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CENSORSHIP ALERT: YouTube Uses AI For MORE Censoring Of Ideas

Mac Slavo
February 11th, 2019
Comments (30)

YouTube has decided to stop suggesting “conspiracy videos” to users on its platform.  It will no longer recommend videos “claiming the earth is flat or making blatantly false claims about historic events like 9/11.”

So basically, anyone who questions the status quo, the official narrative parrotted by the mainstream media or offers up any idea contradicting that of a full-blown totalitarian grip on humanity, will be silenced. People, apparently, can no longer be trusted to watch a video about whether or not the Earth is flat and determine its merits on their own, so YouTube has decided it’ll just be your mommy and hide it from everyone.

The change will not affect the videos’ availability, however.  YouTube just wants to make it as difficult as possible for people to hear opposing ideas.  If users are subscribed to a channel that produces YouTube’s definition of “conspiracy content,” or if someone searches for specific content, they will still see related recommendations, the company wrote according to NBC News.  “It’s only the beginning of a more humane technology,” said Guillaume Chaslot, a former Google engineer, who helped to build the artificial intelligence used to curate recommended videos.

 In a thread of tweets posted on Saturday, he praised the totalitarian change promoting the plan to brainwash everyone into thinking exactly alike and having the same thoughts and ideas. He said this would be “technology that empowers all of us, instead of deceiving the most vulnerable,” Chaslot wrote. He called this plan a “historic victory.”

Many support YouTube’s attempts to silence

dissent by labeling it “conspiracy” content. But others are calling it what it is:

But by and large, most are concerned that there are other individuals out there who may have different ideas on how to run their own lives so they seek to control information that they determine to be wrong, whether it is or not.  Believing the Earth is flat hurts exactly no one.  The believer may never visit the moon or the International Space Station, but no one is hurt by a belief until that belief is forced on others.

And all of the believers in the holy and almighty religion of government (statists) and it’s all too obvious propaganda termed the “official narrative” are the absolute worst.  After all, flat-earthers aren’t censoring their content, but statists are all too happy to silence anyone who rejects the tyranny of the religion of statism.

“There is more than one way to burn a book. And the world is full of people running about with lit matches.”
― Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.
[Remarks on the 20th Anniversary of the Voice of America; Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, February 26, 1962]
― John F. Kennedy


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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: February 11th, 2019
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. They have to keep the people from discovering the four greatest lies:

    Apollo moon men, six million, jet fuel, the check’s in the mail.

  2. Beaumont 2.0 says:

    I thought that Craigslist originally had the right idea, where all of the undesirable stuff got it’s own special (!) section.

    What if someone is interested in theories. Theories.

    What if someone wants to discuss historical beliefs about the flat Earth.

    Label that. Say what it is. Are you interested in this label?

    Don’t bother the disinterested.

    Works with weird sex stuff, drugs, religious cults, and everyday advertising. Don’t find me. I’ll find you..

  3. The Deplorable Renegade says:

    Boycott youtube. Go check out real.video, started up by Mike Adams over at naturalnews.com. NO censorship because he respects everyone’s rights.

  4. The Deplorable Renegade says:

    With youtube practicing censorship I recommend that youtube go f#$% themselves.

  5. Kevin2 says:

    It matters little if a relatively small group of ultra wealthy own the means of main stream communication and censor accordingly or if government does the same. If the printing presses in the Revolutionary Colonies were all owned by King George friends Thomas Paine “Common Sense” would never have been published.

    ‘It matters little if the boot on your throat contains a communist or capitalist foot”.

    Like a boxer focusing too much on his opponents left hook he gets knocked out with a right cross. Political censorship is censorship regardless who does it the result is the same.

  6. Beaumont 2.0 says:

    Since our minders typically want a Machiavellian clusterfk —

    I think, it would get juicy, if there was a rebuttal video, left by Youtube staff, publicly explaining precisely where your wacky invention was incomplete, or where there was some nameable, logical fallacy. They are criticizing you, openly, in front of God and everyone.

    Is your artform grotesque, according to formal standards? Which ones? Where is the name, face and formal qualifications of your critic? Can your claims be corroborated? Subsidize the fact checkers, *also videos which correct the fact checkers, and videos which correct the corrections. Make judges out of ugly Snopes-looking boors and regressive, jungle savages, 1/2 generation away from having bones through their nose.

    Then, you will have a suggestible, social morass, to pile on so many ads and propaganda.

    • Beaumont 2.0 says:

      imo, the cable service creates that same sort of malaise, in my region, when putting black ads on white shows,and trad talking points on lefty shows, and vice versa.

      Rather than coordinating and collating your thoughts, in a rational, coherent way; they dissemble and cause identity crisis.

      If you want to be the captain of your own ship, forever vigilant, and pick for yourself, there is uplifting, high culture, available in these same media formats. There are too many nice things to think about. More than a lifetime of constructive ways to keep your hands busy, if you want to go seek that out.

  7. More than likely, the flat earth videos were put out by YouTube in order to use them as an example of a “conspiracy theory”.


  8. Beaumont 2.0 says:

    Who is inquisitive. Noone is typically performing their own science experiments, an in-road to history and high culture.

  9. Mr. Sean says:

    For the umpteenth time: YouTube doesn’t owe you anything and you don’t have a “right” to YouTube.

    • Beaumont 2.0 says:

      GoogleID is interoperable with RealID, and too-big-to-fails, that you paid for. People are forever acting as though a nationalized monopoly is private property, that they have earned the right to be there, so are enforcing a meritocracy on you. Their financial support was coerced from the public. Participation was involuntary.

      • Mr. Sean says:

        “GoogleID is interoperable with RealID”

        Show me.

        • Beaumont 2.0 says:

          Each state has it’s own RealID checklist, online. But, they are not yet posting this requirement, in public. Here is where you will find it…

          My ordinary, class C DL expired, in 2019

          Real ID is supposed to become more-or-less mandatory, by 2020.

          So, I have a RealID. It’s the generic, newest model, for everyone. I don’t require any special clearances, etc.

          The California DMV application is going to ask for a FB, GoogleID, or Email, etc.

          I gave them a business acct, not used for political discussion.

          But, it’s possible to inadvertently share your social media history, with these people, isn’t it.

          Ebay and Amazon, et al, want your ID.

          So, you have biometrics, linked to social media and purchase history, without much of stretch, right?

          The govt funding debacle is still unsettled. (Writing before 2/15, here.) But, the Dem compromise involved data, tech, and a “smart”, virtual wall. Not enough beds in migrant detention, so, according to Trump, illegals are remitted back into US.

          It should be interesting (particularly, for Christians) to know how fugitives and normals can be located, in their day-to-day business.

          I become a conscientious objector, at the point of right hand or forehead, if it comes to that. I don’t care what is the method involved, but do consider it one of the important ‘salvation’ issues, in Christianity.

          (I am not depressed and not a donor.)

          • Mr. Sean says:

            So nothing that supports the assertion that “GoogleID is interoperable with RealID” besides the fact that the DL application asks for an email address? It’s been a minute since I renewed, but FB and Google ID weren’t on there. Any link that supports “California DMV is going to ask” for them?

            • Beaumont 2.0 says:

              What is your attention span.

              Everyone is going to be prompted for their Google acct info, on the very next time their DL is renewed.

              I did it, and that’s what I saw, so help me God.

              • Beaumont 2.0 says:

                MS said, Any link that supports “California DMV is going to ask” for them?

                The first time you asked me for that information, I started going through the RealID Checklist, state-by-state.

                Again, they are not warning people, that they want your social media info. They’re going to want your social media info. You heard it from me first. They’re going to want your social media info.

              • Mr. Sean says:

                Like I said, it’s been a minute since I’ve renewed (I’m due next year). I’m just not getting how you know what people are “going to be prompted” to provide. And what if one does not have a Google ID?
                And still no word on the interoperability of Real ID and Google ID? Seriously, are you just making this up? Engaging in conjecture based on your mistrust of government? That’s cool, but I only deal in facts. Gimme something, anything, and I’ll check it out, but you’re giving me nothing.

                • Beaumont 2.0 says:

                  MS said, I’m just not getting how you know what people are “going to be prompted” to provide.

                  I went through this process, already.

                  MS said, “And what if one does not have a Google ID?”

                  You can give them generic, online contact info — say, like a spam Email address — for something to fill in the form.

                  But, you are going to be asked for social media, as their first suggestion.

                  MS said, “And still no word on the interoperability of Real ID and Google ID? Seriously, are you just making this up?”

                  The story is about Youtube censorship. Youtube and GoogleID are interoperable.

                  Further, people are being asked for social media history, before making gun purchases. The state wants to know your politics.

                  MS said, “Engaging in conjecture based on your mistrust of government?”

                  Do I get to see their search history, seeing as how this is not an adversarial situation?

  10. ronna says:

    It has nothing whatsoever to do with flat earth videos! That is simply brainwash to keep uproar down. It has to do with democrat crap like global warming and anti-global warming. The global warming crap will be pushed on the recommended page while they bury the anti-global warming videos down in the millions of mundane videos. So long as they don’t censor cat videos I’m happy!

  11. Beaumont 2.0 says:

    I have heard that people in different theaters of war were mostly preoccupied with morale, as a survival mechanism, although this has been compared to an ostrich sticking his head in the sand.

    What if this is where you are at. Right here. This is what you will have to work with. Forever. Whatever is directly in front of you. You are overextended, physically, and at wit’s end — probably wasting and running on endorphins. No help is coming.

    (Abrupt redirect.)

    Dog shows and pink slippers were real life examples that I’ve heard. Fairy things. Where people have been over-industrialized and heavily-regimented, the pendulum of history swings toward nature and sometimes-exotic quackery. Bloody warriors have arranged flowers, to forget what they had seen. There is no reason to believe that people are trapped, mentally, in the s-holes of history.

    “And all of the believers in the holy and almighty religion of government (statists) and it’s all too obvious propaganda termed the ‘official narrative’ are the absolute worst.”

    What if you are your own religion, but do not interfere with others.

  12. Maranatha says:

    Obviously youtube is a self-publisher ie a vanity press. As sch, if small, the governmet cannot force a small publisher to produce material for an audience if it’s not in keeping with its standards….

    Uh oh…wait, that means Christian bakers don’t have to bake wedding cakes for homosexuals….right?

    But I digress. If youtube is in fact a monopoly, then YES the federal government has the right to bust it up.

    And also if youtube is allowing monetization for some, but not for Christians, that is ….(shock) discrimination! Dun dun dun!

    Any way around it, they are in the wrong.

  13. Archivist says:

    When is this supposed to start?

    I just went to YouTube, and one of their recommendations to me was an Amazing Polly video about globalists.

  14. alotov says:

    But isnt anti-conspiracy theories a conspiracy in its own right?

  15. Diogenes says:

    You left out number five – the people who keep drinking your Kool-aid…..

  16. Justin says:

    Why would they censor flat earth and 9/11. Maybe because there is something they don’t want us to know. People on this website should be open minded. Look into the YouTube channel of Rob Skiba, Mark Sargent, Jeramism to find out why flat earth is being censored.

  17. Beaumont 2.0 says:

    Dementia Patients to Be Tracked by Utility “Smart” Meters —

    What are RFID tags?

    “Livestock and pets may have tags injected, allowing positive identification of the animal. RFID identity cards can give employees access to locked areas of a building, and RF transponders mounted in automobiles can be used to bill motorists for access to toll roads or parking.

    Since RFID tags can be attached to clothing, possessions, or even implanted within people, the possibility of reading personally-linked information without consent has raised privacy concerns.

    The types of personally identifiable information that may be collected include

    details on battery charging information, i.e. amount of life remaining, date, time, location of last recharge, etc;
    type of personal device;
    a unique item identification number as well as personalized information, i.e. user name, address etc;
    location where the item was recharged as well as how long the device was connected to the power source.

    Initially the information collection may be limited to very basic information, but over time these technologies will mature, which may not be apparent to users as they upgrade technology.”

    Basic living needs have never particularly evolved, rather went down in quality, instead. Nothing durable, of tangible value, is going to be plugged into the smart grid.

    The shoes, made of stitched leather, in the 200yrs old way, are now super shoes, costing hundreds of dollars. A cow that eats grass is gourmet. A real bathtub or oven is regarded as some kind of treasure.

    The factories that made these things are converted to bistros. Flowers will be planted in the mine carts, as the people are being rationed.

    • Beaumont 2.0 says:

      Repeated for emphasis —
      “over time these technologies will mature, which may not be apparent to users as they upgrade technology.”

      Infrastructure is being implemented, first.

      Explaining it’s purpose to the general public is an afterthought.

      There is not going to be any developmental or funding hurdle.

  18. tim cook says:

    Youtube wants to ban Alex Jones and anyone telling people the truth but they allow videos of porn and people teaching kids to cut themselves or burn their house down while their parents are sleeping.