in the field with no running water.

  8. Cassie says:

    I didn’t meant poor in the sense of no money; I agree something stinks here; but I think its govt wrapping up people’s land they have no right to

  9. Cassie says:

    I believe everyone should call the mayor’s office – here’s the number 1 765-724-4633 – voice your complaint for this man and on his behalf!

  10. Comments…..The county collects tax revenues on  progress.  If there is no progress, there is no tax revenue.
    The “simple life” for the government is “simply paying taxes” that that have been leved on Americas’ citizens.
    He needs to check into zoning rules for environmentally safe habitats.  Then see if he can apply the new green rules to how he is living.
    Still it is his property.  A cow needs 5 acres of good pasture to exist.  Evidently, a human needs more then 38 acres to exist.

  11. Rick Blaine says:

    …just more evidence from today that I do in fact live in The Matrix.

    Earlier, it was learning that Tim Geithner is given the title “The Honorable” during his congressional testimony.

  12. Steve says:

    I think he has the right to defend himself using any means necessary.  If you let people unjustly take what you have then they will.  Make them pay for their mistake.  This story is unbelievable.

  13. RebellYell says:

    I called, left a polite voice mail to the mayor.  What I don’t understand is that we have hundreds of “hunting camps” in Alabama.  We have camps on the Delta that only use a generator and an outhouse.
    How is this different, unless this fellow is violating sign ordinances, fencing to shield junk… etc.  I just don’t know the whole story.  Call the mayor… wish him Merry Christmas.

  14. iFerret says:

    The Amish are allowed to live off the land without electricity and running water.  Can he say he’s Amish or do they ban the Amish from living in that county?  I’m calling the mayor.

  15. Tina says:

    Does anyone have the address….or Fax number? Sometimes a flood of mail works better then a phone call.

  16. Anonymous says:

    What’s he going to do, spread cholera?

  17. Here isthe latest news that I could find on him:
    Apparently he has given up and put his land for sale. He has received a lot of support from people across the country. I hope he finds peace in whatever new place he calls home.

  18. I dug a little deeper and found this in the same town in Indiana:
    This man was denied custody of his child because he stated that he was “agnostic”. It looks like they just love to trample on Constitutional rights in Madison County Indiana.

  19. VRF says:

    I hope the ‘ol man dont take their shit and walks right back on his own property and makes a stand..and if the people around him dont step up, and support.
    they will be next..or a part of what they thought they owned will no longer be theirs to say what happens to it..even the mineral rights etc..
    This has to be rural, correct?(i know it is,,im reinforcing)
    I mean were not talking of setting up camp in a neighborhood..this guys got property..if they pull this off…were all F’ed!..get it?

  20. caryn says:

    Comments…..i would truly love to hear what “the rest of the story” is…something really stinks to high heaven.  on the other hand-where on this 30something acre land is he living-close to the road, or yelling distance from a neighbor. i mean, i live on a five acre plot of land that is pretty much deep forest…no one sees or hears anything when they go by cause we are so well camoflaged..cannot even see the light in the kitchenwindow at night. probably, someone from the water company complained. they are the worse for wanting folks to get on the waterline. yeah, county and city officials want those taxes from providing those services and they can make your life miserable if they know you are trying to do without them. on the other hand too, it could be the county health folks -they are just as bad as the rest. most probably it is some damned “do-gooder” putting his or her nose where it don’t belong.

  21. mushroom says:

    i wonder what’s really going on here.

    i wouldn’t be surprised to see a walmart appear to be built on this land soon ( or some other government friendly enterprise).

    i wish there were more details so i could write some letters and maybe even make some phone calls ..

  22. Anonymous says:

    I believe everyone should call the mayor’s office – here’s the number 1 765-724-4633 – voice your complaint for this man and on his behalf!  I’m posting this twice as I see you are all hopping mad about this.  I feel so much for this man that’s a stranger, because this man could all be us.  As a previous business professional, I see myself living this way because of what’s happening to this country and my profession, now they want to take what he paid for  – this man represents all of us.  It doesn’t matter what YOU OWN, the next step will be the Fema camps!

  23. REB says:

    I saw this a couple weeks ago…..he obviously has some prick in the local govt there who has it in for him or wants his land,perhaps they found oil or gas in his area.
    I relayed this to a friend who has connections ,asked him to make a few calls,we’ll see if folks can stir things up a bit.

  24. Larry says:

    They want you to pay Taes and pay for water and electrical and sewer.they want to own your life .then they wonder how come the people are going postal lately ? Because they are loseing everythign, thier jobs, homes, cars  and unemployment.we aint seen nothign yet.the ritos in greece and london going on will eventually come here .the people know they got a screwing by thier leaders who sodl them up the creek  and now they want to suck them dry like a thousand leeches .  You have to fight for everything in this world . American dream is has turned into debt slaves to the corrupted system . 

  25. Hermes says:

    This type of stuff really disgusts me. I mean you would think that if anyone gets messed with that it wouldn’t be some guy in the middle of nowhere, on 30+acres of land. I can’t imagine that the man produces anywhere near the amount of “sewage” that just 1-2 deer do. So for arguments sake: if there were just 10 or 20 deer in the area, even a conservative estimate of how much urine/feces the deer produce would far exceed his footprint by several orders of magnitude. Not to mention that the deer spread their filth where ever they may.

    Just another sign of the times. And all the more reason for us to support one another in these times of increasingly foolish and tyrannical governments.

  26. manos says:

    There was this fellow Greek 25 years ago, who lived in his own property in a small house, more or less like a wreck.
    The city council didn’t like to have a “horrible” hut anong the newly built appartment blocks so they voted for the expropriation of his property. In Greece this means that they take your property for the “common” interest, for free.
    The guy refused to leave the hut and locked himself inside bearing an old side-by-side shotgun. So police forces surrounded the place and waited orders to enter the small building.
    Suddenly in front of the people and t.v cameras the old man opens the door, steps outside, holding a pack of dynamites with the fuse on, and fire on the other hand. He puts fire on the fuse and throw the pack inside the cabin.
    You should have seen how those matcho police officers ran away from the place. The cabin exploded and destroyed a couple of police cars. All windshields and glasses of houses and cars  in a very big area were broken.
    The old man’s profession was to set the dynamites in construction business during the excavation for the foundation.
    As Gerald Celente says: When you have lost everything and there is nothing else to lose, you lose it.

    Be safe.

  27. Robert says:

    Stand your ground Sir and if they come to take your freedom KILL THEM ALL!

  28. Dave says:

    This is the trend or US cities and towns, anyone living in one is to get a “meter” for either water, sewer, cable, phone, electric.
    Don’t  forget that on each bill there are taxes levied to the city (and the feds) that you live in, so those off the grid types are a threat to the bureaucrats and their generous pensions.
    You can kill a nice monthly bill by disconnecting your wall phone and only using your cell, recently a law was passed to allow people to have  their home numbers transferred to their cell’s for this reason.

    As a side note, my homeowners insurance went from $2600./year to $5,000. per year!, luckily my home is paid for so I called Allstate and told them to stuff it!.
    I refuse to pay $411/month to some corporation unless I’m compelled to.
    Eliminating monthly bills is the way of the future.

  29. This is stupid.  I am a local health department employee (in Wyoming) and we allow people with adequate land to compost their waste.  You don’t have to be out in the sticks to do so either.  The person that said he should claim to be Amish is right.

  30. TheAllMightyMe says:

    I dare you to come to my property and tell me to leave. Especially if I have nothing to loose. If I had nothing to loose I would just put some buckshot in your gut! Make me leave my own property! I don’t think so! Get off or get shot! This is whats wrong with the country today. Everybody see’s a problem and figure they cant do anything about it so they just ignore it, deal with it and move on! People need to grow a set and stand up for their rights and not allow themselves to be walked all over.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like that gentle giant in Panama City had nothing else to lose.  If I was the security guy that had to do my job & shoot him, I wouldn’t have showed my face on tv.  But this guy on his own land?  He needs to construct an out house & put a sign on it saying “county court house”.

    Well, hell, we should have guessed it was Indiana…add another state to my list of ‘do not eat in, do not sleep in, do not purchase gas in….and do not vacation in’….esp. if I have to travel through to another destination…sadly, the list is getting long…there’s
    N. J., N. Y., Michigan, California, Illinois …..sad..

  33. Bill says:

    JJ – There’s BS like this in every state.  All you have to do is look.  You may as well leave the country…  Oh no wait.  There are idiots there too!

  34. Bob says:

    Comments…..It’s Called “Living off the Grid”. Gov’t doesn’t like it. Want to Tax you ass for everything. Piss on them Lock and Load.   Don’t Tread on Me !!!! I served and can shoot straight. Got it.


    He’s not too farm from me. A couple hours drive. Its fucking Anderson. Basically, when Indy got to be too much of a slum, the elites moved to Anderson. Any county along the Indy Slum Corridor is that way. They are fucking communists. Actually, they are “corporatists”. All the companies circlejerk each other and if you want to step out of the circle, they get pissy.

    We should all call in and demand they stop. This is outrageous. They would not pull this in my county. Someone would get hurt.

  36. Tom says:

    Keep your family warm up there NR.  Back where I grew up “hedge” seasoned fire wood planted around the perimeters of the fields during the dust bowls were the highest BTU wood to burn. 

  37. JANE says:

    -         More land grab
    -         More power for the government
    -         More government intervention and control
    -         Less freedom, personal rights or choices
    -         Selling his land for pennies on a dollar or nearly nothing. 

    I feel so sorry for this innocent man.  I heard now he’s being force to sell his land, because he cannot meet government’s demands.



  38. Durango Kidd says:

    He doesn’t have to sell his land. Asking for him to provide some sort of sanitation for his waste seems reasonable. We don’t have enough factual info to make an honest judgment.

    As for water, many people in Arizona, not very far from Phoenix in fact, haul water to their land for personal use, and in some cases this water can be purchased from the Town of Wickenburg as an example, for cheap!

  39. Josh says:

    This is SO ridiculous.  Is there anyone that is going to help this man fight back against these criminal a**holes?   How much longer are we going to bend over like this while our “leaders”  continue to screw us?

  40. Anonymous says:

    I’ll bet he was born in the U.S.A. & looks after his animals with care every day.

  41. Anonymous says:

    All this points to the New World Order; communism and no rights as a human being; Revelation 13:16; Jesus Christ is returning – time to get your spiritual house in order; no man will be able to buy or sell save he have the mark of the Beast…

  42. Bhiethir says:

    Well he lives in Indiana. Too far North for me. I have found in general that they tend to be more Fascist the further North you go or higher the population an area has. I live in a County in Tennessee that could care a less about these things. I’m doing something similar, but I do have power and water. My choice of course, but my camper uses very little of either. I could have gone completely off the grid and no one would have cared. Now go to Nashville and Fascism kicks in. I have lived in Michigan, Missouri, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee. SC and TN are the better states of these to leave you alone. MO is good too. Forget MI though. Nazi’s through and through in the gov’t.

  43. pissed off says:

    I’m tired of the govt. screwing us over.  I hope everything collapses.  I bet you’d never find this guy begging for a hand out.  The horses even had blankets on and looked great.  Maybe it’s time we form a national group to storm counties who mess with guys like this.  See…they want everyone sucked into the “system” drinking their poisoned water..but you’ll have great teeth.  Maybe he should put up signs and land mine the place before he leaves just to fuck with them.

  44. mike jones says:

    Comments…..this makes my so sad.  becouse it is true

  45. Mike L says:

    For anyone here that thinks they own property you are very, very confused.  Try not paying your taxes for a few months.  I bet you they have all kinds of legal grounds to come after you.  Heck I was FORCED to pay money to connect to the city water and sewer system.  Thankfully I have a T in my basement.  I send all my sewage down their system and use a minimum amount of water.  But I “save” on my septic system I suppose, though it never needs to be pumped out anyways.  I didn’t want this improvement but they wanted to steal my money more then I didn’t want it.  You cannot fight them in the courts, because judges are so corrupt (for the most part) they almost always side with bigger government and less constitutional rights anyways.  The chance of getting enough people to stand up and say enough is impossible.  Everyone is too busy buying LED LCD TVs to be bothered.  The government is always looking out for the little guy anyways.

    By the time people wake up (enough anyway) it’ll be too late and they’ll be stamped and on meat wagons like the Jews in Germany.  Heck I bet money most Americans would line up as told.  They’re taught in schools to obey the government or that the government knows best.  Thank you teachers for failing at your fundamental duties (not all).

  46. Matt says:

    A friend of mine lives in a subdivision with 2-acre lots, and each house has its own well and septic system. My house is on 1 acre, and we have a water main, but a septic system.

    I’m actually quite surprised that, living on 36 acres, one even has an opportunity for water and sewer mains.

  47. lock & load says:

    It’s time to lock & load & back the government into their corner. If someone purchases land & it is unrestricted they have the right to enjoyment of that property providing they are in the country outside of city jurisdiction. TAKE BACK AMERICA PEOPLE  WAKE UP. I’M TIRED OF BEING PUSHED AROUND BY A CROOKED GOVERNMENT.

  48. Debra says:

    I’m not surprised at anything local or larger government officials do. The point is what can be done about it
    The man has enough land to do what he wants. It isn’t like he has a hog farm on it without a waste clean up plan.
    They want to control all water next will be our air. I hope they plan on a hot painfull eternity.


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