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Congress Gives Clinton Operatives TWO WEEKS To Explain Russian Sourced Trump Disinformation Dossier

Alex Thomas
January 27th, 2018
Comments (29)
Read by 3,270 people
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A group of Republican Congressional investigators has given a group of Clinton operatives two weeks to explain the creation, funding, and distribution of the Russian sourced Trump dossier put together by former spy Christopher Steele.

“As part of their ongoing oversight efforts to ensure that the FBI’s law enforcement activities are free of improper political influence, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) yesterday sent six letters seeking information and documents regarding Christopher Steele’s work on behalf of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary for America,” read a statement on Grassley’s website.

“The letters seek information and documents relating to those political organizations’ knowledge of and involvement in Mr. Steele’s work and his reported interactions with the FBI while he was working on behalf of these political organizations.”

The letters were sent to:

An article published by ZeroHedge detailing the letters provided a refreasher on what we already know about the dossier:

– The DNC and Hillary Clinton’s PAC was revealed by The Washington Post to have paid opposition research firm Fusion GPS for the creation of a dossier that would be harmful to then-candidate Donald Trump.

– Fusion commissioned former UK spy Christopher Steele to assemble the dossier – which is comprised of a series of memos relying largely on Russian government sources to make allegations against Donald Trump and his associates.

– According to court filings, Fusion also worked with disgraced DOJ official Bruce Ohr, and hired his CIA-linked wife, Nellie Ohr, to assist in the smear campaign against Trump. Bruce Ohr was demoted from his senior DOJ position after it was revealed that he met with Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson as well as Christopher Steele – then tried to cover it up.

– Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, denied under oath to the Senate Intelligence Committee that he knew about the dossier’s funding, while Clinton’s former spokesman, Brian Fallon, told CNN that Hillary likely had no idea who paid for it either.

– Current and past leaders of the DNC, including Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) also denied knowledge of the document’s funding.

–Podesta met with Fusion co-founder Glenn Simpson the day after the Trump-Russia dossier was published by Buzzfeed News.

The Senate Judiciary Committee letters read in part:

In October 2017, the Washington Post reported that Hillary for America and the Democratic National Committee had funded, via Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele’s creation of a series of memos relying largely on Russian government sources to make allegations against Donald Trump and his associates. A letter from the law firm Perkins Coie acknowledged that, ” [t]o assist in its representation of the DNC and Hillary for America, Perkins Coie engaged Fusion GPS in April of2016″ and that “the engagement concluded prior to the November 2016 Presidential election.

The Committee has been investigating the FBI’ s relationship with Christopher Steele during this time his work was funded by Hillary for America and the DNC. The scope of our review includes the extent to which the FBI may have relied on information relayed by Mr. Steele in seeking judicial authorization for surveillance of individuals associated with Mr. Trump. It also includes whether any applications that may have been made for permission for such surveillance fully and accurately disclosed:

(1) the source of Fusion GPS’s and Mr. Steele’s funding;

(2) the degree to which his claims were or were not verified;

(3) the motivations of Mr. Steele, his clients, and his sources; and

( 4) representations about their contacts with the press.

The letter then lists 12 specific questions for the parties involved:

1. Prior to the Washington Post ‘s article in October of 2017, were you anyone else at Hillary for America aware of Mr. Steele’s efforts on behalf of the Clinton campaign to compile and distribute allegations about Mr. Trump and the Russian government? If so, when and how did you first learn of his activities on the campaign’s behalf? Please provide all related documents.

2. Did you or anyone else at Hillary for America receive copies of any of the memoranda comprising Mr. Steele’s dossier prior to its publication by Buzzfeed in January of 2017? If so, how and when? Please provide all related documents.

3. Regardless of whether you or your associates received copies of the actual memoranda, did you or anyone else at Hillary for America otherwise receive information contained in the dossier prior to Buzzfeed publishing the dossier in January of 2017? If so, how and when? Please provide all related documents.

4. Did you or anyone else at Hillary for America receive other memoranda written or forwarded by Mr. Steele regarding Mr. Trump and his associates that were not published as part of the Buzzfeed dossier? If so, how and when? Please provide all related documents.

5. Did you or anyone else at Hillary for America distribute outside of the organization any o f the dossier memoranda, information contained therein, or other information obtained by Mr. Steele? If so, please list who distributed the information, what was distributed, and to whom it was distributed. Please provide all related documents.

6. Did you or anyone else at Hillary for America communicate with any government officials – whether in the executive, legislative or judicial branches – regarding the dossier memoranda, information contained therein, or other information obtained by Mr. Steele? If so, please list the parties involved in the communication, the content of the communication, and the date and means of the communication. Please provide all related documents. References such as “anyone at Hillary for America” include all of Hillary for America’s officers, employees, contractors, subcontractors, advisors, volunteers, and, of course, Secretary Clinton herself. Mr. Podesta January 25, 2018

7. Did you or anyone else at Hillary for America instruct, request, suggest, or imply that any individuals should pass along information to Mr. Steele or his intermediaries? Please provide all related documents.

8. Did you or anyone else at Hillary for America communicate with members of the press regarding the dossier memoranda, information contained therein, or other information obtained by Mr. Steele? If so, please list the parties involved in the communication, the content of the communication, and the date and means of the communication. Please provide all related documents.

9. Did you or anyone else at Hillary for America inform Secretary Clinton of Mr. Steele’s efforts, whether by name or not, or of the allegations he was spreading? If so, who and when? Please provide all related documents.

10. Were you or anyone else at Hillary for America aware of Mr. Steele’s contacts with the FBI or other government agencies prior to the 2016 election? If so, who? When and how did you or they become aware? Please provide all related documents.

11. Did you or anyone else at Hillary for America encourage, whether directly or through intermediaries, Mr. Steele to initiate or continue contacts with the FBI or other government agencies? If so, who and when? Please provide all related documents.

12. For the period from March 2016 through January 2017, please provide all communications to, from, copying, or relating to: Fusion GPS; Bean LLC; Glenn Simpson; Mary Jacoby; Peter Fritsch; Tom Catan; Jason Felch; Neil King; David Michaels; Taylor Sears; Patrick Corcoran; Laura Sego; Jay Bagwell; Erica Castro; Nellie Ohr; Rinat Akhmetshin; Ed Lieberman; Edward Baumgartner; Orbis Business Intelligence Limited; Orbis Business International Limited; Walsingham Training Limited; Walsingham Partners Limited; Christopher Steele; Christopher Burrows; Sir Andrew Wood, Paul Hauser; 4 Oleg Deripaska; Cody Shearer; Sidney Blumenthal; Jon Winer; 5 Kathleen Kavalec; Victoria Nuland; Daniel Jones; 6 Bruce Ohr; Peter Strzok; Andrew McCabe; James Baker; 7 Sally Yates; Loretta Lynch; John Brennan.

One can imagine that, at this point, all the deep state Clinton operatives listed above are running scared and are using their shills in the media to distract from their corruption by pushing fake news about Trump possibly firing Robert Mueller.

Thankfully, it looks as if no matter how much disinformation is put out by the mainstream media, at least some members of Congress refuse to stop this key investigation.

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Author: Alex Thomas
Views: Read by 3,270 people
Date: January 27th, 2018

Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.


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  1. Red Horse says:

    This will give them plenty of time to either patronize another false flag operation on U.S. soil, or to bring together a group of professional liars and/or spin doctors to cause irreparable damage to the investigation. I wonder who the next round of Clinton “suicides” will involve.

  2. Menzoberranzan says:

    What’s this 2 week shit? Explain now.

  3. Red Leader says:

    It gives them plenty of time to destroy the evidence.

    • Heartless says:

      Exactly RL. Exactly. If anyone thinks the Clintons and their minions will cooperate, they are insane. Folks, this is the moment. It will either blow wide open or we as a nation are totally and completely ‘F’d’. I don’t know about all of you; but, I’m sick of this. I want my country back. Not in 2 weeks, 2 days, 2 hours, 2 minutes. I want it back NOW! And I damned well hope the NSA/CIA/FBI powers that be understand that it would be worth dying for……. my life… to see it happen.

  4. sittinguy says:

    Is that a fire I smell?

  5. the blame-e says:

    Two (2) weeks? That gives Clinton plenty of time to suicide everybody involved.

  6. John R says:

    Nothing to see here move on. :sarcasm:

    • Karl V. says:

      ….but it’s true in a literal sense: there really is nothing to see, because the mainstream media absolutely refuse to report on this situation.

      There hasn’t been a word of it in my local paper (which is strongly left-wing); nor have I ever heard it mentioned on the ABC evening news. Never.

      Were it not for the internet, I would have never heard of these events.

  7. The Deplorable Braveheart says:

    The Clintons are like Teflon. Nothing ever sticks to them thanks to their globalist protectors. Nothing will come of it.

  8. Dave says:

    Hum … doesn’t she / they simply ignore these types of requests. She already torched her computer room. And seriously, how laughable considering for many years they have had plenty to put her in for life! Or hang her. Like the years before, nothing will come of this for any of them. It would be easier for all of Washington to cut off a foot, than to go after one of their own. Especially not one who has the goods on everyone! Doesn’t anyone wonder why all these people side with her. They can clearly see how evil she is, and yet they chose her!

  9. Old Guy says:

    Only one thing the klintons and their cronies cant control. The military supports Trump. The military says jump and Trump ask who am I supposed to jump on and should I use both feet? If the military decides to Round up anyone and lock them up at GITMO there isn’t anything anyone can do about it. That’s my wish. GITMO and a Military Tribunal. Obummer and The klintons have never supported the Military they always cut military funding when they could. I just Read Trump is increasing Military Funding. Trump has military top brass on his staff To direct his every move and to protect him. I would bet the Military Drafted that Dec 21 execuitive order. Its a changing of the guard. Not necessarily a guaranteed improvement. Most likely a different set of crooks. But I actually believe the Klintons libs and dimocraps and many Repubs are on the way out? I think they know it?

  10. Fritz says:

    “Please provide …”? Too polite. Sounds almost optional. I foresee a whole new bunch of glitches pertaining to those related documents and a steady stream of I-don’t-recalls. Would love to see the witch go down but after nearly forty years of the nasty old hag getting away with everything, it’s hard to get my hopes up anymore.

  11. Check this *Fanmade* YouTube
    Shirley Temple Fostercare Movie

    I wonder what kind of movie one could make of Mrs. Clinton.

    Hilarious possibilities !!!

  12. Mo in Alabama says:

    Treat them like any other hostel enemy of America. Send in hot teams, kick down the doors, flash bang em, police em up and indefinitely hold them in Guantanamo,(I hear they have vacancies) then conduct the rest of the investigation.

  13. Carron says:

    The only time Hilary is going down for anything is when she’s dead and buried; and then the devil may bring her back. Dear God I can’t wait for the day to come when the wicked witch is dead. I only hope I live long enough to see it.

  14. Steadfast says:

    When the civil war starts it would behove the Republics armies to completely eradicate the following areas : Howard County, Maryland, Arlington County, Virginia and Alexandria, Virginia. For within these boundies live the greater weight of the enemies of the Republic, the Deep State.

    Now to openly acknowledge that the “ civil war “ isn’t likely to occur at all based upon current evidence.

    Therefore, continue to leave those counties unscathed.

    • Roscoe Rules' says:

      @Steadfast says: You forgot the BIG two…….Montgomery Co., MD & Fairfax Co. VA. Born, raised & policed Mont. Co., which along w/Fairfax, are the 2 wealthiest Counties per the annual rankings by USA Today, AND have the largest MS-13 members residing therein…..and are “Sanctuary Counties”.

      Roscoe By!

    • grandee says:

      According to Sultan Knish the civil war has already started:

      ht tp://

  15. aljamo says:

    What difference does it make?! WAH I was robbed of the presidency WAH. I’ll get you, you bunch of shitties.

  16. Old Guy says:

    If certain people are to be rounded up and removed or deported. Its not patriots or any milita or group of citizens that are capable. The only entinty that has the clout to actually clean house is The USA military. The Military did such things in the 1800;s and again during WWII. So no matter who you are and how well armed you are. If the military comes after you its over. Remember McArthur removed the Bonus Army after WWI. And He remarked this isn’t the first city I have liberated from Enemy occupation!

  17. Shootit says:

    Out of respect for Hillary they are giving her time to Arkancide them.

  18. dan-o says:

    Time for military tribunals. This involved foreign operatives paid by those wanting to influence our democratic process.
    It’s treason, plain and simple. Try them and lock them up for 35 years. Confiscate ALL their money and build the Wall with it.

  19. Chunk says:

    The Clintons have been getting away with everything, including murder, for decades. It will be a miracle if the American people finally see justice prevail.

  20. Old Guy says:

    well Chunk I consider it a miracle that Donald Trump is President and He is actually trying to keep some of his campaign promises. That by itself borders on Divine intervention.

  21. Rich says:

    They need detained first with no phone call and be investigated faster then they can destroy evidence. Rights you say they have rights!?! The fact is they forfeited them when they colluded with the devil! !!

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