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Censorship Purge Points to Imminent False Flag Violence Before Mid-Term Elections… Bigger Than 9/11?

Mike Adams
August 10th, 2018
Natural News
Comments (161)

This report was originally published by Mike Adams at NaturalNews.com

For the last two months, I’ve been warning about the rising risk of a major false flag attack taking place before the mid-term elections. The aggressive, unprecedented PURGE of Alex Jones / InfoWars underscores the desperation of the totalitarian deep state that’s about to make a move to eliminate President Trump and / or steal the elections.

Anyone who believes that the sudden de-platforming of Alex Jones across over a dozen online services and platforms isn’t coordinated collusion is delusional. The coordinated de-platforming effort is clearly directed by the deep state to eliminate a prominent, dissenting voice in preparation for unleashing a history-shaping false flag attack that’s likely going to be bigger than 9/11.

The radical Left is escalating its violence across America, and the tech giants are dramatically escalating their censorship actions to silence all independent voices that might question any “official” narrative. It all points to something big about to come down— something so big that only the official narrative can be allowed to be heard or spoken.

We are living under an Orwellian totalitarian regime beyond any horrific imagination. Google, Apple, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other tech giants are engaged in the most criminal, malicious racketeering and tyranny imaginable. This is not sheer coincidence. They’ve all been ordered to censor the independent media in preparation for what’s coming next. As I explain in this video, the most likely false flag assault to be staged by the Left might be a “mass shooting” at CNN or another media giant, all staged with impressive theatrics to augment the real violence with a false narrative. Watch my entire warning, below:


Read more articles about false flag events at FalseFlag.news.

Also check out the shhnookered channel at REAL.video which now has multiple video channels covering mass shooting events in U.S. history.

About the author: Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on Amazon.com called “Food Forensics“), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from science and medicine to culture and politics. Follow his videos, podcasts, websites and science projects at the links below.

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Author: Mike Adams
Date: August 10th, 2018
Website: https://www.naturalnews.com/index.html

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  1. Neon Moon Rising says:

    This article is spot on. They are implementing stage one- control the media/control the narrative. False flag(s) are coming soon.

  2. CENTURION says:

    This is nothing new.

    The was played by Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao, etc. You know, the usual bunch.

    Silence the opposition then kill all those who you don’t like.

    The One World Government is making their final move to openly take over. They have controlled us since 1913, and now are just mopping up.

    The INTERNET must be shut-down, silenced, since far too many people are waking up to the Truth.

    War is coming.

  3. CENTURION says:

    YOU are running out of time if you don’t have:

    1) One rifle and one handgun per family member

    2) Food for 1 year for each member

    3) 2,000 rounds of ammo per gun

    4) Any and all Medical Rx’s you may need

    5) Water source & purification system

  4. CENTURION says:

    The Las Vegas shooting failed. “They” hoped that would make the stupid Americans shout for Gun Control. It didn’t work.

    So, “They” must come up with something BIGGER and MORE violent…like something killing a whole bunch of kids….Disney? A Middle School football game?

    And “They” always start with those society doesn’t like. First they came for the Gypsies, then the retarded and handicapped, then the Slaves, then the gays, etc……then they will come for the real enemy: White Men. YOU.

    SO, if you think Alex Jones is really a kook, just wait till they go after the Christian kooks……oh, you are hated MORE than the White Man since you insult “THEIR” religion.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Centurion: Hey, if these ass clowns want to “dance” well I guess it is time to shut-up and put-up as they say and deal with this building and simmering pool of festering feces for many, many moons now! And I for one, am very damn sick & tired of it ALL. Folks, you will be required to actually put down your “smart” phones, leave the TV remote alone, leave the internet alone and stop with all of the porn watching and get off of your lazy asses and show what you are willing to do for the country, your family, your flag and for yourSELF – the time is just about upon us my friends, get ready or else.

      • Concerned Citizen, agree on every point. False flags have been ongoing since the Texas Fed Bldg, 9/11 and every since. Nothing new there. I suppose this thesis is possible, but it would not be something new now would it. The after math of a grand event would not be a controlled outcome as Adams seems to think. It would actually likely unleash all manner of chaos that could not be stopped for many valid reasons !

        My take on what are seeing is simply the ramp up of censorship of people who do not agree with the DEM/DSA false paradigms. The Russia sham has failed and the left is desperate and that is all we are seeing. Few people fully realize FB, Goog, Twitter and all the rest of the tech FANGs are all part of PRAVDA/MSM, the propaganda arm of the DEM/DSA. They are all control freaks and all interconnected with the DNC and every corrupted gov agency. They are simply desperate for the midterm and all of it will only get a bit more insane. But I do not see any major attacks as the result here in CONTUS. I do see many more small meaningless flareups from the likes of the Antifa morons. But they are wimpy fools and tools, nothing more. Most of what we are seeing are diversions away from the crimes of DOJ and FBI because it all goes back to DEMs and the prior regime ! So Antifa is very convenient as well as many other distractions. like the massive over reactions to anything Trump says or does ?

        The control freak left is losing on every count and that is all we are seeing. Soon their screams will be escalated as the FISA documents are ordered released unclassified ! But they have been screaming nonstop, so who gives a fuck, let them scream ! We will see more civil unrest going forward but realize the left are pussies and just stay vigilant and enjoy the ride ! Major changes are coming and have already been put in motion with the Strzok firing ! Much more to come.

        This article was good advert for Mikes sites, I guess ? I saw it on another site a few days ago. Wonder how much he pays to put his articles up at various outlets, most do that you know ? It so called internet marketing.

    • Kevin2 says:

      “They” believe that they have a formula, mass shooting, to achieve their political goal of civilian disarmament. Their “Achilles Heel” that will turn this 180 degrees is if its started (too big to hide) and then immediately and efficiently ended by a legally armed citizen killing the perpetrator. The false flag will very likely occur in a gun free zone or other venue that make it impossible to very highly unlikely that an armed civilian could intercede bringing it to an abrupt end.

    • PatrioTEA says:

      You are right on with that. The Las Vegas shooting, which is still not vetted, was one of several staged (school) shootings by the Deep State. How will the Right ever overcome the coming on-slot? End times are coming!

  5. the blame-e says:

    I could give a rat’s a** about the False Flag events and the Fake News. It’s the real flag attacks, like the censorship of Alex Jones, I care about. People keep clamoring for transparency. What more do American Citizens want? Not one person has stood up and threatened to burn Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Spotify, and the Deep State to the ground. These are not private companies. They are monopolies. What more proof do you need that these people hate you?

    • Threats? You want threats? Are you working for the NSA?

      I have been a peaceful law abiding good citizen all my days. I have never gotten into any trouble. I have a clean record and intend to keep it that way. I obey the law. I never break any local, State, or Federal Laws.

      There are intelligent ways to create the world we want to live in. Yes, blame-e there are people who hate me. I don’t need to be convinced. I know. So, what else?

      A better question is: How do we go about ……..?

      In other words: it takes ideas and action, not threats. But you already know that. So, I’m asking myself. Who is this guy? What’s his purpose?

      So many questions, so little time.

      Excuse me, it’s time for my nap.


      • Eisenkreutz says:

        i never committed a crime in my life

        but im not following the fucking “law” off a cliff

        following “the law” will lead to the extinction of the white race, our countries, and our culture

        common sense among boomers is so rare

        it almost like a superpower

        • Concerned Citizen says:

          Eisen: You are right about that! They want us WHITES gone, done away with. They are so stupid though and have such ultra-low IQ’s – because Mr. Whitey actually makes things happen, builds things, constructs things. Uhhh how many spear chucking, baboon muslims are going to do anything other than rape women and pull welfare and food stamp fraud rackets? They are such a bunch of vile, scum mess.Wake up WHITE people – the cancer is on your front porch and just about ready to attempt to come through the door. . .

      • Genius says:

        Gee BfromCA, I thought you were more of an outlaw lol. Don’t be so obedient, you will like it 😉


      • the blame-e says:

        Whatever your med level is — quadruple it.

        I am not making threats. And Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Spotify (all members of), and the Deep State have now gone way past threats.

        What are you talking about? Did you even bother to read my comment?

      • the blame-e says:

        B from CA. I just love your paranoia. Just goes to prove how completely f*cked we all are when we can no longer tell the difference between our friends and allies and our enemies. Must really suck being you.

        • TharSheBlows says:

          This Globalist Predator Traitor / Enemy of the people just got Body Slammed by a Jury.

          DuckDuckGo this headline: Jury awards $289M, says Monsanto weed killer caused terminal cancer

          Wonder why they called Round-UP?

          • Genius says:

            Where is menzostien? Your right, he doesn’t post on weekends? Pretty foul mouthed for a supposed christian too. Maybe he got banned. Or maybe got his marching orders from Tel Aviv? So glad to see monsanto get the shit sued out of them. Hope many more suits come and bankrupt the a-holes!

          • TharSheBlows says:

            UPDATE:Alex Jones Demands Right to Congressional Hearing
            08-11-2018 • ht tps://www.prisonplanet.com,by Paul Joseph Watson

            Alex Jones has asked to appear in front of a Congressional hearing to defend his right to free speech and expose the horrific precedent Big Tech has set by banning Infowars.

            In a series of tweets, the radio host demanded his right to respond to Democrat lawmakers who have been lobbying Facebook and Google to ban Infowars for months.

            “I respectfully ask Congress to allow me to face my accusers,” he tweeted. “There have been multiple hearings where the banning of Infowars has been discussed & lobbied for by Democrats. Now it’s happened. I want to attend an open session where I am allowed to defend my right to free speech.”

        • Chill blame-e.

          If I wasn’t a bit paranoid, I wouldn’t have been around as long as I have. I’m considering taking a break. I have some things to do. And knowing how much bad stuff is happening, isn’t all that inspiring.

          On another topic, I just re-read an article on the different uses of honey. It would make a nice change of pace article for the site, do you think?

          I’m not on meds. Honey is about the only medicine I need.


          • Genius says:

            Honey=Mead! Thats some good stuff there 🙂

          • Jacknife says:

            There’s a difference between being paranoid and being cautious. I think your original post was very insightful. I too have been thinkin about takin a break. I don’t comment much anymore cause there really ain’t much more to say. These articles as of late are getting flat and don’t seem to be worth reading. I read this article in zero hedge and the author got flamed for fear porn. Kind of reminds me of another “author” who pens on this site. Their writing styles seem to be similar as well. Could it be? There’s crazy shit goin on and who knows what’s gonna happen next?

          • Anonymous says:

            use honey
            in lieu of

            see if bug choo can print honey

        • Northwoods says:

          To “the blame-e says”, I hear ya! It is amazing how many of those who support the President, the “Q” followers, and the “WWG1WGA” crowd will quickly attack any one who does not conform to their exact way of thinking. I have seen and felt it personally. Not exactly what I would have expected, but then, what the hell do I know?

      • The Deplorable Renegade says:

        B from CA, I follow laws ONLY IF THEY MEET CONSTITUTIONAL GUIDELINES. If they violate the Constitution then they are null and void. There’s even a US Supreme Court ruling to that effect, Marbury vs. Madison. I especially don’t follow any laws that can interfere with self-defense. Following such a law will get someone killed. Going outside the law and the system is the only way to save this country. That’s what everything has come to.

    • JayJay says:

      If you burn them, they’ll just rebuild—STOP USING THE F’ERS!!!!

      Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Spotify…..

      • the blame-e says:

        I try to deny all of these people any access to my resources.

        That worked during the Great Depression. That’s how my grandparents brought the government to heel. But the government learned. They now support themselves almost entirely on debt and financialization. The will of the people means nothing anymore. Taxes mean crap anymore. Taxes go to pay the interest on the debt. The Middle Class will completely die and these people will not be effected/affected in the least.

        I don’t even think denying Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and the rest, access to my money matters. These are not private companies. They are monopolies. Monopolies remove choice. Monopolies remove the competition. Now not only are do you have to buy their stuff, but you have to agree with them.

        In the fight against a monopoly it seems that the average person is helpless. The job of breaking up monopolies historically was the responsibility of the government. It use to be that even the biggest company could not take on the deepest of pockets, those of the American people, and a president given to revolt, like Teddy Roosevelt.

        Now, the government is broke and a deadbeat. Apple is a trillion dollar company. Now, the government is completely owned by these people. And people have the nerve to complain about the NRA. The evils of the NRA is just more Fake News, another False Flag, another distraction.

        The only recourse seems to be to separate yourself from everything. But that still leaves you with the fact that they have won. “All the good parts have been taken.”

        • awed bawl says:

          “The job of breaking up monopolies historically was the responsibility of the government.”

          In truth, The job of creating monopolies historically was the responsibility of the government. This is elementary information that all the cognoscenti on this site already know! There is no monopoly without government. Could the federal reserve have been established without legislation? FORCE is needed to hold down competition. [If mafia busts potential competition, yes it would not involve government, but it would still involve force.
          No force, no monopoly!]

          During the progressive era it was business who pushed for regulation- not the Ralph Nader types. Doesn’t business hate regulation? No- they create these agencies and hide behind them for grossly selfish reasons! Monopoly comes from force/government! Never from free market. Clearly silicon valley is a creature of the MIC that Ike and Kennedy warned about. 95% of “research” is federal $$$, with jillions of strings attached! Textbook fascism. . .the libs and conservatives just their pet monopolies!

          Did you know that the anti-trust laws were passed by big business? to bust the competition, which would be accused of “anti-competitive behavior.”

      • John wv says:

        JJ you are right.

        Instead of Google use “Duck Duck Go”

        Instead of Gmail use “Protonmail.com”

        Instead of Micosoft Windows use “Ubuntu”

        Instead of Amazon use “Ebay”, (buy from small family business).

        Starve the Beast, Don’t play thier games!

    • TharSheBlows says:

      Thanks Mac for posting Real.Video and Mike Adams, This guy and Alex Jones are the new American Patriots like Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson and Paul Revere, warning that the Globalist are coming, and they are coming, coming for us. WAKE up AMERICA, they are here on our shores, and its time to put a bullet in their plans to destroy America. So keep posting Real.Video content. Its high time we all boycott YouTube and Google, FraudBook,and Apple and Twitter, and the rest of these commie Fascist Corporations colluding together to destroy America.

      Step up people and spread the word on all their scams. Like the new 5G mind control technology using mini-radio waves to control the masses. So join the NRA, and Free speech platforms. Be a patriot. Warn everybody you know about this upcoming false flag, so it is has NO Shock Value. Then we hang these POS Globalists from utility poles. And above all carry daily and love America and protect our country. SandyHoax, OK City Bombing, Boston Marathon Bombing, 9-11, USS Liberty Attack, all False Flags produced by the same clan to ban Guns and out right to protect ourselves. Boycott and Starve the Beast. We are at WAR folks. Wake up.

      • TharSheBlows says:

        Folks, Get prepared, and buy plenty of USB Memory Sticks and back up all your computer data, photos, video, and all prepper lists and content. I see these POS tech globalists sending massive amounts of viruses to totally make you helpless in destroying your own culture and family history, photos, letters and correspondence.

        Go out and buy the 32GB of Memory Sticks for like $7 a stick and back up everything you have. These POS Globalists, have all of these malicious cyber weapons at their disposal and just ready at the right moment to spring all of this on us, including erasing your entire hard drives and business contacts to bring us all to our knees, so we beg them not to enslave us. So get ready, be prepared, as its is our Job to resist their tyranny. Its a coming, maybe in the days or weeks ahead. Get ready, get all your hard drive data backed up. Make copies of all your email contacts. Learn screen saver copy and paste functions on your laptops and computers and cell phones. Trust me this is coming.

      • the blame-e says:

        “So join the NRA?” Haven’t you been reading the real news? The mob boss and Governor of the libtard controlled State of New York, Andrew Cuomo (and gun confiscator extraordinaire), has been carrying out economic extortion sanctioning attacks against the NRA. It may be too late to join the NRA. We waited to long to step up.

        Of course the NRA’s constant and incessant, endless crazed demands for money (always the money) from a middle class that is being pauperized hasn’t helped at all.

        You can only scream “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” so many times before people become desensitized to the fact that the sky has actually fallen.

    • BEZOS BOZO says:

      Fuck the filthy rich Amazon and its scumbag CEO.
      He could give away 1,000 dollars to every man, woman and child in a city of 500,000
      No redeeming qualities whatsoever.
      I say don’t contribute to him, period. The people that work for him hate his guts.

    • Eisenkreutz says:

      there are plenty of alternatives to fucking bullshit google faceberg twitter and jootube

      Startpage, protonmail, gab, real.video for starters


      people who hate free speech dont belong in america

      what is an american?????

      do we even know anymore???????????

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        Eisen: I can tell you what an American is anymore: NOT any guy that is WHITE. This country is so royally screwed and filled with nothing but vile, disgusting muslims and foreigners and the like. I am ashamed of this cesspool we call the U.S., the U.S. full of nasty, stinky $hit perhaps with all of the vile mud-rats on 2 legs ruining what is left.

    • I posted earlier today, then I read an article on Western Rifle Shooters Association about the Canadian mass shooting the other day. I hadn’t watched news about the shooting because it was in Canada. I didn’t know that 12 people were killed. The shooter was Faisal Hussain. The police raided his home for evidence. They found 33 brand new Glock pistols, still in the boxes. All of them were the same model. But this next item is important. 42 kilograms of Carfentanyl. Carfentanyl is a very powerful illegal drug. Just one tiny dose can kill. The dose can be as small as a poppy seed. And they had 42 kilos. Used as a weapon, they could have killed a huge number of people. It may have taken $100 million dollars to purchase that much. These were small time operators. Who has the money to finance that much? The Saudis? An intelligence agency? Whose? Crank up your situational awareness folks. Good luck.

      • Correction. The drugs and guns were with the shooters brother at the time. He probably got the gun from the stash. That many identical new guns, still in the boxes, seems to be the proceeds of a burglary or theft.

      • Plan twice, prep once says:

        Pistol sales in Canida are very tightly controlled. Even the biggest gun store in my state would never order 33 Glocks at a time. China has become the biggest illegal drug manufacturer in the world. No chance they’ll ever try to follow the money.

        This level of gun and drug smuggling doesn’t happen without the blessing of the CIA, ATF, and DEA.

        • rellik says:

          One has to ask, If you were smuggling guns in, why Glocks?
          I’d have brought in MP5’s. You are busted just as bad, but definitely more firepower in the event you expect to use or need it.
          That is a lot of a very deadly drug, if used improperly. You could accidentally kill yourself just handling the drug. I dislike the agency’s you mention, but they wouldn’t waste all that time and efforts on an apparent idiot that can’t do a better than dead 12 people.

          • Plan twice, prep once says:

            Glocks are among the cheapest pistols available, an MP-5 is a long gun and hard to conceal, especially in warm weather. Pistols are the number one choice of gangs.

            I don’t like Glocks, police accidents with firearms increased 30% with striker fired Glocks becoming the most common sidearm. That is a frightening percentage increase.

            There are basically four basic pistol designs.
            1. Glock striker fired.
            2. The old locked and loaded 1911 design, I hate safeties.
            3. Wheel guns, I like the 357 magnum in seven shot versions no safety.
            4. Similar auto pistols like the Sig Sauer or Berretta PX-4 with a decocking lever. These are my choice. Several levels of safety. Cocked and loaded, decocked and loaded, unloaded with a magazine, etc.

            I train for all conditions, I have toddlers in my house, as well as occasional unstable teen relative visitors. I have the means to lock up my firearms, and limit risk.

            Like I say plan twice prep once. I really like a heavy pistol with a decocking lever and no safety.

            My favorite is a Sig P227, it’s .45 and takes 20 pounds of pull to operate the slide. I can do it in a heartbeat, toddlers just can’t, in fact my wife can’t. It’s just too much for most women let alone a child. By the time these kids can pull the slide, they will be the age allowed at my range.

            Israel had a lot of accidental shootings, their military is trained to be at the ready, they don’t regulate off duty firearms, but you can bet there are a ton of Glocks. They instituted training that said off duty pistols should not have a round chambered. Upon duty call, cycle the slide and holster the weapon. Accidents dropped by half, readiness is still at peak.

            I like a Sig or similar with a decocking lever as first choice.
            Next is a wheel gun, a long strong trigger pull and if they don’t fire, just pull again. The ultimate in reliability.

      • Anonymous says:

        Get your facts straight before spreading fake news. Where the heck did you get 12 dead? La, la land?


        or this (they can’t all be fake reports):


        No mention of an Arabic name at all. Just where do you get this rubbish from? Try this for size though:

        “Matthew Vincent Raymond, 48, was arrested and charged with four counts of first-degree murder.”

        You’re worse than fake news. Because people like you spread true crud!

        • Anonymous, you are looking at the wrong shooting. The shooting I am discussing took place in Toronto, on Danforth Ave. Get your facts straight, please. You apparently didn’t even bother to read the article I was quoting.

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        Him: Wow, well if that situation up in ass-backwards land of liberals and dirty ass no good, lazy vile muslims canada does not raise your brows a bit,
        I suppose absolutely nothing will folks!! Canada is a textbook definition of what NOT to do when it comes to bringing in these foreign, muslim sand-rats from abroad. Who in their right mind thinks it is a good idea to allow this and to have virtually open borders…my God, WTF is wrong with this picture? ? ?

    • CENTURION says:

      Censorship is everywhere.

    • the blame-e Agree AJ is a test by PRAVDA/MSM and the control freaks they work for. I see it all as simple desperation because the left is losing bigly and the Russia sham has completely failed. Two comments come to mind !

      “Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people” – John Adams – Second President – 1797 – 1801

      Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

      So it is time to pay attention and have your shit together in every way. People who live in larger cities will be targets of the maniac tools in place called Antifa, BLM and others ! I do not expect a major event like any kind of serious attack. Just these twits and Soros money at work !

  6. Randy says:

    A Jones is a nobody…I never watch his shows or feeds..but I have heard dozens of times how he is being blocked from speaking. Yet everyone reporting that he is being blocked is not. So does this not point to a lack of any kind of meaningful blockage of the news?

  7. These leftist/extremist socialist democrats will kill their own to blame it on conservatives.
    This is the false flag danger I expect. They will try to instigate a civil war this way. We won’t be fighting antifa, it will be UN troops. Could be anywhere at anytime.
    They are as radical as Islamic extremists and possess about the same room temperature IQ.

  8. Kevin2 says:

    The globalists are amoral so death and destruction are just as valid as life and construction however how would a False Flag attack sway the Mid Term elections?

  9. It seems to me this is all going to plan.
    Divide and conquer. Create the chaos. Alex Jones comes off as the controlled opposition, especially after that tearful pedogate apology. All we do is scream and yell at each other….world wide! We are being played! We will have hundreds of separate incidents coming at us all, by us, egged on by the media and all the useful idiots being pushed into conflict. Add Soros to the mix and “We” create the turmoil “they” want.

  10. repr sleepr says:

    Uh oh more violence coming our way soon…… something BIG coming down (again).

    • Genius says:

      So PO’d are you coming to my end of the world deck party?

    • AmericaWILLbestopped says:

      Violence, death and False Flags…..”It’s the American Way”.
      Look at how America treats this planet and people in other nations……as if they are something for their benefit to be traded or disposed with, bombed, raped and plundered.
      What we’re about to see is Karma…..the sake eating its’ own tail.
      Enjoy your False Flag and all the Karma that it brings America.
      Hope people here at SHTF are safe.
      Hope all the Planet America Asswipes get their comeuppance good and proper.
      Piss off with Elon to another planet and have your wars of subjugation over there……the rest of us are sick of you.

  11. Jim in Va. says:

    Who is next?and after that? Do we only want one source(government)to listen to,fed their side of any event. Are we going to lose the internet along with other platforms to get one side of any story? Starve the major players. Without funds they die.

    • Eisenkreutz says:




      IS THAT A TRUST?????????????????


  12. Philosopher Deplorabilis says:

    I have been expecting something. What? A cyber attack or an EMP. Done by whom? The deep state could stage either and blame another country, easily.

    Imagine no cell service, no internet, no credit cards working for 7 days, 10 days, 30 days.

    Especially in urban areas. How long would it take for those cities to burn? Not long.

    • Anonymous says:

      August 10th “Yes,it’s a well-coordinated and sophisticated cyber attack. We will utilize all
      of our resources to investigate any potential actors.”

      August 11th “After conducting a thorough and exhausting investigation, it has become
      clear that all of the attacks originated from Russian IP addresses.”

      DUH. D-E-E-P S-T-A-T-E

    • Genius says:

      Uhhhh I don’t have any of that shit at the cabin all summer so I wouldn’t know the difference. Winter… meh, just go back to the cabin lol.

  13. Mungo says:

    An EMP would be too much. It would take a year to fix and 90% would die in that time frame. More likely we would be looking at another Vegas level event by someone who has Trump tattoos.

  14. kay123 says:

    Why Oh why… does nobody question the attempted
    assassination of Prince Salmon the night of Oct 1 2017
    the same night and time that 58 white country western
    music fans were gunned down by 20 or more shooters
    who were hired by ??? (ISIS…. CIA ….FBI ..MBHOOD….
    PRINCE ALAWEED or the likes of these???)
    These animals were reported by too may eye witnesses
    who were all there as to multiple shooters from the heliport
    atop the Mandalay Bay hotel owned by Alaweed.
    FBI and police are still saying it was a “lone wolf shooter”…..Lies.
    Paddock was the first victum (patsy) shot.
    This was a terrorist attack. It has been nothing but
    a humongous coverup!!

    When will someone (everyone) hang for this ???

  15. aljamo says:

    So the loss of net neutrality was just the springboard for what is quickly transpiring presently as being the loss of every independent voice from all net and mainstream media coverage. You could see this coming from a mile away as an obvious plan following the 9-11 inside job and Patriot Act treason. Add in the fake planned but real war of terror, the fleecing of American jobs to cheap labor sources and the only conclusion that rings true is the American people have been sold out within their own homeland. I haven’t seen any viable suggested remedy to begin to counter this flow of dread that builds on a daily basis. Perhaps out of sight is out of mind, that’s how most go about their lives anyway.

  16. Plan twice, prep once says:

    I was looking for DutchSince on YouTube after so many large earthquakes have struck around the world. Turns out YouTube shut down his live stream. YouTube has apparently labeled him a conspiracy theorist, even though the term appears nowhere in YouTubes terms and conditions.

    The radical left is broadening their censorship. The fascist book burnings have begin again. DutchSince isn’t even political, his only enemies are a few few people in academia, and the USGS who don’t like his theories on earthquake prediction, even though he runs about 70% accurate. There is no one else in the world predicting future earthquakes with this level of accuracy.

    • Yahooie says:

      Glad you mentioned about DutchSince. I’d been looking around for that also and could not locate his stuff.

      Was beginning to think there was something wrong with my computers…but have noticed that with a number of other sites I drop by from time to time. Searches would show the website counters and every other thing but not the exact link even if I typed in the exact name with dot com after it.

      Bookmark everything and keep your links backed up somewhere.

  17. Curt says:

    3 1/2 years, and he’ll do a complete turn-about under the guise of national security.

    Sorry, Trump is not your savior.

  18. Dave says:

    Not a false flag. A false report from mueller, and no one left in alternative media to counter it. The conservative purge is all about election tampering by democrats

    Mueller has had two years to gather all kinds of whatever true or false against Trump and crew, and they will release it in time for all to digest prior to the midterm elections.

    We don’t need no stink’n russians, we have demoncrats and their media.

  19. TharSheBlows says:

    The Spanish conquistadors did this to the Mayans and Aztecs burning and destroying their cultures and libraries of data all to steal their gold for the queen and their religion. History repeats itself, using similar tactics. I think the Globalist vastly underestimate the power and will of the American people. So be the Sheep Dog, not the sheep. Defend the constitution. Its our Bill of Rights the oppressors are trying to destroy. Time for a new Boston Tea Party. Prepare your liberty tools and exercise them frequently in practice, for proficiency. Your life may depend on it. Sometimes a good defense is a strong offense. Give me liberty or give them death.

  20. Maranatha says:

    This is an executive, legislative, and judicial issue that is contingent on defining these various platforms.

    First is youtube a vanity social publisher? In decades past, when an academic wanted to publish a book in order to acquire tenure, say a low level history professor, then they had to publish at their own expense a book as the book would never sell sufficient copies to make it profitable, so the client would pay to have a small run published which they would then send to university libraries and in return get acknowledgement from their academic peers and likely tenure.

    If youtube is a publisher, they are not obligated to publish all material made by clients. And this is understood. It is unfair though as a homosexual can sue if a baker refuses to bake them a cake, but a publisher can elect not to publish a book written by a Christian.

    In addition, was there an expectation given thousands of hits that youtube made money on media created by Alex Jones that they could just capriously eliminate his media without a process?

    Or since no money changed hands, is there a binding contract and thus a violation of contract law?

    Next, is youtube actually a media outlet? If so, then this means that youtube must offer the publishing of a certain number of editorial letters, just as a newspaper must or tv station company must offer public access channels.

    There is a big difference. My guess is that youtube will be either determined by the courts to be a MAJOR media outlet given it’s size and influence that greatly exceeds major tv channels due to audience size.

    If not, then Congress could pass laws stating that it will be treated as such, and since it is NOT a paid service like HBO, then it is subject to FCC RULES. That will severely limit youtube and all similar social media corporations.

    And then, President Trump would sign that bill and it becomes LAW.

    That all bad for youtube, facebook, youtube, and so on as they flout the law by acting as a COLOSSAL vanity press that operates for free to do intelligence gathering which they then sell plus run ads from which they also make money.

    You see the second they sold the viewer’s data and ran commeercials they themselves began acting as a MONUMENTAL TV service and a commercial intelligence gathering agency.

    This would cause their corporate value to fall as then there are severe politcal ramifications coupled with economic loss as this is likely to halve the target audience in America, and then other nations could follow suit if this spread by contagion to conservatives worldwide.

    And realize that youtube could be banned from being broadcast in a nation for violating laws. Anyone could still access it through proxies but this would severely limit its audience.

    But expect a delay of a year for Congressional Bills and manuevering to get it passed in the House and Senate and riders and executive approval and even the Supreme Court getting involved.

  21. Captn.Jack says:

    When they come for you,take as many with you as you can.Don’t allow them to enjoy their utopia.

  22. NorseMan says:

    I doubt a false flag. Rather this is a way the liberal lefties think will help them win the House in November. Once they have that then all the Hillary, Obama, FBI and Mueller crimes get buried. If they get the Senate then they control who gets on the Supreme Court. Get either and they stop Trump. I don’t see them thinking beyond November to set up a false flag.

  23. Nefohtcir Norrab says:

    This is what we have been referring to as the “Shuttening”. Alex Jones is not the first man they have tried to un-person. I visit a site that has been kicked off of their domain too many times to count. Nobody is allowed to mention who the so called globalists are and what their agenda is.

    Alex Jones was married to a globalist and made children with her. Now if he is as smart as he puts on to be, he would know after wife 1 to avoid globalists. Now, he has another globalist on his hip. Shutting down Jones is a work. Now if Mac were to mention those that Jones refuses to, and put forth an academic viewpoint of what these globalists are up to, he would find his .com domain gone rather quickly.

    Look into who the globalists are and once you discover their identity; I dare you to mention them by name. Guarantee your life will be difficult afterwards… don’t be a goy.

  24. Think big. Really big. Not a false flag. Something bigger. The tech giants are silencing the right. Paul Ryan and Trey Gowdy are not running for office next time, even though they are popular in their districts. They’re getting out of the way. The Coup is going to go hot. No more Mr. Nice Guy. A complete take over by the Deep State. At the same time they remove the ability of the right to communicate. The only voices will be the usual Main Stream Media. The bad guys. Telling us how the current administration had to be removed to save “our democracy”. What then? Resist.

    • Read my later post above. Posted at 10:24 AM.

      • Him, excellent. Very important info about the $100,000,000.00 worth of poison.

        If the story is true. That was the planned false flag, averted. Most likely would have blamed the many, many deaths on Iran to justify war with Iran and whoever else. My guess is that they’ld tie in white nationalists as sympathizers with the enemy.

        The deaths would probably be in, I better not speculate, if I guess correctly, I would not be given accolades for making an accurate prediction; I’ld probably be accused of being a co-conspirator. Only the government can have a conspiracy theory.


      • Him, excellent. Very important info about the $100,000,000.00 worth of poison.

        If the story is true. That was the planned false flag, averted. Most likely would have blamed the many, many deaths on Iran to justify war with Iran and whoever else. My guess is that they’ld tie in white nationalists as sympathizers with the enemy.

        The deaths would probably be in, I better not speculate, if I guess correctly, I would not be given accolades for making an accurate prediction; I’ld probably be accused of being a co-conspirator. Only the government can have a conspiracy theory.


  25. Moses Strongbear says:

    Oklahoma City was a staged event. Mc Viegh completed special forces training then left the army which is common for them they become private contractors making more money but working for the govt They needed something to counter the bad press of Waco. The 166 people killed in the bombing were more than they expected but were collateral damage in power politics Expendable nobocies. they already killed in Waco so no big deal the public just burps beer and believes what ever they are told. Mc Viegh was never executed in reality

    • awed bawl says:

      If he wasn’t executed in reality- where was he executed?

    • Kevin2 says:

      Mc Viegh from the get go was too suspicious. He blows up 166 people and then armed surrenders to a State Trooper W/O firing a shot. His Special Forces background is a red flag like Lee Harvey Oswald learning Russian in the USMC and holding Top Secret Crypto clearance. I believe that McVeigh was told, and he thought that he would only be sedated. He was of no use alive, only a liability requiring added effort of Physician and handlers to pull off a face execution. They lied to him, the rat was caught in his own trap. He’s dead.

    • Infidel says:

      McVeigh absolutely was executed. He was coerced to carry out his act, then they killed him to keep him quiet about it.

  26. Richard says:

    All prepped locked loaded and waiting..To tired to run no where to run to..I can only react as the situation warrants…

  27. Natural News is part of the censorship regime. They are practically underlings of Infowars and don’t care to hear your opinion on Sandy Hook.

  28. SAgt. Dale says:

    If a false flag happens tomorrow would be a good time. DC has another Alt-Right protest.

    Watch for all the Hammer and Cycle flags. Main stream media won’t report on them, but one Stars and Bars shows up you hear about the so called Fascist. NOPE Just good old southern boys flying a flag of States Rights. Now the Neo-Nazi flag’s are Fascist. They are not needed and should have their own protest.

    Keep an eye on DC.


    • Sarg:

      Good call. Many others probably thinking as you. Or, just aware that corporations are blackballing participants. So, turnout was not great. Also, people were left without transportation at bus and train station, while those in cars were deterred by tires slashed. But most were simply not willing to go through being victims of Antifa, the news media lies, and their careers being forfeited over a protest march.

      There was one good thing. An attorney spoke about the importance of returning the courts to the European model. He talked about having juries of twelve not a judge decision which is the Middle East/Old Testament model. This attorney, (disbarred for [not sure] “defending the wrong people?”), said we should consider even larger juries.


  29. citizen says:

    we are teetering on the edge. without the independent media we wont know until the bullets are flying. There’s been some interesting sights going on here in NW AZ lately. around dark toward the north lots of sightings of strange light. like multi colored drones just hovering. a dozen the other night. if its not military (nellis is close) then ALF is checking out my corner of the world.

    • Traitor Hator says:

      The independent media ,that isn’t owned by a certain religious affiliation, is doing the Crusify him thing? You dare speak against us? Do you see what we’ve done and are still doing to the nations that rejected us! Remember the USS? Saint Louis? Payback will be the same, as all others. Your second messiah is a child’s dream. Your first one is boiling in a vat of sewage to this day. The children of satan rule, for a short time.

  30. Traitor Hator says:

    Seems the hilary people are carrying on regardless. Maybe they are confident in the last 2? Administrations accomplishments? What do they know , that we don’t?

  31. Traitor Hator says:

    I wonder if the next American Revolution will be fought by guys who go to work everyday, and then go out at night , for some payback?

  32. Traitor Hator says:

    I wonder if I can imagine the conundrum? Of the non courupt government employees and cops who like Enoch Powell new what would happen by their actions , but didn’t want to loose their pensions?

  33. Traitor Hator says:

    Remember the last time the MSM had control? We helped the Bolshevik communists rape and enslave half of Europe?A masterful conducting of the masses? Crusify Him! The children of the master of lies won’t give up easy? And the Sampson option? You can count on it?

  34. AGENT SKINHEAD says:

    You’ll find the TRUTH in the Holy Bible, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth… Get right with the light – The end is nigh.

  35. Noguano says:

    The censorship is blatant and intentional.

  36. wormdirt says:

    This isn’t about an imminent false flag event. It is about liberal elitists who don’t believe in the 1st amendment and want to filter what the public hears thru their channels. You are giving these stupid fucks WAY too much credit. There is no coordinated effort to silence him in lieu of an attack, just a group of butthurt libtards who get their rocks off by silencing dissent.

    • FBI (f#*%ing bunch of idiots)... And traitors says:

      Lol exactly well put all the fear mongering crap just sounds stupid at this point… I bet they’ve all said “it’s coming” for 20 years

  37. Bill says:

    By far, the most important, over-arching and highest priority goal of TPTB is to change the demography and culture of the US. Racial incidents are no doubt unfortunately just tools and methods to help bring this to fruition. Gov’t, NGO’s, “civil rights” organizations, main stream media, and several other groups smear, fabricate lies, propagandize, provoke, and create false flags; tried and true methods of divide and conquer to bring about their goal. I have seen protests and demonstrations on video, and many protesters/demonstrators when interviewed actually did not even understand the issues. Basically they’re just useful idiots, they have been successfully propagandized/indoctrinated.
    For instance, if you ask one of the useful idiots if it is okay for China or Japan or Korea (actually most countries of the world) to have official national policies to maintain their mono-racial, mono-culture, or mono-religious societies they say yes of course! But they also say that countries where whites are majority, or Christianity is the largest religion, or where European culture prevails they must become more “globalist”. Which is odd, because in reality most nations don’t want to be globalist, they only want the Western nations to be so.
    Many prominent American Jews and Jewish politicians (who hold dual US/Israeli citizenship) fight against the American popular will to stem illegal immigration, yet say nothing about recent laws passed in Israel that gives only Jews special rights and status, nor against the forceful removal of African immigrants, or even that Israel has built walls on their borders. Senator Javits of NY, after the 1965 Immigration Act was signed into law, shouted “open the flood gates”. The American public was largely deceived in the meaning, scope, and purpose of that bill.
    TPTB despise our Constitutional republic, especially the Bill of Rights. The citizens have too many rights and civil liberties, too much potential power. Gov’t has co-opted capitalism, big business and gov’t have formed a symbiotic relationship for mutual benefit. Big business get special rights and huge profits, and gov’t acquires more resources and power. The only ones who don’t gain are the citizens. They want to see the populace as managed disposable resources for the state, severely limited in freedom of will – nothing more.
    For the record, I am not against immigration for anyone who will fully assimilate, be productive, and can add to our society.

  38. Are you sure Timothy McVeigh is dead?

    Against State Law, his body was quickly “taken” and “cremated” with NO autopsy done.

    That has raised a lot of suspicion. So was he actually executed, or fake-executed?

    Was McVeigh actually a govenrment agent used to complete a bombing that would be the start of a series of false flags designed to “shape” or manipulate the public consciousness into not questioning so-called “terrorist” acts?

    And given plastic surgery and relocated to a new life?

    The implications of all this are staggering.

    – the Lone Ranger

    “Whenever you have eliminated the impossible, whatever is left, however improbable, must be the truth.” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes)

    “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

  39. First they came for Alex.


    If “they” can convince the ‘average’ citizen that Jones broadcast “lies”, then “they” will persuade the public to “accept” anything “they” say about anyone else.

    NEXT, they will step up their attack and come for Mac Slavo, Dave Hodges, Steve Quayle, Drudge, Adams, and more.

    Then, they will come for you and me.

    When you least expect it.

    Like at 3:00 a.m. when you are allegedly sound asleep.

    Is your property wired with motion sensors and alarms?

    Or will you be “elsewhere”?

    – the Lone Ranger

    “In war, truth is the first casualty.” – Aeschylus

    “Evil is that which destroys.” – Dr M. Scott Peck, M.D.

    “Violence is that which violates, force is that which protects.” – Rev. Edward J. Brady, S.J.

  40. aljamo says:

    So the deep state is left wing, lmao that’s a good one. This is who threatens free speech, controls all media, pollutes the environment, wages endless wars of aggression, dumbs down schooling, plans and executes false flag attacks worldwide, spies on the population and backs QE into infinity. So the liberal use of anything goes greed. The Clintons and Bushes are the best of friends, the lot of them fleeced the US until there was nothing left of the left. JFK, RFK and MLK, those were the actual left who supported peace justice and the American people. They were murdered by the very same cabal that is calling the shots today who all are guilty of treason. Justice has not been served, it has been long murdered. Any vote is an approval of the murder. And Mike Adams, your video above says ” this video is either unavailable or not supported in your browser.” Never saw that message before and it also appears on all videos at real.video and NaturalNews.

    • Kevin2 says:


      Most certainly TPTB are capitalists. They purchase communists to be their Human Resources manager. People see the actions of the manager and falsely then assume the boss is philosophically. The diver is omnipotent power. Communism covers control on very front while relatively homogenizing income/resources for the masses placating them. Its simply the most efficient method to control large numbers of people.

  41. Kevin2 says:

    philosophically a communist too.

  42. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:


    Mac, you may need to keep up with this to post and article. Rumor has it that china just invaded Viet nam, that people are being shot, people being brutalized and shot up all over the place, and we know that chi-com forces mobilizing in Panama, getting make a move from Mexico and busy prepping for invasion from the south, Texas, AZ, Cali. This is and internet rumor, so I am going to find out if this is really happening. Paul Martin and Dave Hodges does not have this info yet, but I can imagine that the info will be available soon, and the poster of that video on youtube,. titles ALERT CHINA INVADES VIETNAM. said that his Vietnamese contact send him emails detailing what has been going on. I personally believe that this is happening, since the fuckers just fired six shots at our US navy plane. And the latest is that Trump has deployed 3 carrier groups to region to challenge chi-com naval forces in the so called region owed by chi-coms.


    • Kevin2 says:

      “and we know that chi-com forces mobilizing in Panama, getting make a move from Mexico and busy prepping for invasion from the south, Texas, AZ, Cali.”

      No we know thats nuts. It takes an enormous amount of supplies that cannot be hid. It took two years to get sufficient supplies to the UK for D Day. The military has this as a speciality


      • Kevin2 says:

        Alexander’s army of 65,000 men required 195,000 pounds of grain and 325,000 pounds of water to sustain it for a single day.

        Assuming 1 million men you will need 3,000,000 pounds (1,500 tons) of grain and 5,000,000 pounds (2500 tons) of water, per day for substance. Then there is ammunition, fuel for transport, transportation vehicles, weapons heavy and light and last (but not least) airpower and bases for it.

    • Sgt. Dale says:

      China and Vietnam have been taking shots at each other for years now. I wouldn’t be surprised if China moved on them again.

      About 3 or 4 years after the USA left, China and Vietnam had a border war China lost.

      Keep an eye on India, because have been taking shots at each other also.

      My friend with all do respect. I have a problem with Chi-Coms massing in Panama. The US would know it. Just need too much stuff to do so. I pray you are wrong.


  43. NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin says:

    Where has my Cuz gone!!!

  44. Frank Thoughts says:

    When news breaks in the US and many other countries, the story goes out in real time in some form (Twitter, wire services etc.). But in Canada, there is always a huge delay in the reporting and then sludge takes over: in Canada it can then take weeks even months before the full details come out on attacks. They have had restaurant bombings, ISIS cafe attacks in Toronto and truck attacks and in all cases the reporting was slow and sludgy.

    That, I believe, is the new system at work. Slow down and then obfuscate the news cycle to cover up events or to warp and distort the public memory of what happened. Their government was nearly taken out by an Islamic terrorist in a brazen attack on the Parliament a few years ago but good luck even finding Canadians who can remember this event. Never understimate how dumb the general public is.

  45. I Sean says:

    So you’re sharing a piece alleging censorship but you won’t post my comment?
    Oh, the irony!

  46. I went through something like this 41 years ago, arriving in CanaDa’s Capital Ottawa from Montreal in 1977.

    I had 12 charges of “shouting causing a disturbance” arriving in Ottawa in 1977 speaking to growing crowds on the Sparks Street Mall.
    I was appreciative of the fact if I did the same thing in other regimes, I might of been one of the disappeared.

    I was convicted and put on probation for 1 year with only 1 condition, “not to attend on the Sparks Street Mall or any other street in Ottawa for the purpose of SPEAKING or shouting.”

    In protest, I had a sandwich board sign made up, and the gag. Arriving on The Sparks Street Mall, I was immediately encircled with a crowd some 10 people deep, and half the People had cameras taking a picture long before smart phones.
    It was like that all Day long as I walked along the Mall while Police told me to keep on moving on. I can only guess there may be thousands of copies of that picture out there somewhere.

    Nobody else would notice, but as the earth turned, and the shadows moved, of all those people taking pictures, I didn’t know who it was from The Citizen that took this picture in those circles, as it appeared the next Day?

    What are the odds of Time and Chance the Citizen photographer would catch that second in TIME with the line perfectly dividing the Light from the Darkness?

    FEAR OF THE TRUTH starts in Darkness, but in the Light is EAR THE TRUTH. I was sent to jail for the 1st Time in my Life for breach of that probation.

    And God saw the light that it was good, and God separated between the light and between the darkness. Genesis 1:4

    And he said to them, Take heed what you hear: with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you: and unto you that hear shall more be given. Mark 4:24


  47. Dave says:

    He could be right about this, unfortunately he is wrong about most other things he rants about