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  1. AR Sheep Dog says:

    The best, perhaps the only way to fight these pricks is literally with our feet, wallet or in this case your mouse. I took someone’s advice the day before and began using Brave in addition to Firefox. We seldom shop at China Mart, Dick’s can shove it.

    • TharSheBlows says:

      People ask me why am I NOT on Facebook? Am I anti-social? I reply with, “No, Im not anti-social, I’m Anti-Stupid!!”

      Whistleblower Testifies Facebook Listens to You EVERYWHERE—Here’s How To Stop It
      As TFTP has previously reported, Facebook has admitted that its app has the capability to listen to what is happening around it. Wylie went on to confirm this and put it into shocking perspective, illustrating that Facebook can listen to you to find out where you are.
      Although Facebook claims they do not listen in on conversations, the catch here is that Facebook does have access to your phone’s microphone — as giving permission to access your microphone is a requirement to be able to download the site’s mobile app – thus giving the company the ability to access your phone’s mic at any time.

      According to a report in Forbes:

      This is not the first time Facebook was accused of listening to conversations using smartphone microphones. Reddit user NewHoustonian started a discussion last year about whether the Facebook app was listening to conversations for advertising purposes. NewHoustonian started off the discussion with a post — which has since been removed — about how he suspects the Facebook app was listening to him because he started seeing pest control ads after talking to his girlfriend about killing a cockroach. That Reddit thread now has over 1,700 comments in regards to Facebook listening to conversations and several of those comments refer to similar experiences.

      Additionally, police in Belgium have warned citizens to not use Facebook’s recently added Reactions feature if they are concerned about safeguarding their personal privacy.
      One simple way is to uninstall the app altogether and simply access Facebook from the mobile site itself, thus never having to give any permissions to access your data or microphone.

      Another fix is to turn off the microphone in a phone’s settings, which is relatively easy to do. Since this is done at the operating system level, doing so will mean that Facebook loses the ability to access your microphone completely.

      On an iPhone this can be done by entering the app’s settings.

      Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
      Tap Privacy.
      Tap Microphone.
      Tap the Facebook switch to turn it off.
      On Android it is just as easy.

      Launch Settings app on your Android device
      Tap Apps
      Scroll down and tap Facebook
      Tap Permissions
      Tap the Microphone button to switch it off.
      While Facebook claims that they may not be actively listening to your conversations, the idea that you have given permission for the company to access your microphone and text message data simply by downloading and installing the app is certainly disconcerting for those completely unaware that they have given such privacy-shattering permissions to Facebook.

      Dopes go on FraudBook. Facial Recognition software Tracking Honey Pot for blabbering dopes.

  2. AR Sheep Dog says:

    We do not FB, nor tweet. All ‘social’ media is actually anti-social.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Stalking people like psychopathic freaks do.

  4. Heartless says:

    Time and again, I’ve told customers, friends, family these words, “Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google…. all those Alexa, Suri, Cortana … they are not what you think they are. You do not get something for nothing.” I was called a ‘hater’, a anti-tech(ite)[and I am in the field of higher tech electronics and as an IT than any of them], heard every excuse in the book for why they ‘had to have it/them’… Well now they will all learn maybe just how “F’d” they are. Good. All I can say – ‘Good’.

  5. The idea that you can erase something or choose not to turn it on makes me giggle like a little girl. Perhaps you can’t erase the past but you can control how much you give up now.

    Leave your phone or computer at home. It tracks the device, it does not track you.


  6. Jim in Va. says:

    I gave my computer the bird…..then NSA called and said I used the wrong finger. I’m so screwed!

  7. TharSheBlows says:

    The last lap top I bought, I took out of the box and I first put tape over the camera area and Microphone, before I even plugged the lap top in to power it up. Never downloaded any google goober apps period. Also the photo shop software Picasa shares all your photos you load into the softwate to edit them.

    Never put anything on your laptop or cell phone you dont want anybody to see.

    On Android go to Settings, security and turn off Google Administer that could delete all your call phone content, change your passwords delete your contact list. Cut them off from accessing control over your phone and data.

  8. What you put on the internet isn’t private. You don’t know who is listening in. Don’t assume anonymity. You enter into a blog and you’re affected by the other bloggers. They seem to be like you and think like you, but are they? Venting anger and talking about what you’ll do if something happens feels good but you don’t know if it will come back to you. You don’t know it will be used against you. Use restraint!

    • norrak says:

      The internet is only one of many tools “Big Brother” has of getting into your business. BB has always spied on its citizens. Of course the internet only makes it easier to spy on you. Your neighbors are so gullible they will answer questions without reservations asked by any stranger that may come to their door. And remember you can be tried by laws that have not even been written yet. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, it doesn’t really matter. You will one day have to face BB. Just be prepared.

  9. When you are arrested, the police have to advise you of your Miranda rights which include “anything you say can be used against you in a court of law”. You get no such advisory when you are on the internet. Facebook, Google, and the government track us more than you know. The websites you visit, your comments, what you buy, etc. If we’re lucky, it will only be used as marketing information.

  10. Faux Liberte says:

    On which side of the screen is the “product”?