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Congress & Administration Ignore Experts on North Korean EMP Threat

Jeremiah Johnson
November 20th, 2017
Comments (39)


There was a report by Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner detailing the revelations of former U.S. Marine Tommy Waller’s recommendations regarding the EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) threat by North Korea. Waller has staunchly stood in the corner of the EMP Commission, now disbanded through withholding of funding, and currently serves as the Director of Special Projects at the Center for Security Policy. He is urging the President to create a special commission by Executive Order to plan for measures to counteract the threat of an EMP attack.  Waller also said this as reported in the article by Bedard:

“The first and foremost thing he [the President] must write is an executive order establishing his own EMP commission in the White House – a task force that draws from the experience of the previous EMP Commission.  Massive intelligence failures grossly underestimating North Korea’s long-range missile capabilities, number of nuclear weapons, warhead miniaturization, and proximity to an H-Bomb, the biggest North Korean threat to the U.S. remains unacknowledged – nuclear EMP attack.”

This all comes on the heels of the disbanding of the EMP Commission, a panel of the foremost experts on EMP threat, to include Dr. Graham and Dr. Pry, mentioned in numerous, previous articles. These experts and others, to include Tommy Waller, have been warning the Administration that North Korea is actively mapping out a plan of attack via EMP against the United States. These warnings have not only gone unheeded, but as mentioned, the former EMP Commission was the only such organization to address such a threat, and it has been dismantled, although its members did not accept any pay for their expert analyses and recommendations.

Dr. Peter Pry went a step further and said that Obama administration “holdovers” undermined the now-defunct Commission’s clearances, operational funds, and reports (such as briefings and conferences) … even though the experts worked for nothing and took many expenses upon themselves out of pocket. Such was their level of commitment and the priority placed upon the threat…a threat that has been largely ignored even before the Obama years.

Since the North Koreans have “slowed down” their nuclear tests, it’s no longer an issue that is televised to the public daily. Akin to a nation suffering from “Attention Deficit Disorder,” most of our news is sensationalistic drivel only fit for tabloids (therefore not news), or geared by the liberal Mainstream Media (MSM) to attack the President and push communist-social justice issues. The Media and the Universities are the hammer and sickle being used to destroy our country from the inside…funded by oligarchs and protected by politicos.

The President’s tour of the Asian-Pacific theater did not cause North Korea to take one step backwards in the development of its nuclear arsenal. As the days pass, their ability to make good on their threats increases. North Korea already threatened the U.S. with an EMP attack months ago. Breitbart reported this on 9/7/2017. You can read it in this excerpt here:

According to the Associated Press, shortly after North Korea launched its sixth nuclear test using an H-bomb, the “Hermit Kingdom’s” leader Kim Jong-un issued a statement through its state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) claiming the weapon “is a multi-functional thermonuclear nuke with great destructive power which can be detonated even at high altitudes for super-powerful EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack according to strategic goals.”

North Korea has not backed away from that stance nor retracted the threat. Over the weekend, it has been reported from several news sites that North Korea is nearing completion of its work on submarines that can launch ICBM’s (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles), termed SLBM’s (Submarine-launched Ballistic Missiles). The rhetoric between Kim Jong-Un and President Trump has not ceased: it has just taken an occasional hiatus. How much longer of a hiatus will Congress and the Administration have before they follow the recommendations of the experts? Perhaps the greater question is what will North Korea do when its period of inactivity comes to an end?

The next world war will begin with an EMP weapon detonated over the continental United States, followed by a nuclear exchange and then warfare with conventional forces.

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Author: Jeremiah Johnson
Date: November 20th, 2017
Website: https://www.shtfplan.com/

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  1. Concerned-Citizen! says:

    This is a very serious issue and what, nothing is done about this mess?? WTF is wrong with this picture folks? I guess we should just sit on our hands until we wake up one morning and guess what – NOTHING WORKS anymore.

    • gandhi says:

      EMP damage is just another libturd falacy. dont worry about it. besides as long as you have extra batteries “N” for your Aimpoint Patrol Weapon sight what else would you need?

    • Gandhi says:

      EMP=Elected Mental Patients

    • Land Air Sea (Retired) says:

      Ensure those who wish to do nothing remain with the rest, let not give them access to underground safety cells while the rest are left behind, I may be one of many to ensured these dogs are kept with company/

    • Tallman says:

      Concerned citizen, it’s was pass time to be concerned about what our government is doing to protect this nation. What you should be concerned about, is working on more preps for your family. Because when this EMP attack happens, your going to be on your own, our government will not be coming to save you. Remember when planing your preps to live by the rule of two, two is one, one is none.

  2. Colorado Gray Man says:

    Nothing to worry about. We have the capability to shoot incoming missiles out of the sky.

  3. Mansfield Yankee says:

    O’ ye, of little faith, Do you honestly Believe GOD is going to let that happen to the USA ? Entirely too much fear out of some individuals here.

  4. Old Guy says:

    The thing is you cannot trust the government to tell the truth about anything. Nothing but lies. I think North Korea simply wants to be left alone. All we need to do is leave the region. leave south korea and tell china & Russia we don’t care. Its your problem you deal with it. But no the Jxxs want to prevent North korea from Marketing their valuable minerals and natural resources. And certainly do not want anyone using any currency to buy oil other than the Petro Dollar. Its all about the money.

    • rellik says:

      Old Guy,
      I despise the Democrat run Federal government far more
      than you do.
      N. Korea is a proxy for China. Pure and simple they are using
      their proxy to debilitate and distract us from the far larger problems China is engineering for the world. Their proxy can cause a lot of damage to America. We will kill N. Korea in response. Where does that leave the Chinese? Fat, dumb, happy and in charge of eastern Asia and much of Oceania.
      Chinese are some of the biggest racists the world has ever seen.
      The character 中 represents China as the “Center” meaning center of the universe. They could care less about the rest of the world, for they are all inferior.
      As far as mineral wealth, the entire world has mineral wealth. Here in the Americas we are burdened with Democrats that throttle any exploitation of our resources. N. Korea like China has no such problems so they are mineral rich. We are just as rich if not more so, but we cannot use what we have due to Democrats.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        Rellik, I’ve heard Chinese called the jxxs of Asia. Fits them to a T.

      • Old Guy says:

        I don’t care if the Chinese are Racist. Good for them. Its ok to prefer and promote your own people. You need to research how the Diamond market is controlled and who is doing the controlling. Hint it aint Democrats. The USA is hated by so many because we use out military to try and police the entire world. Suddenly the USA aint the biggest gorilla in the Zoo. Any war with north Korea is a war with China. The NWO will never be achieved. We have China to thank for that. China will continue to develop. The USA is a nation in Decline.

  5. Braveheart1776 says:

    The neocons are behind this without question.

  6. anonymous5 says:

    I don’t understand why anyone is shocked that the morons in D.C. have no interest in doing anything to harden our infrastructure. They ARE the Deep State afterall….and as such are thoroughly committed to the NWO agenda to bring down this country and depopulate it.

    No surprise here…..Check out the Georgia Guidestones for reference.

  7. Greywar says:

    Thank you, boyo says: This is why I come to SHTFPLAN.COM.

  8. Kevin2 says:

    Does anyone know if any nation prepared for this type of eventuality? Just to name a few South Korea, Japan, China, Russia the UK or Australia?

  9. Sgt. Dale says:

    We here aren’t worried we are PREPARED!!!!

    Those turds in DC won’t do anything until it bites them in the ass. They are more worried about copping a feel that national defense.


  10. They want us DEAD, that’s the plan and they will say NK did it!

  11. Traitor Hator says:

    Seen stories of marine MEU at CIA headquarters, Rothchild death, Hilary wearing a GPS ankle bracelet, GO Trump?

  12. Traitor Hator says:

    The easiest thing for these cornered demo- rats to do is a cyber attack on the banking system? That will cause the cover they need to escape? Like the blue dress?

  13. Richard Steven Hack says:

    There is ZERO – repeat, ZERO – evidence that North Korea has EMP capability, either in development or in place.

    There is ZERO proof that even if used, it would be effective, despite one particular scientist who appears to be the sole source of this nonsense.

    Full stop. End of story. Take this nonsense and shove it.

  14. Braveheart1776 says:

    RSH, I sincerely hope you’re right about that. At least it would be one LESS EMP threat to us.

  15. Stormy says:

    The Hiding Vet strikes again! Go feed your kitties, G.I. Joe. NK would need a lot of nukes to cover the entire U.S. with an EM pulse. Do some research. They would fail miserably and NK would be glass.

  16. Kevin2 says:

    A bit off topic but a must see.

    Collateral damage with its political / social / economic fallout prevents the use of many weapons. Remove that and have a weapon thats cheap, really deployable, highly effective and extremely selective and you can guarantee the use of this weapons system.

    h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UC9WI0c8kHE

  17. Kevin2 says:

    Don’t understand why the link doesn’t link to the intended place

    Unbelievable New Mini Weapons – 1897b

    h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UC9WI0c8kHE

  18. Alan says:

    This is part of the MAGA Master Plan. 90% reduction in US population, the fix is in!