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Clinging to Their Guns: Firearm Ownership Soars to Multi-Decade Highs

Mac Slavo
October 27th, 2011
Comments (323)

You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.

Isoroku Yamamoto
Commander-in-Chief, Imperial Japanese Navy
Killed In Action, April 1943

We suspect that Admiral Yamamoto was more right than he could ever know.

As the economy continues its unimpeded fall into depression and uncertainty grips the country, Americans are responding by arming themselves at record levels:

Via The Daily Crux and Zero Hedge
Data Sourced via Gallup (1,2)

Forty-seven percent of American adults currently report that they have a gun in their home or elsewhere on their property. This is up from 41% a year ago and is the highest Gallup has recorded since 1993, albeit marginally above the 44% and 45% highs seen during that period.

Almost half of American households have at least one firearm in their homes. Considering that many households have multiple weapons, we’d venture a guess that there are more firearms in American homes than there are people living within our borders.

We can’t help but feel proud about that. The second amendment, after countless attacks since the Republic came into existence, has survived and remains a formidable force against the spread of tyranny and criminal trespass by those who would do harm to the lawful.

There, are of course, those who would ban gun ownership altogether. They’re more than likely the people that have rarely picked up a history book to understand what happens when governments disarm their people. You need look at only one historical example to see the potentially horrific consequences of such actions:

German firearm laws and hysteria created against Jewish firearm owners played a major role in laying the groundwork for the eradication of German Jewry in the Holocaust.  Disarming political opponents was a categorical imperative of the Nazi regime.

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution declares: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

This right, which reflects a universal and historical power of the people in a republic to resist tyranny, was not recognized in the German Reich

Source: Stephen Halbrook

Luckily for us, Gallup indicates that banning gun ownership is not as popular as some would like to make us believe. In fact, the percent of Americans who would agree to a law banning hand gun ownership  has been on a steady decline for the last 50 years – another sign that there is still hope:

We may often find ourselves playing in to the stereotype that it’s the democrats that want to take away our guns. While there is no doubt that the majority of those 26% of Americans who would outright ban personal handgun ownership are left-leaning liberals, in general, Gallup’s poll suggests that party affiliation isn’t as a huge a factor as we may think. Sure, fewer left leaning democrat households own firearms, but curiously, gun purchases by democrats in the last year have outpaced those of their republican counterparts:

It looks like  even Democrats have realized that the the right of personal protection affirmed by the Second Amendment of the Constitution may come in handy during an economic depression as burglary, robbery, rape, theft and random violence will undoubtedly rise.

These latest surveys suggest that the social consciousness is responding to a threat – otherwise Americans wouldn’t be buying guns at the levels they have in just the last year. The people feel it. They may not know what it is, but it’s there…looming.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: October 27th, 2011
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Who can say anything more than this! Yee! Ha! Buy ’em up guys and gals!

    • Uh, Mac, One complaint:

      “It looks like even Democrats have realized that the right to personal protection afforded us by the Second Amendment may come in handy during an economic depression as burglary, robbery, rape, theft and random violence will undoubtedly rise.”

      The second amendment AFFORDS US *NOTHING*. It only recognizes that we have this right. The right, comes from another source. NEVER make the mistake that the Constitution gives you the right. It *ONLY* lists it. The founders believed that all rights came from God. But, if you wish, they are rights because you are a Man or a Woman born into this world. No government, not lawyer, no court, no king, no president can take that right from you. They didn’t give it. They can’t take it. End of discussion.

      So, I respectfully ask, could you reword that part?

      “…the right of personal protection affirmed by the Constitution…”

      Hows that?

      • You are ABSOLUTELY right. I misspoke there. Defending life, liberty and property are natural rights.

        Post updated. I am not a writer by trade, so i tend to struggle sometimes… that’s one i shouldn’t have screwed up! Thank you for the correction!

        • We all do it. We tend to think “The Law” (…and it is the supreme law of the land…) “gives us” rights. Its a common language thing. The problem is, if the law gives us something, the law can take it away. This is why the constitution is different. It does describe some things that we are not do to or we are supposed to do. The bill of rights, in particular, only lists the rights.

          Its an easy slip to make. In fact, you can’t really even correctly say “you violated my constitutional rights”. You don’t have any “constitutional rights”. You have rights and they are listed in the constitution.

          THE PEOPLE have to enforce this. Understand, the government will never enforce what is a rule to limit its own power. It will only enforce that which diminishes your rights. You don’t have to be “anti-establishment” or “anti-government” to see that. You only have to be “not a fool” to see it. Keep working toward using some of those rights that are enumerated. Freedom of Speech, freedom to contract, RTKBA!

          This one article gives me a little hope.

          All I have to say is, “Buy ’em up guys and gals!”

        • Claymation says:

          Yeah, but you still rock!!

        • Tom says:

          Mac Slavo, instead of Right, think affirmation when the 2nd comes up.

      • VRF says:

        Absolutly..100% on target
        cant take what they didnt give

        molon labe, if necessary

        • PatriotOne says:

          No but they will try to deny you God given right. One other thing that worries me about liberals and guns is liberals are more apt to use them to deny you your rights.

          History proves Hitler, Mao, Stalin all used the gun to deny the right to life, liberty. Hmmm liberal civilian force, sound familiar?

      • Kevin2 says:

        All they realize that being anti gun has cost them elections. The problem is the anti gun leadership is from the north east cities and they mainly talk to people from north east cities and can’t figure out why their message does not sell nation wide. They live in one room of a large house. It’s funny that they want uniform gun laws nation wide when it comes to restrictions but once you say “Carry Permit” they cry for States Rights. Another funny thing too is many are personally armed or have armed body guards, “Do as I say, not as I do”.

        • Gregory8 says:

          Anti-gunners have tried to out CCW holders by posting carriers names on the net after gaining acess to public records. Well, two can play that game. Gun advocates can OUT their most vocal neighborhood anti-gunners on the internet. You can put their name, address, and even a photo of their house, thanks to MapQuest, on the net. You can explain how they believe that their gun-free home is safer than yours is with guns. You’re simply posting the outcome of your philisophical differnces, which is a Fist Amendment issue that is near and dear to everyone, including anti-gun liberals. Have fun!

      • ItsComing says:

        You wanna play rough?!!?!?!

        Say Hello to My Little Friend

      • AZ Ready says:

        Right on NetRanger. Maybe that’s why the left and others are trying to get rid of God. When there is no God, there are no God given rights!

        • YOu got it AZ! They want the law to be the giver of rights. If the law is the giver and the government is the giver of laws then the government can take any of our rights because they own them, and us. Its a slow progression and they’ve been at it since 1871 and the Act, thereof.

          Once our government split from the civil war they were able to incorporate it using a rump congress. Now, we live in what amounts to a corporate democracy. Ever wonder why all the officials say, “We live in a democracy…” or “…this democracy…”. Well, in their view, the view of the corporate elite and the usurping corporation, it is certainly a fact. Yet, many of us stand every day and say “…and to the republic for which it stands…” never knowing that, in fact, the 3×5 whatever size flag represents not the republic but for the corporation. You will also note that EVERY SINGLE FLAG that shows up in congress, the senate, the supreme court and where the president is has a gold fringe. They’ve tried and tried to make that “conspiracy theory” but, in reality, it represent admiralty law, corporate law and the uniform commercial code. Here is a more correct version of the pledge:

          I pledge allegiance to a flag that sort of looks like the flag that used to stand for the united State of America. And to the republic which was trashed by the Act of 1871, One nation, mostly forgetting God, divided left and right, trashing liberty, trampling justice and respecting none.

          Every good American should give this message a thumbs down. It disgusts me. The fact that its all true bring a tear to my eye.

          To all of you who know God (and even those who don’t), please say a prayer for our nation as you hit the thumbs down. I love what our nation used to be. I hate what it has become.

        • I’ll tell you what NetRanger, I am glad there are more people out there than just me that realize the gold fringed flag. Gees, I have been saying it for 30 years but finally gave up. We are the 1%ers and the rest are the 99%, not the OWS buch!

        • “bunch” sorry, typing in the dark!lol

      • CSBubba says:

        Thank you for stating the truth “That words have MEANING” We as people sometimes use words how other want us to use them, and not with their correct meanings. I lean towards educating people on the correct way to speak these same terms.
        I do not consider myself a citizen, I consider myself as a “People” as in “We the PEOPLE….Plus both sides of family were before there was a United States.
        Again Thank you

        • Thanks Bubba! We’ve been coerced and lied to long enough. Its time to get out the weapons. One big one is to start thinking about what our officials tell us. I am no longer a citizen either. I’m in the process of revoking that underling status. We Are The People, men and women, made in our Father’s image, living and breathing on the land. We are not corporate fictions. We are living beings not subject to Codes, Acts or Statutes, all of which are for CORPORATIONS. Reject your corporate status today! Be a (wo)man as our founders intended.

        • Gods Creation says:

          Ranger, by attempting to revoke a citizenship, you admit to having had it to begin with. Therefore, you admit the current jurisdiction of what you are trying to escape, thus it’s right to refuse you the privilege of escaping.

          Instead, file corrective papers that do not acknowledge any other citizenship than what you are currently claiming, and noting the papers as the latest word to supersede any other statements or errors you may have made in the past concerning the statements and your true identity.

          File them with your local recorder, and more importantly with the U.S. Embassy. You are, after all, a foreigner informing the U.S. of your presence and lawful status. There is more info at this link about this strategy.

          http: //adask.wordpress.com/category/dennis-craig/

          In the grand scheme of things, you do not need permission from the master to escape and you will never get it. You do not need to inform the corp of your intent. What is important is that you stop answering to “public officials” as though they were authorities.

          In the end, it is all words on paper. The silver bullet is the claim and assertion of Sovereign Immunity under Title 28 for all “charges”, which reduces all questions to political questions the courts can not address. The charges must be dismissed.

          Your effort should focus on establishing the standing to assert your immunity, and getting them in the public record.

        • GC, Yes! Always with the semantics. In revocation, I meant that I mistakenly thought I was a citizen and signed as such. I meant to imply that I was revoking my signature because it was made under both duress and false pretenses of requirement due to the constructive fraud on the part of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (caps indicate status not emphasis) as I was told it was a requirement for a job, a license to drive (another fraud), a bank account and to get a social security number.

          Does that make more sense or less? In summary: I thought I was a citizen but I was misinformed by the people who coerced me into believing I was. The fraud cancels any contract that I made with them.

        • Gods Creation says:

          Imply nothing. State what you are today, establish it as fact as of today. Don’t apologize for the past, or admit to being anything other than what you are right now.

          “This is my status today, and this document supersedes any and all statements I may have made prior to this that may have been in error or contrary to this”

          Most people still think they have to explain their actions to the corp. It is the explanation that gets you in trouble.

      • Jeff says:

        Your right! Inalienable rights are neither given or taken away by governments. The second amendment is merely one in a list of numerated restrictions that the government shall not have the power to infringe.

    • Mike C says:

      Going to complete my arsenal this week, and top it off with a nice 12 gauge home defense pump.

      • PO'dpatriot says:

        Everyone must remember, “Mission drives equipment”. There were some earlier passionate discussion about what one gun you should buy for this and that. There is no one gun fits all like a baseball cap. You got a shotgun with double ought buck, I got a REPR 20 inch that will ring steel plates at a thousand. Why should I try to come in your house and buck a shotgun when all I have to do is wait for you to feed your dog, chickens, go to your vehicle, etc. There is no one gun except the one that trumps a baseball bat or a rock.

    • Gun and ammunition sales soared when Obama took office. He placated the issue during the election but he’s no fan of the Second Amendment. The NRA has already touted Michelles comment on how they need just “one more justice” to over turn recent Supreme Court defenses of the second amendment.

      We in California have it pretty rough with gun regulations. These idiots that hate guns and our rights to own them have made people want to own them more and more with their silly rules and regulations. Last year it appeared they had banned mail order ammunition and sales went through the roof – then a judge overturned the act at the last minute and no appeal has made it to a higher court. What did that do?

      One it enable me to buy a 1000 rounds of 45 ACP for $250 a few months ago, 10,500 rounds of 22LR for $280 last month, and the number of offers I’ve had to pass up due to lack of funds is silly….people having to unload after the politicians scared them into buying.

      • Eagle 71 says:

        Good luck Jim. Looks like Gov “moonbeam” is living down to his expectations, when it comes to gun rights in California…

        I was born and raised in California…San Francisco no less! That said, I’m a minority – I’m a white, heterosexual male, conservative, born-again Christian, retired military, life member of NRA and GOA – and I’m a native San Franciscan. I’m as rare in SF as a Dodgers fan!!

        Now I live in God’s country (aka, Nebraska). And gun- and ammo-buyin’ is goood!

  2. iowa says:

    Guns should come out of vending machines.

  3. Scott says:

    Keep buying, people.

    • MadMarkie says:

      I advocate arming the homeless. My campaign motto is; “An AK-47 + 200 rounds of ammunition in every stolen shopping cart pushed by a homeless person in America!”

      That way, when people from other countries ask the question; “Where do all the homeless people sleep?” The answer comes back; “They sleep any damn place that they choose to!”

      The ‘elites’ and the PTB have really started to pucker-up just a bit here recently. They are beginning to get a sense of just how pissed-off the ‘homies’ are and just how many guns and how much ammunition there is out there in the hands of the serfs. Remember; politicians always prefer unarmed peasants.

      Hang on to your hats! There is a strong wind that is blowing our way!!!

  4. Gods Creation says:

    Can’t have too many people getting armed. I am.

    • Isaac says:

      How stupid we are that we can’t get along(at least to begin with).

      To bad that by the time our children grow up to be an adult they will be influenced and brainwashed to our stupid way of life through narcissism. Which by far is the worst generation that ever existed in history. It can’t solve anything at all. And so it’s solution is to destroy what it created.

      I realized that we are acting worse than cancer itself…I guess we should be very proud about that.

      • DRD5508 says:

        The we you are talking about, is that you and others on the far left? Stupid,cancer, and narcissism? You’re in very good company. Most of the people on this site are freedom loving people that know hard work and what it means to be an American. Narcistic? You might be. For the majority of us, we are God fearing. And that is what is missing in the narcistic mind set.
        Dabbers of the bible would be surprised to find out that the bible does inspire God fearing people to prep. Out of being narcistic? Nope, out of respect to our Lord.
        When you say narcissism/narcistic, you are putting people in the same league as Obama and his ilk. We are patriots not foreign enemies,i.e.Obama.

        • DRD, you are correct! He created us to endure, so, our duty is to do as he wishes. The common view of one that worships The Creator is that they are a pacifistic “God will take care of us…” type that just sits on their religious butt.

          For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.” – 2Thess, 3:10

          Sounds like we need to put some work into it, to me.

          Isaac, firearms in the hands of people PRESERVE what we have. You can see that everywhere you go. The only place where firearms destroy is when they are under the control of governments. (Veterans, forgive me, I do not wish to offend but even you know you’ve been misused…)

          When guns are in the hands of The People as mandated by the 2nd Amendment we see peace, prosperity and tranquility. When they are taken away, we see crime, desolation and poverty. You will find that the cities where the right has been unlawfully restricted have the highest crime rate. You will also find that in cities and states that again respect the right to keep and bear arms, the crime rate goes down. Any research that doesn’t show this is simply manipulated. The TRUE and UNMANIPULATED truth is that MORE GUNS = LESS CRIME, LESS POVERTY, MORE TRANQUILITY.

          When people arent scared and they can live without the danger of being exploited, they prosper. Guns are good. They promote peace and prosperity and they cause evil to flee.

  5. Southern Trumpet says:

    I just made my first purchase, a nice .22 Winchester. The next will be a shotgun for home defense. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

    • ST, check out this Mamba Jamba:

      Saiga 12 (and you can get a 20 rnd drum for it too 🙂 )

      Direct: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QB1o2isrCDI

      It’s as fun to shoot as it looks 🙂

    • May I suggest a Win97, Win12, or Ithaca37 for obvious reasons. Second tier would be Rem11 and Rem870. No need to put out big bucks for a great shotgun.

      • Agreed… The 870 is a solid piece of weaponry… But I just had to throw that saiga video up ’cause it rocks.

        • yental says:

          Grew up with a Remington 870 wingmaster, and can pump the action damn near as fast as semi-auto. 5 rounds at a time at best. Twenty round drum. I know what I’m dreaming about tonight. Sorry wife, it won’t be you. (at least until tomorrow). Christmas list just got very short.

      • Plain Old American says:

        I’ve got a Winchester 1300 defender. Bought it new for less than $200. (Quite a while back)

        • I picked up a 1300 with both barrels (bird and slug) and all three choke tubes for a trade. I figure I have $175 in it. Not a mark on it and the bluing wasn’t even worn off the end of the mag tube where the slide stops. Its a nice gun. Its got the slug barrel on and sets in the corner of my bedroom with a round in the chamber but with the action cracked open, safety off. (The rounds are #4 turkey loads.)

          My only complaint: the bird barrel shoots about 2ft to the right. Time to get out the bending blocks and the rubber hammer.

          Does the home defense version have the black plastic furniture?

      • DRD5508 says:

        RedGreen, agreed. Treat your guns/weapons properly and there is no such thing as a cheap gun. Just some cost more than others.

        Mac, got a great deal on an AK47. Let my wife fire it and she wants one. Ammo is cheap and with little to no kick. I mention it because ammo prices are slowly going up and I imagine something is in the works to raise the prices even more, through gov’t regs.
        Anybody else seeing prices going up for ammo?

        • PO'dpatriot says:

          Check out ammoman.com for some decent 7.62×39 ammo. Prices came down for ammo for awhile then went up a little again. I’ve stocked up on primers, powder (TAC and varget) long with some brass and 5000 of the sierra 55 gr, sp. got alot of work to do. Try to hit these places on sale, Natchez, Midsouth shooter supply, Midway, and Silverstate armory (for the precision stuff). If some of you are reloaders out there kick out some recipes on what your using, in what, with rates of twist and chronie info.

  6. yental says:

    “gun purchases by democrats in the last year have outpaced those of their republican counterparts.” Guess THEY finally “get it” at their core and are now starting to play “catch-up”. To keep from having no chance of not looking like “ketchup”!

    • Goldenfoxx says:

      @yental: That’s because the Democrats are releasing dangerous criminals onto the street. A 60 year old woman whacked a meth addict who had just been released from jail that day, breaking into her home. She missed the first time and he kept coming. The second shot nailed his butt dead. One down many more to go. Cops here in my state have been whacking them down pretty darn good. One had a plastic toy gun and he got nailed. BTW, Diane Feinstein, Democrat carrys a gun.

    • yental,
      I think some woke up and realized Marxists had taken over their party. Good thing WE helped protect the 2nd Amendment for THEM!

  7. iowa says:

    What’s a good caliber for my wife, handgun wise and not expensive?

    • My wife loves her 9mm.. Not a lot of kick…ammo is fairly decently priced and readily available…. And you can score a decent 9mm in the $500 range… Personally, I am a fan of the beretta 92fs… My wife fancies the Smith and Wesson M&P… But you can’t go wrong with a Glock either…

      • Paul says:

        Beretta 92FS here too. Italian craftmanship at it’s finest.

      • Ah yes the 9mm. My fourth love.

        First I fell for the 223.

        Then, the 44 Magnum.

        Then, my wife, Teenuh.

        Then, about 4 years ago, the 9mm luger.

        If you use some good lightweight hollow points you get some really good knockdown. Not much compared to a 44Mag but comparable to a 45ACP or even a 40 S&W. If properly used, the 9mm is enough.

        I started using the 9mm with a “Ghetto Glock”, a Hi-Point C9Comp. Still my favorite gun. With good mags they never jam. With bad mags they always jam. Its not the gun, its the mags. Since then I purchased a couple 995 carbines that are pretty much tack drivers (keyhole groups at 100ft) and a couple more C9s. They’re great stash guns but, like I said, you have to have the magazines set right or you’re going to have the dreaded FTF. They never FTE since they’re blowback, however the FTF can be nasty. The C9s are way more accurate than anything I’ve ever messed with holding under 1″ at 20 yards.

        I’ve handled and used the 92f. They are nice. Decently accurate too.

      • PO'dpatriot says:

        Nine mm is mild, .38 sp is another good round. Check out the SW ladysmith snubby. Another one that I personally like is the SW 642 snubby which is a titanium frame (very light) with crimson trace lazer grips. Both Ladysmith and the 642 are rated for plus-p (+P) ammo which is a little hotter thatn standard. Mine are loaded with CCI Gold dot hollow points which are specifically for short barrel revolvers to provide the hollow point (135 grain) controlled expansion and stopping power. For pricing, check out as many local gun stores as you can. Times as what they are, believe it or not, some people are selling excess guns that they feel they don’t need that were bought when times were better and became “safe queens” and saw little use. These can be bought for less than new and you have to do quite alot to hurt a revolver. I own several snubbies and carry them quite often. Jim Cirillo a highly decorated New York police officer used them exclusively and was involved in quite a number of gun battles where he would peform a New York reload by pocketing one snubbie and pulling out the second one without having to stop and reload the first. Best of luck to you and the missus.

    • I have a Kel Tec P-3AT .380.
      I’m also ordering a Flashbang holster for it.
      Now to get my CCL! 🙂

      I also like my Tarus 9mm.
      I’m “well endowed,”
      but even MY chest couldn’t conceal THAT baby!

      My husband loves his Rugar .380.
      With his CCL he can simply carry it in his pocket.

    • falloutboy says:

      my wife love her ruger p-89dc and just because of the looks of it mind you her tec-9 can not convince her it a jam-a-matic

      • Old Fuzzy says:

        Ruger has come out with a GP-100 with 3 inch barrel in .357 Mag.

      • ninaorket says:

        a hot loaded +p .357 round will blow through a engine block… think what it’ll do to a 2nd chance vest and the nwo thug cop wearing it! i’ll stick with my revolver… they never jam and you can’t do that with auto’s.

        as they da “Duh” cops prepare to enslave us… so we must prepare to repulse them!

        • PO'dpatriot says:

          Check out Utah CC. Received mine a few months ago and easy to obtain. Good for dozens of states.

        • PO'dpatriot says:

          There is no such round designated as a .357+P. Try again. Further more to go “through” an engine block it has to be a hardened round such as an AP (armour piercing). Just as I suspected you are full of duck turds and whale piss.

    • Kevin2 says:

      I assume she is a novice so a .38 revolver is best. It’s very easy to use, inherently safe and ammo can range from $5 / box (50 rounds) target wadcutters to $1 per round hollow points that stop opponents well.

    • VRF says:

      Good choice Mac..a 9mm isnt , or shoulldnt be too hard for her to handle with training..if she has very small hands, a .380 might be a nice purse gun.

      Only 1 problem..9mm and .380’s dont hit hard..so a very good aim at vitals is important..so being comfortable with the weapon is also important, it all goes hand in hand.
      I know a Gal that i train with and see at the range often, she is not a big lady and she packs a 357 mag, or a 45..and makes it look like childs play..( so refreshing)
      I guess what im saying is expose her to many different pistols and calibers, and see where she leans

      most larger gun shops or ranges will have many different range pistols for you to try out, a few weekends of plinking and she should be able to make an educated choice

      Guns are after all, a very personal choice item

      • Excellent points VRF… Before going with a particular gun, I suppose we should let the people who would be shooting them try out the different options… I’m cool with the higher calibers, so if they want to upgrade then I would be all for it… I guess a few trips to the range are in order before we make a blanket decision for everyone

        • yental says:

          Have “several” Ruger P95’s that came with two 15 round factory mags for under $400 last summer at Cabelas in Buda. I’ve heard all the “not enough stopping power” arguments and totally disagree. (16 rounds with one up the pipe) Check it out.

          Less recoil and ability for rapid “followups”. I generally buy the Winchester NATO 9mm rounds which are FMJ and loaded at least 10% “hotter” than standard 9mm factory ammo.

          Consolidating ammo, also have several 9mm carbines that will reach out and “touch you” all day at 100 yards. That is pushing the line of sight in “my area”.

        • Plain Old American says:

          I took my ex to an indoor range that had lots of different guns. They had an instructor and all the ammo she wanted. I picked her up about 6 hours later and she had purchased a Lady Smith .357

          She still has it and can shoot very well with it aand she is 4-11 and about 105#.

          One thing about semi-autos. If the shooter does not have a solid grip it is possible that the slide will not go back all the way and it will jam. I took a female employee to the range one day and she couldn’t get 3 rounds out of my 6904 smith 9mm without a jam. It isn’t the gun because no one else has ever had that problem.

      • guanoman says:

        Mac, my wife is 5’1″. I got her a Glock 9mm – she couldn’t hit anything with it. I had a Glock 40 – she coudln’t hit anything with that either. She saw my Ultra CDP II in .45 ACP with a 3: barrel. She wanted to try it. Initially I said no because “it was too much for you to handle”, I says…. I eventually let her try it out and I’ll be darned the gal was hitting 3″ groups all day long. I second the notion of trying out various calibers. You’ll be surprised what the gals can and can’t do….

      • Mad Hatter says:

        not so, 9mm 124gr+p is in the top 6 or 7 in handgun rounds for knockdown power…todays 9mm rounds are not your daddys 9mm rounds

        • VRF says:

          buy hydro-shocks for that 9mm, than you have something to contend with

        • The 9mm has plenty. You’re not taking down bear. Heck, most of the time I pocket carry my “sunday gun”, as my son calls it. Its a little Sundance Boa 25ACP. Is it enough? Has been so far. I’ve had several people say its not enough, blah, blah, blah but, as of yet, those same people won’t volunteer to let me shoot them in the leg to see how much it hurts.

          Knockdown power isn’t everything. I’ve got a Ruger Blackhawk in 44mag (Thats a STANDARD Blackhawk that weighs 1lb less than the Super Blackhawk). Thats between 1100 and 1500ft/lbs of palm punishing (and I mean, can hurt you) knockdown power, depending on the loading.

          But, shoot it in a building? Wow! Everyone would hate you for a long time while their eardrums reformed. Don’t have ahold of it properly? Hehehe. I’ve dropped it in the grass more than once and I’m not panzy when it comes to shooting. The fact is, there are appropriate tools. The appropriate tool also depends on the tool user.

          Personally, I reduce the loads of my 9mm. I use 115gr hollowpoints loaded at about 20% below what is considered maximum. I value accuracy over knockdown. It doesn’t matter how much knockdown power you have it you don’t hit the target. My favorite load so far is 4.2gr of bullseye. Its actually the starting load for the 9mm with that weight of bullet. Very accurate. Very reliable. I find that lower pressure loads tend to feed better and be, almost without faile, much more accurate than the full bore, flat out loads. But, again, thats my opinion. Compared to my 25ACP, its a hand cannon! Compared to my 44Mag, its a mouse gun.

          You can argue all day about the technicals of any particular cartridges or handgun, however, the best one is the one you’ve got in your hand at the moment you need it.

        • PO'dpatriot says:

          There is no such thing as knockdown power. It is a myth. Everything rides on shot placement and the ability to keep pulling the trigger until your attacker has quit the fight. Anything less than that and YOU WILL LOSE(DIE).

    • AZ Ready says:

      S&W 3913, small, compact single stack 9mm. Gently used online right now, $410
      I have never had a jam or stove pipe in 5000+ rounds fired.

    • Neophyte says:

      My suggestion, based on outfitting my 3 women, is have your wife shoot several different types of weapons, in different calibers. Just because something is a 9mm doesn’t mean she will like the feel of the weapon in her hand. For example, I carry a model 1911 with an 8 round magazine. I do not like the Springfield Armory XD45 with a double stack magazine as it is too large for me to get a good grip on it. Different 9mm’s have different recoil even when shooting the same ammo. Perhaps your friends or a local shooting range that offers a basic shooting class would give her the opportunity to find what fits her hand and recoil tolerance. I thought my wife was big enough (that sounds bad) to handle a 9mm. Nope, she settled on a .380. Our two daughters also settled on a .380. Our eldest liked the S&W model 442 Airweight chambered for .38 Special +P, she felt comfortable with a 9mm, and can handle a .45 ACP. She settled on the .380 because it “feels good in my hand”. One other suggestion, if your wife wants a semi auto pistol, make sure she can work the slide comfortably in order to chamber the first round. Youngest daughter was in a car accident and has some permenant neck and shoulder injuries. She could work the slide on a Bersa .380, but not a Ruger chambered for .380. Whatever your wife chooses, lots of practice shooting and handling the weapon is important in order for her to feel comfortable with the weapon.

      • SmokyMtnLady says:

        Good advice Neophyte…I couldn’t handle the slide on several guns I tried at the range…I really wanted a semi auto but it hurt my hand…so I have a sweet little .38 and couldn’t be happier! Fits in my hand just fine. :)I feel much safer knowing I have my “baby” with me!!

    • Mal Reynolds says:


      Can’t beat a .38 revolver either. Point and shoot. Never jams. Nothing wrong with a good ol’ wheel gun.

      As for semi-autos, I prefer Glock. 9mm or .40 S&W would be my choice for the wife there. Safety is on the trigger. Squeeze it, and it goes bang… assuming your wife put one in the chamber first.

      And then… practice, practice, practice…


    • 11 Bravo says:

      Depends on HER really. Take her to a gun shop where she can try out many. Personally, I start everybody with little or no experience on a revolver. They are simple and stupid proof. My wife and my sister have small hands. I got them shooting S&W Model 15 .38 specials with Hogue rubber grips.. They shoot nyclad rounds and the recoil is minor. I shaved and backed off the tension screw for the trigger and they are both excellent shots. I picked them up used after they had been traded in by a PD for under $200 each.
      Next lesson is reloading with Safariland speedloaders. Much better than other brands. Can’t go wrong with a good .38 special.

      • yental says:

        And a 38 will get the job done, period. Especially if proficient and COMFORTABLE with shot placement. I can see this degrading into a “caliber vs caliber” and “gun vs gun” debate. At the end of the day, I (most) can “dispatch” ANYONE with a 22 LR caliber shot (especially in semi-auto capacity) as anything.

        We are not going to be fighting off the military in full body armor. Arm yourself for looters, gangs, and despotes. The more lead you can sling accurately, the better. The caliber is a secondary issue at best. IMO.

    • MM2nuke says:

      357 police revolver, she can shoot 38 specials in it for practice and if you handload ammo its multipurpose. I got one used an old service pistol from the state patrol for 250. My 85 pound daughter gets 2 inch groups at 30 feet using hand load wadcutters.
      Oh and Mac, the 92’s are awesome especially partnered up with the CX4 storm carbine 92 mod. Interchangeable mags, 32 rnd mags and with handloads can handle anything out to 300 yards.
      I’m not very big and it is my ideal shtf combo, my kids love it and the hi point carbines for them to use. Love the site, keep at it.

    • DRD5508 says:

      Iowa; a Bersa 380. Priced right, available ammo, easy to chamber a round, and easy to conceal. It also has 3 safety features.

    • DocLRRP says:

      This is always a funny question to read. No info about the woman. No nothing. Yet give me a recco and invariably, they come in the form of, “Buy what I have.”

    • Paranoid says:

      Guns are like Boobs it’s not how big they are but what you can do with them, and how much you like em. Also you should start small and work up. Get her a nice 22 cheap to buy; very cheap to shoot, THEN GET OUT TO THE RANGE, Two things count, having a gun, will help and hitting your target will do the rest. Even some cops are going back to the smaller guns, They cannot get off the second shot due to recoil. Most people never shoot the first 50 rds they buy when they buy the gun

  8. RandomTangent1975 says:

    The gun grabbers might find some success in NY, MS, & IL, & CA….but that would be about it. I don’t think that there is a home where I live in Texas where there is not at least one gun. Most of us could outfit a Platoon if needed. I have been a Life member of the NRA for years, as is my Wife & Son. If they want our firearms….come & take ’em. There is no situation where we would surrender our weapons. As Charlton Heston once said ” From my cold dead fingers ! ”
    Montgomery County Texas

  9. Having lived in rural areas most of my life, I would never be without protection.

    And as V.P. Joe Bidden has informed us. If the Congress does not pass the Presidents’ Jobs Bill, We will see a rise in rapes and murders in our country. What better excuse to own a gun.

    It was also said that if the Republicans win, then the rest of us “Americans” will be on our own. Well, let me tell you, with the less then speedy response from our local law enforcement, I am already on my own.

    I have taken steps over the past 3 years to train and arm myself and those that will be moving in when the shtf.

    I suggest the rest of you get some gun training and arm yourselves. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  10. Claymation says:

    I am looking to buy an AR 15 style rifle as we speak. There are so many manufactures out there it is hard to decide. I’d prefer to stay under a grand but get a reliable weapon and suggestions would be appreciated! I watched a real great video of a guy who bought one a piece at a time and it cost him 900 bucks in the end.

    • Beefcake says:

      Or you can buy yourself an AK variant for around $300-$400 bucks and not have to worry about it jamming up or breaking on you when you really need it. Ammo is cheaper because you can shoot steel cased through it unlike an AR and unlike the .223 that is a varmint round, the 7.62 won’t let you down.

      • Claymation says:

        Thanks Beefcake, can you recommend any Manufactures.

        • Beefcake says:

          I had mine custom made by a guy who is no longer around for $350 using Romanian parts but my recommendation is stay away from anything made by Century Arms or anything that has an old Vulcan Arms receiver. If you want to spring a little more you can find ones built on milled receivers or high end receivers like a Nodak Spud. If I had to pick one off a table at a gun show that was affordable I would choose a Bulgarian Arsenal or Polish Tantal those are really nice. one built using Romanian parts on a good receiver will suffice. Make sure you stay away from US made polymer mags if youcan help it since they can be hit and miss with quality at times.

        • AZ Ready says:

          Clay,got a guy in Phoenix who is selling a Bushmaster. Wants to trade for my Sig P220 45 but I already have an AR15 so I’m not interested. He asked me to let people know about it. I believe he wants $500.

      • RandomTangent1975 says:

        Beefcake..I agree with you 110%. While the AR’s are neat…the AK’s are incredibly durable. They just don’t seem to care about dirt…how many rounds….they just keep eating ammo. I have never had an AK/variant jam.
        Also agree that the 7.62×39 will “reach out & touch someone” far better than a 223. The only drawback is you can’t reload steel cartridges. I had a MAC90 that I purchased by Norinco that was new. Fired well but accuracy was fair at best. Sold that & purchased a Bulgarial SA-93 by Arsenal. Milled reciever, Steyer chrome lined barrel….& it is accurate ! I see them on gun trader…but the price is triple what I bought mine for new 15 years ago….
        Montgomery County Texas

    • Clay, I’ve worked with a couple different ones. Bushmasters are good. Too expensive. DPMS are good. Less expensive. Olympics are good. Don’t like them. Bushmaster and RockRiverArms seem to be the Cadillacs, so to speak. The last couple I messed with I picked up for under 700. If you’re trying to economize, I’d recommend the DPMS. Otherwise, stick with Bushmasters or the RRAs.

    • falloutboy says:

      yeah i built my bushmaster for under 500.00 and i got a deal on another that was 500.00 outta the local newspaper had a colt upper on a rock island armory lower also you can find some good deal on gunbroker.com sometimes

      • You can buy the lower assembly for an assault rifle (AR) for less than $80 in many cases. The parts kit another $50 for a fully assembled lower receiver. Why do that? Because, at least for now, you can mail order the upper assembly and buy it without regulation.

        Lets say “SHTF” is just starting and you get a few days to get things in order. Well with 10 or 15 day waiting periods, or perhaps a govt. ban on new gun transfers instantly imposed, you won’t be able to buy an AR at the last minute…..but chances are you can buy the upper assembly because they are not serial numbered or regulated in the same manner.

        Unless you are LE chances of getting into a gun shop to buy anything are going to be real limited in a SHTF scenerio. If you get in and tell the owner you just need an upper and have some silver to trade him for it – I’m guessing he’ll rip apart the AR on the wall to make a deal that is legal and he doesn’t have to worry about.

    • RandomTangent1975 says:

      Clay I was surprised last fall when my son tole me that he had purchased an AR reciever at at gun show….& then had collected all the components one at a time & had a complete functioning AR-15. I don’t remember the Manufacturer of the reciever…..but I don’t think it makes a lot of difference if you are buying “Mil Spec” parts from a supplier to the military. I believe that it is like the M1 Garands of WWII …..& the parts were interchangable . The only reason I can see for buying a certain brand is if they offer a sepcial feature….or you are looking for collectability in the future. Years ago I bought a Colt SP-1 20″ long barrel…with the factory colt scope & cordura case & colt mags. While it has appreciated in value…..I could have had to off brand AR’s for the same money. My son said it cost him a little over $700.00 to build his own. The only other factor is the ability to convert to full rock & roll. The early guns are easily converted…the newer guns are not so easy. Not that I am advocating full auto….because if you want to see something eat .223 fast….. Wow. For most of us with limited finds…good ammo is expensive enough already. Nuff Said.
      Montgomery County Texas

    • durango kidd says:

      Claymation; There are many manufacturer links at SHTF Weapons. Also, check your local pawn shops for weapons.

      You ought to be able to get a good one for a reasonable price. Offer YOUR price.

    • Kevin2 says:

      Buy a Mini 14 instead. More rugged, cheaper and more reliable. It’s essentially a M1 / M14 in .223 with a 5/20/30 round detachable magazine. Want a bigger hole? Get a Mini 30. Same rifle in 7.62-39.

      You can buy 2 AKs for the price of one AR-15 too.

      • AZ Ready says:

        Kevin, I do like my Mini 30. Actually prefer it to my AR. It is tough and durable with plenty of add ons if you want them, and plenty accurate as well.

        • Kevin2 says:

          Better game getter too the 7.62-39 is real close to a 30-30.

          Bill Ruger said that if he completed work on the Mini-14 / AC556 (full auto version) several years earlier it probably would have been adopted instead of the M-16. When clean the AR-15 is great but that poop where it eats impingement gas system gets filthy quick especially with the M-4 type shorter gas tube. An AK internally is a M1. He took the most reliable gas system and essentially copied it.

        • I’ve had AKs, ARs and Mini14s. There is just something about stainless Mini14s. I’ve now ended up with three of them plus an AK. I’ve run several thousand rounds through one of my Mini14s. No problems. You can get a new, stainless Mini14 for under $600. The Mini30s are slightly more.

          AKs, depending on the quality, (and they do vary) can picked up for just under $600 too if you shop around.

          There is some talk of ballistics of the 7.62×39 as being close to the 30-30. This is true, however, the 30-30 (also designated as a 7.62x51R) is a 40,000psi cartridge and the 7.62×39 is a 52,000psi cartridge. The 30-30 is physically much larger than the 7.62×39. Also, 30-30 rifles have a slower twist and are designed to shoot 170gr flat nosed bullets because of the tube mag. You won’t want that pointy bullet poking the primer of the shell in front of it during recoil operations! Boom! The 7.62×39 is designed for 150gr FMJ spitzer type bullets (The “pointy” type bullets.) Essentially the longer, rimmed case and flat nosed bullet make the 30-30 great for lever, break, bolt and pump style actions. The much shorter 7.62×39, rimmless case works much better for actions where a high rate of fire is needed. Also, the 7.62×39’s smaller size of case and bullet means you can carry more rounds in a specific weight and space. Hopefully, this gives you some insight into the design thoughts of the engineers who design these cartridges. Essentially, the 30-30 was designed to take down 4 legged varmints weighing between 50 and 500 lbs. under 200yds. The 7.62×39 was designed to take down 2 legged varmints weighting between 100 and 300 lbs. under 500yds. (The word “varmint” is open to interpretations…)

          Essentially, the 7.62×39 is a great cartridge, militarily. The 5.56 in my opinion is very much inferior (though I do love it so for varmints under 100lbs!) The 7.62×39 fires a bullet that is almost 3 times the weight of the 5.56 but at about 80% of the speed. The bullets are much more efficient (because of the weight, mostly) and have much greater impact.

          Of course, a good hillbilly assault rifle in 30-30 is only about $250 used. Not a bad alternative. (I’ve got a few of them too!)

    • Mal Reynolds says:

      OK. A bit pricey, but have you considered a used M1A (civilian M-14)? Mars cried tears of joy when that rifle was made. And it’s 7.62×51. Better than 5.56, IMHOP.


      • RandomTangent1957 says:

        An M1A is an great choice….or perhaps an Armalite AR-10. The 308 is a very deadly round. I reccomend this for
        a longer range weapon. If you subscribe to the
        “1 shot….1 kill” theory…..then the 308 will not be any more expensive to shoot that an AR or AK that is spewing ammo. No matter what you decide is right for you…range time to be confident in your choice is critical. My favorite long gun is a 1903-A3 Springfield bolt action ….that has been through a custom shop. Re-chambered for 300 WinMag. 3 – 9 optics. This gun is scary accurate. I can almost put em through the same hole at 200 yds. I bought it used years ago at my favorite gun store. It just fits my hands like it was made form me. You could lay 100 rifles out on a table..& blindfold me…..& I could find that rifle. If you can find a local store where they will let you handle all kinds of weapons….you will find that there are some the just “feel good”. That is where I reccomend you start. While there is some importance of caliber & style of rifle…..the big thing is that it works for YOU. One guy can be deadly with a 22 LR ….and another with a Barrett 50 cal. Find what works for you. The brand & style of lead dispenser will be irrelevant if the SHTF.
        All that will matter is that you can hit your target.
        Montgomery County Texas

    • Babble-on says:

      Tell the Feds you run guns for a Mexican Drug Cartel… they will give you the money to make your purchase.

    • Mr. G says:

      Clay, would you want Gas or Piston system? I’d suggest a piston AR-15. Reliability is just not quite there with gas impringement.
      Adams Arms in FLA makes some fine, fine uppers. Check them out!

      • Claymation says:

        Ya see Mr G, I’m a genius when it comes to medicine.But I’m Gun Impaired or retarded, I guess. That’s why I need advice. I own a Mossberg 500A 12 Ga. and I’ve killed several deer with it since I bought it at 16. But at 42 I need a rifle with stopping power so J W Rawles recommends the AR 15. Thanks for the lead and I hope to purchase soon.

    • PO'dpatriot says:

      Claymation, if you get an AR DI(direct impingement) gun remember you are going to have to clean it regularly and run it wet (well lubed). There is nothing wrong with owning a DI gun over a piston gun. I had an early Bushy (Bushmaster). Larue tactical makes a good DI gun. Larue tactical has a great reputation regarding customer service as well as LWRCI. Sig and HK have terrible customer service, as I can vouch for that first hand. A DI gun will have a lower price tag and will be more affordable. If you want to do a build Stag arms have decent lowers

    • highspeedloafer says:

      My brother bought one at walmart for less than 900.00.

  11. Beefcake says:

    Without the 2nd Amendment, the others would not exist.

    Don’t forget to stock up on ammo right now while it is still affordable so you can feed those tools of Liberty- buy it cheap and stack it deep.


    Gun up, Ammo up and never turn in your gold, silver or guns. The only metal that should be flying is lead. I hope we have a full scale revolution. Read the elders of zion. These folks are trying to enslave us. Henry Ford printed up 500k copies and distributed them so folks would know what their evil plan was.

    Here’s what you can do.
    1. Cut up all your credit cards.
    2. Never take out any loans…cut them off financially.
    3. Join the NRA and make regular donations.
    4. Have a store of foods, long term in your home….be able to hold out for months.
    5. Educate your children that this is the age of bankster thieves.
    6. Buy American and boycott Walmart.
    7. Challenge any infringement upon our freedoms…. Be an Asshole about it.
    8. Vote
    9. Keep your wealth in silver and gold. They are planning on crashing the currency.
    10. They will nationalize IRA and 401k. Stop funding it and see step 9.
    11. Make friends with the neighbors and make sure you all have enough to get by on.
    12. Read the book the Fourth Turning. We are in the final states of collapse for the US. It will get very bad shortly.
    13. Buy farm land for your great grand children and never sell it. Set it up in a trust. In 30 years, the world will not be able to feed itself. They will thank you for your give or sustainability.

    Uncle Steve

    • yental says:

      Great list, except #8. A “peoples candidate” aka Ron Paul (earlier version that wanted a new 9/11 investigation)CANNOT be “elected” when the victor is chosen before YOU ever get to the electronically rigged machine. Other than that, I agree.

      • Wow, yental; that’s the one that made me balk too.
        ‘He’s’ already ‘in’ and there’s not a thing we can do about it…This’ll be the first year I haven’t voted in a long time—when it’s easier by remote to change electronic votes than change your ringtone?? I’m done!!

        • yental says:

          Roger that. The “Ron Paul” folks are going to be greatly dissapointed in 2012. Assuming WE get there with an election process of some variation still available. I liked the “old version” of Ron Paul. The “new” version is evidently listening to too many “gotta quit sounding crazy” advisors.

          What those “advisors” apparently don’t get is this; WE don’t think he is crazy, WE (9/11 truth, end the fricking FED, etc.) are fed-up and will GET CHANGE ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!

  13. the big D says:

    I have seen a UN report that says 75% of all small arms are owned by American civilians. Don’t know how acute that stat is bit makes me damn proud.
    God bless america. May you and yours weather the storm.

  14. LedMizer says:

    Sign and spread the link:

    Short URL: http://wh.gov/Tkz
    Save and Share this URL: https://wwws.whitehouse.gov/petitions/%21/petition/support-hr-822-national-right-carry-reciprocity-act-2011/dydp1Y2K

    Support H.R. 822, the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011

    To amend title 18, United States Code, to provide a national standard in accordance with which nonresidents of a State may carry concealed firearms in the other states.

    The overwhelming majority of individuals who exercise the right to carry firearms in their own States and other States have proven to be law-abiding, and such carrying has been demonstrated to provide crime prevention or crime resistance benefits for the licensees and for others.The Congress finds that preventing the lawful carrying of firearms by individuals who are traveling outside their home State interferes with the constitutional right of interstate travel, and harms interstate commerce.Among the purposes of this Act is the protection of the rights, privileges, and immunities guaranteed to a citizen of the U.S.A.

    • Why do we need a national “right to carry”? Isn’t that what the 2nd amendment is? An affirmation of the right to bear arms? Again, they are trying to convince us that “they” “give” us the right so they can then regulate it. Thats just wrong. But, how many people will fall for it? Many. The sheople see the green grass and they see that it tastes good!


  15. Machinist 73 says:

    Molon Labe

  16. VRF says:

    I have a ponderance..is that what you call this? ok what ever//

    could the numbers of gun owners be way way higher then what is reported?

    because if i were surveyed..I dont answer yes or no to questions like this, and im sure there might be way more people than I that would use this tactical reponse.

    In my state, there isnt a permitting requirement to own a long gun..only a purchase and registration for pistols

    Guess im just curious to where this info came from and how accurate it is, after all gun control starts with accuracy, right?

    Im betting the number is way higher.

    • Nam Marine says:

      Well, there are at least 14 million Deer hunters, and not everyone that owns a gun hunts, so it’s a lot!
      No standing Army in the World has 14 million guns! You figure it out.

      • VRF says:

        Lol..Im bad at math, so Im just going to say its a Shit Load!

        • VRF, thats redneck math. 14,0000 * X = Shit Load.

          Sounds about right to me!

          I may be college educated, work in an office 5 days a week and get called a “genius” at least three times a week, but I was raised on the farm and its in my blood. There’s no neck redder than mine.

      • This has always amazed AND reassured me…

        The state of Wisconsin has gone an entire deer hunting season without someone getting killed. That’s great. There were over 600,000 hunters.

        Allow me to restate that number. Over the last two months, the eighth largest army in the world – more men under arms than Iran; more than France and Germany combined – deployed to the woods of a single American state to help keep the deer menace at bay.

        But that pales in comparison to the 750,000 who are in the woods of Pennsylvania this week. Michigan’s 700,000 hunters have now returned home. Toss in a quarter million hunters in West Virginia, and it is literally the case that the hunters of those four states alone would comprise the largest army in the world.

        His point? America will forever be safe from foreign invasion with that kind of home-grown firepower.

        Hunting — it’s not just a way to fill the freezer. It’s a matter of national security.


        • DRD5508 says:

          RWM; here’s a stat for you. Texas, recently, went over one million concealed handgun permits. More and more people are getting serious about caring weapons and pertecting themselves. Of course we have the drug wars going on here at the border.

        • OBAMA GUN SALESMAN says:

          I’ve seen many great posts. But don’t forget about the silent compound bow with some nice shafts for breaking bone. If we ever got invaded and you had to take to the woods…a silent kill could keep you from getting killed. I bought a used compound bow of craigslist and had it restrung. Bought many new arrows with some mean points. This is in addition to the 870. I love the fact that the govt.s of the world and our own know that the American people are getting armed. Free people are armed. Question. Anyone know the federal or states limit on how much ammo you can stock?

      • Seth Warner says:

        Absolutely! Own “a few” guns and haven’t shot at Bambi in about 15 years. They get exercised on a regular basis though. Trying to keep the paper mills in business.

    • Navy Vet says:

      I read a stat some time earlier this year that indicated that there are 70 million HOUSEHOLDS in the USA that own at least one firearm. Couldn’t find the link at just this moment.

      According to the 2010 census there are 120.6M households in the USA with average density of 2.6 citizens per household. Household data here: http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/00000.html

      Let’s make the assumption for discussion purposes that there are an average of 3 firearms per household.That’s 210M firearms for the 70 million households that may have or admit to having them. My household consists of one person and I have several more than the average of 3 for discussion purposes. I know several people that have way more firearms than I do. A LOT more. I also know several people that that do not own any and can’t be convinced that they’re necessary. It”ll be too bad for them when SHTF. I love the three headed stare I get when I explain to them what can happen when citizens don’t exercise their 2nd Amendment right.

      Some sheeple will always be sheeple.

      • yental says:

        “Some sheeple will always be sheeple.” Among the most difficult TRUTHS I have been forced to accept in this journey. Especially with “family”. In the past, an overwhelming frustration. Today, quite simply: It-is-what-it-is and they-are-what-they-are!

      • smokey says:

        I would be very much surprised if there were less than 400 million guns in this country.

        • 400,000,000 + 1. I brought an AK home yesterday. First shot out of the hole landed perfect center on a milk jug full of water.

          I love it when guns come from the factory sighted in. It just makes me feel all goose-pimply thinking about it.

          I checked encrypted list yesterday (and updated it). With the AK, I tip the scale at 50, 11 of which are pistols.

          Everybody on here should be watching the series “The Walking Dead”. Its really a survivalist series with a little horror thrown in for your enjoyment. I’ve been totally anti-zombie movie up until I first started watching TWD 3 weeks ago.

          My point is this that there is this one guy, who’s kind of a redneck jerk (but he’s still my favorite character). He carries a crossbow. They were retrieving this bag of guns and he said, “Guns are worth more’n gold. Can’t feed and protect your family with gold.”

          Why buy gold when you can actually do something with guns. I’ve got both. I’m still preaching a balanced approach, but, once you’re basically balanced, you can put your overage into whatever. Saving gobs of paper money simply allows the government to steal it. Given their track record of fiat terrorism, the government can destroy 98% of your savings in a 45 year period. If we could only get the sheople to realize this, we’d be one step ahead.

  17. Paddy says:

    Keep buying ’em. Buy them for your kids too. I know they’re expensive, but all my gifts to my boys this year and for the forseeable future will be guns. Forget Nintendos and X-boxes, buy guns!

    When we buy guns, we do 2 things; 1) we increase the known numbers of guns in private hands which keeps the politicians nervous and 2) crime rates drop when more of the populus is armed (“An armed society is a polite society”). This is fact, and the more guns we buy, and the lower crime rates go, the more ridiculous the liberals look in their reasoning.

  18. Charlie says:

    I began adding more to my arsenal the moment Bush passed the Patriot Act, began tapping our phones, and setting up free-speech zones.

  19. ninaorket says:

    an armed society, is a republic free polite society.

    an unarmed society, is a dictatorship enslaved abusive society.

    don’t tread on me
    arm up stock up prepare
    preditor or prey the choice is yours…

  20. iowa says:

    What happens when an intruder gets hit by a fmj. 40 rather than a hollow point?

    • VRF says:

      FMJ…more penetration..or the ability to go thru a car door or window and still have a great impact on whats behind the obstruction, and they fly a bit better

      hollow point…more trauma when hitting its target because it spreds out,and in some case fragments, and does more tissue damage, but can sometimes jam an action if the gun doesnt like them or if the bullet is to ragged at the hollow point. this is a test it senario, make sure the ammo you buy plays well with your guns action, and breech

      alot of all this also depends on the bullet weight, and size caliber, and how much powder you have pushing that projectile..

      there are a ton of variables in caliber size, weights and charges and what they will do, or not do

      • Hey! Everybody! Go watch this video! This is the clearest explanation I’ve seen on this subject. Excellent find VRF! I found the phrase referring to the hollow point as “dumping its energy into the target” particularly accurate.

  21. iowa says:

    And will a Winchester. 40 HP round work as well as pricier rounds?

    • DRD5508 says:

      Iowa, yes. I’ve tried almost all the .40cals. As VFR staed earlier, see how it works with your fire arm. With all my .40cals, I keep one mag. with HPs and one with FMJs. In the house, my .40 has a HP mag at all times. When I’m carring is when I have both. Remember; with FMJs you can easily hit someone behind the intended target. Collateral damage.

  22. Sherlock187 says:

    mosin nagant ftw!

  23. Red River says:

    HA!!! Why waste your time buying up guns and ammo??? TANKS are where it’s at!! Some folks fix up old cars for a hobby. I been restoring old tanks for 10 years. Been working on my latest creation for two years now. Just waiting to put the last coat of paint on next week.
    Gun owners V Tank owners!!!!

  24. Nam Marine says:

    You can not have my guns. If you want my ammunition, I will be glad to hand it over…..one well placed round
    at a time !……….MOLON LABE !

  25. Rachel says:

    I am pleased to see more and more women getting into guns and thier rights to self defense. I recall back in the 80’s. In school being told by some dumb teacher that if a man ever rapes you let him so he won’t shoot you. Stupidist thing I ever heard. Glad to see that attitude is changing.

    Escape if you can but never be a victem.

  26. ninaorket says:

    americans support global world banker domination – americans are nothing more than baby killers and resource robbers of other countries shit… plain and simple! painting things red white and blue and waving a flag will never cover up the cold hard numbers and facts of the truth.

    right? or wrong?

    • Ben Dover says:

      You got me! I enjoy throwing disabled nuns and babies out hi-rise windows!

      Obvoiusly in your native language nina means dufus.

    • Plain Old American says:

      Did you hit your head?

    • Right or wrong? Jeez. Where do I start.

      First of all “Americans” are not any of that, so, I guess the answer is “wrong”. You may mistake our corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (upper case indicates corporate status, not emphasis) with the American People. There is a big difference. Unfortunately the corporate government has no conscience and no sense of justice so, killing babies and stealing resources are the least of their crimes. Also, unfortunatly, is that there are many honorable Americans that signed up to “Serve Their Country” and ended up realizing that they were, instead, serving the corporate elite, banksters, etc.

      Americans are not baby killers or resource stealers, however, we’ve been lied to, brainwashed, coerced and held at gunpoint to kill babies and steal resources. In all cases, against our better judgement.

      To find baby killers and thieves, you’ll have to turn to the worshippers of islam in many countries. Its their way of life and they revel in it even when its their babies that are being killed. I’m not anti-islam. I’m just anti-evil. Oh, yeah, I guess you’re correct. I am anti-islam. Sorry Mac. Delete it if I’ve crossed the line.

  27. Robert says:

    You may find this hard to believe but when I was in high school we had a Rifle Team. I was on it for 3 years. In that time I rode a bus and train to school carrying my match rifle in a case with a shoulder strap. When at school I left it with the teacher in charge of the team and picked it up after my last class and went to the range via train. Never even thought of “going postal” or anything else. Oh by the way, this was New York City in the late ’50s!

  28. POSSEE says:


    Elated to find you’re a gun owner..

    Living in Massachusetts relegates us to minimal rounds and limited Mass.legal purchases..

    Coming from a Marine family..2 tours Iraq..the 7.62 is favored but not available.. .223 works just fine..

    and remember..more perps are doa from .22 cal than any other calibre combined..stateside that is.

    center mass x2
    1 in the head


    • Thank you for your service, as well as to all the other veterans and active duty personnel that read our web site!

      I do like the 7.62 … The Sks is a favorite weapon of mine… Low cost and it’ll fire dang near anything you feed it…

      .22 is something I like for the kids.. 10/22 is a great starter rifle…and like you said, lots of people have 22s, which means if the shtf you may have a better shot at scoring ammo than you would with another caliber… And it’s so dawgon cheap to buy right now that it is worth it to stock up.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Two words: Heckler & Koch Buy the best if it has the word “automatic or semi” behind it. They don’t have “life time” guarantees for nothing and you don’t have to be a gun freak to cherish one. You’re going to pay something but it’s only fiat if you can afford it. ++P, precision, competition triggers out of the factory and some of them even have threads on end of the barrel! SWAT teams and military’s around the world depend on them, should you…


  30. DCAM says:

    I must apologize, I went back over some of the posters on a previous article and it appears that the same people occupying wall st. have enough free time to “occupy” this site as well. I do not think most posters here are law enforcement haters and it is only the few socialist/communist/ultra liberals trying to get a rise. Well I have news for you, you can call me a pig all day long you know why, because I put on the uniform of a LEO/National Guardsman to give you that right.End of that Discussion.

    Like I said before I just like to prepare for the worst like every one else.

    And “Itson” if you are reading today I “brutally” saved a woman involved in a car accident..I wonder if it was one of your relatives? And I wont have to hide my badge after the SHTF, you know why, because I treat everyone I deal with fairly and am well liked in my community.

    • ninaorket says:

      DCAM I too am an Ex Sec Forc K-9 MP Sgt. EMT Prisoner Transport Officer Priv Sec Bouncer… I know your a good man so I’m exposing myself here some to tell you and the rest Law Dogs out there … this.

      If the SHTF and you are ordered out… first protect your families and kids… they are priority.

      Second … dress down DCAM… don’t be flashing your badge around or uniforms… or someone will be dropping you at 300 yards with a .308. Dress Down!

      In a SHTF scenario if I am traveling to my bug out location and some Law Dog is in my way…

      He just made his wife an Widow and his kids orphans.

      I’ll be scoping him and terminating him without a second thought!

      That is the reality of a SHTF scenario here in Amerika!

      And I am not the only Combat Veteran who feels this way!

      Take Care DCAM… I respect you as a man not a law man.

      It’s not the uniform which makes the man…
      But the Man which makes the Uniform!

      Don’t Tread on Me
      Arm Up Stock Up Prepare
      Preditor or Prey the Choice is Yours!

  31. vincit omnia veritas says:

    German firearm laws and hysteria created against Jewish firearm owners played a major role in laying the groundwork for the eradication of German Jewry in the Holocaust.
    I’m so sick of hearing about the worlds perrenial victims, the Jews. If the Jewish bolsheviks hadn’t attempted to do to Germany what they had done to Russia (bolshevik revolution), Germany’s jews wouldn’t have needed guns.

  32. The Old Coach says:

    The people are realizing that, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

    Best choice for a newbie: A good USED .357 S&W Revolver – preferably stainless – and over 15 years old so you don’t have to fuss with that lawyer-conspired lock. Rugers good, Colts good, Taurus not so good but if that’s all you can get. . . .

    Then learn to load yer own. Makes practice almost as cheap as a .22 rimfire. Tools can be as simple as an old Lee Loader, which can be bought for half the price of a box of ammo. Load to any level of power from quiet subsonic to shoot-through-the-engine-block. .38s are all very well, but a .357 will last much longer.

    Too slow to reload? Use the New York Reload system, (i.e a second gun).

    Or watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giSaNiQ-Wb4

  33. crash and burn says:

    308 is not an area code but it sure can reach out and touch someone

    one well place bullet can change history forever

  34. drillerman09 says:

    Well the EU has saved us all……..guess we can all turn our guns in….

    • Claymation says:

      That would be great, if there solution wasn’t voluntary for the banks!

      • durango kidd says:

        “Voluntary” is only a technicality. They can volunteer or disappear. It’s an easy decision to make.

        The EU banks wanted to be bailed out by the government (read taxpayers) entirely like the US Banks.

        Fortunately for EU taxpayers, the Germans refused to buy that program and will only “nationalize” 50% of the debt.

        The institutions which own these bonds will have to eat the other 50%.

        The EU gangster banksters will get to keep their stock.

        The US government should have taken the stock and the franchise of OUR GBs when they nationalized all of the debt, and then recapitalized the American banks with new private equity. Those bastards got free ride on OUR buck.


  35. RandomTangent1957 says:

    In Texas & some surrounding states there are Academy Sporting goods stores. They have had S&W 40Cal Sigmas for around $300 bucks. I have owned 2 Sigmas for over 15 years, a 9mm & a 40 & both have served me well. I use the 40 as my main carry piece, & the 9mm as the backup.
    The Sigma is a polymer semi auto pistol, similar to a Glock.
    Montgomery County Texas

  36. digger says:

    hey mac i can get you a 20 rd drum for $120

  37. Frosty21 says:

    Well being armed is O.K. .I had a hard time in finding a safe range to fire at.Many of the indoor range made me nervous and some of the people where yelling etc.It took me some time to feel right with firing my rifle.I did find a very nice place and the people helped me under stand more about firing and putting the round on the mark.I believe this is just as important as owning a gun.

  38. Lead Raining says:

    The Hi Point C-9 9mm pistol can be had for around 160 bucks retail. This is all American made in Ohio. Gun snobs will say it’s a piece of crap. People who own one love it. It Is a solid firearm. It ain’t pretty and it only holds 7 rounds BUT it is simple to operate and reliable. Affordable and reliable — that’s the ticket. AND they have one of the best Customer Service Departments around. If you don’t have a gun Get One. If you can’t afford a gun – get this one!!!

    • yental says:

      Those that “write-off” HiPoint firearms without any recent personal experience are simply paying more money for a name. The carbine series is a reliable, accurate, dog-in-the-fight. Eats anything and reliably spits out the same.

      • Ditto and Ditto!!!

        Own 3 C9s and 2 995s. The 995s are as reliable as the sunrise but the C9s can be tricky. Its the mags. If the lips are not adjusted properly it can turn the oh-so-very-accurate-that-makes-a-glock-owner-blush into a Jam-O-Matic.

        While the C9s are a little tricky, the 995s are just about impossible to jam.

        I was working with my first 995 carbine in 9mm with some low end loads. Ok, they were low end loads that made the low end look like +P. I was kind of like playing “how low can you go” with 9mm and bullseye and 147gr lead bullets. 3 times I had FTEs. No, not THAT FTE. Make that Failure To Emerge. The charge was so low that on the pressure test fire it failed to develop enough pressure to make the bullet EMERGE from the muzzle end of the barrel. But, guess what? It ejected the shell! Were I not stuffing single rounds by hand I’m betting that it would have loaded the next round and been ready to fire.

        For a cheap gun, they’re awful dang good! Made in the U.S.A., lifetime guarantee, priced to sell.

  39. lennea says:

    Ok I have another 2 questions. And I am hoping someone here has a good answer. 🙂 How do you get your spouse on board and helping with things? And how is a good way to approach your children so that they don’t think mommy went crazy? Now I have 4 kids 19,13,9 and 3. My oldest lives out of state and because I refuse to enable him and his lifestyle we don’t talk much and he wouldn’t listen to me anyway. But my husband and my younger 3 children I need advice on please. Thank you all for your help….

    • AZ Ready says:

      Lennea, that’s a tough call. Frankly, I gave up on my spouse when it comes to being prepared. I do it all and that’s OK with me. I’ll protect her as long as I can. As for the kids, I’ll let someone else try to answer that one. Good luck and keep the faith.

    • Well, if it was my dh, I’d show him a 1 lb. Bristol ham I bought 2 years ago for $1.50 and then take him to Aldi’s, DG, Chinamart, or SaveALot and let him see the price of $2.95….and that’s a start on food price increases.
      Then, I’d show the headlines of locusts and floods affecting Russia’s wheat crops, Texas droughts affecting crops and livestock, Missouri’s River flooding 4 million acres of crop land that won’t be arable for a decade…maybe…and that’s a start.
      And then I’d point out how you pay auto and homeowner’s and don’t have a problem with that…and then say, WTSHTF, are you willing to look at your children and live with the fact that they are cold, because you didn’t have a heat backup, dirty, because you didn’t store water, hungry, because you didn’t store food, and possibly sick, because you didn’t do all the above due to the ‘normalcy bias’, that it hasn’t happened before??

      And I just got started..these preppers here can add more.
      God bless you and you’re in my prayers.
      “The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you.”

      • lennea says:

        I think I should have been more specific and I apologize for not being so. I have food stores for a long time. I have been doing that for a long time even befor the economy started going bad. I have always been the type of person that has food and water in my car, first-aid kit, shovel and life jackets for my kids because we live near the water. Im the house all the neighbor hood kids come to when they are hungry and have no food at home. I have 2 garden at two different locations and have most of what I get from them stored. He knows how much food is as he shops with me every 2 weeks.
        He doesn’t believe that anything bad is going to happen. He thinks that things will get better and life will be normal again. I think because for the first time in his life he has a great job and we can live fairly well with only one paycheck. I don’t work, I am a housewife mostly because we both believe that our kids need someone at home before and after school everyday. He has never told me we can’t get extra food or an item I want for any reason. I just want him to be as aware as I am that something bad is going to happen and to help me plan better.
        We own guns, we both have our carry permits and know how to use our guns. I want more and he doesn’t think it’s necessary. He does understand that I’m very worried so he doesn’t make me feel crazy ( although I think he does think I’m crazy)

    • durango kidd says:

      Lennea: Maybe start by buying an extra can or jar of something that you didn’t plan on initally, every time you go to the store, and go a little more often.

      Soon it will start to add up. If he notices and says anything, just tell him: “I am doing this for US. Get on board with it.” And be firm about it. Then ravish him, right then, right there in the pantry.

      How can he say “No” to you after that?

      A young man once posted on this site: “The only free cheese is in a mouse trap!”

      Give him the cheese! 🙂

      He will go along and eventually see the wisdom of your efforts.

    • Claymation says:

      Leena, When it comes to kids I tend to keep quiet. I have a 12 y/o girl and my wife is and English teacher and I have been on several field trips in my time and I can tell you, these kids have no filter at all. They will tell you about how much there parents drink, who mom or dad is screwing around with, it does not matter, For your own safety just keep it quiet from them. I agree with JJ if you treat like an investment you can’t go wrong. Peace. Clay

    • SmokyMtnLady says:

      I was in your shoes about 10 mos ago…my H wasn’t at all interested in prepping…and it caused a few problems between us! We didn’t even have a gun in the house which made me feel extremely vulnerable when he went out of town on business…I kept thinking, “I have all this food, and no way to protect us if the SHTF!”
      Thank goodness for Glenn Beck!! I know some on here don’t care for him, but my H liked listening to him and then we would discuss George Soros and the economy, etc..then I’d point out the rising gas & food prices…eventually he got it!!
      We now own 3 guns…the latest bought just yesterday! We have about a 6 months supply of food for 8 ppl, meds, including antibiotics we bought from http://www.survivinghealthy.com
      My H reads this blog and others…we don’t argue about prepping anymore, we are a team working together to provide for our family!
      Just keep prepping as best you can, show him this blog, if he’ll read it, and talk to him about your fears of an economic crash, and let him know you want his help because you depend on him so much!
      That’s what I did and it took awhile, but he FINALLY came around!! Good luck!!

      • lennea says:

        Thank you very much for the encouragement. 🙂 i will have to be patient a bit longer i guess lol…….. and we dont watch tv, we have internet and netflix and thats it. I will look up Glenn Beck and see if he wants to watch online with me. 🙂

        • ninaorket says:

          lennea go to whatsreallyhappened.com and listen to mike rivero’s radio show… mike tells the truth and he is not compremised as glenn beck is… mike tells the truth so much you hate him for being right!


    • smokey says:

      Don’t be concerned about the kids, they will blab it all over and should it really hit the fan, unwanted guests will appear at your door. For hubby, let him know how you’re just a few meals away from hunger, if the job goes, or some event, and you intend on stocking up. If he’d rather spend it on beer, he’s being an ass and needs told just that.

      • lennea says:

        🙂 his vice is motorcycles lol. But food is not the problem. It’s him seeing the big picture that our world is going to turn upside down very soon because of the economy and elected officials. I have to say even though I don’t want to my husband is a sheeple and his head is in the sand. 🙁 But thank you for the great advice and info.

        • It’s more than the economy for me, Lennea; it’s the weather and anomalies that I see happening now and forecast for the future–will I survive a pole shift?? Probably not; but will I survive a weather phenomena like bad seeds for a few seasons?? Damned straight I will.
          I think lots of gardeners around here got bad tomato plants that didn’t grow and didn’t produce–one friend had 600 planted..just one example.
          So, I have canned tomatoes…what if there are two bad crop seasons?? Just more food for thought.

    • lennea says:

      JJ, I think I should have been more specific and I apologize for not being so. I have food stores for a long time. I have been doing that for a long time even befor the economy started going bad. I have always been the type of person that has food and water in my car, first-aid kit, shovel and life jackets for my kids because we live near the water. Im the house all the neighbor hood kids come to when they are hungry when they have no food at home. I have 2 garden at two different locations and have most of what I get from them stored. He knows how much food is as he shops with me every 2 weeks.
      He doesn’t believe that anything bad is going to happen. He thinks that things will get better and life will be normal again. I think because for the first time in his life he has a great job and we can live fairly well with only one paycheck. I don’t work, I am a housewife mostly because we both believe that our kids need someone at home before and after school everyday. He has never told me we can’t get extra food or an item I want for any reason. I just want him to be as aware as I am that something bad is going to happen and to help me plan better.
      We own guns, we both have our carry permits and know how to use our guns. I want more and he doesn’t think it’s necessary. He does understand that I’m very worried so he doesn’t make me feel crazy ( although I think he does think I’m crazy)

      And Durango Kidd I know exactly how to get what I feel I need lol, but thank you very much for the suggestion ;-).

      Claymation, than you. I taught all my kids before they started school the Pledge of Allegiance. And I’m teaching my youngest now. I just don’t want them freaking out when and if things turn really bad. But I think for now I’ll just leave it alone until I/we have to.

      Thank you all for your help… 🙂

      • ninaorket says:

        lennea … to convince your husband simply have him watch the Movie “The Road” and read the book… just buy it for him and leave it by the toilet… he’ll read it.

        Have him check these sites fo news… they will lead him to see something is not quite right.


        Besides Mac Slavo being the Best site of em’ cause he lets us post and play here , these other sites cover it all… everything!

        And lennea keep your eye on europe… it will crash there first… then asia and then the US last as we are the Worlds Global Currency still. Watch Europe, europe is our canary in the Coal Mine for another Wallstreet Crash!

        Books to read: The Road, One Second After, Patriots – Rawles, Survivors – Rawles.

        If your hubby still doesn’t wake up , after this info ;0P check his pulse! He might be dead! ;0P pssszzzt

        • lennea says:

          Thank you, I will have to try that.. and I have added the books you suggested to my list.. it’s getting pretty long thanks to everyone here 🙂

        • MM2nuke says:

          Try lucifer’s hammer, its an old one but good. It got me started in prepping in junior high.

        • IMHO “The Road” is a stupid movie. The guy is an idiot and the kid, well, he’s the son of an idiot. There is NO ONE on this planet that would be like those two. The TV series “Jericho”, while having serious flaws, is much better. If you don’t mind a little horror thrown in, get netflix and watch the first season of “The Walking Dead”. Its much more of a survival movie than a horror movie. As far as movies go, “The Book Of Eli” is pretty cool for a survivalist movie.

          How are you guys fixed for guns? Be sure you have at least a shotgun. Are you rural or urban? Shotgun/Pistol/Rifle – SPR. 12ga/9mm/22lr (rural) 12ga/9mm/223 (urban). Stay safe.

      • Great–and good for you—I just know in my home we are self-employed; and even when we had an employer, we were still only one paycheck away from disaster–
        i started storing food 3 years ago when I learned my Calif. contact was–and dh said, good idea…it has helped us so much and saves gas.
        Then I found the prepper sites and got serious, Berkey, alternate heat/cooking means, supplies, generator, etc.

        You are the neighbor we all here wish for –I am on my own here regarding community with preparations, sadly.
        Wanta move to KY???? (smiley face inserted here)

      • lennea, honestly, its less common that its the lady of the house that has to get her man to come around. In my case Teenuh was a skeptic. I wasn’t mean about it but I said, “Well, its my responsibility so I say we must.” So, I started slow, stocking up on things we use. It didn’t take but about 6 months before Teenuh was on board fully. The first time she ran out of peanut butter and realized it was in the larder and she walked down to get it, saw all the food, she had what is known as an epiphany. Now, I can spend as much as I want on food. I try to keep our supply limited to staples and real food stuff. I keep telling my 13 and 17 year olds, “Pop Tarts are not SHTF food!” But, we have a rotation of them anyway. I guess I could probably trade them if TSHTF.

        Thats my story but, like I said, it was the Queen of the castle that had to be convinced, not the King. You may just ahve to just insist on it. I mean, really, my wife just humored me for the first 6 months or so figuring it wasn’t a waste of money so there was no harm, no foul.

        Good luck! I hope he comes around soon. I think I echo the feelings of many others on here. Time may be short.

    • Fed Up says:


      Do you live in a very hot climate? Or how about a climate where the temperature changes dramatically (like Minnesota or Wisconsin)with the seasons? Do you live in an area where eathquakes or other natural life-destroyers are possible? Where I live the power likes to go out when there are extreme amounts of snow or ice-storms or high-line winds or tornados etc. Having the ability to heat my home and cook without electricity is essential to caring for my family and is for you as well.

      What would your family do if a train tipped over and the area you lived in had to be evacuated until it was cleaned up? Do you all have cell phones to contact each other? Do you have an agreed upon in advance meeting place and plan on how to deal with this? Instructions for small children (do not underestimate how quickly they will get things, they are smarter than you think!)is important. “If you feel worried about the storm, you can call mommy or daddy any time” and then show them how to do it.

      Having preps is wonderful insurance. Having thought through the possible things that can keep you from your preps or when you are seperated from you family is important too and it is a good way to start with small children. While some here may groan about this suggestion, I would recomend you read through the LDS preparedness manual. There is a section on “What to prepare for” that has helped many people who are not Morman. Just Google LDS preparedness manual and you can download the (massive) PDF file for free.

      Hope this helps!

      • lennea says:

        Thank you very much. We live in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle so we have a pretty temprate climate but the threat of earthquakes is always here. Yes we have cell phones and my 13 yr old has his own so he can call me if he needs to. He is a very smart kid in ways that honestly amaze me daily. They both know that to do incase of an earthquake and im not with them. They know that i will come for them no matter what.
        However, and it’s kinda funny to me anyway, my husband works an he ferry ride away at a train yard. He would find a way to get home.
        I will look into the LDS. And thank you again. 🙂

  40. Mr. G says:

    I went grouper fishing with a bunch of folks two days ago. One of the fellows turned out to be rtd. Royal Marine from U.K.
    He told me that its nearly impossible to own a firearm in U.K. these days. He also proceeded to tell me that a single action double-barrel shotgun can be permitted, but police comes in regularly to check if the owner stores the firearm properly.
    If they deem the storage improper, they confiscate the permit and make you hand over the firearm.
    I couldn’t believe what I heard! Folks in U.K. are just being had Royally!

  41. I like the music. What is it? Want to download it.

  42. ScoutMotto says:

    It is a good thing to recognize the restriction placed on the Congress by the 2nd Amendment. I often thought the Bill of Rights should be called the Bill of Restrictions since Congress is the one restricted by those chains.

    Let’s also remember that our state Constitutions recognize our right to self-defense as well. Look at what Colorado’s Constitution has to say on the matter:

    “The right of no person to keep and bear arms in defense of his home, person and property, or in aid of the civil power when thereto legally summoned, shall be called in question; but nothing herein contained shall be construed to justify the practice of carrying concealed weapons.”

    It comes right out and states that we can bear arms to defend home, person and property. No federal law can simply “undo” this and run roughshod over it.

    One could probably argue that the 2nd Amendment carries over into other levels of government using the 14th Amendment’s “equal protection of the laws” clause, but I have some qualms with that amdendment and its very existence.

  43. ninaorket says:

    The only way to truly stop a cancer from killing it’s host is to destroy it at it’s source… BP is just one of many cancer cells affecting us… we as a people must KILL the CANCER in Belgium and England First… the family Rothschilds and the global NWO Bilderboybugger Illuminati Bankers at their Source… or forever we will be nothing more than pawns and Debt Slave Serfs… never knowing TRUE FREEDOM from Banker DEBT Tyranny.

    Wake Up Rise Up and FIGHT People! You have no choice! Fight or Die!

    Amerika : We’re gonna FREE the SHIT outta Ya! Ba-BOOM ;0P

    Don’t Tread on Me
    Arm Up Stock Up Prepare
    Preditor or Prey the Choice is Yours!

  44. ninaorket says:

    these people are only the first of many too die… In the NWO Bilderboybugger Banker War here on american soil… check it out and then lock your doors and check your windows.


  45. Vlad says:

    All these guns are certainly something to be proud of. The fact that we need them is an amazing accomplishment. Few rich nations can boast about having so many criminals in need of shooting.

  46. Claymation says:

    Shout out to MANOS!! Are the Greeks going to take the EU up on their offer, to relieve the Greek’s problems. Peace brother, Clay.

  47. 223 or 7.62 says:

    You can have all the guns you want and the 2nd amendment. I’ll wait and see if there’s any action on it. I certainly won’t take a bullet for the dregs of society. I’ll wait and see what you guys will do. Or till it comes to my door. Be realistic about what you wish for.

  48. TexasRngr says:

    Intresting evualations regarding the close quarter issues, however, I prefer my M24, Barrett 98B, or the HS-50 for true accuracy and distance you wont even hear until to late. I quess all have thier own preferences. Best of luck to all…

  49. Don’t let the first few minutes fool ya, great program telling the truth


  50. Charlie says:

    Come on Rangers!

  51. Ollie says:

    I can’t believe you are repeating the old canard(lie) that Hitler imposed gun control, albeit indirectly, by suggesting Hitler introduced gun control. In reality the German government under Chancelor Hitler passed gun legislation in 1938 which ameliorated the stringent gun control laws passed by the repressive Weimar regime. Certainly subversive elements may have been prohibited but the general population were far freer in that respect than we are today.

    Otherwise good site but please be careful not to regurgitate the propaganda of those who want to keep us in the dark. For a summary of that legislation and a link to the actual legislation itself, go to;

  52. Charlie says:

    Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Damn!

  53. Charlie says:

    Good game though.

  54. hungry homeless veteran says:

    Bye Bye American Pie…
    I shot and killed a NWO-New World Order Bilderberg CIA U.N. blue NAFTA DHS FEMA TSA Cop with my .45 semi-auto black Glock today… a Disabled, Homeless, Cold and Hungry Veteran… I live by the river beneath a bridge… I deserve better than this… tsk, tsk, tsk
    I had done my time… stood my Watch upon The Wall; a Guardian of Liberty… and after a fall… now a Stone Cold Cop Killer? Running from the Amerikan Fascist Traitorous Law… why why why?
    “The false NWO Bilderberg CIA IMF CFR Illegal-Alien homo-prostitute druggy barry soetoro; a.k.a CIA Puppet president barack obama and AIPAC Israeli jew Controlled Corrupt U.S. congress… stopped “Cancelled ALL” social security checks the other day… on Wendsday August 3rd, 2011… they Stole all the Social Security Funds, Food Stamps and Medicare too… Intentionally Broke America’s Piggy Bank… gave away the Pennies to the Banks and told me “Sorry, None for You!” ”You are Many! We are Few… MORE FOR US! None for You!”
    I am a Disabled Veteran… I once Served My Country with Honor and Pride.
    I Murdered Killed a NWO U.N. blue NAFTA DHS FEMA TSA Cop Today… why why why?
    I had robbed the local Korean corner store… while the radio on the shelf played “Bye Bye American Pie”… I’d only Pocketed a Milk, Hot Pocket and a Pie… ran by the Screaming Korean Clerk for the Open Sky… Hopped on my ex CFalls Mt Local-Inbred-Alchi-Druggy Asshole Psycho Neighbors Kid rusty Pink Huffy Bike… peddling in a crazed manic flight… my twisted-back in pain… hauling fast down the lane… making my one handed get away… thinking “bye bye american pie”… smiling in mirth… while with my crippled hand grabbing from my shirt, a half frozen Hot Pocket… then a crushed Moon Pie… shovin’ an munchin both in a hunger frenzy… my adrenaline and sugar high now kicking me into Over-Drive… I had gotten away … then I swore… “SHIT!”… crumbs dribbling down my beard… Frowning I thought to myself; I shoulda done like Ben Bernanke and lil’ Timmy Geightner… an acted like a Greedy Shifty “money-lender” Banker debt Whore and taken more, more, more… for you see – IT’s ALL ABOUT ME! When I’m HUNGRY!
    Then down the way… my calves screaming in pain… I slowed down… a mistake… an A.P.B. , an All Points Bulletin – had gone out – “All Patrols Be On The Look Out for a Crazed Long Haired Bearded Hippy Hobo Bum, Riding a Stolen rusty Hot Pink Huffy Bike Down Main Street!”; I’m screwed now… a NWO U.N. Blue NAFTA DHS Cop car pulled up behind, tires screeching… siren blaring , lights a twirling, screaming over the horn “PULL THE FUCK OVER!”
    At that time… I “Snapped” , grinned , an said to myself “Screw It!”… thought “I’m homeless cold and hungry”… “This Asshole Cop isn’t gonna do me like “Rodney King”!”… “The NWO CIA U.N. blue IMF CFR Greedy Banker Fuckers did this to me!”… “It is either Him or Me!” I skidded to a stop “swiiishhhh!”… planted my worn out combat boots upon the cool concrete of the street… reached into my sweat soiled pants waist… an pulled my cold heavy .45 Glock like slow dead weight… fingers numb… pointed and leveled it at the windshield of the NWO CIA U.N. blue NAFTA DHS TSA Patrol Car… looking the Cop dead in the eye… I recognized him, he use to be nice to me, always smiling when we met on the street… Officer Friendly, now wearing NWO camo green Combat Gear, with U.N. sky-blue Patches… once our neighborhood hero… here to “Protect and Serve”… now no more… now he is a DHS TSA Federalized Thug… a NWO U.N. NAFTA blue Storm Trooper Whore… ordered by our Illegal-Alien homo-prostitute druggy CIA Puppet False president barry soetoro- a.k.a. NWO CIA AGENT brarack obama to “Punish and Enslave!”
    And while the innocent curious child side of me… kept asking… “why Why why ?”… the newly found grown-up tired Stone Cold Cop Killer in me… didn’t bat an eye… I aimed an pulled the trigger BLAM BLAM BLAM 1,2,3… It was HIM or ME you MUST see… I emptied the entire clip right through the windshield… into the NWO U.N. NAFTA blue DHS TSA Whore’s Red Screaming Face!!!
    Empty inside… now that I had unleashed all my New World Order – Bilderberg – IMF – CFR – CIA – IRS Debt Slave State Hate!
    I simply stood astride my stolen rusty hot-pink huffy steed… staring dead pan at the car’s brown vinyl covered rear seat, red blood, white bone chips and grey pink brain matter splattered over it. Staring through the shattered windshield and GAPING cavernous blood red hole that had been, Officer Friendly’s Red Raging New World Order IMF CFR CIA U.N. blue NAFTA DHS FEMA TSA Traitorous Cop Face.
    Humming to myself “BYE BYE AMERICAN PIE”… thinking… “I’m still Hungry!”

  55. Barry has just killed his third American without a trial yesterday… A 16 year old boy….

    Who’s next?




  56. ninaorket says:

    Just how stupid are cops honestly… american police cops are going to israel to learn about terrorism … to the israeli’s WTF! HELLO earth to lil’ piggies oink oink stupid pigs! ;0P It is the Israeli Jews who are the terrorists!!! Dumb Phucks! They’re even killing sniping america troops in IRAQ – SNIPING AMERICANS! Hello! WTF!


    GET IT… 9/11, wtc bombings, Lebanon US MARINE BARRACKS bombing, USS COLE, uss liberty, multiple assassinations world over, the stuxnet virus… etc etc etc all the israeli jews.

    Look up dancing israeli jews 9/11… just do it see the truth of it all… they (The Jews) all knew about 9/11 ahead of time! Just ask larry silverstein… he made Billions off of blowing the towers up.

    Come on… WTF! simply amazing just amazing… and cops wonder why we no longer trust in them !!! Stupid Pigs!

    American Law Enforcement is/ are going to they very people killing us to learn how to stop it! ;0P WTF!

    Makes me wanna walk up to the Next Cop I see and Punch him right in the FACE! Just for Being a Cop! Stupid! And the Feds wanna take away our guns… it’s the Cops they should worry about now not us civilians!!!


  57. Just me says:

    Actually right now, the Government is wishing that evenryone in America was a felon so the couldn’t have a gun.

  58. ninaorket says:

    Rogue Websites’ Bill Creates Chinese-Style Ban List

    October 27th, 2011

    ISPs would be forced to block websites by government decree

    The newly introduced ‘rogue websites’ bill that has attracted bi-partisan support in the House will force Internet Service Providers to create a list of banned websites and prevent their users from accessing the sites, creating a Chinese-style ‘ban list’ that could easily be abused to silence free speech

  59. WARNING GRAPHIC!!!!! HELL ON EARTH!!!!! Obama’s War Incited by CNN, Al Jazeera & Co Leaves Thousands of Libyan Children Handicapped


    • ninaorket says:

      Gosh all the American soccer Mommies must be Sooooooo…. proud of lil’ American War Veteran johnney… he is such a Good serial Killer of women and children!

      This is something to be proud of American Veterans! I know I am… Oooooh RAaaah! Get SOME! ;0P BLOW that Lil’ f-ing 5 year old sand n**ger AWAY! he’s just another Sand N**ger right?

      We Americans want his value based dollar Central Bank, Gold, Water, Land and Oil! F-him right?

      Americans, Gives World Warning… says to all Brown People of the World… “Give us your Shit! This is a Robbery! Or we’ll FREE the Shit outta Ya! Ka-Boom!

      I am a American Veteran and I love the fact we kill women and children just cause we can! I am a PROUD AMERICAN VETERAN! ;0P psssssszzzzzzt

      Get Some! ;0)

      am I wrong?

  60. Sabel says:

    some good post on here, the wife and I have started the collection as well.
    1-SPAS 12 Ga.
    1-930 12 Ga.
    1-44. Mag Desert Eagle
    2-Sig 2022 40. Cal
    1- AR-15
    lots and lots of Ammo

    • Kevin2 says:

      You certainly have defense covered. Man does not live by defense alone. You need a few kitchen guns. I suggest an accurate scoped .22 rifle and a tight choked shotgun in 12 Ga. Them you need a lot of ammo because they will be used more.

  61. Thongs & Thugs….

    Lovely lady taking a photo of a police thug, at Occupy Denver recently…


  62. Sabel says:

    will do, thanks for the tip.

  63. Mr. Blutarsky says:

    Only 47%? That is alarming. Lots of sheeple out there who are easy pickins.

    Funny, that number is exactly the same number as the amount of American’s who still pay income tax. Coincidence?

  64. VRF says:


    put this at the front of the above address..http://

    read and watch the movie

    how could they all not know..especially after two officers are killed with the guns they gavee to the cartel..also he has her on the waiver issue..their own dam laws and rules they broke

    the Justice department has broken the laws

    listen her her voice, and listen to her stumble on her words at 1.54 min..listen to his line of questioning and reasoning, and her response

    Deer in the headlights..all of em fucking guilty!

  65. Safeman says:

    Questions to the more experienced 2nd Amendment Patriots:

    1. We may get hit with an early season nor’easter (lots of freezing rain, possibly snow) here in the NYC metropolitan area tomorrow. My buddies and I had plans to go skeet/trap shooting. Yay or nay?

    2. I’ve been thinking of investing in a long gun for a while. I’ve considered the Maverick 88, any of the Mossberg shotguns (there are many models as you know)… and I’ve also been told to look into Rossi matched sets:


    I’ve only used shotguns at skeet ranges – they were not pump-action; rather, they were lever-action. the Rossi sets appeal to me as they are versatile and I get more than one weapon by buying one product.

    Recommendations and suggestions are highly appreciated. God bless you all, God bless the United States Constitution (and the 2nd Amendment of course) and God bless the United States of America.

    • Kevin2 says:

      Mossberg is a very reliable gun. The US Marines used the model 590 which was a military version of the model 500. They don’t break or jam. Not pretty, not a show off gun but a true meat and potatoes work gun.

    • emptyhandkiller says:

      I agree with Kevin below… Mossberg is a gun you never regret owning. But, for longer range and not being as good a shot as I want, how about an AR15? I love the volume of fire, the “almost nothing” recoil, and of course the ability to carry hundreds of rounds of ammo without getting a hunchback. Mine is only a suggestion… there are so many great choices… Ooops, I got the fever again…. going to buy another gun!~

  66. Farm cat says:

    We’re preppers. I never used or owned a gun before. We bought two shotguns for me and my stepson. We went to a shooting range and learned how to use them. We now have them for protection when it hits the fan.

    • ninaorket says:

      pick up a cheap .308 bolt action for large game and to hold off intruders at range. even poor .308 range out to 500 yards decently… local pawnshops are full of em’ automatically take 25% off your first bid for the gun… I take 30% myself… and bully em’ till we have a decent price I’m willing to buy at! walk out the shop if they don’t barter with ya… go to other shops… eventually you’ll find a decent gun at cheapo price. ;0)

      have a gun smith check it out and tune em’ up. worth the money and savings.

      • smokey says:

        Doesn’t need to be .308, there is 30/06 and 30/30, both are good, readily available cartridges. If you want really cheap, get a couple of Mosin-Nagant rifles or carbines, they use 7.62x54R cartridge, you can get surplus ammo in crates or tins for 25 cents a round, not bad at all.

        You will need a rifle for each adult or teen in your house, and at least one spare.

        • ninaorket says:

          smokey i wanna make sure that which i hit is dead… if they’re wearing dragon skin i want to break bones and cave in their chest if i hit the chest plate… and i want to be able to range out to 800 comfortably… i don’t plan to stick around… shoot and scoot, shoot and scoot, will keep you alive. don’t approach the body or group , just shot and scoot.

          only ghosts will stay alive in a real world shtf… only ghosts.

  67. Old Fuzzy says:

    Watched a couple of old police shows from the 1970’s on tv the other day. Everyone had blue steel revolvers. Loved it. If it aint a wheel gun, it aint a real gun!

  68. COF says:

    Ammo on line, who is watching ?

  69. Joerocker says:

    Arm Yourselves fellow Americans!

    and buy lots of ammo.

  70. My belief is that all gun owners should be members of the NRA. If you have a problem with it, please hold your nose & join any how (sort of like making yourself take medicine that has a taste that you don’t like). If you already are a member, thank you for helping do your part. Extra points for getting someone else to join or giving a gift membership to someone 🙂

  71. MM2nuke says:

    Short change of topic…
    Medical hint for shtf learned the hard way tonight.
    Resharpening a bent tip kitchen knife tonight my 160# great dane slammed into me causing the blade to give me a 2 inch to the bone slice on my thumb.
    A friend was over helping fix my computer after seeing what happened walked to his plumbing truck (contractor) and pulled out a can of 727 hot or cold PVC weld and covered the cut with a piece of cottor shirt cleaned in alcohol and a layer of the cement. Bleeding quit and its better than any stitches I’ve ever had. Learned something new, days not wasted.
    Only costs a buck for a can too.

  72. NeoIsolationist says:

    take a look at the SSAR-15 stock. it’s optimized for bump firing. Relatively cheap. stick it on a bushie CAR15 and add a 100 roud magazine and you have a hillbilly SAW. I’m hopping the come out with one for AK-style high-capacity semi-automatic rifles.


    Bottom of the link is a video.

  73. Kevin2 says:

    More and more guns don’t make you safer. You need a weapon for defense and hunting. It’s very important to get your economics in order. No debt, cash reserve, precious metal, and food are the priority. A gun only protects what you have.

  74. Old Fuzzy says:

    Check out Extreme Shock Ammo. Their website shows what a .380 did to a large wild boar. Interesting.

  75. MJAK96 says:

    Stephen Halbrook is quoted in the main article as having stated that
    “German firearm laws and hysteria created against Jewish firearm owners played a major role in laying the groundwork for the eradication of German Jewry in the Holocaust.”
    In my opinion this is not true, because as a former owner of legal guns/ rifles in present day “democratic” Germany I know first hand that gun laws have been way more liberal under Nazi rule than they are at present.

  76. ninaorket says:

    Ohhhh you soooo figured me out B.O.’Patriot… You so figured me out… Ya Got Me! ‘0P Yur Pee Pee is sooooo much Bigger ooooh and Longer ahhhhh ‘0P . I’m amazed you can walk to the firing line at the range… ever here of hand loading your own cartridges B.O. Patriot… and yes a .357 will blow through a engine block… check your facts B.O. ! Between using a .357 revolver , lever action rifle and bolt action rifle the .357 is the best choice for a SHTF scenario for game human size and down to dogs or deer to coyotes! Out to 150 yards! And you can hand load your cartridgs to +P and beyond levels for greater range penetration and flatter trajectory! you can’t do that with auto’s.

    Hey B.O. Patriot do me a favor it’s time for you to hit the showers cause you stink! Phew! ;oP psssszzzzt

    • ninaorket says:

      Most real world gun fights are 50 yards or less! And it takes only one 1 propperly placed bullet to kill a man! And the .357 round was developed for police in 1935 to specifically defeat steel plated body armour used back then by crooks and disable cars by shooting out windows and engines. Any time you wanna go B.O. Patriot just let me know I’ll stand toe to toe with you any day! Fists, knives or guns you choose! ;0P psssszzzzt my .357 revolver draw will beat your auto draw every time!

      how you like them apples?

      • PO'dpatriot says:

        Been handloading for years and I know that a 357 mag either factory or handloaded would never be strong enough without rupturing a cylinder on a revolver, would penetrate and stop a cast iron engine block after penetrating the body of a vehicle. And your peepee that you talk about must be that flap of skin covering your puss. And anytime you feel froggy jump MF’r and I’ll rip off your head and shit down your neck.

  77. PO'dpatriot says:

    Ninaassbreath I think your a fuckin’ Poser.