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Bodies Have Been Stacking Up: The Video Hillary Clinton Does Not Want You To See…

Mac Slavo
May 16th, 2017
Comments (68)

Following the breaking report from Fox News that third-party investigators in the Seth Rich murder have linked the former high level DNC staffer with Wikileaks as the possible source of over 44,000 emails, we thought it appropriate to post the following video.

While we’re not claiming there was any direct involvement by the DNC or Party heads with the killing of Rich on a D.C. street, we’re also not going to rule it out because… well, just see for yourself:

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: May 16th, 2017
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Anonymous says:

    trump may not be perfect, but it’s better than having this evil witch in the white house. America dodged a bullet in november.

    • durangokidd says:

      Two dead Federal Investigators who had been sent to Arkansas to investigate the Clinton Foundation by Con GOWDY were murdered and their bodies found.

      The AUDACITY of a man from HOPE is staggering.

      Almost 500 illegal Jihadists were discovered in the past few days on a Clinton Foundation ship owned by Bill and Hillary. 13 were KNOWN terrorists.


      • Waiting says:

        Gowdy is just tough enough to deal with these two scumbags Killery and Slick Willy. Would hope some others had the guts to band together to get these two scumbags put in prison. They will have to be smart enough to stay ahead of Killery and Slick and their mafia. I am still baffled as to the real reason Chaffetz left Congress. I thought he would be another tough one to go up against the murdering Arkansas Mafia. It’s going to take people who are not afraid of these two evil scumbags. Before it’s over there will be more body counts.

      • NunyaBidness says:

        “Almost 500 illegal Jihadists were discovered in the past few days on a Clinton Foundation ship owned by Bill and Hillary. 13 were KNOWN terrorists.”

        Link please.

      • Waiting says:

        The only thing I can find on this is calling it fake news. Can you relay your source?

    • lena says:


      there’s no telling where the country would go, she’s a serious witch.

    • JustMe says:

      There is a bit longer list, stretching back to their Arkansas days.

      Seth Rich’s murder has made Drudge Report, so now the world has seen it. Will he ever get justice? Unlikely, because the parasites protect the Clintons.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly what I’ve been saying; more bullets are on the way too!

  2. Gandhi says:

    Ask trump if he starts a war if “his” kids will be on the front line or will his kids be protected by armies of Feds at our expense while our kids get drafted for service of the homeland?

    • Anonymous5 says:

      Just curious Gandhi….

      Do you think Hillary would have kept us out of a war?

    • Smokey says:

      What draft?

      Your entire premise is crap. A war will be over in days, or even hours.

      Go work it out about modern warfare, and get back to us. And don’t even think about some silly ‘what if we had a low-intensity conflict that goes on and on’, that just means less army is needed.

      • Joe Pizek says:

        You are the one who needs to work it out. Apparently a few hicks with old rifles have held the U.S. hostage for years now in Afghanistan. How come our so called “modern warfare” does not seem to work out there? Or is that unpleasant fact just “fake news” according to your superior wisdom? We just may see the draft again. All it takes is the stroke of a pen. The selective service still exists and their roles include women.

      • BlackMoe says:

        Smoky, WW3 has been going on for years, even decades. Where have you been? It started with Bush’s Gulf War, and hasn’t stopped yet. It just hasn’t escalated to mushroom cloud status, yet.

  3. Gandhi says:

    Don’t kid yourself, they are all bought and paid for including Trump.

    • Gandhi says:

      The elite are just in a disagreement on how to screw us the hardest.

      • PO'd Patriot says:

        Yes and like mongrel dogs they’ll even fight amongst themselves to obtain the largest amount of scraps from the table and will inevitably eat their own.

    • RECON 826 says:


      WW3 will be happening soon so it does not matter.
      I am not taking sides with anyone in the political arena.
      It’s just the way it is………..

      • Gandhi says:

        They would love WWIII just like during the depression so when you lose your source of income the banks will own it all. So why is it that banks can loan fictitious created money on collateral debt obligations when they don’t have the right to do so under the federal reserve act? Then they get to grab your land because they sent your job to china. Until people truly understand this we will always be slaves.

    • TEST says:

      Sorry. Anonymous is right. Gorsuch and stopping of funding for abortion funding internationally are just two examples. No one is perfect, but as Anon says, Trump is orders of magnitude better than Hitlery.

    • Dean says:

      Wish more people would figure this out. All the liberal vs. conservative crap is all about divide and conquer. If you’re on one side or the other you’re on the wrong side.

      Wake up people… most of you are being played and don’t know it.

      • NunyaBidness says:

        They’re being played against each other, and those at the top are absolutely salivating at the notion that Conservatives will say enough and react.

        It WILL mean the Const goes buh bye (aside from the fact that it’s already dead and NOBODY believes in it) in actual practice.

      • Anonymous5 says:


        You are confusing neo-cons with conservatives.

        They are not the same.

        True conservatism is DEFINITELY better than liberalism. (They are not actually liberals…they are LEFTISTS…..again…an important distinction.)

        The real battle is freedom vs. statism. That is the war that is being waged right now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Trump isn’t bought and paid for, he’s the one that does the buying and paying.

      Get your head on strait.

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      Death by communist scum.

    • durangokidd says:

      If TRUMP were “bought and paid for” Hillary would be President and all of the Media and NWO Elites in government would not be shitting their panties that a Patriot occupies the Oval Office. 🙂

  4. D. Williams says:

    Hillary still can’t figure out why she lost…it is because she is unlikable, mean, disgusting, elitist, un-caring really of the “have nots” and apparently she does not know it. One would think she would see it and learn at least to hide the money grubbing, self promoting person she is. It looks as though all politicians are liars but she is the worst.

  5. Jim in Va. says:

    More will come out and some heads will roll. The public will want somebody’s head to roll. Clintons are at the top of the list.

    • Reeper says:

      Will the Clinton’s dictate more heads rolling? Seems plausible, literally and figuratively speaking.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’ll be swept aside, like everything else.

      The public will concentrate on Trump doing his job as President and being outraged by it the way they are now over his legitimate discussion with a Russian ambassador, not a simple political murder on the Democrat side of the aisle to knock of someone they didn’t want revealing what he knew.

    • buttcrackofdoom says:

      half of the population wants killary’s head on a stick…….the OTHER half wants the teflon don’s head on a stick….SOMEthin’s gotta give. how the hell do we tell who the bad guys are?

  6. Reeper says:

    Please be sure to make the videos embedded viewable for different browsers. Some of us don’t like Chrome! Yes, it’s true . . .

  7. Heartless says:

    We all need to grow up and accept facts. No one in going to take a loss, pay a price, do jail-time…. who is or has been in power. You don’t send in a orange-headed muskrat to drain a swamp and actually expect it to happen. Sure, Trump beats the h*ll out of having the Hildabeast as POTUS. Gives the apologists for the Republicans and other failed so-called conservative statesmen someone to root for. But, hell, a pair of 6 day worn boxer shorts after a 2nd night chili blowout also would be better than another Democrat term in the Oval Office. Still would stink though. And this administration reeks to high heaven. ‘The Donald’ is so mired in his vision of himself, his lack of anything resembling self-control or actual direction….. it’s just a short while off until he’s wandering around like a drug-addict after the 1st of the month EBT card arrives. In short – we want change? It’ll take a true uprising. Nothing short of another Concord can do it. Words…… votes…….. not a chance. When it gets real, let me know. Up to that point….. don’t waste your energy or time. Do something productive like learn a skill, put some essentials away; and, get ready personally.

    • Anonymous says:

      I say give me everything immediately, like right now not tomorrow, of give me nothing!!

      That’s simple enough for anyone to understand.

      That’s all I will support and if you won’t do it then I won’t support you.

  8. Bill says:

    Sadly, even if all is actually true absolutely nothing will come of it. There is a two-tiered system of justice in this country and everyone knows it. These people can operate with impunity; the wealthy, or the powerful, or insiders or the influentially connected can and do get away with their crimes. Again, everyone knows that. This is one reason why she will not be punished. However, you can’t let everyone off, after all, somebody has to pay for their crimes or else the whole rotten system would collapse. This cannot be allowed to happen because it is a means of control, 99.9% are excluded from this privilege. Secondly, TPTB know too many ugly and dirty secrets about each other, they will always bring to bear any and all resources in order to protect each other even if they don’t like one another; therefore to help protect another is to protect oneself. And one of TPTB simply must not betray another. Thirdly, when one achieves a level in this country as one of TPTB, it’s no longer about what is right or wrong, or legal or illegal. It is about who has real power and who doesn’t. Even when hard cold proof exists they usually still do not pay the just consequences. And everyone know that too. It is pointless to expect the system to treat them as it surely treats us. There are likely more reasons but as a regular guy am not in a position to know.

  9. The people who rule over us did not take power in a day or two. They worked from generation to generation, over hundreds, may thousands of years; sometimes having great success, other times being set back. Yet they persisted toward their goal of ultimate power, to which they now enjoy, and toward which they seek even greater dominance.

    We would be fools to think that overcoming this powerful organized criminal group of conspirators will be easy. It is not. Yet, there is hope. Every day more people begin the arduous journey from blissful ignorance to the painful knowledge of just how bad this situation really is. The young movie going public adopted the pill as a symbol for knowledge verses ignorance.

    We can argue about the appropriate tactics toward resolving the current problems. But at least the number of people facing the truly ugly truth are swelling. And those in power are aware of this trend. Understandably, they feel threatened. The slaves are rumbling. The slaves are learning. The slaves are plotting against us. Better that they fall asleep in a drunken sttuper, so that we may open the gates to their destruction. But the slaves are sober. The slaves are vigilant. And more and more arise out of their foolish intoxicated spell, and see that the Emperor wears no clothes.


    • Enemy of the State says:

      It’s historical
      Castles and peasants
      Eventually the peasants gain access and fill an interior building with black powder and set it off
      Blowing the place to kingdom come

      The peasants than build their homes out of the rubble and it starts all over again

    • oops says:

      I think its funny that Hildabeast has started her own Resit movement, what a JOKE. She knows that the leads are at her door step, ouch. Huma and her Weinermen, Seth Rich (story broke last year youtube it) along with several others turning over evidence.

      Of course there is a big push to impeach. The criminals are scared shitless! The MAJORITY of AMERICANS want Action!
      Lock Her and the Traitors UP! So much blood on their hands!

      CNN has been busted with providing Hilda debate Q’s and more! The rest of MSM are on the same page- Marxism! Stigmatize. Tell a lie often enough and People will believe it.
      Use FCC to take these folks off the air! Investigate Funding and cut any federal dollars! Sedition charges are in order! They can go to GITMO until trial. Go Bold.

      Then you have the street gangs on payroll bused everywhere. Go on MoveON website, they even get paid benefits! They can enjoy it now either way win or lose they Lose! What a bunch of Hateful Tools too stupid to realize they have a knife to their own throats, first. Bust headquarters and charge all with TREASON! Tear down structures, work camps in Africa for participants! Arrest Soros send him to Gitmo with his friends so they can beat his azz daily, in about a month. Go Bold!

      Cut Fed Funds to Universities that teach Marxist ideology! Berkeley is #1 but the list is long.
      Take that money and Fund Private Christian Universities! Send the Zionist Professors to Israel or Palestine after revoking Citizenship! Shut down Dept of Education 100%. Get NGO’s out of Education 100% turn education over to states and locals. Go Bold!

      Issue Exec Orders to Cut NGO’s, IGO’s and any international Collaboration from ALL GOV Agencies and pronounce they are illegal! Revoke all 5013c’S. Even churches. Christ said render unto Caesar…. Churches, Take back Free Speech even if from the parking lot. Quit selling off souls! Go Big! Go Bold!

      Charge mayors for removing Federal Property (monuments), Arrest them on live TV! Go Bold!

      Issue EO to revoke Judges and arrest them if they won’t go away. Have Session send replacements. Send them to jail with regular population maybe to NV with Bundys, that’s a nice place.

      Cut all other Exec Orders issued after Reagan and reinstate Reagan E.O. Policy. He will get the military strength no problems there. Economy will be Great! Loved the 80’s! Go Big and delete their Azzes! Incrementalism at its core! Go Bold Go Fast!

      Appoint new WH staff except Bannon. Let Bannon appoint. Tear down WH, remember O had it updated he knew he would be close. The WH is tainted!
      Besides DJT will build it Better under budget and on time. He can stay at his hotel down the street. Go for Greatness!

      Stop Appeasing the Left, RINO’s and Neocons! Expose them weekly. Do a WH Board Room on Saturday Night when Saturday Night is on. Beat their azzes at their own game. We all know which show will get more views! Ratings will go over the TOP! Tax credits to those who broadcast!

      If the Left/Right want something to Cry about Give it to Them, Biggly!
      Expose ALL of them for what they are and PROTECT Your Sources!
      Heck, drag them in on Saturday Night Board Room with Potus and Arrest them on live TV! Have Sessions right there with the papers! The World would be watching! To naysayers, Ireland and Iceland have done the same.

      Big Bold Action is EXACTLY what is Required. If they try to hand DJT Impeachment papers throw them in the fireplace and turn them into ashes.

      Shut these folks down, take their structure systems down, lock them up! Tell them to SHUT UP! Call the TRAITORS, Stigmatize them! DRAIN the Swamp! Lower Ranks get FIRED and lose privileges. No welfare, either.

      MAGA! Live, its Saturday Night Boardroom with the DJT!

      Truly, this is a good start.

  10. Rumbler says:

    So it was a choice between a satanic narcissist and a narsisist? Well, even if Trump we’re a complete fool we chose the best path, so let’s ammo upload and defend​ our choice

  11. cranerigger says:

    EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW. This basic concept of law always comes to mind when discussing the Clintons. Obviously laws don’t apply to the Clintons. Furthermore, why has our government invented the priveledged classes of blacks or homosexuals? The concept of a “hate crime” and extra penalties for crimes on someone in a priveledged class is wrong. All citizens are to expect equal treatment within the scales of justice.

  12. the Lone Ranger says:

    God sees all.

    He sees who’s being stacked.

    He sees who’s stacking.

    Repent now, not tomorrow, get right with God– in a world filled with continuous lies and deceptions ask to be shown the Truth.

    We are on the cusp of even World War III and other indescribable evils. If it goes nuclear, the living will envy the dead.

    Pray. The devil hates that.

    God bless you all.

    – the Lone Ranger

    “In a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

  13. Grunt says:

    Questions remain?
    For who?!

    Upon hiring, Clinton staffers/affiliates are fitted for body bags. LOL! I don’t know how Huma and Carlos Danger are still above ground.

  14. Agent76 says:

    Yes indeed and thanks for the update. Aug 5, 2016 Clinton Body Count +5 in Just 6 Weeks

    Hillary will stop at nothing to claw her way into the White House; unfortunately, people are dropping dead left and right in her path and, in the case of the last two found dead earlier this week, the mainstream media is pretending not to even notice they are gone.


  15. Comey and the FBI knew of the 44,000 e-mails that Rich gave to wiki-leaks. Therefore Comey knew the Russians didn’t do it. Therefore Comey let the fake scandal fester for his own political agenda. I think someone should fire Comey. Oh. Someone did.

  16. Neal Jensen says:

    the SHTF collapse (for any reason) is looking pretty reasonable when you consider how f ucked we are…At least then you have the REAL freedom to finally set a direction for where you are going and where this country goes….the status quo now, well nothing is going to change as we all marinate in this disgusting stew of corruption being miserable…at least the Venezuelans are DOING something after their corruption stew went rolling boil…Slow cooking America, a nation of cowards afraid of taking responsibility for themselves and their futures, content in their enslavement and life of relative “ease”….

  17. Bert says:

    Trump campaign promises ::: [sarcasm] wasn’t Trump suppose to have her severed head on his wall by now? Has Trump completed a single thing he promised? I know he weaseled out on at least a dozen. . . I still see 40 million illegals. I WAS RIGHT, I had no one to vote for during the past seven election cycles!! The last true conservative was JFK and he ran as a DEM, Reagan was a SPEND-THRIFTY centrist compared to my conservative principles.

    • Anonymous5 says:

      Hmmmmmmm…..let’s see…..

      We have a strict constructionist on the Supreme Court.

      Illegal immigration is down 70%.

      The Trans-Pacific Partnership deal is sunk.

      NAFTA is being renegotiated.

      Several of the Kenyan’s executive orders have been reversed.

      That’s just a few of the things that have been accomplished.

      He’s been trying to get other things done, but he gets opposed at every step by leftist judges and cowardly congressional Republicans.

      Just curious….what do you think the state of things would be if Hillary had won?

    • Smokey says:

      Thanks for clearing all that up for us.

  18. Neal Jensen says:

    The fact that one of the primary candidates has a body count at all, and Trump has NONE at all is quite telling….and still Shrillary is fighting to be a force in politics…People are missing the point entirely they SUPPORT a HUGE criminal both financial, corruption and body count wise..AND SEE NOTHING WRONG WITH IT??? REALLY???

    ..How fundamentally fu cked up does America have to be to SEE that SINGLE POINT alone and rule out a candidate solely on that..How criminally SUPPORTIVE and okay with corruption are 48% of Americans..what does that say about the morality (or lack thereof) and decency and law ABIDING does that make our country? What a disgusting joke that you hear it said that “the popular vote” says HILLARY WON?


  19. Kris says:

    What happened to the video??