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    Billionaires Buy Gun Control in Washington: ‘Straight to Voters, Bypassing Politicians Terrified of NRA’

    Mac Slavo
    November 5th, 2014
    Comments (263)
    Read by 10,489 people

    Can billionaires buy the disarmament of America?

    It is a real and growing concern. Though other attempts to restrict guns at the federal level have failed during the Obama Administration, several states – including Connecticut – have successfully passed them – notably with the help of some very deep pockets and headline-grabbing media events.

    The latest is Washington state, which just passed Initiative 594, intensifying background checks and placing strict limits on personal firearm transfers (and more), with nearly 60% of the vote. A competing Initiative 591, which would have prevented the state from having more extensive background checks than the federal level, failed with only 45%.

    Most media coverage has hailed the gun control measure as a victory for the people, at last bypassing the stranglehold of the NRA over politicians who have blocked reforms:

    A U.S. News and World Report story carried this quote:

    “While the NRA may be able to intimidated legislators, it appears that they are unable to intimidate voters,” says John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety. [sic]

    A Seattle Times editorial stated:

    ON the intractable issue of gun control, Washington voters have shot back.

    Tuesday, voters took aim at the state Legislature’s inability last year to pass basic, public-safety-focused background checks. And they shot holes in the myth that the National Rifle Association, and its allies, represent the public interest.


    The 3-to-2 margin in favor of I-594 indicates voters saw through the disingenuous argument made repeatedly by opponents of I-594 that background checks are the first step toward mass gun confiscation.

    The Atlantic summarized its story with the subheader:

    In Washington state, advocates passed some straightforward controls—by bypassing politicians terrified of the NRA and going straight to voters.

    Gun control initiative 594 got a last minute bump from the tragic but conveniently timed school shooting in Marysville on October 24, driving sympathy and headlines to the issue about a week and a half before the election.

    But the real push for I594 was from billionaires, including Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates, who dropped an overwhelming $10 million to support the gun control initiative, while opponents – including the ‘all-powerful NRA’ – spent only about half a million. Other Microsoft execs pitched in as well.

    It certainly seems money talks. To sway another 2014 ballot initiative, Nevada resident and billionaire Sheldon Adelson shelled out some $5.5 million to successfully oppose Florida’s attempt to legalize marijuana.

    Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg reportedly spent as much as $50 million from his personal funds just on the 2014 elections, backing the Everytown for Gun Safety movement. Bloomberg has heavily backed Moms Demand Action, formed in response to the Sandy Hook shooting, as well as Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which he formed circa 2006.

    Flush with tens of millions in commitments from Bloomberg and other wealthy elites, Moms Demand Action promised back in March 2013 to “punish” lawmakers resistant to gun control in 2014 with new money to push for gun legislation – and Washington state is now a prime example of the support for ballot initiatives that money can buy.

    However, reports are floating the idea that this is just a test case of future gun control initiatives to come (Nevada may be next for Bloomberg).

    The barrier to passing gun control legislation with 2nd Amendment supporters in Congress at both the national and state levels has a loophole. President Obama thinks his “pen and a phone” allows him to write laws via executive order; similarly, the big money behind that agenda has found another venue as well – propaganda aimed directly at the voters.

    If the people can be persuaded to give up their own rights, after an election season barrage of ads, newspaper buys, editorials and other media blitzes, then billionaires who want rights restrictions for the masses can get their way.

    Democracy in action? What about the rights guaranteed to individuals under the republic?


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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Views: Read by 10,489 people
    Date: November 5th, 2014

    Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.


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    1. KY Mom says:

      Off topic…

      Number of People Under “Active Monitoring” for Ebola in NYC Triples, City Officials Say

      “The number of people under “active monitoring” for Ebola symptoms has increased from 117 on Monday to 357 people Wednesday, health officials said.

      The vast majority of those being monitored arrived in New York City within the past 21 days from the three Ebola-affected countries, the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation said in a statement.”

      “Others being monitored are the staff caring for Dr. Craig Spencer, the physician being treated for Ebola at Bellevue Hospital, the lab workers who conducted his blood tests and the FDNY EMTs who transported the doctor.”

      • ridiculous says:

        some people don’t take it seriously KY. keep the news coming though, im usually here just to see what you and satori have to say.

      • Mountain Trekker says:

        Off Topic: How unusual: The Republicans now control the House and the Senate: All Unconstitutional Gun Laws will be repealed: The murder of unborn babies will be stopped: All Queer marriages will be nullfied: No more amnesty for Illegals. I can hardly wait. Say What! Trekker Out. LOL!

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

          This all goes back to the 2010 Supreme Court (made up of 33% Jews) that decided that Rich people can donate as much money with no limits to these PACS without having to disclose their donors names or amounts that can manipulate election and keep their other MSM Jew Tribe flush with election year cashola. It again is the Jew Tribe manipulation if elections by the powerful and just follow the money who wins with massive campaign money flowing to the Jew Tribe in the form of campaign advertising. Connect the dots folks.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

          PA Ambush Cop Killer details: A True Bible Thumper

          Frein 31, had a hidden Stash 35 miles away in an abandoned Airport hanger that included: shortwave and weather band radios, along with copies of psalms and scriptures, a composition book and more than a dozen maps, according to the inventory

          Full Story:

        • Social conservatives are going about it the wrong way.

          If you want to stop gay sex, you should be FOR gay marriage.

          It works for most heterosexual marriages.

        • Professor Higgins says:

          Mountain Trekker: You should come down out of the hinterlands and do some reading once in a while, something besides the tripe that’s on the internet. May I suggest a short course in U.S. Government with special emphasis on the Constitution. Both houses may be controlled by the Republicans but if any bill hits the President’s desk, he can simply veto it. It takes what is know as a ‘super-majority’ (2/3) in both houses to over ride a veto per Article 1 Sec. 7 of the Constitution. In case you’re unfamiliar with the numbers; there are 100 senators which means that 67 must vote to over ride, and there are 435 congressmen which means that 290 must vote to over ride. Your Republicans don’t have anywhere near those numbers. I know that people of your ilk don’t like facts, especially when they contradict your precious ‘beliefs’, but facts are facts. You can ignore them, but they won’t go away just because you wish them to. Enjoy!

          • Pissed Off Granny says:


            You have aptly pointed out that enough democrats will NOT support overriding a presidential veto. So you see, it will be business as usual in DC. Republicans can say “See we tried”, as they all go about the dismantling of America.

            That the Republicans are dodging the real issue of the election…..WE WANT ALL THE LAWS AND POLICIES OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION DONE AWAY WITH….shows you the SPIN the republicans are putting on the election.

            Their spin? That the American people want the grid lock done away with and the government to MOVE, passing more legislation asap. Horse manure. We want a lot of current lawless legislation done away with.

            Get the economy going? Sure, we want that; do away with the legislation that is killing small business’s. Do away with the alphabet agencies standing in the way with their illegal laws.

            Kill the federal reserve, wipe out their computer balance sheet that says we owe trillions of dollars on debt none of us had any say in creating. Print our own interest free money (the only way we will ever be relieved of the stranglehold of the PTB and the war mongers).

            And it is such a relief to know that McShame is going to head up a committee to oversee the military. He and his fag friend Graham, just reelected, must be in a frenzy of joy at this moment.

            Would probably be worth our time to check who donated their millions to the election. Would find out those people are owned, same as the crop they unseated.

            I’m dreaming again, aint I????

          • Mountain Trekker says:

            Professor, you do seem to have the intelligence of most Professors. I have read a few of the writings that are considered to be of major importance to the masses of the world. Such as the Holy Bible the Koran and the Federalist Papers and the U.S. Constitution, on numerous ocasion, just to name a few. But like most Professors you have your nose so high in the air that your unable to recognize ” Sarcasm” Trekker Out. P.S. We Do Have Books In The Hinderlands.

        • oicu812 says:

          @ M Trekker,

          That could and should happen. However; the only way for that to happen is to have a Non-Jooster influenced Republican POTUS, and the “people”, identify all Senators and Congressmen with Jooster/Corporate ties, and throw the bums out.

          The babykillers and the butt plunging faggots are the minority. Stop their illegal actions by removing the legality and support from within government. Then and only then will we begin to restore our God given freedoms.

          Odds of any of that happening are so slim it can’t be calculated. But it sure is a nice thought.

        • Sgt. Dale says:

          We can only hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Professor Higgins says:

            Sgt. Dale & oicu812: Your ignorance of the workings of your own is astounding to say the least; small wonder this country is going down the drain. Amazing that I get several “Thumbs Down’ for stating the facts as they are plainly written into your own constitution. You may not like them, but they are facts and not mere opinion. You are truly a nation of ignoramuses.

            • laeagle says:

              Prof Hoggins,

              Speak for yourself. I gave you a thumbs down even though you are amusing because you are pompous and too quick to judge and call names. Everyone knows what it takes to override a veto. You have not taught anyone at this site something new! As MT has said, most of us have read the Constitution multiple times and understand it better than you ever well. If you want to learn, keep reading. A little humility is well suited for you.

              View from high atop a towering ivory “Bald Cyprus” in the Atchafalaya hinterlands, Louisiana Eagle

      • sterlingsilver says:

        I wonder how well measure I-594 would have passed had not that marysville school shooting occurred in recent weeks (even though the two events are totally unrelated).

        Classic example of government politicizing tragedy at the expense of freedom.

        • Spook89 says:

          Actually, the problem lies with the low information, commie zombies infesting the greater Seattle area. The rural areas of WA are at the mercy of the “Emerald City”, which is nothing more than a big loogie.

          • Facebook Page says:

            No shit. Its time for eastern Wa to succeed.

            • Night Breaker says:

              It might just come to that (like Glen Tate’s 299 days series) NOTHING has changed due to the election , we are now entering a very dangerous time , OBOLA is not going to go quietly be prepared for more Govt shutdowns and a constitutional crisis we are now entering the end game, the narcissist sociopath that occupies the people’s house will STOP AT NOTHING to further his agenda ,
              These billionaires have a plan and it does not include us .
              I would not be suprised if the rioting starts by Thanks Giving .

              Work on your fundamental basics
              Get Tactical Training ,
              GET PT
              form neighborhood protection teams

              It’s coming sooner than you think

              Semper Fi 8541

            • Stig's American Cousin says:

              What are they supposed to succeed at?

              Business? Science? Child rearing?

              I would rather see them secede.


            • the renegade braveheart says:

              FBP, where have you been?

          • Sgt. Dale says:

            Just let them zombie turd try to take the guns away. Seattle will get the space needle stuck where the sun don’t shine.

        • Adding fuel to the FIRE, anti-gun billionaire Nick Hanauer and financial supporter of the initiative, exploited the shooting (if you can believe it, and it is true)…

          Within hours of the Oct. 24 shooting that claimed the lives of two students at Marysville-Pilchuck High School, one of the billionaire backers of the Nov. 4 ballot initiative posted a link to the story on his Facebook page with the caption, “We need more school shootings!!! Vote yes on Initiative 591.”

        • Man on the inside says:

          594 will have no effect because most of us will just carry on sell our guns and buy guns from other folks and just not say anything. You still do not have to register a gun in Washington so they don’t know what we have or what we don’t have.most gun owners here will just ignore the law. And it is virtually unenforceable unless you actually walk into a gun shop for your background check.

          • Condor Day:4 says:

            What another coincidence…1/2 dozen jew billionaires fund anti 2nd amendt issues…AND a typical UN registered revolver holds exactly SIX bullets!

            What if avg reg folks donated one dollar each to have 100 Million dollar fund, then someone anonamously phoned a few hard core Biker Hitmen types and asked if they to are low on cash?

            Back in Detroit for 40+ yrs. I met many such biker type guys at various locations and events etc….

            And every one I ever met would do nefarious deeds far cheeper!

            DISCLAIMER: I in NO way am suggesting any illeagle activities…I am only stateing various things I have learned of in my lifetime on planet ZOG and life within ZOGJEW Run AmeriKwan land….Just thoughts that seem to run wild when reading of how jewish antigun types spend Their stolen cash.

        • Smokey says:

          Once again, 5 liberal counties, out of 39 counties in Washington, have steamrollered the state.

      • Nathan Cline says:

        “While the NRA may be able to intimidated legislators, it appears that they are unable to intimidate voters,” says John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety.

        A courageous move, by a courageous man who won’t be pushed around by those big bullies in the NRA, no sir! The Koch Brothers might be doing their damnedest to destroy this country by fabricating a fictitious cult called “libertarianism” and trying to forcibly push it on everyone at gunpoint, but this John Feinblatt fellow won’t gonna stand for it. Thank God this country is full of heroes like him, who WILL NOT REST in their endless quest to dismantle the Constitution of this country piece by piece, along with the terrorists who continually hold back the country’s progress by insisting we follow it. Right?

        That’s what 1/3 of the country really, sincerely believes. They’re too cowardly to fight and kill you for that belief, but they will happily send armed thugs to do it for them. 1/3 of this country is looking forward to seeing YOU dead.

        As you can see, voting changes NOTHING.

        To all those who just voted yesterday: congratulations on wasting not just your time, but mine and everyone else’s. Congratulations on doing absolutely nothing to change the course of this country. The gun grabbers WILL NOT rest until the government is sending SWAT teams after people to confiscate their guns.

        Some people say that those who don’t vote have no right to complain. Actually it’s the exact opposite: if you vote, you have NO right to complain. The only thing you do by voting is gie legitimacy to the system, even as it continues to FUCK you every day. So go ahead and check those boxes and write letters and make phone calls to “your” “elected” “representative” all you like, and while you’re at it, pay those taxes too. How does it feel to be a SLAVE?


        • The Old Coach says:

          So, all the pro-gun Senator and Congress”persons” who DID get elected means nothing?

          They got elected because SOMEBODY, (actually a shipload of somebodies) went and VOTED FOR THEM.

          This WA vote is the ONLY thing that Bloomie won last night.

          Red Thumb. Wich I could dump a dozen of ’em on that post.

          • Kevin2 says:

            “So, all the pro-gun Senator and Congress”persons” who DID get elected means nothing?”

            If voting for pro 2nd Amendment people meant nothing we wouldn’t have 44 (I think at last count) States with Shall Issue. We would have lost our 2nd Amendment rights years ago if it wasn’t for Grassroots 2nd Amendment advocates and the NRA to organize them.

            • Nathan Cline says:

              “We would have lost our 2nd Amendment rights years ago if it wasn’t for Grassroots 2nd Amendment advocates and the NRA to organize them.”

              You wouldn’t have lost all your other rights year ago, thus putting you in the position of needing to use your 2nd Amendment rights to get them back, if you had recognized this government as the fucking SHAM it is years ago, and stopped voting and PAYING TAXES to support it. But because people like you fail to recognize that doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for change is an exercise in futility, we are STILL stuck with this fucking merry go round circus of a political and “justice” system.

          • Nathan Cline says:

            “So, all the pro-gun Senator and Congress”persons” who DID get elected means nothing?

            They got elected because SOMEBODY, (actually a shipload of somebodies) went and VOTED FOR THEM.”

            No, they got “elected” (read: chosen) because that is exactly the outcome the elites desired!

            Now that Congress is under the full control of Republicans again, and now that you have been hoodwinked into giving them power again, how long until we are embroiled in the middle of another war? How long until that nuclear disaster strikes like Dick Cheney has been ominously warning about, with a false flag against some big city somewhere, leading to a Congress which is unanimously in support of declaring yet another fucking war on somebody, overriding the dumb bumbling President who “tries to stop them”? You are being played YET AGAIN.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

          Wanna Wake up,…. its the manipulative Jooo f-n Tribe that only consists of 2.1% of our population that is causing 90% of the problems. Until we can eraticate these embedded Parasites from our land mass we will get worse and worse like A STAGE 3 CANCER. The Jews are leading the charge to disarm Americans so their banker tribe can really rape us good with little resistance. That is the living nightmare we are going to get if we keep allowing the Tribe to hijack our country. Yeah wake the f@ck up people.

          • Condor Day:4 says:

            As long as we neglect to put the blame on the Race/Religion who is responsible for all of this mess we are doomed to fail .
            The Problem We face is the Jews

            This prophecy, by Benjamin Franklin, was made in a “CHIT CHAT AROUND THE TABLE DURING INTERMISSION,” at the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention of 1787. This statement was recorded in the dairy of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, a delegate from South Carolina.

            “I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. The menace, gentlemen, is the Jews.
            In whatever country Jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves
            and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation is founded, by objecting to its restrictions;
            have built up a state within the state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal.
            For over 1,700 years, the Jews have been bewailing their sad fate in that they have been exiled from their homeland, as they call Palestine. But gentlemen,
            did the world give it to them in fee simple, they would at once find some reason for not returning. Why? Because they are vampires, and vampires do not live on vampires.
            They cannot live only among themselves. They must subsist on Christians and other people not of their race.
            If you do not exclude them from these United States, in their Constitution, in less than 200 years they will have swarmed here in such great numbers
            that they will dominate and devour the land and change our form of government, for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives our substance and jeopardized our liberty.
            If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them substance, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands.
            I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves.

      • PKLL says:

        KY: and you got thumbs down for that? Trolls are on overtime…

        To trolls: your days are numbered. You are just a tool, take your paycheck and buy supplies because you are expendable when your usefulness is over….


      • The Old Coach says:

        Funny how all news of Ebola in the USA simply dropped out of sight a week before the election, ain’t it?

        • Cellar Spider says:

          @Old Coach,

          Yup, that was the reason why Obama hired a campaign manager as the Ebola Czar. Campaign People are good at one thing….controlling the message. Fox (Rupert Murdoch), NBC (Comcast), ABC (Disney), and CBS (Sumner Redstone) have all agreed to comply.

          We’re all just pawns in their little game. The good thing though is that we are starting to figure it out piece by piece.

        • KY Mom says:

          Old Coach,

          We stopped hearing about Ebola in the news, because that information has been for the most part SILENCED by the administration.

          The danger of spreading Ebola infection to Americans has NOT gone away, we are just NOT hearing about it.

          Obama supports and continues to allow flights from Ebola stricken countries to the U.S., despite the HUGE risks to people here. If anything, the threat INCREASES with each flight into the U.S.

          We now know 357 people are being monitored in New York City. There are also about 100 people being monitored in Maryland. Maryland announced yesterday they won’t be issuing any further updates on them. (article below)

          I doubt these are the ONLY cities that have people being monitored for Ebola. I suspect there are MANY people in other cities across the country also being monitored. How many? We don’t know. That information is being withheld.

          Occasionally, articles about Ebola are still reported in local news. Search engines have also been redirected, so it is more difficult to find new information.

          On page 2 of an article at Forbes, a reporter ADMITTED this.


          The reporter then felt compelled to EXPLAIN why he was even reporting this news…
          “But I’m covering tonight’s announcement of a potential Ebola case because it has been reported in my area, and at Duke University Medical Center, an institution where I hold an unpaid adjunct associate professor appointment in their Department of Medicine.”
          (Link below)

          Md. to stop providing updates on Ebola investigations, unless cases confirmed

          “State health officials are monitoring about 100 people who have traveled from Ebola-stricken countries but won’t disclose any more information about their condition unless someone tests positive for the deadly virus.

          Under a state health department policy released Wednesday, state and hospital officials will no longer release details or confirm whether anyone is isolated because of Ebola suspicions unless a case is confirmed.”
          -Capital Gazette

          What does being “monitored” entail? Do they just have to report their temperature daily? We have seen that some being “monitored” were still able to ride the subway, take a taxi, fly on a plane, go shopping, go on a cruise, or go bowling.

          How many Ebola cases are being “monitored” in your state?

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

        KY MOM, Now that the election is over the MSM Media has dropped any stories about Ebola. It was probably to scare people into NOT to voting. It seemed to work, since Voting numbers were hugely down. Now that the election is over we will rarely hear a peep about it. The rubber glove and mask companies made billions off that Ebola false flag scare. Now we are back to the Immigration Threat.

      • Night Shadow says:

        All indications that all hell will break loose soon. Everything was being subdued for the election. They have lots of cards to play, keep ur eyes open all the poop storm is coming!!!

      • No more ebola news says:

        Reuters has been censored. No more Ebola news.

      • Molon Labe says:

        Pass all the laws you want. Nobody, especially our politicians, follow them anymore.

    2. Johnny says:

      One. Its washington. Kindof like Cali. So lets be honest people not a big suprise when a few big cities full of anti gun people vote. Proud to live in rural Mt, btw the SEAL who killed Osama was from Butte, according to Fox news and KRTV. Hydro dipped an sks and an ar15 in bright colors it looks cool. Most of you should know my posts go off topic to very random places due to my ados (attention defficit oh shiny) anyways montana has guns. And cows. And thats about it for this post. Johnny from MT is out of here like a cubbies home run ( I really wish but with Maddon as manager who knows)

    3. Rhonda says:

      Some people forget that Gun Control is only about who gets the guns and nothing else. It is blantant treason to even talk about making a bill to alter the second amendment in anyway.
      When every one owns a fire arm, or more than one, then freedom is in place.

      • Stan522 says:

        Over my dead body will they be able to enact this tyranny…..

        • TEST says:

          Two thumbs down. From the George Soros shills posting from mommy’s basement, of course.

          Hey guys! Aren’t you late for your “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chant-in????

          • TEST says:

            Thanks for the thumbs down on the thumbs down.

            Not a rocket scientist, are you, Obungler supporter!

            Quod erat demonstrandum. And don’t worry, I know you have no idea what that means. Time to toodle off to your next “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” meeting!

            • Condor Day:4 says:

              For any of the shtf family of bloggers that didn’t bother to look up your link to the “talkbackers” sponsored by the Israeli Foreign Ministry I would like to point out a blurb from that article.

              Question put to a Mr. Shurman from the Israeli Foreign Ministry…

              “Will the responders who are hired to POLICE blogs in Israeli interests present themselves as ‘ordinary surfers”?

              Shurmans answer…

              “Of course, our people WILL NOT say “Hello, I am from the policy explanation department of the Iseaeli Foreign Ministry and I want to tell you the following”, nor will they necessarily identify themselves as Israelis. They will speak as net surfers and citizens and will write responses that will LOOK PERSONAL….BUT WILLL BE BASED ON A PREPARED LIST OF MESSAGES THAT THE ISRAELI FOREIGN MINISTRY DEVELOPED”.

              So SHTF community it is the same old story….BY WAY OF DECEPTION…..

              “They are the Adversaries of GOD and of ALL mankind”…Bible verse that well describes that synagouge of satan “Deception” abilities eh.

      • TruthIsAll says:

        Not just that, but the citizenry owning weapons is what keeps leaders in check. Leaders should have to work under threat of death, just as much as the citizens do now. Whether it be swords, guns, or phased plasma rifles in the 40 watt range, armed people can threaten poor leaders with force. It must be that way in a free society.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

          The Joooo bullet. Where the hollow point is filled with bacon grease.

          • Condor Day:4 says:

            WWTI:You are going to get accused for being an evil raysis nazi whos building a gas chamber in backyard and attempting to restore slavery and lynchmob hang blacks again!,,,An evil Bad white seperatist skin head, KKK hate monger, Bad, Bad white male! Just another anti-Khazar type!

            All america now needs is 50 Million More like You!

        • Dean GULberry says:

          Surely Bitch McConnel will spearhead the drive to change senate rules to force a vote on every bill, and not allow one person to call the shots by never allowing a vote on bills he/she don’t want to see made into law.

          ‘Scuse me, I lost my mind there, just for a moment.

        • Molon Labe says:

          Our police department wants people to own guns; “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away” – quote from them.

          A neighbor got shot while taking a walk. My neighborhood was on lock down for hours while they looked for the shooter(s).

          Didn’t bother me much. I was so ready. Wife and I just geared up and waited in the dark. We didn’t even need to load anything.

    4. CutiePie says:

      I know most of you don’t think much of either Dems or Repubs, but if I have to sit under this tree, I’d rather sit under the right side of it. Liberals are the reason America is in such a mess.

      • Red Leader says:

        Yup! Democrats vote to take out gun rights, Republicans vote to keep them. That is why I still vote.

        • Anonymous says:

          Are you sure about that RL? I mean are you really sure?

          • TruthIsAll says:

            Idiots vote along party lines. The Republicans ultimately do not help gun rights. When they do it’s lip service. Both Ronny Raygun and former pres candidate Mitt Romney were both anti-gun and signed anti-gun bills during their political careers. Almost every politician we’ve had in this past century is anti-liberty. All are for big government and control in some form or another.

            Things like abortion, creationism in schools, gay marriage are all superficial issues that are used to divide the population. This polarization is highly ingrained in American society. From sports to politics it’s been US VS THEM. Gets the weaker minded fools to pick a side and demonize the other. Wake up and realize the enemy is the oligarchical elite that run this facist empire.

            • The Old Coach says:

              Does anybody remember the GCA of 1968? You couldn’t even buy .22 ammo without signing a form.

              Much of that was REPEALED under Reagan. Firearm Owners Protection act of 1986. Remember THAT? I thought not.


              • TruthIsAll says:

                People remember him for a few compromises he made in order to keep control of the presidency. As Californian governor, he signed in the Mulford Act which prohibited the public from carrying loaded firearms. Funny you bring up the Firearm Owners Protection act, because all it did was take gun ownership one step forward after already moving two steps back. He still approved Amendment 777 to FOPA which prohibited machine guns. So congrats, it was consent to firearms restriction in the end. The GCA should have been repealed entirely and that was it. LIP SERVICE.

                Do you get it yet? They know they can’t take it all in one fell swoop so they will chip away at it, letting the people “win” compromises when there should be none. How many machine guns do you see available? How many of us are armed well enough to fight govt forces? Everything is regulated out the behind and registered to the ATF. And any smart person knows that registration is the prelude to confiscation. A few people that have money get to play with the fun toys, but that won’t matter when the crack down happens. Reagan didn’t fix the problem.

                It’s like if some medieval king came along to an armed society and said “no more swords for the peasants” because they could pose a large threat. Then the next king goes “well, that’s too harsh, you can keep your daggers, but not too long ones”. Did that second one really do anything? No and this is how TPTB normalize their gun control.

            • Ahab says:

              What does it matter if this or that Repuke “supports gun rights?” In actual fact, the overwhelming majority of repukes are busily laying the groundwork for the ultimate abolition of gun ownership by the citizenry. How? By pushing for an unimpeded torrent of cheap peon wetback labor from south of the border.

              These scumbags of the so-called “implicitly white” party require troglodytes with names like Jose and Juan to landscape the estates of their real constituents, and squat brown monsters with names like Lupita to watch their spoiled brats while they assiduously wage economic war on the white middle class. If you are lucky enough to corner one of these swine about the long term implications of the immigration issue, all they do is hem and haw and talk about “the economy.”

              In the end, there WILL be an amnesty for the Che Guevara-loving, Mexican flag-waving hordes NO MATTER which half of the fake duopoly is in “power” (there is a precedent — does anyone remember Reagan’s amnesty of 1986?). Just as day follows night, these newly-minted “Amurikans” will be given the franchise and inevitably vote anti-gun, anti-white senators, congressmen and presidents into power. “Adios” Second Amendment (and First, and Fourth, and Fifth, etc.).

              Zuckerberg, Bloomberg and their evil inbred tribe will get what they want – whites disarmed, a minority in their own land, legally discriminated against “to make up for past wrongs,” and open to expropriation by banksters and illiterate subhuman squatters. For now, they want you to be content with a few crumbs for the electoral table. They know the clock is ticking and are gleefully keeping time.

              Thanks to the Jewish Marxist democrat party, and the likudnik chamber-of commerce republicans, South Africa’s present is our future. My only question is, which “Amurikan” Jewish congressman or senator will play the role of Joe Slovo?

          • Red Leader says:

            I am a political atheist. Independent. Voting Republican is the lesser of two evils. Dems would take away all our rights. We need to keep as many rights as we can. The majority of Republicans are just crooks. The majority of Democrats are traitors to the constitution.

            I, like you, wish there was a better choice.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

            Romney is a fascist who would outsource America for profit of the few. After all corporations are people too he claims. A real jobs killer.

          • Condor Day:4 says:

            Here is Mitt Romney’s Foreign Policy team:

            Dov Zakheim – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
            Robert Kagan – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
            Michael Chertoff – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
            Eliot Cohen – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
            Eric Edelman – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
            John Lehman – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
            Evan Feigenbaum – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
            Aaron Friedberg – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
            Kent Lucken – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
            Kristen Silverberg – (Israeli Dual Ctizen)

            I believe Robert Kagan is the brother of Elena Kagan of SCOTUS.

        • Acid Etch says:


          • the renegade braveheart says:

            Acid/eisenturd, I’ll give you credit for getting PART of it right. There’s MORE than a handful of us ‘old farts’ who will stand up and fight. I know damned well I will. Thanks for the acknowledgment. I’ll even give you a green thumb this time. I can’t believe I’m doing that.

            • The Old Coach says:

              Two of us, at least. Green thumb for you, Braveheart.

              • Pissed Off Granny says:

                Old Roach from YOUR dubbed friend POGgy…….

                No you still do not get it.

                Like your new doniker? Two can play your ignorant game, you see.

                • Condor Day:4 says:

                  PO’d Granny: forget how coach brags hes read 70 good history books etc…HERE’S the Type REAL Facts packed History he never will Read!

                  On May 8, 1945 the shooting ended in Europe. But, shockingly, the war against Germany went on. Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill had decreed that the German people must suffer – and suffer they did. Driven from their homes, looted of their property, decimated by famine and disease, raped, robbed, and enslaved, millions of Germans – most of them women and children – bore the brunt of what Time magazine called “history’s most terrifying piece”.

                  Gruesome Harvest was one of the first books in America to sound the alarm against the victor’s postwar war against the Germans. Bristling with contemporary documentation, burning with humanitarian and patriotic outrage, this informed, riveting classic dares to tell the shameful story of how American and Allied policy makers undertook the political, economic, and social destruction of the German people even as they presumed to instruct them in “justice” and “democracy”

                  Today, as the propaganda war against the Germans wears on in the media and academic life, Gruesome Harvest, written in 1947 by a courageous American, when the decimation of the German race was still official U.S.-Allied policy, tells a vital story, one that must not be suppressed or forgotten….The book Writer guy Went to post war Germany to research it all Personally! and he well documents every claim or issue with Over a Hundred seperate numbered documentations!

                  GRUESOME HARVEST

                  The Costly Attempt To Exterminate The
                  People of Germany

                  By Ralph Franklin Keeling


                  127 N. Dearborn Street



                  Table of Contents




                  Chapter I:
                  WAR DEVASTATION

                  Chapter II:
                  EXTERMINATION BY OVERCROWDING (of germans Not jews)

                  Chapter III:

                  Chapter IV:

                  Chapter V:
                  BASTARDIZING THE GERMAN RACE (This details how usa Army-had 45,000 Negroe Soldiers Rapeing german women, and even Girls young as 8 years old! to destroy for all time the White german Race folk! Ie: with Black/brown Babies! All Factually proven/documented!)

                  Chapter VI:
                  THE PEOPLE HUNGER

                  Chapter VII:
                  ECONOMIC TRIBULATION

                  Chapter VIII:

                  Chapter IX:
                  THE KREMLIN’S PROGRAM

                  Chapter X:
                  FACTS WE MUST FACE (and boy oh boy are facts in the book!)

                  FREE to Read Online!
                  http // archive dot org/stream/gruesomeharvest/FH djvu dot txt Put the double dot, : after http and use normal period where word dot is and read entire book FREE!

                  Anybody desires truth of WWII events After Germans agreed to unconditional surrender, must Read this expose book.

                  Then you too will agree with General George Patton’s personal diary entry that states “We americans fought against the Wrong People”!

                  Yes very difficult to face such WWII facts when we was told our fathers or uncles were greatest gen for doing it all…Hogwash!….More like our usa and allied leaders along with scamming ziojewry swindled them to fight the Only people(germans) who actually tried to Stop soviet bolshevisim kommunism…Ironic how one year after WWII ended we all got told to fight the Cold War against kommie russians eh…Why did Our wwii leadership JOIN forces with jewdeokommie russia soviets if cold war was truth?…Another synagouge of satan jew scam WWII.

                  This Book Proves it in Spades! Old coach wont read it…Maybe You will eh!

                • The Old Coach says:

                  Actually, Coach already hasread it. Sometime in the ’80s in fact. (So far ahead of you that I can’t even see your headlights.)

                  Probably you’d get a less emotional and much more accurate picture of that policy fiasco by reading “The Morganthau Plan”, by John Dietrich.

                  Gruesome Harvest covers the horror, but misses on the bureaucratic/diplomatic/espionage back-story, because it was written without clue #long before we knew how it really came to be.

                  The Plan was actually hatched by Harry Dexter White, a highly regarded Stalinist “agent of influence” in the Treasury Department, and one of Morganthau’s main advisers. In retrospect it’s obvious that Stalin wanted Germany leveled so that he would have an easier time conquering the rest of Europe, and the Morganthau Plan was part of the strategy.

                  The whole sordid tale has gotten little attention by academic writers until recently, probably because too many American WW2 history writers, (I’ll be damned if I’ll call them historians), were Communist sympathizers, or were trained by Communist sympathizers. And until the KGB files opened in the ’90s, there was no “smoking gun” proof of the treachery of many in FDR’s administration.

                  Another book which gives a little backstory is Diana West’s new one “American Betrayal”.

                  Roosevelt by 1944 was a sick man, almost non compos at times, by some accounts. Harry Hopkins, another man we now know to have been an active Stalinist agent, had run most of the war policy for him from the beginning.

                  Churchill did sign on to the plan at the Quebec summit, but repudiated it later on. It appears that he was dragooned into it, because Britain desperately needed some large loans, and White made the Plan the quid pro quo.

                  While is chic among anti-American posters here to blame it all on America, we now know different. And of course we did repudiate it and set up the Marshall Plan. Better late than never.

                • The Old Coach says:

                  Actually, Coach already hasread it. Sometime in the ’80s in fact. (So far ahead of you that I can’t even see your headlights.)

                  Probably you’d get a less emotional and much more accurate picture of that policy fiasco by reading “The Morganthau Plan”, by John Dietrich.

                  Gruesome Harvest covers the horror, but misses on the bureaucratic/diplomatic/espionage back-story, because it was written without any clue about how it really came to be.

                  The Plan was actually hatched by Harry Dexter White, a highly regarded Stalinist “agent of influence” in the Treasury Department, and one of Morganthau’s main advisers. In retrospect it’s obvious that Stalin wanted Germany leveled so that he would have an easier time conquering the rest of Europe, and the Morganthau Plan was part of the strategy.

                  The whole sordid tale has gotten little attention by academic writers until recently, probably because too many American WW2 history writers, (I’ll be damned if I’ll call them historians), were Communist sympathizers, or were trained by Communist sympathizers. And until the KGB files opened in the ’90s, there was no “smoking gun” proof of the treachery of many in FDR’s administration. Now there is, and well documented, too.

                  Another book which gives a little backstory is Diana West’s new one “American Betrayal”.

                  Roosevelt by 1944 was a sick man, almost non compos at times, by some accounts. Harry Hopkins, another man we now know to have been an active Stalinist agent, had run most of the war policy for him from the beginning.

                  Churchill did sign on to the plan at the Quebec summit, but repudiated it later on. It appears that he was dragooned into it, because Britain desperately needed some large loans, and White made the Plan a quid pro quo.

                  While is chic among anti-American posters here to blame it all on America, we now know different.

                  And of course we did repudiate it and set up the Marshall Plan. Better late than never.

                  Sleep tight !

                • Anontoo says:

                  Hi Coach, sadly, you’re wasting your time trying to reason with Them Guys, oh,excuse me, ” Condor Day;4 “. I forgot how extremely intelligent Them Guys is at covering his tracks but unfortunately for him he doesn’t seem to realize that painting a turd doesn’t remove it’s stench. He’s an obvious psycho with way too much time on his hands.

                • The Old Coach says:

                  Oh, I know that Anontoo, but I love fisking trolls, so I’ll keep doing it. And it’s important to make sure that their carp doesn’t become the “new normal”.

                • Doesn’t natter if you read 700 history books, all that matters is who wrote those history books. You know where I am going with this.

        • Nathan Cline says:

          “Yup! Democrats vote to take out gun rights, Republicans vote to keep them. That is why I still vote.”

          Both you and the person you responded to have been fooled. There is NO fundamental difference between the Republicans and Democrats. Your vote didn’t change a fucking thing. WW3 will proceed exactly on schedule. You think the powers that be are shocked and surprised to see the Republicans in office? LOL. THEY PUT THEM THERE ON PURPOSE TO RAILROAD YOUR ASS INTO WW3! With “dumb, bumbling” Obama tagging along to play bad cop, of course. Congratulations on being duped YET AGAIN.

          • islander says:

            got that right . John McCain to head up the Armed Services Committee . That right there should scare the hell out of us

            • Dean GULberry says:

              You can bet Mclame’s grandkids will be ‘the tip of the spear’ More probably ‘in the rear with the gear’

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

              John MCain is another Paid Shill hijacking America For the ZOG Israel Tribe.

            • Condor Day:4 says:

              Breaking news just in! John McStain, after stuffing ooodddles of Kabala zio Cash up his snout, said hes Now going to change his name to McStienswinesky to better be able to relate with and join forces with the soon to be antichrist jewish man of sin and son of perdition!

              Sources state: “All this Senate Mosnter now need do is to create pre-emptive carpet bombing runs across 150 More Nations full of evil Goyims his jewish master race masters so hate to better positioned as acting chair of armed forces committee in us senate…Oh and yes hes also looking for a “Few Good men and women too” to replace all them DEAD usa soldiers who last fell for Mcstineswines jewish masters scam swindles to join and go to War so jewry and zio israel can jump for Joy at massive bloodshed of which barely any dead soldiers were jewish.”

              From www dot all the jewsnews fit to swindlescam you stupid goyims with! (no such site- for the really deluded folk)

              Be ALL you can BE! Join that Master race ziojew run military complex and mass murder Goys across the globe!…See the world!…Get Big Bonus checks from zio banksters fiat cash!…And Kiss your uncle samswineskys Ass for such a great chance to get jews and zios to Love you too as a Good Shaboz Goyim! OyVey what a…Plan eh!

          • TEST says:

            Sadly, the dupe is you. Your cynicism has led to exactly where we are now. The person calling others duped is duped himself. How ironic.

            Yeah, there is a moral equivalence between Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin or Mike Lee and vile Dirty Harry Reid, Tricky Dick Durbin and Einsteinian Nancy Pelosi. Sure. And the “cheque’s in the mail, too.”

            Meanwhile, you just wait for your Nirvana candidate to show up. The rest of us will try to work with what we have, taking, on step at a time, to roll back the darkness. But thanks for being just another log in the way. You aren’t as bad as the fascist left, but like the dwarves in the Last Battle, your motto is “the dwarfs are for the dwarfs.” I’m sure future generations if we lose the battle for freedom, will thank you for your cynicism and defeatism. The rest of us will get involved, even if only in LOCAL politics, where we can make a difference, and take every opportunity to roll back the darkness wherever and whenever we can, knowing this will be a long and and perhaps long-shot affair

            • CantDance says:

              How’s that going?

              While you’re “working with what you’ve got”, take note that the “darkness” is rolling forward, not back.

              Have a backup plan. At some point you may decide that your time is better spent in more productive pursuits.

              • TEST says:

                The darkness rolls forward due to cynics like yourself. You may have heard that phrase “the only thing for evil men to triumph is for good men to do… oh, forget it. You are too cynical and defeatist anyway. And thanks to potentially good people like you, the darkness continues, as you continue your Grima Wormtongue (google it) antics.

                So we now have the evil leftists, and then the “dwarfs are for the dwarfs” people like you who, by virtue of your cynicism, actually advance the cause of the fascists. Just dandy

                • CantDance says:

                  How is that relevant?

                  Although I question that they even count the votes (witness Ron Paul 2008 etc) and therefore don’t think we cynics are the cause, suppose I stipulate that we are?

                  My point still stands. The darkness rolls forward, and you need a backup plan. The “cynics” outnumber you, growing every day, and your efforts will continue to fail.

                • CantDance says:

                  Actually, I’ll fault my own last post:

                  We “cynics” outnumbering you is not relevant, and likely not even true.

                  What *is* relevant is the proponents of the “darkness” outnumbering you.

                  Take care to cut yourself out of the herd before the lemmings take the plunge and drag you with them.

                • Anonymous says:

                  … don’t misunderstand me, viturally everything you have said is true:

                  “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” — But when you can prove mathematcially that’s what is going to happen, wouldn’t it be wise to plan accordingly? Even if you cannot yet see that proof, is it beyond you to consider that others might?

                  (btw, you do know that Tolkien wrote fiction, and that the “good guys” don’t always win, right?)

        • Molon Labe says:

          It costs nothing to vote, but it might cost you plenty if you don’t.

      • CutiePie says:

        Sometimes good things happen. It was a pleasure watching the returns last night.

      • Anonymous says:

        CP….the problem is a known enemy is less dangerous than the one dressed as a friend.

      • Stan522 says:

        It’s either tyranny on hyper drive, or tyranny a little slower….

        The republican’s still give us socialism and buffoonery. I look at this election day as a day that will slow the tyranny down just a bit.

        We still have a nation full of citizens who are asleep at the wheel. Those who got their guy into office will soon be paying attention to the NFL, or Dancing With the Stars again and these turds will be conspiring how to screw us all.

        The only way we have a chance is if the masses finally stay awake and drill these fools with phone calls, emails, letters and massive protests when they get off track.

        • Nathan Cline says:

          “I look at this election day as a day that will slow the tyranny down just a bit.”

          Nope…it’s not even a bump in the road. The outcome of this election is EXACTLY what those in powers wanted.

          Pop quiz: What are the neocon Republicans best known for…? Beating war drums? Correct…which is why they were put back office, with the FOOLS of America left thinking they just swept out all the corruption. LOL. Get ready for WW3.

          • Stan522 says:

            If we sit on our collective butts, we will get what you seem to settle for. How about we all WAKE UP and make some affect. It could not happen under devilcRAT rule, but perhaps it can under these turds. I am not ready to give up. Are you?

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

            Nathan Cline another American wide awake – bingo on your comment Brother. We will see total bankruptcy acceleration of America as the Military Industrial Complex Mafia again flush with Trillions to stir up WW3. This election was just a lose lose situation no matter how you voted. So get over it.

        • TEST says:

          True. Many – not all – of the Republican allow us time to try to conduct the real battle: information dissemination and education of the uninformed. That is the real battle. The 2nd Amendment is vital, but this is the real battle. Your job – and mine – is to find ways to ***creatively** roll back what Charleton Heston writes below:

          “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting , twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.””

          • Pissed Off Granny says:

            So, Test….who owns that media that Heston so aptly identified and just what is their agenda?

            Obviously from Hestons quote he is trying to TELL YOU SOMETHING IS WRONG….

            • Condor Day:4 says:

              While you next visit jewtube videos gander at the video that has Rand Paul the tea party darling Banging his forehead against that Wailling Wall in Isreal wearing his proper jewish skull cap. (none can Wail like jews wail!)

              THEN the Next video showing Rand Paul darling tea party boywonder being escorted by two jewish men through one of their Talmudic and Kabala study rooms filled by several Dozens of Talmudic “scholors” and future kabal “Wizards” of dark majik practices!

              That was what, his Third or more trips to wail and bang forehead at wall?

              OR research Ted Cruz’s wifes Job as Vice Prez at Goldman Sahcs on wall street!

              Yeah real solid pro usa heros all right…As long as they can keep voting for “Whatever is good for jews and israel”

              Face it Tea Parties got hyjacked by Fox TV, Hannity, Beck, and a slew of synagouge of satan membership soon as they got created as a tea party org…

              Many aproved of a small number as leaders of tea party to “better get er done”…So far them leaders I seen on cspan or fox tv were all or most all jewish leadership!

              Gee another jewish “coincidence” for a small less than 2% usa population that now hyjacked total usa control levers and buttons….Remove eye scales, Remove Ear Wax and RE-Think it all again.

        • Molon Labe says:


          The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

      • Really? Wait till the War Machine goes into overdrive, now that the other half of the monster has got the power, and they tax you for breathing, so as to financially support their addiction for spreading their hideous form of “Freedom and Democracy” to every sovereign country on the planet. War is their business and business is good.

        Sorry to cut your dying tree down, cutiePie, but both fucking parties are to be blamed for this “mess”, as you call it, here in America.

        Those that voted for either party will be held accountable for their stupid fucking actions, i.e. as an accessory to the crime.

        • TEST says:

          As noted, Rand Paul is not Disgusting Dick Durbin, Ted Cruz is not Dirty Harry Reid, and Mike Lee is not Ditzy Nancy Pelosi or Disgusting Dianne Feinstein. And as a matter of fact, your cynicism is the real accessory to the crime. No one says you hav to vote for a disgusting RINO like Lisa Murkowski in Alaska. But did you help Joe Miller? Are you involved locally? Why not become a precinct committeeman (they are BEGGING for them!) locally rather than bitch??? It is the precinct committeemen that are the ground troops in elections. And if enough of you right thinking but cynical types got off your posting and spent one hour a month being precinct committeemen, we MIGHT be able to turn things around. While you whine, I am at least going to TRY.

    5. dave in Idaho says:

      Problem is that they are the left foot and right foot on the same body going in the same direction.

    6. Brian says:

      This is the direct result of three counties in all of Washington State. Pierce, King, and Snohomish. That’s where all of the bleeding heart liberals live, and while I’m sorry to have to admit that I live in Snohomish County for work reasons, I’m furious that three counties in a state can destroy the rights of everyone in the State. Simply put, every state ought to be weighted equally regardless of population (you know, like we’ve set up the State Senate to do).

      When people talk about the violence in those counties, I just shrug my shoulders and tell them to quit talking to me. They did this to themselves. The rest of the State is furious about this, and rightly so. I look forward to seeing the pushback on this.

      • Make the deep pockets disappear….forever. If they are ever found, make sure it wasn’t done with a gun… it with a hammer, knife, machete, rope, vehicle….anything but a gun.

        • Pissed Off Granny says:

          Isn’t it amazing that most of the ‘deep pockets’ tribe gained most of their riches in this wonderful country America, yet their riches are not enough to placate them.

          Ask yourself, truthfully, what, when these rich bastards have more money than they could ever spend in a lifetime, what do they have to gain by taking guns away from Joe Blow America?

          There has to be some very evil plan lurking behind their desire to take our guns…..

          When you finally admit what that evil plan is and who these rich bastards are….you will finally have to face the fact that they must be planning on doing SOMETHING so vile to the population that they are afraid the populace is going to turn on them.

          When you figure out who it is and why it is you will at least begin to know who your real enemy is.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

            Granny, The Tribe really has no end goal. They get their thrill out of creating daily chaos and misery in a perpetual drip drip twisted sadistical fashion. Like torture by parasite they know they cannot kill their host. But just place them in a contortionist strangle hold to prolong the death for their thrills Because a full death they would not anything else to feed off of. Oh its a devious twisted cult we have on our shores here manipulating us for sure for their entertainment.

            • Pissed Off Granny says:


              Because you don’t believe in Christianity and the Bible; that would explain why you think they have no end goal.

              My history book, The bible, in Revelation explains exactly what their end goal is and who is leading the charge. I don’t have to guess at all, WTTI.

              And the best news of all, just as they think they have won it all, not going to happen. God/Jesus Christ promised to see to that.

              You don’t need to reply to this post. We ALL understand you are a non-believer. Your choice, but a poor one.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

          Yeah bayonets and pitchforks.

      • Sarkin says:

        +1 Brian excellent post

      • Pissed Off Granny says:


        Unfortunately this will be brought/bought into every state and the high population counties will rule.

        That is what the “one man – one vote” law was set up to do. That ‘con’ law is working well; just as planned.

      • Night Breaker says:

        My bigest fear is this is only the start , when this all goes down remember you are not alone there are other flashpoints like CT ( soon to go hot ) NY , NJ and now Pa who just elected PA’s first anti gun socialist governor thanks to the urban cesspits of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia ! No this is not over by a long shot , get your defensive implements now this game is moving out of federal domain and into the states we are being primed for a world of butt hurt in the near future .
        Guys like Bloomberg have no respect for people or lives, to them we are just resources.
        At least in Eastern Washington state your AO has one advantage all those returning from that great CHARLIE FOXTROT in Afganistan will feel right at home in this terrane when push comes to shove .

        And guaranteed they have no records of your sales, they cannot find emails what makes you think they will find your records , hint .Gov’s IT system is crap and a joke , incompetency is a virtue , is the federal workers moto most are there only because of affirmative action and political correctness it’s a wonder anything functions at all and it is only getting worse by the day . Ask me how I know , between the infighting , nastiness and outright uglyness I am suprised it has not collapsed by now.

        They think they will prevail but will only accomplish EPIC FAIL .
        Dear Leader is the lead lemming. Here comes the cliff .
        Welcome to our future .


        Semper Fi 8541

        • TEST says:

          Good post, well said. Thank you

        • Brian says:

          Night Breaker,
          I deployed with many fine Marines, Army, and even Navy. I was Air Force myself (or Chair Force as the guys liked to joke). It was just joking, and we all had each others backs during the mixed unit deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. I think it was a huge mistake to do what they did here in Washington State, but they have no record of what we have or how much we have. The only other purchase I’m looking at is the new Beretta A400 Xplor Light. It certainly is drool-worthy.

          When it all comes down, it’s going to be all of us who’ve stood on the front line having to once again step up to the line and see to it that we’re keeping our friends and families safe. As a Gunnery Sergeant from Upstate New York once quipped, “Stay Frosty”.

    7. Copperhead says:

      The way I see it is this. They may buy laws for gun control, but they haven’t come after them yet. That my friends is a whole different ball game. Those of us that are useless eaters (in their eyes), just may bite them in the A$$.


      • the renegade braveheart says:

        Copperhead, I’ll damned sure put HOT LEAD in their asses if they come for my guns or anything else I have.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

          RB I doubt you have anything they want. With no credit, an old pick up truck and a shack you rent is not on their priority list. But I like your spirit old timer. .

          • the renegade braveheart says:

            WWTI, thank you for that. But I know all too well that when the balloon goes up, I can be facing the ‘gimme dat’ freeloaders after their EBT cards quit working, federal agents, Obama’s ‘private army’, foreign troops, etc. We’ll be facing too many enemies. If they have any priority list, I’m sure our guns would be at the very top. I’m not giving up shit, period!

        • Condor Day:4 says:

          What if Next time You return home to find a perp trying to B&E enter your crib, his massive sized 7ft tall 325 LB Gorilla perp-pal is stationed At your front door and refuses to allow Braveheart the chance to enter to retrive his firearm since as usual you never Pak a gun Outside of dwelling?

          Perhaps this SECOND Attempt at B&Eing Bravehearts crib is a wakeup call of sorts on a RE think to begin to Pak one or More firearms EVERYTIME & EVERYWHERES Braveheart travels to…EVEN the outdoor Mail box!

          PS: “IF” you ever do need to whack-a-Perp?…Be Sure to KILL him or her Deader than a door hinge PRIOR to phoneing 911, for when cops arrive its always BEST when just ONE alive human person is available to answer any cops questions as to what the hell occured here!?

          Then there is also This Factoid to consider…

          TRUE story: I used to know a guy back in Detroit 25 yrs ago who did have a need to shoot an apelike burglar, when the guy awoke to a strange noise…He soon while still wakeing up realized someone had entered his crib. It was around late midnite time frame, Dark as can be in home. He instanty grabbed his “Bertha” 20 Ga shotgun aimed at sound and Fired shotgun…THEN quick as possible grabbed phone to dial 911 for cops.

          Soon after calling cops he realized that perp was still alive as only his one knee got blown to pieces from aprox 20 ft distance!

          Well with coppers all went swell, coppers wrote up Self defence justifed shoot…BUT..Later, close to TWO years after shooting perp when he least expected any troubles…That shot in knee perp Now crippled for Life decided to return to same guys house again to do a little Payback!….Lucky for guy that this time his phone was handy and cops arrived prior to perp getting Revenge for his Bum Knee!

          So that makes TWO great reasons to be sure to KILL the bastard Deader than dead..#1 NO other “witness” account saying “Gee cops this man Let me inside to USE his Phone to call a Cab for me, and all a sudden the man shot me! he tried to Kill me for NO good reason officers!” Dead Perps don’t tell false tales to ariveing Cops!

          #2—Dead Perps never return for revenge for disabeling Injuries from being shot previously!

          And if you still need more…Like TV ad says “But WAIT! There is Still MORE Folks!” Indeed Reason #3 is…Unless perp is DEAD and GONE forever..What If perp runs elsewheres and this time Rapes and Kills innocent girl etc?…NOW You too has Innocent Blood on Your hands for letting perp go as so many folk suggest so to avoid killing a perp dead..Bad/Wrong choice…For like it or not, some people just NEED Killing…it Is the Choice They made after all right, aka to become a crooked bastard or rapist or murderer etc…It is the Cowboy Way!

          Heres a cowboy Jihad Yell for You Braveheart… when squeezing Trigger Shout out…Yippi Kya Kioooo!

          The American Cowboys answer to AlliBabbas, Allah Akbar yell!

      • Molon Labe says:

        What about those gun laws in NY and CT. There are over 100,000 gun owners who did not register in one state alone. Does that tell you anything?

    8. Anonymous says:

      Bloomberg, Gates, Fineblent, Fienstien, and on and on…. When is the right time we push the six sided star down their throat? As long as this tribe runs the show the freedom is just a dream.

      btw, The trolls in TelAviv and DC……before your red thumbs please read…F%^^$K YOU All and your entire criminal tribe.

      • Condor Day:4 says:

        Anonamous: a Great Start would be to Push Over their 95 Foot Tall Minorah set up ON whitehouse Lawn each Hannaka season where there USED to be a Xmass Christian Nativity Scene display set up….Ironic zero xmass stuff allowed any longer on Govnt property…Yet the Talmudic Jews biggest RELIGIOUS symbol, their minorah aka devils pitchfork, is always okay for govnt property with the current Prez of usa assisting Rabbis Light those candle elec bulbs till all are lit up for world to see whom Owns and RUNS the usa ameriKwan state eh.

        I’d Love to see faces of MSM taklerheads with several pissed off Rabbis whine and cry of how some evil white nazi guy pushed that zio ZOG symbol over eh!

        Waky Waky whiteys and christians…The self chozen Master race goy haters has Hyjacked YOUR nation!

        Get Ready for Soviet Bolshevik Jewdeo-Kommie revolt #2 to soon commence on usa soil…Just as general Patton worried of when his plans to kill every single kommie bolshevik at end of WWII was rejected by the allied leaders…Patton said if we dont do it back Then, we probobly will have to fight kommies and ON USA Soil!

        Another awake white goyim who MSM jewry labeled a bad evil raysis man…Gen G Patton. A True Prophet.

        • Anonymous says:

          I am sure we’ll witness that soon Condor.

          • Anonymous says:

            Looks like the cages for all the loonies have been unlocked tonight.

          • Condor Day:4 says:

            Just Remember as John Q Public Always advocates here…ONLY prosecute the Guilty! leave the rest alone.

            Although I shall also Add that…Whom are them Innocent ones? That will be Their own Job to alert Us prior to it happens, or better yet! JOIN Us! and assist Us in finding them whos the guilty ones since who knows better which is which but them right. Same goes for the Good type Black folk…Alert Us prior to lights out, or JOIN with Us and Tell Us which is the bad ones of Your group since who should know better then they right.

            I wont need to tell our White folk this since it seems so far Only Whiteys is who always is First to Out the bad whites…Ever notice that ironic tidbit?

            Whenever any whites act evil or wrongly, Tons of other whites crys out about it all…Yet of all other races or groups…We never seem to hear Peep One from their groups others eh…Hmmmmm Must be some type of White Morals thing other groups don’t possess eh?

    9. micawberzlark says:

      Michael Doomberg and Bill Hates jointly or individually can try to take it away from me. If our r-i-g-h-t-s are up to a vote they aren’t rights. Confiscation eventually would come down to whether the government’s muscle believed their oaths or wanted their paychecks more. Self re-assuring blather to the contrary, government muscle always does what it’s told to do. To expect anything else is dangerously delusional.

    10. Washington State has been ruined by leftist scum! Yeah, yeah, yeah left right, (R) & (D) are all the same…not!

      The right can at least claim some good level headed people, the same cannot be said about the left. It would be nice to see people of principle on both sides, but that is just not the case anymore.

      The NRA did next to nothing to support 591 and defeat 594, in a state that is a huge gun state. Gun voters were left to fight billionaires without the support of the organization many of us fund, and that’s just BS.

      Luckily I’m done buying guns, ever since I lost the last ones in that boating accident.

      • the renegade braveheart says:

        Y99,that’s just another example of NRA NOT being the pro-2A champions they always claim to be. They always work to COMPROMISE the 2A. They have SUPPORTED every gun control bill that has ever been passed in Congress going back to the National Firearms Act of 1934. Gun Owners of America, Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership, Second Amendment Sisters, are TRUE pro-2A groups who refuse to compromise on the 2A. Did you know that the NRA has even collaborated with the ATF on certain things regarding the 2A?

        • The Old Coach says:

          Second Amendment Foundation has done most of the heavy lifting in the last few years. Heller, Chicago, etc.

          NRA at first opposed the Heller case, then when it looked like SAF might win it, they piled on and tried to take all the credit.

          Oh, and by the way, did you know that the director of SAF is Amish?

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

          RB* f@ck off. How much money did you give to the NRA last year to fight that Amendment or any pro-gun cause ??? Put your money out there yourself or shut the F up. I’ve given money to the NRA years in advance to help their cause. Its ignorant dolts like you who criticize the NRA but you do nothing. Toothless aswipe.

          • Ghost Rider says:

            As an endowment member of the NRA, I have put my money to help the cause. And I have come to realize that the NRA’s main focus is getting headlines and collecting money. Sure they spin it to make people believe they are on our side, but they are just in it for themselves. IMHO.

            Now I only support the smaller pro gun organizations, and the local efforts.


          • the renegade braveheart says:

            WWTI, get off your high horse before someone knocks you off it. You sound like you have BLIND AND UNQUESTIONING FAITH in the NRA. I NEVER HAVE BLIND UNQUESTIONING FAITH IN ANYONE OR ANYTHING. Do some research on the NRA. It’s what they do behind the scenes that really counts. They’re just like the politicians they’re in bed with; say one thing and do something entirely different. If they were true pro-2A champions, then why do we have ANY gun control laws on the books at all? I have never and never will give a dime to the NRA because they are just as treacherous as the politicians. They have a huge facility in DC that is their national headquarters. I’ve been there and seen it. How was it paid for? WITH YOURS AND EVERYONE ELSE’S DONATIONS. YOUR DONATIONS GO INTO THEIR PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNTS, NOT TO FIGHT THE GUN GRABBERS. I’m not ignorant; you’re the one who needs to wake up and smell the coffee. None of the other pro-2A groups has the financial resources or a huge facility for a national headquarters in DC. They are actually working to save the 2A with the scarce resources they have. The groups I mentioned in that post are where you need to turn to. NRA COMPROMISES THE 2A. THE OTHER GROUPS FIGHT TO PRESERVE THE 2A. Get a clue, moron.

        • Copperhead says:

          RB: You’re right the NRA is more worried about membership (send me the money) than anything else. At the end of the day they all go out for drinks. Oh the question you asked I replied to it. Something is just not right. Major False Flag Event before Jan. I mean a major event. The new puppets just may never take office. A very deep gut feeling of mine.


          • the renegade braveheart says:

            Copperhead, I have the same feeling. I think things will really get “interesting” like the old Chinese proverb goes. I have another supply run scheduled for GA around the holidays. Most of my supplies are already there. Depending on events, it could turn out to be my bugout trip. We’ll see. I’m concentrating on getting a few more necessary items between now and then.

        • Kevin2 says:

          The NRA “Compromised” with the 1994 Assault Gun Law that Clinton got through but was slick enough to include a 10 years re-evaluation of it. It expired in 2004.

          You work with what you have not what you want. Its unfortunately reality.

          • the renegade braveheart says:

            Kevin2, the NRA are just as treacherous as the politicians they’re in bed with. I wish all NRA members would wake up and do some research on who they think their heros are. GOA, SAS, SAF, JPFO, etc. are TRUE 2A champions who will NOT compromise on the 2A.

            • Kevin2 says:

              I belong to them all. Hell I’m a charter member of JPFO. I personally knew (used to call him at his home) and deeply respected Aaron Zelman; may he be known for good.

              No pro 2nd Amendment group has the political muscle as the NRA at Election Time. That ability to get votes for or against someone is the horse power that weathered a terrific onslaught.

              The NRA lives in the political reality.

      • “The right can at least claim some good level headed people”

        Now that’s quite a statement y99. And where are these “good level headed people” hiding?

        If you can find them, let us know where they are and who they are. (other than Ron Paul)

        Regarding the NRA. They were infiltrated a long time ago and have been methodically slipping to the other side. It’s just a matter of time before they will be nationalized.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

        Y99. Tell us again why you put all you guns on a boat that supposibly sank? Insurance purpose to collect money or because you have them hidden cause you are a felon or both? Lol. Fill us in again on that storyline.

      • csaaphill says:

        wont rant much but your wrong RED and Blue make purple they are both in on it mark my words.
        Repubs vote gun ctrl just as much as Democraps do.
        NRA only goes for those who support the status quoe.
        Write them a letter asking them why they didn’t stand with washongton better on this issue and I bet they blame you/us to not joinging them or giving them more money
        GOA has my vote from now on

      • vincent says:

        Remember that Harry Reid’s re-election campaign received $5000 from the NRA to get a firing range built in NV. They gave NO SUPPORT to Sharron Angle (who was 100% pro-2A). And they favored the continued funding for the BATFE. I support the JPFO, SAF and NAGR over these wealthy surrender monkeys!

      • Molon Labe says:


        Don’t ya just hate it when *that* happens!

    11. This coming from the state that made minimum wage $15.00.

      Hope you enjoy your $10.00 BigMac and $5.00 fries.

      Oh wait, no one would ever pay that much, so now you don’t have a job at all.

      Nice one.

      • Brian says:

        I actually look forward to this, not because it’ll affect my wages, because I earn much more, but because it’s going to collapse the lower class and bottom of the middle class. It’ll be one interesting show. Certainly a SNAFU.

        • Kevin2 says:


          “I actually look forward to this….because it’s going to collapse the lower class and bottom of the middle class. ”

          Why do you look forward to people being hurt? What is the matter with you?

      • Satori says:

        What Will a Minimum Wage Increase Cost You at McDonald’s?

        and now that I think about it
        a $10 hamburger might be a good thing
        they’re nothing but pink slime,grease and salt

        maybe people would stay home and fix a healthy meal ???

        AMuRikAnS way too damn lazy !!!

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

        Only fat uneducated slobs eat that fast food crap. Remanufactured chicken and saturated fat fries. And you seem tooo worried about the prices for that crap they call food??. Houston, we’ve identified the problem, over.

      • Kevin2 says:


        “Hope you enjoy your $10.00 BigMac and $5.00 fries.”

        Your statement reminds me of 1980 when the Lead Operator of a Process Unit got a raise to $10.00 Hr. Old times said, “That’s too much money”. News flash, prices are going to rise because of the SUPPLY OF MONEY regardless if wages go up. Seen the price of beef lately?

        In the 1970s I remember watching the Main Stream Media (Those pillars of integrity) flaunt the notions that inflation was fueled by labor asking for too much money and business making too high of profits. They conveniently left out deficit spending and the advent of fiat currency from 1971 onwards.

        • Your points are valid, but the fundamentals will never change.

          Minimum wage jobs ARE NOT MEANT TO BE LIVING WAGES!

          When will people get this. They are jobs to TRAIN and INCOLCATE you into the system. They are for my children to get into the workforce, learn work ETHICS, not pay their way thru life.

          Boo hoo, McD’s doesn’t pay me enough to afford a place to live, food and my iPhone… Oh I am feeling so bad for you Mr. 40 year old who has no aspirations, drive, motivation or … oh nevermind.

          • Kevin2 says:

            “Oh I am feeling so bad for you Mr. 40 year old who has no aspirations,…”

            The problem is those jobs that do provide a living wage to a huge degree have been exported along with their inherit wealth creation to virtual slave labor nations. Many of those poor SOBs working in that environment once worked very hard and paid a significant percentage in taxes working in those manufacturing facilities. They’re not the enemy.

            What we temporarily have is a false economy that even allows those minimum wage jobs to exist. We’re creating money not wealth. That won’t last. More people will be joining that minimum wage class. The influx of labor unwilling to better themselves is not creating minimum wage jobs its the outflow of wealth creation via manufacturing along with massive levels of debt and fiat currency that once again TEMPORARILY feeds a bullshit “service economy” (which is in reality the absence of an economy). When that feeding stops those jobs stop with it. To a great degree these people are not culpable they’re casualties.

          • Kevin2 says:


            I’ll close with this.

            Your seeing more grown adults doing jobs that kids once did.

            Why? Is there some kind of change in the collective work ethic of 1980 verses now? I don’t think so.

    12. no justice says:

      They can pass all the gun control laws they want, means little anymore to me. D.C. legalizes dope and parts of the country want to take guns away from freedom loving law abiding citizens. Doesn’t make much sense, does it? Soap box and ballot box look pretty much finished. I keep my guns.

      • the renegade braveheart says:

        No justice, braveheart agrees with you. Braveheart won’t be giving up his guns either.

        • Kevin2 says:

          Why should freedom be rationed? Take his not mine? What does the marijuana issue have to do with the Second Amendment? Surely you understand the “Refer Madness” film is propaganda.

          OBTW, I don’t smoke pot. Quit smoking cigarettes a long time ago and my body rejects any respiratory irritants and don’t like alcohol either. I like personal freedom for everyone up until that freedom directly negatively effects me.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

        The only people that want to take your Guns away are the Jews and the frightened Jew Lover sheep. Lets get that fact out there. Identify the enemy before you go to battle.

        • vincent says:

          The Jews are only people who want to take our guns? You need to get your nose out of Mein Kampf and see the real world! Muslims, Central American criminals, black radicals, Scandanavian socialists, ChiComs, mainstream Protestant denominations, Catholic progressives and African dictators are also fanatical anti-gunners. The JPFO does more for gun owners than you ever will.

          • Kevin2 says:


            Aaron Zelman (may he be known for good) and Jay Simpin of JPFO did the research and showed the NAZI Gun Laws and Genocide connection. Their collaborative book, “Lethal Laws” has parts of it quoted all over the place. Its facts are undeniable, its content concise and easy to understand.

            I only wish Aaron had lived long enough to have known the exploits of the Belski Brothers and seen the movie “Defiance”. RIP Aaron, your missed buddy.

            • Condor Day:4 says:

              but none of them others holds powerfull offices.

              Meanwhile EVERY of 1/2 Dozen multi billionaires in article here, as well as guy that runs antigun org massive BLOOMBERG Cash went to, as well as most Every Dem kommie us senator and us rep along with many antigun repub senator or reps has jewish names and are indeed jewish.

              Africas dictators etc et al has Nothing at all to do with America gun troubles…but Many jews does.

              The self chozens after inventing communism Used communsim starting in Russia, then branched out to every eastern euro nation to mass murder close to a THIRD of a BILLION folks all total…..The self chozens grandkid bolsheviks Now reside here in usa…Many hold HIGH elected or appointed offices and I dont think I need name each of them again right…Like it or not Antigunism like communism IS a jewish invention and or promoted mainly By jewry…Last I checked a couple yrs ago, a full 87% of usa jewish voters vote Demacrats always.

              The ONLY group that has larger percentages of dem voters is Black voters…What another “coincidence” that americas TWO worst problem groups are blacks and jews and BOTH mostly vote antigun dems!

              2000 yrs ago, Jewry no longer had an advantage being due to birth dna….They still reject that fact…Its probobly why they got Booted out from so far every nation they been in other than usa, 109 nations so far..If you want to believe 109 Nations were ALL wrong and its always never jewrys fault they get that big Boot?…Go for it and join the other vastly deluded ones.

              Bottom Line= Most of usa jewry is antigun and working around the clock to disarm Whites and Christians same as the jews did in russia and a couple dozen other eastern euro nations prior to mass killing them off…How else can jewry realize their drooled over plans for their JWO unless they first rid themselves of their largest thing standing in the way of it all…that being well armed white folk? It is the same old story of jewry foams at mouth with a rabid Lusting to do away with christianity for good…They started by murdering Christ, then the Apostles, then as many christians as they can locate back then eras…Think jewrys going to stop now?

              SEE/READ John 8:44 for best description of what they are about…

      • Copperhead says:

        Justice: Only one box left the Bullet Box!


    13. TEST says:

      Dr. John Lott, U. of Chicago, former gun control advocate turned gun rights supporter after examining the *evidence,* wrote “More Guns, Less Crime.” Well worth reading. But he is not alone in his opinions on gun control. As David Kupelian writes at , during Jimmy Carter’s leftist tenure, Carter also tried to push through draconian gun control laws. And what better way to do so than by funding a massive four year study at Univ. of Massachusetts, conducted by Drs. James Wright, Peter Rossi and Kathleen Daly, under the auspices of the National Inst. of Justice – supposed to be the most comprehensive study on the subject ever done. The study came out in in 1981, in three volumes, entitled “Under the Gun.” This work is available to the gun grabbers, but unfortunately they aren’t going to read it any time soon, as the Cliff Notes version of the study is as summarized by co-author Wright, “Gun control laws do no reduce crime,” and the authors, who started out as gun control advocates like Dr. Lott, ended up like Dr. Lott, changing their minds .(Dr. Lott himself has also stated “Gun control just does not work. Indeed, it makes things worse.”) A slightly longer Cliff Notes version of the study was rendered by David Kopel, co-author of the law school textbook “Firearms Law and the Second Amendment.” Says Kopel “Carefully reviewing all existing research to date, the three scholars found no persuasive scholarly evidence that America’s 20,000 gun-control laws had reduced criminal violence.”

      Some of the findings of the study included:
      – The landmark federal Gun Control Act of 1968, banning most interstate gun sales, had no discernible impact on the criminal acquisition of guns from other states.
      – Detroit’s law providing mandatory sentences for felonies committed with a gun was found to have no effect on gun-crime patterns.
      – Washington, D.C.’s 1977 ban on the ownership of handguns (except those already registered in the District) was not linked to any reduction in gun crime in the nation’s capital.
      – Polls claiming to show that a large majority of the population favored “more gun control” were debunked as being the product of biased questions, and of the fact that most people have no idea how strict gun laws already are.
      Some other findings from the National Institute of Justice studies include statements such as “The report finds no significant link between ‘assault weapons’ and murders” and “Since assault weapons are not a major contributor to U.S. gun homicides and the existing stock of guns is large, an assault weapon ban is unlikely to have an impact on gun violence.”
      Similar to the Jimmy Carter era gun laws, the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of the Clinton era, signed into law in 1994, and was in place for a decade, did zilch, too, as the number of mass shootings actually increased slightly during that time., and a study by Northeastern University, the Census Bureau and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel showed that in the 10 years prior to the Clinton gun bank there were 173 mass shootings (as they defined them) with 766 victims, but during the decade of the Clinton ban, there were 182 mass shootings with 820 victims.

      Yet another 2003 study by The Centers for Disease Control, which is known as supporting gun control, published a major study in 2003 that acknowledged, “The Task Force found insufficient evidence to determine the effectiveness of any of the firearms laws or combinations of laws reviewed on violent outcomes.” (Don’t worry – as soon as you cough up yet some more tax dollars, the left will be back at it. Perhaps this time tying guns to global warming/cooling/change. Ooops. Wait a second… in fact, in January of 2013, Christy Hefner of Playboy Enterprises did exactly that – see or ).

      Would it help to hear an eyewitness account of someone who was in a shooting, and saw her parents killed because she was restricted from carrying a gun to protect herself? Watch Dr. Susan Gratia explain her personal experience, before the U.S. Congress, of being defenseless in the face of an attacker And speaking of women, why is there a war by the left on women when it comes to guns? In 2012 CBS news reported “female participation in target shooting in the U.S. has nearly doubled in the last decade, growing to nearly five million women since 2001.” Only leftists treat women as stupid. . Women know what the left is doing to this country, and by extension, their safety. And women are voting with their feet – by running to the nearest gun store and learning how to shoot. But gun grabbers don’t seem to care one whit about the women they want to disarm. But I guess that is… you know…. the leftists’ war on women. They talked about it a lot during the fall, 2012 campaign. Only now it appears they must have been referring to their own war against women. And speaking of wars, you will notice zero lamestream media coverage of anti-gun people threatening to kill the NRA leaders children, not less. .

    14. TEST says:

      Folks, I am sorry this is so long. However, you might be able to copy and paste the information here for your own use.

      The unfortunate thing about the Aurora, Colorado shooting with the mentally ill Holmes fellow is that, while Colorado has concealed carry laws, the theatre where the shooting occurred was a gun free zone – despite what Roger Ebert fallaciously stated in the New York Times (as a matter of fact, Warner Houston at wrote in 2009 that an Alaskan member of a gun owner’s message board had wanted to enter a Cinemark theatre, but was refused entry because it was gun free zone). So, what about other locales in Colorado where concealed carry is allowed, and a shooter began a rampage? We have exact, historical records: In Dec., 2007, five people were shot (two killed) when gunman Matthew Murray, packing a semi-automatic rifle and two pistols, attacked the New Life Church in Colorado Springs (he had gone to another site previously, killing two, while wounding others). This might have been a tragedy similar in scope to the recent Batman movie shooting – except that the gunman was shot by church security office Jeanne Assam with her personally owned concealed weapon. Similarly, on April 22nd – scant months before this tragedy, and also in Aurora, CO. – a convicted felon shot and killed the mother of the pastor, Delano Stephan of New Destiny Christian Center as the service was ending. We don’t know how far this could have escalated – as the shooter was shot and killed by someone with a concealed gun. (See

      A church shooting at a multi-cultural South African church occurred a few years back, with similar results to the Colorado Springs shooting. Known as the St. James Massacre, in 1993, a packed Sunday evening church service of approximately 1,000 worshippers was attacked by Islamic terrorists, who used automatic weapons as well as grenades. They assumed they would meet no armed resistance, but were mistaken. Charl Van Wyk was carrying a .38 revolver that evening, unknown to the attackers. With 11 worshippers dead, and 53 others wounded, Van Wyk – outgunned and alone – chased the attackers from the scene, preventing a much higher, Columbine-like death toll (and what, exactly, would have happened, if, say, the principal at Columbine had been equipped and trained with a firearm during that attack? Would have ended up similar to this?) Said Van Wyk afterwards, ““When last did you hear of a multiple-victim shooting taking place on a firearm range, in a police station or at a gun show, or wherever many firearms are found anywhere in the world?” asks Van Wyk. “You haven’t. That’s because criminals prefer unarmed victims, or soft targets. No wonder they love gun control – it makes their work so much easier and their working environment much safer.” Van Wyk’s story is retold in his book Shooting Back.
      Incidentally, Aurora, CO., where the tragic Holmes shooting occurred, has some of the most strict gun laws in the state, including:
      · “Dangerous weapons” including firearms prohibited.
      · Revocation of license for furnishing a firearm to a minor or someone under the influence.
      · Window displays cannot include firearms with barrels less than 12 inches long.
      · Unlawful to carry concealed “dangerous weapon.”
      · Unlawful to discharge firearms, unless by law enforcement on duty or on shooting range.
      · Unlawful to possess firearm while under the influence of intoxicant.
      · Unlawful to have loaded firearm in motor vehicle.
      · Unlawful for a juvenile to possess a firearm.
      Of course, all the explosives in Holmes’ apartment were “illegal,” too. And in Sandy Hook, Adam Lanza had already broken 41 laws when his shooting stopped. Apparently adding a 42nd law will make all the difference?

      Dr. John Lott also discussed the Aurora theatre killing, stating “There, you have seven movie theaters that were showing the Batman movie when it opened at the end of July. Out of those seven movie theaters, only one movie theater was posted as banning permit-concealed handguns. The killer didn’t go to the movie theater that was closest to his home. He didn’t go to the movie theater that was the largest movie theater in Colorado, which was essentially the same distance from his apartment as the one he ended up going to. Instead, the one he picked was the only one of those movie theaters that banned people taking permit-concealed handguns into that theater.” What is it about facts like this that leftists don’t get?
      One state to the west, Utah, saw a similar situation where on Feb. 12, 2007, Muslim Sulejman Talovic, who told his girlfriend the day before his rampage that his martyrdom would be “the happiest day of his life,” opened fire in the crowded Trolley Square mall, killing five. Unfortunately for Sulejman, there was was an armed bystander, off-duty Ogden policeman Ken Hammond. Officer Hammond pinned down Talovic – preventing futher deaths – until a SWAT team arrived and provided the martyrdom Talovic wanted. Hammond was credited with saving “countless lives” – something, unfortunately, the gun free zone in Aurora, CO. did not experience.

      And regarding the limited bullet magazine issue, a few points need to be made. First, it is common knowledge that ‘stopping power” with certain calibers is questionable. William Levinson, in Why Does Anybody Need a 30-Round Magazine, in American Thinker, Jan. 3, 2013, notes this was learned by the US Army in the war in the Philippines during the early 1900s, when more than one dead US soldier was found with an empty gun by his side, a head split open by a machete, and a dead adversary not too far away who had later bled to death. The issue caused the Army to change calibers to a .45 caliber. Of course, not everyone carries, or is able to carry or use, something so big and powerful, and what is carried may not be able to “convince” a determined attacker who is, say, hopped up on PCP. (See for a full rendering of the drugged up attacker issue – perhaps multiple attackers!)This also assumes accurate shooting – something people struggle with in the best of times under perfect training conditions with a stationary target!
      I personally have a neighbor, a former Marine and retired senior Illinois state trooper, who related the story to me of one fellow Illinois policeman who was shot through the heart – and of course died – but before dying was able to continue his return attack by running approximately 50 yards and killing his attacker. This same state trooper related to me another situation where an armed attacker took some nurses hostage at the Illinois Inst. for Mental Health at 1601 W. Taylor St. in Chicago in the early 1990s, and engaged in a gunfire exchange with multiple police, led by one Lt. Ottomo of the CMS. Despite being hit by – as estimated by my state trooper neighbor – between fourteen and eighteen 9 mm rounds and three shotgun blasts, he continued to resist by shooting until he was finally jumped by the police and physically subdued. This criminal actually survived the encounter with a minimum seventeen shots to his body. And all this with highly trained police shooters!
      A similar case to the above occurred in Miami in 1986, in a shootout between two bank robbers, William R. Matix and Michael Lee Platt, and police. While both robbers were killed, so were two officers, with three more seriously wounded. Sadly, one of the bad guys, William Matix was hit through his arm and lung, but still went on after that to kill two of the Miami Division special agents who had stopped him before dying himself.
      A similar example is the case multiple bullets not stopping an individual is the sad case of Dustin Theoharris, who was an innocent party in a mistaken Seattle area police shooting, who was hit 16 times at very close range by the police (with 20 total bullets shot), and lived. See

      Incidentally, in arguing for large magazines, it is of note that 20% of the bullets the trained police shot, at close range, actually missed. In Katie Pavlich’s article, Why Do We Need High Capacity Magazines? To Stop the Bad Guys, found at she outlines the same concern, noting “…knock-down” power does not exist with small arms. As one instructor put it, ‘Real life isn’t like in the movies when somebody gets shot with a handgun and they go flying across the room… and “handguns of all types don’t reliably stop a dedicated adversary from stopping their actions.’” Rather, many times multiple rounds are simply needed. In fact, according to Pavlich, “Overseas, the average number of rounds per enemy casualty is 50,000. The truth is, it’s not always easy to hit your target when you’re under stress.”

      And William Levinson reviewing the cases of home invasion by multiple gang bangers in his above noted article, Why Does Anybody Need a 30-Round Magazine, is not alone. Just one example out of approximately 8,000 home invasions per year was discussed in the April, 2013 edition of the Chicago Tribune at,0,1180374.story, in article entitled: Cops: Man one of 4 to storm Hoffman Estates home with assault rifle, where a suburban Chicago home was assaulted by five men and robbed. An AR-15 on the side of the defender sure could have come in handy there!
      Perhaps in the Hollywood movies, one shot is placed perfectly every time. But if so, I suggest we then require the Learjet leftists of Hollywood, or our politicians in D.C., to have their armed guards allowed pistols with only a couple shots. And we should also ask why the police get to defend themselves with multiple bullet magazines, but the average citizen cannot. As Levinson asks in, if it is true that ordinary citizens have the basic natural right to self-defense (which, importantly, pre-dates the Constitution), then they “have a legitimate need for the same kind of weapons that are available to police officers. If a police officer or a civilian has to use a firearm for any non-sporting reason, he or she must use it for exactly the same application: self-protection against one or more violent individuals.” What is so difficult to understand about this?
      A very clear, real-life video demonstration of the futility of limiting magazines is illustrated by Sheriff Ken Campbell of Boone County, In a nutshell, the accompanying story, found at, notes a shooter, “…using a Glock pistol, fired his first string with two 15-round magazines in 20.64 seconds, then with three ten-round magazines in 18.05 seconds and finally with five six-round magazines in 21.45 seconds.” Another shooter, and inexperienced woman identified as “Christy,” then repeated the exercise, firing “the same sequence, with two 15-round magazines in 22.9 seconds, three ten-rounders in 25.51 seconds and the final five six-round magazines in 26.93 seconds.” Now, I slept through junior high math class, but even I, myself, can do this kind of math. Magazine limitations will do little to nothing to stop further Sandy Hooks and Aurora, CO. massacres. This story is also found at Very importantly, this video shows that the time it takes to change magazine would not allow someone from even 25 feet away to get halfway to the shooter before he can change magazines and start firing again. And while on the subject of sheriffs speaking out, here is a compilation of sheriffs speaking out against gun control across the country-
      Now… compare the above information to Dianne Feinstein’s comment here: ‘Limiting magazine capacity is critical, because it is when a criminal, a drug dealer, a deranged individual has to pause to change magazines and reload that, the police or brave bystanders have the opportunity to take that individual down.”

      • Dean GULberry says:

        The common thread in mass shootings is the current or recent ingestion of SSRIs by the shooter.

        Psychiatry is the only mental disorder.

        • egore says:

          And that is the thing that can’t be brought up by the media. Got to stay away from that topic at all costs.

          • Pissed Off Granny says:


            You have to go to Rappoports nomorefakenews dot com for that info.

            No site that has advertisers has the guts to bring that truth to light. Rappoport does not depend on ads for a living.

            A story containing info on the pharm drug use of these shooters would be enlightening to say the least. An invitation for Rappoport to make his case against Big Pharma at SHTF would be a valuable piece of truth.

            But hey, get your flu shot, ebola shot asap, and be sure to vaccinate your kid at least 30 times before their 5th birthday. And then, when you can’t find out what is causing his unusual behavior you can start with the psyciatrists and their voodoo drugs.

        • TEST says:

          I discuss the issue of SSRIs extensively in my paper. You are 100% correct. Download the paper and use it to get ***information*** out to others.

          Significantly, our battle in defense of the 2nd Amendment is 100% non-violent – the goal is to get INFORMATION out to others, and educate the uninformed.

          • Condor Day:4 says:

            Do the research: and find out that like Most antigun polititions and billionaire antis are jewish…So Too have most of the Mass shooting spree killer shooters been jewish…Begin with columbine and proceed fwd and you see how true this fact is. Also compare that demographically Per jews= less than 2% POP as That does figure into it all when numbers is a factor.

            And usually as soon as MSM who has been ranting and raveing how various shooters were evil white skinheads and white nazis or rayssis types…as Soon as MSM finds out that, NO sorry folks but that shooter is also another jewish bred shooter or mass killer…MSM Then Drops story like hot potato.

            Recall Back to arizona when gabby giffords got shot in head and likly real Target was a Goyim and christian white Fed Judge who did get killed, and I now do not recall just exactly what it was he recently decided a court case on but it angered many lib kommie types.

            That shooter guy who shot gabby giffords at FIRST was portrayed in every TV MSM news Fox included as a typical antisemite, rayssis, nazi, white evl seperatists and skinhead whitey bad bad male…UNTILL after aprox 4-5 Days straight 24/7 coverage designed and set up to Later accuse shooter of commiting murder on giffords simply due to shes jewish…Failed miserably after 4-5 days when MSM TV news all found out that shooter was jewish, spent his summers doing Work as a Jewish Yeshevia school councilar and was himself Raised as a talmudic jew son of jewish parents. BINGO! EVERY TV News show Canceled abruptly any more tv coverage period.

            One or Both I now do not recall for sure of columbine shooter kids was jewish also…Both I think but not certain now…

            SAME for “Batman Movie Shooter guy” whos also jewish…

            Are any of You folks seeing a Pattern yet?

            While Billionaire jews and antigun jew dems and repubs in us reps and senate both Rail against 2nd amendt constantly like a huge tornado wind….Their younger jewish males go around doing Mass Killings of Most often Goyim gentiles!

            Can that be caused by Talmudic teachings such as talmud verses that State: “Even the Best of gentiles Should be Killed”?..For…If You tend to agree with for example fox tv constant drumbeat of anti Koran verses that teach Jihadism etc…Then if You also are an Honest truth seeker type person you Cannot Discount that YES perhaps such vile Talmudic teachings jews recieve since birth, may also create such “Jihadist” types in the form of school mass killing shooters and movie theater shooters etc eh.

            I for One can attest to, that I have never studied any large number of talmudic verses as My book is the bible especially New Testement christianity…However of the talmudic verses i Am aware of, and its plenty of them, I see only ONE Major difference between Koranic VS Talmudic teachings that any sane folk will agree can and maybe Do lead “some” adherants of each teaching to become insane mass killers and pyscho’s…

            And that ONE single Main difference I found between Talmud VS Koran is that IMHO and I am NOT alone in this thinking, the Talmud is Far worse when compared to Koran verses..Is that due to talmud has, is it 66 volume of books? VS Koran is a single book volume far as i am aware of…Either way bottom line is Factually Proven that Most mass shooter killer psycos ever since at least as far back as Klinton and columbine era, has been jewish youth doing that mass killing and Most victims has been gentiles or as jews calls em Goyims.

            Is it to be expected that when someone is taught their entire lifetime that as a jew they are “special class” and are members of the self chozens, and that compared to a jew, all jews, every Goyim gentile is what the jewish definition for goyim means…

            IE: Goyim Defined means, a Sub-Human Animal that God did create…However God created all goyims withOUT a real Human soul from God, and thats because Goys are created like Other animals soley to Serve jews like a slave to jews and reason God allowed or created goyims with ability to Learn and Speak “human” languages…Is Again to be able to better Obey and serve jews as a slave to jewry…NOW do NOT go off half cocked and yell at me or curse me simply for telling Truth based upon the jews and rabbi talmudic OWN descriptions of what exactly is meant by the word…GOYIM!..Its THEIR word, THEIR definitions, THEIR BELIEFS!…

            I am simply telling You of it as example of just What “else” May be the Underlying Cause and Reason that so Many mass killer shooters has been…jewish.

            After all are not all persons usually a product of whatever they were Taught?…And the closer it got taught to Infancy ages, the Deeper it gets Ingrained or imbedded into that persons Mind and Belief systems right…Ergo..

            Why I say perhaps a pattern of reasons exist that causes so many mass killer types to in fact be jewish assasains.

            One More thing here…Is it also Possible, that’s the MAIN reason we heard of Columbine shooters FIRST asking Other victim kids “Are You a Jesus believer and a Christain”?

            Just seconds prior to blowing the kids head clean Off with a 12 ga shotgun at Point Blank range?

            Picture Dylan or Klebold as a small kid age of 1 years old and up…Hearing how “Yes Even the Best of Goy gentiles Should be KILLED!” and Tons, Hundreds maybe Thousands more talmudic verses similar to it…

            Then by age 14-15 yrs old…Going into highschool one day to ask of Goyim gentile school mates “Are You a Christian/Jesus believer”? Just moments before blasting that christian GOYIM with his loaded 12 Gas shotgun eh..

            Seems a very Valid question or two I have written here no?

            And if NO? WHY? is it because hatred of Koran Jihadics is A-OK and PC correct while jews even jewish Mass Killers like at batman shooting movie etc and giffords shooter guy are all jews covered by that invisible umberella of the worlds main greatest…TABOO of Nobodys never ever allowed to speak publically the Forbidden “J” word?

            Because the Only other thing Logic dictates can it be otherwise if not due to that massive “J” use taboo…Then it Must be a deep Predjudiced view based upon Your lifetime of attending pro jew, pro israel state Apostate pastors sunday services if indeed your pastor resembles Hagee in his teachings regards the Taboo tribe folks.

            In other words “IF” You fully agree its A ok to speak of Koran influenced Jihadist’s killers and psychos, yet fully Disaprove of folks doing same when it is jewish Jihad shooter types…I see NO other viable reasons for you to be that way other than Biased due to pastors teachings on jew issues, OR you simply agree with PC demands of keeping that J word a massive global Taboo.

            Either Way…I for one say YES that Talmudic teachings Can and likley Does create Mass Killers out of jewish boys taught that stuff about Goyims are LESSER than a jew, and that Yes even the Best goys should be killed.

            Maybe Thats reason MSM TV news always Drops story when it discovers shooter was jewish eh?…Cannot have Goyims that make up a full 98+% of usa POP watch TV news Debates of “Did or did Not Talmud teachings like Kill best of goyim gentiles Cause jews to go out and Kill goys like at columbine or batman movie etc?”…FOR..If such was debated on every major TV news shows 24/7 for a Month or longer like white raysis skinhead seperatist types are always debated endlessly that way…Gee! maybe it can cause Many of the 98% of usa Goys to RE-Think that mantra of “Always believe jews to be worlds biggest Victim class, and ONLY victim class that ever matters!”..

            That would snowball into usa and Euro Goys begin to ask…”Why do germans still Pay as many as over 4-MILLION HolyHoax surviver claimants? what if we was LIED to about Much of that jews VS nazi germans stuff eh?”

            I rekon most anybody can tell where That type thinking and reasonings can lead eh!…Thats correct! it may/WILL lead to worlds Goyims have a Vast huge awakening and International jewry Loss of their most Important lies and Hoaxes of at least the entire 20th century, if not of ALL recorded worlds history..Oh Oh!..Lose Victim class status, then Lose $$$ from duped germans, what Next?

            Loss of TONS of Multi BILLIONS Cash from USA taxpayers also duped and dumbed down by lifetime of jewish lies and Kommie systematic teachings at public schools and lets remember teachings at Most churches by Most of todays duped or Bribed, or both!, Pastors eh…

            My My My what truths and Facts one can learn now a days huh, simply by RE-thinking all you was prior told or taught as fact or truths….Dwell on these issue perhaps.

      • FreeSlave says:

        One thousand thumbs up, test. I do not vote for the liberal gun grabbers. I vote against them.

    15. TEST says:

      “Quemadmoeum gladuis neminem occidit, occidentis telum est.” (A sword is never a killer, it is a tool in the killer’s hands.)
      – Lucius Annaeus Seneca, circa 4 BC – 65 AD

      “Americans [have] the right and advantage of being armed, unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust their people with arms”
      – James Madison, considered the father of the US Constitution
      “[T]he people are not to be disarmed of their weapons. They are left in full possession of them.”
      – Zacharia Johnson, speech in the Virginia Ratifying Convention, 1788
      “During World War II, six million Swiss had guns and six million Jews did not.”
      – Author unknown
      “…sort of like the people who repeat foolish slogans like “guns kill” – as though guns sprout little feet when no one is looking and run around shooting people all by themselves.”
      – Doug Casey, financial columnist
      “If you don’t have to give up your car because others drive drunk with theirs, then why do you have to give up your gun because others commit crimes with theirs?”
      – Anonymous internet wag
      “When a crime is committed, does the gun go to jail?”
      – From
      “Let’s stop playing games. The problem is people, not guns. Our society suffers from a deficiency of personal responsibility – not from an excess of personal freedom.”
      – Star Parker, African American writer and commentator
      “The horrifying truth is this: we live now in a culture that not only does not respect life, but discards it like trash — not only at the beginning of life, but also at the end, and every place in between. What has happened to us?”
      – Catholic Deacon Greg Kandra
      “…we’re also going to make it clear that when a pig gets iced that’s a good thing, and that everyone who considers himself a revolutionary should be armed, should own a gun, should have a gun in his house.”
      – Bill Ayers, leftist activist and confidant of gun control happy Barack Obama, in A Strategy
      To Win, appearing in New Left Notes, September 12, 1969
      “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.'”
      | – HL Mencken
      “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government”
      – Thomas Jefferson, 1 Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334

      “Blaming Newtown on guns is like blaming Chappaquiddick on the Oldsmobile.”
      – Ben Crystal, Personal Liberty News

      “Eliminate guns and they go to bombs, eliminate bombs and they move to poison or something else. Bad people are just bad people.”
      – “David,” otherwise anonymous internet poster.

      “The trigger is in the head, not the gun.”
      – Michael Howell

    16. TEST says:

      SHTFPlan friends,

      I have done an very heavily researched 100 pp. paper on the scam of gun control. A few excerpts are above, but as you can see, it is chock full of facts, links, statistics, and more.

      For those of you who want to download this, it is at,, or you can search for the title Gun Control: Fact & Fantasy – A Compendium of Quotes, Links and Facts That Every Intellectually Honest Gun Grabber Needs to Consider

      What my hope is, is that people will download this, and then use the very heavily sourced document in their own writings, letters to the editor, etc. Everyone can copy and paste from this to their heart’s content, as I am interested in truth, not some idiotic copyright issue. The hour is too late to fiddle with that stuff! Please copy/paste as you wish, and get the word out.

      Any problems with Scribd, The Prepared Ninja at (for the first section) as well as Fernando Aguirre in the wonderful Surviving Argentina ( ) also have it (Ferfal is just starting to publish in sections, Ninja has the whole thing)

      Hope this helps some of you as you “cross pens” in the battle to get the truth out!

    17. Ideas Time says:

      Really does anyone really care about fraud elections? The corporate state wants you to give up your right to respond and the elections are rigged. All the corporate gv has to do is convenience you that someone has the right to take away you unalienable rights. Wrong. The problem is the corrupt BAR British Accredited Agency, also a fraud and loyal to the crown and the establishment thinks you are to ignorant to understand the punitive fraud they and do on to you. The one problem they have is the good guys who do get it and tend to be the informed ones of the people who will respond when the time is right. We true American can not be conned any more.

      • The Old Coach says:

        Election fraud only works when the votes are close. Like Franken in Minniesoter. And things have been close for decades, which is why Democrats have decided to succeed by cheating.

        In elections decided by 1/4 percent or less, Dems “win” something like 85% of the time. If the difference is 5%, they can’t pull it off.

        So stay home, you professional paranoid posters. It’s just what they want you to do.

      • Kevin2 says:

        The voter fraud is perpetrated by two party’s that are vying for the position to be bribed. It matters little to the powers that be who wins but elements in both party’s desire a “seat at the table”.

    18. the renegade braveheart says:

      TEST, that was the LONGEST post I’ve ever seen here on this blog, but I agree with everything you said. It’s all 100% correct. I just got home a few minutes ago and I caught someone trying todo a home invasion on me via one of my windows. I scared the SOB away just by pulling into my driveway. Had I been armed the SOB would be laying dead in the yard, but my guns were secured in the gun safe at the time. This article comes up at the perfect time. Everyone here knows my position on the 2A and self-defense. Let anyone come for my guns and all they’ll get is hot lead. I’m not giving up shit to anyone! On the f#$%ing home invader again, had he come around later while I was asleep, he would’ve been wasted and I would save the taxpayers the cost of housing him, feeding him, his legal process, etc. I’m in a Southern state where no state legislature would dare try to do what Washington state just did. Although we have our share of libturds, politically they don’t stand a chance of passing ANY gun control bills at the state level. We only have the stupid federal laws to worry about. I, for one, don’t care about any gun control laws. Like I said, I’m not giving up anything.

      • SmokinOkie says:

        braveheart- since it’s inevitable that somebody here will razz you about not having a weapon handy (when you came home and scared off the burglar), let me do the honors! Why weren’t you packing when you left the house?
        Okay, I’m kidding. Very few people can say they’ve never been caught empty handed. And what happened at your home is a reminder of how unpredictable our world is today. Stay safe… and don’t waste ammo on warning shots!

      • csaaphill says:

        that will be a pig too you do know that rght? when or if they do come for your guns it will be pigs!

        • the renegade braveheart says:

          Csaaphill, I realize that, and I dread it, but I’m simply handing over my guns to ANYONE. I don’t care if they’re in a uniform or not. It will be GAME ON.

          • the renegade braveheart says:

            Correction, that should have read NOT handing over my guns. One helluva mistake.

          • csaaphill says:

            just checking!

            • csaaphill says:

              sometimes it’s hard to know if people to really know that. What with all the support they get most of time now days. I’ve only known or come accrossed a few Cops who haven’t been all power triped, most are that I’ve encountered. And have been told directly by one that if we don’t want them enforcing laws then don’t pass them so there you go they do as told most of the time.
              But ya just checking.

      • TEST says:


        I am VERY loathe to toot my own horn, and I hate arrogance in myself as much as others. However, that 100 p. paper I have noted above I put a LOT of work into, and is *heavily* referenced. Please download it and use the information in it to communicate **information** to others. That, mon ami, is where the real battle is – a non-violent, **information and education** battle. There is a wealth of information in this paper that you are free to use however and whenever you want. I don’t need attribution, accolades or a penny for this work. My only reward is that people use this to get TRUTH out.


    19. Foxglove666 says:

      Just a question….. What kind of pretentious tool refers to himself in the third person? By doing so, everything he says sounds monumentally asinine…

    20. Cliven

      I hope all is well with you and yours.
      Sadly things here on the ranch have taken a turn for the worse.
      It seems that the BLM played its hand in retaliatory fashion.

      My son Ammon has put together some information as to how the BLM intends to steal our ranch away from us, this time by declaring it to be an “Area Of Critical Environmental Concern”. This is the BLMs way to go around congress and declare Bundy ranch a wilderness area. It is an abuse of power an we ask that you contact your representatives in congress and tell them the American people will not stand for unelected representatives pushing people off the land using administrative closures to create the equivalent of wilderness areas without congressional approval and the only reason they are doing this is to punish us for standing our ground.

      You can use this link to find your representatives.



      On Friday October 10th, 2014 a Notice from the federal registry reveals that the federal government is mounting retaliations against the Bundy family and the Southern Nevada people.

      Federal Register / Vol. 79, No.197 Notice, outlines plans to make the Bundy ranch and most of the rest of Southern Nevada, Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACECs). 90 days from October 10th, 2014 these proposals will become federal law without consent from the Nevada State legislatures or the people of Southern Nevada.

      Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACECs) are human restricted management areas. ACECs have been a tool used by the federal government to gain further control of large masses of western lands and the resources.

      As proposed, nearly 3 million acres in Southern Nevada will be locked away from the people. This includes most uses on the land (recreational, agricultural or otherwise).

      Listed below are just a few of the outlined restriction that come with ACECs:

      · Closed Roads
      · Excluded Trails
      · Closed to Camping
      · Closed to Recreational Vehicles
      · Closed to Motorized Travel
      · Closed to Livestock Grazing
      · Restricted Human Hiking
      · Restricted Horseback Riding
      · Exclude Group Recreations
      · Closed to Mineral Development
      · Closed to Water Access
      · Closed to Hunting / Target Shooting

      The Southern Nevada people soon will have less access to their lands than any other people in the history of this country.

      There are 33 new Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACECs) proposed to cover Southern Nevada totaling 1,739,795 acres. 12 of the 22 existing ACECs are also proposed to be expanded. (See List Below) The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) filed this lists on October 1st.



      Area Acres Area Acres
      Big Spring Valley 79,958 Muddy Mountains 228,297
      Bitter Spring 61,840 Old SpanishTrail 51,449
      California Wash 11,998 Opel Mountains 77,410
      Gale Hills / Lovell Wash 4,788 Pahrump Valley 41,770
      Grapevine Springs 202 Pahrump Valley to McCullough 274,061
      Highland Range 53,015 Perkins Ranch 408
      Hiko Wash 708 South Bare Mountains 87,692
      Ivanpah Valley 3,134 South Newbury Mountains 26,877
      Invanpah Valley 289,599 Specter Hills 6,603
      Jean Lake 12,692 Devils Hole Hills 283,538
      LaMadre (North & South) 2,431 Spirit Mountain 9,488
      Lava Dune 623 Stewart Valley 5,204
      Logandale 8,118 Stuart Ranch 278
      Lower Mormon Mesa 66,353 Stump Spring 126,952
      Mesa Milkyetch 9,183 Upper Las Vegas Wash 22,244
      Moapa / Mesquite 2,219 Valley of Fire 131,378
      Mt Schader 285 Mormon Mesa 167,594
      Virgin River 8,500 Whitney Pockets 160
      Armagosa Mesquite 9,650 Arden Sites 1,142
      Arrow Canyon 2,070 Ash Meadows 28,202
      Big Dune 2,456 Coyote Spring 51,528
      Crescent Townsites 435 Devils Throat 848
      Gold Butte 346,895 Keyhole Canyon 446
      Hidden Valley 3,356 Piute / Eldorado 352,159
      Rainbow Gardens 39,366 Red Rock Springs 683
      River Mountain 11,029 Stump Springs 646

      Total Restricted Acres 2,767,941

      This is a direct assault on the State of Nevada. It is also a deliberate retaliation against the people for standing against the horrific action of several federal agencies at the Bundy ranch.

      The boldness of the federal government’s timing and action on these matters are astonishing. They are again making a clear case that they are willing to use federal power to punish the local people. Harry Reid’s declaration “This is not over” is proving to be uncharacteristically accurate.

      Before the Bundy ranch standoff, there were approximately 1 million acres of ACECs in Southern Nevada. Now after the Bundy standoff, the BLM is proposing an additional 1.8 Million acres (a 280% increase) all of which just happens to be in Southern Nevada.

      Although this is not proof, anybody with a little intelligence can see that Harry Reid and the BLM are not protecting the environment; they are punishing their enemies.

      How is it that all newly proposed critical environmental land in the Untied States just happens to reside within miles of the Bundy ranch? Is the land in Southern Nevada so different/dangerous/special/delicate and important?

      From near the beginning of history, tyrannical men have sought to oppress through the control of land and resources, “Control the land and resources, and you have the power to control the people”. There is a direct correlation to land and resources with power and wealth. All major powers in world history have gained their power & wealth by conquering the land and controlling the resources.

      It is self-evident that certain men within our government understand this and have implemented these age-old tactics upon the people of this country. For decades they have used government to gain power & wealth for themselves by controlling the land and resources.

      Our founding fathers understood this nature, they drafted the Constitution to protect us from the despotic men that history is so full of. They limited the powers of government by outlining what lands the federal government can control and by separating the powers they hold. Their intent was to quickly dispose the land and resources to the local people, where it is most safe.


      Under federal rule, the people that live on or near the land have no say to what happens in their own backyards. They have no republic form of government. The decisions are all made by appointed representatives from Washington D.C. These representatives have no responsibility to the people and there is no practical legal way to hold them accountable. In direct violation of the U.S. Constitution federal agencies use the lands as their own and suppress the rightful stewards.

      At the moment of Statehood land inside the new State is no longer U.S. Territory, and no longer does U.S. Congress or any of the federal agencies have authority to dispose of the land or make any rules or regulations respecting to it. At Statehood it becomes the right and duty of the people of the State to dispose of and regulate all the lands within the boarders of that State. This is called a republic form of government, for the people, by the people.

      The incident at the Bundy ranch indicates that people are beginning to question the legitimacy of federally control lands within their State. It also proves that the people have the courage to stand against despotic government actions. The purpose of the federal government is to protect and uphold the rights of the people, not to profit from the spoils in taking their lands and resources away.

      The recent action of the BLM in creating new federal code (ACECs) to expand their control and power by restricting the people further from their lands is a continuation of illegally controlling land with-in a State.


      We call upon our County and State representatives to take courage and end the unconstitutional federal control of land and resources within the State. The legal and rightful control of the land belongs to the local people. The land within the State must be returned to people in a republic form of government. It is time for the State to dispose of the land to the people, open the land up for useful purposes, and protect the preemptive property rights of the people.

      Lest there be any confusion regarding how these new federal rules impact the Bundy family, we will continue ranching as our family has done in the Southern Nevada area for over 137 years. We intend to use our preemptive property rights of grazing and water, the rights that Nevada State law both recognizes and is charged to protect.

      We are not intimidated by the past action of the federal government, nor will we yield to their future attempt to subdue the State or the people. We refuse to submit to unconstitutional codes and regulation that dismantle Statehood and deprived our American neighbors and ourselves of the unalienable right so many of our kinsmen suffered and died for.

      The Bundy Family

      October 25, 2014

      • csaaphill says:

        people still there ready?

      • Old Guy says:

        I told you Bundy would not win in the end. now the government can go round up the cattle and any protesters will be arrested. Ill not bring a gun to a protest unless I fully intend on cocking the hammer & pulling the trigger. also the Ebola is a fizzle.

        • TEST says:

          If I ever find the two thumbs down jackazzes who troll this site on behalf of Nitwit Nancy Pelosi, Disgusting Dianne Feinstein, and Vile Harry Reid, I will kick your arzes.

          Thankfully, you can hide in mommy’s basement, living off food stamps between your video games, so you should be safe. But I will say this, your thumbs down are puerile and so utterly typical of the fascist (yes, fascist – go look up the dictionary definition) left. Besides, don’t you have a “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chant-in to be at instead of your thumbs down immaturity????

        • the renegade braveheart says:

          Old Guy, the feds had better find A LOT of manpower for what they’re planning to do. That could well be where the 2nd civil war begins. There will be blood running in that desert.

      • Pissed Off Granny says:

        I supported the Bundy’s in their standoff the only way I could; with a donation.

        However, the feds have been grabbing land for years and most of us, because we were not directly affected, have just stood in silence and allowed it to happen.

        My belief is that the PTB has been closing off areas that will be virgin resources. America, to date one of the only countries on earth whose resources have not been completely plundered. After all, TPTB will need someplace to set up shop that will allow them to maintain their lifestyles once their NWO has been attained.

        The people in Nevada should be organizing to stop this theft; and they should be turning ropes into nooses. If you have spent anytime at all in southern Nevada you will soon recognize the majority of the populace there are NOT going to support the Bundy’s need for participation. Their state is controlled by LV and, except for people living in rural areas, the LV population has the same mindset as any other big city in America.

        What a quandary? What to do? How to stop this land grab happening all over America, not just to southern Nevada? True organized resistance, with numbers in the thousands is the only answer I can come up with, and I don’t see that happening. So we wait…….

    21. SmokinOkie says:

      Shine On

      I was outside a few minutes ago. The fog is really thick in north Texas tonight, and there’s a nearly full moon trying to peek through. That got me to thinking. (always a dangerous proposition but i did nonetheless)
      The light from the moon cast an eerie glow over a big patch of sky and it reminded me- the light is always chasing the darkness, always trying to punch holes in it, destroy it. That’s the way light is. Even in the vastness of the sky tonight, with fog and darkness stretching as far as you can see, there’s the moon- puny in size compared to the whole sky but shining just the same. A non-stop lunar glow.
      It’s as if the moon is saying to the fog, and to the night in general, “I may be just a little light… but I’m enough to wipe you out! And I’m NEVER gonna stop chasing you. You don’t stand a chance!”
      Tomorrow night, the fog will be gone. And there’ll be the moon, big and bright and smugly waving to his brother stars and saying “I told you so.”

      To my friends here at shtfplan:
      We who believe in self government, we who believe in preparedness, in the right to self protection, the very inborn right to self-determination… please remember- we are NOT the majority. The gun grabbers outnumber us. The sheeple who don’t know or care about anything outnumber us. The masses who would go along with anything so long as the bread and circuses continue- they are the majority.
      And there have always been tyrants who would take the freedom from the ignorant masses and give them in return a false pledge of security. Eventually, the tyrants (and the masses they would rule) are forced to face the consequences of their actions. Often with much blood and tears. Such is the long sad story of human existence.
      We who rail against the ignorance and against the tyrants have ever been the minority. But that’s ok….
      The tyrants are the darkness. The masses no more than wisps of fog. We are the light. And, like that ole moon tonight, we will never stop shining. Light is what’s in us. It’s what we are. We can’t help but shine!
      And eventually we’ll say to the masses, “See? I told you so.”
      And to the cold corpse of the tyrant we will shout, “You never had a chance!”

      • eppe says:

        Smokin, hope you are doing well, ansd your grandson is getting better. Here’s a joke for ya… Enjoy…

        A man with a gun goes into a bank and demands for money.

        Once he is given the money, he turns to a customer and asks: “Did you see me rob this bank?”

        The man replied, “Yes sir, I did.”

        The robber shot him in the head, killing him instantly.

        He then turned to a couple standing next to him and asked the man, “Did you see me rob this bank?”

        The man replied, “No sir, I didn’t, but my wife did!”

      • Ghost Rider says:

        Good post Okie, hope all is well with you.


      • the renegade braveheart says:

        Smokin, excellent post. We will prevail.

    22. csaaphill says:

      You stupid fuckers who voted for this were lied to. No one can buy a gun at a gun show not without a background check and no one can buy online without one to stupid fucks.
      Can’t wait for the first mass shooting to happen and not advacating it either just saying all you fuckers who voted for this useless law will be like omg thought passing universal background checks would stop this!
      all you did was make the transatcion behind closed doors and off the streets where the onle place a pig will be able to see and enforce. Other than that very uneforceable and undoable no one will comply Fuck you stupid people.
      The thing that gets me the most is they aren’t even supposed to be able to do this kind of crap, but yet here we are a majority dictatorship! This shouldn’t even had been able to bring to the forefront for it’s against the constitution. Ok fuck it play your political game if it holds to arms that’s how it should be. If not your all fucking cowards.

      • Enemy of the State says:

        Amen csaaphill

        Every gun owner in every state should singularly levy a law suit against their state in light of each states gun laws
        Due to the fact all gun laws on the books are UNCONSTITUTIONAL

        every state..every gun owner..thats how this gets done

        mire these courts down in their own swine

      • the renegade braveheart says:

        Csaaphill, one part of your post must be corrected. If you buy from a LICENSED FIREARMS DEALER at a gun show, yes, you go through the NICS check. If you buy from a PRIVATE OWNER, you only have to show ID, you can use cash, no background check, no registration, merchandise and money change hands, and both parties can go on about their business.

    23. Eagle 1 says:

      when I first would go through the comments section of this site, I expected to find advice and observations on what was going on in everyone’s location. I did find a great amount of that, but now it seems like we are just squabbling. And when you old people don’t understand why something is happening, it’s the Jews fault automatically, or the blacks did it to you. I’ve evidence for both and I’ll take the evidence. I don’t take racism really well though, or sexism for that matter. (Yes those sins do exist and the left overplays their hand on accusing of them extensively) KY mom finds that ebola monitoring has stepped up in New York, provides evidence and you ignore her. Her findings dovetail a article at daily sheeple called false flag ebola nyc, so it looks like a legitimate possibility of shtf, yet you ignore that fact. Who are the real sheeple here please? I take notice that 50 humvees were headed north i81 Virginia like a week ago and no one even cares. The only thing that matters is that the holocaust didn’t happen, and hey The Jews built the camps because, you know, logic.. this will be my last post for a while. If things start to go down here I will keep you updated on activity at our airports, but otherwise I’m done. I guess be informed saw the writing on the wall months ago. Ultimately if you all can’t look past your differences and stay connected you are all gonna die. I’ve got ,y connections here in Virginia. I know better than to lone wolf it.
      Peace be upon you all. Psalm 31:24 (holds up shield for incoming red thumbs.

      • KY Mom says:

        Eagle 1,

        There has been an increase in the number of trolls surfing this website.

        I am sure they would rather see infighting about things you mentioned, than actual information being shared.

        Thank you for sharing observations in your area. There are many do appreciate the heads up.

        Take care! Stay alert. Keep praying and prepping.
        KY Mom

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

        Eagle. Most of us don’t live in New York and I could care less if half the population of NY was wiped off the map , less some symptom pops up in a few weak gened transients. There are more important subjects to discuss than ebola. It would be like discussing each new case of AIDs. Or being struck by lightening. Not Taking away from KY Moms info by that subject was discussed weeks ago.

        • KY Mom says:


          We are a very mobile society. Over 350 people in one city are being monitored for a deadly disease. That is just the numbers in ONE city. Another 100 are being monitored in Maryland. Yet, only small news outlets post this information.

          Ebola didn’t just “go away”. We are just not hearing about it. The administration pressured the media to STOP reporting on it.

          Yet, the threat of Ebola INCREASES with each flight into the U.S.

          Just because we don’t travel to New York, doesn’t mean the virus might not travel to us – unless you live in a self sufficient compound and have already shut the doors.

          Some things to think about…
          *Many planes fly into and out of New York on to other locations.

          *There are many people who may live in NYC or travel to it for work. They later return home.

          *On holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) and vacations, MANY New Yorkers travel back to visit family in other states or go on vacation.

          *Warm climates like Florida are a favorite vacation spot many like to visit.

          *We know the Ebola virus can live up to 50 days on some surfaces.

          *Packages ordered and shipped via the mail or UPS, etc. are HANDLED by a number of people before they reach you.

    24. Unfortunately, this whole mess has been created from the fact that most people no longer live “close to the land”.

      Kids grow up not having ever shot a 22, a 410, or even a bb gun. They grow up with parents that have never had to kill animals for their food or never got their hands dirty growing anything for the table. Dirt and blood scare them.

      They have no practical use for guns and think no one else should have any use for them. They are afraid of them and pass this on to the kids who grow up being afraid and opposed to guns.

      The second amendment does not read the same to them as it does to us. A comma here and there and definition of “well regulated militia” changes the context for them.

      Big government, costumed “heroes”, and teevee have brainwashed them into giving their kids a country of oppression with very few liberties left.

    25. Johnnycomelately says:

      After seeing the results of the “illusionary vote” of yesterday, I was struck by an out of the box thought. Has anyone considered this question? “How many illegal aliens who recently invaded the US were settled in Washington state? Could this have influenced the demographics of the vote?
      Sadly the ‘outcome’ of this election will not in any way change the future as we see it. The NWO agenda will continue. So keep prepping.
      On that note, I must gonfess that I myself cannot be considered a ‘prepper’ on account that I am just too poor. Hence my moniker. But you wont need to worry that I or others in my predicament will be coming after your preps.Im an old man and don’t see myself surviving long after the SHTF event begins. However I do encourage my sons and grandchildren to prep and get ready mentally for the worse case scenario that I envision to be imminent.
      That being said, God bless you and this web site.

      • Smokey says:

        Lots of illegals up here. The recent ‘child’ entries haven’t made it up here, I don’t think, but construction, landscaping, agriculture, and food service have been about taken over. Could be 500,000 or more, don’t know the real number. But if 15% of them are registered to vote, that’s perhaps 75,000 votes.

        Want Washington to be a red state? Just get about 100,000 voters to the polls. Or strike 100,000 Dems off the rolls somehow.

        • KY Mom says:


          I suspect many of those illegal “children” were older than reported. I believe many were told the “magic age” to get across the border was to say they were under 18.
          Then, they get across easier and qualify for free food, housing, education (up to age 21), medical care, etc.

          Breitbart reported that over 80% were male youth ages 16 and older.

    26. hank says:

      Have you ever heard of an ARMY that was not allowed to have arms/weapons by It’s own government?
      Find one government in the entire history of humanity that felt a need to document a “RIGHT” for it’s soldiers to carry weapons.
      The claim that the Government wrote the 2nd Amendment to give Our soldiers a “right” to carry weapons is S-T-U-P-I-D.
      The only reason for the Second Amendment is to clearly spell-out the GOD GIVEN RIGHT of INDIVIDUALS to keep & bear ARMS.
      The only reason for the BILL(list) of RIGHTS was to codify INDIVIDUALS’ GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.
      Has there ever been a government that was not chock full of it’s “rights” up to and including declaring itself to be the Lord God Almighty?!
      Does the 1st Amendment mean the GOVERNMENT is allowed to give speeches? Try shutting up any Government.
      Anyone who tells you the 2nd Amendment applies to the Army or State Militia, is telling you they think you are STUPID.
      There has NEVER been a government that felt it had to codify it’s army’s/soldier’s “RIGHT” to “Keep and BEAR ARMS” because there has NEVER been a government that refused to allow It’s own soldiers to KEEP and BEAR ARMS!

    27. General Rabble says:

      Now we WILL watch crime rates INCREASE in Washington State.

      • dave in Idaho says:

        Look at Coeur d Alene ID crime rate and Spookane WA crime rate… One is open carry and ccw permit, the other is gun control. The crime rate will increase even more in Washingtion state.

      • Smokey says:

        Probably not, the initiative was about background checks, all sales will go through a licensed dealer. I don’t expect much to really change.

        The gun shows will easily add a table for the NICS checks, only thing affected will be things like Craigslist, buddy-buddy sales, and ‘transfers’, which may mean just letting someone hold your shotgun or shoot your AR at the range. That’s the real meat of the issue.

    28. Enemy of the State says:

      From Sipsey Street Irregulars site quote

      Fact One: The economic and social system cannot stumble along forever. It WILL collapse. It has always been my hope that we could avoid civil war with the encroaching citizen disarmament tyranny long enough for the collapse to turn firearm owners into the most popular people in our communities. Not that I want to see it happen, but system collapse and anarchy will make our case that the armed citizenry are the only consistent guarantors of safety and liberty in this country. Come breakdown, our neighbors (and local authorities) will turn TO us, not on us.
      Yet, what effects will such a calamity have on the current gloating winners of political lottery? Why they’ll be stuck with the butcher’s bill, and the political blame. They are celebrating now their own future (and wholly predictable) systemic collapse.
      Fact Two: It seems that with the results of Tuesday, the emboldened petty tyrants of the state of Connecticut will be plunging ahead with their deadly raids and ignite a civil war. And how will the GOP elite react to that? Poorly, I suspect. Deliverance for the intended victims of Malloy and Lawlor will NOT come from the national GOP, nor their handmaidens the NRA.

    29. Richardky says:

      Good the more they try to grab our guns the more the American people push back. Around 1986 a few year after James Brady was shot an they started their gun ban push. Most people were not allowed to conceal carry. The more they pushed over the years the more we pushed back and made new gains. Now almost all states are shall issue and the trend is going for all state to be non restricted like the 2nd amendment was written. Also with CCW came the castle laws and stand your ground laws so that we are protected in trying to defend our families in our own homes instead of the government expecting you to jump out a window.

    30. zDawg says:

      I live in a Seattle suburb, and Initiative 594 was advertised as “closing the loophole on background checks at gunshows” was repeated on TV ads from the pro 594 side. But there were many, many other terrible things that weren’t even mentioned. A new concept defining “transfers” essentially makes use of guns between groups for any reason a felony. Yes, if you are a pedigreed firearms instructor, training outdoors with students, you cannot hand any gun to your students for any reason.
      The background check includes transfers, and are tied to the gun and the person. When your teenage son borrows your old shotgun and .22 to hunt with friends, he needs 2 background checks, one for each gun, and pay a fee of $40-$50 (market rates vary) for each gun. Another background check and fees need to be paid for me to get my own guns back!
      Police or those with concealed carry permits are NOT exempt.
      This initiative was written by lawyers of leftist billionaires. There are 6, count them, 6 billionaires that financed this thing, and the local media fell in lockstep to lie about the unintended consequences and drone on about a documented non-issue of selling guns face to face to another state citizen.
      The level of deceit and outright lying by the anti-gun sponsors of 594 was nothing like I have seen in my over 50 years. There was never an honest debate, only press gatherings and support of the 594 crowd.
      The only thing is that it is so poorly written that it appears to be blatantly unconstitutional at the state level. The initiative laws are simple and they say that the initiative can only have a single-subject in any initiative, and that the title must say what the initiative does. Article II, Section 19 of the Washington State Constitution.
      It also trashes Article I, Section 24, which is Washington state’s equivalent of the federal 2nd Amendment, and it is plain and clear.
      It should be thrown out for these reasons. I am angry and embarrassed that my own state could do this to themselves.

    31. sixpack says:

      This article aptly explains why we need to get the big pockets out of politics. I think we all know the elites are using their wealth (that they mostly stole from us) against us and for their own agendas.

      At the very LEAST, there should be limits to how much can be spent on any campaign, by anybody, not a limit on how much can be DONATED, but a limit on how much can be SPENT in ALL campaigns. Limiting donations has already been struck down in court, but I don’t think spending limits have yet.

      Kinda useless to donate 10 million dollars, when the spending limit is only a million.

      just a thought.

    32. These gun grabbers all can go to hell.

    33. DDearborn says:


      It is ironic to say the least that the so many dual citizens (Gates is eligible for citizenship) are using their money to take away our right to bear arms. And this same group is leading the charge to keep the borders wide open and grant instant amnesty to 10’s of Millions of illegal aliens. (criminals) And yet they totally support Israel which has the most heavily armed borders in the world. Israel where ONLY Jews are allowed to immigrate. Israel no longer except Jews of color. In fact they have gone so far as to expel thousands of Black Jews. Every single one of these Billionaires has a Federal permit to carry a concealed weapon. Every single one of these Billionaires has a heavly armed cadre of body guards. Evil is as evil these scumbags from hell are the worst kind. Liars, cheats, hypocrites all.

    34. Gearmoe says:

      As a WA State resident I watched this brainwashing campaign unfold. It was ugly and the win of 594 was unfounded. The I-5 corridor from Seattle to Olympia holds a large number of extreme liberal views. The balance of the State is relatively rural by comparison. A Carpet-bombing of relentless TV ads created emotional reactions and fear. The naive got excited, they voted yes on 594, no on 591. Many voted no on both out of frustration and confusion. This amplified the 594 votes. Firearms are being demonized for no reason other than to support a belief therein to take all firearms from the citizens. This is the end game. 594 is functionally unenforceable. It does nothing to enhance community safety no matter what spin you may hear. Read 594 and then you will see I am telling the truth. 594 is a ruse. The wealthy want you to be under their control, do what they want, stay under their wing. They are destroying choice, safety, and freedom. The believe they are doing a good thing, too bad the facts point out otherwise.

      • Baron says:

        OK, first of all isn’t liberals, it’s brain dead housewives and beer belly foot ball tards, and who’s ideas are formed from watching TV, and the propaganda on school shootings which comes across the airways formerly owned by the public.

        I’d appreciate it if you would realize liberals own guns too…lots of them since they were the ones who insisted upon a Bill of Rights before adopting the Constitution. That is the real history, not the invented Rush Limbaugh history.

        OK? Sheese…Liberal mean for the most liberty under the law, and this damn sure isn’t liberty. It’s fascism guised under a blooming communist New Yorkers fat ass.

        This entire thing proves people are gullible, that most are still drinking way too much kool aid from the likes of jim jones former New York roommate, and that because of this they and their stupid kids will be the one’s unarmed and first to die in the planned holocaust as outlined by the New York Guide Stones, which I believe is being cut in to the Capitol Steps back in that imprisoned hell hole State of New York.

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